St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on December 5, 1928 · Page 28
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 28

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 5, 1928
Page 28
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I'AUfc L'S 5I.LUU15 FUS.-UlbPAIU.. - -- " v. , "- , r A7 XT' I""1 A T TAB JONES' ALL -EAST BACKFIELD CALLED &KLA1 L$ l in i ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 3, 102S ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH PICKS STRONG AND HALFBACKS, SCULL CAGLE FOR AT FULLBACK AND HARPSTER TO CALL SIGNALS TAD JONEjAlE lTi7T TKAM. SKCO.M) TEAM. j Player. College Position. I'Liver. College. i ltn(liN I'msb-irs- I.. K ltarrabee. New Yoik I". ( ( lASMiwn. Now York V I.. T Moom-j, lieorpetown Jones Had No Trouble Selecting This Backfield Each a star in his own right, this quartet would junction effectively as a unit, Tad Jones says. . Burke, a c Westcato. IVnti ? tlrwn. ale i lietto, lNttsbnrsr I Uninr, lYinccton Harpsier. Carnegie Te h I Mmng, N . Y. I . Cagle, Army I Scull. IVnn . . .1.. O. C. . . . .k. t;. . . .11. T. . . . i:. k. . . . q. n . 1. H. II . II. H. I . . . v. n .... Thompson, Ijifajetie Howe. Princeton smith, IVnn ... louls. Wash. & Jeff. Iiosonzweig, Carnegie Tech Shober, IVnn - I . V it miner, i thkiiwh (uarnacria, Harvard . . . Miles. Princeton J HONORABLE MENTION. U XtintTck. New York I., left end; Fhirfiehl. Princeton, left si J tackle; lunont, Colgate, left guard; Tichnor., center; j J; Hanniiatk, Army, right guard; t.rant. New York I'., right tackle; j t Me-ssiiiger. Army, right end; Weston, lioston College, quarter- s j laok; Murphj. IVnn. left halfback; Hill, Xeiv York U., right halfback; Karris, Carnegie Teth, fullback. By Tad Jones, Former Football Coach at Yale University. (,ryriglit, IflCS.) 3 n making my selection for an All-Eastern eleven I have had one essential Quality uppermost in my mind, that is consistency in performance under any and all conditions. To a certain extent I have disregarded mistakes of commission, but have weighed carefully mistakes of omission.. Ve have had s-orr.e very unusuai ; - fc-Cwsit throusrho:. the 1?: sen- ; Km, and some outstanding players. ', "We thiuk, in connection with en ; A':l-Easte rn team, only of those ' , men who possess speed, poorer and allround ability, riiysical qua!;- j fieations clone do ; rot entitle a ma:? (; A to an .ii-ias;ei; r a n k i n Th uimllty cf h; p e r ; o i.ett to right: Cagle. of Army, halfback; Ilarpster, of Carnegie, quarterback (kicking); Strong, of New York, halfback; and Scull, of Pennsylvania, fullback (below). " W A. - '.-v & ' rfiD JOES- i.: a nee. bearing in mina l!v strength of t li e opposition nr.d the natu.-f ct the competition, s h o u I d r. i o ne d e - The ra' this ; year has. I ! - life, develops I some vr.usual eentfrs. To my wny of thinking, the e nter is one of t'ie most important positior.s on a l-am. Ability to pa;-s if para-5!Oin:t. of course, but football in-tinrt :s fully as important. I do not hesimte to choose West?ate of JVi-jn ;.s the leading- pivot man of the Ihisi. K-;u,-:!!y Ming defen-sivi !y. nhtther in the line or out. a biuJiiful licsser and a sma:t dian-r.osiis-i.m of play. Wesiga'.e le.-:ds the field. Ken Strong and Barrabee to Play In Frisco Game i I NEW YORK. Dec. ".. j mWO stars of the .New York ' I University will take part in ' ; A the attempt to bring back , ', some football ' laurels to the'; East in the annual Kast-TlVst j charity came. io be played at j I San Francisco. Cab. Dee. 2?. 