The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1946
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COUUIKK NEWS MONDAY. AP BBDE BLT EVILLB COUBBEB HIW8 IOO WttBMr Co, NM Tort. CbtoMO. D»- pi Sunday :,,b>tcnd u wcood «Olce at nijllnnil), p««, prtoker », m tt UM po*- ondv M* o( Ooo- Sored by tta'DtattSf i SUBSCRIPTION RATBB By carrier In th* etty al BlytbmlU* or , wburbu tarn* ***** eurift mrio* to 1 i*ln«L 30c j*r vcck. eir Me P*r month. By matt- IrtUiili,^ n&» it «0 nil«, MJ» pgr I »e»i, $2.00 ?<«;•>* BMBthii^tlM tor three month*; | or mjOToW^de ''to Wli • «ooe. 110.00 p«c ywr ' . to\gain, Too Little and foo Late . I .Thr. presence of fiiminc and the iin- j niinenl threat of mass .starvation in the J world: today has lately occasioned sonic : desperate ple;is to the American peo- ' pie by their Presiden and other cm! iuent persons. Our charity and our t kloalishi, in which we take traditional ; pride, have been appealed to. And once ;.again it is certain that most Americans ! will Vespond generously. : But there is an overtone to many of i (hose'pleas which- seems somewhat tin> fair. We arc .told that we eat too much, I that' \vc -must tighten our belts, that J it is^vroi;g for.iis to feast while others I starve. A!) that is true. Yet otic senses t the impjieatioii that thc American peo- • pie arc .somehow to. blam for famine in ! Etiroijc and Asia.'That is not true. \. TiVc present' world famine was prc- '. dictable in its general outline from the I time the Nazis overran Europe. In No- I veniber of 1943, rielcBates from '13 autr i Axis (.iKtMons. m,et in Atlantic City to . sut r u'p' ilie 'machinery for the United '. Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Atl- n;J .jshiph. was to avert that , If millions must now die be- iS.war-lords niade a baltle- of Europe and the Far East, scc- v«indary responsibility lies rather with- 'SJJNRRA than with the American ^iolder. -It, The confused history of UNHRA rc- ^eals an immense task complicated by l^iany extraneous difficulties. Amont; |Mhese were a lack of authority, and ^long-range planning, an almost fatal ^ntnision of politics, and the paralysis ***f inaction. yS TS'atttrally, the winning of the war -;I3iad lo come first, and to be given first ^call on food and shipping. -But the Eu- j--ropean war has been over a year. And •^-during that year, the fight to avert JZfamine by an agency set up for that purpose has seemed appallingly weak. ££ Here in this country, for erarnplc, j^food rationing was virtually abolished •;^«oon after Japan's surrender. That was *•* domestic decision, of course. But £jvhere was the protesting voice of when that decision was made? ID the face of that decision, Americans cannot be blamed if they failed to see that they were eating loo much and hastuning (he world food crisis. If these facts had been made clear, surely most of us would willingly have continued our rationed but ample and sustaining diet. A Gallup poll indicates that 59 per cent of Americans today would be willing to go back lo rationing in order to send food to hungry nations. We are told, however, that it is impractical lo resume rationing now. Probably thai is so. The crisis is here. It ii-ould take time to set up the rationing system again, and more time lo reap its benefits. So instead there are tentative half-measures. Bui emotional last-minute appeals for voluntary co-operation, however heartfelt, cannot hope for very effective results. In a country of MO millions, such haphazard operations can't cope effectively with a job of such magnitude. 