The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1936
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNE 1C, 1935 , '(ARK,) COURIER NEWS '•PAGE Classified SHOPPING GUIDE! Business Directory Investigate our budget plan for Home Improvements. See E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER _CO. Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. i m3 S I( SN' AS " K •ONCE-IN A LIFETIME YOU'LL NOT SEK'VALUES LIKE THESE SOON THE TOP OF THE USED CAH MAK- KET AT ROCK UO'lTOM Batteries BETTER BAKERY SERVICE Call J, B. dune At Tom Jackeon'6 Swico Station I'm Rent Modem liousc, built-in nook, cnblncl. N«wly ymlnlcO Inside & out. Apply J2? w. cherry. 16-nX-W Ml-303 K, MAIN rs. J. J. riavis — opencer Corsctlr~e j Call 421-W for appointments We Make All Sizes of Airplane Type Fans A few used desk fans (or sale clicop Barksdale Mfg. Co, I'HONE IS TRANTHAM TRANSFER CO. Moving 50c room up. Pianos $1 up. PHONE 804 ciiicvitoi, I;T I.DOOK SEDAN S1U5 1930 I'ONTIAC SKUAK S ^ 1020 DE SOTO SKDAN 5 93 1032 F O U 1) V-8 T U II O R. Special—Two Days Only Tuesday and Wcilncs- t|;iy $IJ5 —TRUCKS— ISIIl CHEVROLET l!'i TQN TRUCK, ?31S ! 1933 C1IKVHOI-KT l!i TON TUUCK 5103 1332 CHKVKOI.KT I',!; TON TUUCK 2 bedrooms or H two room J' ulstied npnvltnent. Reasonable, Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020 Heart! Cool bedroom, 405 N. Broadway, phone 193-J. 10-Ok-U Six room unfurnished housct. 9Q3 Cherry. Pliouq 383. 10-ck-tf Cool front BEDROOM. Reasonable. 13ess Hall. Call 280. 8cktf All our 103G Patterns WALLPAPER now on sale ut ; greatly'..reduced prices. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. 191I3 (i. M. C. TRUCK I 1 .;. TON WANTEU —/-.LI, -KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, S3 to $5 ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. Brass, 2c to 4VjC Ib. Copper 'iVire, 4c to 5o Ib. Riidli' f ,oi-s, 4',4c Ib. HIDiSS &. FUHS WOI.F ARIAN PHONE HC 128 E. MAIN OI'EN NIOHTS UNTIL 10 O'CLOCK 1'or Your Convenience TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 5-rooni unfurnished house, .51' Pork. Reasonable. Call 280. 3-cfcrU 3 room furnished apartment will bath. Newly decorate*). Telep|tpn< & water free, .Mrs, Belle Wood, 121 Dougtui, Call 785-J. 11-c.k-t i FURNISHED' Rooms, modern Sink In kllehen. 914 Ileum. "AlTLBY OOP" rooin unfurnished ' Vine. Call 2M-J. nt NO RAM apartment, Inquire. al 'ui'kinirst Co. as-ck-tt COOl, bccUoom*, i-eiutonnblo. Mrs. ' Jennlo Oi'ulg, 000 Main, • phono no. Kooin Aparlmjiut, 4 rooms (ur- nlshed.. J, H. 'Siiiurl. Cuil 805-J So kll Pur Snli> EliECTHlO 'RBFRIOEWATORS —3 1 '" > ' 1 "" I Kelvlnntors, I cold spot, l Sm—, , , ,„.—__| c | p cilUA!'. TEIIMS. Wiggins Blec- 'nylnj oa:il luicl wood yurd, ohi'Hp! trie Shop. 110 S. lil'onclwuy. 15-ck2'J vent, us s. Rnllroiul. 12-ck-ltt U K TOMATO STICKS, 5 LONG, lU'C EACH, ' Salesmen Wanted CHICAGO MILL, KM HALK-S Room Houso,~iwlli lui'BC lot, Cheap laxes. Woiuli!)'