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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 2

St. Louis, Missouri
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SI LOUIS POST-DISPATCH People 2A 1 iiiH''Sl 1 PAUL SIMON and ART GARFUNKEL apparently were doomed to failure in their attempt to team up again. In an interview in Playboy, Simon was asked how he and Garfunkel got along during their European reunion "Buckingham Palace said today that Americas evangelist BILLY GRAHAM had been invited by QUEEN ELIZABETH II to preach at Sandringham Parish Church on Jan. 15. A palace spokesman said Graham "has been a guest of the queen on several occasions over many years. Their friendship goes way, way back.

She appreciates the work he does very much." The church is on the queen's Sandringham estate. It seats only 130 people, but the Daily Telegraph in London said at least 10,000 were expected to gather to hear the sermon relayed over a public address system. SAM ANTHA SMITH, 11, the schoolgirl from Manchester, Maine, whose letter to Soviet PRESIDENT YURI V. ANDROPOV led to a tour of the Soviet Union last summer, says a president "wouldn't want to send a bomb to a country his granddaughter was visiting. A11 Novelist ROBERT B.

PARKER has' been forced to get an unlisted telephone number at his home in Lynnfield, thanks to the success of his fictional private eye, Spenser. "Not because anyone's ever been abusive, just because people call up to invite me to dinner I don't even know," Parker said recently. Spenser, who has appeared in 11 novels, is a fictional detective in Boston who has become something of a cult figure to readers of Parker's popular mysteries. "There are people, who' just adore Spenser and, by implication, me, whom they want to be Spenser," Parker said in. an interview at his farmhouse near Lynnfield.

"I'm pleased, I'm moved, but I'm puzzled. I've never felt anything the way some people feel about Spenser." In his books, among them "Savage Place" and "The Godwulf Manuscript," Parker, 51, has molded Spenser into a modern-day Philip Marlowe, author AY-MOND CHANDLER'S fictional detective a larger-than-life champion of physical fitness, feminism and his own brand of street justice. Simon Samantha tour. "We were hardly speaking to each other. I'm not sure why not.

It wasn't my For that reason, she proposes that the leaders of the United States choice. I felt he wasn't speaking to me." He added that, "on a certain level, not too far jnd U.S.S.R. exchange granddaughters for two weeks every year. In a telephone interview from Kobe, Japan, where she and four members of a U.S. children's news organization are attending an international symposium on communications, Samantha said her plan could help to promote international friendships so that by the year 2001 "everyone would be friends." from the surface, he doesn't like me.

The same goes for me." He went on to say they also have shared 30 years of friendship. Simon said of the album that he wound up doing alone, "At first I thought, I really can't do it. These new songs are too much about my life have anybody else sing them." Husband-and-wife comedy team ANNE MEARA and JERRY STILLER have made complementary New Year's resolutions to ensure domestic tranquility. Ms. Meara promised: "I'm going to learn to cook something other than Irish stew and oatmeal." Stiller faithfully followed up, saying, "And I promise to eat whatever Anne learns to cook." Father Saves Lost Son From Life As Derelict The first "Howdy Doody" television show was aired on this date in 1947.

Weather For Wednesday, Dec. 28 Seattle 40 32 Billings t5-10 Fargo, -5 -5 Milwaukee rv Boise FjNew York 30y20 HOVLAND, Minn. (AP) Once a filthy derelict scrambling for food from garbage cans In Chicago, Jimmy Korf now enjoys a new life on the shores of Lake Superior, where he hunts and fishes with his long-lost father. Korf, 21, weighed 90 pounds last spring when he was found on the streets of Chicago. He has since filled out to 160 pounds, his hair is free of lice and he talks of a future.

Korf's transformation and his reunion with his father, 20 years after their family split up, began with an article in the Chicago Sun-Times about that city's street people. Reporter Dirk Johnson interviewed Korf in December. The young man "was really lost," Johnson recalled. "He asked if this was Chicago and wondered if Christmas had gone by." Johnson learned that Korf had been hospitalized for hallucinations before being released to a halfway house in February 1981. After a fight there, Korf left for the streets.

