The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1930
Page 5
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UI.YTlIKVll.LI-:, (A1SK.) COUIUKIl NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first Insertion and one cent a vord for each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement tiken for less than 50c. Count the words and send the cash. 1'honc 300 New York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 28. (UP> — •Cotton closed barely steady. Open High Low Close Jan, Jan. ! Mar. May , July jOct. new old 915 967 1003 1033 1051 1075 970 972 1004 1034 1058 1075 904 959 099 ion 1011 1059 OB5 959 993 101U 1011 lOoO thrislmas Season Finds 1 Strife. In Bible Lands i lly MILTON IIHONXKK I ; NEA Service Writer , LCNDON.-P.Ucsllns, Holy I of Qirislenrtom and lens-desired ! hom|!tiiul of ihe Jewish race, enters the Christmas season v.iiii :i jdark.cloucl of uncertainly hanging i over its prospects. FOR RENT - Four room House. j* EW ORLEANS Dee. 20. (UP)-, T h| Zionist movement, aime:! FOR KENT Spots quiet at 980, off 5. New Orleans Cotton newly paporcd and painted in- potion ciosec, stcaoy. side. On paved street. Garage., Open Low Close L. Fowler, Phone 81)8 or 450-J. •">» « 6 ra ° 64 *«* •, 8CT p'Mar 1001 1005 M9 989 May .... 1027 1028 1013 1015 IN DELL—FOR RENT—3 room July .... 1052 1055 1038 1038D house, $8.CO; 4 loom house, $11..Oct. .... 1074 1014 1C35 1055 i at n-establiihr.ig the i lion In Palestine, ha'i • deflate check; and birthilace of JIMU:'.I i;.i- in?: with u out of the Christinas iliev; i; injrjn sen; oi'l several commissions; ar.d us a ronill a! Iliclv InvColiga- tions. Lirrt Passllehl. Ihe colonial secretary, not Ions «B° laid down tt'.e yavernnient's new policy us follows: An embargo on further Jewish migration to iMIestlne. s'..irlcU some [line ago, \vould b? ccnthuicd. Ouiiiii lo the small an-:i of ! ind available for ni;riniltu:'jl i>,i. JIT-OS. and tht considerable number of landless Avals, tlie tjovernmrsit L. Fowler, Phone W3 or 450-J. 18C.TP' Spots closed steady at 910, ofl 1 9. emening a mc'cincnt of dUsi'.U- \ would srek by various nierur, u factiai and pro:ert thsl is aim:? 1 , help liie Arabs s;t!!e on tVT.s lanrl. sun* jo give the British 6over::r.i.':u i A legislative council would to some) linear rroments during i'-.r ' rclaliUslu-d :>iul V.iltstlnc comlw months- be fjlven a measure of Pnnter !\!ctny 1 T ° Sndcrstanil the present situ-' incut. TH , V'' Mtrt( ' 6 Intion in Palestine, it Is imss'.ry Iinmc-Jlalely Jews tlircinliou! fi? There has been placc-d on In;! lo - g( j taclt to Novcml):r c( 1017.'\vorld raised u ttonn of protest, in the assembly !„.)„,„. ,],„ | 1(; i^rd Bal[c,i:.-, i':i_:; , Tnt; policy, o! c<mr.-o, im'ant Ilial FOR- RENT—Steeping room in steam heated home on Main st. Two young men preferred. Addrejs : bulletin board „ in the assembly i ","!.,".„ ...,„ H Courier News. I9c-ktl I room of the high sciicol building .1 ' ,,",.,1, ,...:•„" ._. . — i very beautiful and interesting - ' "»>-4,i. FOR RENT—Wei! furnished front j hibU entitled, "The room, bail! and garage, S3 p;r, | n pictures." Seventeen prints, in week. 505 Park St. Phone 50C: kil ] sep j a O r color, portray the Hie o! _-._—l christ from u , e Alliuin( ., a u on u 1 Ml S|"» A£ ™' si °"' E < c » I"" 1 ' 1 '' ->™ a » ' 23 p_ K27 ! explanation under it, and thes? . . ._ i comments make a connected ac- RENT—Ncv !y deccrated and ', count