Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on January 5, 1959 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
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Monday, January 5, 1959
Page 8
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^'SjCoffo" Favored To Take CBL Basketball Title Terriers Play Pacific In League Opener Wall Leads LA. Open By Single Stroke THIS 18 SPORr? By HAL WOOD United Press International The Colton's Yellow-jackets were'oilier two first-place ballots split overwhelming choice to again between San Bernardino and Red- romp oil with the CBL basketball lands. title as coaches and spoils-wlit Writers and coaches picked an ers for the league last evening identical order ot finish for the made their annual pro-league pre- seven teams, dictions with astonishing cuncur- On Hie writers" ballot';. Colton reuce of opinion. reived se\eu lir.-t. San Bernar-' L Q S i"S I L'PI \rt Wal' Coach Ted Duceys Redlands dino and Redlands look one each. lQ j,,,, ,^" jn |h( . fina , rou|ld appetizers tinished. the Terriers were picked for third ™<> Colton and San Bernardino o| , he ^.m Los Angeles Open main course begins tomorrow place on the ballots behind Coltoi,, «'crc Picked to tie on one ballot. , Tourllam(1|ll ludav on the tlite^li afternoon for the'Redlands Ter- and second place choice. San Ber- »™c arc the compose x, „,„ „, hia greatC!it >lICU ,„ s riers as they meet Pacific in the nardino. V .ML -hos- ...i K*, 1 The Pocono Manor. Pa., pro had CBL basketball opener on the Pi- The poll was taken alter a din- L V- , J ' , , ^ ,> rates" home court in San Bernar- ner and couches- talks at Arrow- 1 "",,.'„' a ." .'! , ; * a dino. • ad Springs Hotel. '• " n ' : M""-^ «-'•' ! = • «*a T . , . . „ . - v • mona and Fontana <:J4 1 -> The varsity contest will bcgn The scveil C BL coaches picked ,.,„„.„,,. Sl B . at 5:30 p.m. nisiead ot the original t he ordcr uf finishing lor all teams „ a rtlino • •• Rcd'ands -»7i:.>- tune. 3:3r. p.m.. to allow more CNtl . pl lnp j r mvn and , he |)oim p acjfjc ,'. "niverside < 45•"• f !:i" systcm on both ballots was one mo „ a -Gl -taiut Fontana '67'. econd. three. Tomorrows schedule of C B L Beach. Fla openers: Redlands at Pacific Colton received iive first-place Bernardino at Colton; and votes Oil coaches' ballots, with the mona at Riverside. adults io sit in on the game. Redlands has played two more f or f ir ^ | W0 | nr pre-league g.v.:es than Pacific. tor tliirci. olc. and the Terriers have seven wins against five ios -es. while Paciiic vias four wins and six losses. The Pirates' record is misleading, as they dropped a two-point spine-tingler to Chancy. --">C-5l>. and lost an overtime basketball ganu lo Bellllower. Pacific has not been dcleatcd soundly in any of its games, and has come from as much as 21) points behind lo overtake opponents with a lethal shooting attack. Coach Ted Ducky's Terriers have shown a potent scoring at tack. too. with lorward Gary John .i one-stroke lead and his play, after a tumbling start, is improving steadily. Art shot a 3-undcr-pnr 81 Sunday tn post a 54-holc total ol 207— one >hot in front of the hall-way leader. Doug Sanders, of Miami The rest of the field Aussie's Cooper Turns Pro. Will Get $140,000 Trojans Hold Slight Lead In Coast Race SYDNEY, Australia 'l PI' -• Coopers move, shortly after Da, g*,™- ^ST^ a :;v :•».*. -i WANTS ~: Australia's Aslilev Cooper bolted vis <-' u P teammate Mai Anderson ... the amateur tennis ranks todav in al >° tl ' rnc(J Pf 0 - h J£ a,,lcd ncu : Iif< ; " " into Kramers 19o9 proicssional move that gives pro king Pan plans Du , was a lrcmendous b i ov in rip on the Pacific tirst place today Coast Conference Howell Says East Pro Bowl Team To Play To Win San is so closely bunched that anyone Ra ol at least a dozen men still could win it all. " i Sandei.s had a miserable day on Auburn Tops, But Has No Place To Go basketball race which showi cho Gonzales a glamorous new op- io Australia's chances of regain",'^j;* "' ^"S, a «'3 ht . s .'» uccz « ponenl and probably assures a j n g the Davis Cup from the Unit- 1 * 11 the B ' a - V ,f last " cek ' out " United States victory in the next ed States this year—and perhaps Davis Cup challenge round. for several years. I'nitcil Stales promoter .lack Willi Cooper and Anderson out