St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on December 9, 1928 · Page 21
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 21

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 9, 1928
Page 21
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SUNDAY MOUNT NG, DECEMBER 9, 1025; ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, PAGE OS HOPPE LIKELY TO DETHRONE LAYTON SN THREE-CUSHION TOURNEY. ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH h t. 19 b, n r. ie id et y ce or r3 a y. if. all at ns. is .rd sly of .is 'he ive .he be me a se, it ule ass the no :ies Dr. up his ur lan ere r a ms im ad, :en nts aol Jld id-ib. JLf" ata bate, iea .ell led ses Igh ing tha rge ! the n!y on- ri( ' ity " H in ny. irt, ure inir rts. een 1 sd-mr en- on-oin nn-ort ion If" irh of nal nr nd eni tn- TWO CUE TITLE CHAMPIONSHIPS TO BE HELD SAME PLATFORM Something novel in champion-jp billiards is promised by the .nonsors of a two-ring tournament ,t Chicago, starting Monday. Doc. 11 Two world's championship tournaments will be conducted in the same theater almost simultaneously, spectators being offered the double attraction at one admission rrice. rnder present plans, the four outstanding three-cushion players. Johnny Layton. Willie Hoppe, Gua rntmlos and Otto Keiselt, will meet A In a round-robin tournament with the worll s cnampioiiMiip at Mane. At the same time, four of tin greatest pocket billiard players will compete i" a world's title event The thow is to be put on at Thomas Orchestra Hall on Michigan boulevard. Two tables. ! one of tue po--kt variety ati.l on" j for three-cushion., will be erect.-:: t en a speeuil platform built over the orchestra pit, within easy view Of all spectators. At 2 o'clock on the. first afternoon of the three-day tournament, a pocket billiard match will lo li&rted. As soon as it is concluded, probably at 4 o'clock, the three-cushion match will be started. On the second day. the ordT of play niil be reversed. Spectators- who come to the first match can temain to sr-e the second, or depart, as they pleas-. It is estimated that be one hour and a half. The two matches will thus consume about three hours. Hoppe'a Pntry Kooeived. Some doubt was entertained a? to whether Willie Heppe. outstanding challenger for the three-cush-iffn t:tp. would compete, but this WOMEN'S FELT 2 Pig? CLEANED AND $7 BranchemPhone Sparest See the Finish of the World's GREATEST MARATHON DANCE Bcfimune Sunday at H P. M.. rest periodi will h iliM-oiitinue,!. and ontintioiw omciiij UJ be in force until the finish. The winner should l,e declared in " I boors. Don't Miss the Finish The Event cf the Century 2040 Hours 3 Couples, Nos. 22, 24, 23 85 Days DRAKE THEATER !S ollmxwlle Air. BKiflie -.IM, Thi s K nows To Grow H 'E IS a trained Thomas' scalp specialist. He knons the symptoms of the fourteen external causes of baldness and he knows specifically how each should be treated. He knows exactly how to end the various forms of dandruff; how to stop falling hair; and how to rejuvenate your scalp to a normal healthy condition conducive to the growth of strong new hair. 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MEN'S MUNY BASKET SCHEDULE FOR WEEK MONDAY Mi.HT IIFKN IIMMD.N South ioiiH, M. H. . M. lfcxkerv. X :: nu li rourt. Sukol is. Mi h )iv. I. !. N. K.. :K. j Tl I.MUV MI.IIT IHMKIN Smith i enurt, rrerent vs. tln,. H-tM: t-nuth ' Kjurt. Nulional ( itv s. Kke O'.Veil. !:. i TIKSUAY Mf.HT IMHSTRIM, III-1IMON North enurt. Shell . . r;i li m . K:MI; north four:. .MihSouri l'acitic s. i Hasmr. :0O. WKIJNKSIIAY M(.1!T OPEN II- ! VISION South court, l-o. Ann-leu t. I Master I'lunihens. X:IK: Mnith court, l.d. i Lanean vh. 1!M-Miihs. MM. I KKlliAY Mt.HI BFJ.I. II VISION j South court. Southwestern Traffic v. , IlanC KnEiner. ti:IH: ninth court. St. Loui Commercial v. 1oiik Mnea. 7:H: j north court. Acroiintine ts. Geoera! (om-i merrial. 