- ivl locution. Clicap • fur casli. BCfl CillldtllDllWlHt, 111! I ANTEO: nor Mississippi Co, '•> distributor for Walklns j'rodiiols Pfcfer applkonli bcl«'(;till 21 (ii\d f'O witli cur. Kavnliiits }3fi or vcQkly assured worker. All year round bi|slncss will* lip yeuv old organization. No ' bond or ' . needed. S'W ctisli nil you need (ov slock of Koocls anil comnany helps Write CWO, c-o J. R, Wntklus Coiupanj', lR, 'Venn. Male Help Wanted MAN, reliable, to become an ulilo mobile innl ncctckMiL o'lilni i«l juslcr in your tcirltovy. Insuvance cxtwrloncc unnecessary. No .selling. Write Associiitecl Adjusters, Box Fou Klcclrle ice llox^s mid iois. liroadwuy ill a, Broadway. 30-C-X-0-30 Good Used Trucks 1531-lli Ton • I'oril IU35— W Ton ruul rii'k-U|i 1834— 1<« 'I'on Chevrolet 1931—1(4 'fun International All liuvo (loot) yiiiko Modli'g Ti;il,MS Delta Inipletnenl Co unto ft bciuillful division li) HEAR! HEAR! If you linve a burial iissociiiHon certilicato of uny Idncl on your tovotl onca when they JHIM iiwiiy, wo will accept it at full value on the funeral, jjrovidcil you buy us uuicli as ?GO or ima-o In mcrchnntliso. COBB FUNERAL HOME I'HONB 2li KOH (JUICK 8KRVICK ON Washed SAND SERVICE STATION 'FOB YOUR CONVENIENCE , SINCLAIR GAS AND LUHHICATION WYBK I'EHRY in charge and of ScM'viw ' Dcpar.liu(iiit. J-, H. JOHNSON in charge of liody Department. -BAT'MJRV. 8KBVICK GRAVEL Phone 700 8ii|iyrlur Cokl & Mitiing Co. Anil wv hiiiiillv all I.caillntr Hr:nnU <i( llljh Grade floal— .Siiinlll, Circat llcarl, nrlillaul, -KODV WORK WORK — AUTO W. T. BARNEH AUTO I'honc 633 BUY CLOTHKS NOW! Pay out o£ your bonus. CEO. MU1K, Tailov 201 N. 'JlKl : FREE GASOLINE ; .l.ODO Oallons to lie Given Away i t'liEE To Our Customers! ' Every member of uur Gasoline Dividend Club can ivill troll) I to i5 Gallons. \Vlien you buy tab : .al ISailey'^ ask for a membership caril. It costs nothins. ^ HARRY BAILEY'S " ' At-Missouri Slate HUB Real Estate 'OR SALE CIIi-Al'—HOUSES ut 700 W. Ash; 337 & 339 S. Dl- ision, witli paying tenants. BARGAIN for quick sale. Part cash vlll handle. Mildred -E. Cos, R. 1. 1, Box 24-A. ATTENTION . : HAVE THE ttLST TltlCES IN TOWN .ON LOCAL I'ROI'EKT-V Sec • Us lleiore 1'uu Buy, ' Always in the Market foi SCRAP IRON ; WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones UlylheviHu Iron & Metal Cn. 221 W. Cherry Call 448 Barksdale Mfg. Co. Lawn Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired PHONE 13 ' . BEE The New 26 Qt. Pressure Cooker AND INQUIRE ABOUT THE CLUB PRICK AT Hubbard Hdw. 5B4, Milwaukee, Wls. HAH/ JUS' WHAT I THOUGHT/ TH' BIG, BAD PUBLIC WELL, WELL.' HUH/ IT . LOOKS AS IF I.AIMT.OQMNA HAFTA BCTTHER ', AFTER AU.- HAS IT -•—-^VOU SAIP IT/ 7 GOT /I A1MT V.LIFE AWT WORTH •1M, /GOT TH: \ A- BUSTED AXE HANDLE.' WECL-THATS THAT-' SUT, ANYHOW, I'VE GOT A GOOD HUNCH THAT TH' SEASHORE 15 NOT A HEALTHY AVENUE OF ESCAPE FROM THIS > GOOFY PLACE.,, 10 I &UESS I'll JUS 1 HAFtA'KEEPQM' LOOWN'-BUT, FIRST, i GOTTA FIGGER OOT SOME WAY O RID OF THOSE UARDS-PL: ' EWEMY COUUDSJ' ^.' TAKE ITT' BOOTS ANT) HKR VOR OWE 1V\\W6 |'\QVQ OV U)C\< GOOD f»O\WTS $.650 (i50 COO 5.50 800 : 500 SHOOTING THE WORKS! HE'S AM ARTIST. HE'S S'POSEPTO LOAP TRUCKS WTI I &LVCERIME/ PEIVE OVER ROUGH ROADS, POUR ' DOESN'T THE GROUND WHEN VQU SHOOTER?/THE SOUP INTO SHELL?, LOWER 'EM INTO'OIL VVtl.L'i PRILL A WELL, SEE . , . GOTTA GVE '^R A SHOf OP FIRST - LOOSEN up t OIL BEARING SANP A MILg OR MORE,CO<VN IN THE EARTH. THAT&VVHATA 5HOOTER P05S. AN' DISCHARGE 'EM WITHOUT. t>\MAeE TO MAM, PEAST OR PROPERTV. »- 'T^lY;^^ Blossef HES STILL, 1410 Asli Vine . —:.. 