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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 32

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 32

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

7 32 OAKLAND TRIBUNE, THURSDAY, DEC. 20, 1934 41 HOMES FOR SALE (Continued) We Can Do It Get Our Estimates Why Delay? si BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES (Continued) jmAvww. 'f DRY GOODS store, account eicknese, fine for 2 persons, will Invoice about 82750; see R. W. Pede'rsen, 274 Murphy Avenue, Sunnyvale.

IN AN EMERGENCY FIRE OitPAKlJiENiw GROCERY, stock fixtures, truck aninc 170 dav- a tome Drofitablar 3322 HI gat POLICE UEPARTilENT LA keside 3600 AIRPORT, ALameda i'jvv AIRPORT, OAKLAND TR Inldad 4070 AIRPORT. Ban Francisco Bay Airdrome 6721 See Below DOG POUND uitvale 3S34 GARBAGE COLLECTION LA keside 3412 GAS AND ELECTRIC LA keside 4000 OAKLAND FREE Rate 2437 business B. F. Rice, 1416 13th Av nue. GROCERY' slore, equipped, new fixtures, fresh stock; residential district: 1701 Grove, Berkeley GAS slalion, 3 pumps, 5Vi nocV.

differential, lease deposit ana fn Boyce, 154S Fruitvale. GAS- STATION for lease, money maker, small amount cash re-ouired: 3.10 17th Street. LUNCH room and bar; good location; living rooms; 3417 San Pablo Avenue. LUNCH room, low rent, fine for couple; bargain for cash; 350 17th Slreet. LUNCH counter, 12 stools, handlea easy: cheap.

1901 San Pablo. We emphasize "Low Cost." Within the month national expenditures for remodeling and repair have jumped from a monthly average of $18,000,000 in 1932 and 1933, to an expenditure this season of rt'i Month $36,000,000 MILK route, large country townH established, good Income, 8800 re-finired; Rox MSSPOfi, Tribune. RESTAURANT Fine trade; lunch and dinner only; doing better You'll soon pay more. Increased volume means increased prices. Consult advertisers on this, page now! 185 day; nzf WHITE -POLLARtH Franklin Street; HO lliday 3700.

FRED T. WOOD "41 SUPER-SERVICE station, complete ly equipped, stocked, owner it years. Cash. RE rkeley 91 40. MAN to buffet, put free steam table in rent; Piedmont beer 9100.

si BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES WANTED AA Immediate results, no sale, ne pay; a strictly confidential service, for 14 years; Oakland's leading business investment brokers: ask your banker about us. The Marshall Company, 1715 Webster Street, TE mplebar 5070. GAS stations, arterials, lease or buy; Rice, 1416 13th Avenue. 52 LOANS ON REALTY Apartments, Business, Homes Ten year repay, Interest 1-8, deeds of trust Walter N. Gabriel 1447 Franklin.

AMPLE funds for well margined loans, homes, business property; Calvin Philips and Company 407 15th Street; GL encourt 4002. APARTMENT HOUSE loans, Pacific Hond Mortgage 1404 Franklin. Home Loans for construction or refinancing of single family dwellings; payments 810 per month per J1000 until paid; Syndicate Mortgage 702 Alameda County Title Building; GL encourt SS42. KNAPP Real estate loans; money always ready; 873 17th Street: LA keside 3142. LOANS, all types, 6 or 7 inler-est; deeds of trusts purchased; call Mr.

(Jwynn or Shields, HO Ilidav 5X00; 420 15lh No Commission Loans on Homes Citizens Muilding A- Loan, 165 Slitter Street, San Francisco. Phone evenings 7-8; OLympic 31 111. 53 LOANS ON AUTOS Auto and Truck Loans C. AV. Hammond, through many years of sympathy and kindness, has be come one of the best liked auto loan men on the Your dealings from start to finish all In Mr.

Hammond's office. No letters from out-of-town finance companies telling you to pay there. No Fli or PI. insurance required; small loans handled with little or ntr insurance. Hear Mr.

Hammond In person answer questions over KROW, 7 p. daily. 23rd arid Webster Street, Oakland: OLenrourt 1357. See Below TELEPHONE HO II Way 9000 WATER LA keside 5600 INFORMATION LA keside 6000 OTHER EMERGENCIES. SEE RFI.OW.

CARPENTERS AA Experienced alterations, add! tlons, house ralsiHgf parages, foundations, 5-room buuga low built complete, JloOO; AN dover 4351 AnniTIONS. alterations, comnlet 'home modernization: licensed contractor; Anderson, GL encourt 6963 -CARPENTER does uniall jobs of all kinds, reasonable; Mis rriu uoi l. MKenzle. i'-l ittOWEKX BECK, carpenter, altera tlons, repairing, new, work PI edmont 164 PAINT, PAPER TINT AA A room papered, 2 up, Inlud ini paper: work guaranteed GL encourt "602, TK mplcbar 331 3, Rooms oapeic-di 82 up, In eluding paper: workmanship guaranteed: 'u 1 1 er. PI edmont AAi Fainter, imperhnnger, urgent need of work; no fair offer re fused: Podire, ALameda fi I Al PAINTER, your work: OL ymplc 10S4 want papering, painting; An- deron.

Fft ultvwln 7027W, iPAlNTER, pap(iriianKr, and clean, reasonable; ANdover 6459; quick service, PAINT uuper. tliu up-to-ilute, LA keside 578S. high price; YOKE, in, ule and outside work; time payments; HO lllday 4773. TDi.U.J 640 Whitconib lniniaaa in-, papering: J6S0 87th Avenue. 165 PLASTERING, STUCCOTE X-l' PATCHWORK re-stuccoing; re-dashing; satisfaction guaran-' teed: reliable; call ANdover RS42.

