The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, September 8, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS '- ;- /: ; ; v ';. ''•'•: ' :^-^'/";'v-;™-i-;*^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOMEEtilTlE VOL. XXVII—No. M9 SINGLE! COPIES FIVE COTTON LOWER ON Pine Bluff Boy, 14, Kt»s Father How Mystery Blasts Wrecked Arkansas Bridge jJQjjj flff|(5[(lS Ydiilli lOlllM Follow- I OIKm- . Will Be Astonishing Exposition o[ Achievements in Adverse Season. liY J. MKI.7, IJROOKS Crop damage from the drouth has had the effect of causing cancclla- ; lion of some county fairs in sec- j tions which have been harder hit • than has Mississippi county. Other ct.untlra in the drouth area arc going forward with the fairs, holding them just as if nothing had hap- Ijenpened. The committee in charge of the annual Mississippi County Fair has j taken the position that, although ' some sections of the county have i suffered damage which has prac- j tlcally ruined their crops, and ] nearly every section of the county | This Is the scene that confronted repair crews after the new $500,000 concrete and steel highway bridge i.uffered damage that is really scr-| over Red river at Garland City, Ark., was wrecked by four explosions. Note Ihc explosives plac(\d : iTfc' Carl' said hc'"sUpped up'lj'e- BELLS MIL 2.1 ID Registrations Mark Initial Day; Hold Brief Lxercis- cs At Senior I liirji. Approximately 2000 students of Ilvi ' wi " lp '""' " 10 IU ' B ™ pllh - Sunnyland Kills Man at Holland Arkansas Yield Only 115 Pounds to the Acre Says Government. ]k . Sl .] llxj!s ,, nsw ,, lxx |. die ing Fatal Climax 10 | ; 'ani-i u "' sclK:ul >*ll thin morning for II ily Quarrel. "f PINE ntUFF. supi. n <UPI—or- : Tirlals were to decide loday what j course to follow In the case of n i fright stricken youl'n who walked •Into the sheriff's office here last. I night nnd said he had shot and I killed his father. > Carl Lee SapplntUon, 1-J, walked ; to pine Bluff from his home on : Hens. li y island and told officers ly> j killed his father because he liellev- I ed his mother's life was In danger. : , Tlip yo'.lth's mother yesterday went to a baptismal service nnd upon her return home wns abased usual nine montlis term. In all uf the schools iTglstiatlons were, nmdr nil schedules announced but nr riruKil'iublli'.'i.wei'e held today ions, there Is no good reason why ON HOTEL our fair should not be held as usual. An editorial in the 'Arkansas Gazette recently stated in part that "Business as Usual" was the slogan which helped Great Britain j weather four World War years, and ! suggests that-Uiis is .a good-sicgau : this year with regard to the Statue Fair. ' We should apply his slogan to our County Fair, and make the very best showing possible. i Has Especial Value i Under the present conditions, a , County Fair should prove of even-pi- r; i -r P-illnnc In more value to this country than in |' ollce ' Intl lei > UlllOllS 111 pievipus years. It will serve toj Room at Noble; Bai'bev Convince all of us that we are not ' cl ., KI n dead and buried by the drouth. It OROp Also [Sets DOOZC. will give us sometlu'ng to work for | and-an •opportunity to get together, Uptbwn raids over the week-end with.ou larnier.friends from other | by.the c,ity police netted teii go'l- 'sectfcffiTot the county to compare-; Ions' ot ftquor in a room at the Ho- uur exhinits in this drouth year. I tel Noble and several half pint r 'Ihe Fair will ulfuril a" week of re-> and a number of empty hottles a: (.reatton and amusement for both! the Red Ball barber shop. R. S • old and young. , i Prevost, manager of the Red Bill Competition between 'coinmuni- ! shop, and Carlos Atkins were ar- ties and individuals this year sno;ild rested charged with illegal pos , under each corner of the center span, and set off simultaneously, clipped off the 303-foot section as jhlnd his father and shot him In the neatly as if it had been severed by a huge pair of scissors and tossed it Into 35 feet cf water. Uam- 'lack of the head. age sa setimated n; S250.000. Preliminary investigation failed to" establish the motive for the blast, i TIie >P ° uth k lieinE llokl '" ' n11 " ~ I — -„ - oe even keener than usual. Cash premiums have been Increased and session, and Arthur Frailer posted a $100 deposit on a charge of PDS- additional departments added to tneisessing the liquor discovered at the 1'nir. Winning tnesc premiums wnl j Noble. oe like picking up just that much [ Fra»»r's dei»sit was ordered money in the roau. Last year u;e ' forfeited by Judge -\V. D. Grave)!