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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, July 27, 1939
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VOLUMR XXXVI—NO. 109. DOMINANT NEWSPAPER LE COURIER NEWS OT?(5 f\n vir>r»tni_»K» * um «*-.»,. ..^ w ~^^ niythevllle Courier Blylhcvllle Herald Mississippi Valley Under lilylhcvllle Dally News P SORTOBABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Japanese Worried By American Action, Other Developments — —* * By Unileil 1'i-ess Japan ran into new throats of opposition today in hov march toward a "new order" in Kast Asia. With the United States emergin.,' in a dramatic role in diplomatic maneuvering the developments included' 1. Secretary of . State Cordel! « ; .Hull, in accord with President Roosevelt, gave notice of denunciation of the United States" lail commercial treaty with Japan. 2. Usually well Informed source.? in London reported that Great. ' Britain-wns considering advisability or similar action while shocked Japanese officials in Tokyo considered possible retaliation 3. Paris official circles reported tlmt the, three-power, mutual aid alliance among Great Britain France and Russia was now assured and may be signed today. 4. Announcement by Major General Grnssctt, commander in chief of British troops in China, that, the mg British port of Hong Kong was ready to resist to the full measure of resources any attack on the city. The statement appeared' to be a wirnlng [o Japanese who hnve closed tlie adjacent Pearl River and temporarily cut off the forelgii section of Clinton. Dispatches from Tokyo left little question that the political Implications of the United. States' act- had surprised Japanese officials.'' and worried "Wants Rights Recognizezcl WASHINGTON, July 27. (Up)-_ Secretary of State Cordell Hull indicated cleiilj todai that there must be a satisfaclorj settlement cf political diffciences between the United States and Japin before any new treaty is negotiated '. to replace - the ... abrogated commercial accord of 1911. Hull notified Japan yesterday of abrogation of the ccmmercial ticaty •v mme that noiild leive the United States free to impose economic reprisals agiinsl Japan foi repeited treaty violations. It IMS indicated that a greater lespcct foi Amencan rights ind in terests in China by Japan was one issue which required ."new consideration' The United SUtes contends that Japan has J-cpeitedlj and fhgrant l>v disci mvbiated against Amen- -ciuis, .theii'*'cofhme - fc5 < *Viglits and interests ui the occupied areas of Chun for a p-riod or 56115 Ofticials here hold tint this dls crimination constitutes a. violation of the 1911 conunercal iieaty, the open dcor policj in China, and the prevision of the nine-power the integrity of pact giiaranleeiiii China. Meanwhile Sccretirj of Treasiirj Hemy Moigenthau Ji slid tint he would study the futiue stilus of Japanese gold silver and mpr chandise imports into the United States ui light of the abro^ition of the treaty. Senator William c Borah (Rep Mi) siid that he would favrr imposition of an unlntgo agninst shipment of arms nnd Ammunition lo Japan. "New Oriler" Urgent ' TOKYO, (Friday) VJilly 28 (UP) —The foreign ollice declared today that if the United States wants to negotiate a new commercial treaty with Japan it must do so "In conformity with Japan's program for a <'now order" in Asia. . The foreign office, understood to be studying methods of retaliation against the United Stales, if necessary, said: "A new situation is developing in cast Asia. The Japanese government has long been hoping that olhet countries of the world would frankly recognize this fact. In case the American ' government desires to conclude n new treaty with Japan In conformity with this new situation in East Asia the Jnp- anes'c government-will of course be glad to do so." •Hl.YTHBVll.hK, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY,' JULY 27, 19!19 Baptist World Alliance ' Also Mils Use Of Inlox- icants ATLANTA, Gil., July 27. (UP)_ Baptist Meats or religions freedom, racialism timl temperance were incorporated today in a series of resolution.