Kramer announced that the 22- of the picture, the United Stales' yjar-old Wimbledon and U.S. and controversial Peruvian star, Alex comes mean anything. The Trojans won both their PCC lidliftcrs in the Northwest to go in front with a -'-0 record, beating Oregon 65-5G on Friday Australian national champion has Olmcdo. stands practicallv unch-.l- arl " 0rc Son 'am- Ulda - V - Eut • State 49-tl. on other teams each Apple Volley Man Wins $34,248 Payoff Sat- agreed to a three-year contract lenged as the world's No. I am- " raa - v - Bu ' *'* oUlcr lcams |which should earn him about atcur. And the powerful i; n i ted their weekend games while Ore- iSNO.OOO. Kramer said Cooper Slates contingent of Olmcdo. Ham- s ? n ^ aXt 3 "° wmn * ton ; would be guaranteed sioo .000 over ilton Richardson and Barry Mac- pla - U(t one ana l0; ' the three-year period plus 20 per Kay appears far too strong tor. |cent of the gate the first year and any Davis Cup challengers Aus!.-> per cent ol the gate lor each tralia can muster in the near fu- victory. ture. i Cooper, considered the smoothest The t'nited Stales wrested the with Stan- AGL'A CAI.IKNTK 1 LPI' LOS AXGKLKS -L'PI' Lee Howell, head coach ol An'Mike Soucliak. Grossingers. N.V.: diampionship. Apple Valley man was richer by'National Open champion Tommy| Bl| , jus , g . jn ,„„„,.,„_ Aubu Jim W4.243 tod:iy alter picking five oat 3olt. Crystal River. I'la. and||, ns m) Iai . c ,„ jf „ k ... .. the of a possible six winners in Hie'Johnny McMullm. Alameda, tahl.l fast All star team which will "rlo hand'capping contest Saturday The ^-year-old .Mc.Mullin liad clash with the West All-star at Caliente racetrack. started the day trailing the leader son and guard Tom Fox leading squad Sunday in th? Pro Bowl The bettor, who declined to iden- byjinly one stroke, but the point-makers. John Thomas, football classic at the coliseum, lily himsell. was one of the few.a 74. Karl Phillips. Ray Fleming and today hud a lew pregame obscr players t? pick Fxcusa in the 1 Veteran Lloyd Manjinm the greens and had to be content. United Press international with a ,:i — which is 2-ovcr par.[ A|1 | )urns L . rac .. K i,;^^^^;,)! team player ever deveIu ]K 'd in Australia. Davis Cup from Australia last lie had earlier rounds ol Wi owns ni C nation's longest college is scheduled to make his pro dc- week as Olmcdo won two singles alld 6!) - winning streak, an honored place but Teesdav night again-t Euca- matches and teamed with Rich- Xext in line came Billy Ma.\-|h the top 10. and a good chance.dor's Pancho Segura in the Jack ardson »o win the doubles. Neale well, of Odessa. Tex., with a 20!> ( to break Kentucky's monopoly of Crawford Testimonial Tounia- Fraser. who teamed with Cooper on rounds of U7-70-72. At 210 were the Southeastern C o n 1 c r e u c e ment. Segura. a fabulous, bandy- in the losing doubles cause, now- legged retriever, "spoiler." Action resumes tonight UCLA at Washington and lord at Oregon Stale. In an amazing show of inconsistency, three invading teams from California won th"ir Friday night games then were beaten on Saturday. California Splits California, in quest of its third straight PCC title which means a a world-lamed appears to be the Xo. 1 Australian; berth in the XCAA tournament. amateur. I winning. Kven if Coach gers Joel F.aves' Ti- kidded to ni " " ,e S, ' :< ' ,illc - lllc sam '-' recruiting penalties which ruled and Kast •i ai- would seventh Darin Apple out a football bowl berth would race. Kxcusa paid SoO.i'O.jValley. Calif., a lour-time winner : .Man won the one-mile'of this event, was at 211. alon, prevent I hem froiti playing in the : BASKETBALL SCORES United Press International Larry Fernandez give Redlands a vations :o mak solid backbone on of tense and dc- nouncement that th lense. "play to win." Probable staning line-ups for Howell, head coach ol the New Strombolic. with Whitcline the CBL opener: York Giants, said he believed the ,)iick tllird Redlands: Johnson and eithci Eastern All-stars this year arc Ibu'tecn Stars won the ...... ... .... iiriumoh toni"ht -it 1-ome -i-iinst and-a-sixteenth feature Sunday All thesp n»-n MWP m a <••»> ...^ '""'"Pn at i.ome a„ainsi basketball tourna- ... ,, . , , ,., j. incut, where thev might prove ure Saturday by a length over,with llow.c Johnson. Glenwoodie. „ )Cir daim |0 n .