of Ihe main events in Christ's apartment. Me. Tr:c senior class has been liavin; some very valuable experience in business, in the operations of the Senior's Inn. The class will soon present a play. Watch for the an- ., . , ., . _ .. minister, declared ! no mare Jewish s-'t'.lers could en interes'.ing ex-j |orm :, ly tlirit ,, (he BO v!:nmJ:i: i Irr Palestine until all the Arab Life of chr - i t • v i c;s - sTw |tii favor the establishment' population was settled r.n land, and Strcet, Call 413. furnished 3-room Vi^dni. Jan. 1st. Alio 5-rcom cottage, Ash and Division. Mrs. Wyatt Heuley, Phone 335W. 2CC-K29 W\\'TI.T» WANTED - Family _Washrd and ironed leiu white woman. Mrs. 104 S. Lake St. _____ i T' 10 Junior class will give a play Wasliinss". in tlle near fulure - T!ie S' Il3vc h "» by compe- Brown, locking over some plays but have ] not yet selected one. Mr. Myrnm,| . , 17CK-TF '. the sponsor, will direct the play. I ..... -------------- ..... The sophomore class recently POULTRY WANTED— Market prK I E ave "The Lsgend of Sleepy Hol- ces, any nucntily. Marilyn Hal- j low," which play everyone enjoyed. chery. 210 S. Fourth St. OC-TP The main character was Ichaboci Crane. jl>: movenu'iit was one of tlie old- /"vl T1> 'r-t motives in hlslcry. and snld UU1\ C'at "our n.nional reputation will ciopond largely upon Hie way \vc liandle it." : C'lle Defense ot Siu'j \ It went on: "In Pulesthie EI popuhulon was 'b.-lng until up by Jewish ellovt t'.nt wos clever, gratelul to IK •;»I rprijliib' tind possessed of » pi. l.'i.)Usm dial would have barred tlio way forever to al'.ncks un the £ '.."{ c.iiial from Hie cast. Money v,.. i being |»urcd into the country [c: Its development; for t'r.e first : we were enjoying the luxury of founding n new state without. 0 icnso to our.salves. As ililn;j v- re, Palestine was costing the Ji.illsli taxpayer uotlilng, but un- <:c-r the new plans of Arab land set- li.ment it will cost us n foul deal." The Nation sounded the sime :.:l'-', lemaikini; that "us a p'.ucly Arab slate. Palestine can brlug us . ".-ilher honor nor pioflt, but only I'.mger and expense." . Then members of the Labor pir- :v began to protest, various mem '.:-rs of Parliament nniuiunrlni H'.eir dissatisfaction with the i»l:.T. The not result probably w!l !:i! lluu the entire yuesllon will b; j ilred In Parliament, and the c.ov- inimenl nny cventuntly be fn I'." modify its program, 1 Meanwhile, Palestine Is i ', l.: r d and uncertoln. Dnnbt an< i'i::trust arc rife among Us se'.'.lera. 'i'.:" Chrtsliuas ser.ron in the Holy 1 l.L'.nd finds couditlGns far frcm ' promising. By Ahern ; LOST AND FOUND The honor roll of the freshman ' ...... j class is as follows: World History, WANTED— To buy chickens, any j Helen Funderburk and Fred Sim- amount. Fisher's Place, 213 South ; mans; Firsi St. 23C-TF Helen '• - -- Ijanies 3G7-W or Courier News. Reward. 23-k3t English, Holly Mac Brown, Fnnrterburk. Alnce Young. McFall; Algebra, Blanche Helen Fun- Arllhmelic, LOST—Slewlyn Setter, black ant! white head with dim black spDts. Name, "Don". Return to Scott Hcrier, Newherger Colton Co. C-K-29 In PiestiirD of a national \\a\v.i for tit Jewish people, anrl will usr its ter. endeavcrs to facilita'.e the ucliisumcnt of this object." iire Flack to Homeland Whqi the World War ended England accepted from the league of Natioii the mandate for Mesiin?. and zbnists all over Ihe v.orlc! ii 1 .