'i ' J Ken Strong-, high scoring half- J i I back, already has accepted the ' ' invitation of Andy Kerr. Wash- ' j ington and Jefferson coach, who ' 't will have charge of the East- . ern team. Dob Barrabee, the ! , end who received most of i j Strong's passes, al&o has re- j ceived an invitation. Al Wes- ' I ton. Boston College quarter- '. ( back, is thn third player who has been asked to plav for the ' i East. " l Racing Selections At New Orleans. Br J. I HF.M"KY. ihcii-ari;. A:.wv Mood. G. .1 HENRY S-OMMERi?. Sunday floths. Torn nt. . . . -! R- t- r(irtiur:i .lir.i Ji an. Crriwrs N.jt. . Arrh nix. B:-k Th-.:i.d-r. ' (jfiii-ai. Jiai Bn'tctr. Ai.-1'- IV. T gijEj II. J u:i:ur N;i:t '. Sua Ita- 11t I 01 ISVII I K TIMT.s. 1 Oakland. My W;,y. E...' 3 HtNKV Sl'.'-I.MKKj. Ono Ww. aiv-rt-ey. -i fp.n's Nes-. r.f fcrendum. P.-inc Hot--.. .r Anir. Califtiinr Dam. AnLr.or.y. ii .lot. Pr.i-. T-fca Msjor. 7 ur.orne II. Turauoi?. Stun Ha.:'", j! Detroit Gets Prudhomme And Dale Alexander for $100,000 and 3 Players m Racing Entries Firs! r:ic. At New Orleans. S1000. claiming C-year-olJ?, ! TOKOXTO, Ont., Dec. f. Stanley Harris and Frank Navin ! signalized th'ir appearance at the convention of the National As-i sociation of Professional Baseball Leagues today by putting through I the biggest deal of the meeting to date. They exercised their : option on Johnny Prudhomme. pitcher, and Dale Alexander, first baseman, of the lorcnto ciu.i, tor f uiu.uvu casu aau liiive to be named later. Prudhomme originally was supposed to go to the New York Yankees. npoueiu t . . . Harnoon . . . Lfcfirr . . . . Rdsa sw-"cci Mv Wav. . . Second ra v-1. clever in breaking: into the oppo-neri's' territory ur.-i a'.vay from the :" tensive back. He r:;ust le fast down ti;e fie. .-locKJiig r.d cnecKins offensively n:ust no v.. r miss. Lawlor and hess it-.tft th-s Qualifications M1Y OKLK A N S SCRATCH I IS. Fir?: ra tisrvir.l. srnri Prji-.f. CaMain J. S. Thira raf-v S"-.s:Irac I;a.v. fn.ih racv '.larifit-r. S..-vfntli jaee Sfcin.j n Gr,';d..ri W. .n:. Pr:r..-o Bt-ttr. 5i!ifrc. J.luc Torch. Kajuha. Wra.k I'o -r than a TI M AN A ( IiA JC!II. Tir: ra W r- a:.. b-i.nov. Fi Mi. h. -. :-v. . f-.-,.- Tir N.-, . Tliird t'a- . 1 "our: nder kici.s and his ; s., v (.l lT::r N(.i,f. Si vi! 'h K.-'- t if - : .,! Vi Waw:!::. our'-: Si-lr. ): .: ; - , Pr'ijyrriLTa. C::rk M-rv Mtii. I. iV otn H-.v.e of Princeton, T e si ien.i eleven, in spi place on :e of '.be favt 1 believe Howe one of the i v i:.irrabec of X. y. l. and rtosrn-' zweigh of Carnegio Tech we re -x-Ci iler.t ends, as wore N'-ni r-r k of y. V. z.r.d ilessir.eer of trip outstandir.g centers of the year. 'Army. These men are assigned to Due to injuries, he has not been ,; on d and third teams, respective-,t the top of his game throughout ,-. thf feasor:. Tirhnor of Harvard. ' " BackfioM SelwHon liav. I r'-co o : hr third '-lrvrn t . " ' 1 In i no backfield I Pave pk, c" d, Guards Who Arc Versatile. I without the slightest b.sitation. For p;m r.:?, I have chosen Burke j .Scull of IVnn at fulibaeh. with Ca- c-f ITit- d States Naval Academy j P1 cf t5le Army and Strong of nnd Green of Yale. A guard is no Y" J" ath halfback positions. 1'iitn Harpstcr of Carnegie Tech at longi r a man wno merely covers quarti-rba the middle of is a 1 lib traoi: Five Big Six Grid Coaches Sure of Jobs Next Season Meantime, negotiations betwc en Bert Niefhoff and the Louisville Club, looking toward the former taking over the management of the Colonels, had reached an impasse. Jt wps said thf.t Louis vil! wasn't willing to meet Ben's terms. Mickey O'Neill, former major League catcher, was soid to Louisville bv the Toledo Club in a deal ? afternoo:). d that the Buf falo International bad signed Biily Mulleu. former St. Louis Brown in-fiebiei. who was out of the game most or list season with an in jured b I closed tl: ! li w.