„ i( , nal , IOI)ors . .ml.nlin ,i>tli 11 htlnlinn t,i^ll III Inhnnt' Ktilli tliA lit-tt At\-\ With an 8-0 record for this season. Auburn seeks its 20th straight well HI. Johnny Bulla, the first day leader from Phoenix. Ariz., was mile- at 2!2 Fernandez or Fleming, forwards: -far belter" than ihe losing club Phillips, center: and Thomas and h e coached in the Pro Bowl two Fox. guards. vears ago. Pacific: Roger Rodoeker and .. Vlhejl t was herc llle latl time John Kennedy, forwards: Art , J957 , , lhau „ hl jt Wil5 on | v ri „ in Davis, center: and John Lang and thal everyonc sholl ] d p i av . - i, c Lon Taylor, guards. saj(1 ..j- m no( <0 surc n0A thal - Coach Frank Serrao s Toy Terriers will meet the Pacific Bees in the second game of the evening. ^nd raid M9.G0. Bar was second and River Clipper third, prize money of So.300. .. , AJso in contention, each with 21 se men were m a tine po-,.,. . . ilion to make a run lor the , op| M'^" i >'PP>- Ihe l.gcrs were the this was the right idea. "This time we'll play to win They will all get in. but some won't be around as long as the others." Howell indicated that the start ing backfield consisting ol quarterback Xorm Van Broeklin. tul!- back Jim Brown and halfbacks Frank Giltord and Alex Uebstei Fellowship Cites Three Coaches KANSAS CITV. Mo. 'L'PP— The Fellowship of Christian Athletes will honor three ol the n, East Springfield Tournament (Final) Springfield 77 Williams C5 (Consolations) American Int. 60 Middlebury ,V> last team to beat Kentucky, win- X<w Hampshire 60 Harvard 62'ot) „ ning 64-63 last Feb. 24. They meet Massachusetts 7."> Amherst 63 cores, were former National Open' 1 ''^ al Lexington: Ky ihampion Jack Fleck. Xoithridgc.! lcb -'• Calif.: Mike Homa. live. S.\.:\ Cincinnati Faces Bradley K. J. 'Dutch" llarrison.St. LouisJ Cincinnati, which held the No. 1 Mo.: Julius Boros. Ft. Lauderdale.-national rating last week before i Down East Classic (Final) St. Michael's < Vt. > 53 Colbv .">3 beat Washington 54-43 on Friday then lost to Oregon. 59-57. on Saturday. Stanford downed Washington Slate. 5'KO. and bowed to lldaho. 36-31. UCLA, which had j thumped the Vandals. 62-53. was I battered on Saturday by Washington State. 71-54. In other leading Saturday congests, the University of San Francisco snapped a live-game losing trcak by overcoming San Fran. . Cisco State. 73-«3. Santa Clara 'All-Stars, liberally sprinkled with j drubbed Arizona. 79-32: Arizona j professional players. vVere \irtual-jState Univcrsitv downed San Jose ly a man short on olfense in the 's ^'f- S'-'--^: Fresno State drop- ,13th annual Hula Bowl footbau'Pf d , N , evada - »*» a ". d Sa " . State bested Pcpperdine. 6<-o4. jiame here Sunday and still de-, Southcrn California took a 19-1* 'leatcd a team of College All-Stars, halftime lead over Oregon Stats then tallied 10 quick points to | Hawaii All- Stars Defeat Collegians 47-27 HONOLULU 'UPI'—The Hawaii lion's outstandin cs. Paul Diei/el of LSI'. Kllioll of California and Wilkinson ol Oklahoma. The announcement was Bud made would play most of the game even a , „,„ ^^io^ hcadquart- „ here today by its president ,larvc - v Ra - vnor P ut ,n ncw CU P S though he has a 32-member team Knicks Arrive Late, But Finish Strong United Press International Like the irrepressible postman the New York Knickerbocker: could not be deterred bv sleet or . . , , snow - or the champion St. Louis J? ar ?. wlt .! 1 those m the ta ' tcr " cinnati during the annual conven- Hawks. Division. (ion of „ lc Anlerican Kootball A Midwest snowstorm forced the ' W f eb E ^T k - mcn i or of. 11 * Coadies Association. Knicks to take a train instead of *. este {? f ^- st f conf,ncd "We feel it appropriate at this himself today to beginning , imc -. Mu|]n £,„ J>ay )rjb . some of our FCA mem- late for their afternoon game """„ JV ^~"* \x, r! , f or ,| ]( ,i r outstanding contri- with the Hawks. Rushed from the " ra ' ght Pro Boul v,ctorj ' for ,,,c bution lo advancing the Christian railroad station to Kiel Audi- es ' character of American vouth." torium by cabs, the Knicks Ewbank. head coach of the B;.l- Dictzel credited the FCA with promptly fell 21 points behind in timore Colts, also had the team providing in part some o, the in the second quarter. go through a drill Sunday. But, led by Richie