7:O0. l'lant Ihanter o. 4. Ine nuestion was settled on Tuesday last when Willie filed his entry. Allen Hall, St. Louis boy, had been named as an "alternate" to play in the event any one of the four acknowledged leaders declined to compete. Johnny Layto.n of St. Louis holds the three-cushion championship which lie won last sprint,-. In spite of the fact that he has lost much of the cool self assur- ance which distinguished his play of pome years ago, Hoppe is still considered by many thvs greatest billiard player of the age and it is anticipated that be will prohihly dethrone Layton. In a long series of exhibition matches played since Layton won the, title, Hoppe has been a consistent winner. In the pock tournament, Greer.leaf stands out as tho logical choice to retain his title. "t is only when the youngster fails to adhere to the rules of training and practice that he slips so far as to permit any of his challengers to approach his game. When he is at the top of his form he is by ar the best. On this occasion he will lie opposed by Prank Taberskl, Ervin Rudolph and Tasquale Natalie. Plans Loral Tourneys. Peterson plans several city championship tournaments this season. He will probably hold a balklir.e event soon with Ed Gibbons, Ed Wills. K. Hansen and E. Hchaap as the likely entries. Schaap is a recent addition to the local or MEN'S BLOCKED I; Kavt St. Iiuis. PI. TARS AT tAUS BKIDt.E air Jimmy Conzelman "Most Valuable Man' I On Greatest Team in "Pro" Football St. Louisan Honored by Citizens of Providence After He Coached Team to Championship. ry the Associated Pre.. DETROIT, Dec. S. i IMMIE COXZELMAX, former I Washington University and Do- troit Panthers quarterback, has 1 J returned to his home in Detroit with the highest honors that can I come to a member of a world s championship professional football i team. Conzelman has just finished i coaching the Steam Poller team of i Providence, It. I., to its first ia- , tional League and so-called -world title, the season having: ended there last Sunday. Xot satisfied with presenting Conzlman a big silver cup awarded by a local concern to "the most valuable player on the team," his teammates also gave him a collapsible walking slick as a token of their affection. The selection of the "most valuable" member was lift to the team itself, and its choice of Conzelman was unani- nious. uespne in jucl inut iiu iiau plaved onlv the firtt third of the season. Conzelman as well as the other players also received "championship" watches from the management. Inspired His Players. These presentations were a fea ture of the big victory celebration j which the citizens and officials of Rhode Island tendered the Steam ' Roller Tuesday night at the Bilt-i more Hotel. Curly OJen, spectacu- i field .having arrived a few months ! ago from Kansas City. He was j proved conclusively that he is the ; eyual of the b'.st St. Louis ana-I tours. j Bud Wvtthus, Br. L. P. Mack- lin. Ed Zamzow &nd Gene Lear-: dorff will probably meet in three-cushion ournamtr.t, accord- i;:g to pete's plans. Various ether tournaments are . contemplated or in actual progress, 'including those of private clubs ! and church parties. j ! I SOUTHERN PREP TEAM ! DEFEATS ST. JOHN'S OF BROOKLYN, 25 TO 0 I'y W.2 AsRX'iated IVes?. NLW YORK, Dec. R - '-; st:-- j ; H.-ights Military School of Leban-! ! on. Trim., defeated St. John's I 'rep ! i of Brooklyn by a score of -5 to 0 i in ; ; it iMerseeiional scholastic foot- ball j-um-j at Ebbcts Field today.! 