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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 3
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 3

St. Louis, Missouri
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SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1959 ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 3A ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH DRIVE ON SUNDAY Searching Ruins Where 8 Were Killed FIGHT OFF DOG DUG OUT OF DEBRIS GIVEN BACK TO OWNERS Minute by Minute Account Of Storm; Police, Firemen and Utility Men Reacted Quickly SALES 10 START MEN HOLDUP ODAY IN COUNTY Eli FIRE AT Patrolman's Report That Tree Just Went Through Windshield' Is First Word of Police to Accompany Committee Members Making Purchases in Stores. Pharmacy Owner, Two Clerks Rout Three Robbers Who Flee With $167. Life was almost back to normal yesterday for Trixie, a small mongrel dog that spent three days trapped in tornado wreckage at 4269 Olive street.

The dog was rescued by Doyle Sander, a roofer, and returned to its youthful owners Friday night. Trixie bestowed canine kisses on one and all. No less happy were Anthony Cole, 2 years old, and his brothers, Gregory, 4, and Vincent, 8, who had thought their pet was dead. The children and their mother, Mrs. Ocie Mae Cole, are staying with friends at 4212 Enright avenue.

When the tornado struck, dog and children were sleeping on the third floor of the building on Olive street. The children were taken to a hospital and finally reunited with their mother after a delay of many hours. Rescue workers overlooked Trixie. It was trapped Tornado Many Then Called to Duty to Aid Victims. By CARL R.

BALDWIN Of the Post-Dispatch Staff. THE DULL routine of bored voices announcing run-of-the-mill reports and assignments on the Police Department's radio was interrupted suddenly last Tuesday at 2:14 a.m. "Charles 11 at 330 North Newstead," an excited voice broke in. "A tree just went through my windshield." The caller was Patrolman Theron Easterly, driver of a one-man patrol car 4n the Eleventh District. He gave the first information to police that a tornado had struck in midtown St.

Louis. Immediately after Easterly's i ported tornado damage. All report, the police radio chan- I Brentwood police cars were di- Efforts to enforce law against Sunday retail sales will begin St. Louis county today, representatives of the Coordinating Committee Opposed to Sunday Retail Selling announced. St.

Louis county police and members of municipal police neis quicKiy lined witn voices reeled to Brentwood boule- i under timber and bricks. describing the unexpected vard and Manchester avenue. Sander, 4278 Lee avenue, returned Trixie to the Cole children after the Red Cross had found them on Enright. There was a scene of jubilation and after that ice cream for Francis Doyen, proprietor of the Jefferson Park Pharmacy, 2354 Park avenue, and two clerks routed three robbers who obtained $167 in a holdup of the store yesterday. When the three robbers entered the store and announced a holdup, Doyen resisted.

Willie Asbille, a cierk, joined his employer in a fight that followed. A 15-year-old clerk, William Krone, also came to Doyen's assistance. Although knocked down several times, Asbille crawled behind a counter where Doyen kept a pistol. Obtaining the weapon, Asbille stood up and fired three shots as the robbers fled through the front door. One of the intruders fell but got up quickly and ran down a nearby alley with his companions.

He appeared to be unharmed and police found no blood on the pavement. Two Cut and Bruised. Both Asbille and Doyen were cut and bruised in the melee and were treated at City Hospital. The robbers obtained $30 from Doyen and $17 from Asbille in the course of the fight. They took $120 from a cash register.

Although one of the robbers flourished a pistol, he By Post-Dispatch Photographer. Two firemen (right) searching through debris under wrecked house at 4202 Del mar boulevard shortly after tornado struck early Tuesday. Directing the search is ZEB WILLIAMS, who escaped unhurt from his third-floor room. Eight persons were killed in this building. The distribution dispatcher at the Union Electric service building, Eighteenth and Gratiot streets, received reports of power failures and disruption of service from five 4000-volt feeder lines at Vandeven-ter and Enright avenues.

2:1 a.m. All hree police radio channels ivere jammed with calls. A dispatcher, switching to the all-channels position on the radio system, announced: "Stand by all cars. Cars are not to use transmitters except for emergencies only." UNINSURED LOSS IN TORNADO IS TAX DEDUCTION sparking electric wires down at ELECTION BOARD 2:36 a.m. Street reported emergency.

