The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1934
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MABCil 27,-1834 BLYTHJBVILLE, (Alt) COUIOUt NlWf PAGE SEVEN Ci4$Slf IED CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per 4ir.e ror consecutive Insertions: . 06c OM THREE room furnished apartment with bath. Mrs. Doele Mick, 110 W. Arti. n-ck-tf BEDROOM tor 1 or 2 gentlemen, 801 W, Walnut St. Call 151. 6-ck-ti One time per line ..... ..... Two Utfltt per line per day • Thrw times per luv per day . £hc times per line pet aay . rate per line • • • • • • • • - cbirge ooc FURNISHED bedroom, 101T W. Walnut.. Mrs. Ed Hardln alter P. M. lc kti KOOA1 & BOARD A<Jg ordered for tnree or MX tlmei »nd slopped lie/ore explra- t'on will be diargcc Jot the number ol Itoes the ad appeared ana adjuttmont ol bill made. All clamed Advertising copy submitted by person residing out- i'de ol toe city Bust be accompanied by cask- Rates may be cully computed from above table. «o responsibility will be taien 101 more Uian one Incorrect In- stiUoa of any classified ad. Advertising ordered lor irregu- iM insertions take the one time tttt. BOOMS or loom and board or meals. Good mcnl, clean rooms rates low. Close In. Mrs. Loflin til S. Second. 8-clc-4-8 WANTED WANTEll—Cltan Rigs, free uf but tons. No pants or hnvjr under wtar acceiiled. Courier News. d h I POSITION WANTED BUSINESS DIRECTORY EXPERIENCED stenographer and general office worker wants position. Available April J. Excellent recommendations. Ca' 484. AGENTS WANTED . G. UC3S, Undertaker Ambulance Service Phone 3g MEN and WOMEN, full or spin time, In Mississippi county. At tractive proposition. Write lor ai polnlment. Box 602, Blythevill WEAR-EVER aluminum Is better §nd costs no more. Sola exclusively ai llubbard Hardware Co. Repair Furniture Now You can save money by having furniture upholstered now as materials are cheaper. We make the old new agiun. Free estimates. Complete line samples. Work guar- & Son, 113 WANTED TO BUY onilis work in the lust two and hnlf years. Once Iliey thrciv ilu uniliir plate away, but somebody roughl 11 (jack. The Icavnlng ol EuuUsh R\H J:d wrltlnt; Is rrt'anhNl 1111 y Japanese coolies us lost obvious pustlmt! camy hours o( leisure. F.D.R. Prtised Ohio Boy for Uphill Fight CUAltHON, O.~(UP)—A iL'tloi 1 from 1'ieMdnit [ttxucvclt, pnilslng him for being uljlc to cwnplolc his Mgh school studies despite phytlcnl hnndicnps, Ls cheering the their | John Holy, 19. here. with infunllle iwmlyels. Recently he hail |ho added misfortune of trcnkUig a leg when tlyln* (u learn lo wulk. Thr- piTsl- was low ot young I>o!y\s r>tm|!;li< (or rdiiciUlon uy '1'liumus M. NmTls. of Cleveland tomii-r state Dou- now Is tnVlng college in home. He u HI> Hinnlciir Ills reply to Mr. fioojuvnlt's letter WHS InstTlbrit (itllsltcnlly on tint biicK ot n curd. Gambling House "For Women Only" Raided MONTllEAIi tUI'l— A otise, opuintoil by a womnn oxclu- slvcly for wunicii, hus Just been l<ll'(t Ill'lT. A Uitul uf 30 Kuninn, some ol them well-known i,ock>ty iimtronii, were foiind 'pluylng the ixinlos,' mid de.snlte ln'iul-iciullng iilc Inisitleil Into jiolliv and