The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1930
Page 6
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i'ACK SIX Heavier Cover and Larger , Stitches to Aid Flickers in Curbing Homers. Gillie, lo Aid of Pitchers WHAT THE- HEAVIER; THREAD WILL PO Rceius abuvp :ire from the Flench factory nf I'hlHtlelphla. mumifnc- imr.s of I lie base-halls used olli- cially in both Hie Amirican aiul National OM 7H£ COVER ;i3K(ISHIiN(; BV WILLIAM URAUCIIKIt NEA Service Sports Eilllor When thc big league lean* south in February, they will tak? •along a baseball that Is just like the "lively ball" In use for the last 10 or more years except for two things— Thf.• cover on the 1031 ' baseball will be twice as heavy a-i the cover that.has bc,?n In use for I several years past, and the seams ' •will be made of thread Mint Is twice i as thicX us that which has teen - \\Sfd In-making baseballs (he last] few years. = The. result is expected to be; 'sharper curves, belter handling: of the ball by the pilch?rs and an ex-' Kitl*....':*V|_Z' tra cushion on the ball itself tint will make It lew like the bullets that have been breaking In legs for the last decnde. j When the major leapie magnates ', irct recently in New Yoik to dis-: cuss the lively tall, several base-. balls thai were in use 18 years ago j were exhibited to the owners. The; heavy thread which was used in' the seams of those balls provided a : raised^ridgo around (lio ball which; .afforded the pitcher an excellent 'grip. Besides giving the pitcher a i .better grjp. th? ball, by reason of the'raised seams, provided urcnlrrj resistance lo the air In flight and made "freak" curves easier, " Besides, the ball of 18 ycnrs ago. with a cover of horsehlde Uvice a> thick as that used In the ball dial was in play during the last world series was less "bouncy" than the 1930 spheroid. • >'• A comparison of the old ball with r.he ballMised In the organized gnme lately, showed that tho hall of last year ha'd almost no raised surfaces at'all, and that the se:im,'instead of making a ridge on the ball, actually was drawn so light that it; Williams, Ii 3 ht the s'uritoe of°lho ball/oftci/show-! 01>FollfIlls - N ' cUhc >' W!>s a boxer.'Just tough lads, who could give and ins even n slight depression. jlnke'a beating. Tlie cushion provided by the] Around Die ring were the Colorado governor and many dignitaries. To Ks ™™nvS!eZnt; ''T,"r n8ht cD " rti ' cu " ln kecpln!f - (hc proinctcrs soiiEhi a rc ' crcc Bh ° of the sphere. The pitcher will RCI! tol "' J sllow " lsnU - v - t00 ' a better break by reason of thai A business man \vr.s selected heavier thread which raises a ridge i 1' " Vit x along the line rf the seam. I t- * ' Besides, It-was decided, according I to baseball men who attended the! meeting, that the ball be kept in! play longer than has been thc rule j during the last few years when, slight or Imagined flaws caused} rails to be vhrown out of the gam..'.; Keeping the wrnie ball in play is. expected to find favor with the 1 Pitchers, mcst of whom do not like i to break in a new, smooth oiv?. Those decisions, T am reliably in-j honest. But he knew nothing about boxing. He created a scns.Uton as formed, gave basis for thc recent rumor that tha baseball of 1031. will result in a 10 per cent rcduc- ; "Gentlemen,' tlpn In hlting. How thc new ball clean breaks." will affect hitting actually is not iKvorett Deon lo Describe' j Plays and Players in In- I (cresting series. The sport* page of Tlx? Courier I News tomorrow wili print the first i of a series of 20 arlieles on baskel- | ball, by Era-en S. Dean, head c'nr.h of basketball at Indiana University. Writing for NEA Sirvlcc, Dean has prepared a group of Illustrated articles Ihat not only will touch upon the fundamentals of the game, but will analyze offensive styles of play used by teams as wl(Wy apart as Oregon and Notre D;ime. In the series, diagrams will be used to show how some of the plays me executed. The favorite play of ; Jchnny Wncton, Purdue ace, will i be pictured. The scoring play by i which Drancli McCraoken, Indiana i star, set an all-lime 