The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1930
Page 4
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t»AGE FOUR m.YTHEVILI.E. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, DKCEMBEIl 20, IS IHE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS O. B. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. liAWES, Advertising Manager Bole Nalloiial Advertising Representatives: The Thomas P. Clark Co, Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Sun Antonio, San Francisco. Chicago, St. Louis Published Every AJMrnoon Except Bunday. Entered as second class matter at the post office at BlythevUle, Arkansas, under act ol Congress October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city o! Blythevlllc, 15c per week or $6.60 per year In advance. By mall within a radius of 60 miles, (3.00 per year, |1.50 for jlx months, SSc lor three months; oy mall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, 5S.50 per year, In zones seven rii eight, J10.M per year, payable iu txlrance. A Case For Dismissals It is good to loani that Ohio spared itself the infamy of pulling that M- year-old boy on trial for his life as i\ murderer- The young delinquent, who ha;l been driven almost insane by fear of the electric chair, was permitted to plead guilty lo second degree murder and lias been lodged in the boys' industrial school_ However, there is one thins Ohio ought to look into- It was the guards at this industrial school who did their best to drive the boy crazy. They used to go to him and give him long- drawn-out descriptions of the agonies of electrocution, telling him that he was sure to be executed and doing their miserable best to Ihrow him into a paroxysm of terror. Now the boys' industrial school is supposed to be a place where n delinquent boy can get tlic attention tl\at will help to mak; a useful citi/.on out of him- Just wlmt, do you suppose, are debased brutes like those guards doing iu an institution of that kind? Ohio ought to fire the lot of them. The Mexican Navy A news dispatch reveals that Mexico is considering abolishing its navy. The Mexicans support five obsolete gunboats and three converted cargo steani; ers, at an annual cost of $1,000,000; and the Chamber of Deputies is now considering a plan to do away with thiii diininutjvc squadron and use the inoney foj-^something-ejse. ' '. v. This looks like a perfectly sensible move, siiice it is hard to sec how Mexico could cvEr need a navy or how that particular navy could ever do her any goo:l it' she did. After all, the United States navy is Mexico's best defense against foreign aggression. The United States would never permit any other nation to invade Mexico, and the Mexicans might as well bank mi it. -.And the United Slates itself? Well, five old gunboats wouldn't even slow the U. S. navy up. Mexico's defense against the United States !;ES in diplomacy and a better understanding, not in a tenth-rate navy- As these who put off lliclr Christmas shopping to the last minute have already learned: Time and Yulctide wait for no man. OUT OUR WAY Saving the Children Although Die traftic fatality (igures arc nlmost invariably cxtrunicly discouraging, there i.-;. one single ray of light to be derived from them- II develops that Ihc various safety ciim- puigiui put on in .schools throughout the country are beginning to liiivt effect- Fewer children arc being killed \,-j niitu- mobiles now than were killed 10 years agu. This represents a. real achievement, when you consider that the population lias grown considerably in that time, that there ar; many more aulos on the streets and t;.al the total casualty list lias considerably increased. The child today is safer from the traffic menace than he wns a decade ago, and the people who have given their lime lo SIDE GLANCES By George Clark these safety proud- campaigns can be very Pulling Capone On 1 rial It is interesting to learn that the Chicago-luilliorilit'B arc collecting evidence in the hope of being able to put Al Capone on trial for murder. The strangest thing about this man's career is (he fact that although hundreds of murders are ascribed to his gang, no murdtr charge lias ever yut been pinned ii|x>n him. Chicago now seems to believe that the thing can be done, if it is properly attempted; so the sleuths are out looking for evidence. It would be extremely salutary to see this man 