- stantl.v termed a Jewish agency :: work vlih the government in setting m the Jewish liomslancl. Dr. : Chaini Wcizmann presided over th:- | and and Hi orchestra furniE millions bf dollars for ! s stliilB settlements. Poor J !|niainly from eastern Europe, we- that Jewish colonization in 7.lon • would be limited to these alvra:ly tl'.ete. Ur. Wci?.mami re: ; i^netl hi', position and was followed by Lord MelchcU, a weaHhy British chemical and metals maijtnce. Protest GroMs Louder Then other elements of the pop- u!a:ion joined in the protest. Firil came tin 1 chain cf Con- roivativc news^^pcrs ov:ned by the- lierry brothers, w!io arc nol Jews. Or.e writer on these papers com-, plained tlul "the Jews are actually reproached for their energy and: s'.iuess in Palestine," and remarked: "We have got rid of one Ireland; are we now making nnotli- I'EKSONAL music. Honor students in the Home Economic department are: First year, C!ea Vaughan and Juanita Shearer; second year, Verna McKay and WILL GIVE '107,, of receipts to I M ary Little. The class recently ser- uncinployment relief. Haircut cm dc& those who had a candle [ burning in their windows, which | was an invitation for '.hem to do so. AuKin Ellis, publisher of the Palestine on land bcuaiil ; cr '" from fee Arabs at high prices. : To this was added an outspoken Thesi new settlors proved nidus- • public letter signed by former Pre- trious and capable. They mined mier Stanley Baldwin; Sir Austen 25c, Shave !5c. C. K Bradley E. Main. V/ork Guaranteed. Barber Shop, 318 18C-K31 IN j STccle Knterprise, attended ihe THE MISSISSIPPI COUNTY Ccoter-Hornersville- Steele baskct- "CHANCERY COURT: 'CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. 'ball''games here, Tuesday eveninj. S. Morten, of Ihe Steele neigh- American Building and Loan Asso-1 bcrhcod, has moved to this com- I cialion and W. L. nelony, as munity. Mr. Morten and family are : Trustee, Plaintiffs, L. M. Rcss. e: Defendants. WAKX1XG OKDKK. Tile defendants. J. Praser Smit'i and R. S. Norman. Trustees. \varr.eil to appear in this court within thirty days from this date and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs. American Building and Loan Association, and W. L. Delony. ns :rustee. In Witness Whereof. I have hereunto scl my hand and the sea! cf the auove court this 2Gth day of Dec., 1030. (Se:il) W. W. HOLLIPETER, I Clerk of the above Court! By Harvey Morris. D. C. fohnerly of Clifton. Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. Amos Halley, Mes- danies Eallie nnrt Daisy Ford aiiri Edd ar.d Will Hedge spent Monday in S'.eele Ehoppins. are | Mr. nu( ] M rs . Martin Hatley and Ernest ar.d Enos Hayncs of Number Nine, Ark., were in Coaler Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Smith of S'eele. attended the ball rramc? here Tuesday evening. Mrs. Smith was formerly Miss Evelyn Holly. J. H. Bowling and George VI. ': Ailred were visitors in Steele -\!on' sterile land into productive farms. They started a nourishing business with orange groves. They built manj new towns, the most important cf which wn.s Tel-Aviv. All oi this, However was 10 t'ue rest of the world, Chamberlain, former foreign :-:c- retary. and L. S. Amcry,' secretary. Their H:;cr i cliarg:;! that the new policy not only conflicted with the view., of it! the League of X.itionji. but v.cnt coiinti?r to the whole spirit 01 th'j [ Tr)A-f"s A WBf WEAR A i4aT SrlACK SMELLS A j ~~ AW If ^ ALL Accoum" OF BEIMCJ -fl 7 CLEARS a ALLOW Vod 10 5MQKTB OMB OF Fuses cilV PUMP', CtiEAP CIGARS -TrlAf BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES IT'D »E THE SAME STORY By Martin Common colds cost England 7.0CO.MO lost working weeks last year. THE BLACK CAT COFFEE SHOi'I'C Now announces nc\v monthly raics for regular palrons. 