The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1938
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APRIL 5. 1038 BLYTHEVILLR (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE HI lli;i: :* kitcla 1 !; or ^ai'.'iyt' i.s ii')t !>.<j ]i!:iin:rd us to lie a nuisance.' j Arttii:n:i'je should Ix 1 tak n n ofniich [nulii'il fr-iiiiu r-.s us fin'! lioc.s. iui*,t ill.! 1 i">!i.M' should h" ;>liunrtl in !If will: 10 :i [,r-l!0r:l] Cli'lint<>, plf- UiiiHii-/ iju><.-,•-• juul Minlii^ht. Tiic ^.—.ili't iivin In' j.ropcriv 'Iraintd, I n T | II""' Almiil Taxes? J U 1 i "UllMlio, and .street im)»ou>LU I [ shrjiild foe carefully cheeked, I Modernize Your Roof ivlielh- Mifh iniprnvonif-nt.s are in antl i tor. or paid for in yc-nrlv tn- iluunls liy iisses-siiiciit. Tnxos • in '.viiich UK; projii-rty is liiiWc • lioiilil be clieckf (L ! 'Tr.insiH.ilaimn, imd avuilnbilily t In v "' "''"H'clus, .whools and shop• j pint: cc-iuci* is inipiiiianl. What, j jjj<.'le-clion is llic neighborhood iif- I lort!i:<l hy '/oniiii; und <U:f'(i n>And Dial, according lo FHA di-! *."' iwi ""^ Tl "* >>K "" : . llllu ""- roctrjis. is where many people go! "^^ ,." so '" '" 1 J"»""a '»»<' Wrong. Looking und liking should I -lower Explains "J u a t i Looking and Liking"; Isn't Enough |- Wliiil, If you wen- going *[* lot, \\onki you !<wk for? Many people look lill (hey one [hey like, iheii buy. be only preliminary steps in buying a lot,. Those experienced In )an<l planning and real estate work suggest Hie following for•11111)11: "First, let the buyer ascertain lliat the title lo Hie propeiiy has noi be ))onnitu-d." I Ijul you know thcrt! wi-j'c so 1 mt'.ny Uiiu^s lo ljuying a lot? f All Hie iilxive aro con.sitlcrLd iiyl tl:v MIA lir-fore hisiirini; •' i'lan' on any new building. Mosl huur-1 (iiu'i 1 [.•oiiipiinie.s considei' 'uc-; tors also. If n loi fail. 1 ; down in! X^m-^^'jiif any important respect, the amount' of Die loan is sharply decreased." Mr. antl Mrs. McCall been searched antl that Ihe size rind dimensions mentioned in Uu 1 deed check with tlie plat riled in the register's oflice. '"A site should he chosen in nj T n 'i n 'J neighborhood of homes similar lo; lo Kemodel KesiOCnce Ihe one Ihe buyer intends lo build, 1 . nsKuriiiB neighbors of Ihe same Mr. ami Mrs. E. M. McCall are general social and economic back- making plans for the remodeling grounds. A bungalow in a proU-i-1 of llieir house, at 1931 West Ash tious section would he out of street, work upon which Is cxpecl- . place; an expensive home in a sec-led 10 begin within a few weeks. lion of low cost homes would de-j They will completely remodel llic crease .sharply in value on resale. J house into a story and a half Aiu- Kizc of Lot i ei icun collage, which Is to be "For satisfactory placement, a I palmed white. There will lie three •Jingle family house should have a j bedrooms and two baths on the )/ronlage of at least 50 feet, and a flrsl floor and a bedroom on U)c depth approximates Iwo to two second floor. nnd one-hnlf limes its width. A Is your roof tloiag its July? Or has It outlived ila usefulness and become a source of worry and expense willi u euccesaion of leaks rnd necessary repairs? If lliis io (lie case, il is advisable to repliu-e Hie roof now with new malcrial. Whelhcr you choose composition or wood sliingles, lerra-colta iilp, slile, co|ijjer or oilier nielal, will ilf |if ml largely en (lie slyle ami character of your house. They lire nil excellent iivalerinla aail serve their nurfiose admimbly when proncrly applinl. it will pay fo have a modern, weatherproof covering on your house. Tlu'3 may now be done wilh funds obtaiaed from pr.vut'e Ihiuncliil hislifiilions operating under the Property Improvement Crftl't Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. ousr