11 is another case of loo little and too late. Nevertheless, the American people will surely lie humane, and generous lo the best of their ability. In return, it may be hoped that further appeals of this or other governments will not add billet-nates to the tragedy of hungry millions and subtract good will from this country by unwillingly blaming the American people for a situation which is not of their creation. Unemployment in Missouri The St. Louis. Star-Times polled a cross-section of Missourians for'their opinion of President Truman's first year in office, and discovered, among other things, that 71 per cent of the President's home-staters lliitik that he has been wrong in picking so many Missourians for federal office. This will undoubtedly move some cynic to express surprise that only 2!) per cent of Missouri's families have representatives on the government payroll. Philadelphia Foundlings Disposition of stock in the Philadelphia Athletics has caused a rift in the :;fainily pf. Bonnie Mack, venerable manager and owner-'of life Athletics. Mrs. -Mack is .seeking a part of the stock. i H must be some slight comfort to the unhappy warriors of Mr. Mack's perennially last-place ball club to know that somebody wants them, anyway. SO THEY SAY urn* ker ohf'll hand nnlfftM *kf- .IInc ivltk K1H*-. Rnrl an the name hllnrt. Joel M* ftmf ffmr on1. j- J»e rnme. "Mnwlly J«trl. "Ahnul how EY had been in the blind over net-.' If we once begin to tamper with news, lo color or distort the truth In any way, even with the highest and noblest motives, we will find ourselves headed down the same slope that Mussolini traveled, that Hitler traveled, to the bottomless pit. of perdition.—Rrp. Noah M. Mason (11) of Illinois. | after her. "I didn'l have time," "I know. Something scared 'cm I They were almost out oE ran^t when we shot. Think you're Roinj llo like it?" she asked abruptly. "Sure. But 1 don't believe I'll | ever hit one." "Oh, sure you will." « » « OART was trudging bad; Imvarcl them with the chick clan:;linu from his hand, and Kllic came over from Ihe other blind. "Summer ,'an hour when thc first ducks 1 duck," he said, glancing al its legs. *mne over the point. Debby pulled "I guess you got il. Debby." Ji|[r mitfeYi"EfT"With her tteth and I She nodded matlcr-of-factly. -said, "Get down!" I Ellic tinned to .loci and raid J./ They crouched behind thc screen I apologetically, "U hasn't been «t beach grass, and there were .tWree ducks coming „ im the wide expanse of bay to thc right place. They're all movin west. Debby vjhistlcd to lel| morc '0 thc south there—over thc W«rt and Eliie knowi ' ; " | Meadow." He pointed to a wide ducks were buc H nd, but now they we: ...,„„., .,,..,, rer the decoys, their wings beat- Ernss that stood 1>ar< -°-.v ahovc thc powerfully, and Debby clicked 1cvel ot tnc waler. safely on her gun. But Ihenl "Gosh," said Joel, "don't worry they got almost in front of the about me. I couldn't hit one it In fttind they veered off down the came and lit on the end of my nd and Debby said hurriedly, gun.' i 'em have itf" and she- fired Ellic shook his head. "Want lo ith barrels in quick succession, show you some shootin'," he said r»d a sharp staccato of shooting "That's what you come down for " ,?Ime from thc other blind. She They went back lo the blinds [•fected Ihe_sheUs, and two of ,the and aflcr a while a lone shell- f«»cks -^trejajrearly a rruarter of drake came from Ihe other direc- 'l mll . e .