FLAb'lERiNG and patch work; Solomonson, FRultvale 4S23J; 'ANdover 3981. 20 APARTMENTS (Continued) DIANA apartments, 1528 Alice Newly decorated 3 and 4room unfurnished, electric refrigeration, iteam heat and garbage service Included; 3S to 145. TE mplcbar 7041, DUEL BRA li, 1445 Uak--This apart-. ment house-h been rebuilt, redecorated froni top to bottom; 8-4-. rooms available; distinctive, EE ARMOND, Huu 1st Avenue Furnished, frlgldalre, iteam heat, $25.

EAST 1JTH BTUEET, 610 East Bay District Let Me Call for You All alaea, furnished, unfurnished, $22.50 to $150; Mr, Smith, TE mple bar 1S77, 765, 4-room unfur nished, ateam heat, hot water, refrigeration, garage; GL encourt 408. 7 ffiEDONIA, 1929 26th Avenue 2-1 room, furnished, Frlgldalp. heat, gas, electricity; Fairmount, 391 1-4 room, unfurnished, In garden getting, fine home dlstrlot; all mod-rn convenience and aervlce; at- tractlv rates. 304 Furnished 2-3-room, UOOtillll heat, water, JJ6-J30) Key Route; GL encourt 1430 at 14th Modern i-X IlDCn, rnon) lurnlhed, walking distance, 530. "frliUTTV ALB AVfiNtJK, 11)10 Fur-nlahed 3-room apartment, (17.60; FRultvale iiARHISON, 1425 2-3-4-room, new.

ly furnished; steam heat, Frigid, i 'aire; aervlce; day, week or month; downtown. XI 642 25 jtb Htreet, down jtiurvHiu town: sunny, furnished 2-J-rooms, I18-J40; steam heat; free parking; week, month. LOCKWOOD 4,3 nil Ha, ue' tweef Brand and Lake Merrltt. 8-4 rooms, unfurnlsh-4. Artlstlo Interior, spacious sunlit.

Most complete kitchen, $45 up. New management. LaKESEOKB A VENUE furnished and unfurnished-apartments; all f9ctniBhlv nrtcefl Highland "Realty Ht gate 1 BB7. aiERRITT AVENUE Beautiful 4-room unfurnished apartment; best location scenlcally and cllmatl- cally In Eastbay. Highland Realty Co.

HT gate 1S67. lllLES, 5451, near College and Shaf. ter 4 rooms, newly decorated, Close to stores, all iluSS, S3 3 large attractively fur-, nlshed roome, bedroom, $25; convenient. tnL, Terrace, 275, Iake Dls-rarKView trlct Modern 4-room, sleeping lliday 2713; OL encourt 0533. I'EHALTA; large and mall apart-oorner 13th ments; reasonable; and jacuson.

llOSLI, 640 22nd Street Steam heat; everything Included; rents reasonable. iHAFTEK, .3:10112, 3-room, fur- nisnea, unturnisnen," moaern; 1 team heat; frlgldalre; washing machine; garage: gas; electricity homa-llke; Key trains; j32.nn.!H5,00 -i'l'U 402 3-room, furnished steam heat, hot water, frlgldalre, lane view, fii, The Park View Beautiful apartments; cedar closets; 22 23 $6, 166 PLUMBING Al PLUMBING, repairing, new dc-sinn fixtures. specializing water heaters; equipped to handle a lines: .1. ft pierce, Tit Inldad sot BATHROOM, kitchen modernization plumbing, tile, cabinet work; com plete estimates free; we arrange loans same day; Pacific Gas Appliance 13th and HI- Kf.te. 2450.

167 ROOFING Al PATCHWORK a specialty; leaks stopped, reasonable, guaranteed; Oh 453, ABLEY. Roofing Company, Repair' ing, renewing, repainting. OLym. pir- edmont 7 MO. H.

J. j-DWARDfj; new roots, repairing of any kind; Hlgate 3949. 169 CONCRETE WORK A CONCRETE walks, driveways, steps, basements, garages built; FR uitvale 8 3 7 8 GENERAL concrete construction and repairing estimates glveji; FRultvale 19I9W; ANdover 604:1. MODERNIZE with concrete; base ment, steps, garago, uriveway, cifrbs. pay when under new Mousing Deal; let us explain.

Fit2maurlcc, III gate 2430. 169 HEATING fVSVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV'AVV1 LET 118 Install a Harris Natural Ons Furnace, highest grade, economical to use, at a price you can afford; we -arrange your loan same day; free estimates; Pacific Gas Appliance l'Jth and Market; Hi-Kate 2480 hi FLOOR POLISHING AA FLOORS cleaned, waxed, pol ished, room: windows, wood-work washed. S. King, FRult-vnle 2'M. i'LOORS polisTied, wash windows.

kitchens and bathrooms; Potter, AlErrltt 1973. 140 CARPET CLEANING EAST BAY' RUO CLEANING Re liable, established; satisfaction positively guaranteed; 9X12 cleaned, demothed, laying, sewing, refitting, any time, anywhere; TH ornwall 0423. GUARANTEED rug cleaning; cleaned, demothed, pecial i mplehar OAKLAND RUG CLEANERS' 9x12 cleaned, demothed, 41.65; guaranteed; FRultvale J391W, 20 APARTMENTS WANTED Mr. Landlord, the young man and wife coming Into the city the first of the year must locate near his NEW place of They want a small, steam-heated apartment such as you have, but they do not know where It is. Only In the For Ilent adi will they aee your ad.

