The Courier News from ,  on June 16, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from , · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX H wiis'lhcf third .succ'p.'alvc (line iimlnir to wore most or their runs COURIER N RWS "f the l.uilini! duel with star, Sadie Stnniey, hut. j wus u.• victim of her mat rors'. "She .walked 1ml. struck .out three, while.' Hlnmey issued nve base on halls and v.'hif- fed four. Applelwiimei-s 'Victims o. Coca Colas'; Laundry Tiouiicccl By NuAVn nv J. P. rniENn Staging a chnraclerbtlc last minute npilslng. Cnoa Cola noU (lets, \venf b,.ri: Into ihe cirri's Softoi'; lonjMie fed by defeating to KiH the sensndonni . V [nl I CU$ GUIFSPRAY rm! dr.^/'ir.iK^ l m OI 'io/™ 0t \| 1 f l ii"J-' ow ' s ' 1 Crappler Tougliic's I " T f1 "' B -'""""'•• ; Meat; Firpq Disquali- ,".! (id As Usual • AIRWAVES SKtrilr TIOIN64 OF ft CRIME NOW .'TAKE THE V\LUANS BV SORPRISfi they don'i. puy off o liKto been ifo.K'. .She heavy hllthit- HoUlers hit-,, lluee coiiiiij;! in irainc. 'I'lie other, n * Trmnble. CHIIIC h> ilic fc wus extremely, iluni«h, six. AppU'ljiiimi rolh-fd'd many on Mm-y l.ou bill aller iliirj ivu;: us Mijl^y »<. u ! M'-'(irr v.'< nl lic.i C»la in Hi, bantu .ally le bud by n fusi tli< Imlf of u M. MrCU'c Cirlnte.';, aid- r.-v Api)M;uiin> run. The- Cera cola defeiife cracked « Ihe ;'0ird . ' i' 1 " 'M mi- jtnunaiY (Irsl, • M'oretl a shut-;, ,,sler irj,,w «,„!„, , 10 ,, 1( , aitcly for her, the score. at <>h<»i!d I l.iiiimiry forur-il jihrad oji '«l<l .«'>' base on hall.s nnd a-otr, I o lour ii,,, sw:on(li ,,.| 1P1 . nrl(10(| till- (mat m0 u, ln , 1|0 (1]1| , (| ' . ll(1((1 h by K.. Georue. Joh.ifrm, , - - • ™!H au « Pw '"''-. ""«< " ' ° ! JJV J. V three j Morris "Ike"' ,„„„-,„, , la . t it. in 1 Aniteles, forced "Wild Hill" Rush throe. Nashville,' to extern] hbnself bits ln '' il lo Hie "Werewolf," last . missel), I" Hie, feature, mnlcli ol r's ehoiee. M " :c; Mcroney's weekly livr-d, sliow. sirred under the,': '-'COldl in A promi.'iiit; iv;;-. nipped in CteultV |);;.v (n I 1 Mt(!;> 'lilllll.'! ill loine iii.i Laundry U« u. <<lo,,ted «olB in from. Ifl hnd lid unit cviiKT straiten 1 . Hvo ^errors, and fafi-lles in a row li Snilth conlrlbultd a fine vnn- iii"!,' tnHi lor Nil Wa that, likely prevejikid Uinndry [yini; Ui' c wore or possibly Vbmlnt,'. Ilill- lo lnl:c a (i run i AppleDaiini. lirokp the scoiini; Ice for Cocn Cola. SiililKi collecled Ihrrc hlls for,'•""•<•• , 1*91011. Kmll Ilrpo. "Wild Hull of the I'amjjtf.s-," wiis (llsqiinlinnt for a t- liu-kini; the referee, and Ae.e Prec- IKIUJ. Drooklyti. II. y., was awarded the imilcli. Although bpntoi by lli e Knsh- vlllc Dull of the Wrods, nibom- ileld <l|[| .somethlnj; DO oilier wrestler lni s l^cn able U> do- innich him nt his own voiij!li «nd tumble (jawc. Ike, iw.verfnl, bud , took everything liasli .'htnl lo offer and at times inhd'o'.'tlic " one" retreat m ,(| C1 - : .pi'- CS - Local Teams Win .And Lose Games A I SlcrJe Monda the lliird when Winnlf walked Ihree in n row. v.'io errors. ' i "''"' ' '••-' aloi.K willKnit fur- ( Jilil Ihe nflli. HIM- ! ibiiri) U'as safe on Morris' Ihii'd •'•mr. E, Mtfict- .slneled. Morris , !Kiiln erred on MBIT l,ou WlilUle's j ,,.!.,,, . ,',, .'