The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1944
Page 6
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Ltt couhiriu N TUESDA Urge New Homes . Hohbrabiy bjschargcd VetfchM Cah Buy.Mome With No Money DoWh "- ,. ^'' CHICAGO, Kov 21 (Special) — "Build new model homes now for honfarably .dischaiged \elcrans," American Builder, authoritative 'Jourftal of home building, urges the home banders of America in its No- 'i ember issue Honorablj discharged \etcrans of this,war can secure n piioirty for building^ new home or remodeling an o!5 one, American Builder jwints out It urges the home builders to sell the home building idea \o veU era'ns, and arrange with the \eter- ans to siiBn the houses to the public as models of post-war homes be- (oreHhe \eteran and his family take , possession i This will senc i\so purposes First, 'the jj'ubllc will gel an opportunity to see full-scale models of actual post- Wfar homes which will clarity their; thinking oh what to expect In postwar homes in different Price classes Secondls. it vlll make available to returning veterans the better planning and building efforts »>ilch go mto houses to be shown to the pub\ lie as model homes > 'Veterans seeking authorization to mi'la or remdel homes under (he new procedure shuld file their application ^n Form WPB—2896 with the nearest office of the Federal Housing Administration," AVnericnn Builders'ajs 'Approval of ihe application frill authorize the veteran to extend a priority rating ahd use an allotment symbol for the purchase of his material and equipment ' By the time the builder gels the « first order lined up, the lot selected, the plans drawn and approved and the specifications agreed upon he will be able to local* the materials and equipment to build the \el«fahs the types of homes they deserve "American Builder knows that home builders a 1 !! over America are anxious to get started oh their postwar building programs They want to show the public what beautiful livable homes they can create out of the experience they have gained from building war housing" Draw Shades To Save Essential Man-Hours Here at home men, and women too. 6re working at lop sjreed to supply the materials \ltallj needed to defeat the Axis Every mn>nd every working hour speeds the dav of victory And \iclory will come 40,000,000 manlhours earlier if wpndow shades are diawn in American homes neU winter v This figure represents the saving -of man-power in the fuel industry .alone, by one simple fuel saving . measure — the proper use of the _ cloth window shades with which most homes are equipped When shades are drawn to the sills, the layer of air between the shade .Jand the glass acts as an Insulator which seals warm air in tf" -If everj homemaker will rcmcm- ^_ber to draw the shades to the sills in al! looms at mghl and m unoccupied rooms, nnd lower them halfway in rooms being occupied during the dav, fuel used in the average home will be cut 10 per cent come 40,000,000 man-hours eailier In the production of fuel and many J additional man-hours ordinarily used In its transportation, sale, distribution and delivery.,-- . _ H. W. Mahans Purchase " B. F. Brogdon Residence •The B' F. Brogdoivresidence, al 1141 West-Holly, has been sold to ' Mr and Mrs. H, W. Mahan. • The Mah'ans, who' formerly lived on the Gilchrist Farm, have moved to their new home and Mr. and Mrs Brogdon have moved to 1112 Hearn in the house forfnerty own- Design for "Ground Floor" Living This carefully planned : ohe- slory house, with (lie low roof line, illustrates the progress in Design and cohstiuclion methods that vull provide "groiiml floor" living for large families in tHe Puslwav era. : ConhasteiJ with the so-called "miracle house" of freakish^ appearance, tins evolutionary, home combines traditional comfort and simplicity, yet expresses individuality in both exterior and Interior planning It is typical,of the'eyefappcaling