The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 26, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 26, 1939
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 26, 1939 JBLTOIEVIUJS; *(AUK.) COUUlEtt NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecu- IJy'e Insertions: One time per line ...,,;..,.10c Two times per Hue p'c'r. day 08c Three times pei- line per day .'..ope Six Macs per line per day (Be Month ratt per line 60c Cards of Thanks . ,50c & 75b Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered for three or six limes find stopped before expiration \vjll be cliargcd for the number of times the add appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy lubmllted by persons residing out- Ode of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may lie easily, computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the one time rate, No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect liiier- lioii ol any classified ad. For Rent 3 idom furnished apartment. 713 Chlckasawb.i, Mrs. Ramsey bun- cap-. 2e-ek-2 3 room furnished house, close in. . Utilities furnished. 120 Dngan St., Mrs. Belle Wood. 22-ck-lf Cool, south bedroom. Garage. Reasonable. Mrs. Simmons, 818 Walnut. 24-ck-ll: T?ni« Gtnln. "f^.. Cr,l~ «_ T»..«J. . r~~' — " '""" ' rini'iiftiifiihrrrli 1 'I'lfo^f!^, Vtr'E jpAJBEiFJvil For Sale Milk fed fryers. Battery raised; Suburban 'grocery • and ninrkcl for "" ""'"" -' Mrs. Russell, N. W. Corner Holly and Division. 21-pl;-8-21 Cans.; for Jug wltii straps; __ leak. 7V; cents each. Raymond Fishing complete Guaranteed won't Brooks, Stcele, Mo. 9-pK7-9 Notice Fishing License FOB YOUR CONVKN1KNCK, WE ARK I'KEI'ARKn TO JSSltK YOUH FISHING DDK stone LICENSE AT SHOUSE-HENRY HAHDWARB CO. Phunc 39 Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BliCHANAfi ICIi COLD WATERMELONS Welding 2 or 3 room apt, 505 Chtcknsawba. Pliojic 17C during day. 24pk-31 Nice fnrnlslicd apartment. 108 \V. n -, „„ Main ii-r-l.-' (f " ra K lltlc Main. 6 room house. Mocierii conveniences. 808 Lake St. Pliorie 545-J. 22-pk-27 Nice large bedroom opening on sleeping porch. Mrs. Emma Note!!,. 310 VV. Walnut. 22-ck-if Well appointed and furnished 4- Arouse Slatchh room apartment. Plione.s 187 and 511. 4- rooin imfurnislie'u upartmsnt. Miss Else Moore. Call 227-J. 1013 W. Walnut. 11-ck-lf 3 room modern, furnished, apartment. Mrs. Henley, 1315 W. Main. cb'niforl'aMc bedrcom; 1017 'Walnut.. Phone 102. 15-ck-tf 2 or -- 3 room turnlshc'd 'apartment. Newly decorated.-9H Hcarn. •'- ' 3-pk-7-3 Modern 3 room unfurnished apartment. Main and second. :P. Simon', phono 7G4.: ; " •: i.- :.-,. ; . 3-ek-tI Office rooms. Sudbury Building. See Graham Sudbury. ' 2Ttf Minnows For Sale GOLDFISH MINNOWS •Oir) Damon. Oyr. Railroad A Ky. •Washing^, Ironing Exnert washing and-ironing. Cheap. Rougli dry and finish. 6 quilts $1.00. One day service. Willie Bell Green, behind City Ice Plant. ' - ; : . 7-pk>8-7 XV anted 4 or 5 room modern furnished apartment, or house. Phone Mr. Smith at 676. 