^ ray ' ms , cool :r?.!? ack _b«f°«|lion and Ellic dropped it with Unti aaSfeS^^;^^; ^^^^^^mm ?: HOUYWOOO. By KKSKlNi; JOHNSON NKA Staff Corres|M>ndent HOLLYWOOD, April 29. <NKA) —We can hardly wait for Saturday night. By messenger we received one "Truman Milk Hath," accompanied by a letter from TC<! Bonnet, a press a^ent for Walter Wangcr. The letter read in purl: "II has come to my attention that, some people in this country don't think Hollywood is co-operating with Mr. Truman's appeal for a 'jIUciiliiK of the old belt. . "Faugh! That's n vicious canard. . . "When our glamor finis can't get nylons they make a suntan do. When they can't get girdles they lily reducing machines and jiggle clown to size. And some of th»m are still wearing last year's smiles. .. "And now, Er.skine, comes the •Truman Milk Bath ' ALAS. NO F.RSATZ MILK Remember those lavish pictures yesteryear In which thc hero- of ne. recking with costly perfumes, dullicd in luxurious milk baths? "Well, when we came along and substitutes had lo be found for jnsl about everything- from horse races to leading men with blood. Hollywood Ingenuity soared to undrcnin- (;<i-of-heighls— in every respect but one. It couldn't devise a substitute for milk. Not a substitute thiit could look and net like milk in Technicolor. it couldn't. And is was you. Ersklnc. who exposed this weakness. Mr. Robert Hnndley of our Special Effects Department has never forgiven you. "It happened, you remember, in the course of the making of Walter Wanger's gorgeous Technicolor opus 'Night in Paradise', starring Merle Oberon and Tin-nan Bey. Miss OVjeron plays a beautiful Persian princess of 550 B, 0. . . . "Well, Mr. Handley tried everything, but lie couldn't find a good ersatz milk. Finally lie was reduced to using the real slulT— skimmed! . . , "Then yon came along, Krsklne, and turned the glaring light of publicity upon the whole shameful tiling. You as good as .said thai the property man would never supplant the cow. For weeks. Mr. Handley sulked in a corner. Then came Hiroshima. He brightened visibly. If Dr. Oppenheirner could explode the .1(0111, lie. Handley, would fimi a way to explode Erskine Johnson . . TRIUMPHANT AT [.AST "From now on. Erskine, when a Klamor girl has to take a milk hath and Mr. Truman doesn't want her to, she can use I he Handley Formula, ami nobody will know the difference. "I can tell you onlv that th» 'Truman Milk Hath' is composed of calcium carbonate, bismuth sulmi- trate and a couple of other tilings; I dare not give away Mr. Handley's trade secret by revealing more. Does Truman tell Stalin how to make an atom bomb? "But 1 have had packaged and labeled exclusively for von one 'Truman Milk Hath,' which'1 am sending along under separate cover. It is in concentrated form. All you have to do is pour it into your cold bath water like that bubble stuff, stir well, and get in. Just by look and feel. I'll bet you can't tell the difference. "If course, 1 wouldn't know if H will TASTE like milk or :.ot— and i don't want to know. ..." As we said, we can hardly wait for Saturday night. t. WASHINGTON COLUMN Littla News About Big People NBA HY I'ETKIt W.-ishhiKlun KDSUN Cm I i-s|i(irii|.,-iil dc aiiartnieutn. l-mniuli chairs foi There the 50 weren't or more- "Thanks." said the reporter, "for the liosullalily." LaGuardia said all he had been fed since coining to Washington was ".statistical gibberish." When told thai Mexican beer was selling in WashiiiKton at 40 cents a bottle, he replied. "Thanks for telling me. I'll stop that right away." Asked what he thought about Hen- , fl»e wind. The third,, one had! !*opped 100 yards below the de- single shot before anyone else h:u time to shoot. and Bart was, out of the I Jt fell between Ihc clec.vs mi and running alohg the shore, the shore, and he ambled down to ?! 1< L w J r "L v> ; a , s carr y'"8 the bird | the water's cdec and Josscd it into thc boat. "Why don't yrni yell when there's ducks comin'?" Deh- away from him, and he. ran into the water and out on the flats, .^lashing and holding his gun high I by callcd winking n , ,, od "•—- his head.'-When;he, finally | Eiij e reached it, the w»ter was almost *j his boot-tops. .!