Kerrville Mountain Sun from Kerrville, Texas on August 5, 1943 · Page 5
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Kerrville Mountain Sun from Kerrville, Texas · Page 5

Kerrville, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 5, 1943
Page 5
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J 'The. Motiiitaiii ' Kcri^illc, Angiist. g, 1 943 31 ICjappeneS Tjere ' iPi;6irt a< collection of "Carbon Copy- Poetry," comes one which can stand, tlffr-tight- of the 'printed page, The title is "Careless Listen^ ( er Regrets." ". When- God gave out brains, I thought He said trains, and I missed mine. When He gave out looks, I thought He • said • books, "and I didn't want any. When He gave out noses, I thought He*said roses, and I ordered a bif? 'ji one. , When He gave out leg&, I thought He said kegs, I ordered two fat - ones. *-- ' " •'' '" When He gave out ears, I thought He said beers, and I ordered two long ones. When He gave out chins, I thought He said gins, and I ordered a double. And, am I a mess! ^ . I W. And have you been to the 'Rose • Croix lately? Busy fingers are there these days, and it's such. ' a nice place to meet some of the lovely summer visitors, such as Mrs. Steele Campbell, of Corpus Christ!; Mrs. Joslyn and Helen Harrison of Houston; Mrs. Neal • of Missouri; Mrs. Kowalsjd and Miss Dobie of Austin, and a lot 1 of others. Harriet Garrett and ,,,Mary Lucy Marberry, two 1 of the •high school's favorite teachers, ,;are making up for lost time this summer, and give two days of : each week to the surgical dressings room. Rosemary Lindhart, who is going to be an Army '. nurse, folds stack after stack of , * these neat gauze bundles. And the new emblems which the - workers are wearing are the gifts of Billie Car ruth. The bars represent 156 hours, which would <( be three hours a week for the year, naturally some of the workers put in a goodx many more hours than three each week, and 1 earn their bars much, much soon: er. The,chevrons represent four C. H. CASEY Wood Shop Will Open September 1 at 613 MAIN STREET Make Anything of Wood! years of work, or 624 hour's time. Earl Sttcfel also contributes a great deal of time to the Red Cr OB'S,, but it's on holidays when the , workers are , gone, and he donates his time in a patriotic cause, that of giving fresh coa^s of paint and doing other repairing and refinishing to the rooitfs , so that they are always new and ( fresh looking. —•_ 1 A note from Hollis Moore Jr., who is stationed at Camp Me- Quaide,;Cal.; says "My tenth week of training, began today, and we are rapidly rounding out into' good shape, and are making a good outfit. We are- a Seacoast and Harbor Defense Ulnit, firing the large Coast Artillery guns at Naval tar- f ets. I expect to go into the Army pecialized Training Army ' college program after I finish here, which will be August 20. I am to report to Leland Stanford .University for testing and assignment. I can't really imagine what my specialty can be, but I am,willing to give it a try. They tell us that most of the officers of the future are to come from these programs. There are 16 Texans here, nine < of us college reserves. There are five from Baylor and four from S.M'.U. Last week 94 .Texas Aggies moved into another Battalion on the Post. You would have never thought the Bearsr and the Ponies .would have been so glad to greet even Aggies! We brought a can of Te&as soil with us ,on the troop train, and ceremonies are held over it at regular intervals. -Over half of our battery are from New England, and it's a slow process in getting to know each other very well." mj t Jack Joy has finished his training program at Pasco, Washington and is being sent to Corpus Christ! for completion of his training.. If all goes well the. young man will receive his com- .mission as an Ensign in three months. He is the grandson of the Will Furrs, and was a student in high school and Schreiner. Edwin Dischinger is rejoicing over the fact that he has been transferred from dusty Wichita Falls to 'fBeautiful Ohio," and was continuing his aviation training in the Ohio Wesleyan University .. . Orril Wade Moore who is in the Marines, has transferred for sea duty, and is now in the Pacific area . • . Allie NO\jV--More than Ever Before F^th^re as important to your war-tame, waid- robe as rest to war-time industry I . .FOR WOMEN and GIRLS 2.49 FOB . WOMEN and GIR1S 1,98 FOR MEN 1 1,98 New Beauty for Yom: Home! Plate Glass Mirrors 4,98 Beautify your home at small cost with these