1'iihamx-ered by a storm of wind j driven snow, the Southern bos rolled up four touchdowns, two of ; which were made by Hardin and! . two by McLain. Two touchdowns ; were mkd-i in ther S'-conl period ; and one each in the last two, the : tally in the third quarter coming :i a 4f,-yard pass from Lassiter to I lardin. I. ' ' - i I 'Jr. I? M r W & f I 5JI fa&P fflwumiiy T f i i I "4 1 s 4 & j? " - , V St ' ,j tr a JIMMY' COXZELMAX j ,ar quarterback of the team, in pre ser.ting the cane to Conzelman, referred to the latter as follows: "His spirit kept us going all through the season." He pointed out that Conzelman had continued his daily coaching of the team, even when he was forced to use crutches to get out to the field. Other players declared that Can-zelman's inspirational leader-ship had kcot them on the friendliest terms with one another and that the unselfish spirit he developed among them had no small part in the winning of the championship. It was said that during the entire see son not a cross word passed between any two Roller players, either on or off the field. "Never have I played on a team, either in or out of college," remarked "Wildcat" Wilson, AI1- i American haiibacK or tne squac, "that has shown the spirit, the de- sire to win and the friendship for I one another, i - that the Roller has. MADISONS WILL USE 2 NEW MEN AGAINST TABLERS In the absence of two suspended ! stars, Johnny "Worden and George Sauter, the Madisons and AVells- j tons v ill today utilize some reserve j mat"rialin their Ft. Louis S'oecer League games at Sportsman's i I'ark. AVorden and Sauter were ; set down for one w&ek as a result 1 i of fighting in the field last Fun- . j day. Manager Jimmy Durke will , ; start l)ae Carr and a recruit r.amed llennessj-, a graduate from : the Angelica Club of tho Munici-! pal League in the game with the ; Tablers. Carr proved his ability i last year but he was forced out of j tho game through an injury. Leo j Piel will be used in the Wellston j goal, lie is an experienced and thoroughly capablo goal guardian. ! Dave Branconler wlil relieve ; Charley Osier at left halfback for the Madisons. John Marre has also shifted his i team for today's game. He will I start I'helan at center half in ! place of Quinlan and Neal Mc- Carthy will b at center forward i with Cronin at inside right. I In the first game, the Ben Mill- ; era will be endeavoring to win ! their second straight game. The I Wellstons w ill oppose them w ith their usual iineup except for the I change in goal. j Oscar Mossmann will referee I both games, starting the first at ; o'clock. EIGHT-GAME CLASSIC ON WELLSTON ALLEYS A Christmas day eight-game clas- t sie bowling tournament will be held on the Wellston Kecreation Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 22 and 23. The games will be bowled on eight alleys and the plays will Qharigf- j alleys after each game. Prizes will ! be awarded for the eight games, the first four games and the last four games. There also will be prizes for each squad and for the ! high single games. I The entry fee will be Jo, with j $2 for bowling. j Three squads will bowl Saturday, ! one at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, i one at 6 o'clock and the other at 8 o'clock. There will be four squads Sunday, the first starting at 1 ! o'clock in the afternoon. Kciervations can be made by j phoning CAbar.y IOCS or CAbany j 1034. Arrangements are being made to take care of 112 entries. I t GIRLS' MUNY BASKET J i SCHEDULE FOR WEEK i l MOMHV MCHT Ixni'STKI.1. SION M. K. X. . ruruu, ; Bell l. Warner. R:4.. TUlm M(,HT JI MIIR IIVIeIN Mein-ner Irldmmi v. Nt. I'aul'. I"rerr- terlaii liarrh. 