'Cuponc brought into court to stand trial for his life. But such a step, by itself—even if it resulted in hi.s being executed—would not do much good so long as the conditions which have enabled Capone to gel and keep his enormous power remain unchanged. Capone is simply a logical outgrowth on the Chicago body poli'.ic. A sweeping program of fundamental reforms is the only thing that can give any lasting help- band Is so wealthy t!iat the woman Is conslaiuly sheltered and protected, if !:s is 15 years older and engaged in any occupation which HiL'mlts him lo wear and tear, his I chance of •iurvivin? Is even less i than It woull be based on the ordi- ' i;ary cnlculttlons alone. MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO "You first, Alfonso." ns the rebels in Spain are politely saying to (heir monarch. When Flo Zlcgfeld cautioned his beauties not to overindulge in sports wns he referring perchance, to stngc-dcor "johnnies"? Said Ihc opera director lo Ihe • star he has just fired: "Belter ones than you have been given the niia.". DEWEV'S BIRTH On Dec. 3i, 1837, George Dewey, an American naval officer, famed lor c'i'stroyiiig the Spanish Asiatic fleet in the Spanish-American War, was Ixrn In Montpsller. Vt. After graduating from the Unit-: cd States Naval Academy in 1858 he ' began active sarvlcc on the Med-l llerranean station. On his return, I he participated in several Civil! War engagements under Farragut.' In 1918. nt the outbirak of the j war with Sp.iln, Dewey, then a commodore, was tppointed to the command cf the Asiatic slation. On May 1 lie entirely destroyed the Spanish t!' ; ct at Manila Bay withcut the loss of u man iu his own fleet. In recognition of this achievement he wns appointed a rear admiral and was esttfcially honored by Cong: ::s. He later co-operated in the capture ol Manila. He received an enthusiastic reception on his return to the United States and in the sam-j year was made admiral of the »vy. He is the only officer who ras ever held that rank. HAV£ SPECIAL PLACES WHSKE Twey <3A1H£K- AND SING fHS/R YJEIRO SONSS AfTEfZ FAIL. NEVSJ USE 1HB "Oh, let's forget it, Dad—it's a darn nice present anyhow and I'll probably ftti used to the color-" ^WASHINGTON LETTER ONE BACf Of WHICH IG |M AFRICA AMD ONE IN JAPAN, RAVe NO TAIIS. 1HIS CONDITION IS CAU&EO BY THE A&SEKCC OF THE SIX. P05T£V,OR. CAUPAt- VEKTEBRAE, /WO THE LAST BCffS OF THE TAIL. OI9MCfNmtJlVKE.|liC. Matches Threatened by New German Product additional quarters ese Nation, English language C, provided or the ese-edited weekly, appeals to • n>- RORNF.Y NEA Service Writer Most federal employes here, ho 1 ever, work a seven-hour day, from WASHINGTON". — The five-day 51 a. m. to 4:30. with half an hour working week ns n partial solution [for lunch. If they got off Saturday of unemployment, proposed by • at noon, they would have a 38-hour Senator Watson of Indiana. Dem- week. ocratlc Chairman Raskob nuci many ,Once Hail Sis-Hour Day others, is unlikely to b? endorsed Once upon a time the government by the administration. I clerks worked oiily six hours a day In fact, the federal emji^yes in | anil there is no record that they BERLIN. (UP)-A new synthetic ,,. inflammable predict, invented in I said, the laboratories of I. G. Parben- i Industrie, (lie prett German chemical trust, tlireattns to eliminate the use of matcl.vs. The subtance. which Is calbd jonalin, is a transparent lluid and s packed in tubis from which it "an bo squeezed vith a light touch. :t evaporates vcr? slowly, is highly nflammablc. without giving off soot, and has no smell. Used in a lighter it Is v.ry much cheaper han matches. Fnally tonalin can be used as a clejulng material ami will remove nlmcst any stain. counties must take care of their prisoners themselves. Scrosgius Washington haven't even been able complained of long hours. Congress to wrangle a five-and-a-i-.alf-day decided, however, that six hours week out of their superiors, despite j wasn't enough and in 1898 passed the fact that the law appears to> a law requiring them all lo work grunt them a Saturday haif-holi- seven hours a day except Sundays day. Hardly anyone has been proposing that the government undertake to pass laws for a five-day week in private industry, but it li3S been widely proposed, that both the na- and days declared public holidays by law or executive order. Three years later Congress