practical drcarn homo the'National Association tff Home Buildeis, Washinglon,' D. G., says will be in great demand when private construction is resumed after the wai. Unique Bedroom Plan t In the open floor plan, the work centers arc sepaialed from > the sleeping quarters by n spacibtls living and dining area which runs through the center of (ho house. Designed hy Laurence E. Davis of Tauhtbh, Mass,, It was awarded first prize hy PRACTICAL ' BUILDER magazine in its month; ly contest for poslvvar homo plans Unique in this large-family, fire-safe house is the "cloverleaf" layout winch avoids bathroom congestion too often found in low-cost houses / with .•, tnre« bedrooms. 1 The 'semi - dbmitory, plan also,provides a complete sei of closets and a separate,bath fdr" the male members of the family, with equivalent faclliiies for.-th* women. Long coXintcrs with draw- prs and built-in dressefs: are placed under (lie wide vyihdowj. Gliss Block Panels Panels 'of attractive, gla'Ss block are vised In the frxteribr walls of the separate, bathrooms ahd also in the adjoining closets to provide ample light. Glass block, vyhich arc translucent, permit driyiight to flood thft bathrooms, yet assure privacy as they are not traiiS- parcnl. . , ''• The Dutch-bveh fireplace^ bh the .d|hing porch' permits .outdoor living: with. indoor comforts. >In th'e pentrally, Ipfc ate d jt it cheh i .also provided .with ah 'eating area, pre ; [abundant built-in cabinets, engineered, 1 wqrlfinj? . 'equipment and spacc^for a'diiep quick freeze 'Vihlt. 1 ,'! • . '.. • . • ', !- . ; PWtUre the low, sweeping roof 'cbvercS with.,colorful; fire-resistant asphalt shingles. Koof cblor has a great deal, to'do \Vlth the app'earance of the house us'- a whole.'.Brightly, colored roofs,"for Example, look well in three, shad- bvvs. Blue, brbvvn 1 and r'ed'-robfa look well- against 'water. /' . In:: lieu of a 'basbment, the ctbuble-duty attached garage contains space fbkva laundry, heating iihitj frujt.closet andjvorlc beii'cli. Broken .' ? : Unbowed answer the complaint of the plaintiff, J. W. Pound. Dated this 20 day of November, HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By .Doris Mulr, D. C. Percy A. Wright, Atty. for Pltf. Claude P. Cooper, Atty. for Deft. 11J21-28-12[5-12 This is what was left ot.lhc'SS Valcri Chkalov, a LiVjeily ship, jflci it ups sn<ippb(i:hi'vT violent Alctic stouri oft the'coast of Ctmactn 'Ihe bpw, miles riway when this photo wab taken,.also was toued to a'Canadian 1 port,.where the two pails wore placed together ami the vessel restored to wai service ai> the Alexander Bairmoff, opciatcd for the War Shipping Admmisti alien by American Mail Line,.Inc., Seattle; Wash., ', WARNING ORDER In (lie.Chancery Court, {,'hickasair- ba District, Mississippi County, Arkiinsas. '• luby Van'ntter Walker, Plaintiff; ' vs. No. 8881 . erry C. Walker, Defendant. The defendant, Perry C. Walker, s hereby 'warned to appear within hirty'clays in the court named In .he .caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Ruby Vanaltcr Walker. Dated this 9 day of November, 1944. . HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. By Doris Muir, D. C. 3 eicy A; Wright, Atty. for Pltf. :lnude P. Cooper, Atty. ad Litem. 7 11121-28-1215-12 Sees Comfort Emphasized In , Postwar Home CHICAGO tUP)—The pent-iip deninha for nil kinds of coiistrsic- tion in the postwar period will require moie men than al any time in the htstoiv of the. building Industry and construction will be an Impoitant factor in alleviating imcinplovincnt, nccoidlng to Henry J Schncim general manager of the gj'psiiin association. Safely and comfort rather than ed by H«u> Bioun I The.. Broe don house was sold to John P Lentl who Immediately resold it to Ml mirt Mrs. Mahan. "slarlllng innovations" will be em- phasised in the postwar home, Schwclm said.. ' "They'll have walls ,with ' more fire protection, insulation nnd