A study of police, fire and public utility logs shows that all reacted quickly to the tornado, which had not been forecast. Easterly was not injured, but two caretakers at McAuley Hall, across the street, were killed in a building collapse. Firemen of Engine Co. No. 8 had learned about the emergency minutes earlier.

They were awakened about 2:10 a.m. by a powerful wind that threatened to shake their building at 1501 Salisbury street from its foundation. Ready in Five Minutes. Capt. Lawrence Hippler, sizing up the situation quickly, ordered his men to dress.

Every man was ready for duty within five minutes. "I had barely got downstairs," he said, "when the first alarm resulting from the tornado came in. We were di OPEN EXTRA HOURS FOR REGISTRATION eral automobiles collided and wires were down at Laclede Packing 3801 Aldine avenue. 2:25 a.m. As radio calls came in pinpointing disaster areas, police dispatchers assigned mnr-A nnfifioH Vlro Alarm departments and detective bureaus will accompany representatives of the committee on rounds of retail stores in an effort to make purchases.

Committee members who purchase iU-ms will then make affidavits testifying to the sale, and warrants will be sought. About 20 committee members will be accompanied by county police in unincorporated ateas, with additional committee representatives working with police in municipalities. The campaign against Sunday sales, which was begun by a group ot St. Louis county merchants, gained momentum last month with the formation of the committee. Until then, county officials indicated they had no plans to enforce the closing laws, on the ground that the present 134-year-old state law was "practically unenforceable." The committee against Sunday retail sales is headed by Joseph P.

Clark, president of the St. Louis Labor Council. Its campaign has been opposed by the St. Louis County Business Men's Association, composed of discount houses, drug-variety stores, used automobile agencies and other firms. The latter group has sought repeal of the Sunday closing laws as "antiquated and vague." ENROLLMENT CANVASS IS EXTENDED ONE WEEK emergency calls were re- ceived in this order in quick headquarters, the city ambu succession blocked at 4900 West Pine by fallen trees.

Wires reported down at Twenty-first and Bremen. Several buildings collapsed in the 3600 and 3700 blocks of Cottage. 2:37 a.m. General Foreman Sloecker of Union Electric Co. reported to the company's distribution dispatcher from the tornado area.

He said a major disaster had occurred and suggested that Union Electric's lance dispatcher, the Street Department. Forestry Depart The St. Louis Election Board office will remain open late four days this week to accommodate city residents who are not registered to vote in the March 10 primary and the April 7 general election. Registration books close next Saturday. The office at 208 South Twelfth boulevard, which regularly is open on "The TV tower Is down.

There's a lot of damage. Hampton and Oakvicw. It's on some houses. Send the fire department. We're going in." "Building collapse, 3800 Evans.

It appears a twister has did not fire it. Doyen lives at 3106 Allen avenue, Asbille at 2225A Mc-Nair avenue and Krone at 3665 i week days from 9 a.m. to 5 ment, Laclede Gas Co. and Union Electric Co. Blocked streets were reported.

Capt. Plcitner obtained relief and went to the disaster area to size up the situation himself. Cars were dispatched to the 4200 block of Washington boulevard. People were reported trapped in wrecked houses. Three children were reported crushed under a collapsed building in the 3800 block of Page.

Brentwood police notified Frank Durfield, chief of the city's Civil Defense organization. Brentwood's auxiliary police and firemen, also under Property owners who suffered losses in last week's tornado will get a break from Uncle Sam next year. Property damage and loss of personal belongings resulting from the storm, so long as not covered by insurance, are types of casualty losses which may be deducted for 1959 federal income tax purposes if taxpayers itemize deductions, a spokesman for the Internial Revenue Department explained. On personal, non-business property, the amount of loss to be deducted is the difference between value of the property just before the storm and the value just after. The deductible loss may not exceed cost of the property, and must be reduced by any insurance or other compensation received.