appears to have thought it might hnve been hard-hearted and so said Saturday afternoons should be included lional government and various among the District of Columbia's states and municipal government i statutory holidays stimulate the practice by. leading E , rcsiclent Roosevelt thought giv- the way. Uncle Sam, however, | h the derk5 n Satllrtlay htllf _ proves very cautious about giving; hoHd WM t(M gcncrous all( , helc , To business men trying tu crnck ihe depression, the New Year's calls not so much lor resolutions as ve-solutions. . "Girls Mob Young Bridge Champ." Headline. Probably because he's so good at holding hands. When It came to handling rcirorlers anil endorsement seekers. Einstein showed iic had lha'. down to a science, loo. ills workers any more leisure. When President Hoover issued an executive order allowing government- workers tile afternoon off on the Wednesday before Christmas he carefully added the warning: "This order is not deemed as establishing a precedent." Seek Half Holiday But it seems reasonable to suppose lhat there will be a five-and- In these days, opines the office sage, a criminal sent away on a long sentence cither makes n dash or serves a short period. A Tennessee mnn says he liusn't slept for Iti years. Ho must be dreaming. "Germany inundated by foreign Money." Headline. Here's one flood they won't "damn." By Williams that Saturday afternoon was only a holiday as it concerned negotiable paper—the payment of notes and similar transactions. Amended Law Then Congress amended the to declare that Saturday afternoons and other holidays were holidays "for all purposes." It was stipulated that when department heads Drought Gives Farmers Rich Dirt for Fields DELAWARE. O., <UP>— The drought, was an "ill wind' to almost all of Ohio, bin, ingenious farmers hereabouts have made it, blow some good. The shrunken streams, principally the Scioto river, in receding, uncovered rich, black loam. The Powers to move their legatiorj* tlie present capital of Nankin?' The Nation refers to "tlie i : ; nlous diplomatic situation prc; 1 ed by the Powers' deliberate ;i'jj tenance of their legations in:l ancient city of Pieping which^fs j now definitely ceased to be ofV i political significance in, China.'i Stage Star 'Repays Loaibi Made 20 Years NEW BEDFORD, Mass, (U ; ( Jail Population Exceeds Capacity in W. Virginia MOUNDSVILL3. W. Va. (UP) Counties will htve to haus? their | own prisoners if the present facilities al (he W:st Virginia top soil of the nearby farms ' iPfJWtrs Keep Legations I Recently I,abonte received a c^I for that amount bearing the ' j lowing message: "Eddie Dawltng to my pal • fjU TU' r -L ^ for my laundry SO years ago. Cs 111 U'U Uninese Capital luck, dear friend, from Edrtis r| prison orf nil. enlan state'; j ling. 655 Fifth Avenue, New \J SHANGHAI, iTjpi -Pointing out' N. ~-Y." «'. f-ciping is not only an ex-j Since borrowing the money cording to Ward.ii A. C. Scro^ins. I rnni'.ii "n M,- 7 n r %? ™ ° X "lr , "O"' 0 *'"^ th - money t Accommodation have long sinc^ "mod huM.,,. ,i v^"" 1 S C0n " S haS c!iml]Cd hieh in the lh been c-vc-crtea ltd viih th» n-,nVi" i cclncci ' ml (llat tlle National Gov- rical world and is now a-na ?..".. .™.':-™ a - v ' ih th " I )J 1"'-! ernmen; ^ even morad the prov- nlly-known musical comedy lation tiircateniug rcacli2,4GQ! Miician?apital to l^entsin, the Chin- talkie, star. ~m GOOD MiOHTV TH' "5E.COK1C) 1VJ COMMAKID COMERGO An JT DlSCOVtHED O\-' l-U-3 OuTV, So GOIM' T' Do ASouT IT His M\TT PAW AM' n-hnlf-day week for pwornmw , madc lllelr employes work overtime workers before there is tmv five-day | ° r °» Sundays or holidays they week, so some general iuierest al- ;?»ould do ^ "by special order, stat- Inchcs to measures introduced by I lng tne rcason Senator Wesley Jones of Washing-1 Nevertheless, the government ton and Senator Kenneth McKellar j clerks have gone light on working! of Tennessee. Jones would give all I Saturday afternoons and they arc federal employes Saturday after- doing that now. No one has been neon off beKinnlnu' at 1 o'clock. i able to find any order, general or McKcllar.'holding that employes j special, lo account for this 5301111113 of tlie federal departments here ap- i defiance by the executive branch of pear lo have been illegally employ- ] government of what was the oi-igi- ed on Saturday aftrnoons for near- nal intenl of the