The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1938
Page 4
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Lis (ARK.)' . THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W, HAINES, Publisher J. GRAHAM 8UDBURY, Editor SAMUEL F, NORRIS, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas city, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at the ix»t office at Blytlicvillc, Arkansas, under net of Congress, October a, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the City of Blylhevlllc, 15c i>cr iveck, or 65o per moiilli. By mail, within n radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 75c for three months; bv mall in postal zones two to six, inclusive, $6.50 per year; in zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. Words on War To Give One Pause The gravity of developments in Kur>l)e and the Far East as threats of a serious nature to our own security spmelimes seems to increase or diminish in intensity according t.o tlie person one read l>isl on the subject. 'Lilllc wonder thai tlie public mind falls into the habit of skimming as lightly ami 'casually over articles of significance on international affairs a.s it does over tlie various contradictory pronouncements on the real nature: of the warfare of the future. Bewilderment of course leads la indifference, and ignorance lies only a little way ahead along lliat road. On an exceedingly rare occasion a man whose personality and background are s'icli as to compel exceptional iit- tentron to his words in that particular situation.arises.and gives a whole people pause with tlie thnig he has to say. It is likely that Senator George \V. Norris' words on naval defense and the ambitions of other nations are commanding some attention. Senator Norris on another subject might not command it. His words in another man's mouth might not. But Senator Norris, who has expressed his violent opposition to a big navy as often as he has expressed his desire for peace, tins now done what he describes an "modifying my position somewhat," not, on the subject of peace, but or. Ihe subject of /the' navy.. "I feel bound to keep our country armed to an extent greater than Japan is armed or greater than cither Italy or Germany is armed," he says, although he adds his opinion thai, the present pending naval construction bill is "unreasonably largo." Senator Norris, who was one of I lie six senators who voted against I he entry of the United States into the Work! War, and who is no alarmist, says: "To me it seems almost as if these nations (Japan, Ilaly, Germany) have gone wild and have, lost all sense of decency and honor . . . li seems lo me, no matter how wo feel or whal we think, we must mako reasonable preparations, at least, to meet such a contingency." The "contingency" referred ! u Ihe bombing of civilian populations. There is absolutely no virtue in early fisi —Dr. Jaslrow, Cliicago psychologist. OUT OUH WAY Lo, the Poor- it history would stop scc&iwiug so, maybe a man could get his bearinga. Palm Spring;, the dcserl resort down in southern California, turns out to be tliu property of an Indian tribe. Its hotels, eal'c.s, mineral baths, and cocktail bars .swm-iri with movie starts and society people, but back of every rustling thicket lurks a painted brave . . . )iand on till. # I'M I'M t the white men had to be protected from Hie Indians, and tlien tlie Indians from the white men, and , . . here we K<> "" " ll1 ' -seesiiw HK'iin. Tlie lower ntinilicrs on the Palm Springs cash roKt'sters are reported to have been loiij,' covered with dusl. Jiliiybe these Indians remember the trifling payment another tribe got for the Number J