The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 13, 1951
Page 9
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MOMVAY, ATWOtT M, MM , (ARK.) COURIER Our Beording Hou«« with Moj. Hoopla OUT OUR WAT By J. R. Williams • tf '&"%$£&/'**$> I'LL 86 RIGHT Wy%W °" ™' VERVSPOT YS/Xit'l WHPCF IT «^kV< YS*H' WHILSWSUMPIM' ELSfc WE'RE A THESE MOLWTINSS too Trte *m £EEM TO TW PRE5BMCS CBOVJ.tHB aH 08 POSSUM,' VfaO , PUT THt M ME EXULTS OVMU3 FLOYJCRS — O TH VE S WHERE. IT SAYS HERE \VMX.S( WHERE. IT SAYS / ISVERV /%"%a?\ HIGHWAY fcfc, IF f WHEN tf^aMU"] YOU DOMT MIND COME MW^'IK WALKWC> A FEW '/ FE ^^W^^^^ YARDS/ .>£~f*= Pt^^fP^ [Hte^^ww^f K" i 4.<.'?iV ' '' :/ '')'-;. S\W MOTHECS iSET T( you'vt the knack to fix a gnacic, Choose Meyer's Bread, full measure, Hie away to Che lake, you'll make no mistake. Meyer's Bread will give ertra pleasure. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock G«»nteed B*et Prices Kirby Drug Stores N« Mor* Smelly, Nasty Garbage In Your Home DISPOSAL!. Install It Right Under Your Sink- Out of Sight 1 3hra«s food wuU to maH kits . . WuhM It ufely down th* drata , Stmpli u A-B-C. Fit* aim** any link. 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Laura had footed 90 per cent of the bill for the Community Center hirildihq m which the League held its monthly meetings, and she' underwrote all its expenses. She was its president, of course, and it was only natural that she should enjoy the privilege of a parking space right at the front of the Community CeiUer lot. But on the night of the August meeting Laura left her special space vacant and parked at the extreme rear of the lot, where the light was had. This puzzled everybody including Mr». Billings and Mrs. Morton, whom Laura invited to ride with her after the meeting. They were a I m pti zzled by the a bs enc« oi Sam, Laura's husband, who kept hei pencils sharpened at the meeting. Sam always drove Laura's big sedan, too, for, M people said, he was an engineer and the one thing h* could do was drive. As she conducted her guests to the rear of the lot, Laura did not explain her choice of parking space, but she did touch upon the matter oi Sam's unprecedented absence. "His digestion has flared up again," Laura told Mrs. Billings and Mrs. Morton. "Poor Sam Just wears himself out. I tell him not to work himself so hard, but he won't listen." In the shadows of the parking lot Mrs. Billings and Mrs. Morton exchanged glances. Sam hadn 1 ' done a lick of work in 25 years as everybody in town knew. Laura wouldn't even trust him to aort the mail. There wa» a manager for the farms and a manager tor the factory that provided Colton- ville's greatest source of employment. There was Johnnie McAdams, the flashy young lawyer to give his prompt advice on any question that arose, and a broker age house at the state capital tc advise Laura on her investments All Sam had to do wai to si around and read. Snm was probably at home read ing tonight. He gobbled up de tective stories? by the hundreds and doubtless a. special one ha kept him indoors this time. Sam was sly lately in making excuse to Laura. Well, it was about tim he was learning how to handle he Mrs. Billings got into the (ron seat, and Mrs. Morton climbed back. It was 'Mrs. Morton wh lived nearer, and Laura drove he home first. She then cut out Nort Main, (or Mrs. Billings lived ju •nside the corporation where Mai intersected Ludlow Road. Bol women thanked Laura pmfusel; ind after Laura had left Mrs. Bil ngs she headed back downtown o Che dimly lighted street, •• • • i VpTTHlN a hundred yards of th Billings home she reache across the dash and snapped ope the glove box. She fretted bccau the light inside did not come on As she leaned toward the glo\ box, trying to peer inside despi the absence of light, she winci as an unpleasant odor struck h nostrils. In the recesses of her men v she remembered such an od "H» took this trip so he'd stop worrying—and the Grand Canyon reminds him of the hold his business la in!" MAVEI-/T WE M6T BEFORE SOMEWHERE? PRISCILLA'S POP Hcariwnrk BY A1. VERMEEIl H« neat tu «K to hi* trant lawn, hts wife following him without comprehending. om the dim past. An extremely npleaaant association with the dor caused her to feel mingled nnoyanc* and fear. She blamed am. He had probably left fruit spoil in the compartment. And oubtless Sam had clumsily brok- i the liltle bulb that lighted the love box. She felt inside, and her fingers anift into contact with a warty j irface. The surface moved. At le same lime Laura Coilon heard vicious hiss. She jerked her hand rom the box, but as she did so it 'as if a pair of scissors clamped icir cutting edges over them and plit the flesh to the bone. ( She creamed as she pulled her h'and [ear of the compartment and be- eld the thing that had fastened .self to lijr fingers. Tires screeched as she automat- cally applied the brakes and fran- .cally undertook to shake the ling from her hand. But it