Guerin. New (Consolations) Fla.: .Masters champion Arnoldilosing twice in the Dixie Classic JJ 'esleyan 65 Tufts 50 Palmer. Latrobe. Pa., and Jim at Raleigh. N.C.. returns to the Bates .1 Bowdoin 54 Fcrrec. Winston Salem NC " ars to P |a >' Bradley in the lead- Rutgers <2 Maine 63 The third round Sundav started ;in 2 Some on tonights schedule. The slate also includes two kev '- ouls ' 8 - Ne » ^ ort L - 6 ^ " St. John's 'X.Y.' 81 Temple 7 lootball coach-.I? !i » mi, "'»>3 ol a comic note., p.,. JU ...v prankster, possibly in the 8 '* Tpn conference _ , „ M, n i,„„„ Ictr belief the course was playing (00: Michigan state at Iowa and North- ^^"c '3 Manhattan .1 Some 3ames pitting 47-2 The Hawaiians' coach, former movc fu f ther ou } 7ne Tr °Los Angeles Ram great ElroyiJ 3 "' had ,0 outlast a Beaver ral- Hirsch, came out of retirement "to '>'• ho*«'er. as well as 14 points play one end in the game, but re-|°>' Lee Harman who was high for frained from contact most of the botn team<: time. Final Blow Nevertheless the Hawaii All- „ B, , ,,tn K'mpton of Oregon's Stars, their passing game clicking Ducks came m " ,th 7:27 t0 ...,ily. filled cups on four greens "estern al Michigan: an intcrscc with cement tional clash which finds St. Louis Connecticut /4 Fordham 63 But after tournament director^ 1 Pi"sbur S li. and Furman at geP""' ™ /*"i" csne 59 . cc West Vir"inia "°' v Cross'83 Dartmouth 66 Kentucky, rated No. 2 last week SL Peters ' NJ -' 76 ^on Hall 66 St. Bonaventurc 82 Boston Col. 70 to perfection, led all the wav awr and sank ,_. f our ' tr a'Sht free (wrapped Ihe game up with three !,,row * " hlcn assured _ ^ em a quick touchdowns midway in the .two-point wm over the favored 'fourth period ;bears. The lead was swapped sight times before Oregon ptished Most spectacular play to the 20, , 0 , he from for kccps std Rob . with ^w..^ >u . v" , , . himself todav to beginning twice- ,:,,,„ -. a plane from Detroit to St. Louis jh . k - f ^ 32 = plavcrs time Sunday and they arrived ,' 3 hours vho - wjH be ^ t J ,' hird ^ 'o Whitney Picked Wheeler Without Ever Seeing Him Wake Forest 57 Clcmson 47 'defendms NCAA champions play Tenness ' e a V anderbilt 60 .two SrX road games this week. 1 ,.- „• • -r„ u ,„ 0 - . , 1000 fans in Honolulu Stadium was „, , Q h h a pass-run from Pittsburgh Steel- ,, 4 |er quarterback Bobby Layne to," j da -, 10 trailj D three , half . Green Bay end Billy Howton in u lowcred a ti ht defensivt .the fourth period that covered 90 ,, el around 5 . anford ^ tQ()k ad . bards for a score. I vantage of the Indians' cold • . f j u -i. T.J Virginia Tech 69 Richmond 60 .against \anderbilt Tuesday night, Lauisima St 79 Georgia 66 jand against Louisiana State Satur -j A|abama ffl Mississip pi 76 l flo> ' * Tulane 68 Florida 62 | Auburn, ranked No. 10 last pu rman 78 William & Marv 70 ,v.eck. scored its liHh straight vjc-. Gco _ \ V a^h. G6 Wash, i- Lee 37 I lory by beating Mississippi State. Auburn 97 Mississippi St. 66 \FC \DI \ Calif ' UI'I '-When !,: ' 66 - ' n,e Ti " crs ncld Bailc - V Ho "'' ' ' ' Vanderbilt Whitney de- ,0 «9 Points after the maroons' Midwest | Layne passed from his own ten • yard line and Howton caught the iball all alone on the collegians'!'to'pl'av |40. going into the end zone un- Washingto i, Slate and UCLA jtoucned. j . : were deadlocked 26-26 at the half Sports writers named these two; and thcn tne c broke , li S -i he . 0 "^ ta ," d ! n . 8; = b ^ k , and ^'.behind the sharp-shooting of shooting to beat them. The Vandals went into a stall with 90 sec- Duane Ranniger. He accounted for !9 points all night, hitting his tamous <tar nad averaged around 30 Illinois 81 Ohio State 80 the first in nine games for all the way-picking an'^PP* State, excowbov and rodeo star lor his Form Holds True Bob Wheeler. Form generally held up in last Northwestern 80 Iowa < < Saturday's games. Fourteen of the .Minnesota 79 Wisconsin 66 Mis- Michigan 82 Purdue Toledo 69 Utah St. 61 Bradley 91 Drake 57 spiration which held the Tigers Cornelius win the United Press Intcrnation- tided lo transplant ..... •\ork rallied to win. 122-114. and C_^ i_ | _ I al national football championship Eton blue and brown silks lo PO' nl , s per, game. The defeat was .Michigan St. 79 Indiana thus remained three games be- jDnrfS LCOUCrS litlc - western