131g Ten scor- i ing record, will bo explained. Other [ articles will deal with succh topics j an tlw Noire Dame offeiiEe. the Pennsylvania system. Michigan's i famous jump-ball play, the Indiana fast break. Oregon percentage basketball and Wisconsin offense. ncfcrccliit' is one of those Jobs—like baseball umpiring—where the olllcial should officiate nml not talk. Let me illustrate with a story "Slioity" Adam:; of Pueblu used (o tell about a fight al Grand Junction, Colorado. The light was one of I lie high spots ol a big lodge convention. Morgan and Jim Mclloy, a husky miner, were the _ Players and Their Plays i Personalities as well as their plays will be the subject for other ai tides of the series. Thus, the favorite, play of former Purdue titiir, Stretch Murphy, who now is playing pro baseball, will"be II- histrated. The tactics of Wesley ' Fesler of Ohio State, super Uefpn- ' bive star, will be explained. Pictures showing proucr footwork, passing, shooting nnd dribbling will be part, o! t.ho scries. Coach Dean, author of the scries, was all Uig Ten center on the Indiana team. While In school he won tlie Western Conference medal for proficiency in scholarship and athletics. Afier being graduated Ivs became head coach at Carlton College. Minnesota, where his teams won 48 out of 52 games played over n Ijeriod. of three years. One of his'teams was-undefeated during the 19M-24 season. Wins Tiro nig Ten Titles Dean's successful work at Carl- He was ultia-dl S nifled. also thorough!) !?" »" "*? i**?,' ln ,,\™ r , ct > millel » s v,, i °" " lc " ca1 ' " le Cleveland sports , ~* [ writers referred to Huel ns the as- I ing Iron man of tlie Nats who ha- not, much longer to go In the Is He a Slide Hurl. Ill tiic spring of 1930, In their predictions for the baseball season. Cleveland writers refered to Muddy Rucl of the Senators as a catcher who had outlived his usefulness. Iti tlie early winter of 1930. Billy Evans of the Indians tried to buy Ituel tor Cleveland. The Cleveland soorte witers referred to. Muddy Rucl as "one of the smartest en tellers In the major"lcnsucs." • Foxy Clark Griffith, fearing ic odd strength to the ixnverfu! „._. Cleveland club, sold Iluel to the I ton College brouht him to the at- OOtFElDEfi IN THE — VET ME. LC D ALL THE AMERICAN cR^ IN ASSISTS; LAST SD UJEPE Dtfiieo STATK-. THERE ARe MOReTHAM (7.oooa». They Never Call Time Out For Jess Eberdt On Grid ^ Production of cotton !>cietttific agriculture .mi in an experimental mala. nee lias be- way in By M. E. NIJIN UNIVERSITY, Ala./. Dec. 20.— The whistle blows, am it L> time Sewanee players had realized Iv had the ball. Jess is a track performer durin out. Someone is hurt, bit it is neve: 1 • the spring athletic tention of his alma mator nnd he,... ... . , , was asked to return ttere in 1924 ' £ cnc 8 i . ^"V^ 1 . Eberdl as head basketball and baseball i ^.P' 3 ^ coach. He has brought Indiana season, hurlinr; Jess Eberdt, Alabama center. In j the discus for goodly gains. N;xl liMJto passing iiie " foolbaU tack lv ' tour at Ely-1 likes to sail the iron platter across University three conference cham- theville, Ark., high sclool, one on i the track. the 'Bama frosh lean ani thr:e The husky Alabama center is al- ; '• 'leagues. But then, shouldn't n per-1 plonships. His basketball learns ° n the vnrslly, he ha; never lndi most perfectly p-opr>rlioi ~ 'son be allowed to change his mlnil won UK Big Ten co-championship f 0 . 115 * '^ !lmc ollt CI account of e fe ,. t 2 inches tail and R1TZ THEATER Lasl Time Today Charles (Buddy) Rogers ROlC in 1031? From Ihls point. It looks to be an unanswerable ques- | lion. Supremacy, however, tiny run to common names, even though .... . Jones is parking Calamity Jane on into the ring. | ,| lc movle lo(s (he£c days p(ff , n _ he announced, in pompous voice, "this Is to bs a fight of stance, look at the Smiths, Morton and Mac. These two shoiild n-jht son be allowed to change his murl K°°" '^ B 'E Ten co-championship ... once in a while? - . I In 192-1-25 with Illinois and in 1827- ; n )^'«. Jess goes on .he supposl- j The New Golf Lights? Who