Cafe Town back of Ihe Statue of J.iljL'i-ly. Maybe they're planning on expanding around here and there and doing a little farsighled land bargaining themselves. A man ought to Ihink about things. Maybe we never should have bought New York in (he first place. Maybe Palm .Springs will prove loo much compeli- lion and we'll have lo .sell lhat other place in the east dirt chcajt and get out IVom tinder. Or maybe it would be better just to •wait For that seesaw. Palm Springs, it should be mentioned, has as nianv Indian advisers as it has Indians. The Gunners' And ion. iMany observers were pleasantly surprised by the interest so obviously displayed in the lirst of the weekly farmers' auction sales conducted here last week by the Mi.s.sco corporation, a nonprofit fanners' organisation. Sales for the day totaled approximately §2,500 with cattle and hogs being auctioned at a brisk pace. It was this feature of the auction which was especially pleasing to -supporters of Ihc sales. The .sale of hogs ami cattle at the auctions, it is expected, will ultimately build up this lerrilory'K resources. In fact the principal purpose buck of the sales seems to be to offer a central point, where farmers may gather lo obtain tlie animals they need and to offer them a fair market for those they do not need. Last week's auction opened about 10 o'clock in the morning and continued without abatement until almost six o'clock. An even bigger oil'ering j. s a ,,_. ticipated this week at. the auction grounds on (lie old Cliicago Mill office site. There is no reason why the auction should not assume (he importance here that il has acquired in many other communities, for example in Missouri and Illinois. If those who dwell upim Mollicr Kailh liad miy .sense ol humor llu-y could not t» im shouting fo vnciice «ncl working for \vnr.~0r. Nicholas Murray Butler. By Williams WELL, DOM'T BUY AMV MORE FROM MV EOV TILL I'VE SEEK) EVERY PIECE.' RIGHT HERE OME OF MV HOUSE DRESSES.' 9&. O^ - „ %2^^ '•'• ^^^%>^ "^~: BORM THIG.TV YEABS TOO SOOM > v »u u s.m O,F APRIL SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "At l;ts( I've ,,,ct (he «ii I who's visiliiiR ni-xt Hanged into her in the ilrivewav." THIS CURIOUS HAVE . 2.\ I DEGREES FAHRENHEIT WHEN1 PL^ CEC) lrx j ON x\ GLAC/£R., AT AN ALTITLIPEI Q— /O,GJSO f^ IN AJIEAS where urais hibernate, most of Oicin arc denned up by late December, When they begin their fast pei'io<l. (hey arc covered with a thick layer of fat jusl under the .skin, and they arc still fairly fat when they emerge in the spring. But food is nance at lhat lime, and they lose weight rapidly. NKXT: How <lu stinks fasten llicir ncsls In sloping miif-,? ocfor T. >t tut. V. •. Of. Dicl Merely an Aeressory ]\\ T real men I of C.olil (Nil. IKl KV Wi. MOttltIS V'IMIItKIN Ijiilor. ,F«imi:il uf llio rtiiicviriin M r [I i r a 1 As-sfli-mliim. anil "1 H.vRelii. (lie Hr;illh niacahir The serious n;ilmc ol chtoni? colitis .should iiiiike Ihc patient te.ili/e the nr.'c.ssil> - lor bavins; carelul and si-icutilic treatment. Tlu: treatment involve:- not only Ilic elimination cl inlrction Init i rr.-l suitable diet, nursing ' care, | pni])i>v measures for inninlniniiu:' |tli'- blood in n slate nl health, and , i timiii'rous'Oilier factor:-., ' I,ir loo many in-oplc Ix-licve lhat i! is possible to control or due (oiiiis by EitlciiUon In (he. .did .:JHic. A proper diet may aid the : l;r.:ly to overcome the rniitls but unless Ilic actual sonn-r ot the condition is attacked. 