handsome plfte glass mirrors that yoij'l} find decov£itive fov wall or table re* flector use, / Handsomely made mjrrors of fine, clear glass •with attractive* ly etched covney designs, Sfcyjes foi 1 every room M' easy yeach of yov>v budget, Reeved Has been transferred to the WAAC Signal Corps Detach' ihent at Cam)) .Crowder, Mo.... Edward DeYfitt Scudder has been sent to the Engineer Training Center at Camp Claiborne, La. —•— Seaman-Hugh Englemann and 'Patrick Maetiowell have 'received well«deserv«ft promotions, and another 'chevMftj' or stripe on their sleeves . . C Wheeler Mosty has been ^.sent to the candidates for officer's school at Fort Benning, Qa. . . . Ray DSxon's address has been changed to "Overseas," Clarence Leinweber Jr., has been sent to North Camp Hood for station. . , . Fflrry L. Hunt has been transferred from Sheppard Field to San Antonio . . . Forrest Salter, "Fua- zy" Swayze and "Dusty" Chester Eees, childhood playmates^ enjoyed a visit when Forrest's ship put intq the port qn which the others are stationed in the South Seas . . . Eaymond Ferguson completes his studies as aviation mechanic at the Air Force Technical School in Amarillo. • ' / 9 We mis's the "Put Your Little Foot" group who used to be at Bully Gilstrap sure is in high good humor these days, and a part of the reason is that Southwest football practice may begin-at any time . . . and that Roy Dale McKay will be back at the University come fall. The young fellow is in the Naval V-5 training program, and has been assigned to the Naval Unit in Texas, —•— * Which reminds us that Stella Delaney is calling for good needle wonreni who have nothing else to do,' to meet at her home on the campus at Schreiner, to do some plain and fancy patching and darning for the Naval Cadets. It seems that there are no khaki buttons to be had, and all who have any are asked to contribute. Women are asked to'brinjj thimbles, scissors and two sizes of needles. This will be a fine thing for the Cadets and will also help some of, these mothers, whose boys ar«Ptoo far away for mama to do itffor them. - —•— the Corral or the old Crider platform during the summer, and who doesn't? The group dances were always so popular with the "summer widows," and a few of the "orphans." While we can offer no reasonable facsimile of the "Little Brown Jug," we can offer "Ten Pretty Girls," and you don't have to use your "A" card to enjoy seeing them, Jean Vann . . . Vera Belle Nichols ... Loretta Stehling . .. Mary Margaret Hall . . . Lonetta Dischinger ... Virginia Kincaid . . . Mary Blodgett . . . Patsy Ross . . . Jeanette Smith . . . Kathryn Douglas . . /And if your list is prettier than mine, brother, is it good! Mr. and Mrs t Virgil Clouse are erijoyiiik a Visit with Mrs. Clouse's m'other, Mrs. Lou Meyer, arifl her niece, Miss Claudine Conlon, of Houston. ; ^ \ ;. Miss Laura Presnall Mussey of San Antonio is in Kerryille for. a visit with her niece, Mrs. Alois Resmchel, and family. . r - j Y Mr. and'Mrs. Hamilton Harrison of San Antonio spent Wednesday in Kerrville with Mr", and Mrs. Arthur Saenger. ^ Mrs. C. H. Perner and daughter, Miss Ida, Spent,the week-end in Mineral Wells-With Pvt. Herbert Pettier, who' is stationed at Camp Welters. - -* Ingram News .Mrs. Berta Schue and Mrs. Meta Englehart of San Antonio spent the week-end with Mrs. J. J. Sublett and fahiily. Misses Eunice and Edith Smith of Kansas City spent last week with their uncle, A. E. Holcombe. •Mrs. A. E. Holcombe and daughter, Margie Jo, are visiting this week at Karnes City. Miss Marcia Jane' Morris of San- Antonio visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Morris, Sunday. R. E. Stewart was moved to a hospital in San Antonio last week. R. E. Smith of Talpa was a business visitor here Monday. Notice—Our store will be closed all day Saturday during the month of August. Customers will please arrange to visit the store on the other five days of the week.—W. A. Fawcett Furniture Co, (Adv. 37) Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith of Fredericksburg are visiting relatives here and at Hunt Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Hunt and family have moved to Kerrville. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Tewksbury and niece of San Antonio are at their summer home here. Rev. and Mrs. T. H. Alcorn visited at Camp Mystic Sunday, where he held services fqr the Camp.' Andrew Lehman of Boerne spent the week-end with his family here. Wright and Wayne Smith were business visitors to' North Texas this week. 'IIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllhlllllllMlllllllllMIIIIIIMIIIIMIIIMIMIIIIIIIIIIIIItllMIIMIIMIIIllllhlllllltllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllj CENTER POINT | COMMENTS 1 SilllHIItlllllllllimimillllll IIIIIIIICMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICIIIIKIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIMIIIIIIMIIItlMIIIMIIMIIIIIlin? If the hot weather sort of gets you down, use your imagination. If you have no imagination in hot weather, just watch that bunch of boys in the Ted Forgy neighborhood. It's the North Pole, or perhaps Sun Valley in that vicinity. In the yard are houses, some cardboard iglops, or we believe they are now called "hutments," and the boys are equipped' with wooden skis and snow sleds, and the hillside of the lawn makes a perfect take-off for the snow bound Ice- Troopers. illlllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllillllllliiiiiililiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllir:. | As We Overheard One Motorist Say: j. •M • MB ' « I "I appreciate | I expert advice" | PM •• IB* • ^H •• 1 —"I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S UNDER = THE HOOD OF MY CAR—AND I i I APRECIATE THE ADVICE OF I AN EXPERT I CAN DEPEND ON" f • "^ . ' ' i ' . ' ' '. ^ -.*•• • .•'..' - . -" ^ This Garage also appreciates | the present need of every car | owner for Victory mechanical | performance throughout the ; f duration. Today our expert 1 mechanics are making every f effore to be more M than just J salesmen, or just mechanics, | They are determined to "keep | 'em running," | , - • . •. . . • . «•• Our mechanics are able and | willing to show you just what | your car needs for active serv- 1 ice and why, That's our re- I sponsibility. We appreciate * J the. trust car owners place in | us when they come to us for | service they need, . f I YOU CAN DEPEND ON PETERSON'S | FOR A DEPENDABLE REPAIR 1 SERVICE § | Peterson's Garage | Phone Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Waiters had as their guests last week-end, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Watters of Austin, Mrs. .W. G. Wharton arid daughter, Maxine, Mrs. .Robert Ruth Zerm, and Miss Jean Cook of San Anionio. ... Mrs. , Lou. Kendall and son, Maurice, of San Antonio, were re- ent guestti iof Mrs. Kendall's brother, Homer Mauldin. ' Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Magee of San Antonio spent Sunday in Center Point, , , Mr. and Mrs. Amos Richmond and children, Laura and Kenneth, of Raymandville have returned to ;heir home after a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Moss. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thomason ind son spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Marcellus Rambie at Tai-pley. Mrs. Harvey Carr and Children, Delois and 'Buddy, have returned from a visit- in San Antonio. Melvin Shtilts, of San Antonio, spent the last week in Center Point visiting his sister, Mrs. V. D. Powell and Mr. Powell. Mr, and Mrs. Donald Chessher of Nixon were guests of Mrs. Chessher's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Sikes, last week-end. Mrs. L. C, Juenke spent the week-end in Kerrvillei Mrs.-Dora,'Goss of San Antonio, and Mrs. Annie Graham and daughter, Otelia, of Corpus Christi, spent Tuesday in Center Point. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Davis and children of . San Antonio,' were guests of Mrs. R. C. Bean Monday. They had been to Comfort to place their daughter, Diane, at Camp Paradise Ridge. CHRISTIAN CHURCH Joseph D. Armistcad, Pastor Bible School 10 o'clock. Hear W. E. McDonald, teacher of adult class. You are cordially invited to hear Rev. C. E. Lewis, pastor of. the Methodist Church, preach at the morning service at 11 o'clock. Rev. Lewis is guest preacher supplying for Mr. Armistead who will preach in his former pulpit of the South Side Christian Church, San Antonio. The Women's Missionary Society will be entered at the parsonage this, Thursday, afternoon. Program begins at ;3 o'clock. Mrs. W. W. Moore leader. WHELAN ... (Continued from Paee One) "In this city one meets people educated in the States or in 'thr from practically every country, am some if them put us sadly 'in th< shade when it comes to education However, this is war-time China and off duty there is little to d and very few places to go, unles -one speaks Chinese and knows th customs'and graces of the country We play cards, read and lately hav been