On Jan. 31, the newspaper published Johnson's story about Korf. A picture showed the young man peering from behind a metal fence. About the same time, James Korf Sr. was searching for Jimmy.

The elder Korf decided to look for his son while on his way to Florida from Chicago Bay, near the Canadian border. The elder Korf, 46, admits that he had lived "kind of like a gypsy" in the 20 years since his marriage to Jimmy's mother broke up. Jimmy was the couple's third child. Korf, an artist, stopped in Chicago on the way to Florida and learned that Jimmy had left home and could not be found. A two-month search through family, friends, police and doctors yielded no trace.

And then one day a relative told Korf of the newspaper article. "It was pretty difficult to recognize him," Korf said. "I felt guilty and all that. I was floored." Finally able to contact his son, Korf took him to Minnesota. Although Jimmy suffers from still-undiagnosed learning disabilities, he is doing some reading and 'Says he plans to go back to school someday.

The elder Korf is looking for a trade school for his son. "I don't feel numb anymore," the younger Korf says. "I feeL.more muscles and I don't get so tired. I can meet people every day and I really like everybody a lot. I used to be really paranoid, but now I try to make sense." (tall 1 ait a ritu 000 ioo 357 3b" Philadelphia 337 23 DesMoinese Indianapolis 4128 'ashinaton i I 267 San Francisco Denver 60749 2675" Kansas City 7 340 FRONTS a i St.

Louis 697 56 Las Vegas A .1, Oklahoma City. 28720'; Little Hock mmk. Atlanta 480 31 0 327 26 San Diego Phoenix 7159 64750 COLD WARM UNSETTLED Dallas 487 30 Orleans 60740 Miami 76 56 Houston 1 5540 SCATTERED RAIN SHOWERS SNOW Hospital Staff Reported Demoralized By Quadriplegic Who Seeks Starvation STATIONARY AIR FLOW Rockford Cnr AW I-. 1-n Ml 10 i ui vveunebuay, uec. Zo Chicago Cancer Victim Spent Christmas At Home KNOXVILLE, -Cancer-stricken Pamela Hamilton, who got to spend Christmas at home, has returned to her hospital bed to resume the court-ordered chemotherapy she' and her, family, oppose.

Pamela, 13, returned 'o East Tennessee Children's Hospital on, Monday night under anagreement worked out among the hospital, doctors and state officials. "She's fine and returned on-schedule," hospital spokeswoman Pat Kelly said. She said the child had nothing to say. Pamela's father, Larry Hamilton, is a fundamentalist minister and opposes the use of medicine to cure Illness. A court in Tennessee declared Sept.

17 that Pamela had been neglected. 227 18" Peoria 20715 fought unsuccessfully to obtain a court order allowing her to starve to death in the hospital. She was ordered to be force-fed intravenously last week after her condition deteriorated. Mrs. Bouvia, who said the only Christmas present she wanted was to be allowed to die, received a nightgown from her father, Ron Castner of Bandon, Ore.

Castner said he spoke to his daughter by telephone on Christmas Eve and found her mood to be "very good." Mrs. Bouvia is only able to talk, chew and operate the controls on her wheelchair. Dr. Habeeb Bacchus, acting chief of medicine at the hospital, said Mrs. Bouvia now is well enough to be discharged and a search is under way to find another home for RIVERSIDE, Calif.

(UPI) -Hospital officials say they hope quadriplegic Elizabeth Bouvia can be discharged as soon as possible because her efforts to starve to death in defiance of a court order have demoralized the staff. "Our staff is angry, they're they're demoralized," said Deputy County Counsel Barbara Milliken, attorney for Riverside General Hospital. "They don't know which way to turn. They're afraid of lawsuits and even criminal prosecution." Hospital employees are reportedly so concerned about lawsuits that nurses assigned to care for Mrs. Bouvia were covering their name tags with tape.