-.s be pitchers. Toronto getting the j choice four seasoned hurlers who ' have been with the Tigers for some 'years past. Their names cannot be .divulged until waivers are received ; on ' hem. i ; Alexander is the champion hit-i ter and ;ome run clugger of the , International League. He made 31 : home runs last year and batted I.ZS2. his hits-, including 46 doubles i an,l 11 triples. i J.?h:i Prudhomme was secured 'from Bochester about the same time as Alexander in a trade for Otis La wry. and has pitched two a a: an 1 a hal the li: 1 but he That is his first duty. must not stop there. He must bo a me to run inter: e , he mi;.-, if called upon, function in the forward pass defense. Both Burke and Green are hard, regressive players. Both carry a low. hard charge offensively. Burke and Green are chosen, first. because they nre real football players and, second, because they are guards who have proved their class throughout the season. On the second eleven I plaeo Thompson of Lafayette and Smith of the University of Pennsylvania, in spite of the fact that Smith is a tackle. He. I believe, would make almost an ideal guard. Dumont of Colgate and Ham-mack of the Army are assigned po-Mtions on the third eleven. At no time in the history of the game has the burden of the tackles been harder to bear than this year. Perhaps this is one reason why we do not read of our tackles as we usr.l to read of Bloomer. Hogan. Pish nnd others. Perhaps it is because we have a group of tackles this year Of very hlg'.i In ii it y ease, 1 have selected Getto of Pitt and I-ussman of N. Y. X. for the first elevem A a general rule, the tackle whh fiitbts it out in Ills Pwnonts liaekfioKl is n most of-fe-li' fickle. TIh-sj" men rr' quick starters and tory fast across the line of scriuimHse. Both used their hands ef fti-lively, seldom jier-mU'ng nil end to get to their liodies nnd legs. Against both inside and outside, plays they were deadly and their 'ovnfield work as entirely up to grade. Powerful on both the attack and defense, they are qualified tn every way for the tackle poi-tions. Por second choice, T have Meonfy of Georsri town and Douds of Washington and Jefferson. Bar-field of Prineet-n and Grant of N. y. V. are plae en the third team. For the w!rg positions I have chosen Lawlor of Princeton and Donchess of Pitt. End play tn the modern came is a most difficult thing. An end -who is good defensively alone no place on an r.U-st;.r rleven. Ha tnu.-t bes brilliant dcfensitrly against a flank attack an 4 must be fst enough flnd clever enough to file support a close offensive. He rnust te u tare receiver ef the pass and t My choice of Strong te choice in spite o' : Ins comparatively poor showing : : gainst Oregon on Thanksgiving In oth r games this year Strong was a star performer, j A most iiberal use of superla-itives is required when mentioning I any of these men. Scull, I believe, j is one of the truly great backs of : the last decade and he. among other things, would back the line in j this combination. Cagle is a stror.g.