St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on January 26, 1984 · Page 54
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 54

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1984
Page 54
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Thurs., Jan. 26, 1984 6D television Eric Mink TelevisionRadio ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH Status Report At KMOX Radio Right from the start, let's make one thing clear: KMOX was, is and for the foreseeable future probably will remain the dominant radio station in St Louis. In terms of share of the total listening audience, the most recent Arbitron rating book showed KMOX vastly outdrawing the competition on every day and in every time period of the week. It was No. 1 among total men, total women and total adults. That said, KMOX has some problems. For example, as noted briefly last week, the most recent rating period showed distinct declines in listenership from the same period a year ago: Morning drivetime was down 11 percent. Weekday middays were down about 2'2 percent. Afternoon drivetime was down 14 percent. Weekday evenings were down 30 percent. Weekends showed similar patterns, except for Sundays, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., which increased by about 5 percent. As noted previously, last fall's baseball mania undoubtedly contributed to abnormally high ratings for KMOX. That certainly could help explain the tumble in numbers this year, especially at nights and on weekends. On the other hand, maybe there's more to it. When 1982's fall ratings came out, I wrote a column attributing most of KMOX's remarkable increases to baseball. The station quickly responded with a letter asserting that the high ratings really reflected listeners' satisfaction with the station's total package of programming, not just baseball. If that's the case, then it stands to reason that this year's markedly lower numbers reflect a decline in listener satisfaction and are not just the result of the baseball Cardinals' lackluster showing in 1983. Age is another problem. Although KMOX's audiences are immense compared to other stations, most of those listeners are older folks. On an all-week basis, 57 percent of KMOX's average listening audience is 55 years old or older. And 32 percent is 65 or older. This is a problem only because any commercial radio station's chief business is selling time to advertisers. Older audiences are more desirable to advertisers than teenyboppers, but not nearly so desirable as the audiences that fall between the extremes. , Given these circumstances, some advertisers are said to be irritated at a recent price increase for commercials read by Jack Carney on his morning show, where about 65 percent of the audience is 65 and older. Carney's average number of listeners increased by less than 3 percent from a year ago. But the price per commercial went from $300 to $400, up 33 percent, and the minimum required commitment went from 39 commercials over 13 weeks to 52 commercials over 26 weeks. To be sure, commercials read live by Carney depending on the product and his enthusiasm tend to produce better results than you'd expect from the numbers alone. But there must be a limit to how far a station can push its advertisers before they start shopping for cheaper rates and a better target audience. Rates aside, there's some evidence that the station is trying to address the problems of age and declining listeners. The hiring of rock jock Mark Klose to co-host afternoons was obviously an attempt to attract younger audiences. But from the beginning, Klose was a round peg in a very square hole. The more he tried to adapt to KMOX's format, the more he lost his appeal to younger audiences. Klose finally quit, and the station pulled his partner, Bob Osborne, off the air. The new afternoon team consists of Charlie Brown and Dan Dierdorf. Brown was absolutely terrible trying to do talk on KXOK, but the resources of KMOX have already helped him sound better. Dierdorf, of course, is just getting his start in broadcasting. The station also has begun promoting itself directly on its on air. In the past, KMOX promotion has consisted mostly of some