will be the bright stars of are certain to give Ihe pitchers greater advantage than they have clean. Heated arguments started. had in the era of the tightly wrap- 1 pedMhln-skinncd "apple" recently . it came nearly being no flshl. Clean breaks were unheard of in Colo- i rado in these ilays. And club lighters of the lype of Williams and Mclloy would hnve been running Into fouls right along if compelled to break It out for the lion's share of the major prizes in thc »c;w- year. The old year did produce some promising material. Thus, in 1931, you may read in the golfing list's more often tlie-names of Clarence In", use " '] Tn e nghlcrs nnally went ahead, however, and it was ft slashing, brist-i C' 1 "* of Tulsa; Paul rtunyan of The ball with the raised scam not lm s '""K'- ot two-fisted, maulers that thrilled all who saw it. There WM 'KiS'ls"^Detroit" 1 ' "" d Enlcrl< * only olds in deceptive deliveries, plenty of clinches, naturally. And the pompous referee would dig In be- j Burinc the \°car KonU nvpr n .,n,i but, gives a better hop on the "hlcl, -.^en lhc nlcn to pry tnem npart . Hc rccclvccl many of thc b:ows; onc 73 ,, iuE '^ J J^' **** nlcrixjed baseball team was champion i in 1925. Dean is author of an instru- 100 per cent Eberdt is not a spectacular play- iind ids and if the co-ei '-y were to vote on le player on tlr it is likely tbat Je the lion's share of th BIytheville, Ark.. eigninx ; of the p in - • in the New Year's tilt at'pasadeni. as i refer The chang' official, the experl game for the heavie; horsehlde. will made. Since interesting the fa'n is one of the main ideas, much depends upon that. rounds. which is not what might be called continue >.yer of! to be fi eht. I give the decision to Williams." Then he raised his hnnd again to still the cheers. "" he continued, "I give this fieht to Williams because ol a Icul his opponent committed In the third round!" p3rMy closc<1 ' Hls s!llrt wos torn a " cl bllxxl >'' tern slides ilustrating fundamentals mU si _ _, nnd types of basketball for colleges rately. Jess' prides nirastic and high schools 'having made a bad pass from cen- Hls first article .tomorrow, will ; tcr a|1 Always CM!, always deal with the popularity ol basket- j „,,,,_ n , raj . s stcady > he ^ ^ bal1 ' whole team poise and cuifldenc:. Although he has newr carried Indoor Ball Session thc P' ; 8 skl n f">m scrlmmigc- in his . , _ _ . i life, thc Alabama cente; has one At Armory Uym lonight touchdown to his credit. He crossed ] the goal line last year h the Se• wanee tilt. Hc snared z Sewane? pass and \vas away for a thirty a fellow to be watched. • • • Max, Smart or What? . Was Maxie Schmcling's cable to the New York Boxing Commission. Indoor baseball is on the armory', program for tonight. This E|»rt which has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds since the new armory gym tins been opened, threal- ens to give baskelball some real competition for the most popular sport at the new hall. Tonight's session will again be devoted to makeshift teams and practice sessions with the official race to start sometime early In Jan- LAW WOULD AID AUTOISTS CHAPEL HILL. N. C., (UP)—A Etttute fa be presented to the 1931 North Carolina General Asrembiy -•ould retuic the liability of an autaEOblb driver to z guest in eai«sof accldenl only to Instances vhere the driver was guilty of gross negligence tr wilful or wanton misconduct. tnt-c evenings Is an automobile with only one "cyo". Not only Is A'.Umptc wlll-bo made soon »-lth' lhls disc-nccrlinn and dnngcrous to a robot lirir.g apparatus to recover , a PP I °achlng mctorlsts, but it should offerlng his very best°rcga"rds"in'"rc-: lltlry * hen tne tour teams '" tho jply to their 15-day ultimatum, and !ca - 8UC - wl11 assume de " nlte advising the Hsllc fathers to see manager. Joe Jacobs, a smart move Floyd White is In charge of the indoor baseball activity. Teams or a dumb one? Memory furnish-s' bc cnt " cd by Bob Kirsnn er, Felix the answer ' " ' Kv!r ' Matt Mouaghan nnd Frank Memory 'furnishes the answer i wllllw or"i- with a picture. It shows n little yard run and a score leforc the ttASSlHO) ^B^ *i~r~7T~Tr- HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday sec Buck Jones lone Rider' 'Along Came Youth' _Acim.