* submitted to ' llio sixth s ol tlie Baptist World Alliance. The resolutions, presented' by a. special committee, deplored curirdl- n i- n M >'•>• i menl of clv " ""'1 religious liberty I OllCC KeserVCS Mobilized; '"• Wlaln nations ami sharply Public Is Gradually Becoming Incensed New York Cotton NEW YORK, July 27. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. • open high low close Oct > 892 912 892 893 Dec. ....;., 882 899 881 Jan M »r 859 810 855 Ma S' : 850 8C2 842 Jl "5' 833 841 831 Spots closed nominal 881 863n 855 842 831 at 008, New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANsTJHly 27 <UP)Cotton futures closed' steady and making new lower today after highs. open high low close 005 023 903 !)03 912 891 881 Oct.- Dcc Jan Mar May July 881 868 857 848 881 877 873 852 851 838 Spots closed quaet at 938, off 1. \ ; Chicago Wheat open «38 u-ion high ;'low clcse LONDON, July 21. (UP)—Police reserves were mobilized all ovci England today to operate Scotland Yard's secret "Scheme D" aftei four bombings ascribed to Irish len-orists. i Special watch was made at ports on tile -west ccust for Scan Russell, leader of the Irish Republican army, who recently ^returned froni the' Unllcd States, in the belief that lie might seek to come to England to lead terrorist operations. -One man was killed and 40 persons were injured in. bombings at King's Cross and Victoria railroad stations in London yesterday. At Liverpool an explosion damaged tlie Mt. Pleasant post office and a wooden bridge was blown up at Maghull, in the Liverpool suburbs. Bridge wreckage blocked . the Liverpcol-Leeds canal. It was believed that the post office explosion was caused by n gelignite bomb dropped into a letter box. . The front of the pest'office was blown out Phmeb shot out of i nearbj letter bo\ it the same lime A cafe employe doused them with buckets o! water. One man -ssas killed and lo pcr- s ns weie injured In in explosion at Kings Cioss lailroad station here Tlie man killed was Prof Dona.ld Campbell, a lecturer at Edinburgh University onlj recently married As he lay dj ing lie called repeatedly for his wife who was in anofher jjondm hospital from injuncs received in the explosion. He died ^.before arrangements could be made to take -lib wife to him nnrt she was not notified cf Ills death. Last night 25 persons tvere injured by a bomb explosion at crowded Victoria station here. -A acmb was exploded in. a baggage ro:m. Thousands of persons ran owarti the station and it wiis necessary to, call police .reserves' lo disperse..them. Mars Gets Closest To Earth Tonight NEW YORK, .July 21 .-To the :iaked eye, the planet Mars to- noirow niglil will have an appar- nit diameter onc-seventy-fifth that >f the moon, nnd more than a dozen of the .world's best telescopes will search for an explanation of the green color now spreading over Ihe Martian landscape. Mais will be closest to earth in 15 years. Stock Prices NEW YORK, July 27 (UP)—A firmer tone developed on the stock market late today after early !r regularity. Volume fell off. AT&T Anaconda Copper . Associated D G ... Beth Steel Boeing Air Chrysler 167 5-8 2V 1-8 S (14 24 83 3-8 Coca Cola -....[. 1273-4 General Electric 385-8 General Me tors 481-4 Int Harvest 56 Montgomery Ward .'......., 555-8 N Y Central 16 Packard .. 31-2 Phillips Pet 35 1-2 Radio 6 1-4 Schenlcy Dist 13 5-8 Smitnons .' 