sxlrror May Be Altcrwl UmlcM- MIA Plan Since most, privacy Hum fords, If (hey people prefer nioro u front porch ul- wanl lo enjoy Iho is u useless feu- More closets, built In features OtllCr D 6 C 0 1" a t 1 VC and narrow lot prevents privacy; one j ami redecorating will lie featured: loo long is unhandy and e.vpen-lin the interior of the first floor. sivc lo miuiiluin and improve. If i U. S. Branson is arcliilecl. a rolling site is chosen, carcj ,. should be laken lo find a house) Window Shelves for Plants plan that will adapt il.self lo the- For window sills too narrow to ' Beautidcation Work Underway Here A number of BIylreville resi- ipound. | accommodate' plants, look at the | d P" ccs al ' D being "dressed up" wilh ' "If the ground lies low, watch! new double window shelves of I mv l l aint !>n(l b V their y a ''ds being out. It will be found expensive lo j hand-wrought iron finished in an- beautified. fill in. and there nip.y fac> danger j liqne green or while. The upper Tlle Tom w - Jackson - house, al of rjnor fomrlations nnd wet ccl-jshelf is for plants, the lower for' 800 WcsL Asl1 slr eet. has been Jars. i hcok-s or those charming little I'"'» le <t white and bolh Ihe front and rear yards rearranged wilh spring and summer flowers. Similar work is being done nt Ihe Alvln Huffman house, at 1123 Wesl Wnlnnt street, where another yellow house is being painted white. "Nei|;hi)0!-ing house.-; must bc| figurines it's so much fun to coi- coasidevcd and care must be tak-|lect these days. HAVE YOU A - PAINTING PROBLEM? Whether it's your furniture, your home, your automobile—let us help you. Jf you are puzzled by any painting problem, let us help you. We specialize in painling supplies. Here you will find everything you need for the perfect job—the proper materials for surface preparation, the right tools and, equally important, economical finishes of enduring beauty. ONE-DAY PAINTING With WALLHIDE, FLORHIDE, and WATERSPAR ENAMEL, any room m your home can be redecorated inn single day. VVALLHIDE mnkcs walls beautiful with new and attractive soft-toned shades. FLORHIDE gives a long-lasting luster topaintcd Roars. AnJ WATER- SPAR ENAMEL, adds life and hvaut.y to furniture and woodwork. Take advantage of our estimating service. Let us know the size of your lioine. We will estimate your requirements atid submit a bargain price. And, if you wish, we will recommend a reliable painting contractor. Ask Us About a FEDERAL HOUSING LOAN To Cover PAINTING Kopairs—Improvements—Additions HOME OR FARM Beming Water Systems, wells & running water, Plumbing Fixtures, Klcctric Wiringr, Root'mjr, Fencing, Genera) Repairing. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. PHONE 32 19 Years of Service and Square Dealing COIOM BY N ATURE-PAINTS SY P t T T S B U R 0 H PITTSBURGH ©PAINTS Tlie same color paint nsctl for Ihe exlerior of the house occupied tjy llic J. P. Friends, nt 301 Broadway street. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Little tmve just, complelert a combirialion sunroom and bedroom and a summer dining room at their country home on Highway Gl, llirec miles norlli of town. Rock was used for the wainsrrolincr of Ihe Uvo rooms and casement windows were nsert. In Ihe beaiilification of Ihe outdoors "living rooms" for (lie coming liol woollier, a number of others have also been busy. Mr. and Mrs. Waller RownUml. at GDI Cli!ckassiivb:i avenue, have a new planting and are rearranging llieir back yard. Mrs. w. B. Williams plans to paint her house at 713 Main wliile. Work will begin soon. Tlie grounds of tiie school of (lie Immaculate Conception have been Diluted with a group of crape myrtles, on Ihe curbing. Tlie same plain's, which liave been adopted by the Garden club to be