24-ck-27 CAN YOU STOP? You would not start an ocean voyage without life preservers. Good brakes are your "life preservers" when you drive. Safety Service No. 1 FREE Brake Inspection II costs nothing to KNOW the true condition of your brakes. Drive in for a FKEE Inspection. Safety Service No. 2 BRAKE ADJUSTMENT A complete and thorough Ford i- , Brakc Adjustment, including adjustment of Brake Hods $1 35 or Cables & Hand Brnke [ (Heplaccment pans not included) Safety Service No. 3 Complete Brake OVERHAUL and RELINING JOB I'OHt) PASSKNGKK CAHS Disassemble entire brake system- Free t;p sli brake cams-lN.STALL 6 NEW BRAKE SHOES-Adjust clearance-Adjust hand brake-Adjust brake rods-rLubrtcale cross shaft —Adjust pedal clearance — Road lesU-One, additional adjustment after delivery COMPLETE, INCLUDING LABOR AND $h 85 8 N1C\V BRAKE SHOES 5? PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. EXPERT Ef,RCTRIC A^fD ACETYLENE WELDING and heavy welding specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. rhone 10 or lies. 1019 Personal —„„-- .'er. vnrk nfr the hlle, to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains and that sour, "link .feeling. Take one box oi KIRBV'S ACTIVE UVER I'il.I.S 25c. at all Kirhv Store.?/. MEN OLD AT 401 GET PEP. New OSTREX Tonic Tablets contain brivc this liivigdratqrs, stiiiiuiants. 13-year-old doctor says, "I take Oslrex my self." $1.00 size, special today SOc If not delighted, maker refunds tills price. Call, write-- Kirby Bros Drug Store. • .' Notice Uplioistiiring and R'eflhl'sriiri'it " M. Tdinlin, 2H S. Hrst G-ck-3-^ For Sale or Trade 4-II -Gliib Ne\vs Notes nor honors, Miss fJol6- sale or Irndc. Well located, established business. Write Box "P.", c/o Courier News. • . 28-ck-'tf Cleveland Police Radio .,_^—___ __, Cuts Robberies in Half, oiiis enrolled in -i-n ciouiing' YAK IMA, wash!< (projects in Mississippi County ni'ii nnim-il Uo)> stoole Is lli« Kins -- -. O. (Uf) — This busily plying thread nnd needle In Crosby of u-iijes \ n nits district cltj's reorganized police -'•-• ' ~' : ' " ~" ' ' meiil on wheels wllh blulc Fiibhlun Opeie(ln will iccelvo gold medals, awl the swcepslako winner from all classes wll : receive n trip lg lh c > Nniloual -1-11 Club COIIRIPS.S i n November lo compete i ' . Nuiloniil f,ntd, Window Ulipl.ij '(oo True .TOJ.KIX), O. (IJI>)-A Window uu - vcrilsmnciit of mi oii|ij:nrrt mctbr sollgW a child can curry 11" proved loo great a tcinplitiloii for it IK by «ho \va|kcd nwn>- wllli meter, viilUtf'd nl. J3&. .'• , • inbcs depart- preparation fur the annual 4-11 HfMdes beliiR able to slnr Indian two-way Pushkin Opcrctlii, siiys Miss coi'O lcrvt ' "U-'lcdles, lie Is espculully good mem on wheels wllh two-way Pushkin Opcrctlii, siiys Miss corn wvc metcidi-.s, lie Is espciilully good radio has slashed robberies in luilf. I C'olcinun, county imme demon- "'' «'"'' songs, unit iicriorms nt, vir- 'i'iie iiiimbFr of roiAcrles In the |stration neent. Itwlly cccry (rlbnl celebration first five and one-half montlis of i.n rii.ii, »i,k: •,.„< t,~,... r...,..,' "!.-_--_: -. — ••.•.-.