racing, he went "west """" • hind the Boston Celtics in the ~ " - Sonle :J5 toaches who are mpm . lcrn ' Eastern Division race. Boston ll UP I k M-J bers of the FCA. representing beat off a desperate last-minute §\J |1VAA JjrQ teams from "' a J or bow I,trainer, rally by the Cincinnati Royals to games, will attend. "id never met the man. win, 111-103: Johnny Kerr's 31- P^imw ArtllAtt Dietzel will receive the "Coach Wheeler recalled today at Santa;20 top-ranked teams played and'Brigham Young 70 Davton 62 point performance led the Syra-; UvllTCnilvfl : of the Year" award Fridav night, ^nita. "I got a telephone call one|only three lost. The victims, in Marquette 75 Detroit 66 cause Nationals to a 118-94 tri-; < 'His LSU team was the only ma-day last winter. It was long dis- umph over the Detroit Pistons:; CINCINNATI, Ohio fUPI> — jo*college team to finish the 1953 tance and on the other end of the an d.the Minneapolis Lakers rout-Warmup session's for the 53rd con-:season unbeaten and defeated:line was Mr u ' , "'"" v Whitney. fHe asked me if 1 would take addition to Mississippi State. wcre'Xavier 'Ohio' 98 Louisville 66 Purdue and California. Purdue. | lUh last week, lost at home toj Southwest surprising Michigan. 82-75; Cali-, Arkansas 61 Texas Tech 57 ed the injury-riddled Philadelphia mention of the National Collegiate, a «n? on - ln thc ^ ug?r , Bo ,u' „-/rV m rLrVes 'for him~"l Sidifornia was upset bv Oregon, 59-57. ! Texas A&M 65 SMU 63 Warriors. 111-95, in the nationally-, Athletic Assn. began today with. J?' Uanson. a member of the over ^ me h °^ ts " r n a ,, there I In other leading games. North; Texas Christian 72 Baylor 62 televised game. an estimated 2.200 college sports FCA : advisory board and presi-,1• »ould- That s W« an '"-'e Carolina defeated Notre Dame. 69-.Santa Clara 79 Arizona 33 St. Louis led, 63-54. at halftime leaders here to consider policy, dent^of the American Football «as to it. BUI ~» c ^ c( • Mp jn a nationa i| v . foIcviscd mcct . Houston 78 Wichita 75 ""d C °a a nda Whitnev is a real sportsman.' 'ing: St. John's ..N.Y.. beat Tern- Texas 61 Rice .58 SlT'vSoW "ov'er• Svracuse in the 1 Although the call was unex P ect-:P!e. »l-67. and St Louis drubbed; cd by Wheeler, it came as no.N >-C. •« - 6.'. in a .Madison spur of the moment decision by 'man on the Hawaii All-Stars. Bob! 'ptacek of Michigan, who ran the i College All-Stars on offense all for ]0 s ( ra j g h t j„ lne second afternoon, was named outstanding ] ia ]f back and defensive stalwart Sam Dens Finally Win Williams of Michigan State was L - SF . third game in 1* chosen outstanding lineman for ^ ^ ing g * are jn thg the collegians. lsecon(J ha[f w|Mm San Score by-periods: state took ^A2 edit. John Hawaii All-Stars 13 7 6 21-4, Cunningham led the Dons with 24 ,College All-Stars 0 14 7 6-2,;^ Jjm Caranjca of , he j .losers took the night's honors Pro Scores ' vitfl tw0 rnore - ' ': Coach Bob Feerick of Santa United Pres. Jntem.tional \ cla ™ let his subs do most of the National Basketball Association w0 . rk as ,he Broncos worked over Athletic Assn. began today with an estimated 2.200 college sports FCA ; advisory board and presi at halftime leaders here to consider policy, before Guerin. Ron Sobie and Committees meeting today and Coacne Charlie Tyra led a fourth-period Tuesday will form recommenda New York comeback that overtook tions to go before the NCAA busi- the Hawks at 113-113 with 2'- min- ness meetings beginning Wednes utes to play. A tield goal and two dav j ne sessions end Friday with Orange Bowl. Elliott's California West Bears won pur oi ine iiiumi-m uc-t-i.-iv" — T^„I.» *>c c*-..t n -A ii , „„ v 'hitnev The noted racing patronIvier of Ohio walloped Louisville. 