Mrs. Bouvia, 26, has been paralyzed since birth by cerebral palsy. She Skies over the bistate region overnight and early this morning were mostly cloudy, with scattered light snow reported over the southern half of Missouri. Temperatures at 6 a.m. ranged from 14 at Quincy and Decatur to 16 over the remainder of Illinois, and in 'Missouri temperatures ranged from 17 at Columbia and Poplar Bluff to 18 at downtown Kansas City.

A travelers advisory has been posted for the Missouri Bootheel today with freezing drizzle and snow flurries expected. A winter storm warning was posted for the southeastern half of Missouri and all but northwestern Illinois for tonight and tomorrow. A storm expected to develop in western Texas today and move up the Mississippi and Ohio valleys by tonight and tomorrow is expected to bring snow across most of Illinois and possibly bring heavy snow to northeastern and central sections of Missouri late tonight. Lows tonight will range from around zero in northwestern Missouri to the middle 20s in the Bootheel and in the teens to 20s over Illinois. Highs will range from around 10 over northern Missouri to the 20s in the Bootheel and in Illinois.

The extended forecast for Thursday through Saturday is for clear to partly cloudy skies with little or no snow expected. i Kirksville wm0 t.i076 10 St. Joseph Quincy 1073 20715 Springfield 227 18 Kansas City-" Columbia 1073 157100 16 RolIa Cape Girardeau 1612 2820 West Plains 18 12 25 20 STORE HOURS: 9:15 to 5:30 Monday thru Saturday Telephone: 421-3600 i nil for a limited time Rain will extend over eastern Texas and the lower Mississippi Valley with freezing rain reaching across the Southeastern states and the Tennessee Valley eastward into the Carolinas. Snow will extend from the northen Rockies across the northern Plains, the northern Mississippi Valley, the Great Lakes, the Ohio Valley and the middle Atlantic Coast states. Snowshowers will remain over the northern intermountain range with rainshowers from California across the Great Basin and the northern Pacific Coast.

Skies will be clear over western Texas and the southern Rockies, the northern and central Plains, the middle and upper Mississippi Valley, the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley states and New England. Travelers advisories remained in effect this morning for freezing rain over much of the southeastern quarter of the Plains, across the lower Mississippi Valley and into western Tennessee and central Mississippi. Winter storm watches were posted today for northern Mississippi, Alabama and the northern two-thirds of Georgia. A hard freeze warning was posted for northern and central Elsewhere, freezing rain reached from the northeastern quarter of Texas across northern Louisiana and northern Mississippi with snow across southwestern Arkansas. Snow was scattered along the Great Lakes, central Wisconsin, southern Minnesota, the Dakotas, western Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

'-i'i' 1 -1 (Y.1 J'S' Relative humidity: percent at 6 a.m. Wind direction: South at 8 mph at 6 a.m. Wind chill Index: 1 degree at 6 a.m. Heating degree days: Monday, 54; month, 1,116, season, 1,844. Year ago: Month, 576; season, 1,454.

Solar index: 25. Mondav'shigh 19 at 5:30 p.m. Monday's low 2at Normal high 39 Normal low 23 Todav's record high 72 in 1971 Todav's record low 5 below In 18M Nation's high Monday 72at Imperial, Calif, and Yuma, Ariz. Nation's low Monday 33 below at Havre, Mont. WOMEN'S FALL SUITS AND DRESSES SELECTED COATS, SPORTWEAR, SHIRTS, SWEATERS AND ACCESSORIES SIZES 6 TO 16 PLUS SELECTED SHOES (Shoes not every branch) 25 and 30 off regular prices BOYS' ALL OF OUR SUITS AND SPORT JACKETS PLUS SELECTED BLAZERS ODD TROUSERS AND FURNISHINGS SIZES 8 TO 12, 13 TO 20, 36 TO 40 25 off regular prices ALL OF OUR BOYS' OUTERWEAR SIZES 8 TO 20 30 off regular prices 1111! Fah.