used as "Blytlicville's flower", have been used by the Memorial Park association at the corners of Ihe Walnut street cemetery. The Charles Briglits have pill out a number of plants at their home, 719 West Ash sired. Laundry Room Off Kitchen Is Convenient Laundry rooms are being placed off Ihe kilchen ralher lhaii in Ihe basements of many modern homes. Attractive color schemes and gay decorations make them valuable as additional working space. Such <[iiarlers afford play room for children on bad days, and, in addition, Hie family sewing antl mending cnn be done there without taking the housewife far away from the kitchen when there Is anything that needs to be watched there. When the family is entertaining, (he additional (able surface afforded by a convenient laundry room provides space for the preparation or storage of dishes. However, where lack of space compels the use of the basement for a laundry room, a cheerful place can be created. Financing of home modernization and repairs may be accomplished under the Properly Improvement Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Adniinlslration. Batiks or other private finance in- sliliilions extend the funds and are Insured by the Federal Housing Administration against loss. Temperature Important To Building Life Structural and other wooden members In u building may become unsound if subjected lo alternate wet and dry conditions. For example, the ends of joisls embedded. |u masonry foundalion wall may become unsound if the walls of the basement nre dump and poorly ventilated. Similar damage to other parts of the building may occur as a result of a leak In Ihe roof or enves. loosened or deteriorated flushing, improperly constructed or unpaiiit- cd windows, antl the like. The wood may be tcslctl by Jabbing it with Hie point of a Jackknife. If it is soft and spongy, or very brittle, it is likely thai slruc- lural reinforcements are necessary. Badly deteriorated parls should be replaced, and Hie basement of the building should be kepi proj>erly ventilated to prevent further deterioration. Improvements of this nnliire may be financed under Ihe Properly Improvement Credit Plan of tlie Federal Housing Administration. Myriad of Materials Used To Make Ifoino Last Longer - Institution lin.s had n nioi'P p!ie- oniuifll .•iireplinici, 1 by Iho lioii.sf- bnildinc nnd honse-ownhiR public, tlinn Jicaily nuy other blilldlnj mateylnl In recent yenrs. And tvlsn munufacturi'rs lmv» found n myriad of materials v.hlch cnn be economically convcrle;! Into fire-proof, tot-proof, vermin-proof insulation and sold nt n in'ofii. The product has now atlalned tlie lilatns where it Is ellUbV ftn 1 inclusion In an FHA Inini, mid i:, recommended, Ilionijh not r«|i etl. by Ijtilh (lie F'lfA and the Memphis Kmall House Consliuc- tign lltueaii for every home. Competitive conditions bec.nme such at one time In Memphis that u fair li-udwi nssoclntloi) has been formed by n number of the dcnl- ers. insulation cosls are ligincd by he sciuure fool. Installed. A majority of (lie limitation sold n Memphis Is of tlic rock wool .ype—limestone, Hint or other rock Jlnsled tit n high lemperalurc into n Illjrous nmlerial. Manufacturers ui-e also insulntion of Kl»s.s of trcnlcd |in- per, of eel (irass, of su&ar cunc liUcr, of cork, of asphalt, of liax. fnsli lure. The front porch may be removed compli'tely and. us n result. th« raini.s Unit faced on If will IIIIVB more llijht und air. Kinds for ; tiiodfriilziitloii svorh of tills tyilo mny be ohtnlned from 11 prlvntu finmiclul tiislitiillon thai operales imiler the pro|jerly Improvement credit plan of the Pcdernl Housing Administration. Amounts up lo $10.00(1 may lie FOR LEIfI Will Be Cape Cod Collage, Story and a Half, On Cluckasawlia Closet In Main Hall Is Home Convenience obtained for Die purpose of mod- Tiil/.liiB. allerlne, or repairing rrsldfiillnl properties, 'Hie flniin- cliil inslltutlon atlvances Iho funds mid the l : \'dcral ilouslni!