-r runner to the left than to j the right, while the reverse is true of Strong. I therefore place Cagle at right halfback with Strong at left. While Cagle, Strong and Scull are al! good kickers. Scull and Strong are brilliant ones with Scuil leading the field in this respect. Soull is not only a fine punter, kicking always with rare judgment end speed, but he is also a marvelous drop-kicker. All are forward passers par excellence and equally adept on the receiving end of passes. This, I believe, Is the t-tronffest eoniblnation the I'.ast has seen In many a year. Their offensive power is only equaled by their strength rtcreiisitcly. The quarterback is Harpstcr. What an easy job he would have. Think of being able to call upon Cagle nnd Strong and Scull to advance the ball by a run or a plunge or a pass. He could not go wrong if he chose. Harpster possesses all of the physical qualifications to go with this combination. One of the outstanding forward passers of the year himself, he has shown excellent judgment in running his eleven throughout the season. Harpstcr is chosen on his year's record. He has made the most of his attack in every game. A sure handler of kicks, steady and cool under frie, he is clearly entitled to the position. Not far, if any. behind Harpster comes Shober of Penn. Like Harp ster, he has made the most of his attack and is a remarkable forward passer and handler of kicks. Weston of Boston College Ss named for the third eleven. With Shober on the second team. I have placed Wittmrr of Princiton and Guar, naecia of Harvard at halfbacks and Miles ef Princeton at fullback. Murphy or Penn. Hill of N. Y. U. t halfbacks and Karris of Carnegie Tech are named for the third tam. 3y tl.ff Aswr-iatc-i Fre: KANSAS CITY. Mo., Dec. C. i The Big Six football season will j get under way next fall without the j coach who directed the champions in the JSCS race. When Ernest E. Bearc, Nebras- ' ka head football coach, announced j yesterday he" would not consider' re-election, he wrote finis to four ! years as guardian of Corn Huskeri football destinies. Nebraska in ! the past season had a clean slate ! in the Big Six race, and of its four ! i-terseetional games won t wo, tied ' one and lost only to the Army. Bearg did not announce his future plans v hen he notified the Nebraska Athletic Board he would : not return. The Athletic Board at Nebraska said it did not know who would succeed Bearg. The other five conference i coaches are virtually assured of i their jobs another year. The two unnamed 1 layers will ' no-hit games during his career. New Orleans Charts Weather drizzling; track fast. NLVY OKLKANf. Dec. 3.- Folio a in j; are the results of today's Jefferson Park races: I HtST r.iCK JI003. maiden 'I-war-ol.U. .ix furI..nK. S;ar- coo-I. on ri.,v-r l'i'-e i.m' Wi.;,i i., injsi 1 :4v j.. ra. A: j. t 1 minute. iisik r. . c. ry Batu- O.-ai-d-slim Pri:icer. Trau: A. SVer.Ue. Tint..-, -i --5. .46 3-5. 1:14 2-j. V-'i,.-- T" V'f"-- 7(,-'l t.rr' SJ"7! TV"'' C-'';j;t '.i'-j-,'. S - .111 Fvcli-n 1 101 .lit P:ck"rfl 10- . lo4 l:o.-Jvijtf- lo." . 1C! Bill Me.Mahoa . .107 . lo.V Mvslerv Bailot.. 10H . H' ster Las- ... HT .t0" rh-jiulrr C;il! . . 1 1 : .?( sfima O'Neii.. li'J . 0:t Marcuer;to Wil- let 104 SI 000. el a i mil sr. 3-rcar- 1'iiis ana upvva.n. six lurioucs: IriMimsi'T . ..Ill 3ct Wind Ill Krin!iiT-man ..ll.t Pheasani 115 'Vlujiui.- Muidi.ou .IIS Cioul 11.1 Hull on n:t Flat- Lieui.ii- mrrv Mood ..Km ant US Trar.pier 110 BiK-aratoue ...II.'J Fiix-siem. .....115 Ethel Gaiicc-r. .Km "lnvot Ill ( l.aiM.n llii Hnrili k 11 x Omnia 11.", Honeviifih 11U iiiird iaee. sloiiit. claiming. 3-.vca;-jlo nml upward, fix luricnrs: Indian G uide . . 1 Ki i.n; Wav 11 8 Srerecv 1IO IWinna V ledo ..110 Sunua iothes 1 l.t Jim Sanla ....llh Phil Frto . ... 1 1 a Ala,, elik-ibl.-: Sauc-v Si;. . . . 1 1 :; TVtnisii)(.n ....111 Krnrv Sorumerf 1 1 .: Aa ....K'S Punnvkina lis Tnrrent U Rhubarb lit; rnel.. Boot ...111 Curt belt 113 'Hnnn Pine ...11 ! , i;ai SiJc (iuv. . 1 Ki j lou-th ra??. SlOOd. The Fire Fly. -- -ai c.n,i w-y, ar-uiuN. one mile: (Tow yrst ...Kid I.jumln Puut.. .111 Jim Boa:; KM Prince Kii.,j ... iCI ke'erer.!i:ni ...Km Fifth race. SKK-o. maidens, all a-e. niUe and Id yurtit-: Koit of Thai.