86- Idaho 36 Stanford 31 free throws by Sobie and three voting on proposed tightening of t he Pa |-' lf,c Coast title but were , ]ad jn Y e , liga , cd manv western^: Michigan State, ranked fourth Air Force 63 \alparaiso 49 New York 122 St. Louis 114 [Boston 111 Cincinnati 108 'Syracuse 113 Detroit 94 Minneapolis 111 Philadelphia 95 National Hockey League Chicago 5 Boston 3 Toronto 4 New York 2 Detroit 2 Montreal 2 ooints by Tyra helped pull thc eligibility rules for athletes "and defeated 38-12 by Knicks away to victory- increasing the power of the NCAA Rosc Bowl Cliff Hagan scored 34 points and policy-making group. —— Bob Pettit 31 for St. Louis; Guerin items not scheduled on the led the Knicks with 25. agenda were certain to be among At Cincinnati, the Royals over- top attention-getters, however, came a 13-point second-period def- ! These included thc firing of Ter- icit and battled the Celtics to the.ry Brennan from Notre Dame, thc final buzzer. Bob Cousy's 26 points honoring of football Coach Paul helped Boston maintain its second- letzel of Louisiana State's nation half advantage. Rookie Wayne a i championship Tigers, and spec Embry scored 27 for Cincinnati. ,twa in ^'^ncwSlcftedS to ^':ia "st weekT -rallie^to beat'Indiana. Southern Ca. 49 Oregon St 79-77: Northwestern also came. Oregon oS California 41 Whatever Happened To. AARON ROSENBERG Aaron Rosenberg was a star'his horses sight-unseen, ulation on new football coaches at guard on the great Southern Cal- Kerr scored 29 points bv the about six major colleges looking ffornia football teams of the early.for Hie development of Miss Todd eight-minute mark of the'third for applicants. 1930's. In 1933. the big Trojan and Old Pueblo into outstanding ( American Hockey Leaiue paign out herc. His inquiries re-|<9-77: Nortnwcstern also came.<-"<- - o"» •» ••• Cleveland 3 Rochester 2 \catcd Wheeler was an outstand- from behind to beat Iowa. 80-77: San Fran. U. 73 San Fran. St. 63 Providence 2 Hershey 2 ing horseman. Bradley beat Drake. 91-57: and. Washington St. 71 UCLA 54 |Buffalo 7 Springfield 4 Plenty Of Confidence 'Marquette defeated Detroit. 75-66. : ' ' Whitney's action in picking Wheeler sight-unseen was a parallel to the decision of J. Ruskin Jelks, the Tucson. Ariz.. rac-| kj^..^ 1 1_ ing figure who also sent Wheeler' ITIOVC lip United Press International , Three Toronto castolfs helped i carry the Chicago Black Hawks Arizona to hand the Wildcats their eighth straight defeat. Al Nealey's 24 points boosted Arizona State to its win over San l.lose and save the Sun Devils .their seventh consecutive win. Gary Alcorn poured in 19 points during the second half to lift |Fresno State to its triumph over i Nevada. Black Hawks Hillsdale Upset Shed No Tears For Old !Winner Over Guard, They Prosper Still Round ^ And Wheeler was responsible; By OSCAR FRALEY United Press International rweight boss ! least 33. Joe Brown is ; ARCADIA (UPD-Hillsdale. up- at :set winner over Round Table last Saturday, gets a chance at Silky I**!*, m u.e u, s i .uju,,,--- - - --.T - = INLN -„.„„,, in „.„ v, tiona ,i • NKW Y0RK 1 lTpl '- T1,,s wa -s In baseball. Ted Williams the; SuIlivan this Satu^y in , HE SJJ.. period to help Svracuse open a Baseball coaches led off the lineman made the United Press states performers under his pa- nto swo^ puce in , ' lc ^ aoc ^ 1 23 years ago ; American League batting, cham- ooo -added San Fernando Stakes at of various allied groups All-America. In his three varsitv l>ent eflorts. I Hockey League during me week , Joc McCartny was the ncw-pion. is 40. Warren Spahn. the| Santa Anita Park Even in Japan his name I'" 4 ™- Xesterenko and '^"^ o( the Xcw Vork Yank- most feared pitcher in Ihe Na- The mi i e and a sixteenth San uoais oy t.ric .\esicrcnho ana |ccs wlt)) >evpn ^nant, a head of .tional League, will be 38 when Fernando is ; 77-65 lead and then was forced to meetings of various allied groups All-America. In his three varsity """ r " : ^.« b .^ leave the game when he hurt his here in conjunction with the seasons. Southern California won back bumping into the basket sup- NCAA affair, as they began ses- 30 games, lost only two and ticdbfcome known. When it was deports. Detroit closed the gap to sions Sundav. one. The Troja 83-77 during his absence, but Kerr Besides the American Associa Rose Bowl , returned in time to save the Nats tion of College Baseball Coaches, ed arch-riv_. . .. „.„„.. „.;,. ,.,..„„, ... ,,..„,. j • . with his rebounding. these included thc Associations ol Whatever happened to Aaron «as the man to whom Ihe horse i« »ci-'^ B ^ ,nB ^ ,c ^^ ooor mi c mark of 4:102. And roaming some maior league oui-, Tne othcr stakes raccs in ^ Elgin Bavlor <«ored 23 point, American Football Coaches. Ath Rosenberg? He went immediately was entrusted. 