513 Madison 2010 , W. Vhio •115.,-;E. Missouri .. lis'-fe. gycnrnore '. liCG cnickasawba " 123 E, Vine ...: /•. 502 S. 5th 171 h & V inn ••<•• 1600 Asll 2302 Carolyn ..... 2307 Carolyn 113 E. Cherry — 300 Division ...;... ISO 811 Heiirn 880 210 W. Rose & R. H JUS W. Missouri .... 1708 W.'Mnlu ." 1112 W.:Malu ....... 720 Clark 101 W. Sycamore ... •101 N. 5th 635 S. Lake 204 W. Kentucky ... 124-6 E. Vine 110 W..ROSC 217 Uuguu 503 Lumcrale<.... 119 B. Vine .' 4C1 E. Davis '..... 12108' ChlckasavUa }401 E. Asll .'...'.. | 115 B. As|i 815 Chlckasawba . ] J923 W. Sycamore 1050 114 S. Lake 1500 ,215 S. Lake 1200 FOR COLORED 1C11 \V..Ro:ic ... 116 \V. Malliews Wall Paper SALE I93li PATTERNS TBEARKMO LUMBER CO.. rhonc -10 121 W. Rposcvcll, 3 lota 122 W. llboscvell j 219 \V : Clcvel-ciiiJ 050 5M> 1113 E. Cleveland , DM ! 113 W. Cleveland 500 -08 N, 7tli 300 1009 Lake, '!. lots 650 1719 Sale;, 550 1614 E. Charleiie '1)00 1630 E. Cliarlcur «ttO 1732 \V. Clinrlcno 250 S. S. aeinnies — — 150 SS Semnies, 1 rooma 350 208 y/.'Roosevelt. 500 Coleridge'/'. , 550 Via 'H4vo Olhers, (\i^9 Land! Thomas Land Company STOVE3 eroiiiiD FOR SUMMER Local Hauling My Coal !s Black But 1 tieat You Whttq .lOil.S BUCHANAN—rUONE Vfl I ELECTRICAL WORK, reasonable. Frank Oa>!'-•, I'lione 'JIB. Oiteola. HOLT'S BARBER SHOP 101 Sioulli Md St. HAIRCUT 20c, SHAVE lie Bath—Close 8 p.m.-^ShUi? Egg&, Poultry Shoe Repairing ((UAUIT S1IOK SHOl' Men's Halt Kole:. liOc. lie, SI MeiVb Rubber Hteli 'Joe, 35c. 3UC Meni- Full Holes ai'.d Heel: $;i and Chlldieu's Half Boles Baby Chicks DAY OLD & STARTED ". Buy duy MARILYN HATCHERY Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eg$$ -k Poultry. ill E, 'Main • FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS I. JUST /" FIX THJhlG'S UP DAWD/! \ ^|t?L) SCARED POODLES ) HALp'TD DE^sTH V/I1H / THAT;CAP PISTOL.... ) HE ; MAY NEVER / set,' .COME , BACK •'•' / - FRECKLES,! PIECED "|DGE^HER ALL THE 8OME3 V/E HAD, AND HAVE WEARLY COMPLETED THE V/WLE SPECIMEKI CF SABER-TOOTHED THE SXELETDhJ <^£AH,V/ELL IS COMPLETE.,, jPtODLES IALLWEHEED yJusr LOST is THE r"His.,,HE RAW HEAD, 1 ' /•''OUTOF HERE WE HAVEIJT 2EN HIM 6|MCE.' T T 1 ! 11 ALL THIS WEEK I'M ABOUT; ID GO GOMPLETELV SOOF ; WE NEED THE DOG TO HELP us FIKID THE TIGER SKULU, AW MOW v/e CAWT FIND 'THE / /s~v L, DOG ! /r*^ |W Ufi wv . , &v-'/( _ '1* "" ( v '"vi (if ^ l pt i'- I'.t '/ ^.K POODLES / HE STARTED, *£, OUGMTA / Bg; SOME-WERE IN ; READ; / THE v-i . ^. ^/v \ I ' ?• ''93 — —M?? ?»*• Wanted EXPERIENCED and Bookhfepcr wanta Good relerenccii. Elcaiibv SuilSh, 1315 \V. Main, Cull 335-W. i)0c and Quality Materials i —: '• — '•<- .iny i:obv. IVcc"tlelivVi'y"tci'-.l USED FLAT'TOP 'J i HEi; ahincs with liulf sole. Hold' Noble. 13-pk-18 Poni-e-lo • Chocolate Milk 3c c «.. /cc C Ice Cream Cones 2 /or 5f Fritil Salad Sundae Ik — //a/ia/ia &'p/ti 0c 6'w/tf .$c ^-.llQQliic.^\3c ^-. Lime CYicrry Phosphate 3c ..V. '<V«fc Shake Ge n^ &'HHtfac 7t- — Mrqwberri/ Sundae 6c - Chocolate Si Kold Kmnch "The Most Delicious Ice Cyeam Confection- Ever Made" "Dollar Bills Are Wrapped With Kold Krunch"

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