- Dawn 104 t ion ,.v f?T.-d ... !r Black Thunder .IK." Amir Ill JacK DOr ll.i R.-.1 ir,t '. . 97 (iull'i.ine 11' AiirhuiiV 11C (iall.ninjr Sixth rac. S1G0O. ciajmirp. .'I-rear-olus rn-.l viiward. rail." nd fine-fiileriih : Culnenner ....107 C-hmkt Demon. 10't j I -rarawar I - T'e CoeoCD . . . !'! 'iTUncr s.ielt. ..li7 Prir- TOT! '.Tir.i f?r;ci-(r . .Mil e. tnatn ...HO1 M.lam's Antle .10:! 'Wn,rk Rjv ...107 !"' 107 Joe Rntx.lDh ...11-,' tir Bek ....11V ....IK' Ura Ma lor ....11'? Letter Sir 11C Sfvenih ra. ". Si 0'o. clainimr. .'I-yrar-olfis anl Ui-want. mi; anii i:r:i'-f:Tti erth : ST. LOUIS HOCKEY THREE MINNESOD CLUB TO OPPOSE STARS SELECTE f i I MILLERS TONIGHT! ON BIG TEN TEn S; to the Post-Pispalch. MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.. Dec. 5. With all members of the team in good condition except for scattered minor bruises, the St, Louis Professional Hockey team in the American Hockey Association was ready for its game here tonight with the Minneapolis Millers. St. Iouis rests in second place in the Association standings with three victories in four games, two of which were at the expense of Minneapolis. Coach Alex Irvin announced he would start Billy Vaughn, substitute goalie, in place of the regular, Iver Anderson. Anderson nas starred in every game in which the St. Louisans have participated, but there is great chance for injury, and Coach Irvin said he want id Vaughn to become thoroughly familiar with the job. If Vaughn shows signs of cracking Anderson will replace him at once, according to Coach Irvin. Minneapolis Obtains Goalie From Boston Ty the Asociate.j Press. BOSTON. Dec. 5. The loan of Hal Winkler, Boston Bruins spare goalie, to the Minneapolis club in the American Association Hockey league was announced today by-Manager Art Kos3. Boss said the transfer was made to give Winkler, who was the Bruins' regular cage man until "Tiny" Thompson arrived here from Minneapolis, an opportunity to avoid staleness by playing regularly. Winkler, Boss said. was subject to recall at any time up to Peb. 13. nevt. Win' (r has been suffering from a se re cold and Ross said he would not, leave for Minneapolis until he felt fit. New High Price Set in Hockey Player Deal Frr the Asrci?. tc-.J Prrs. CHICAGO. I't'c. Z. Harold "Mush" M3rch. f. 0-year-ohl amateur slar of the Regina (Canadal Monarchs, wps purchased today by the Chicago Black Hawks for what was said to be the highest sum ever paid by a major league hockey club for an amateur. March was a wingman on the Regina team last year, which won the world's junior championship. Crowd of 10,000 at Montreal-Toronto Game n- the Acociatel Prp. NEW YORK, Dec. 5. The cripples of two teams played a large part in the latest alterations in the National Hockey League standing. The Toronto Maple Leafs played a game last right without their regular center, but with their defense working in top form and beat out Les Canadiens by a o-to-1 score to advance from a tie for second place in the international group to the lead CHICAGO. Dec 5. Th . contested Western conference tt ball race, in which nice matched elevens participated v been reflected in the all-confeV team selected by the coache. ri cials and writers for the Associ 1 Press. Eight chools place n ers on the first eleven and t Chicago, which wound up iu s.., disastrous season without a I Ten victory, failed to land er on cither the first or ieCv teams. Minnesota, the team that a, the conference champion! , two one-point defeats, placed ti-, of its stars on the first eleven h Indiana landed two. All the c-v schools, with the exception of p-due and Chicago, had at least tt man selected for the first j-uruue missed landing lu;. h by only three votes. rv. and Welch by only three votes. rv. Bennett of Indiana defeated 'J boilermaker halfback out cf frr team honors. The Gopher stars chosen for'V first eleven were Preddy Hoidt quart -rback; Captain George G.t-son, guard, and Kenneth Haycur; end. Bennett and Claire dolph. center, were the two II siers to make the honor team. Most of the selections were clt but the placing of Fesler or Oh, State, Holmer of NorthwesW.