>y climbed out of th id stood stamping her grinned. "Didn't see him til) after I'd shot." Debby explained to Joel about e blind | thc different kinds of ducks: the omcthing scared 'sm," she said. foot. 1> lock ducks, like the one she had rasl-nyiiiK teal; and Ihc liny ilxills. which you couldn't shoot any more; and about the old :-qna\vs and eider ducks and coot. She lauphcd at Joel, because he topi; it all like n school lesson and made her say it twice and then repeated it back tr> her, to 'na'.io sure be it rifihl. j<M.I.IF, came over, blowing his no.-r as ho came, and stood in from of them. "Look." ho paid, "I'm £c»nna lake .Tocl here out to thai sink-box in thc Meadou-. You May here with Bart, and we'll leave yon cine sack of decoys," IVliby didn't want Joel to pn out l^t're on the Meadow, and she know lie would rather stay there \vitli her. learning about ducks, even if li'-cy weren't getting nny .-Oinotnii:. She almost said so, liul thon she thought that Ellie would think she was shining up to Joel, and maybe Joel would too, so all >l:e said was, "The lido will he covet ing thc Meadow pretty soon." "Xi>t for .1 couple of hours, it wim't.'' said Kllie. "And we can !U't >o:nc real shootiii' in before." Drbby thought suddenly about Ihe v.-inrl. "Dun'l yon think it's )lowin' loo hard out there?" she kcd. ",\au'. I've rowed in worst winds han tliot one." He turned to Joel. 'What do yon say, boy? Wouldn't you like to sec some veal action?" Joel hesitated. "It's darned nice of yon," he said, "but honestly, I don't want you lo RO to all that trouble just for tny sake. I came just to sec how it's done, yon know—" , "Sure I know," Ellic interrupted. "And all you've seen is three ducks and one shclldrake; that's no kind of shooting'. Can't have you car- ryin' any stories like that awry vvi'h von. Yon conic down for the shootin' and—" "And by golly he's gonna have it," Dcnby said dryly. "That's right," said Ellie. "Whal you langhin' abonl?" "I'm not Inugliiti'," flic said. Her eyes met Joel's. He was climbing reluctantly out of the just j,hol; und the whistlers, that made n whistling noise when they • «ul I lie*; nnrt the jjriuobills; and Ihe blind. "I'll be seeing you," he said, and he followed Ellic down to Ihc boat. (To U« CoiiUi.ucil) ^ WASHINGTON, April 2!). (MEA> reporter!, who crowded into thc lit-Wy Wallace's new drive to collect —TVA Director Duvld E. Lilicn- He roam, and when one correspond- I canned goods for relief shipments, )al. who cliairmnnncd the special'eni.s atkcd if lie could bring in I.LaOnardia put on his blankest ommlttcc on preliminary plans for! »!"'<' chairs from (lie outer office, [face and ; answered, "I don't think Uernational control (1 f atomic: en- LaGuardia snapped back with. "It'about, it. •cgy, lost his family's regular sup- von .stand up. il won't take so loilj;." icr of fresh eggs cai-ly in the ar. The man joined the trek ot" ns of thousands living near Cnoxville, Tenn., who went to work the big Oak Ridge atomic bomb lanes. But, after a time the man turned;) thc Llllcnlhnl back'door' aid he was going back in the Lilienthal asked him why e was giving up such a sjood- aying job for Ihc nncertamlie': t egg-selling. "Oh," the egg man explained, "1 list, got disgusted. All those bis ings, all that machinery, ah hose people working so hard, all he trouble they're going to to nakc whatever it is they're making' til there! It looked to me like vonld be a lot cheaper if thc gov- rnment just went out and bought t." The latest Tnminn story is hung in two government girls, alking on a crowded Washiug- on street-car. Said one: "I like Truman because he's so modest." Replied thc other: "Well, he cer- ainly has a lot to be modest about. 