253-4 Socony Vac. '.... H 7-8 Standard Oil N J 42 1-4 Texas Corp 37 3-8 U S Steel > 53 7-8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., July 27 (UP)—Hogs, receipts 9,500. Top, 6.75 140-160 Ibs., G.60-6,70 120-230 Ibs., 0.00-6.C5 Bulk sows, 3.75-5.15 Cattle, receipts 2,000 Steers, 6.40^7.00 Slaughter steers, 6.25-10.25 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 6.50-9.50 Slaughter heifers, 6.25-9.75 Beef cows, 5.00-8.00 Cutlers and low cullers, 3.50-4.50 Chicago Corn condemned "all mcni nhimisHy : "No civil authority may of right make .1 law, decree or regulation respecting nn establishment of religion, or, affecting its free exercise," said tlie resolution on religious liberty. "State churches'-nnd church- states arc alike In direct c;nl!ict with the principle of freedom," added the document in demanding complete liberty for men of "every tailh and of no faith." "There Is neither Greek nor Jew circumcision ncr imclrcimictsion- barbarian, Scylhian, bond nor free but Christ in all." "Racial animosity" was described' as "a violation of the law ol God, the .Heavenly FiUhcr.': i The roswlulttns served principally (o place before Ihe congress lor approval the claims and viewpoints outlined in previous' sessions ihis week-by Baptist leaders f re m (JO nations. The congress ends tomorrow- nf- tei 11 wetK long assembl> demoted Higelj lo clPinandmg complete iieedom r:y. all denominations in nil nations. The temperance resolution 'said: This assembly of (he Biplist Woild Alliance declaim (hat Ihe sale and use of'Intoxicants Increases crime, wastes national n> sources,.ccmipts 'social hnbits..and are inimical to the. welfare of individuals and of .society, and should therefore he brai 0 ht to an end It calls upon all Bnplists bj yen nal example and temperance education to do eteijtiling within then powei to rid the world of-this'evil. A special res lution regiidmg le hgicus condiiions in'Itussia deeply^, deplored Ihe fact lhat Ihe go;crn ment of the U.-S. S. H. has niain- tpined throygh nnny jeiis and still mnmfains an attitude inci pol icy of hostility toward religion. Negro Delivery Men For Memphis Wholesaler Admil Scries Of Tlicfla Oj>ernllC'i)s of a clever ting- of negro thlcve.s, working out of Memphis, Tcnn, on iriisk.s of n Memphis wholesale firm were disclo.sbd wilh the arrest of two ncgixes hiie yesterday and three inoio at Memphis last night, rn addition tin young men of llnlian decent, operators, of a retail stoic i\t Osccola, arc accused of receiving piopcity c.-lnlr\i. L>.. 11. _ ..I.. * « T J by the ring, McrdmmUsc itoicn pilnclpnlly from Hays' store, Main and Trnnk- lln streets, was rccoicm) nt Hie Cash and Ciii'ry Store at Osceola, operated by Chester nnd Millon Calallna, yr-slerday mid relinneil here. . • . The negroes held James Cook mid Horsey Wilson, taken in(o custody by (Klieo lion; jestciday, , who admil their part In the (licft.s and Oliver "Blue" Yimcey, Ftnnk FnrA and Howard Bunks. The method of., the thieving op- ernllons of the ring was .simple but apparently effective. Accoidlug {a the pair arrested here it was cus- lomaiy for the truck dilvci and his (tide on each "mn" out of Mcmpiil.4 (o pick up as well as lease merchandise nl one stoic on evciy 'nm." ' ; : it wns Oils,; unnullicilml "pick- Ing up" lhat -employe!, cf Ifays' Store stumbled upon Inadmtontly and eventually caught, (he pah 'red-handed" according lo omcials, The lhat Ihe dciivciy nen managed to slip back, into heir truck ns they, deliveicd iegu- nr orders «f nforclmmrhc to stoics ivns Inter t;-\vns snld. r sold lo the Osccola men, Hnjs' Sloic employes almost by cliancr discovered Hint tlnec sacks s"«ni which they had In lender ' for uuatiicr whoiesnlcr to pick iij vvcro mining shoilly afloi' Iho Memphis nholcsnlc flim nuulo i uuiii'iy Inst w «.