billboards and the station insinuating itself into almost every conceivable community activity. Now, for the first time in my memory, KMOX also is airing prerecorded commercials for itself using its most popular personalities to implore people to listen at other times of day. The spots even tell you where to find the station on the dial: 1120. What does not seem to have been addressed is the predictability of the talk shows that make up the bulk of KMOX programming. It may be that KMOX's hold on St. Louis listeners based, more than anything, on its preeminence in sports is so tight that invigorating the other programs is irrelevant to continued success. THURSDAY EVENING rot Lehrer 24$ News MaeNeil Newshour 11 One Day At A Time 24 Focus On The Family 31 Happy Days Again :3 2 P.M. Magazine 4 Family Feud 5 Wheel Of Fortune 11 Soap 24 Timmy And Lassie 31 Andv Griffith 7:0 2 Automan 4 Magnum, P.I. 5 Gimme A Break v I Sneak Previews 11 Laurence Olivier's King Lear 24 Flying Nun 3D NFL Week In Review 7:30 S Family Ties I Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy 24 This Is The Life 30 MISL Soccer: St. Louis Steamers at Wichita Wings 8:00 2 Masquerade 4 "MICKEY SPIUM'S MIXEHAMMER'VSTACY KEACHPREVIEW 5 Cheers i New Tech Times 24 Fury 8:30 5 Buffalo Bill I Postscript 24 VICTIMS OF WINTER 1 '83-84 on TV 24 MO 2 20-20 5 Hill Street Blues 9 The Way We Were 24 Burns And Allen 9:30 24 Another Life 30 Fantasy Island 10:00 2 4 $ News 9 Business Report 11 WKRP In Cincinnati 24 The Lester Family 30 Sanford And Son 10:30 2 M.A.S.H 4 Trapper John, M.D. 5 Tonight 9 Leave It To Beaver 11 Movie: "North To Alaska" (1960) John Wayne, Stewart Granger. 24 700 Club 30 Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In 10:55 9 Latenight America 11:00 2 ABC News Nightline 30 I Love Lucy 11:30 5 David Letterman 30 Thicke Of The Night 11:40 4 Movie: "More Than Friends" (1978) Rob Reiner PAID ADVERTISEMENT 12:00 2 Mission: Impossible 24 Midnight Soap Opera 12:30 5 Medical Center ' 24 RinTinTin 1:00 2 News 4 CBS News Nightwatch 30 Movie: "House On Greenapple Road" (1970) Christopher George, Janet Leigh. M5 11 Movie: H"The Man Who Never Was" (1956) Clifton Webb, Gloria Grahame. 1:30 2 Documentary 5 News 2:30 11 Music Magazine, 3:00 11 Movie: H"Mas-sacre At Fort Holman" (1974) Telly Savalas, James Coburn. 30 Movie: ""Wall Of Noise" (1963) Suzanne Pleshette,Ty Hardin. FRIDAY MORNING 5j00 4 Good Morning Headlines 24 How To Survive When The Heat Goes Off 30 News 5:20 4 Country Way Best Dot Laurence Olivier portrays King Lear in the award "Winning; presentation based on the Shakespearean drama. Channel 11 at 7 p.m. 7?' St Louis and Cable Stations B KTVI in hum a KSOK P II ETC KPU M KHLC M KM. ISM. HTH KICK, CM. CtM- cm. CNN. .. Cretan Broadcast Cable Health Net Dneman .Entertmment Sports Home Bon Office'" Home Theater Net NKetoaeonns- WO Showtme' tN Satellite Programming ' TIC . The Entertainment Channel TMC The Mowe Channel TNN The Nashville Nehwrk. UU USA Network- .CaMeNews TTM. . Chicago tndeoendenh' Atlanta Independent 5:30 4 People Speak 5 Ag Day 11 The Muppets 24 Rainbow Country 6:00 7:00 7:30 ftOO 8:30 9:00 9:30 I 10:00 I 10:3ir Q Automan Masquerade 20-20 News M.A.S.H O Magnum, P,l Mike Hammer News Trapper John O Gimme A Break Family Ties Cheers Buffalo Bill Hal Street Blues News Best 01 Carson O Sneak Previewt The Galaxy NewTecti Postscript The Way We Were Bus. Report Beaver CD Laurence OHvier't King Lear WKRP Movie (P FlyingNun ThislsTttelie Fury Victims Bums A Allen Another Life Lester Family 700 Club 7,, Week In Review MISL Soccer St Louis Steamers at Wichita Wings Fantasy Island Sanford Laugh-In - CBN I Spy CBN Telethon Anottier Life Groucho,, CHN Heatth Report FastForward Regis Philbin's Health Styles Sexuality Crisis Courts. Nature Coping CINE Movie: "Silent Rage" Movie: "Jimmy The Kid" Movie ' '" ESPN College Basketball Cont'd 1 College Basketball: Duke vs. NC Stale College Basketball: UCLA vs. (JSC HBO Movie: "Annie" Inside The NFL Movie " - HTN The Dream Never Dies Africa: On HTN Movie: "I Wake Up Screaming" India: On HTN NASH 1-40 Paradise Fandango Nashville Now Yesteryear After Hours Offstage " NICK Black Beauty Tom. Pople The Open Wall Netherlands Wind Ensemble Nightcap1; .'; SHO An Homage To Steve Martin Movie: "The Beast Within" Movie: "Cat People" SPN Travel Wld. Sharper Image Holland On Satellite Gandhi Special TBA Telephone Auction TMC Richard Pryor In Concert Movie: "The Exorcist" Movie USA NBA Basketball: Denver Nuggets at Chicago Bulls NBA Basketball: Rockets at Lakers "-' WON Laurence Olivier's King Lear News VVTBS Movie: "Alvarez Kelly" News lTheCattins 2 Romper Room 4 Straight Talk 5 NBC News At Sunrise 11 News 24 Rin Tin Tin 6:30 2 ABC News This Morning 4 CBS Early Morning News , 5 Today In St. Louis 11 Lone Ranger . 