7::it: I'eler. ri. Ameriean. H I; hamrcMks is. Jrili t ummunliy ; tenter. H. ! THI KIl V MI.IIT rVIB f!TI!ON Red Bl'rf- i. Hedlicht. ti: lif k Hri ! . M. Mitlmrlf. :.: . S. tbeirolet. i " . t KID AY MI.IIT JtMOK IIVION , Tamils f'.SIerman. Hman . j Mith 'Tliera. :13; M. HeiK -. A, ' 'Wildcat" Wilson, Former Coast Star, Praises Jim, Who Directed Practice While on Crutches. Neither college or high school football has given me half as much enjoyment as playing under Jim- mie Conzelman." Conzelman has been coaching and playing professional football for nine years and his teams have almost always finished near the top. It took him only two seasons to make a championship club out Sit the Roller. The present season probably ended his playing career, however, as he twisted his knee o severely in the Roller-Yankees game at New York, Oct. 21 that lie has been crippled ever since. Ilisi bg has been in a plaster cast for I weeks. Twisted Knee in Open I'khl. J It is an irony of fate that al- though Conzelman had withstood jthe buffe'Jngs of the strongest pro and college teams in the country I for many years without serious in- i jury, lie was finally hurt without even being hit by an opponent. Jimmie had received a forward pass from "Wildcat" Wilson while standing all alone near the Yankees' goal line, but turned so suddenly that he twisted the ligaments of his knee, collapsed and was unable to cross the chalkniark a few-feet away. Passes from Wilson to Conzelman had accounted for nearly all the Roller early stason victories. This was the best passing combination on the circuit last year as well as this fall. In addition to showing uncanny skill at snaring the forwards, Conzleman frequently ran enemy punts back for long gains through his clever side-step ping ability. While at "Washing- ; ton University in 1919, Conzelman! was picked as "All-Missouri Valley ! quarterback." Last year "Dyna- j mite" Gus Sonnenberg of Detroit ! won the most valuable player con- , test of the Roller bv popular vote. ! r LEARN TO BOWL AT ! THE REX Bowling Alleys Free Inst ructions to Beginners 111 N. fith St. tiArfield 3188 TTi1 111' M1 Til' m'TT TT7 TTFJii'Ji"' J'.ja I j j J ' j ! ' 'An J t --i t at, tr ' SCHULZE SOCCER TEAM OBTAINS bLYMPIC STARS With the addition of Richard Uerger and John Schmitt, forwards, the Schulze team is greatly strengthered for its game with the Kusselis in the feature match of Pivi.-ion II of the Municipal Soccer League, at Fairground I'ark this afternoon. Berger, a member of the St. Louis Olympic squad last spring, started this season with the Kolsters but was recently released. Schmitt had a brief trial with the Angelica team early this Beason. Berger is an inside right and Schmitt an outside right. The Olympic squad coaches considered them two of the best amateur players in the city. May I'orm Right Wing. It is probable that the pair will compose the Schulze right wing. If this change is made, Manager Ed (lamewell will shift Hartwig from inside right to inside left. Sullivan will continue in center with Barnes at outside left. It is possible that Berger will not be eligible to play for the Schulzes today he-cause a sufficient time has not elapsed since his release by the Holster.