3 regular meals daily— S30 per niDiitli. Single Meal—50c. Plate Ltmrh 4Uc i no! please the Arabs of PalesUn? . Ualfour declaration and of state-1 isn't il mean cf that big fellov: to j at rjl; and the Arabs form live- ! ments nuids by successive British take thr little fellow's bsill and hold Miss Chorine Terry anj Joe Gil- 'sixths of Palestine's population and ' UDVcrmnenis for the last 12 years, I u taiuslizlngly over his head just mcr were married al the Methntlis: :look on the region as their rijrlil-. ""d averted that the net rrsint' C iu of reach? The little fellov; I? parsonage here Wednesday evening, j fill home, sine,-) they have lived , v -' as '-° create a profound fcling of : Milton Anderson, a candidate for with only a few filends of the bride there for centuries. There were: distrust, abroad, in British foreign ! the University of Southern Cali- anrt brlrtcgrcom present. Mrs. Gil- : constant clashes between Arabs and , policy. ' fornia varsity basketball team. B'.r, mer is the a.ssistanl operator of the j Jewisa settlers, which culminate:!! Th™ the weekly magazines. I wliat chance would he have if all local telephone exchange. The : in the savage pngroms of last year. ; which appeal to the Biili«h Inirlli- : his opponents were as mean and ym:ng couple are very popular in; British Halt Migration i grnisia, followed suit. The Week ins bit i's Wilbur iWebl Caldwell, 1 this section. | Tin liritish government ther:-' End Rcviow declared lhal the Zion-! captain of the Trojan varsity? HAY C::e bale or a train load. EAR CORN, shuck on, £8c bu. S:mck off, 8Cc per bu., in car ic 1 .:;. Cotlon Slates Sales Co., Inc. Blythcville, Ark. Phone 174 or LD 1806. TEU. THEW L DOCTOR'S BOLL£TIM VJELCOME HOME// rr? HE SWO VIHB1 UG US To D.-V, I ur:F '" ~° R -Y H3»c 2 ' St FOR. CHRISTMAS.. •>bo JUST IWAGIWS THE FRECKLES HAD,Teui.l(JG ,V,AY S=——~-~^^^ TS ALVUMS AM OPEM )ft. TfiE HUNTER CK.\-~K> see you 6ec: DO you PSAU.Y AVJD THERE is MO MOP.E CAOSS FOR. PAVING TAX Time lo pay I'.iving Taxes is Setting slmrf- The penalty is :un hijli for anyone, lo neglect jaying before the books Close— Belter I'.iy Now— C. J. EVKAKD. \\A'J'CHl''UL WAITING /f Vt'ASII TUIU1S Ct Tilt MIERlCA FROH N* OLD SOUTHERN Loral and Inng disiancc liauling. Special rates on carload lots. Team for local liaulinj. Of THi\R. .'.MR.^ffULCuS TO 46 f\?C'JT TOE EHTRIXNCE: To TWjR. IW7EI,. tNviviuac, VAt ftMtKicRNs we DELW \N 'Wt 'imo.OOO.OOO FOR. Tv1EIR.VKMeMTlON. VJOTO.'NES 1 . Til,eR6 WORE WE.EK, SSMOR, OP^OO. MY CABINET Etf EES EeM?0&S\BLE: "TO RAVSE THE NWN6.V — ,^UT I s«o*JTH6M. i TEACH TrtEW WHO G6S BOSS. 61F rAE AUTO 1'AIXTIXC; .iriansc lime pajincnls. ot:r prites and s a v c. Genuine Duoo \V. I. Denlon Chcvmlct Co. Cull WALPOLK Tor Klcctric Work I Mi one ,'U Why i»ay Mote Than Hsilf Price Tor Atilo I'aKs? AUTO PARTS houc Rfi PAVINfJ AND SHWKIf. TAXES Dec. 3!st is Ihe bst Day. Pay today anrt avoid the ru?h. c;. c. c.H'nii.i.. Collector. Ni;,r.7 TrtE POUCE f,N(j 10 CiET INTO K Uf-frE BEI-'ORE Tv:£N CWA MS.R6ST \\:H. JACKSON 1 2020 Main

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