Call LA keside 6000. 21APARTMENT FLATS, DUPLEXES ufioi'-iuiN, d4, near (irnnd 4-room duplex; furnace ULencntirt 41,83. i OKANCE S'l'liEET. 4IA (Lake (lis trlct) furnished duplex bedroom Incinerator, J22.50. GL encourt 1 104.

34TII STItKIST, 4, I Modern 4-room fiirnlshed, Al, water. newly renovated 64TII AVENUE, 2003 4-rooin newly neenrateu; garage; J16; AN dovci 4 4Y. BUNGALOW COURTS EART J0TH STREET, 1 32H 3-ronm, modern, water, gar bnge Included. HOTELS kfWl A Home Away from Home Hotel Woodrow All outside rooms, 14 weeklv. with bath 86.

1 Transient 81 up. nuiiei, in connection street, Corner Grove. Harry Marshall, Manager. ot Carillon 20th at Droadwav Restful, redecorated rooms, unexcelled view city, 825 up with bath. of uiympic Wti, )(lth, Rooms ilinwiM- ir.

87 week, $18 month up; garager resinurnnw niniarits. kI A Downtown Home Blocks from 14th. ami Lnrgo cheerful outside rooms, complete Hotel Service, 85 week; transient, $1 Z5. Hotel Harrison 14th and' I larrisnn. Hotel St.

Mark t) Pllirf opposite Tribune tsinnn--'" "llu "cu muiti unusual hotel srrnne- nieiiis. rooms- and suites, witn cooking accommodations, fo JlifL-nonlh. PLENTi' UV HEAT, Coffee Shop. Be convlilcedt Hotel Coit A Residential Hotel at Harrison and Fifteenth Streets Exceptionally large closet, view windows, well arranged rooms. Full Hotel Service Dining Room and Cortee Shop In eonnectlon Hotel lourame i-.

SAN 24 LIN l'l 4I.ST LA 24 Rio 14th ihtn So Call 25 14101 EAST EAST CARJIEL studio home In the Dines $29S5; easy terms; 5815 Thornhill Road: PI edmont 1397. CLOSING estate, tremendous bargain; 1910 Francisco, Berkeley. Appoint menr. MErritt 4HiO. Cl.KAIKN.S ROAD, 1607 6-room Spanish; Fit uitvale 1140; PI ed- nv'iit evenintrs.

"Green Shutters" Is Now for Sale! Thousands have admired this Pied innnt I'ines home; at last it is for sale; if you haven seen It, hurry before it is gone; open afternoons; sold on easy terms'; drive out Park Houlevard to Boulevard, the entrance to Piedmont Pines; Mitchell Austin. CL encourt 4S74. HOPKINS, bath, modern; i-rooin $3300; stucco, tile PI edmont LOO CABIN 5 rooms, -acre, J2300; fine trees; Phil Heraty, Thornhill Road; Piedmont 1 NEW 6-room Spamsn, restricted Broadmoor Park, 930 Arbor Drive, San Lenndro; open daily. Piedmont Homes! They'll he in demand now because of the school situation. Comnleti list, expert information on Piedmont- homes and hoinesites can be had of Mitchell Austin, Piedmont prHalists.

Of, enrivurt 4874. l'l EDMONT. Most artistic (i-rooni, ultra modern every detail, beautiful deep gar-1. many oak trees, barbecue pit, Alexander Allen Co. rtcr.s for I 'ifMiinunt, '1 iuh la ml A vfimo.

i'J Kl t-ry attractive Kiitf-lisli 6-rofni, Inrg; Jivhifi" room, rujnpiiH r'Mnn don hi finniRv, ftii'iiHrc; nihnl.H 47-14. buiiKalow, base ment, garage; bargain; TE mple loir 72 7 2. l'l IOIiAIuNT 240 modern, rooms. Exceptional bargain. Open alternoons.

Hii'libuol liealty Co. HT gate If 07 $2500 Near Hotel Oakland Large old house with 25-foot, lot suitable for business location; snap Easy terms. A white- pollard Pollard, 1727 nr. Franklin; HO 111 $1230, Terms North OAKLAND n-room leeplng porch, high base ment; close to everything Miller, OLympic 5722; 4127 HrnH'l va v. $1300, $150 Down 4-room bungalow, hardwood floors.

fireplace; neat and clean-; garage nice lot; balance, about. IS months II a I 4S00 East 14th Slreet. MOHl'ETH, Rockrldge New mom, Colonial, knotty" pine kitclr- en; marine view; $6350, terms, Open dally. Builder. OL ymplc SOBS 4i HOMES WANTED ALT; cash Immediately for bar ualns; Myers.

307 lTUi; CLen court 0OK1. cash, l-'redi-rirk, vale 7500. iinv- size, anywhere 4712 East 14th; FR uit ALL cash for Hall, Eastbay bargains Leslie C. OD ymplc 5022. RA Id IAIN 111 home 21,1 II lo iOtll Street, liox MVHM2, Tribune.

OAS lor barualus; llaines Associates. 420 15th; HO lliday 5X00. CASH at unco tor bargains, Walter N. Oabriel AX 1447 Franklin CASH for East Oakland homes Kit uitvale 0520. ia rga ins CASH your equity.

Hughes, 371 Street, (ilj encourt HAVE 85000 cash modern 3-bedroom district; must, be H.10W, Tribune. to pay for home In Lake good; Box LIST your properties with Albert Norman, 3SO 1.1th Street. WE pay cash at once, bungalows, No delay. ANdover 6111. 42 BUSINESS AND INCOME A INCOME property; Calvin Phil lips 407 15th Street.

43 FLATS. APARTMENTS AA North 3-room mod ern apartments, fine condition cost $1:1,000 to build; 41st Street near Telegraph; 80750, terms; C. Allen Anderson. TE mplcbar 5700. 45 COUNTRY LAND D.