.'..v. .. — v _ . ., wl t i/.ul LI-II El IS 'iVl'Jl i to «i ^ ! '""' )l "'"' Mct!cc nnct lost '» I™ Bnmos v.-ith Sleete, A,,, '"' T W|W ll "" K '" Mo - '™ ms «' S'cele lasl nluht OUIhani walked. Sallbn fnni- A team, eonij.osed of plavers for ™,.,l T°',' S n "!!"''', ! " Ul W ""- llc ' ""' lolls lemm '" " le nlVlhevlllc twui. liiiiiihle lined out. a Ion K circuit and dubbed the "hidc'i.rnd Itu.sli CaiitiOLiK was cautious nt. nrst, fcel- --- for ihem the third full. As -<-.- •:-.--••• free hhnself Alrroncy dlsruialined Firpo "nii'd ih'e. match 'to rVeemnn. K matter of Ump for Freeman io have wan. burring ncrelrient, lf( s youth and skill wore to • inurh for l-li-po, anil (jo.'vjljjly Hip Arren- line was aware of It,. 'Hie Plntiiusli hoy showrd the fans plenty, eo!i~ Ills youth. His s'lilllfnl 'ii>B of his legs was clever, lie Ims earned nnofher ns- sipnn.enL here, 'hie rans could stnnrl more of Ills type, Bs Wl -.|| Rimer Is Traded To Ark-Mo By Robinson verne nlnier, <itj\f rx>uthpriv; Iniucr of the : Hoblnson nniK SlOre tenm of Ihc - Commercial t On!) league, has Ijpei. sow ( O the Arkansiis-Mlssotiri Power comimny team, II ) )ns i,f en „„_ j.oiuiccd. lilmcr has nol been nctlvo );e- eause of conlliet« in W0 rk hours and the league .schedule but b nuw employed by ll.c power company and will be available for duty at all limes. He h,,.s ion" been considered one of the out" s-tii/KlhiK liurlcra in the icaifiio uid his presence In, the Iloliioinls' "•"••up should liu-raui- n, n i,. ( ousnoss nearly f.ost, him n: fall rl«IH off the bat, too as ike pmiMicd. hlin with powci-rni head scissors, niio painful fnce lifts It wn« im •mnuiMl to i. Hut failed to . e louch second, cuts.' losl an B lo C deehion In ' , . s an o C d Oldliam ami Fisher cowling.' Fos- the Sleele Texaco whll or ,v tl lked. lilythe M lll; l P d „,„, ' someone take the offense tifnlhsl .ort ban tea,,, wonir- ft ,~rS SrrSe Hush, as usual, depended upon' liability to sock, kick nnd sirniiiMc Rush tool: ihe first, fall 1,1 eleven mimiico when H, appeared as If he were on Ihe vnyc of dc- r . >,,' " Af ' C ' nsh nroinxl fitore evil opened li.e insl " ' "'' Al "' 1>mm ' "" dub'V'uo"' 001 "" 0 " 1 Sl!> "" 1 "Aeries of Sonnenbci'B"' flylny tackles. After flooring (tush w m, foUl . ,„ a^ loiv he -was emtglit under the of nnd nevll Wa, etl on the thejfoumMteU^ r"S"rou«h, due $™iF™ ""'^ ""^ •UM-ni t < .»l., n ll.. I i.L..^ . . . 'Hill 1111' Inek of ii,,, fn)1 support. John Holland for Ihe went the route cl i m , t , while his .,[,,„ ,i. -d to the phr :loti!)lcd off ilrst. l.iiundry millilt, Nil bruli'nil' I''' 10 '" '° T' ' Uld (0me l0 ""' '>'»"« 'I'd some'heavV.!.;^ fr • c we"' .'