*air sent out premium cnecks to j In police court this morning when more than Mo individuals and this hc ' ail!K ' to answer to the ciiarea year hopes that this number may ' According to police another man ue increiied. i is believed to be implicate;! in the Quoting irom the Memphis Eve- : ™& Nobl<; !5nci "nd another ar- nlng Appeal of Uiis WCCK: "11 i l ' est ma y mouth and business depressions, . _ t _ cannot throw a pall over tne coun- I a room on the flrst floor o£ . rest may follow. The linuor was I found locked in a wooden chest In th" ty fair, then drouth and business hotel. The chest contained nine Mn£idefeat the , arm-- full gallon Jugs a number of pinl. ers and the business men. Uo 10 ;ne fair and have a' goad time. The spirit of the comity iair is typical of the spirit of the county.' Tue Mississippi Comity Fair Committee ! siiDscrnit-s to that sentiment and is i eU[ , , Ws monling . Atkhls doing its very best to give Missus- | grnnted n continuance and - -ppi county people the best lair | vosl . s cnw was n!so CQntim ied un- and a syphon hose. Flcad Not Guilty Prevost and A'.kins entered nlca- of not guilty to charges of illegal possession in connection with-the Ball raid before Judqe Grav\vas Pre- Woman Sues Husband for Accident Injuries VAN DUREN, Ark., Sepi. 8. (UP)—A husband Is just another automobile driver to Mrs. Bertha Katzenbcrg of St. Louis. She filed suit here seeking 525,000 damages from her husband, William Katzenberg, for injuries received in an automo* bile accident. Mrs. Katzenberg alleged she received . permanent injuries when the automobile In which she was riding overturned due to negligence of her husband xho was driving. . KE1SH IT IGE 89 ever this year. I til Tuesday. Catalogues have been distributed .' A cllargc of drivins; while intox- over the county^ and j calc ,j against Albert Brattnn wp.i all tions are being made lor exmuits irom a number of communities, some of which have never had exhibits at the fair before. Reports are to the effect that Mississippi county folks are going to be aston- dismisscd by Judge Gravette thi = morning but. Bratton was fined Sl!i on a charge of disorderly conduct lie was accused of attempting t" force a young lady to join him In a car ride. ishcd at the quality and quantity! Four men accused of public of exhibits this year, in view of the | drunkenness were fined SIS each. Was Taken III Following the Recent Death of Her Son-in-Law. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon for Mrs. Mary A. Kelsey, 89. mother of Mrs. F. P. Carter, who succumbed at the Carter home here Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. Mrs. Kelsey was taken ill lolow- ing the death of her son In law, F. P. Carter, two weeks ago and grew weaker daily until she finally suc- sumbed Sunday. The Rev. P. Q. Roric afftctated at the services yesterday afternoon and interment-was made at Elmwood cemetery. The Cobb Under- uncral arrangements. The deceased is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. W .B. Wright and two sons, Charles Kelsey and Dewey Kelsey of Tuscumbia. damage that has been done to crops. Over $1,500 in Pri/cs The Committee asks for the cooperation of all Mississippi county farmers and business men in their Hold N'rsrn for Theft A charge against Clifton Ro«, negro, of petit larceny was docketed and his case continued. Ros-^ Is accused of robbing the Howard Machine shop. Emcll Damon of tlr effort to give Mississippi county a ; Merchants' patrol gave police in- fair which is worthwhile this year, j formation that resulted- in Ross' Get busy and see that your com- I arrest, munity has an exhibit—prizes in i Arllr this department alone total $440. lar on a f'"^ of disturbing Ihc Encourage your neighbor to show i P cacc - w , f'' ". 