—Night—ID rind <ll)c- Saturday Only Tart Time Wife 5 with ; ErtmuiKl f.ov.'c and Adm---liali]iec—10 and 30c. Adrn.—.N'ijflit—10 and 35t;. Sunday and Monday I "We're Coming Over to Play ' With You! W;>(ch for U> in Fitlmsied at SoO.OW.OOQ ^ a E| S 11 ot 'rouble lo the automo- which has lain at the bv.tom of bile ' s owner. Kavarino bar. Mtsenla. Gro;ce, for! Il should be nltended to Iminc- more than 100 years. | diately, not only for tH; sake of : ! safety to others, but to prevent fur! thcr trouble in the car's lighting I man wearing a cap. a frayed cigar ' OMA I IA ' n IUP '- A while "PP 05 ' ; "—-' ' his fist, stamping 8 up;f m ' thc flrsl ot clenched light is out the other is much more seen in these parts, was captured poor or loose connection in the bat-1 The little man with the cap is tery-generator circuit. It would ba I saying: "My fighter has been mur- bcst to check all connections, par- : dered. my fighter has been most ticiilarly the bnttcry toiminals, cruelly fouled, my fighter ground connections and cut-out, 'the championship on a foul i Corroded terminals may prevent [the Judgesl" jthe charge from the generator go- The little man wearing the cap | ng into the battery, where it is Us thc one man who stopped the one-, intended to go, and be diverted in-1 fight between Schmeling and Sliar- wins i ask : summer, because of the heavier i ! drain on the battery. The ' ! , Its dealing with the proper rate of charge can- fistic fathers. {„_„___ i --- i *--- -•.-.* u« xnui^r; Urtil- !«,»., ,.»»Si-,,»-;. 1 S;SiS's™S, l t i r 'SSi : SS? "™ S: -«SH»- »"-"»'"*- But oft.?n the charging rate Is , Vi , r \ t can , put up too high, with thc resulting ^nation of i danger net only if overcharging th» '.v... hittpn- i battery but of turning cut the. if thc ™, i headlights. ' " ^Ll"? Chair of Rclijtlon Esl.ibllshed : LEXIN-GTON, Va. lUP)-Georgc ' nu-T.ber and method of" use.' How- Walkcr St ' clnlr ' Tazcw e«. Va., has ! after r.e ob- v it u • 6 " g made a gift of $25,000 to Washing- i ton and Lee University for estab- : Hsliment of a permanent chair of • gravity of the bat- Rcl| 8 lon - St. Clair is rector of the ' of trustees of the university. rather Ihe; 100 l-.ours ol service at a regular sorr.eThat • rate of about six volts. If this -^h f u '| I voltage goes up to seven or more -hi-jins ; the life cf the bulbs will go atnn :•'''<to as low as 25 hours. "•;,'. fn .,|, And when a bulb goes out th» th-'V-''r : ••>ntire ohaice of the generator is '/—in-d : onto the other remolni "' " U the battery fails to v, n.v, V| ICiliU LIllIJiJ headlicht bulb, thus shortening its life stili further. h a "-OXGEST Il.MI,ROAn Cl'RVK "ral ^S'lH^ ^^^ NEW ORLEANS ' (UP) : rate should be ra^d a weeping arc described by thc .,,„„ th h „ trncks of »« Illinois Central r.ill- ^ r S ~ " Ch rtny ' r ° atl as ilK * clrc;e La):c P^tchir- /? H ,h ^ "" br dc " lraln nbovc Kcw Orle(ln! i5 ^ * the genCra! ° r sct to lon « est r! " IrM[ < "irve in the world. ;>•• O^^H ,xi , i nmcials here have annoiuiced.* *™ !! avc nn >8n'- «™eks '.ic.-. service man do this. curve wilh the lake for near- 'ly 30 miles, it Is snid. I Also Comedy and "SPELL OF CIRCUS", NO. 2. Sunday and Monday ! ''This Looks F.ikc a Snappy ' Number," he said, and (hen have to see "Night appreciate the clean whirlwind fun and tender romance of it! Sne it now! &IIILLAN I Sporinl School Jiatii-.t-—Sun- day Oniy—-10e-2. r )o- ...Vwits 40c. Time—2 ar.d 1 (, 0 !ot-k. N'ight—2 Complct: Shows lu and KJc Kciituck> Kentucky Also Short Subjects. Jlatniee—2 and •! O'clock 10 and 25c- Coming — Tuesday i- \Vi<nv" ' Night—2 Coniplet day Gary Cooper Montnvallo Genuine Cominjr — Tuesday, Wcdnps- -"MIX AXD Uiu.". v , i i ]\[<a'ic Dressie 1 Beery- Coming— Friday & Sntunla r THE LAW". F-^ 1 l ll':'--;- -"\VAY FOR A SAILOII" Gilbert- Coming:— "HELL'S A\GI."S' "WIIOOPKL;". "" Com ing:— XT EN'KMY", •.\K).\TK CARLO", "KiXG JAZZ".

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