'Hv nMU •'" J0kUlhom " l « ^ m >^ « « down in Miami weeks program getting underway and Die! f -GarmXr 24 arthe IcUc Business Managers track into the motion picture business; J ^^^"^ 0 Ts^^c \wn Victories shoved the §™ a ^ M ™ ^ \ rferst'sa Semite " ,he 6, = rfUrl ° Dg U CM coaches. Football Foundation leaving college and now „,ber ^he^ got mto a^I ^ pos- ^^ the vear a voungsterj A ^eTess'sa"!,' 5 coSed iali! mCla f ° r 3 ' J ' ear -° ,d °" before he could walk. Born on a session of second place and ex- nalncd Art . nie began box- year with a twinkle which said he Th(1 San Fernando will h» ii m - cattle ranch in Nebraska in I920.|tended their unbeaten streak to 1 - - • •=•• '•- - iM san ternand0 wUI M llm ' Wheeler 's whole life has been as- lsi * games. They now hold a, _ _ sociated with horses. I two-point lead over the third-place (Arch|e j Ioore a |cw davs hence , : ."As a boy I rode a lot of New ^ork Rangers, who lead De- rj „ receivc lne Xcw Y ork Boxingi The pro football Giants almost branch slock in working cattle andjtfO't by one point. Lakers climbed to within one . , -. > . , "ame of the runnerup Pistons in Hal1 of Fame - s P° rt -' ! information a movie-producer-director in Hoi The Western Division of the NBA. directors and the Navy V5. ilywood. Rivers May Meet Fullmer HOLLYWOOD'' UPI Legion Stadium matchmaker Jackie. Leonard said today he would try to match former middleweight champion Gene Fullmer and Ncal Jim Orr, Steelers Back, Chosen Rookie Of Year I learned from the beginning to Ted Lindsay also i Wednesday. ing as a professional. still was guilty of an understate-; i(cd to^-veaMl 'dTlieaded "toward Now. 23 years later, that same ment thai he was "about 51." ;the .Maturitv. The Saturday stakes Area™ J°P i? ek, Y , event drew a heavy field of 25 ,„ . . , u , u , . .J"' 0 „ f ;i otl J an ,P ,a " t ? alm , 0<1 ,nominees, including besides Hills- had a bi» ! W / lt r\. Tr0| ?. h - v .,f l _ theJJF ' S . llter |5 eat 'u e f oU ? Ifor , ll !fn. t,t,e * dale and Silky Sullivan such stars •struimnhi 0 ' thecar.' All he did. at an days back. How? Why on the. as Jmrj R -<. ward . Warhcadf be very careful with young hors-j' ial, d } n Sunday nights triumph I a „ e .,i aced vaguelv somewhere; passing arm of 38-vear-old Char- J: n aid. "I've used that,?<• CI» c ago with a pair of goals.between 43 and 49. was retain the ey Conerly. And that's a busi ,"EW YORK t L'PI'—Iim Orr. split the other three votes. |es." he i basic knowledge with an e:d who averaged 2..0 yards Orr led thc balloting in votingibrcds—always go easy per catch for the Pittsburgh Steel- by 27 sport swriters who covered young ones." ers during the past season, today Ihe NFL games in the 11 league Wheeler said by the g's Canasta and Sir Ruler. Rivers in a 10-rounder here next waij named , ne xalional Footbail cities. was 11 years old he was riding thorough-|' rh <; Bla <* Hawks broke a 1-1 lie,]|„ ht heavyweight championship 1 ness where 33 feels like 53. with the vyith a three-goal burst in Ihe mid- nf „ |e worW jns( mu?t „i ar | Ir V()U want , 0 win ., stakc , die period and then fought off a Vvon Dulol|e jn time he la [5. bld . b >; "; e Bruins. a ^, s The .Maple Leals scored twice Hillsdale, ridden by jockey Tommy Barrow, took advantage , , ., ... , . of a 17-pound weight advantage . brawl lor the race, you can t do much better lo (lcfcal Roluld Tab i e bv , , ong .ban put Eddie Arcaro up on your hcad |n 1|le scvcn . f urlong San Car- month- League's out-landing 19-Vi rookie No rookie dominated the poll on the "bush" circuit through thei m " ,c fi na! period Rivers Los Angeles, scored an jn the annu; ,i United Press Inter- this season as Jimmy Brown of Rockv Mountain and Northwest 'Rangers. 4-2. and upset unanimous decision over nat j ona i po |i. the Browns did in 1957 when he areas and he still Willie Vaughn. Los Angeles, al the 0rr | )ea | ol , ( t| lrc c other first- received all except two of thc;rcached voting age when , Legion Saturday night. He lost .-> V( , ar pi a vcrs bv the slim margin votes cast. Ihircd by the famed Woolfordi dicns Sunday s other games. ruggedlO-rounder to Fullmer Nov. of two ' vo(es Halfbacks Bobby Orr. who played his college foot- j Farm of Kansas City and there! 15, 1957, in Madison Square Gar- Mitchell ol the Cleveland Browns ball as a halfback at Georgia,helped sbreak Lawrin. who latereasier way for a man who knew; tweaking father lime's whiskers.! and Ray Brown of the Baltimoi\ den - R £ ers \ '." lrl . Va . u .