1 ' General of the Army and Chirl of Staff Dwight D. Eisenhower . calls the United Nations organ (toil "UNO" because, he says, isn't French and he cant pronounce "UN." Democratic Governor. John J. Dempscy of Nc*w Mexico is lo announce his candidacy for thr U. S. Senate in the coining elections. Dempscy formerly .served in Congress, and was Assistant Secretary of thc Interior under Harold kes for a time. If the governor runs, he will on- t pose Senator Dennis Chavc/. incumbent. for thc Democratic nomination, and (lie winner of race will apparently have to it out in November against. l\it Hurley, ttie ex-major g ambassador to China. Fat ma a red-hot keynote speech at a recent stale Hepublican convention In New Mexico, and the word Ihcre is that "ever since then, being drafted just as hard a can.'' Hear Admiral A. K. Merrill. mandant ot the Eighth i 1 [net at Ne;v Orleans, ram.- •"'! Washington to get si ra tightened nut atter President Trnman had oriii- j cived him. under another name, [c.v i Giving a newspaper interview in np- ! position to unification of the Ai:m : and Navy. Merrill was £ornir: -y head r,f (he Navy's Bureau »f Pui>| lice Relations in Washington, -n |hc is well known in the I He took considerable ribbing his friends for having stepped a fast presidential bean-hall, ' the rrul payoff came al an ii ; }nal Eathrdng of Naval office;*, ! cveniue before Men ill wen; lo New Orleans. They made rill pick up the check for the I ty thrv threw In his honor. j Fiorelln laGuardia has 'Pi'iiclinu most of his time ru ( tini: nmrc- wheat since he •cim- of the Untied N; and Rehabilitation [(ration But pretty soon, h>> s j he s goine to have to start \von- ]alxiul fats and oils and fcrtil-./. i "Of course," says TjaGunnii-i I could jusl tnke cverythiiw 'i been told me at the F'»d Hoard, and solidify U. r< •ill of that stuff I needed." Kx-Mayov Lagunrdla's tii.q i conference was Held In his u 'in I.-.tliapod affair that wa-, meily a llvjiiB room in' DnPiuii U. S. Nova! Leader HORIZONTAL retary of State 1,7 Pictured U. 60 Surgeon's saw S. naval lead- C1 E S>'ptian city VERTICAL 1 Run away 2 Laccfuer 3 Distort 4 Evil spirit b Toward G Horse's gait 7 Rasp cr lo I'rcvlou* 1'uzzle er, Hcar-Adm. 13 Inspire love 14 Waken . f 15 Food fish '{js 1 6 Gem ' 4 ' lO^Greek letter 20 Ampere (ab.) 21 Degrees 23 Drone bee 24 Myself. 25 Near 20 We 20 Place (ab.) 29 Dish 31 Flower 33 Sick 34 Thickness 35 Marine ,*,> skeleton 8 Area measure 27 Ointment 9 Unruly crowd 30 Tune 21 Starry .. ; 45 Mountain 22 Meals '' ' snow 25 Book of maps 47 Level 10 Begged 11 Bars 12 Annually 17 Parent 18 Silver " (symbol) 32 Pheasant brood 35 Metal 3G Speaker 38 Relrcal 3D Courses 48 Mixed type ; '19 From (prefix.) ' SO For fear that : M Nomad . • 53 Short sleep a ; 55 Female sheep : 57 Georgia Cab.) 50 ICxclamalion • . 40 Either 1 41 Symbol for samarium 42 Anent 43 Comparative suffix 44 Interdict 46 Repulses 51 Consumed 52 Solar disk 54 He- is ------. Chief of Naval Operations 55 Ireland 56 Europeaa herb 58 Lincoln's Sec- WITH FUR EVEN ON Out Our Way BvJ. R. Williams HIP POCKET.' SAVE ATRIP.' J'LL PUT THIS FOOT ON THAT HIP POCKET.' I'M PLHTIMCb NO BOTTLE IN A POCKET AMD THEM A BOAT IM THE BOTTLE-- YOU GET UP THERE. 1 ON A DIVING BOARD,YOU UP BT JUMPING DOWN, " JACK. SCHU/VSM, Sj INCREASES IN SIL'E AS YOU C-ROW OLDER, YOUR. SEM?E CF SMELL /WAY DiAMMSH AS AMJCH AS 55 AT 45 TO &O YEARS CF A&E. T. M. FlLG. L". 5. TAI. Off. , . NEXT: Wierc itocs the Black Widow sets SIDE GLANCES )ur Boarding House with Maj. Hoooie You ve METROPOHTAM A9>A DeTtCTME, BUT MR6.DEPLA.STER. •|6AV6 TKCT HOUSE You J FOOMO HER HftS MORE POOKS INSn HP\S CORNSTALKS .' GUOSTS? 1T1S ? ,' sue DOES? TftKISJG VOUR Ot<i SHE'S OILIMG UP THE CANMOti TO GET SOMEOME SHOULD TELL HER SHE'S SHE SLIPPED You/ AMD SVAE MUST COM6 TO HER. OME- ONE? OH.^OU "Let's bo modern paronls ami reason \villi Junior ;iboul isi—- 1'ni al'niiil liu's lou Ijig lor you to siniik !"

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