vapor barriers io prevent condensation, all at little If any more cost the.n the prewar wall," he said. "Rcnneinclit of new materials will make possible hew handling pi interiors. For j\isl a little more tiif principal rooms can be'•'•'sound-' conditioned for restful quiet." As soon ns WPD .permission is granted work can staft'"on homes,' apartment buildings, institutions and oilier buildings that have been planned, Sc.h\yeith 's'nld, but he warned that the expected Innovations will coiiie later. "All the talk aboir, miracle devices has failed to make clear that they are still Iii'tlis experiment stage," ho said. - • • Relatives Of Casualties VVi/J Rece/ve Letters \yABHINGTON, Nov. 2l'(UP) — The.'War Department-says nearest relatives o£ soldiers killed or seriously wounded wilt receive. • letters from company cohitnandOT. or chaplains. . . ., >• Under the new plan, the'original casualty telegram will be "followed by a letter .'direct from overseas givlns further details. • J >. • Secretary 'of War Slimsoh. has nilej that.there wllh- rir.iHlng of pre'-Pcnr|• •HnrbbrJ'-'fath- ers from overseas ditty In the 'Army. He says military considerations forbid it. " •.•'./,- NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call rc* f(K cheek-up without cost or obligation. ; EATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTHOt GUARANTEED WORK WARNING On I) EH 'n the C])ancery Court, ChicKasa\r- B.i i)lslrlct, Mississipiii County, Arkansas. J. VV. Pound, PlaintifT, vs. No. 8841 Lorettn Pipkin l?ountl, Defendant, The .defendant, Lorctta Pipkin Pound, is hereby warned to appear within .thirty (lays 'in\ (her court named-in the .caption hereof and You're Not Too Old To Feel Young This Is ;a message .for -men who have known life but no longer Iind it thrilling Because' of the lack of certain vitamins' . and hormones. Tromone, a recent 'medical,discovery combining ^vitamins and hormones may multiply the vim and zest and enjoyment you once knew. Your whole approach,, your whole attitude toward life, .may improve when you begin to use Tromone Now it may be possible for middle aged men to again enjoy, the same spirit, vitality 'and. pleasures : that made their youth a thing .to re- member.Added •' years may jhot subtract, from your pleasures when you use Tromone, .the hew: medical .formula combining vitamins/ and hormones. Follow: directions on label Trpmbne.jfor sale by Robinson Driig Co. and druggists everywhere. KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help 15 Miles of Kidney Tubes Flush Out Poisonous Waste U you have an ejects of acids f n your blood.' 3 " >u f V £." a of kidney lubes may bo over- woUMi. These tiny 61Un> and i utei uro work- toidsy and ui £ ht to help N'.tuio rid your •ynern of excess acids and pobonotis waste. Wotn dmjrder q( kidney function nemiiia Jiolsooous malu.r,to remniD in your blood, It mte»u Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING Whilo It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS'SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS I BARKSDALE MFG. CO, | Blytheville, Ark. , ' Phone 2&li' H. C. BLANKENSHIP f h»n« NEW WASHABLE PAINT GOES ON I, PLASTER, ETC. 1 j waxes in J Blended for. Rcaii ly and Durability * -" f^,V &£'-• An <ntireiy different type of * floor wax that gives longer- lasting beauty and protection. Not a self-polishing wax—contains no xvatcr. Stands hard wear and polishes to brightest gicsa. Proved superior^on mil I ions of feet of floors A quality product by Bruce, world's larg tst\hardwood flooring maker $1 Quart $3 Gallon 1C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Add witir — then uii, I(»r»'it«neniy,Tolgrj(Ion of T»chU» add W'gaNon bf WaT»r, MoVtt enough potnt for avctag* roorru No null It .crop, of? IS* old popir.T»chid« may b* vpplltd r ov4r ]l. • Now cut the time nnd expense of redecorating«roomin/iaM.'Doyour , npainting Ui» itreamlined, modcra way-wlth Pittsburgh Techide. It's «ntii»1y different from old-slyl» wall painb, .Quick to dry *nd easy to •pply, Techida mates it possibl* ^o do 6v«r • room in 3 hours — 1 for painting— 1 for drying. Ask \a •bout Techide, PITTSBURGH FAINTS MAOC IN « COLWM MD wrHrrt HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. straight-I've beers lucky! 