."" m '"" l ?'"' Bllll! ' ''" lslllnff U1U fo » r ' »°'> w i all lies, weie Ihe be- runs tweei. HIP two teams. j JTooisli!" fiinniield had (he bet-' courier for any/ly,niolb nios- quno or roach Ic's a surer killer They ncvec.rcrive lo pester you. Yet Gulfspray cant sum cien the most delicate fabrics. Jfild, ptejisanc odor ^9c pint at neighborhood and ilepirtment stores or at .any Gooil Gulf ikaltr. GULFSPRAY WSfCT/f/UfR 100 Farms For Sale Mr. lion us Uocoivoi" ' _, • . Taiic ihc mlvfiiitfiKc of (his KIWI I oppdi'luiiily liy invi>Mliiijr your lionus inonov in n home, somr- Uiiny you can enjoy ihr IxilnnVn of your life nnd .linally pasa on lo'.vonr cliilrli-pn.' ih.'il tlioy Inn miiy liavi- ;i .pliicii tlu-y can t'nll lionie. I rp])i-owni scvH-n! of the big io;in conipniiicH, ofloriujf fw .solo larms they have Idkcii ovor nt vovy I'easoiifihlo |>riee.«, with small cnsh: pnymptil- (lou-.'t anil liuliuure. ol' pm'olmso |irice paynblc p'vfei; ^0 ,-tai-:; at f> |ior coin interest. Tlio ywu-jy j)ay- incul of interest :iiul pritici|ial will he K-SS tlinn normal rcui. . i , - I also liave city properly'. |'or. sale,' J. W. BADER; 'ir ,' ' cn ° 1 - 1 Kllsh '""•*, , wrr - B °'" s te> ""'" 1 ^'"B over. h . sl ° w " 1 '"'» <h»™ nun n uit ol Haying nnd bnnglng of his- own. When Riish ngiiln the leys niid liefon 1 ihc Nashville, terror knew what was hfippetdiiK he wns KO!I)« like (he mas-ic — round and round. A body straddle completed Ihe Job in nve minutes. An unusual Mttinllon occurred during iho Ihlrd fall, in some manner. Ike numaged to Ket two or mish's llnijers In Rush'r, ihoiitli; He (fiabbed him under the chin, and begun lo pull iip, mnklng him lilte hlinwlf. i [is fingers were badly cul before he could get free" BJoomfleld J.osl the fnli when he_ iiikswl' Hush after aii- olher HlnDi- swing.- He compltteci Ihe whirl and nppptd him perfectly, put Rush turned'n bit as ho fell and Ulbomneid failed to. laiiil squarely. Rush rjiilckly rallwl oi 1 ! lop and [ilnned him. •- -•. ' • ••''• . "Ace" Is "An Ate ' ' '-'"'- f f! "Ace" Freeman, Brooklyn, N. V,, : was the muster nf £mi) Pirpp, the' Aigcitthie, in the opener lint won without registering tlic third fail. Heferee Mike Xl^roney hnd repeatedly warned t'irpo 1 nlionl use of ihe .strangle hold" during' the match. Fhpo. as usual, took objections to the inierfereuee, aiid decided to take it out on the ot- i liclal. After each had scored n fall Phpo attacked the referee as JOHN PETIT discovered the ideal "makin's" r ; tobacco out West when lie fait tried Prince * : Albert. "I'll hand it to F.A. for fnur-lmi; down quick, liie way a roll-votir-owner like- " Elys Jack. rif -yotir-oivn cigarellct in ,i. tin O f Pri ncc Albert 1D35 .Jicn.ship hut lost their slai- plTc'ii- er when the season closed and nave had trouble lh sccurlni; cnod pltehint! this season. i Number Eight Leading I Pemiscot County Loop ON Renewed and Guaranteed Fords and Chevrofets '• I-""' Price I'lainl.v Minkud On Ivvcry Citr. 2. - r '»0 Alii, ,„• ; U | a-iy «i,iiran(o<.