|t. Yostciduy, who "'•KM nnd liH owlslant, botli MS, ni«dc iheif regular weekly iH'llvcry nn cmiiloye, hldlnjf ni'iirby viniched llich opciallons. Noticing unit they removed neinby uitlcles they tiips buck ts thch ruck he uollilul city police nflei the Iriick di'pmlul. I'ollcc dilcf c A Rice and I'n- troiiuni) John v; 0 <i!i'i soon aftcr- »nuls miosled the negio«, nnd he Ilnys impltye hnd de- as j>lolcm 'ihe neuio pnh idmiueil llieh imuklpntion. In Ihc HilevliiB MiOitly iiflonunds nnd gnv(! u drlntlcd nuount of activities. •Tlic Invcstlentlon biondcncd with Die slierlf f's office cnllwl Into Ihc cnse mid cnily this iiuinlng llirco mere TOUIOC', vicic Jnlled hcic Hf- ler being niicsted nl Memphis The Osccola gioceis \\cie iclcnscd on bond nilei being nutted on charges of knowingly iccclvlng sloleu properly. They readily admitted buying moi chnudtse fiom tlie ncgiccs but did not directly ndmlt knowledge Hint the uoocls were stolen, It-Is understood. ImeMlgnkis sniil Hint questioning of (he ncgioes Indicated 'that similar Iliefls hnd been cm i led on In several Aikansns coiinllcs In making dcll\citcs out of Memphis TJicre was no Indlcnllon, the !n- vestlgalois said, that Uic Memphis wliolcsnlc flim had any knowledge of the Illesal activities of its cin- ployc.s, i 27 Makes Application For Peirmt iTo Seive Mis- soun, Aikaiibdb Towns CAPE GinARDLAU Mo j u l v The Trisco m.hoad hi. "p. Plied to the interstate commcrS, Commission foi pel mission to establish n motoi bus line operating from Cape Glrardonu south Into seven) southeast Missouri "'and northeast, Arkansas lowns. Frisco omcials queried nt n heai- ing said the proposed new wr- vice houlci Include besides pns- Visitors Fiom Memphis, Tonesboio, Dycrsbuig, Sikcston „, „ „ "' Ul " le KlwBul " n<l - wit " The resohiti n appealed to the scnger a light c\piesi and mull Soviet (,otemrn°n(, 10 concede ic service Such towns at Slkeslon ligioits Ircedcin inclullng iibeity New Madud ffajli CaiuthersMUc' Keimelt and soveini lowns in northeast- Arkansas .would be ? serv- of private and public worship, preaching and teaching The leaders of 12,000,000 Baptists cf the world also described as "unacceptable n decree of the Ru ma man iovernment pennltting oiice-clcscd Baptist churches to reopen but only^under the conliol of a special governmental department. A hope was expressed in Ihc resolution that "(he roynl government (1 "it line, cf Rumania.will in the Immediate The only objector'.to the nppli- Jutiire establish full religious free-.cation is the Dixie -'Greyhound ed, Insco officials nrnlei examination said Hit seivIcL would 'In w> ua\ Inteifere with lhat now given bj the Hoxie bianch of flic rall- load i mining from here lo Poplar Blulf ami, Into Arkansas, bnl would seive teirilo^ not i cached by dcm nnd grant lo (he Baptist communion throughout, the whole country the legal status of n rec:B- nizecl cult," Cockatoo Is Watch nog MCGREGOR, .ra, (ut j >—Mrs. L. .-' PeiTlne's cockatoo which was brought here from • Australia 25 years ago o.s^n-fledgling,'is as good ns a watch-dog. Let nn Intruder come iie.u (he house or a pedestrian pass -on Ihe road at a late Lines, operating a inotorbiis service between St. Lou\s, Mo,, nnd Memphis, Tcnn. Herbert Parker Named To Advisory Board UTTLE ROCK, July 27 (UP)— Herbert P.irkpr of Jonesboro todny wns elected chairman of the new advisory board of Ihc state wcl- hcur and the -cockatoo shrills a I fare department's crippled chil- avage warning. i ....... 1 drcn's division. ami Dycisbuig Tenn , Pningotilii and Jonesboio, Aik, and SIKestoii, Mo , nnd Iheli ladles ' as lliclf Bucsls.*-cnjojcd n IrifofmM tllnnw and dancini; in Ihe Blue Room of Uic.Holel Noble Ifsl nlijhl Appioxhnatcly 75 attended the event, limited Co cnlci (nlnmcnl mid n racial t;el-togp|hci witli no business on Ilir Oroun> sln?lnt;, OeoiRc Kirk of Slkcslbn, vva.s fcntiired. 