-j Pommerening of Michigan. Hoi and Gibson were almost unanimous. Because of his field generalship kicking, passing, line smashing am open field running. Waiter Holme was favored for captain of ffe'j mythical team. aJthonrh I tain was officially named. The first and second team tl. tions follow: nnsT team sreoxD tfav rosier I OFiio Mate Ponmit roiling. I, Michigan Warner. Wisconsin Randolph . . . Indiana Gibson Minnesota N'owuck .... Illinois I la craft .Minnesota Hoytle Minnesota Bennett I Indiana 1 Tow Mlwavju i T. ..,.Vtlr!f Joea I'. C ..loir . Bmn ..i:. a Wr WiseOBM .II. T. . . .RaskuaJa j Ohio Suit ..R. i ......Hanoi rwdar .?. r. Cait W iseonvt ir. n ..wen Gl.-.ssgow It. ii. n.. Inun Holmer V. li. ... Northwestern La A; Winroixa . . .Mi Kid Iot rifip.-K. r.-T. i -: ir.a j e Mnier. LK:eC i.H a M.-i .-sh.ili Stth Sur:.-, x . . i i 4 ...lit ..114 ..111 ..111 . . ! II .7 . I'-v jri r. i , S"- re: : f r F..or V. Rl.l-.Tt It. Zur, -hi: i 1J "er.-- 4 40 el;ci I'Mr.e. . . i.i in -l i-.tiu. Ktn .,,.. i:.,- i-. j.i Pi-e'-ei a::ci lj 1 , ) er. v.-.Ii. Fr-ccr,.:-- io -..a- i.r-l ii '''.'-r ;i' pree ran a i-nod ra.-i . I.a :- i( firtfaed t.iii' lv. Marshii! :;:'!!! i.aul- U -nut Prin.--. w'n M.i'.i. i,!ac- r.' Cio. i, la."- .li). t.Ji,.T J.'..4ii: S::.:ii 1-rie. ehow SC.ti'-1 sl:( OM I1A( i: .;Kmi. (lulmins - e or-lii. six furlme cnvirc. i.ij'-r w m t 1'J j-. re. At -aii.v. lilj.ii.veil leLl ih,- cay. Mruonf I.'-Seth isrlv TMed. t.jw -.40: Bras.-ido- Stait poej. won r minutes. Winner sili r:iis Rcr' hra 1 . . . . Sia H.n k. . . . Herniifial" . . . I'rht Svi-op .. BiliT Brr. . . . Tumiois" . . . f-'n Ka 'sh . . . Junior' ;,'i:rso 10.J -P.lia l.i e II. . .104 . Iu4 Bearinr. 1 OT .11'? l,nmi II 110 .KT AN-', r-litibJc: , K ii 7ka!x-lle J OR kit Vic Eaielie ...10". . In" .T'-n Panola .. . . Km . It? "! I curt 10? .104 Hicl.binder ...107 Ti-er : ::" allewne eViir? T Weather, dr.ziiia.-: track. Ian. ! e S. rr.y Lisht B.-vad'-Waterleo. Tra ::ir J. li. Grant. Time. :C4; :4S 1-3. 1:14. V'"n 1 in.,nr ViVi- it,' T i, CO - .n..V, C ' r. l.Mii caltli t ! OI'.-II. Wt. IT. CT. 1 : ' St". '"in. .T.-v V-r v. "ln ;. '1 '." " - i I- 1- t.. i-:i-i'jfr.i! j Th.s-le j'v: - K'T ! ." 4: 4- li l;rcn,a. (I..'"i li,ivri3k-r 11 r, ;:: ,,s -. ; K. Wt.-u ". V 1 . :.. I !!. : 4 4 4 - J.riv. 1 ::. IK' :- 1- : - H .-, .. Teyl!:-i ' 4') Tn-- t : -r HT r- :i v - s'- i---1 J S,-ri" t'-.f 1 ''sttti. 1' ' - : ::- .V T it. T'-i.-r '."T.'?ii Ne-i, sn! Ni-,-k K-'i :; :"! i 7 : s: h. Z- ! :t : TCI Vu.l Jii'a 1 1'. 1 I - .. fc. !"' W. FirVer " '' i"" !t! 1 M !lS 7 l.l- in-- 1,.- T.. .ten- 14.0'' K-mie r .ne j-: s n ;' 1 1 i" 1 1 t. r.i " ' 7i.i 11. , 11 i. 10 ,- ---,1.---- Th-- I'a-i"--. sva f,v-:. r.i'ei matihev w ul in!?:-:in. Il.e-i itTe.v aay lIt v;i ilojrr- h: In--?