Celt. Fah.Cels. 7 a.m. 8 am. 9 a.m.

7 p.m. 16 (p.m. 15 9o.m. 15 17B 17B 15B 14B 10 12B 11 12B 9B 9B 9B 9B 9B 9B 9B 9B 9B 9B 9B 9B Flood Stage Chonge Monday Wednesday Monday Wednesday Lo-Hi Pep. Fct.

Lo Hi LO-Hi Pep. Fct. Lo-HI Albany 2B-13 19-36 Little Rock 5-22 26-32 Albuquerque 27-45 27-50 Las Angeles 60-65 .04 56-09 Anchorage 12-26 7-20 Louisville 4-22 27-33 Atlanta 5-29 31-46 Memphis 9-25 33-37 Atlantic City 5-16 29-43 Miami 34-57 56-76 Baltimore 2-21 33-44 Milwaukee 6B-9 10-19 Billings 0-11 .07 108-5 Minneapolis 1-13 .01 5-12 Birminoham 5-26 33-4S Nashville 2-23 34-40 Bismarck 1B-12 NewOrleons 18-36 40-60 Boise 15-28 .16 20-30 New York 8-19 35-35 Boston 6-21 26-44 Norfolk, Va. 8-24 35-53 Brownsville 25-39 -C Oklo.City 11-25 2028 Buffalo 3B-6 J2 22-30 Omaha 5B-15 5-10 BurlingtoaVt.llB-15 18-33 Orlando 2fr44 49-74 Charlotte 6-27 32-47 Philadelphia 3-18 28-41 Chevenne 19-41 .02 3B-11 Phoenix 50-59 .04 SW4 Chicogo 11B-9 18-22 Pittsburgh 6B-12 21-37 Cincinnati 3B-18 27-39 Portland, Me. 2B-21 16-35 Cleveland 8B-12 22-35 Portland, Or.

22-34 j02 28-40 Dallas 16-29 30-48 Providence 4-21 24-42 Denver 6-43 5-26 Renn 38-51 J)l 30-47 DesMoines 7B-17 7-8 ST. LOUIS 2-19 12-16 Detroit 8B-7 10-21 St. Petersburg 19-43 49-71 El Paso 24-55 37-60 Salt Lake City 26-34 .40 23-33 Evonsville 5-20 27-30 SonAnlonlo 15-29 39-55 Fairbanks 11B-6B 15B-3B Son Diego 62-45 .12 59-71 Fargo 11-16 56 56 SanFroncisco 51-55 .04 49-60 Hartford 0-19 20-38 Seattle 35-42 .16 32-40 Honolulu 7M1 .46 6840 Topeko SB-IB, 9-20 Houston 21-29 40-55 Tucson 4962 J9 44-42 Indianapolis 56-16 23-26 Tulsa 10-23 JO 20-27 Jackson, Miss. 9-31 42-57 Washington 6-23 34-45 KansosCitv 56 le 3-10 Wichita 4-15 JJ2 W-22 Los Vegas 50-54 HI 42-63 -Cloudy, F-Fair, R-Rain, S-Snow 10 a.m. 11a.m.

Noon 1p.m. 2 pm. 3 p.m. 4 p.m. 5 p.m.

6 p.m. 10 pm. 15 11pm. 15 Mdnt 15 lam. 15 2 a.m.

15 3 a.m. 15 4 a.m. 15 5 a.m. 15 6o.m. 15 i.

Stage Mon. 24 Mrs. MISSOURI RIVER St. Joseph 17 10.0 1.3 KansasClty 22 6.1 Waverly 20 MSG MSG Boonville 21 5.4 1.4 Jefferson City 23 5.8 0.2 Hermann 25 6.1 0.8 St. Charles 25 11.0 MSG 'llKilt PSmoescrptor Pollutant Metro East MSG Missing Missing St.