11, is not likely to clour up. i I Previously the. i>rv,l av;u!:ir>lc dint. i ' lui ordinary colitis had Iwu init>- i llbhcd in llicsc nOiimn:,. I hrrchavc : been so many requests f« : t|i c list,: Unit a similar list i.s -iini here.; It should be cmphasixixi however i that the diet which follow; will not in'tlsclf cure or iicrhaps rvcu alleviate colitis. H is merely one ace.cs- j sory in prcvctilion ami hv^dsnc'of | this cciuiiliou. i roUNOATtON Ulfli VJrcak-i di'SM'rU willmiit Iruil. 1 .vcrvi cream, a Uiblespoonluls; tea it desired: sugar; cuiiccnlrated yeast lablol-s. L>. Supper: blcaim-d rirr. 1 ,\rrv- ; init: meat or fish. :; ounces; bread. i wlnte or rye. i slice; biillcr. ^ Minare.s; bland flrx,crt.f witliout fruil, I serving; cvi-am. ^ table- 'Announcements Hie Courier News nas liccn authorized to make formal niinounic- mcnt of the following candidates for public ollicc. subject lo thf Democratic primary August 9. For County Treasurer R. L. (BILLY) GAINES Tor SlicrilT and Collector HALE JACKSON Criunlr Court Clerk T. W. POTTER For Coiinly Tax Assessor W. W, i BUDDY) WATSON BRYANT STEWART lor Cmmly and Frotialo Judgo DOYLL- JIENOEEiJON Vor Cireiiil Cnnrl Clerk JIARVEY MORRIS Fur County IJcprcscnUtivcs \V. \V. FOWLER fast:' blund. i crvlns; cream. ' 2 cup; bauor,. ; .tn;-,.,; c^j, 1; toast. 1 slice; butter.-j .Viarcs; ! municipal election April 5. Tlie Cornier News lias been au- thoriited In make formal annouiice- lueiil. of (he following candidates | tor ciiy offices at the Blytheville oonccn- cofTcc if detireci; Mi-jar trntefi yeasl taWel.s, •>' Dinner; .soup \viliu,;it vcgc- lablc-s. 1 serving; meal. 3 ounces; potato, 1 medium sized TWV i! desired; fci'ead, white or rye" 1 slice; butter, 2 squares, bland I'm- City Clerk MISS RU'HI nLYTHK Tor City Alloni(-y HOY E. NELSON 1'tir l-'irsl Ward iVIrtcriiiau JESS WHITE S. C. (SAM) OWENS looking mil, his hands ill liis pock- Derek began again, "Constance, ELINORE COWAN' / STONE r,\sT it) 1 ' 1:1 c-os's TAN on lirrulin'; I!,,- Kian , I>I:III:K MANTIIOX. ^ilni lo»y)J JHOIII'J HI-KI. iiii.ui;(.Aiii>i: Tiiort v,\ I,D— ''t-ri-k inilfilcil IHT imrtritH. I)K. IK)!.i:l<S—In- Hid lil« inn-,1 difficult «•««!•. ,•!,,! ,,f IllT . \<'Sl.Tll:i>-! AC Mil- "KKicimirnl. r-umilr '""r ihi)- tilirii Dr. MoKi'm' mullii-r iirrlv<-« »ii,l i-iilln IUT "ilrn. .Iliin- UKtfl.' Shi- UXSILMU-.S CuniLlc Ifi OH JILT lioiicj-nioon! . CHAFrail XXIII "A NL> ° f t ' 0t "'' ;t ' fh ' S ' S tilC i'l't- ist husband!" Mrs. Kogcrs went oil. Happily unconscious (hat til her Hist words ;il! olliei- sound ;incl niolion tad slopped about her as abruptly ;is llic ;iclioii ol a motion picture when the projection machine goes wrong, Mm. Rogers Iwo cordially down upon Derek. Scemy Derek's stricken gray face, Constance felt .suddenly EOlTy for him. "Of course I asUecl for you, my <lcar, when I went back to Bin-l- Iclt's the oilier d;iy," Mrs. Hogcrs was rushing blithely on. Constance, watching Derek's face ami hoping tlie others had not seen il, began, "F think Ihci-c's— " Bill il \vits usolci-ii. Mrs. Rogers hoard only her own voice. "The joke ;iboiil Die whole tiling, Mrs. Manthon" — tbc merry twinkle in Mrs. Rogers' eyes assumed lhat Constance would enjoy the joke ;is rmich as she did— 'Vas that one or two of the girls in the store had an idea that your young man had jilted you to come out here, mid were wasting a lot of .sympathy on you." Well, it's out DOM'. Constance IhmiRht. That's all it needed. Into (ho silence that followed, Derek l>cg;m in a thin, stifled voice, "Of course il's easy to .see how this story started. There was — in fact, we — " Out of sheer pity Constance broke in, her voice clear, cool, and just enough amused, "It's too bad lo spoil such a pretty romance, Mrs. Holers; but Mr. Manthon and I are not married. It is true Hi-si we did announce our engagement— there was even something ab-ut it in some of the papers, i believe; but we found — oh, some time ago— Unit the whole thing was— well, rather a mistake." She smiled a little pityingly at 'llio gratitude she read in 'Derek's hunled eyes. Mark Rogers hud strolled 1 to a window, and was standing now, any misunderstanding ;ibotil this of course. 