1 f ropcrty , mvncr ; his products-more than S1500 will i !' a . s ._ a . r .yP ted on the TOm P la ' n ' ° f I Coste and Bellonte in I Washington for Greeting ! WASHINGTON, Sept. 8. (UP) — ! D;eudonnc Cosle and Maurice Uel. lonle were In Washington today to j receive from President Hoover the ! nation's olficial honors for lliei Over 150 Bales of Cotton! '• l " or '! : wcswnrd «"snt across the Received by Cooperative ! The official reception, public ap- U Tl " 1H ' pearances and speeches', tht Here I Ills Morning. ; exception of an informal grcellne i extended by Mr. Hoover throusl Blytheville's Ions; awaited branch | a secretary, were put off until to 'njlliv of the Mid-South Oottai Growers association opened for business this morning and was Immediately greeted by a rush of members anil prospective members that promised to keep the staff or its toes tot some lime to come. At noon today between 150 and 200 bales of cotton had 5;ecn turned over to the association through the local office, and more was being received just as fast as ihi> samples of several hundred bales of cotton destined for the association already in compress here, have iwi' yet. been delivered to the association office. The association is making imme • dia'tc advance r>f 90 per cent of the present market value of the cotton on cotton placed in the seasonal pool, and on this basis growers this morning were drawing between SIO and $50 per bale, depending on class, staple and weight of bate. On this morning's basis sheet the association was valuing 7-8th mid' 1 MnR cotton at 111 points off. While designed primarily t'> serve members of the Mid-South association, the local office will class cotton of non-members for a f°r of 25 cents per bale, the fee to b*> refunded if the owner of Ilir cotton later Joins the association and turns the cotton over to It. Ben Phillips Is the classer in Ragon and Driver Wil Make Fight for Dvninagi Relief Measure. BTEEI.K. Mo., Sept. 8. (Special) —A white man tentatively Identified ns .lolrn Whlllaker, tanner living west ol Stcele. was Instant - ly killed by northbound KrLsco pas- SI-IIJJIT nalu No. H08, the Snnny- liind. jusl ninth of Holland at 10:ill) liiis morning. The man was walking r , v ,, 0 ,,,,,^. short iriMle when tile train .struck T| IC dcpailmei Urn. II Is believed-Unit the nolw !,|,iy forecast t... .. —. -"I n nearby cotton gin prevented i coUon crc ,, „[ u,340.000 bales In his lifinlni: the approaching train. ! tllc \ji\\uA Slates and estimated, llii' body was mangled beyond j lhe 11V ei-age yield per acre at 153.'^ H't-ciuiiitinn but a Idler was found | , w , llu i s which Is 1.9 pounds less bearing 'he name ,| ]<m | llc nVL . V age for tht; past len .xccpt In the senior lil K h school.. ,..,„. ,,,,,,. .,,.„:. icvcri'l schools will have visitors \\ml..ikn or the devotional perlixl In the nornlnt'. Cliarles S. Lemons, secretary of lie school board, sjwke briefly at he high school Blithering when lie superintendent, Crawford jrecne, also welcomed the students bcforo lnlro<hicliiR the fiic- >Uy members. There Is but. one :hai>i;e this year, George limn, of Jiiitinnn. Ark., replacing Miss Mv.- lon Tliornherry who is teaching t Milwaukee. The Kcv. A. S. llavwcll, pastor of the First. Baptist church, read and commented npoitii.liiblo pas- and Hie Rev. C. G;-!ei- nnvls. who Is conducting Ihc -sintdns at the Tirst Presbyterian church evangelistic meeting, rendered a solo. He was accompanied by Miss u?- onc Calhcult Sevcixi other visitors and former pupils were Introduced nnd some spoke briefly. There are only two changes In the staff of the wlii'.e schools, the addition of Mr. Iltmi, and Sloan Steimrt. ol the State Teachers college, who takes i h r place of Miss Bessie Ray in I'm: junior high department. She Is attending the .University of Tennessee.