Watson, LANDS 1 723 Franklin Street III gate 1520. 44 BERKELEY RLAKE STREET. -544 5-rnom bun galows; price 82700; owner, st OSls. Sun Francisco. DRIVE by Merced Avenue A perfect 5-room Northhrae bungalow.

Price only 8 1200; 8200 down, balance easy. The Interior ran only be seen hy first, phoning for a ppnlntinent. THnrnwnll 4W, IF you want six large rooms, large lot, well located, lovely- shrubs and oak trees, at the very low price of $000(1, Call Rule, BE rkeley 02110. evenings ASIiherrv 7733. Near University Campus rooms.

4 bedrooms, furnace, gar age; near all transportation; easy walk to University of California Campus. Terfeet condition. Extra, large lot. Full price less than $5500. Only $5.10 down required.

Phone TH ornwall 4000. Near the Alameda Northhrae bungalow, 6 rooms, furnace, garage: full price $1200; only $200 down; TH orn all 4009. 46 WALNUT CREEK BEAUTIFUL Alamo subdivision Walnuts, pears; Mrs. McKeon, Park Houlevard. 43 EXCHANGES CLEAR Oakland house for Stockton propery; Jay Harvey, TR inldad S.102.

GLIMM for clear, exchanges 3.10 17th Street. MOOIOIiX 1.1 apartments. What have you? Cirafton Ebbert, 318 SEVENTEEN acres, close Pan Jose; cots, prunes, grapes, modern stucco house; subdivision possibilities; trade for flats, apartments; Coop-er-Challen Realty, 3445 San Pablo; HT' mbnldt 3000. WILL exchange building lots for 1st -op'Sird deeds, of trust or equities In houses; Carl Lassen, 1515 Financial Center Building; GL encourt 2511. 86500 flats for fruit farm; Korts 2J? -3-1-1- BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES BAKERY, rent, dairy products; equipped; just opened; owner ill; sell stock, lease, 5488 College Avenue, BUFFET, mahogany bar and coun ter, fully equipped for restaurant, central location, snap, 8375, terms: 4127 Broadway.

CIGAR, news clears 8150 month, $450 full price; downtown location; 350 17th Street. CIRCULATING library and stationery store, large greeting card stock; good location; Box M84583, Tribune. CIRCULATING LIBRARY, clearing $100; small 'Investment; 405 14th, room 203. 54 let He a up Kast Hav inanre. i.o.

--v ir TRADES TAUGHT AI'I'KoV Ell by Keauty Arts histiiuie ot Hollywood. course 87.1; terms. L- Ann Rf-auty Academy 123'j Washington Street riRViirnurt I 1 4. i i in' luini t- him- in ils, $3(1. Nltln lulling, cfuvi'i'il li 7 liuul litfiLtity ijul-tnro w.lh an record.

'i' rins. l-'r(-f clinii-s daily. Stewart HuiMnig, 532 10th Street. HO 1 II- 1 ENKol.L now lor slmrl. c-ft iiis'-s slni I I i l'nni in S' luiol IT Kroadwny; II' Miliary ilifi'-d training; 1 la iril resslng, i Ilidav E.

I'D suiini'l ior tioetiil'is oi-nirses. will- take a few 2nd; lr. Clark, 3D25 I rfl. p. in.

lii-e dent I'ail ii.MK a-nniiifntl', vt-ry Dcnnery, Rlake filofk, 1121 Washiiiifton; TEra-plfbar -'1JJK Jiailitr C'iIIck; Jearn trnde hy Jalest niPthorla: 412 9th Street. 133 TRIPS, TOURS DPS depot, special low rates North, Soiilh, East; bonded: insured; IKS unth olrcef; la kes-tlf. n2fin. Portland, $8.50 RATTLE. $9.50.

Suprr de bus dally. I 1 1 Hotel; IfOllidny MOO. UNITED STATES daily Port land, Scatllc. Hotel Royal, 20th-San Pablo; HO lliday 4114. 139 OPTICIANS rYT eyes examlnta 487 14thStrii no ELECTROLYSIS BANISH Unwanted Hair.

Margaret C. Ji.vnn, 1440 Hroailway, TK mple bar 4.110, or ltd Geary, San Fran EXAMINE your face, hairs, moles s'-ars removed-. Mrs. Farrell, 7111 Latham Srj.uare Building, TE mple bar 179 CHIROPODIST BOTH feet treated, Jl; Dr. Tasker, 475 1 2th Street: LA keside 43D8.

36 OFFICES, STORES, STUDIOS SHOPS, HALLS Kent a Sullivan Office i ion of 1 bi ros! "Mr 1 1 I In 111 is 1 020 court conipi-rent lillelitlnnls I'-graph, near lOlh; libfii- AVION' ME, 21:: 7 si ore, 31x31; ni'-iit. Or r.v and -room apart. The Tribune Tower Offices for rent in this first-class downtown office. building. For particulars see the building manager, A.

J. Slaght Triburje Tower, Franklin -at 13tff Street, Oakland 40 LOTS FOR SALE BEAUTIFUL wooded view, $000, home fiimncodi Montclnlr Realty, (MOO Moraga. TITLE SEARCH SAVE $10 Pacific Title Richfield Rnllding: III giti 2025. 41 HOMES FOR SALE AA Lake District Ik'iiulifiilly Furnislicd Bargain Eight well arranged rooms, hard wood floors, evellenl furnace and uali-r hialcr, two fireplaces; siilcn-did neighborhood-: walking distance; Mcnul i 1'u I furniture, silver, rllshes, rugii, drapes, overstuffed, electric rcl'rlgerntor, 4 completely furn-shed beilrfioms; $2000 of good furniture, must sell at once; transferred to another territory; open lor inspection 11 a. m.

to 9 p. 513 Fnirmouiit Avenue. Prire Complete $1200. Terms Will soil unfurnished must hfi Been jjitrfp to ho fully ni'prrHnrcfL A Happy this new home with all furniture, chesterfield, rugs, walnut dining room ivory bedroom suiles, washing machine. Majestic combination range; 6 rooms, 3 bed-Aooms; Al clear hardwood floors; sink; shower bath; cement drive lo garage.