« Iin - 160 Colts and Lou Michaels, delcnsive son with the Rams. Coach Buddy in the third, floored him lor a i ineman and linebacker for the Parker of the Steelers was im- five-count in the seventh and had u .. Angc i es Rams _ , ied for xc . pressed by Orr's plav during an him in trouble again in the final 01ld with four voles aniece exhibition with Los Angeles short- round. He got the votes of ref- Jinl Gibbons, offensive end for ly before the regular season be- eree George Latka and judge Tom- :thc De troit Lions; Alex Karras. ue- gan and obtained him in a deal, my Hart, who had identical 9fr92; fcnsivc tack i P for the Lions a , K , p arkcr ai^ got quarterback scores, and judge Russ Bradford, p hJ i King otfeils j vc hack for , h( . Bobl)y Lavne and fullback Tom' who called it. 95-94 tarted the 1953 NFL training sea-,won the Kentucky Derby. Real Beginning "Weight caught up with me early and I had to give up riding and turn to breaking yearlings for a living. That was the real beginning of my horse knowledge." he said. Alter a few years with Wool- iod to defea he " *' a * f amazing performance nag. Well. Eddie .s 42. And still , os nandicap . The winner covercd nd urLunde 's ^ 11 onl -' acccnts « he factthat. a winner is; Johnny Longden who „ le distance !n u2l M and „. - . . . . , u ,t „ * while sports supposedly are dom- admits to 49 but who. some claim. lllrr ..j wsn IA win l,a , d n0, iwin s^ - rIg "nT , thfca R mt iin *f cd , b ' V , ,h f mu i C, ,f ° f ^ ^ ^T" 0 ^\ '* wi ">t-as $ Round" Table's first start n he was |»\ ln „.s a -- ue againsi me i.ana ^ and „ le dock and „ lc ca | c „dar ning at M> and to really toy with since | ai;t October when he be- lare supposed to wait for no man. time. Sunny Jim Fitzsimmons at came , he carnj cnampion wjth host of old timers still are.84 remains busy saddling winners.! S1 ^ 334 t0 ha cred it —- 1 The kids finally have moved in; _1 1 ' mostly horses to make a living so I turned to training," he said. And it was not long before he became known as a coming young trainer who had a "way" with horses. Perhaps the top accolade he has received after training Whit- Oldsters Dominate Boxing lon golf. Dow Finstcrwald at 29 Thc golden 20's and Ihe early 30's are alleged to be the peak lierfonnance years in sports. But only in golf, long regarded as an "old man's sport," have the youngsters actually taken all the headlines. was the pro golfer of the year. Arnold Palmer. 23. was the leading money winner. The two biggest threats they face are Billy- Casper, 27. and Ken Yenturi, 26. Yet Ben Hogan and Sam Snead. with a total age of 92. represented Boxing is dominated, if not by! the United States in the interna- BASEBALL TICKET SALE DETROIT 'UPP-Tliere's a decided chill in the air in these parts but summer can't be far away because the Detroit Tigera opened their advance mail order baseball ticket sale for the 1959 American League season Saturday TREASURE HOUSE New York Giants, were next with Tracy from Detroit in another ford Farm. Wheeler came westjney's horses for only a few'graybeards. at least by gladiators tional golf championship. ! an .d expect "red hot" business two votes apiece. End Jerry Mer- shuffle and they teamed with the and rode the rodeo circuit with'months was the remark of that I who long since have lost the rosy. So shed no tears for the old^hi* week, tens ol the San Francisco Forty 1'3-pound Orr to iorin a 1-2-3 of- a brief period in between of keen judge of turfmen, who said: I fresh-cheeked look. Middleweight guard. They're still around and! Your unused furniture or applij.Niners. guard Gene Hickerson of fensive punch that kept the Steel- ance* will find a eady market the Browns and guard-tackle Dale ers undefeated tn their last seven through Classified Ads. Meincrt of the Chicago Cardinals games. steeplechase riding at Agua Cal iente. "I decided there must be an "If a horse has anything at all.'king Ray Robinson soon will he doing fine. Old Archie, the "Fight-, turn him over to Bob WheelerJ39. His greatest rival is of Ihe Year," merely is exhih•: and he'll bring it out." |old Carmen Basilio and light-|it A. | SELL IT TOMORROW With an inexpensive Classified Ad

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