- In the colored schools, Gladys Witherspoon Is to teach for Bessii Parlcc who has been appointed stt- l>ervisor o[ colored schools (or the cciuiuy. Negroe's Brew Too Much for Birmingham Tester BIRMINGHAM, Aln., (UP)—Will Little, negro. Is locking at Birmingham from behind the bars, charged with making ll'.c worst homebrew ihat Jack Greener, official court- taster has ever discovered, When Little was brought to court Judge Abcriiathy asked the officer to sample some of the stuff the negro had and determine If it was brew. The bailiff took a small drink but, could not swnllow even that. "It It is home brew it is the worst I ever tasted," he reported to the court. Whereupon the judge WA3111NGTON, Sept. 8 <Ul')-< it ol as ol September WhilloKcr. Jinyil, Mo." A ;..,..„._, la -'' liwi1 -'ei-'clvlni! : \.^ faitc ^i cA production is 22.- hls mall at the Slcele |),st onk^ !ooo b;l]cs ^ (}mn the prospect on. , , n , 11-tenlly. and it is believed Ihedead ; A L j mm bttles Ie5s .. t haix man may be a member of a fan. Ily : , f I ^ t myn of that, niinie llvliii; about a mile west of Sieele. An effort to make the Idcntinca- (inn positive was being made al noon today, and it was expected that an inquest, would be held this afternoon. tl,e average, crop from 1924 to 15Z8.. I condllton Is 53.2 -. , T i, e CO niilUon of the crop was • rC ix)rlcd nl B3.2 ptr cenl of normAI, ' : w | nc h is 22 iiev cent below the ^,,,,, (l!lU! , nst ycB ji. .The, prelim-'. nnry estimate of acreage left. for. harvest the department announced . "is -H.TOl.WO acres, abandonment after July 1 .this year being .estl- : (mated at 2.2 per cent compared with i the average abandonment for the ten years of 3.5" Medical Supulies quate to Meet Situation in Wrecked City. t pnst ten years of J.a •"Abandonment Is less than avcr- iage In all states except Arkansas iand California where it Is slightly I more than lhe ten year average. ".. ( "Dining Ihc past month boll '•- i week activity has been generally held In check by relatively hoi, dry.- •weather and the present prospect Is that lolal loss from weevils will I be less than in any year -since all istales In cotton belt proper have- threatened hundreds of victims injured by the hurricane Ihat wrecked Santo Domingo as the city strove today to re-establish Its water sup- ily and remove further from pestilence. danger HOT SPRINGS. . Ark.. (UP) — Senator Jce T. Robinson of Arkan sas, has no information as to when the government will recognize the claims of (he state highway department for damages to highways and bridges In the flood of 1927, al- . _ though he hopes the payment will I ordered a chemist to examine the not be deferred Ions, he said in a | concoction, and ordered that Little statement given out here today. Dr furnished a room with a strong The senator said he Is anxious to see the house pnrs the Glenn Bill, refunding the indebtedness of drainage aiul levee districts. Senator Robinson predicted Congressmen Ileartstill Uagon and William Driver will make an aggressive fight- for the passage of the measure when congress convenes for the i lock on the door. The death toll was Increased hourly by gangrene:and .lock jaw fvoni. which •- scores. ; dvti. Xufteriner. Dbctors flnrrnrirS'es MfftiC withiiiit sleep In overcrowded liospitab. bud- ly handicapped by a serious lack of medical supplies. - • It was impossible* to learn Ihc exact number of dead because bodies were cremated without .Identification by several brigades work- Ing separately. The report said North and South Carolina were the only stales In,'which weevils were present In con- • sMemble Dimmers. ... • ' " The census reports-show. ,l,878,253.- ; running bales '.(counting round 'M.. half-', bales) glpned. from the'crop . of '1830. prior to S eptember : i, 'cpnv Slumped Last Month Future cotton prices crashed:', from $3 lo $3.50 a bale 'following' "_ publication' o; liie first-.government crop report issued August 8 which placed the crop at 14,363,-' COO bales. .The report was extreme^: ly bearish as the trade had riot ex- H was necessary to burn the bod-) peeled an estimate over 14,000,000' ies as soon as possible. . uales. Trading confidence , was Estimates of the fatalities so fa>. however, have reached Hurley .Will Resume River Trip Tomorrow ST. LOUIS, Sept. 8. (UP)—After n two days Interruption of its Mississippi