0. M. Buck, -pi-csldent of Ihc-locnl rluli onencd Ihe mcellng nnd J Nick Thomas, inter-club committee chntimnn, oiiened the pro- Rrnjn with Jessec Stilt Introiliiclng Ihc cnterlniiiers. A neeio tnp iJnncci one! n ,mlr of negio hUeibug dnnceis non nnplniise while a monoloqiio by Shannon Llltlc, negro, In the foini of n sermon on "Nnnh'K Aik' wns roundly applauded. - After (he nrognim .dancing was enjoyed until .. midnight. f, ... LommiiniSts Were Viciously Assails Vice President As "Foe of Laboi" WASH fNOTON, July 21, <DP>- Prcsldcnt John L. t«svls of dm Coiigiess of ijiditstiinl Oiuanl/ji- llons today dpiioiittccd Vlcn President John N. Oniiiti us it "Jalior balling, )iokei )))n>liig, vvlihkey ililnklnB evil old mnn dm ins li:nse labor conimlttee consideration of \vage-liour net aiucndmi'iils. anincr wns nUiicks Lewis chnigi'd to blniiH! for coii on Inboi dm Ing the unreni w.sslon, liiMiidlng Ihc drive In Uie hbusu lo puss ninejidments to the wage-hour act to eliminate ngrlculturnl processing woikers fiom IU piotccllon. "I am aunlnst Gainer Individually, personally, concretely hud In Iho nbstiact," Lewis lonied "I'm agninst him in 1039 ami will bo against him In 10-10 when hu runs foi picsldcnt. He'll never achieve [lie pieildcucy of llils gicat io|iul>- llo by Ulthijf Into nnd W debase America.' Lewis, made his nllnck nt a heni- Ing called by Clmirnmn Mary T. Noilon (Dem, N J) In ai\ fitlempl ;o icnch a compiomisc on the cou- lllcltns nmcndmcnti, to Ihc wage- hem law ' But It's Just "Dtop In Bucket" Fanners De- claie ND\V YORK, July 27 (UP)-Tho Irsl hoaklng rains in n liunlh broke the noilhcnslcm drouth In ievcial upslnlc New Yoik com- mmttlcs lodny but elsewhere in he pnichctl nrcn dnnmgo lo'crops nnd wosdlnnds climbed lilglici in ho inlllions of dollnu Slate milk boards In New a Isnd Btnles met lo conslfiiSr. l))c plight of dnlrjincn whcse pastures nnd feed crops vvcie burned out and n gencial ilsc cf milk prices nppenred Inevitable. Fnrm ' experts were agi'ccdtlhnt only n general rnln of nt Icnst hrce 01 foin Inches could save »educe crops foi the August win;ct. The ,Nevv York rains inngcd 'rom fractions of an inch-In the \Cblcin pnit of the stnfe to two nchos nt Albany, rnnncrs snld foi lie most pnrt the inlns weie ")usl i dicp In the bucket" Hospital Patient Is F (Hind Dead Near Cliff LITTLE ROCK, July 21 (OP) — Inll Rodriguez, 45 f n patient at toit Root government haspltnl fo»"d dead lodny nt the foot T »T I (\ » ! " ' Ock 5' cliff ncni the hospital 10 lake Uver u was believed he fell niclilent- SAN FRANCISCO, Jiily 27. (UP) —Communists in arn\y nnd imvy bases and an nliplanc factory Mere under Instructions ta "Take over" in the event of wni or revolution Jolin R D.ivls lestmed lodny nt Ihc Harry Bridges deporlnllcn hearing. Crash^InioJlivcr-Bcd As Bridge' Collapses '. ally lo Ills dealh. Pinched Finger Leads To Series of Mishaps I'HIijADELPHfA. (UP) —Three- year-old Johnny Dean pinched his finger In the door of his father's automobile. It wn.s nn cvery-dny accident but these were the consequences: His father started In Ihc car wllh .lohnny .lo a hospital.' En route, Dean's car struck another machine. The .second automobile crashed into .1 fire alarm box ' and Iwo other machines. The fire alarm sounded, bringing a number of fire engines, three r* » w '.-/>- ^ftA' Governor s Fbrqes I Retain Upper Hand n Senate Voting W 5 * , npCK, July 27, (UP)-SDiiate administration «lny limiimei'Cfl down a purposeful minority when «,pOO controversial bonds with non-interest llio vote WHS 22 lo iO. ~ •» linmcillatcly afterwards 'the senate passed an amendment by Sen- aiflr Lulhei Wllkes, Helena, which would permit no diversion'of highway icvciiue fiont highway'rnaln- twmnco aij(| debt service, f IKirto ford amendment lo apply IW annimlly for payment of principal and lntcri;s$ on road Jmproycm.r, Sontii Geoigiu Fanhcrs Want Governor To Close Auction Market ATLANTA, On, July 27. (UP)— Tobncco gioveis of south Ocoiula me Incensed nl (lie low prices their blight lenr ciop is bunging nnd today appealed lo Clovemo)- R. n nivci.s to cloio tlie IB hUito luicllon minkcls In mi olfoil lo Ixmbt, i he [nice. ^rlio nvungo pi Ice foi good giatle blight li-df dm Ing the (list Uvo dnjs of sales was beta ecu M and 18 