taken to hendquuvlrr.s. Not u mini wns fumul In hoiisi'. itlulu munblei-.s veiv vviiRon.i Ihu fonncd their wiuilcd. lircsence • 11) Sets uf Twins In Si-hou). SOMKRV1LLE, (UPj —A ri'cord hunt to duplicate Is held by SI. Joseph's elenichlary and srhooLs. They hnVe 19 »els In- oi twins unending daises, OUR BOARDING HOUSE TH&R& HE 13 STILL SPINNING TW V COCOON AROUND TO WALK HIM, Wt Pay f2 per ton lor Scrap Iron. =:" Also buy hides, brass, copper, lead, etc. Wolf Arian, Phone 176, 128 E. Main. 26-ck-3-20 Vlt specialize in Kloor S»«ep Sp«i>l kinds tor special^ floors Want to buy all kinds Used House hold Goods, Stoves. Highest Cnsh prices. Lelgliloa's . Second Hind Store. 320 E. Main. 10[)k4-10 LIVE STOCK For Sale: 1 Jersey HEIFER with calf 8 days old. Apply Haynes' Men's Shop, 2M W. Main. Call 211 Hubbard Hardwire Co. Mrs. J. J. Davis, phone Spencer Con>etiere 421 EXPERT Typerfrittr and Ad<Un« Machine Kesairing. V). S. 116 E. Rose. C»H FOR "Old Three Legs" Finally Ends Life of Crime OAK CREEK CANYON. Ariz (UP)—"Old Thre5 Legs." known to government hunters as (lie mpsi notorious criminal in this section of the state, has paid for his crimes with his life. After a search of five years the snarling tmrt defiant coyote hna f — been trapped and killed. His past Uow Btagers, fvsll scorn CANA- e cord shows lie Is vesponEible for Yellow „..„.... KlfiS. Mi-s. Joe McFall, 209 ONE SABBBB CHAIR CHEAP. Mrs. M?W, Lee, Joiner, Arlc. 14p M-12 1 Oliver row crop tractor, one 4 row planter, one t row cultivator one 16 by 20 disc harrow, one 3 tot class condition. Billings, Inc. Gay and- 6c fc.4-6 TWO aoud mules, priced reason able H. A Smllu. 510 W. Main. 2c REAL ESTATE For Trade: City property Icr farm WIND. Mrs. Ed Hardin. POULTKY & EGGS FKsh «»s daily. R. I. Bed (setting Me j. Plckard Store. 1M4 Chlcka sawta. «P M- 1 BABY CHICKS AH Varieties. Custom hatching soJicited. Scl each Tuesday, hatch each Wednesday. MARILYN HATCHERY Hatchery Code Cer. No. 56 .he death of thousands of chickens iu this section as well as being charged *itn. destroying a water- iclon patch valued at $300. He has been identified in the piiit by his three tracks. One leg was lost in a steel trap several yenrs ago and since the wild animal has run at large the object of every hunter in this section ot Arizona. 13 as House Number Was Unlucky tor Them TILBURY. England (UP) — Attached to a large number plate was a note. It read: "Herewith No. 13. For 1ft yeurs we have Ueen stricken with the accursed tiling." The sign was received by the local council, when the number ol Uw house was changed to 115, after being 13 for 13 years. Its occupant is Mrs. H. Kalis, and this is the "luck" she has hart during that lime. Her husfcand led soon after they moved in. "hen her son was invalided out I the army with shell-shock. Since then they have had to live n his dole and Mrs. Kane's |x?n ion, for he only 1m done three Nino yews HBO the youtli wns ivi'li-si and docs [miming on cauls. I MUV.MBOT. WVE . KilEN GUZ LCfT WO, 11E /'WOE A MlS'lftKE, 'CAUSE HCM WAV'S Cl.EAR FOR W • PIW1C MUTINEER 10 flttCUE W FRIENDS, ESCAPE.' WITO WE YOU 601MGTO //XN'fU WE'RE Pi ACES, UP lit 