river Inspection tour Secretary of War Hurley's official party was lo reassemble here tonight and begin its journey to New Orleans aboard the steamboat Mississippi early Tuesday. charge of the office. He is beiu» short term In December. Arthur Wheat was fined five dol- a tenant. be paid out in prizes to those who j exhibit this year.. Let's show ev- \ erybody that Olc! Urouth i hasn't killed the Mississippi ty spirit. Fair catalogues can be secured ' ^a^r'famngVbuv'cIty" from the County Agents, the , vcre continued Chamber of Commerce office, the ! Blytheville Courier News, local ' n- ' D • r I • banks and business houses. Get ' KlVCr KOat C.XplOSIOn one now and see what you can win ! by bringing your poultry, livestock,; hogs, and other exhibits lo the j A number of other cases, includ- Inmates of a house nf I prostitution, a negro on a charge • of vagrancy and a dray man. ac- Claims Lives of Three Osceoia Boy Painfully Hurt in 40-Foot Tumble OSCEOLA, Ark.—John Boyd Mitchell, ten-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J .B. Mitchell, had a narrow escape when he fell from n shade tree In the yard at his home where he wcs building a play louse Saturday. The children in the neighbor- hcod wero constructing a tree-top play house when John Boyd !os f his balance and fell forty feet tn the ground. He was unconscious for B time and was confined to his bed today with painful cuts and bruises, but escaped without any broken bones. „ . , MOUND CITY, 111.. Sept. 8. (UP) Pair. The dates are September ;_ Tn . ? dcalh of Uro n5, mbcls t[ 29th to October 4th inclusive. ' the crcw o! the government boat _. ~~ ' ~~ - |H. S. Tabor in a hospital at Cairo BISHOP Saphore Will j today brought the number of dead ,} ij n . T • ito three os a result of an ex- MOld Services lUesdayjploslon on an oil flat boot on the Ohio river here yesterday. Bi?hop Saphore, of Little Ro:k, will conduct services at the St. Two others were injured. The dead are David Brogan Stephen Episcopal church Tuesday Memphis, captain of the Tabor morning. 10 o'clock. All members of : Dovle Heart. McKenzie. Tern congregation arc urged to at- second engineer, and William "Ike' tend the mcetinsr. [Smith, Mound City., third ongl- Mrs. Lizzie Smith Is Cleared of Murder Charge CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. — A charge of murder, lodged against Mrs. Lizzie Smith, following the death of her husband, James R. Smith, was dismissed today on the recommendation of the prosecuting attorney by Justice Hollis Balrd. Ms. Smith was arested'and accused of poisoning he husband who died suddenly at their homo here, An autopsy failed to show any signs of pMson and when the report was submitted to the prosecutor the dismissal of the charge followed. assisted by O. O. Womble. bookkeeper, and Joe Carter, field representative. Proprietor of Marion Cafc^Slain MARION. Ark.. Sept. 3. (UP)— Mrs. HaUle Keenan. 32. was shot o death early today by Vlnce Uazontl, at Marion, in the Keenan ate. Mo?onti then turned ths gun on limself. Both died instantly. Mrs. Keenan was the proprietor of the enfc and lived here nearly "our. years. She was married to "larry Keenan but they had b:en separated for more th?n sfven months. Keenan Is said to be The president and the budget | committee. Robinson said, have thus far withhcd approval, but Robinson said he had contcrred with Hoover on the subject, and is hojieful for the final passage of the i measure ai the short session. The large amount involved has been the obstacle so far. It xvas said. Farmer May Make $100 Per Acre Off Bean Crop Jess McClain of the Tomato community is one fatmcr to whom drmth relief, real or imaginary, will mean little one way or another. McClain has already received j $1800 for part of his bean crop olf j 15 acres this season and according to Harry Grebbs. manager of the Blytheville canning factory, the Trmalo farmer should receive about S4.0CO for his entire crop. A few weeks ago McClain dc- iomewhere in Alabama. They have j spaired o' his crop, planted in May, 10 children. " 'when the vinos turned brown with- it was reported that Mazcntl ° ut