Full price 82S.10. Easy terms. "Why nut eat Nmas dinner in your own home? Keys are 4622 E. 14th Street A 6 Rooms $2100 Ticdroonis, hardwood floors; lovely living and dinine rooms; big kitchen, laundry, basement parage, cement drive; good lot, 1 block north East lllh Street. Cars, stores, etc.

Oown $21 month. Keys at 4622 East 14th Street 1114 10-Oth Avenue stucco bun-galow, 4 rooms, breakfast room; tile bath; fireplace; all modern. Near stores, local and city trSns- porlntlon; $315 cash, monthly payments $24, including Interest. Mr. HO lliday 2383.

Residence II ornwall 3SR3. REAL SNAI'-ti rooms, gas fur-mice, rtle bath, garage, nice yard, fish loan. $3000, Radford. CL encourt S7.12. GOOD r-room Oakland, $1250: FR uitvale 2101.

bungalow, terms; East Mills, Bargain Near Lake for inspection, 6 rooms, entire redecorated, one block to cars, stores. 3 blocks Key Route; 1130 Excelsior, near Park Boulevard: $5750; Parker GL encourt BRAND New 5-6-room, basement, all transportation: Huilder, TR inldad 3252. RANK' foreclosure bargains our specialty; Mulford Company, 4602 East 14th. RKOAD.UOOR district, foreclosure, stucco, 5-room bungalow, redecorated; $375 down payment; Clyde O. Sweet.

HIT niboldt 0512. CHICKENS and garden, suburbs; small house, bath. ras. electric: paved street; large lot; good dls-j trlct; price 1600, Includes cnicgens, "rabbits Unfl furniture. 881T San Pablo.

10 51 rATKXT dovWnjiintf ami jimiicl made at cot; llbi) lia cjis'juurt. nTTNSJro 1'ATI INT inl'oi ioi i'pns (I; Alice; HO lliday flic, applba- ritdell, HIS 134 REPAIOG Afro complete nervine, mine; rircx you nil vii If- rj.ij. your IIKJ i id; in ALIO i-fciiuii'Miii, by huur; save mechanioil; Hi' your home, i lecir.icai; II TiMiS. ll-n Ci-iiMJi-Jii i but valvch, piston pi n.s part i ui mini km any whtrc; Covered Waftii, Jllniboldl lil'j. 139 RADIO SERVICE types cum of radio interference corrcctf-fl work fuliy guar- antecd I Dimoml Electric; Fit uitvale ACME tested RE rk iaiiio JK-pair TiiIh-s at yf)nr home; John Albo, ley (JU'JT J.

8 INSTRUCTION CI VII, Si In fornni I ion Syndii- ol'Jl In lluildiug, oiu-t 1 7 Mi" i I'M Al ATI I E.M.VI'ICH, ilral on civil ii-e taught privale, by '-ngine Mr. Sillier, Do uglas H72S. rv- Instruction wanted WAN'l'ED Excellent bridge teacher, lady, lor daily li ssous; Dux Tril'MHc. rTcTiSciTDR A DAXfE well, cfisily, quickly, at small cost; ballroom, tap. 1 1 (Ml) Mth Klrrrt, near LlUlWIg (i e.

TEinplcbar (if, ft A I. IK a and lap I'-ssoiih privi 'less on fours, -s; Murray's, 1llli Slreet: iM.i'iH'onrl ss.77. DAM'IX' illincs LA rictlv Studio, II ide 7Xll pi 1 a I ,1 Alice 1, sons; Street; CIV your boy a nii-ni-bcrship in the "Eddie IVabodv Club" Spfial Christinas offer. 1 a Ifsson, with banjo fur-11 I li d. Information, "Mason Music Kludlo," 22IIX East 1-Uh.

AN do. vor 0727. 'JyL't'l LLIO J'rhale liiinciiiK sons Mic; 7 for $2.60. 4H0 TK inplcbar 13lh. 31 FLATS, FURNISHED (Continued) 20TII STREET, nicely furiiisluMl; 820.

-4 rooms, pwill's; STKIOIO'l'. iiiic-r, garage, $17. 10. phone Included, ROIJAjWEJJCIE Buller Rciilnl Ilureau ol. vinplc r.722.

41 l'l I.VI' Krlll.l In 'has. T. I'ox, 4 lou I'ii'ilinniil Avenue. 1 1 inbolilt OSOll eve.niiig.s l'l edmont 73711:. 15 NT a homo or Lint Your Vacancies.

BKEUIWS 2lst and nrnadwny. SOULE-BLOHM Largest Jisiing houses, apartments, Oakland, 1'icdmont, 1U24 Broadway; GL encourt I111). .13 HOUSES. UNFURNISHED ALAMEDA 0-rom stucco, 3 bed rooms; 810; transportation; Rryan-Mohlad, ALnnieda. ItPiT LIOliK LI.IOV, 1122 Uunila Avcniiv 0 nnitiis, basement, newly renovated, sunny, near everything; $2.1.00.