-;. At Sherman Park, the leader. Kolsters and Finans, will meet In the second game of the double-header which brings the Y. M. H. A. and Squadron teams together in the first half. The Kolsters are a much improved club and while it is granted the Finans have the smoothest working forward line, there is no doubt the league leaders may be taken for a fall. I'orest I'ark ' Program. At Forest I'ark. where unusually good football is furnished by two iimior clubs and two "house" He Can Always Another Hat Use Gire Him A Certificate for a GUERDAN-STETSON for Christmas Guerdan Hat Co. 13 S. Broad nay 914 Oiie 1 " Si Municipal Soccer Games for Today Fairground Park No, 2 Angelica s. Shrrve Aenue mitdiio Men, 2:00; Schul t. Hussell, 3:30; referee, II. Pre valid. FatrgTounds Xo. 3 and Xo. 4 At Fairground Xo. 3, Palermo s. Salisbury Street Business Men, 2:00; IienJamUi Pcttj vs. Pais, 3:30; referee, T. I.yeter. At I'nlr-jcrotuids Xo. 4, A. C. Itaner vs. Ilartman, 2:00; referee. It. Wall. Sherman I'ark Squadrons vs. X. M. II- A., 2:00; Kol-ter vs. Finan, 3:30; referee, J. J. Kelly. Caroiiddet Park Xo. 1 St. Thomas of Aqtiin v. German Sport Club Xo. 1, 2:00; I a KoHcdad I ".i-paaola vs. South Side, 3:30; ref-er!, Ij. Ilobbins. Carondelel I'ark No. 2 Garrett vs. German Sjort Club Xo. 2, 2:00; Benton Fark vs. Trumbull, 3:30; referee, V. Walsh. ForeM Park Academy A. C. vs. Cook A. C, 2:00; Missouri I'adflc vs. IVkion Electric 3:30; referee, O. Miller. Concordia I'ark, Juniors S. K. Mary and Joseph vs. Koch Bros., 2:00: vs. Incle's Place A. C. Jr., 3:30; referee, J. Cradock. teams, the main attraction will be" the clash of the Cook A.' C. and the Academy A. C. Both teams are composed largely of youngsters who have been coached by John Scully and Joe McConnell. The Missouri Pacific meets the Union Kiectrie In the second game. WINTER r 520 De Baliviere ' The Only Ice Skating Rink in St. Louis Skating is the most healthful of all exercises. Women will find it a good reducing exercise, and it is not hard to learn to skate. We have competent instructors to teach you. three sessions daily j Mornings Afternoons Evenings ji- 10 A. M. 3:30 P- M. 8:00 P. M. j; Admission Price 50 Cents , o Children Under 12. Mornings and Afternoons, 25 Cents ?! Saturday Morning, L'veryone, 25 Cents J We can arrange special skating parties for after regu- m lar sessions. Call us about a reservation. Telephont p PArkview 3231. A ' yBfrs' onthedot! The record of the Wabash "Banner Blue Limited" for on-time arrival in Chicago, since January first, is ninety-eight per cent perfect. Those who wish to make Chicago on the dot, will find the Wabash most dependable. x tiffed " Illh I AS 1 6-2-HOUR TRAIN OF TRAINS TO CHICAGO Lv. St. Ijuis 12:20pm Ar. Chicago 6:50pm Observation car; parlor cars; dining car with roller hearings ; free reclining chair cars. -The Midnight Limited" Lv. St Ixiuis 12:05 am Ar. Chicago 7:35 am Cluh-lounge car with roller hearings; compartment-drawing room sleeping cars; chair cars Oilier Trains at Convenient Hours SERVING GINCE'1838 High School r Hockey League Opens Tomorrow The McBrlda hockey tram g! into action Monday evening at "; at the Winter Garden when they cross sticks with the C. B. C. sextet to begin their iichedu'e in th. Interscholastlc Hockey Lagir University City will clash with Chaminade in the opening contest t at 5:15. Under the tutelag of Brother Wilfred Moran, who baa bud a good number of years expcrleii'.n both rs a plnyir and a coach in Canada, the McBrlde puck-chash--rs have rounded Into great hap despite the comparative newness of the fport to the majority of them. With good r'katets to beln with Brother Moran has developed .' Hpxtet which has both f-kill ar. I courage, two indispensable quahtl-. In the art of puck char-ing. t ThMtrks tnett U. City a vf(k from Monday find hope to enter that game with a victory in the bag. Rogers RecreaHon Co. In thm Heart at th Downtown DUtrict 51 Bowlinf Alley IS Billiard Tablet A rwreatlen center where ;tu ran lily"! erorea Hti'i firel cla'-a arrvic. 914-920 Washington Av. GARDEN 1 ww w Trr rr irv ntr 1 n hi le i H! ilTi ttli iZit. i i til. iLL. id aLU Ui j

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