24 Music 30 Morning Stretch 6:45 0 A.M. Weather 7:00 2 Good Morning America 4 CBS Morning News 5 Today 9Lilias,YogaAndYou 11 Tom AndJerrv 24 Exercise With Dick Hathaway 30 Jim Bakker 7:30 9 Mister Rogers (R) 11 Popeye 24 Toddler's Friends 8:00 9 Sesame Street (R) 11 Bugs Bunny And Friends 24 Eat Yourself Healthy 30 700 Club WW rf AV HFWW "" 7I 7 J 1 -ox- v.- jV :.' ::::::.::.:: ::::: t mt 6 savh mt& aitwiMwwi.,. n'M'Mb., Ife.ifciw w yv '.J ik. v - , ; - s. x mirk, Y2srk - l -', ' - OisJ, - f'W &,: ,;. 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Company 24 Let My People Sing 30 Richard Simmons 10:30 2 Loving 5 Dream House 9 3-2-1 Contact 11 Hogan's Heroes 24 The World Of Porno 30 Family 11:00 2 Family Feud 4 The Young And The Restless 5 Hot Potato 9 Why In The World 11 Harry O 24 Bible Baffle 11:30 2 Ryan's Hope 5 Wheel Of Fortune 9 Sesame Street (R) 24 Hazel 30 Perry Mason FRIDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 2 All My Children 4 Tattletales 5 News 11 All In The Family 24 Another Life 12:30 4 As The World Turns 5 Days Of Our Lives 9 Amazing Years Of Cinema 11 Movie: "The Seeding Of Sarah Burns" (1979) Kay Lenz 24 FATHER KNOWS BEST "No Partiality" 30 Match Game Holly-wood Squares Hour IM 2 One Life To Live 9 Matinee At The Bijou 24 Puppet Tree Gang L3J 4 Capitol 5 Another World 24 Vegetable Soup 30 Sale Of The Century 2j00 2 General Hospital 4 Guiding Light 24 Villa Allegre 30 1 Love Lucy .2:30 5 Love Connection 9 Cinema Showcase 11 Woody Woodpecker 24 Rock House 30 Superfriends 3:00 2TheWaltons 4BarnabyJones 5 Hour Magazine 9 Sesame Street (R) 11 Bugs Bunny And Friends 24 Infinity Factory 30 Inspector Gadget 3:30 11 He-Man And Masters Of The Universe 24 RinTinTin 30 The Brady Bunch 4:00 2 The Jef f ersons 4 Quincy 5 People's Court 9 Mister Rogers (R) 11 CHiPs Patrol 24 Treehouse Club 30 What's Happening!! 4:30 2 Barney Miller 5 Entertainment Tonight 9 Electric Company (R) 24 Mister Ed 30 Mork And Mfndy 5:00 245 News 9 Sesame Street (R) 11 Little House On The Prairie 24 Circle Square 30 Good Times 5:30 2 ABC News CC) 4 CBS News 5 NBC News 24 Movie: "Rough Riders' Roundup" (1939) Roy Rogers 30 Sanford And Son FRIDAY EVENING 6:00 24 5 News 9MacNeil Lehrer Newshour 11 One Day At A Time 30 Happy Days Again SjM 2 P.M. Magazine 4 Family Feud 5 Wheel Of Fortune 11 Soap 24 Timmy And Lassie 30 Andy Griffith 7j00 2 Benson (CC) 4 The Dukes Of Hazzard 5 Legmen 9 Washington Week In Review 11 Movie: '2"Cold Sweat" (1974) Charles Bronson, Liv Ullmann. 24 Flying Nun 30BJ-Lobo 7j3J) 2 Webster 9 Wall Street Week 24 Insight 8:00 2 Blue Thunder 4 Dallas 5 The Master 9 Inside Story: "Super-bowl -Superparty" 24 Fury 30 Hawaii Flve-0 &3J) 9 Enterprise (CC) 24 Christians In Action HO 2 Matt Houston (CC) 4 Burnett 'Discovers' Domingo 5 TV's Funniest Moments (R) 9 Frontline (CC) 11 Joker's Wild 24 Burns And Allen 30 Fantasy Island 9:30 11 News 24 Another Life 10:00 245 News 9 Business Report 11 WKRP In Cincinnati ; 24 Heritage Singers 30 Sanford And Son 10:30 2 M.A.S.H (R) 4 Movie: ""Ruckus" (1980y Dirk Benedict, Linda Blair. 5 Best Of Carson (R) 9 Leave It To Beaver 11 Movie: "The Collector" (1965) Terence Stamp, Samantha Eggar. 24 700 Club ".'l ' 30 Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In 10:55 9 Latenight America 11:00 2 ABC News Nightline 30 1 Love Lucy 11:30 5 Friday Night Videos. . 30 Thicke Of The Night -12:00 2 Mission: Impossible 24 Midnight Music 12:45 4 Movie: 'j"They Only Come Out At Night" (1975) Jack Warden; Tim O'Connor. 1:00 2 News . 5 America's Top Ten 39 Movie: "Terror . 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