111' TREES? C'MON KNOW, BUT I Wl A amer) PLAN! CHOH, Vin'RiC GONNA PKftV. ING GUZZLE BUNClt THIS-A PEW WEEKS I WROTE SOME CONTRACTORS MY MINE,"THE UTTLE PHOEBE "FOR PRODUCTION,NMDTWS V5> THBW INTO TME GOLt> MINE ' IS IN SETTING I THE VAOUT OF VT ONE PUTS HIM VT YOUR MINE : WE. WILU CONSTRUCT LEW5ING VttNE I OET 7H' TOIFT, 6V HECK/ OT.ff VA mil n\L oc OUR HUT OP.AN' ST01 IlllNKlN 1 - JUST KGEP VOUR EVES OPF.N A WARD NLJT TO CRKCK COOTS AND HER BUDDIES WOTCHA"TOWS TOO, UOKJ-HtMITtO — U! :ov' R'.GHT WOW TOR 1M ViOY T\VV BOOTS WASH TUBBS AUTOMOTIVE aflbcrltUR Tires & Tubfs, Kcplace- mrnt parts and accessorits ol all kinds lor any make of car. AnU»<Xi« Dcpt., Ilubbatd Haw. Ca. lc "-J Auto Gluv, Ml Kinds IcslaUed The Ark-Mo Limber Co. IDs k-t-10 I,OST From T,. M McDonald's Thursday night going NE, 1 black horse MULES, weighing nbout 1CCO Ibs. each, 4 years old. Reward. 24pk28 FEEDS We specialize in seed corn. Farmers Cash Feed and Seed Co. rhont 127. 19p M I\>T Sale: CORN delivered to you W. T. Hiley, New Madrid, Mo. Sl-pV.-4-lD 15ATTEK1ES New Ford Batteries BtnUI . H«hW£iri£ - RtfiirinK '.Tl TIRE & BATTERY STATION 2Qc k3-2 RKNT 2 story mor.em h'ousc on Division Just norUx of catholic diurch Reid, Eviard & Henderson. Phon 882. 13c-t 2 inifiiiiiUlied ROOMS, 516 Chicka sawba Minute Lcc Jones. Cal 1026. !Cc TWO nicely lurnlshcd CHEAP. 9M Hearn St. room; UNFURNISHED 4 room apart went, bath. Phone 327; night &5 NSWERS The Tower of IMsa leann NEAllhY 17 FBKT out ot the perpendicular. The RUBY is Hie moat valued of nil tlon*s. Kelp consists of tUc ASHES OV UUKNT_SSA- WEBD. March frTfr Peter Great .St; fl of :national navy oft I'M WOflRlEO, APACH6, WORRIED! THOOOHf THIS TOP WOULD DO MV NIECE, WSS LANE, 1OT OF GOOD. OUS MADE MATTERS VWRS6. SHE 6OES AWAY ALONE, CRIES •EVERY WIGHT. <30T TO DO SOMETHING. APACHE, GOT TO DIVERT HER MIND. MEED MOPE ROMANCE. I RECKON SOU \ MEflN LIKE RUPIM 1 SHOOTIM'AW 1 BRONCSJ WP.L, THEV'S SOME FfllR TO-M1DDUU' COWHAMDS AKOUMD, SUH, BUT I C-OMT KNOW HOW c OW ROMANCE. , APACHE, MOT LOVE! ROMANCE OP THE WEST ! SALESMAN SAM HIO'S THROUGH! ooctT, OUl^. MEftRE TM' FOOD HAS IMPROVED- L-eTs CO (M OOIM'J \ OH, suae' He. ' ut, eexTeRs? "Cu. 1 stou IM -^t' s. -sTtu_ coins \T ; lODJOCXU SMS UUDER. (JEW (AP.UR&E—j C5UT HE CCOW'T BUT xueae's TH'GUff (U«O'SH»;E. "VW 1 PtPsce FEE. PiDOUT 1 \r, FROtA ONI FKECKI.US AND HIS FRIENDS 1'iUU; JtU. HOLMES! By IHOsset S MY JOB TO K6EP AN ACCURATE CUBCK ON ALL THE 6TORAGS* TANKS...AND THfS' PARTICULAR ONE IS SHORT : AN AV-'FUL LOT OF OIL !! VWELL.DORA, IT LOOKS VERY MUCH AS IF I'M ON THE SPOT, AT THE OFFICE! HEIL CALLED ME AMD BLAMED ME R3S SHORTAGE OP FORTY- SEVENl - THOUSAND GALLONS OF OIL ! WHAT DOES EXPECT YOU "TO DO ABOUT IT •2 I'M AFRAID SO, TAG! IT'S GOING TO BE AWFULLY FIND our WHAT HAPPENED TO THE:.OIL, 1 AVD.EVEN IF I DO DISCOVER THAT THE OIL WAS STbLEW.lU. STILL HAVE A HARD TIME PROVING V/HO TOOK IT! ACE YOU APT TO LOSS YOUR JOB, POP? ....AN!>,EV6M IP YOUCET IMS OIL BACK, YOU WONT ^W TOOk 1T-..,T'LL BEKuHW HABD TO FIND f AMY FINCER PRINTS O(J FORTY- SEVEN TKOUSANO C7ALLONS OF OILi GEE... THATS RIGHT, POP

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