was eavy and tenacious. Shake as she light, the horrible monstrosity ling on, grinding its teeth until hey grated on bone. With her left hand Laura opened he car door. All the while she was screaming shrilly in nightmarish error, for she knew the nature of he horror that crunched her fingers in its vise-like grip. Somehow she got out of the car and ran to ihe opposite side of the strecl, Ihe thing dangling from her land. The lights of a house drew her instinctively toward it, am she cried in supplication to its in- inbitants as she swung her arm :rying with her free hand abon ;he loathsome body to pull it from icr fingers though she well knew that the thing never let go unti the creature it had bitten was dead TJ Y this time Laura was hyster ical, sobbing and screaming running at a speed that seemed in credible for a woman of 60. Sh crossed the boulevard, and Bo Crawford, who had heard her crie was on his front porch as Laur reached the sidewa\k. Wondering ly he moved to help her as sh raced toward his house. Hatf-wa across his parkinf? lawn sh seemed to stumble and fall spraw ling on the ground. Bob Crawford, a calm man, mail carrier by trade, at first did not know what had happened to the woman. Then he saw the thing tKat clung to her hand. His eyes widened in horror but without more than a split-second's hesitation he reached down and tried to tear it from the bleeding fingers. e realized after a few seconds lat he could not pry it loose with is bare hands. He rushed back tto his house, called for his wife, nd tore down the basement stairs his workbench. He found a a tenet and a chisel, and he tabbed them both and raced back p the stairs. " VVha t in Ihe world's wrong ith you?" his wife demanded. "Go out to that woman and don't sk questions!" He raced on out to his front awn, his wife following him with- ut comprehending. He found the 'oman lying where he hnd left er, the thing still attached to her and, now covered with blood. The King that had bitten the hand lay erfectly still until Bob chopped he first time with his hatchet. \fter that the thing writhed and ought fntilely even after Bob had II but cut it in two. Eventually IB did accomplish this but one inrt of the body, little more than he head, still clung to the uncon- acious woman's band. r>Y this time Bob's wife was herself almost hysterical, and Bob realized the best thing .she could do would be to call in a doctor. He sent her into the house to call any doctor, anyone at all, and she rnn wailing to do his bidding. Bob set about systematically to pry open the jaws of Ihe decapitated creature, and eventually he worked them far enough apart that Ihr almost severed fingers of Laura Colton could be worked free. He picked up Laura and carrier! her inlo the house, where be placet! her on a davenport, His wife was still frantically trying to summon a doctor. "Never mind," Bob told har "This woman is dend." (To B* 'TELL ME THE SECRET, MR BOTTS! HOW D;O PERSUADE YOU TO SPEND -x SO MUCH VOMEY 'I KEEP TcLUNiG YOU I WAS STUNNED.' AMD HOW DO ftX/ LIKE tt)UR WIFE'S NEW _^ I WA-5 COrit Ml? An Imprtrlanl Film BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE THE MAN TH*CT FWO 7 AND THAT* J— ME TO 6rfVfc MV PiTCH\>*LL VOU OUTRIDE- TW& CACTORVA CAKJ RCMfcM IKJfrPECTOR, WO*6 ODD-A BER ABOUT LOOKING £P6CTACL&6 AND HAD A WIOO\M'£> PtAK/ ro LIK.& TO QUE6T1OM THE S&VOTS- TBUCK CR&W- ABOUT THfr HOLDUP AND KILLIN& TO THAT LAND "ROAN SVHICH NO TRAVELER ReTUHNS, LOUI&/ DID VOU KNOW THAT WE: HAV& FIL.v\ OP THE WHOLE TH1N&, FLINT? VIC FLINT CAPTAIN EASY Lots of Cash BY LESLIE TURNER 5O VAMC&Y 5WD. HK ftl55TEP,»£MD HE COLUP PRQ8&BW && ACQUirTED, BUT HIS CAREER WOULD BE RUIUEP. HE WMJTED TO GET AWW AMP_ WAKE A NEW 5*ftR.T, &0 UIU WUWCfc£HlHM> <5O VOUE. T AWP VOU fcPOTHER I ARE FROM Wft5 HERE V WHICH TOMIGHT I DID NOT! HE &WP P011CE YCOKER ...1 BUTTONS SPORT CtOTHES BURNEO WERE AFTER HIW FOR Wo KTTEMPTEO ROBBER-/ US.fl COKER! HE VJirtl * HOODIUM BE WA.5 CNJGIlr cMltO CROAKER, 1 THINK TOUISHi; AMD C&SH! WV GOSH, HE HRD BUGS RUNNY Double-Decker IF "YOU WERB Av GSNTtBMAN, YOU'P Give A • — VOUe SEAT.' ER...I GUESS YER RIGHT, ...'^ iVVV PAU \ EUMEK. PON'T / MINP ALLEY OOP Wrong Direction BY V. T. HAMLUN &N A WORLD DOMINATED BY THE LEGIONS OF ROME, ALLEY OOP AND FOOZY ADOPT SO THIS IS TH 1 HOME ALL ) GCSH.FOO2Y, i ROADS LEAD TO.' NOW J WOULDN'T KNOW. WHERE'LLWEGOAN' ff I'VE NEVER BfcfcN WHAT'LLVVb'DO? TO KEEP THEM AS INCONSPICUOUS AS POSSIBLE... FCX>ZV WEARS THE TRAPPINGS OF A JUNIOR LIEUTENANT AND OOP, DRESSED AS A BARBARIAN. POSES AS HIS PSI5OSJER WANTED MEN and WOMEN BOOTS AND HLCR BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN DRIRV QUEEN When In the Hospital friends send Flowers — We Send You Cnsh ***• _^ See United Insurance Agency":- /- 106 S. First St. l»jn CHEIII JUIIY tUIEH li COKES • SlINOtt! • H/UTS . MIKES Kverylhing in Insurance" At Lower Rates DAIRY QUEEN So. Highway 61

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