-: at il;p rlt.!, TrMTie Ky-n f::ii!,i-J last i.::der vf-nk n-.1rt. Hay- ROCKNE AND WIFE REACH BEDSIDE OF SICK 2-YEAR-OLD SON j Bv the Aoi''a rrj Press SOUTH BEND, Ind., Dec. j Coach Knute Rcckne of Notre ' Dame University and Mrs. Rockne j arrived yesterday at the bedside j of their son. Jack. 2. after a hurried trip across the continent from California, where they attended ' the Xotra Dame-University of : Southern California football jarap : Saturday. , After the game Rockne was r-o-tified by telegram that Jack was in a serious condition as the result 1 of an operation performed to r- ! move a piece of peanut lodged in ; his threat. An airplane was c.r- dered to meet the et i Rock Island. 111., but it was not I used because Mrs. Rockne had ! collapsed. At Chicago a special electric train was chartered to carry Coach and Mrs. Rockne to South Bend. Doctors said their arrival rrob-ab'v saved the boy's life. r.-aitr l-ulow- ! e-ir.y i-rice '.- ?:r--1- h, , hi re l.e weakened. W eil turned ran a SO-.HJ ra M:,t:1i'a j-'fr:y ear'.v k-.i-rd. SO mutue laid: The Padre," vi'n JS..J0. r-Iaee J3.S0. ehow $3; Thistle Fj m. place S'.S'i. S...1.V. f t.Oe; Haymaker, -haw TH1KH K.( F SMKTO, rlalrelni. H-'ear-oWii ani vr. nur mil Btid cn-ijtmh -Stan i.i e o:i V inner, h. f plJi-- flr:i::r. We,:: i- pot 1' C 44 Ve -:n". J. J. K.:i! at i-i.'i 4 try:- il. TIE" Four Granite City Plavers Placed on All-Star Eleven Granite City, champions of the Southwestern Iliinois High School Conference, placed four men on the all-star teem of the conference and three on the second team, the two teams being selected by I coaches and members 0f the facul ty last night at Alton. Kast St. Louis High placed three men on the first aggregation. The all-star selections: Rangers, with Myles Lane and Leo Bourgault the only undamaged bacit line players, were unable to hold off the Boston Bruins, who pulled out a C-to-0 victory from a uuil game. Toronto lias a doubt'; triumrh to celebrate in snatching a game from the flying Frenchmen in Montreal. It was their first victory of the season away from home. A crowd of 10.000 witnessed the match. 18-YEAR-OLD GIRL LEADS GOLF QUALIFIERS Cv lhe Aneiatfl Fres. PINKHURHT. N. Ci Dec. I-Miss Helen Waring, an JS-year-oit Tinehurst girl, who hus been pl?-ing golf onlv a year and a hi" yesterday won the 18-medaJ jsT-fying round with a score of fi n1 the eighth arnual Carolina totirw- The New York ment for women. Mrs. Kmmett French cf town. Ohio, wife of the (tolf professional, was in the second pli't with a S6 score. t.. VAIXrjO. Cal Johnny Norman. San Francisco, outpointed Frank le Murray. IMiiladelphia. ICE HOCKEY SCORES j NATION AL IXAGtC Ton .11 1 o 3, Ix-s Cana (liens L Boston 2, New Vork Itanicn CANADIAN LI1GIC Detroit 3. Hamilton I. WI ST C OAST. Scntllo 2. Victoria 0. if'4 - -, ii..' 1 ' 1 ,- --','. V iii,-i c-, Ki u 1 , ielil iiOT;p- VTT. PI. ' t- g. Vi ,To-kv n-:-ttn 1. c.-ii-i- i". ' -i ' I- la 1.'. u: -.-.I: .... 1 No th K4 1-: 1 ' ,"i .'- W. F.-.nnr t ;-H n . li.-ii -Sir.;.-,1 K'l -I 5 ,' li 1- a; s;:e: li:re I Kc-kl Ma-fi-.l K'l 1" c, :;. 4- 4'- 4 T. M:.:v r.4:- .-r-;,.r n-.i;'v- .11 i a S .- 1-. l. ina : 14 Tillie ;s : -- ."- - f 7.. .!.,!,,. 700 t-site tn" 7 V :. ". c 7 - K. U-r,!.r.i .'! P'-,l - Pi.I 11" 3 1-: 1'- !'i fi ss W. H.i:-.-.- r? no -r.--sr. l -.ri- s 10-: 0 4 r- r-i a: s- , ;. S.-hmnrr 1 'I s-,.rm M:-.:.l -:-. !; s 7 r K' 1-c I"- 1-c .1 (.-.-. r?7 "i Star Kale-.r. K4 1 11 1.' 1 II VI U K. Rl"e J " en ii ? i 1 -it iir ,1 r K-r-Ti i.::der h e-M.-i n-le. , r,:,,! ? ei: uj t-- t:-1 n .ii. re lie ein,e arti.::I ih- 1- f. lo"K i-n-:,':-;,;:-: nor to r- r r av X'inh I'rezp -rrk--. hiq epv ,jr FIHST TEM. I'ct Kir-heff K. St. L.T. K Snair. E!aru. SKCONn TKAM. .Sherir. i. G. 1 L. a f hnr'-riTTirr ,. (' . . r. TJ. st L. r ; Mus'O, ' o! K. T. Ri". Allr. i R. ;;. Ha-k v. Cn' i. I Ekette E. st. L .'ll' I f!-n. O. C P T Wiif-on. O. C K. K.' K .norahie rifntirT: M'-kle: Kieri-eieh. A.l c ra 1 : 1 1 - 1 ,tv, n 1 : T. . . . Rarnrrunn. io'l TWatch . . .'