bearing and beans. He planned md Mrs. Keanan had been emjnped In several arguments prior to the shroting. John Henrv. neoro. toid ofTloors here today that Mrs. Keenan told Mm Saturday nleht that Mazontl had threatened her life en severol occasions. SVAKE nnors TO ISITF. LAVERGNE. Temv. (UP)—Mary Eppsey. negro washwoman, was bitten bv a snake which dropped upon her from n tree. She recovered. to cut the vines for feed for his 1 stock. Orebb wartied McClain to' wall until later and the Tomato farmer took his advice. Last week McClain began har-1 vesting his bean crop and brought his product to the local factory He has already been paid $1800 and with recent rains almost certain to bring another gcod crop and harvest with a total of $4,000 likely to be paid for his season's bean crop off is acres. His- clear profit should average close to 5100 an j arrr it Is stated. Getting Advance Dope On the JNew Films Da you B o (o ll» movies Just on the spur of the moment, or do you like to know what's coming, pick out the good ones and make special plans to see, them? Probably you'rojn the^ latter class. Most movie goers like to get advance Information about forthcoming pictures. % You'll be Interested, ihcn. In a new feature started today by the Courier News. On page 2 today the Courier News presents; the first of a weekly series of articles by Dan Thomas, special correspondent In Hollywood, In which the notable film releases of the season will be previewed for yon. Being constantly .In the movie capital. Thomas sees toe pic. lures before they are shown -kewhere and know about them in advance. Each week he'll write an article telling you v-'hot pictures are comln?. and sizing each one tip for you. Hs'll teTI you, for Instance, what sort ol a picture a given film is, what stars are In it, what Its "music ilf nny) is like, and how It shapes up as a whole; in other words, he'll give you a pretty clear idea whether It's a picture you want to sec. In today's story, for example, he discusses three of the big pictures re'.cased for the fall season—"Mcnte Carlo," "The Rap" and "The Sea Ood." Turn to page 2, read his story ond you'll have a pretty good line on those three pictures. Then ron-.en-.ber—e\-ery week he will contribute a slmlla r story. They'll be werlli watching for. Dan Tliomas .shaken and the market started oh. a downward movement whlctv'cop-. tinned for several weeks. -l"jr'li(es ' sank to the lowest level since tho- winter of 1D26. The market" has . witnessed some rallies since the first crop report and had firmed bacq up to within a very narrow range on- most montlis to levels of thirty days ago. The department estimated slate conditions as follows: , Yield per Total " Condition Acre Yield Virginia 61 215 400,000' North Carolina .. 07 228 819.000 South Carolina.. 66 220 3D7.000 . Georgia OG 190 1,500,600 : Florida, 19 165 36,000 Missouri 42 190 148.000 Tennessee 47 112 437,000 Alabama 59 180 1,358,000 Mississippi 52 190 1,655,000' Louisiana 44 1S2 C49.000 Texas 53 122 4.432.000' Oklahoma 42 112 925,000 Arkansas 33 115 940,000 97,000 159,000 224,000 5,000 115 New Mexico ...'.. 82 357 Arizona 90 3GO California 02 40 Others 44 13C Prices Hreak NEW YORK, Sept 8 (UP)—Cot-' tori prices broke more than $2 a bale at the re-opening of the exchange at noon today on publication of the 'government crop estimate of September 1 which put the crop at 14,340,000 bales or about 300,000 bales above private fstt- niates. . . • Arknsas is estimated to produca 940.000 bales ov 115 pounds to the acre. Ashabranner Babe Dies Ernest O'Dell Ashabranner, two i months, old Infant son of Mr. and | Mrs. A. C. Ashabranner died at the i family home hi the Lone Oak com- jmunity yesterday morning. Funeral services were held this I morning with Interment at Maple ! cemetery. The Rev. Williams of- :ficiated. -The Cobb Undertaking ; company was In charge of funeral plans. The child is survived by Ills parents, three sisters and two brothers. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Mostly cloudy, probably showers tonight and Tuesday.

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