Louis MSG Missing Missing St.LContyMSG Missing Missing Readings above 100 Indicate that persons with heart or respiratory ailments should reduce physical exertion and outdoor activity. 0.1 43 0.2 0.1 0.6 00 03 0.1 0.0 0.0 0.0 MISSISSIPPI RIVER St. Paul 14 Minneapolis 16 Davenport 15 Burlington 15 Keokuk 16 Hannibal 16 Louisiana 15 25 26 Grafton 11 Dam 26, Alton 21 3.6 76 10.8 12.7 9.2 11.0 129 19.2 174 169 23.5 6i 01 mm ST. LOUIS 30 4.2 MSG uniji: i it i Trace 3.52 Inches 1.92 inches 44.57 inches 33.61 Inches Monday Total for month Normal for month Total for year Normal for year Chester 27 70 MSG Cape Girardeau 32 147 NewModrid 34 19.5 Memphis 34 161 MSG Vlcksburg 43 32.1 MSG New Orleans 17 11 MSG BROOKSGATE SUITS AND ODD TROtlSERS 20 off regular prices SPORT JACKETS AND OUTERWEAR 30 off regular prices SELECTED FURNISHINGS 25 off regular prices Use your Brooks Brothers card, American Express or Diners Club. 10URBEUSE RIVER Union 15 2 411 umum C-Cloudv, F-Falr, R-Rain, S-Snow Managua 6pm 81 Manila 8am 75 Mexico CitV 6pm 66 Montreal 7pm 16 Moscow 3am 28 Nassau 7pm 61 New Delhi 5am 44 Nice 1am 58 Oslo lam 20 Ottawa 8pm 14 Panama 6pm 64 Paris lam 37 Peking 8pm 22 Rio De Janeiro 9pm 75 Riyadh 3am 58 Rome 1am 55 San Juan 8pm 78 Santiago 8pm 71 Santo Domingo 7pm 83 Seoul 9am 16 Sofia 2am 37 Stockholm lam 25 Sydney 10am 68 Tokyo 9am 37 Toronto 8pm 12 Tunis lam 57 Vienna 1am 42 Warsaw lam 44 Winnipeg 8dXi 1 MERAMEC RIVER Sullivan Valley Park LAKE STAGES Bark ley Pool Kentucky Pool Clearwater Pool Lake Ozark Truman Reservoir LakeTonevcomo Table Rock CarlyleLake LakeShelbyville Rend Lake Kaskaskk) 15 4.1 0.0 16 II 3548 02 354.9 0.1 520.1 -1J 6582 MSG 705.4 MSG 702.2 MSG 908.3 MSG 451.5 -0J 6073 409.6 363.0 MSG i I.

111) -t-i Aberdeen Mid 45 Amsterdam lam 36 Athens 2am 56 f- Auckland Noon 67 Beirut 2am 52 Berlin 1am 37 Bermuda 8pm 55 Bogota 7pm 56 Bonn lam 44 Brussels 1am 39 Buenos Aires 9pm 85 Cairo 2am 53 Calgary 8pm 3 Carocas 8pm 73 Casablanca Mid 57 Copenhagen lam 33 Dakar Mid 69 Dublin Mid 52 Geneva 1am 40 Guatemala City 6pm 64 Helsinki 2am 22 Hong Kong 8am 57 Jerusalem 3am 44 1 Kingston 7pm 78 Lima 7pm 72 Lisbon Mid 59 London Mid 44 Madrid 11pm 4C jMalta lam 59 New M'n 1st Qtr. Full Mn Last Qtr. Jon.3 Jan. 11 Jon, 18 Jan.25 Sunset (Tuesday) 4:46 p.m. Sunrise (Wednesday) Venus Is the bright "morning star" high in the east at dawn.

Saturn appears a little above and to the right of Venus. Mars Is the orange oblect higher and to the right of Venus. furnishings forMcn. Women erUoys 2 SOUTH BROADWAY National Weather Service Travel and recreation forecast River and lakertiges ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI 63102.

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