cenls a poliml ns complied wlln nn average of 21 cenls lust year, Fmmerft al Waycioss held a mass mcellni; nnd appointed rred Volgl nnd Juke Uuikford lo como lo Atlanln and inc^nl thcli' cas.0 lo the Kovcrnoi todny. Menntlmc n call was sent'la all fnnneis Opcinllng nl Die 18 maitl to meet at Douglas today lo decide on iv milled policy—piounbly, withholding (heir tobacco trotn Iho wai chouses imlll lalei In the year. Slate* Agrlcultiiic Commissioner Columbus Roberts, said lie believed Uio low pilce uns caused by Iho poor quality of Die tobacco of- feied nt llio market openings iUH\ n decline In 1 llio market In Oldnfx iuul Japun i »<•> He pointed out that Geoigltt lo"- bncco fnimois /produced' ijcarty 100,000,000 |>auildi of bright-jSnf this yen i, nn Iticiensa of. liiow ll)an 10,00000(1 pound* us c ed with Inst year "Roberto thnt Ihc total foi Iho about crease of 237,000000 iwliudfi tho '1938 crop ' <• •' Tlio tremcmloiis .surplus of tobacco, It MBS pointed out by home warehouse opoulois, wns one of Uic pilnolpal canst"! of Hie low Only slightly more Hum fl,OflO,OaO pounds of the .stale's crop was sold by the chanting auctioneers during Iho nisi tn'o diij.s of the sales Scheduled Address Off, Speaker Congratulated COLUMBIA, ^ O (UP) — Dr. J. Tilon McKlssfck, picsiilcnf of the University of South Carolina, has discovered a new and extremely popular melhcd of speech.' making. The method:-Just dcn't talk. Dr. McKlsslck was scheduled . (o speak at the recent centennial of Edgcflcld's historic courthouse. lie- stepped lo the microphone, facing several hundred th«e dtstilct bopds, By (1Uposing of U" amendments the senate slowly towaul final nctlon on the Wll with M amendments remain- Ing to hd acted on. * ' In leaillng the attack on "the Biatlon mcasuiC Bcnafor Chanes' rrleison, Joncsboro, called it'"a backhanded Map al Ilia refunding bill" - t "Nobody Is going Into the war* 1 kct and ,biiy over $2,000,000 , non-lntcicsl beailng bonds at par, ' even If they would mature -,!.. tin ce years Instead of 10," Fr)o. \ son said, "In order to sell trr* whole Issue of $140,000000 we must lie In n position to_ give fust'n, ' on all oni highway revenue' Wt can't do tills If these bonds are oiitslandliig." ' • J The i|drolnlsliatlon contends that ( B bomb which beat no must be i cf muled \yllh the Interest bearing bonds In the $140,0001001) Issue ^>-*<Although the rooming session'o the senate was marked by heate, omtory on both sides the ant! ' ndmlntstiatlon bloo apparently re malm Intact, it was rcpiesentsc by the 10 who voted In^ favor ci the Brallon amendments—Senatoi W'. * H.- Aldington,' / Luke Arnett, Jeff Hrallon, Clyde E'/Byrd, >1& > want"'Dillon^ R U dordon, • a«m * Houston, Joe KlnteyfF, D.,'Ma"' sjfliid Willis B.,'smith ( « Claim He^vy Loi.» ; ., iC ^, ( i ^Sullered By{J|p8Be»e\ \ BHANdHAI, \luly 27 iiwly rel'.abje s soirees Irmt, Jduancso Jiroops'Br. .—-._. ,_, ^^«Sjj&|!Jm'^i^ Iri a surprise'ltlacK-W®vl*'t l <'-' mongollnn forces ."'and - suffertd heavy losses, ^ \ Ono repoi t esllnidted K Japanese easUoHles nt- nbout 3,000.,^ ', Tlnee JapnncsD divisions yere rcjiorled concehtratcti'on the Mon gollan frontlei attempting to regain their losses'and, to get the situation In conliol, • • Navy Shipmates Meet; ' r Recognition 'Fails Boll OKLAHOMA CITY, OScla.'CUP)- , Deputy Sliciiff Jack Sudberry an Al Croakei had worked side by side L foi six months. Recent!y t they an swwcn a call lo pick up an intox~- catcd driver near Lake Overh:lsc ~ Uic Oklahoma City water reserve! As they approached, the lake Cro.iKer saw a motor boat operat- > Ing at high sliced ' ' That's the life of rlley," he t Suduorry "f got a lot of lhat In v ' cleared Ills (hi oat Alns, Ihe am)>ll-, navy." fjing system \sas out. >j lva , |,, tho navy, too," Sue Tho picsldcnt bowed uncl )j Erry , n | ( i, i' W j, a t boat were y^ down without- having ultcrca n