-S»rctri.a.',l. '•'•• (.'<nnj)lclu Siocli—,\)l Alo;!cl.s ;nu| Tvpi^ •'• 1-ilx.Tiil Lnn-IJiik, Terms, )f J) t TO |. '•>• Kroi- Ttine-Ui) and Lubritatiim Service. '>Var Vclcniii.s. — Mo. — Ue„ Dcering, 7-5, Number -Eight, liifiinlalncd Us perfect perccnb«e record lo keep (op plncc in llie f'emiscot County league stnndln" Sunday. Number Klgnt, has lom- conseculive. victories, not sufferin" l n .single detent- hi scheduled Iciipite Siore rcmnlns in ser.onrl plui'e, defeating Stanley, ia-l, to liefore V'ou dny Any Oulboahl - .See tliB NEPTUNE Single t'yl. 'IP f ' (Oilier Rlres to IG 11. P.) HUimART) TIRK & CO. i!»:!2 I'Ofll) V-« i)|.; j.i COUI'K. Newly ['ji'ic Ivvcolleni (.'oiuJifiiin ;iiul li'-'ll I'OR I) v-s Tfi DC) It KKDAN'. Oriivinal llhu-k I'ainl Like N L . V ,'. !i:is nov.'od l!).f! CnKVItOLKT COACH. \cw liliif Color, License. .Mdlof LiSit 1 i\o^s'. Onl\' l!i;!5 [.'() i; n v'-8 !)|.; U;\K -'. .\ ( \\ iKO, (til- did. Uiiiil Horns. Safety (i!;'.ss. l.onlts and iinib: Come in now-Buy Today or Tonight PHTT A A J,ijLnJL COKNKR WALNirr & r.lli STS. i'liard (Joiich Tim lircnlon, |{. |,\ [{ai-lii.r, Alton Uardv vin. ( h.-irk-y (,raves, .loe Shanks. HERE'S JACK showing n friend fiow to roll Ms O v;ii. "P.cinc; •c cut,'" Jack says, "Prince Albert rolls easier amiFinokescooler around VOcigarcttesfromcrery tin. AmllH>c-ar,<el'.A. is packed in l KCVJIS in prime, condition. Never loses one single sp,, 0 | ; 01 - i ts fp.,,.,. or taste." don't overlook ]>. A. ns Iho v. ( .r!<!x do^t bet for' n fine roll =vcry 2 No-risi« offer proves Jack's judgment right! Roll yourjelf 30 iwcll ci^*retle» from Prince Albert. If you don't find them Llie fineil, tMli«l roll-youi-own cwtrettet you c?cr imokcd, return Ihe pockel tin will, the rcil of (tic tobacco in it to ui «t »ny lime wilriin a month from thU dale, and vrc will refund full purchase jirice, plm poitafe (Signed) R.J. Reynold* tobmcto Co., WimUm-Silcrn N C THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE trocool—a new mesh- fabric with the lm />py faculty of l:ef/'• tt'g you fool an-l martly ilreisfd til //„• time. Sanfori:al- iik. .-In Arro-i - 1 tip to tiiniful families. Snmlu\: June 21st is Father's Dcv. Three more versions of the cool Arocool. -lisa comes in over-lhc-hcatl sport models--longand short sleeves. 'llie Aiocool motif i n Arrow Handkcrchicfi. (toad- lonh'n " — .7.7,- Carrying ihc cool, idea to Arrow Summer I'ndeneear. Arocool and Tropictone Shorts.— Arocool65c—Tror,icton,-Sf. i f J X" V s ifie^ .ilnlcliinp Trn/nclone Hand- ' j j /., •rchicfs— J5c. Tropictonc Ties j I I'm right) $1.50—Both Arrow. '! Arrow merges a tropical color iritli ,1 i i>m/aii,ii,i,- fabric. The result Tropiclonc. Makes a faindsomr contrast to your light summer suits. Aim c-onics m om-thc..hcad modd mth loner :.lea-cs A?.50 E. D. HUGHES & CO,

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