ANON AVIONMIO, iiinilcrn biisciii'-n I rnge. stove, furnace, 1 SI 11, Near Park I'loiileva id, 0-rooin cottage, bascmciil, garages; large lot OL ciicourl LA lOslli Hi 10 Highlands I :rau.L till home, likfi now; 4 bcilroonis, gas furnai'( 2-cnr garage; siovo and drains; reasonable rent; Mitchell Anslln. Of, out 4S7-I. WEIiSTKIt I'KIOIOT. 3-S-S2 Sunny 8- room; near Moss Avenue, schools, trains.

l'l 101 i.Mo.N'T, 130 lionada Avenue open nl'lcruoons. I'ii-iliiioiit-Lakc District Rentals. Highland lionlty Ill gal" 1.1117. A) ION II 10, 0 4- I'm Hi 1, liable tenrr fast room; 30 IS 6-ROOM modern. newly decorated, station, near Melrose FR ultvalo 7500.

33 HOUSES. UNFURNISHED WANTED r. HAVE prospects for 6-rooin, baths, $5(1-875, Mrs. Thumann, CL encourt 0400; evenings AN d- over 22.10. 34 HOUSES, FURNISHED ALAMEDA, 75S Hnena.

Vista 5- ro'oin, 2-bcdroom, furnace, AL- ami'ila n.iso.i. AASTMAN AVENUE, key at 2S2-1- rnoin, water, gnrbnge, garaive, fts. HKiilA SVRIOIOT, a025 4-rooni, bedrooms, garage, yard; adults, SU eel wood 100. SICAAIORE, 5,1,1 5-bod. room, hardwood floors, heat, double garage.

References, l'l ed niont 111 S'I'KIOiO bu 11 a low, doUiitiiwn. I 1 1 -S Modt-rn u-room well furnished; right O0H1 STREET, -KM sleep ing porch, gnrngc, schools, trans-porlation; reiluccd; CiL encourt 2770. 1 A10NUE, 0-rooin, schools, chesterfield, garage; big card; MILLS COLLJiOlO 1 liil rit-t 5-room, beautifully piano, extra dinette; -ANdover 52N1. -Room, nice furniture; near transportation. Sea, Meranl, -fiSSO San OFFICES, STORES, STUDIOS SHOPS, HALLS ATTORNEY Responsible attorney wants lawyer to share' cost of reception room overhead; private office also availahle; name and further particulars may be had from A.

J. Slaght, Bldg. Tribune Tower. ADELINE STREET, 333. Berkeley; modern slore.

12s-IS; can be partitioned; rear room 12x21 and mezzanine; suitable wholesale or retail; adjacent to 5 rented stores; near theater. Key terminal. Blake Block Building 1121 Washington Street Attractive large office Low Rentals downtown biislness location. Rent Includes light, steam heat, janitor service, elevator. CENTRALLY LOCATED OFFICES Jor rent In the Lurie Building reasonable rents InclBdj? heat, light, elevator and Jnnlt6Yervlce.

Phone LA kislde-0000 or Vail at ljth' Street, near Broadway, in llle tit 3 $210 A A A Open ly 512S. U9 SEWING MACHINES SEW White HI. gal 1121; White Machine MIH Jefferson; all makes re-pfilrcd. rcnls; fl repairs; call TK niplobur stoic, 2(134 Finnlrlin Street. 149 LINOLEUM INSTALLED MAXWELL Hardware Co.

Clini-Er-Kilge; nllur mcthoils. Ol, r-lifOlirl ll-lliO. SA.VI PEEK i cNliinatcs; Lined HO llidav 31.11. yoiir Inline; fre: inn Department, 146 WINDOW SHADES 11ETTHR hand low shades, 771HI. painted home win-VVIlliains OLyinpIc L.J-iI:i.lMlLr fiuality workmanship; Trl-City Shndo 1127 3rd innate CLKANING, "Lopez," East 14 th.

FR uitvale new shadis; SS21, 3S32 BERKELEY OFFICE of the is located at 2103 UNIVERSITY AVE. 25 HOUSEKEEPING (Continued) 2Tir STKKKT, 6115. near 'IVIcionph Mtmny room, kilchencttc, ra go. 32NH fi.1i; l-rooni, kiidi encltc. gas, electricity; parking 8 I 2.

32NH 7iio 2., in, 1.1,0 single, 81; cverylliiiiK. l'l eilinoii 12W. LIST AVION kilchencttc, li garage. Iiioo Living ith, dressing roiHii rftoiy DOWNTOWN, clean 2. 3.

4-nmui unlet business people; 747 1 4th Street. 26 BOARDING ALAjMEDA Room, hoard optional in lovely home, reasonable; AL a merla 54, 17 It. FRUIT ALIO, 1M4-good -Lovely home, sunny room, reasonable. home cooking GRAND, 33 ftiriiilil, hot water, furnace heat, all transpor tation; reasonable; exceptionally Isoofl meals: iL encourt 7 17.,. MATHER, 240 Home for voting HU m- men; conveniences; 830; bnldt 0103.

MOSS, room, homo cook ing; transportation; reasonable PI edmont 44311,1. PIEDMONT I (can I i 1'u I ly furnished home: excellent food; trannpoiTa- llon; 830; -OL ymplc 7S2-I. t'll'M LVION I Large Hiiiiiiy. ruoiii in privato (niHlly; excellent meals all traiisportnlioti: Mil niboldt U2n0. DIOSI I ILIO linitle lur niollicr ami child or couple; KKnllvnle 0172.1.

KINilKTON, 77.1 Rc-iuiiiiil I 'il mu hjuflc, double room; best- fund; furnace, parage; PL ympic LA 10 dislricl, laim comroriuM' room, furnace, wal king' distance, te 3.102. garage; 830; 1T1 ITU STREET, 510 I in aid, room, family style; prices accordingly, 87 week, cheerful Chrlslmas turkey dinner. 5TII A Y-IONU 10, I 31 1 Sunny mom, inplcbar 1:1100, hoi wnlcr. heal TK Mil I STREET, 610, near Tclcgraiih. Attractively stonm- healeil walking distance of business center: garden nnd porches; unusual, excellenl meals: garage.