-: • ' _ PRESCRIPTIONS IJiirtnicnl report to Safely Eliot Ness, who rcorgivnl! police setup. England expends $5,000.000 :in- iiunll.v for swcels, employing 85,000 persons in their manufacture. South America ha* few singing birds, but prides Ilielf on n plmu- nge display second lo none. GOOD NEWS! l.ATK MODEL CUAIIAN- TBBD IISKI) CARS. »UY ANY C A I{ ON T R ft i\l S THAT WILL SUIT YOU. '38 Chev. Coupe Only 13.0CO ncliiAl inilra. Original owner, biia) equi|>ii)cnt. M cessories. A Veal buy at '37 Olds. Sedan A car.that anyone ivoiild like ,. own. Good lires. Motor in. excellent cohdilion. Yours for '36 Dodge Sedan Touring.. Beautiful . sli-atospliori' blue, finish in excellent con'illtlon. mtily ,<^$465 $455 Dairy this cur home ri> o .*> C for only ; tpJiu.1 '37 Ford Tudor Deluxe. Finish like liew. Loiv mileage. Radio and heater. (j'O'Ar A bargain at >J>J.M ^ Dodge Sedan four-door louriiig. JThis ear, lookr and runs like new. Deluxe erjinp ment. Radio and heater $750 '38 Ford Tudor with radio nnd Dairy, product. 1 ;. Cattle free of Bang's Disease, In best of physical condition. .Call Mrs. Grace». 902-J, for. Halsell's Grade A jRaw Milk. Cream. Country Butter, Buttermilk, ."extra 'or linl'ldav orders Inspection; encouraged anytime. Halsclf's Datry Promised Land, Route 2 .])cluxe.. Equipped •. -Low in! Iriven ... PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. boys •t-li Glut) girls and IJcnton coiuily will present the '• opcrcltfl, flccoivling (o Infonuutlon Ircclor received from Miss Kile Mdrihnll, Hie extension specialist hi clothing iind household ar(s, University of Arkansas CollegL' of Agriculture, n'rid clu'j members .from every county In the slnlc will be tlio'models In he viuious clusses. Girls will inoilrt idiool (h'cs.s(^, IJcst dresses, woiil I iiills. nnd yhrty dresses. Roys will] model clollies for si-liool, 'sppi'i.' work, best wear, and sumnii'r parly wear. ', Every gh'l cnlorliiB the county revue, (lie Home (U'lnonslration IKCIII BtiUl, is hoping to make a blue ribbon rating so she will be elii;il)lc to receive a .silver medal. Blue ribbon award winners in tiic —^PRESCRiPTfONS^— Safe - - Acciirule Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. freshest Stock Kirby Drug 'stores HU-WA »»•*«*• uiTVO faV ftvaid \ With Shrapnel in Heart . liun Co\. Hie t.)| c .yiivlvoi of n < EUII team iiinon? viliom '« Ho . . recenlly developed heart irotblo and Uie'.Uirapnel, whicli wni neiuly a;i Inch [long, yias discovered mid'icmAvtd ^-After a Ijiicf recovery Ji c died of throat wounds. in educing fuel-foods. Phone 180 l''or Prompt Liumdry and Cleaning Service JUiiln A Vlrsl riioiii) 141 J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Ciriidiialn Optiniic- trlsl. in Blytltcvllli-. Glasses r'lttrU C'nrreetly . —^^-^^^^"^Ml Internal Hemorrhoids & Symptoms an Mlllslvp" 1 ". 