87tim»J I'va gonb out—and come back. \\Tieii your score Rets high, they usually let you quit for n while. But sometimes tliat isn't possible. You just have to keep on going—- "pcrliapii till your'number it Up. Out licre, you get to imderstand tliose things. 1 here's no question of quitting—no matter hnvv mticli you've done. Back home, it's the same wny aWt liuyiiij War Bonds. You feel good u'hcn you count up and realize what a high score you've got. Von feel you deserve a rest, too. ^ .J Hut the war isn't over yet. Arid until it is, I'll nuke a Imgnin with you: You keep on buying, and I'll kccpon lighting till the last Jap drops I The Ctti War Loan is on. And it's cveiy American's duty to invest in ,al least one rvlra $100 War Hond. If you haven't bought yours yet, do it todayl Buy at least one extra MOO War Bond Today! Blytheville Wafer Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water j$ Your Cheapest Commodity/" Trttittry ttti?trltiem€tit-{>rtf>*rtd under awfrfrtt 0} 7V«jwr> Dtt>*rtiheni **£ War 'ittitTt!ii*tC<WHtlI, ,rupana, , of pep and energy, Ecttina up f 1 *" t«, swelling, pufficesa under the eja, neaoacneaand dullness: Fretiucnt or scanty pa«M«M with BnijTiiDg and burcmg eo/oe- tanwa <hon there a '§ometbijig »TOH« with your luduey« or bladder. • IWnen may need lielp thesame u bowels; W^.J °" r A-ujfut fo r Uonn'B PiUs, used su o- CMifuBy by m lUiom for over <0 years. They RJ» hl PPy"|i e ' f n<l wiU help Hie 1 5 milea o[ Honey ,tuoea flush out pcUonous wute from your bloo». Qel Doaa's Pillt . Removing the fangs docs not always render poisonous snakes harm less. When Better PLUMBING SUPPLIES y ArejOri the Market We Will Have Them For Sale; IS THE LUHBE J. LOUIS CHERRY Representing NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. Blytbcvllle, Ait "QUESllON'Whallloes Wintefproof Service mean? It Means fne seasonal care your car needs for ifs 4fh WAR VWNTER" GET WINTERPftOOF SERVICE FROMYOUR FRIENDLY MAGNOLIA At the sign of the Flying Red Horse your car gets complete lubrication and pre- winter check-up, servicing of vital parts for smoother performance, saving of gasoline and longer life for your car. Your car's fourth war winter means extra protection is needed ! ',.\. * ENGINE — Worn out summer motor oil is drained — replaced with Ihe right grade of fresh, lough winter Mobiloil to insure quick cold-weather starts — rnore gos mileage — safe, sure proteclion of vital vital engine parts. «*fc |AR5 — Gear oils used in summer are drained — ^ge'ar cases carefully flushed — refilled with the proper grade of Mobiloil winter gear oil for easier winter gear shifting and protection of hard-to- replace gears. RADIATOR — The cooling system is drained — cleaned thoroughly of rust, dirl and scale with Mobil Radiator Hush; theh protected against freezing with the right amount of Mobil Freeione — the safe, dependable anti-freeze. CHASSIS — All chassis points are properly lubricated with winter Mobilgrease^the correct grades properly applied in Ihe right places. The entire car should be carefully inspected to uncover any serious needs for repair, replacement or service. * ire Switc!t an d Inspection — Mobil Wheel Pack Service —Mobil Air Filter Service — MobU Upperlube Tonic Treatment — Hydraulic Brake Service — Shock Absorber Serv- % ice — Mobil Polish and Wax Service ! LISTEN TO RAYMOND GRAM SWING. Blue Nclwork, Mondoy through Thursday nighU. jrieM 19«-M«enolia Petroleum Co. B-WM7 m PROTECT YOUR HORSEPOWER G. 0. POETZ MAGNOLIA PRODUCTS Phone 2089 Blytheyille, Ark.

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