FATHER and grown da lighter, Oakland or Alameda, private home, private bath, Southern Pacific transportation; Box Rl 23237, Trib- fWTfVWU-i HOTELS WITH BOARD Live In comfort In Oakland's newest hotel. Operated similar to your own home, at astonishingly 1 low rates. Investigate. New Hotel Claridge 15th and Grove Life Room $25 Month Oakland's smart new hotel dVerlookins Late MerritL Beautiful outside rooms as low ss $25 a month, $47.50 with two meals. Breakfast, dinner.

1569 lackson Street. HOTEL LAKEHURST CHILDREN BOARDED INFANT or small child, nurses' supervision; private home; HE rke-ley 2U.8W. CHILDREN BOARDED WANTED GIRL, boy, room for father; nox Tribune. SANITARIUMS, REST HOMES BERKELEY home for convalescents, elderly, excellent trays, furnace, graduate nurse; AS hherry 00.10. HOME for elderly ladies; excellent care; electric heat; Ol.

ymplc Slot. NEKSINC Home, 4U15 Aged, post-operative; Incurable; expert care: graduate. FLATS, FURNISHED AYALA, 563.1 Snmny S-room, water, gas, electrlclly, phone; adults, 8:17.50. -Ol, ymplc SSSP. IjNIiKN 10 corner 22nd 5-footn, 2 b-edrooin, clean, sunny, chesterfield; garage, water, gar-bate; JL'fl.

MYRTLE, 1514 Sunny eiec-trrcity, garage, $19; 2-room, klt-chenelte, STREET, 1040 Upper 4 rooms), gag, electricity, parking tptce, $21. 144 LAUNDRIES CURTAINS, blankets, carefully laundered, z.ic-palr; call, deliver; (lover TAHI.IO cloths, fine 1. rialty; reasonable; FR uitvale 032. liens our spc-call, deliver; 145 MATTRESSES AA Mattress cleaning and renovat- lng; one day service: satisfaction guaranteed; fine pillow renovat- MULKEY' GL encourt '369lJ A A A1ATTREKHEH made over. Day service; established 28 years.

OL ymplc KEVA Bear Mattress Company Mattresses renovated; all work guaranteed; 1-day service; Piedmont 3338 Uraun OL ympic 4600 One-day service, renovating, sterilizing, upholstering; established 64 year. 149 neTsvEp CHIMNEY cleaning, no muss, vacuum method; expert repairing; public liability carried; ANdover 1825, 23 HOTELS (Continued) ROOMS 925 Coatforttblt ftto-htrftrf rooiai In M0 NTM nun Kitdmont low U5 Month. Fimoat fcoait coolrinf BnMnl lie. Dinner 50c. 1451 Pi.dVonl Avtnn (m bsdwv).

FURNISHED ROOMS ALAMEDA rrlvale bnlh, furnace, telephone, garage, clean; AL ameda, iiaini.i. i.riM. BHUKH, 1IH4- -On et. siinnv: nrlvale home Jfz ween; nil conveniences. HAiiiiuuuM, -4311 Clean, sunnv room, garage; pleasant home, fine location)) month.

unijiouM, Hunny room, re- nnen nusiness person, neat, J8-J15 HI gate GKOVE, 3004 rrlvale home, beau tlful room, board optional; TE nt- iMcour ix.u.- WOOD AVENUE. 4015 Attrac tive sunny room, 4 windows; young man preferred. 89.50 11 unvnie il'i s.i. MlllA VISTA, 1,20, Lake District Large, sunny living room, sleeping porch, garage; gonileinan; tiLon-Court 6(172. MA'i'HEJl, 2-lli Hoiim for young men: board optional; 11U niboldt (1103.

MANILA, 4141, near Jiroadway iu(d 4 1st -Lovely room, all conveniences, (in fre. EDMONT I'rivale -lioine, sultitlilu gcnlleinaii or couple; transportation, niboldt IN7. SS't'll HTItEET, 4 10 Coiiilorlable, heated, reasonable; between and Telegraph. 3 43 A l-ovly room, private home; conveniences; all ra iisnirliit Ion. KWIIOIIK liiire sunnv room, cnrllne, breakfast optional, Scientist preferred encourt 9532.

FURNISHED ROOMS WANTED Rooms Rented Through Tribune advertising: Llnwnnd Avenue, 4015. 2 days. VlstaL 20 In 1 day. Street, 1062 In 2 days. street, fi(i3 in 1 day.

Berkeley, 1211 2 davs. ran you! Advertise. LA keslda 6000. HOUSEKEEPING ADELINE STREET, 2709 Nice housekeeping rooms, large furnished sleeping room, 82 week, wiin garage. ADELINE, 1601 2-3-5-rooins; furnish od, ir.

jrlv- ate entrance; 117.50, 60, IK 1032 University 3- rdoin, kitchenette, up; as hiierrv fl2SM. llliUSH. 21 111 Largo room, kltch cuctre; wverylhing Included; car 'M'l'oo, si.riQ-?2.r,o. RI0KK I0L10V. 21 10'i Ashby 2-rooiu, all Included.

814, 812; R10IIK 101,10 V.2S07 Shut I in 2 rooms, gas, light, week: garage. COOLIDillO, 3132, oil Sell, ,1, 1 street Cozy 3-room, large yard; reasonable. COOLIlKilO, 274-1, l''riiitvale Sunny, clean, furnished 2-rooiu, view, private home; ANdover 2N0G. 1 0 I'll 740-Suiiny, corner 'room, kitchenette, everything Included: 83.60. 2-ITII, 1812 2-4-rooiu, private bath, entrance; 8'0 up FRultvale 4I70M.