- Administration insures Ihe Insllliilkm liisl. loss IH> to 10 per cent of Ihe lotul ainouiil utlvnnccd iiy it for lids Begin Dismantling Of House On Clinic Site rye-, hmr nnd jule, caltle gypsinn, wood anil wood liber, straw, peal mo.v, nnd other .stninge things. Some of the dealers have machines which blow Insulation Into a pncmnalically. The mn- chlncs cosl around $2000 apiece sometimes more, but they last n long lime. The I). S. Bureau of Slandards has run tesls on all stnndard in sulntions, nnd any cillwn cnn Und out from this impartial source, the exact mialitles of any types he may have in mind buying. Work hns .started on the itls- inunllliiK of the residence., 610 West Main slreel, which Is lo be Hie site of the new Johiison-Mahan clinic, Drs. I. IT. Johnson and Thomns K. Malmti have purchased Ihe two- story frnmo bulldiiiK from J. L. Wllllnm.s. of Osccoln, and Ihls Is lo bo replaced with n modern ono story building. 1'liuis for the new clinic have not. been completed. The owners have decided upon n modified English design, wilh slccl casement windows, uut huve not yet chosen the malcrial for the exterior. U. S. linmson Is nrchllccl. The new building will bo starlet! this month, It, is bellovcd. rluns have been completed for Hie new homo of Mr. and Mrs. Jolm ]•'. I.IMIII, whMi Is lo he built on the |ol llicy reoenlly purchased at US3 clik'kiiMWlja avenue, frnin lli« esliite or Mrs. John P. Wllhlle. Tlie C'ii|ie Cod eoltaije will Ije of colonial siding, iiainted white, wllh a OTinpostlton roof, the • color of which has nut yet Ijiien diiddtd upon. Till? story and n half home Is to huve ihrce bedrooms und iwo Iwllis. A fwilure of Hie eslei-ior will lie l\vo h:iy windows on (ho Ironl, one of which will lie In I he living room und the oilier In tin! dlnlnx room. Tin- nnniise. which will open on Hie side, Is to be iitlnclu'iA lo the house. Walls of Ibe ontrniic'c Hall. lni«e living room with UN colonial fire pluce, dining room and vcni- hull will be of knotty pine panellnu. The remnlmlci 1 of Hie house will he. pJiislered, One bedroom and bath will' be ofi (lie first floor nnd tlie upstairs 1 will huve two bedrooms mid Iralh, batli of which will huve llle floors. Other fealui-e.s v;lll Include furnace heat, u number ol closets, built In worktnx units in tin; kll- elien and a convenient nrranye- ment of rooms. U. H. Dranson Is architect. Klukl' IVl'H Aflor tightly closing n cnn .or l>;ilnl which you <io nol expect lo mi- iiuiilii for Mine time, .slmkc thn' cnn UiumiiKlily several times Uur- liitf tlifl first 24 lioili'N. Tills will euiiat tho oxytjon In l!ic closed cnn t» become nbsorlied by Iho paint nml will ukl In iirevenlliiij u mick ' 'n n-dtn roniilnij on llic surface. 2'l HOUR FRIGID A IRK SERVICE Only Authorized Service In Sllsslssliipl f.'uunty ('ommmlal or Residence. Jhlis Phone 67 E. B. Gee Sales Co. E. II. t!ec, Mer, 109 8. SucoiiU St. Framing Lumber Eliminates Noises Where n plumbing slack or a soil pipe of large dintncler-inusl lie concealed in a wall, II Is considered, Braid practice to use framing lumber 2 by S or 'i by B incites in size instead ol the conventional 2 by 4's. 