1—" "Itally, aren't we making a mountain out of a mole hill?" Hildii Thorvald asked lazily with one of her faint, inscrutable smiles. "After all, this isn't anyone's allair but yours and Connie's, is il, Derek?" She smiled companionably at Constance, slrollcd over to the piano, sal down, and began lo play with complete absorption. (CONSTANCE stood for a moment exactly where she had stood since Mrs. Rogers had begun lier epoch-making narrative; then she turned and swiflly led the room. As she went, she heard Sirs. Rogers insisting in a voice of amused bewilderment, "And they actually (old me at the -store that she hud bought the last tilings for her trousseau only (lie day before she went away, Mr. Manlhon." When Coiwlance vi-cnt up lo Clcorge Thorvakl'.s room a, lew minutes later, Dr. liogcrs was there. tin's about your going away, t'onnie?" George demanded. "Good Lord, Doc! 1 thought you were one ot these strong silent men who know how lo bundle women. . . . Von brought her here because, you thought 1 needed her, didn't you? All right, tell her I slill need her, and put a slop to this nonsense." "You spoiled brat," Mark Rogers said shortly, "you don'l need her any more than I do"; and realizing loo late how unwary he liad been, turned an unprofessional crimson when the boy went on, his black eyes snapping delightedly in ibeir deep hollows: "All right, then. For God's sake, tell her how mucli you need her. Maybe lhat will hold her if nothing else will. . . . Oh, very well"— it was only loo evident that George Thorvakl was immensely—"if himself cn)oymg you, as my physician, don't know how to see to it that I get the kind of care and nursing my feeble slate requires, I'll have to sec what can be done about it for myself. . . Interrupt me i£ I'm wrong, but this seems Ike only way out of it: "Connie, darling, will you marry me—and make'me laugh for the rest of my life?" "No, George, dear," answered Constance. "I will not." "And wiiy not?" George ailccled hurt surprise. "Because, dear George, I love Comlancc said dc- "Hm!" Gcori-c frowned. "Thnd: docs-complicate (lie mutter. N'ot"— his eyes lighlcd ivilh ivicked cunning—"not that fuir-haired boy in Hie sludio, I hope." Too late Constance suw whither this guinc was lending. "No," she said shortly. "I should hope nol." "1 hoped not, . . . Well, now, lot's- see"— George's oyes ruminated innocently upon the ceiling —"it couldnt be—" "If you're through playinj; questions," Marl; Rogers snap; "here's Miss Wilcox \vilh j>. _. lunch. I'll come buck when youVc calcn il." CONSTANCE followc Rogers out of Ihe ro ivcxl Mailc ; com. i "Well." she said with a mocking lilllc smile, "it had to be ,-i major operation, after all, didn't it?" "I'm sorry," Mark Kogcrs said. "Hul when Mother gets under way she—well, you saw for yourself." "Of course," Constance told him. "It didn't mailer at all, really— except to Derek." "Oh—him! The half-baked Narcissus!" Mark Rogers almost barked. "Yon mustn't blame Derek to'), much." Constance said swiftly. "Ill wasn't his fault it I built him upi into something he never was, amlj,' probably never could be." She was, she realized desper-l ately, saying all the wrong thing*! It wasn't Derek she wanted lo tulkj about. It wasn't Derek at all more, ... He said abruptly, "You're bcinf,' very fair. Il's an unusual, and —a very lovely trail." "Il's easy lo be fair -when- U'hen things don't hurt any more," Constance said, and added on rinick breath, "Do you know, that'-; almost Ihc first nice thing you ever said lo me?" "Do you know," he .said, with a short laugh, "that you're not a particularly easy person to say things to—nice or otherwise? Although be did !iot move ur look at her, it seemed to her that, be came nearer as he went on, his eyes on his doubled fist, "I've. often wondered if it made any difference to you what 1 said." Hilda was r i g h t, ConsUuice (bought. He is shy. Suddenly '... looked up, and his eyes wore dccii in hers. He began again, "J'vo|- even wondered sometimes—" B<:the .door..opened hind him niplly. (To Be Concluded) .poonfuls; tea, if desired; sugar; concentrated yea si tablets, 2. ORDER OF ADDITIONS: One j Ml: aml Mrs - K - '"'• Wilder and Midway News Notes ™ C1 - anaiia, very ripe; orange juice;. 1-1 Sliiss; vegetable puree, 1! lable- spconfuls; uiilf; in (lie form of cream soup or milk toast; whola milk. L' glasses, bland fruil. canned or cooked peaches, apricols, pears, ivhltc chcrrie.s. slraiiictl apple iiiuce, baked apple without skin. 1 •serving; cream. 2 glasses, added tc nilk .so that each ytass contains i:ilf milk and half cream; tomato ; glaw; whole cooked ve;;c- table, a servins; (puree omittedi. ncluding. as desired, young tender :arrots, bcet.s. caulifiowef buds, squash, string beans, asparagus and green letltice cut very tine, with plnin or cooked drcss- msf. if desired, 'Cream of wlieal, farina, iniflcd dec. puffed wlieal, corn [lakes, rice kiLs|iics and strained oalmcal. •C'.istiinls. cornslarclr |)iid(lin?s. junkets, gelatin desserts withoui! nuts or fruit, plain rire. lapicra.' r bread jnidrlings. simple vaki-s' and cookies, and plain ice cream. Mrs.' E. M. McDmrald motored Mciii|)lils Friday. lo Mrs. Walter Deiiton, of Lnxora was Ihc guest of Mrs. E. M McDonald Monday. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hill attended to business in Qsceola Monday. U-e Richardson spent Momhiy in Blytheville with his family. Huffman News of Cooler, visited ret^ijl :re Sunday afternoon. - f Mrs. W. M. Crowe is impioviiv afler a week's illness. Dust Storms Declared To Be Health Menaci . (UP) iajor licalli' the three?, J. Miss npmav Hinps and Miss Epclyn Hipps returned home Saturday afler an extended visit with their .sister. Mrs. Curl Quails of Falkncr. Miss.. arrived Saturday lo visit bi.s daugli- Icr. Mrs. Mary Merrill-. Miss Kalhaircn Colelnan. of Tyler. visited friends here Sunday. Mrs. H. i,. Acil-.isson. Mrs. Ororjc Perry and Miss Necly perry vvcic in Memphis Sunday.' Mrs. Fannie copcland an:l A, S. ST1LLWATER. Okla. storms arc bringing a in; menace to Hie people of me three state "cliisl bowl" area, Harlcy i Daniel, Oklahoma A. & M. agronj jouiist, has warned. '•* "Unless the -weather Ijecomcjj wetter in tlie area or the dust blo\S is stopped." Daniel saitl, " a wide?! spread development of silicosis. :'.] scaring of Ihe lung tissues, will ic£ -still." iie pointed ouC that the dis' case in ils advanced singes is vir tually incurable. i; Daniel reported Hint X-rays (he lungs of 5(5 residents Oklahoma panhandle have cd "an increase of librosi-s of" lungs with history ;uxt liiu suggestive ot silicosis." OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hooplel EOAP, I AM DEVELOPING) PAW6EROUS WAD BEST TAKE A JJIPOF REMEDY" PROM ITS ACCUSTOMED THE BLAME FOR HIS DISAPPEARANCE WILL -FALL UPCHJ MV MEAD^^LET ME TMIUK — BY ,i oOVE, -L MAV£ IT.' fy I'LL TURM THE TABLES OM 1KOSE PRACTICAL "W MAJOR'S M TME SAME HIDE-AlVAY= )

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