1 ," 1 ''' 1 ","' 1 ^ "' nt <l0 " Ot l "' otl ' Ull ° " re nflnHliwit an llliLslvn nilmeiit since Ilicy iire usimlly not palniui Tli«y SoHnn'f'n'""-" '!'" Um " c CIW ™ of lmldl ««« MfVerta'l o, or i n 10 *, 1 CT '"V""" ™ mmio(ls """ ''W cmiscd more 01 lets ill cctly l.y intrimil licJilorrlmlds ns well us other c al ,»( H,U, S y are: high Wcod procure, ,ll«e.,ll«> dtaffi micj,, cMrcmi. iicrvoiisiiess, dull low-tarknclic, back of tins is ache, insomnia •(sJccvilcssucw) nnd consllpalinn it Is folly and dangerous to clofcr or neglect cxmnlim- tion and treiidncut tluil will relievo and cure this ailment. Drs. Mies & Nies niythcvllle, Ark. clinic 511 Main Tel. Oil Now r.ociitecl at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KIWAfms, l>ro|irlelor All Makes nl Itcli'iilU Tyitewrltcrs, Adding Miuliliir, »nrt Onlcutalnrs—ItciMlrhiK—1'iirls—u s ^ <\* -' " " vS ^.^x^W^., "Anil llicii Ilio Ijolloin ilioppcil onl (if Hie poclry market ninl licte 1 mil." ~ I?A»MAN 5th i Walnut MASTER PAINTER 5th & Walnut Phone 810 HORIZONTAL 1 Famous artist pictured here. ,11 Musical note. 13 Garden vegetable. 14 Neither. !5Seat of intellect. 11 Large mouthful. 18 Compel iW. 20 Every. 21 Mole child. 22 Detained, 2*1 To wheedle. 26 Neuter pronoun. 2 7 Bushel. 28 Vacant space. 30 God of the sun. 31 Fish organ. 3 2 Tribunal. 34 Wild duck. 37 Bird's home. 33 Timber trees. ;11 .For tune. 43 Nothing. « Northeast. 45 By means of. Answer to Previous Puule 46 Conjunction. 47 Hostage's for . ransom. 52 Always. 53 Scalp .. covering. 55 Dined. 50 Untrue. 58 To relate. 53 Backbone. 61 Thought. 63 His halive i., land. 64 He was also a master Carver or VERTICAL 1 Month. ..„,„.„. 2 Mass of cast 35 Appellation. IBNole in scale. 19 Limb. 21 lie decorated the -— Chapel in Korrie. 22 Payment demand. 23 Flatfish. 25 His paintings exhibit a : of drawing and color. 27 Beak. 29 To gasp. 31 To become weaker. 33 To harvest. material, 3 Descendant. 4 Quoils pin. 5 Half an eih 6 Shrub yielding ifidigo. 1 New star. 8 Color. 9 Pound. 10 Coin. 11 Threadlike. 12 Form of "a. 1 16 Ve'striierit. SB Smooth. 38 Slcnmfooal. 40 Disfigurement •12 Slave. 47 Slreamlef. 48 Uridermities. 4fl Ali'dilory. 50 Bill of fare. 51 Long cut. 5'l Wins. 57 Buslle. 58 Palm lily. 60 Ell. 62 While. Ucil Tillies :> Dare .HELLO, HANDSOME PLACE to START SALOON IS .TOUGH — - BUT ARE -)tiLl NOT " Sleep, in Hold Hands TiY V. T. HAMLIIV 'GRAB HER--VOU OKAV, M'iSS OOOU : GIVE U5 A> BIG 5MILE. 1 TOU&H, Like CAVEME'M ARE .UPPOSED TO ACT. 1 •c^rjas^ssfc^^rrr^lvMj or\BfttRS \ =^ = oro A 6OOO "VIME WASH TUBBS i WE'RE fiFTCR BIGGERf AMD BESIDES - LISTENJ fVCW TiMC M3U MEMTIOH \t J LI- NEVER 'FOB6ET THE THAT GUV Z-HER6,6IMME/OW RU6V LEFT FOR A DRINK . .^PRiSON.HE kNEW VVt'D ' . HE DIOWT TIME i EVER SAJ/V STOPiT.SQUEE&E! STOP.IT3 I CAN'T SLEEP frS IT &. LA?T MIGHT I HAp A. HORRIBLE FEEUN& ,- T UKE PA-M(iER.-THE,M 5UODEMI.V fT OCCURKO TO ME THAT RU6V5 SEMTCNCE WAS U? LAST TUE5PA.V THERE'S SOMETHIN6 A80U TIIW GUV- MWBE IT^ His CONFOUNDED COOLNESS . OR THE QUIET WAY HE TALKS-BUT H£R£- MW'PS ME OF RUSVJ TRUWK FULL OF SILVER, STUPID BUT THE LOOKiN H15 EVES WHEN VIE sworn AN!) HIS FIUI'IJS'DS HB JUST BOWLS AMD THOSE GIRLS jusr ATE rr up/ SOOO ES6, 8UT HKS GETTIM3 IN MY WAIR/ GOULD PLAY OM HIM-.-HARMLESS , LIKE PLBHINS H OFF NiVORST . PART OF IT ALL IS THAT He PLAYED THE SON3 we V/ROTe' WE VVROTE THE SONO THAT WAS SLAWIS t, THEY'D ZV*&^<*/ '%&**# Ltorn.i?»«ytmf«vtct.iM.'r.?-:tcix~u:!g~MT7ttfrM ' . 7-11 -^j

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