'iliis eliminates the annoyance of a noisy pipe nnd provides ruUlllloiml inferior wall space. Hotter vciHUn- Converlible Study Is A Handy Room The convertible study la one of UH> nei\l tricks In new home de sign today. When llic home Is built it mny be n sewing room 01 den. As the family (grows It can be changed Into guest room and bedroom. When (lie children begin tinting, papa nnd mamn can convert It into n den ngnln while th olfsprings cnlcrlain In Uic living room, A bath Is usually pltmnet In connection with such a room tlon is permitted, so Hint there is A coal closet installed in the main hall of a home may be financed under the l'ro[X>rly Improvemenl' litllc danger of the wall Incoming Credit Plan of the Federal Hous- j damp from condensation. Ing Adminislralion. The size of the closet will neccs- , KM I I f D J sarily depend on the iixlmdiml re- | MCtal LOmer Dead qniiemenls and the space available. ; Prnlorlc Placlor The floor should be ol material thatl r roieuib ridbier can be easily cleaned. A rack for Installing metal corner beads over all exposed corners or edges 'of a'room before plnslcrlng it provides piole-clion the piaster becoming chipped or broken along the edges when It is accidentally hit by a broom handle, a piece of furniture, or other hard object. Screen I'nrches Porches may be entirely screened to keep out house files, mosoulloes Bimls. nnd oilier Insects, which arc not only Irritating, but carriers of disease germs. BE PROUD OF YOUR HOME! I jive in n hoiiio Hint is modern unit convenient — Hint K'vcs nil lho nilvunUecs your children need — Dint you will ho jfUul lo invite your tO. It's Easy to Have a Better Home Whether you plan to remodel, repair or build . . . .sec UK first. Wo cnn help yon oblnin n "Title One" loan lo linuiu'c the improvements. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 canes and umbrellas may be installed on the back of the closet door. A mcUil-liiied trough with enclosed ends will catch water draining oft wet umbrellas and prevent damage (o the floor. Some Reasons Why Doors May Slick | Plaster Protection Installing metal corner bciuls Do you . have sticking doors? OV er all exposed corners or edges Maybe the screws are loose in of a room before plastering it pro- thc lilnges-or maybe you can 1 v ides protection agninsl the plasler onnlcrsink the hinge si little becoming chipped or broken along more and correct tlie trouble. Planing oil an edge always necessitates repainting. the edges when II is accidentally hit by n broom handle, a piece of furniture, or other hard object. WAllHIOE • FlORKIDt • WATERSPAR • SUN.PROOF Linoleum Takes Toll Of Microbes' Lives "Genus that found their happy hunting grounds In old-fashioned carpels have no chance to prosper on linoleum." That's the reason generally given for the growing demand that many parts ol a home have the benefit of linoleum floors. Formerly the kitchen alone boasted linoleum under- fool, Read Courier News Want Ad». DOES YOUR WATER SYSTEM SAVE YOU MONEY? Of course it does. The modern equipment of the Rlylhcville Water Company cuts down cosls due to ill health and disease, minimizes original fire hazards and stops tho spread of fnvs and cuts down public tax ns well as supplying: you plentifully with pure water at 1 owes I possible cost. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Customer 80 113 go, Broadway E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. IF YOU INTEND TO OWN YOUR OWN HOME SOMEDAY, Now Is the Time to Start Anyone with a good credit rating, a steady employment record and n few hundred dollars in cash can lifl himself out of the renting class and into the home owning class with monthly payments like rent, Tlie FHA not only makes the financing possible at the low interest rate of 5% but they maintain an architectural staff which checks all plans and specifications minutely before granting- a committment and then makes frequent visits to the home during construction to see that proper materials and construction methods are used. You can't build wrong in FHA. Come to us for further details and plan books. IT'S TIME TO BUILD. Phone 100

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