legislative branch, ly 30 years, has a resolution direct- The Federal riar Association Ing heads of departments to ex- made a long, exhaustive and futile plain why they have been keeping search for such an order. It sub- their forces at work. i milted a brief to the president last Postal employes will benefit from summer expressing tlie opinion a bill, passed by the House and ex- that the Saturday half-holiday here peeled soon to be passed by the j was mandatory on Hie government. Senate, granting them a -ll-r.orr | But there is no promise that any[ week. Tlie postal emploje unions | thing will be done until Congress say that this law will mean em- ! acts again and meanwhiic the gov- ployment for several thousand ad-, ernment clerks will continue to feel tlitional persons. • thai they are being gypcd. Wives Outlive Husbands Insurance Statistics Show J1V OK. MOKHIS I-'KSIIHKIN , ajp. The husband m..y ix> r.ny- i Editor, Journal nf tlm American where from five lo 25 years older Medical Association, and of j than his wife. Obviously, in such Hygei.i, the Health Magnyine > casc.=, his chance, of survival is pro- Probably every inarrir-d couple j pcrlionately decreased, at some lime in iheir married j If ihe husband and the wife are life begin lo discus Hie question , both 30 years of age, the chance of as, to whether or not the husband ihe husband outliving her U 48 in Is likely to outlive tiic wife or vice \ ICO; If his wife is five, years young- ver.;.i. ' er. his chance of outliving her Is The matter is imperial 1 .; not only only -10 to 100. It is safe for gam- from the point ol view of sentl- biers to get three to two against men!, but also from Hi? point of his outliving her. view of establishing an estate, car- If the viie is 15 years younger ing lor children, mid in m my other : than lier husband and the husband •• v ajs. ; is 40 years old, Hie chance that he According lo lijmes compiled by will outlive her is only 2G to 100, a large insurance company, there and ihe odds are Ihrcc lo one i are More than Kucr as :m\uy uid-• against him. ows in the United K'.alcs as wid- In the rather unusual ciicuin- o«cis. Accordhis ;o iv.e figures of - stance in which the wife is older . Ihe last available ceii'.u'.. iherc wa> than the husband, t'.-e odds are of ;(,f> prr cent \vlrtcv.s 31 per tent course modilicd ajain by this situ- . :v.idr»rrs. atlc;-,. If the wife is 35 years oltl • | In ti-.e majority of c.isc.; li-,e hus-;ane; the husband Ir. 30. the chance ,t%.y,d is the older nr u,n m-o part-• is PS in 100 t'aat Ihc husband will I i-.rrs. Iu addition, men have aisuivlvc- the w:fe. .inrt in the same-! . hkhrr morinliiy rate than women. • way the figures depend on tl:e [::obab]y because uoirion aavr been number of ycnrs t!iat t'.'ie woman : lor ycnr? th? slu-hernl i.'zff. Is o!, J .,--r ilian tile mnn. : Tiiiis. ihe odds '.end 1.1 be fomc- The other lactors that enter in'.o .what nMinst Ihe rhanc; 1 that Ihc the situation are, cf course. Ihe husband will survhc ;hc wife.' relative amounts of care and the Therr. are varioiu- p.-ssibil;tics, relative exposure to possibilities of t liowevir. in mam.ite.i in vhidi the occ:(:eir : . and disease lliat ap;>lv ,two [inrtneis are i:-it ol the, same lo tilt- individual cast 1 . If the luit- little things- that tell" That's what big sister said to her boy friend as she pulled little brother out from under the sofa. But wait till big sister and the boy friend are man and wife with a home of their own to run. Then how much more she'll realize the truth of her observation! For then the age old problems will come pressing- hard. So much in the pockctbook. So much on the shopping list. Will it (it? Then's when the little things make the big difference. The little savings—the small economies—the slightly better values of which a good housekeeper takes advantage. Then's when big sister will read the advertisements as she never read them before. Comparing values; learning reliable brands; watching the bargain and reduction announcements The advertisements will help her in a thousand ways to take care of the little things, acquire the little short-cuts in time and effort in the big job of running a home. Reatf Hie adverlisemenln every dau. Consistently advertised f/oods are worthy of your confidence otherwise they couldn't be consistently

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