FRUIT VALE, 1722 Large sunny room, healing AN dover 055. stove, parking; FILBERT, 1315 Sunny, clean room, kitchenette, In. home; parking; garnge. MADISON, 1551 Newly decorated 1- z-room, J2.6083.U0-J3.50; every-thlug furnished: parking. MADISON, 1555 Room, kitchenette.

also single room parking, 80 up. Rl'KV, 301.7. 40lh-Telcgrapli Front room, kitchen, parking. 810 month. l'ABLO, 2004- Front sunny 2-dlstance, $3.20 room, Walking week.

SAN l'ABLO, 2223 Sunny 2-room. $3.60: single, nil Included. EST 18TH STREET, lOllo Con-venlent, 1 or 2, gas, phono, parking. 8S-810. Tit AVIONUE, 1.755 suites, 8'li 8f everything Included; parking.

7TII KTREKT, 070 i 1-rooin, 82; 2-room, bath, 83.50; sunny. 10TH STREET, 796 Front room, kitchenette, nicely furnished; 12.60 UP. STREET. 631 Sunnv fronk 1-2-room, 2.t0-4 electrlo waiher. NT Mr 27 28 28 29 31 MTH iL 1 1 uLjaun ay Phone TE mplebar 5347.

Amount of Amount of Loan Payment $40 88.00 for 6 month! ts 14.50 for (( montns ion 12.S0 fqr 10 month's 150 12 .90 for 15 months 250 17.90 for 18 months No other costs for loan. We handle our own collections. Roy Warren, Proprietor. Auto Loans Compare Our Rates All Payments Are Made Direct to This Office Ask Your Banker About Ui Paul W. Nott 1734 Webster Street.

GL encourt 936T AUTO or Furniture Loans, $10 up. H-' Franklin. Llierry hi ate 4.m. Auto Loans Quickly arranged for Christmas buying. Exchange Finance 360 Hobnrt; (H, encourt.

5600. CHRISTMAS money Immediately; over Blue Book loaned; no payments for 45 to 60 days; 15 to 18 months to pay; all types of loanst utmost privacy assured; representative will call; small loans a specialty; Joe Clause A 3901 East 14th: AN dover 6637: Finance Tour Christmas Shopping with a Consumers Auto Lean 850 to 81000 12 months to pay. No Co-slgneri. "Consider the Company" "Compare the Cost" Why Pay More? Consumers Credit Co. 2801 Broadway Phone GL encourt 6782, mSS PRIVATE paity makes loans; bor row direct from the lender; 8324 East 12th.

LOANS. PERSONAL. SALARIES -If You Need Extra C-a-s-h TTse Our Service. Put an end to your money worries! us arranire a loan of 8100 8150. $200 or more for you; you can make repaymen-t each month out your Income.

Northern Finance Service 518 Hank of America Building. 1212 Brohdway; GL encourt 2680. Berkeley: 202 Bank of America Building. 2105 Center. BE rkeley 4313, Are money worries getting you down? Then see Laurence Anderson may loan you money en your automobile -or furniture, or arrange, personal loan If you are steadily employed.

Courteous, confidential service with reasonable rates. Pa" those troublesome bills. Pajr them easily and conveniently th4 Laurence Anderson way. For tuv details, call at his office, 1430 Harrison Street, or phone GL encourt Near Hotel Oakland. You in Need of Money? Loans on salary, furnltur Jewelry, autos or anything of value.

Come upstairs' where nobody knows your, business, where your con fidence Is respected. E. Stewart. Room 508. 1 1 0A Proadway Accommodation LOANS TO SALARIED PEOPLH ON YOUR OWN NOTE.

No endorsers' or security. Reasonable charges; strictly confidentialj Room 1, Federal Telegraph Build lng, 12th and (Continued moaerave rates; 310 rarx view rer-rsce, opposite Lakeside Park. TELEGRAPH, 333 Furnished l(irse t-room, eteam heat) hot water; adults, 820, 5 'VERNON STREET, 516Sunny front i-room, all Included; garage; Tltlt Avflniin a600 Spacious, Avenue. tifullv furnished 3- room. rage.

2STH AVENUE, 1,533 825; 4-room front, furnished (two bedrooms), -garage. 6 AVENUE, l427r-3-room, furnished, garage reasonable; city transportation. I' 38th Avenue Kewlv dec' orated, halt re frigeration, washer, 827.50 tip. CENTRAL Oakland, furnished 4-; room nd garage, lfl; Key Realty 3329 -Telegraph. aEIV', modern complete 3-foom all transportation; reasonable rentals; 642 Alcatraz near Telegraph.

bvAP -outgrown toya with other Tribun readers; advertise In Class 61, LAkeside 6000. 1 Seven floors of modern, quiet comfort In heart Ot downtown Oakland redecorated; with bath 826-835; 817- 20.. 16TH AT CLAT, Hotel Oaks 5S7 15th ritrect Newly decorated. month: with bath 820 month. jTA hotel suites, Herviie, 816 up, corner 13th and GEORGE, 371 13th Street Re- deeorated, showers, hest, 81.60 ween-up.

ivew management. Vernon TTth Franklin. 0c It week up. ALAMEDA OFFICE of the is located at' 1428 PARK STREET ST. 815 CIGAR, magazines, no night or Sundays, clears 835 week; 8380 re-quired.

1440 Broadway, Room 817. 809 San Pablo; fully equipped, modern; owner will sell at Inventory; BE rkeley 4268. 1 1 1.

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