. For our Used Car announcement on the Sport Page of this paper FRIDAY .... 35EC. 7th Gr oss-ButSer Motor Co. 2944 Locust Boul. USED CAR EXCHANGE r-cUar;. l Dlllev, K(iw. . . .TV-Miore. ; r. . Wai w. K. St. I,, j K'ii -hU' y ar . Rie'ii. Cranitc Ciiv I T-ities. Alton Ziher. Rijjv. 1 .v . QuflU li. W. K. j I-eir.-'T.fiTl. Alion . v.r.ter: rai,jv.-!). vr.i fu,i.hei Ki"ii Msr'-;l r-' "1 eve-, r.i SK roi ktii n k- Sii 40. i.! a S7 sa .1 ion Tu.t-.i. sr.!. -.40. ieol t!-r .r-T l.inr I Tint ,-d used ud racir.e Sarasb Princes fl'ifir 54: North rj-?ez. T-a-e hall: Ptnuid. ;ramte- Citj. tackle.' anJ Hale. Alton, fubbick. Wir 1: w-m erivm.- "'-r. rt-Teor-oH anil Ttt. lx fur- 'aw-. Wirt t v, t a io ti. m.: i nost 1 ie.T:--an lied. T-aifer G . T A-"'cate. F-T-u1, ..,! '''K WT p1' ST ' (-.-. , ' . . I , ,.i.k . i '- i , ( - 1 j i .1. K. ... . ' i ?::t I'"! a 5 4 ?. I:. T-p-r"a 14 r-i- K.i u- li-: 4 a :;: as r : j. i -' c-w-ii-ri" Kc r e. :n ' a; p.-.:'. At Tijuana and cr.e-!,s.l; riKCT r.MK Fiv; Slaei-ttj (P. Cla.-hfr- '.ni i r eo .t'1v silieliji- i U. .1-fi,-p i . . ll.S'V M.-!-r! l-incra. t". M..rr ... Time. I:liMi shin t.-arx.' Of I . i f-. :i 0d Siiri suMfrt iif-ti rn-f hut Imifhert fame-ali ihe - ay at the mil Genuine Quit baoly. J. i-.rrf ar.-tir- r.i. ! h l.i u.i ! . 1 .!-', Fr:.!- f:rr it.c eiilj-iciti FinI A. Isck'-.l f-e-1. si r.i-'-u. Is rai1: Hot Time -win S7.C-0. ntie $3 60. show S3 CO CM flip place ! CO. S3.CA: Fal.-s Pride. tho $2.f.0. FII TH RA(X I200. the rirkwlrk. Uiminc hnnitirap. .t-iearlt) and nr. en mile sod one--iSLU-nth : Start fren. w-.n rziiy. We::i to n,-,.t at 3 43 e. ra At re?-i ;i n:in.l-R. w tnirr. eh. tr. 4 bv 1'e-inar.i-AfTem4!! Tra'nr M "'tr.i.-''f.'ii Time -U4 3-i. :4sc-;,. 1:14.15. 1:40 l-i. KI71-.V Value f inner. "-50."20t.' a , , . . ';or.gti. tvt rr. st. - -v t-- ',.vr 'o'i' A I te.v ... ;. '1 !ei i.i.,-iS M" . 4 ro j l-v M 5 -pt . 1n . t I'1 I n! "i s -I-- 4 'i K N s-i.r,, K. K .- ! :-1 tv i i ..:(... hrr.kc li. a rai'ii ;uiie iui n:,- i.a.- ,-nme -.and .r,,; r--" irl tr- '!et n. lootc h a.1 nnd -..n rnrf sv. Grand Had wt t- oar. i.t can. Harrr M Ph-'n. mtik it r. S-mi.t:;. "lf,i,.i: ..l' : - raa, J nac SC. 0. ahow SC.C'J. Collea I-ac. Xaible Af-.-h. n Mirasol aid Ft -- e -ere :oth en-,- i.-ai !?.. flioir JJ9I: tt.ow 5C.C0. tur- Gran-S Tai. RITENOUR HIGH FIVE OPENS SEASON AGAINST HANCOCK ON FRIDAY AViih three 1-tter men back, the P.itencur Hrgh School basketball team is rrtcticins for its schedule of li frames, the first of which will be piayeJ Friuay when Hancock will be the opponent on the Kiterour floor. Garner En gel li captain of the Hitenour juad. The pchcdule: Iei-, 7 Kaneork at'nesT -. ; er. 14 K.eiiur at .lnt)ii-. IiC. fl H.tenour ai li.neoi . .'-.. II at Ff-rrjer. Jan. 1 U-l-i.-r at R Ian. C K;Te;H,.T- i s;..-r ; .'an. 'J N-'-nHiiev at l:,t-:Ti:r. i 1 '-S. 1 Jr.n:r.c at tt-tenour .' 1 t e. .' i" :?"!t: a-l. al f'nennur. ; fetl. Sh Ter,,.,-- ,t W,-h1:. is erc-jmin at K,ivj Krie 1 Prtri'-ipia at R!ernij-.-s. Id R icnour at No-mr.d. h. C" R't.Ttout at Fin-ir- V'-h 1Ri!nrM,r at Virkmyl. Varch S R.ter. ur a. Vellatoa. The Mew DUWL0P "Winterized -ufvV Cleated Itl, T3 Tires j inai gup v c,caled ,hoe V tLJl CHAINS thi witT J V NO! Yrt. wlttf mr , , i, i chain ara ! uiana all tb lima net t chain art oil ! Clratrd tira (rip rt road . . . Wt anew . . ar ur-(ootd ia luh a' rrtpend ltttiljr ta four-ii fc Ak About Our BONDED GUARANTEE AGAINST EVERYTHING Buy Tire aa you buy other necei Je on th "Budget" plan. Or regular chart account. on th "Budget plan, No extra charf. KISHT IND D1T CERTICE il iu iiajio JE(froa PT

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