playing a lot of chess. Wi make good : money and have littli chance to., spend it. Prices are ter rific of course. At one time : had to pay the equivalent of > j dollar gold to buy a ten cent pocke comb. So you can see we nevei buy anything we do not absolutelj have to have. The principal drinl is a Chinese vodka, the basic in gredient seems to me to be a^pooi grade of kerosene, or at least i tastes that way. You can also ge other dubious liquors like orangi champagne, 'huang ju'. or yellow wine. Gin and whisky are practi cally worth their weight in gold around $6.00 a shot. "If you want to get anyplace you either walk or 'rickshaw'. Th rickshaw coolie is a combinatior between the human horse and thi ^noted outlaw, Jesse James at hii best. We have some truly magnifi cent arguments in two language? over the fares and they usually enc up by shouting to high heaven, and all the world that we" are robbers because we don't pay them abou four times the usual fee. Going shopping and buying-.things ir Chinese requires a lot of patience all ten of the fingers and quite a bit of pantomine. Every shopping act in the East is a bargaining ac that would put good old American horse-trading to shame. They start off by asking about three times the value of the thing, and you counter by offering about one- thjrd of what it is really worth and it goes on and on until you stavt to leave, when the merchants begins to bargain again, and so you finally pay only about twice what it is worth, Some fun! "If anything- could make us a predate our native country, it's . jaunt like this, and one of these days there will be several million patriotic citizens, just like me, to return home and be glad to get there. Personally, I'll be mighty glad, just to stand on a street corner in America and watch the Americans go by. People with clean faces and clothes, and no dirt and disease and odor, S,tJU, it isn't in the cards right now, and it looks that we will be here for a while Ipngei 1 , We'll wake the most of it ind it's a lot of satisfaction in see' ing how all of the people at home are working and backing us up, and we-will do out' best over here," FIRST METHODIST CHURCH J, R, Billiard, Pastor Sunday School begins at 9;45 Pr. H, S, Qoodenough preaches at 11:00 a,m, Leagues meet at 7;30 p.m. Evening Service at 8:15 p.m. Vacation Church School August 16 1KARRJ4GE LICENSE James Pelman Fry 8fld. Mrs. Emma. ""- Mr. and Mrs. Albert Walker of San Antonio were recent visitors in the G. C. Sutherland home. Mrs. A. D. Tomerlin visited in San Antonio during the past weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Griffith of San Antonio were guests Wednesday of-Mrs. R. C. Bean. Mrs. Jennie Brown returned Friday from a visit with Mr. and Mrs, M. C. Brown in El Paso. Friends will regret to learn of the illness of G. T. Methvin at his home here. Mr. and Mrs. Burette Methvin and family of Kerrville spent the week-end in the W. R. Parker and G. T. Methvin homes. Miss Lillian Pankratz of Comfort was guest the past week of Miss Amy Vallier. » Corporal and Mrs. Glenn Fischer and Miss Dorothy Reeves of Uvalde were guests the past week of Mr. and Mrs. Prentice Witt. . Mrs. Roberta, McCutcheon of San Antonio spent .the week-end wfth her mother, Mrs. R. C. Bean. Mrs. Sam O'Connor and daughter, Mrs. Bert O'Connor of El Paso are the house guests of Mrs. J. B. Rees. Misses Frankie and Annie Belle Evans of Houston were guests of their aunt, Mrs. N. G. Jetton, and Mr. Jetton the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Posey and daughter, Miss Muriel; of McAllen, spent 'last week in Center Point visiting Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Cox 1 and Mr. and Mrs. 'Dan Posey, Mrs. Hunter Abies and son, Jimmy, have returned to their home at Brady after a two weeks' visit with Mrs. Abies parents, Mr. and Mrs. Guy James. Mr. and Mrs, Jesse"Burney of Austin were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Burney and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Burney, last week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McElroy of Galveston were recent guests of Mrs. Sweet McElroy. Mrs. George Meeks of Jackson, Tenn., visited friends in' Center Point last week. Mr. and Mrs. 'Emil Roeder 1 of Morris Ranch spent Monday and Tuesday in the L. C, Juenke home. Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Vaughn are moving this week from their ranch east of .town to their home in Center Point. Mr. and Mrs. A, R. Mabry, who have occupied the Vaughn home, have moved to the W. H. Rischworth Ranch. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Kaiser were San Antonio visitors Tuesday. Miss Eleanor DeVose has returned from . a week's visit with Miss Doris Jean Moore in San Antonio. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. DeMasters and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hines and son, Billfe, of Kerrville, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Isedor Karcher Saturday. Mrs. J. C. Welch and son, Hubert Walters, left Monday for a visit with Mrs. Welch's daughter, Mrs. Hugh Jones at Akron, Ohio. REAL ESTATE TRANSFtegg;' ' Kate Remschel to £dw. Iff, TatS" et ux., Lot 9 in Block 2 Oak Hill Addition to Kerrville. $6.00 etc, G. R. Grisham et t)* to H. R, Coate et ux, Lot 9 in Block 16, Westland Place Add. to Kerrville. ' $10.00 etc. W. N. Hatch ot ux to W. E. Petty Lot 1 Evertson Add. to Kerrville, $10,00 'etc, W. E. Petty to Margaret Wall Petty, Lot 1 Evertson Add. to Kcrrville, $10.00 etc. Percy H. Dunbar/to G. C. Me- Coy, et al, 16 acres,' (less Right of Way) Survey 120, $10.00 etc. A. T. Whetstoneiet ux to Alvin C. Hess, et. ux, Pftt-fctof Block 85 Tivy Addition to, Kerrville, $10.00' etc. \ E. Galbraith to W. G.'Blake and wife, Part of Block 63 Tivy Add. to Kerrville. $400.0*0. W, M. Miranda to' r L. L. Burton et ur, 19.16 acres out of Survey 267 $10.00 etc. , - , Pat Washburn et ux to Lawrence M. O'Bryant and wife, Lot 17 in] Block 9, Lowry Add. to Kerrville, $10.00 etc. Camelia S. Minsch, Erecutrix, to Chas. W. Henry and wife, 1 acre out of Survey 120, $10.00 etc. ^ John L. Pampell to J. D. Mahaffey et ux, Lot 9 in' Block 40 Westland Place Add. to Kerrville, $10.00 etc. W. A. Fawcett and wife - td Francis Scott Fawcett, Part of Sites -No. 1 and 2 in Block 63 Westland Place Add to Kerrville, $1.00, and love and affection. W. A. Fawcett and wife, to W. A, Fawcett, Jr., Part of Site No. 2, in Block 63 Westland Place Add. to Kerrville, $1.00 and ,love and affection. . ' 'W. A, Fawcett and '.wife, to Dorothy Fawcett Womaek, Part, of Site .1 in Block 63 Westland Place Addition to Kerrville, $1.00 and love and affection. W. A. Fawcett and wife, to Cornelia Fawcett Stehling, Part of Site 1 in Block 62 Westland Place ( Add. -to Kerrville, $1.00 and love and affection. Walter Carl Peterson,, et al, to M. L. Hopkins and wife, Part of Lot 1 in Block "B",Kerrville, $10.00 etc. «$ w.l ;?}>m <<>?»'>£ . Mr. and Mrs. Homer Stevens and son of Bandera spent Sunday in Kerrville with Mrs. F. L. Swayse. METHODIST CHURCH 10:00, Sunday School Service 11:00, Morning Worship Hour. Sermon: "Great Adventures." (This Sunday the Worship Hour will be observed by Methodists and Christians together at the Christians together at the Christian Church. We will bring the message.) 8:00, Methodist Youth Fellowship. 8:45, Evening Worship Hour.' Sermon: "Adversity." < 8:45, Wednesday Prayer Meeting Service. ' ti 3:30, Thursday afternoon, Aug. 12, Woman's Society of Christian Service Meeting. 7:30, Friday Night is "Youth Play-Night" at the Methodist Church. Youth of all faiths are cordiallv invited to participate. Summertime DRUG SPECIALS Rexall I at Your Store! =;, "" If you are trying for that g-lorious Sun Tan, use some, of our famous Sun-Tan Lotion — it's the very thing for which you've been looking. If, however, you have had- too much sun and have burned or blistered your skin, we can fix you up with some cooling Sunburn Lotion. If the red bugs, "chiggers," or whatever you may call them, have been 'having a holiday also, and you suffer from these bites, we have just the thing to make you comfortable. If the flies, ants or other insects have a habit o;f intei'f ering with .your picnics, use some of our insect sprays — we have a generous supply of these, We also have flea powder and flea soap — so that the pet cats and dogs may enjoy the summer also. . Of course we know there are no mosquitoes in Kerr County, but just in case you might want to go fishing in some other county, we have some excellent "Skeeter Skoot" lotions that will keep these little pests away , We have all sorts of skin creams and tonics, powders, bath salts and colognes, which will help you to .keep that clean and dainty look, DON'T FORGET THE BABY— He may also suf, fer with the heat and be irritable at times, Get some nice, cooling talcums, some prickly heat powder, and watch him enjoy them. A M F E LL'S I 6 or 333 j V * * .U i r x 'v «• *',*•

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