on?" * > word. | "Further conversation, dlsclos linlcr, 10 persons complimented n m t, n, c deputies -\*re shlpmat ' him on hts nno .speech. | „„ the USS Bcwcr, a submarine "ihe way to really put a speech lcml! , r dw \ ns Uia world* War. over is U5 refrain from talking," Dr. JVfeKLssick snld. police cars nnd full of policemen. a patrol-wagon Traffic wns lied up,Tor n half- hour at one of the clts's busiest I mid-town Intersections ' 1 Dean carried Johnny the rest of | the way to the hospital,' where the 1 finger, .with no bones broken, was bandaged. Fortunes in Shoe Shining No Longer Are Possible JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (UP)—Popularity of the motor-car has killed Johannesburg's oncc- Hobby Is Collecting Police Night Sticks DBS MO1NES, IB, (UP)—Robert B. Mark's hobby makes him a regular visitor at police stations. Pursuing his nvocntlou of collecting policemen's night sticks, he lias visited 10 police stations. The 48-year-old Ncrtlwood, la., farmer's prize clubs < Included two presented by Crown Prince Olnv of Noway when the livller visited Dccorah, la., ihls spring. They served en the same boat io n year. Patterson Talks To Rotary Club Toda George W Patterson, pastor of Uie First Christian church and [ member of the local Rotary club, was the principal speaker at the. meeting of the Rutflrlatib for lunch nt the Hotel Noble today ' 'Community Responsibility" was Ihe .subject used by Mr. Patterson Two visitors at the meetbig were R. O. Bryan nnd : Dr. C.;M. Harwell. Motorized Rustlers Find Modem Way Is Tricky GREENWOOD, B.C. (UP)—South Carolina cattle rustlers arc finding that use of trucks Is not as efficacious as the horses of Ihe good old days. --•••-"•. W. P. Ocrley, nical packing com••• — -~ ^-j u v.. & .> unv.1.- >Y. r. jjtriey, nival pactung coin- thriving shoeshlnc industry., in pany employe here, thought there which some men amassed fortunes was something suspicious about the of $50,000 in the palmy dnys. two men who'drove up in a truck- Only five men are left lo carry on ' nnd sold four cows. He noted the a trade which once supp-.rlcd 10 of, license number and reported the them. All of them sigh for the days " •.--•' when dusty streets broiiglit "real mcney." incident to the sheriff. . Shortly thereafter, a farmer re- portcd:theft cf his cattle by use of I could have retired with $50,000 R truck backed Into the pasture, n the bank today if I had known.! The sheriff Investigated nnd soon how to l:ok after money," Peter:had the men under arrest. Byre, one of the best-known shoe-' CDl . 2 6Cpt ' open 401-8 41 1-1 -...- , , . blacks, said. "One old chap had a high low ckse r m ' llJ ™ ml ° Juntatft river at Alcvandila, Pa, whcil bridge collapsed automobile and trailer truck nre stand opposite me. He went to Eng- 40 411-8 ve<l s™ logplher in bed of stream. Truck fell on nr, smashm, il ' Occim.inls of car—Mr. nnd Mrs. lalld threc fines just fcr the trip. I Itft tf\f\\r n Tnn- lluMirniirl \' 423 . g 411.4-421-4 Edwin Kaufman , of Snnn>&lde, N. Y., and voimr son-died •'••' . BIHk Baltic's Life 31 Trips TOLEDO, 6. (UP)—The average ."trips" a milk bottle Seeks $1,000 Damages In Highway Accident Jack Wells has filed suit in'com- mon pleas court here against Livingston Peylon seeking $1,000 for damages to bis truck in n Highway No. 61 collision on July 27 a short distance south o.f Blythe- vllle. Nell! Reed Is attorney' for the plalntltT, WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonfght and Fridas'. ^, Xfcmphfs and vicinity—Generall' fair and continued warm lordgh! and Friday except for local showers Friday afternoon. ' ' maximum tempensture here "?»? , F '?V a l , lmc llc took n I°w Ihousand -makes Is 34, nccprtling lo statistics mum n- as 75. according to ths of- with him mid tame back fcr more." gathered here, ' ' ' ''' fidal weather obsen'er,

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