A statement should be attached to the tax return giving details on any deduction taken for casualty loss. Taxpayers who have questions on this subject should get Publication No. 155, "Casualties, Thefts, Condemnations," from the Internal Revenue Service in the Federal Building. emergency service restoration plan be set in motion. 2:40 a.m.

All of the Police Department's top commanders were now in the disaster area. They included H. Sam Priest, president of the Police Board; Chief of Police Jeremiah O'Connell. Assistant Chief Joseph E. Casey.

Inspector James Thompson, Chief of Detectives James Chapman and Maj Troy Ferber. Maj. Andrew T. Aylward, chief of the Bureau of Serv rected to 2006 Salisbury, where the roof had blown off the Kroemcke Furniture Co. The spfinkler-system pipe had been broken." As the driver of Company 8's pumper threaded his way past fallen trees and piles of wreckage, the Police Department's three radio channels were filled with voices.

Policemen were reporting damage done by the savage twister that caused about $12,000,000 damage in the St. Louis area. Dispatchers attempted to bring order out of chaos. p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m.

to noon, will remain open until 9 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and until 5 p.m. next Saturday. St. Louisans who change their address may transfer their registration to a new polling place by notifying the Election Board in person before March 1.

struck. Send assistance." "A tornado has struck at Boyle and Olive. There's a car burning in the street and the wires are down. Send some cruisers. Need assistance." The dispatchers sent other cars to assist, called the city ambulance dispatcher, sent in cruising patrols as ambulances and notified Fire Alarm headquarters as each new location was reported.

2:17 a.m. Engine Co. 5 and Hook and Ladder Co. 7 dispatched to 2307 Mallinckrodt street. Chimney fell on roof of home occupied by John An- Folsom avenue.

Two of the robbers wore heavy beards. The third had a pock-marked face. All three were Negroes and appeared to be in their late 20s. About $1000 was taken by two holdup men at the A Market, 942 Goodfellow boulevard, last night. The loss was estimated by the owner, Gus Katina.

Customers Unharmed. One of the holdup men displayed a revolver and told the cashier, Mrs. Helen Antonio, to open the cash drawer. His companion then took the money. Several customers in ihp store were not molested.

ices, reached headquarters and Civil rrnnr- to the damaged area. About 56 assumed command of the com The Fire Department start munications center, ians ivi ambulances and rescue crews ed dispatching trucks, to areas derson neavy "mage, union As more trie Co. and Laclede Gas Co. radj speakers were notified. They sent out more excited.

Some were short trouble shooters. Busy in Brentwood. Brentwood police and fire-: men also had their hands full. I The storm had cut a swath I The annual membership enrollment canvass of the St. Louis Y.M.C.A.

has been extended one week, to Feb. 28, it was announced yesterday. Purpose is to give canvassers an opportunity to make up for delay caused by inclement weather. Largest enrollments reported to date included: Downtown Branch, 1388 members; North County Branch, 1003; Webster Groves, 845, and Mid-County, 813. Mayor Raymond R.

Tucker, who enrolled as a member last week, expressed hope that the goal of 15.666 members In February would be achieved. bers of the Army Military Police Detachment in St. Louis were assisting in the rescue work. At 4:15 am. Homer G.

Phillips Hospital reported it was filled with emergency cases. Othr victims were taken to City Hospital. By this time plans for a request to mobilize the National Guard had been canceled. Police districts began clearing main traffic arteries. Many streets were ready to handle the morning rush hour traffic.

The Police Department's mobile reserve, personnel division. Police Academy class, continued to come in. Barricades, ropes, electric torches and stretchers were taken by police trucks to the storm area. iBy noon lbor crews had chanced more than 100 flat tires in the rubble-strewn streets! Engine Co. 17 and Hook and Ladder Co.

22 dispatched to 3210 Greer. Building struck by lightning. 2:41 a.m. Engine Co. 5 and Hook and Laader 8 dispatched to 2500 West Hcbert.

Building damaeed. At Hoffmanns Market, 4421 Natural Bridge avenue, a rob- ber pointed a pistol at the wife of the owner, Mrs. John Hoffmann, and took about $r00 as she stood at the cash regis- ter. He told her not to say a word, and then lifted out the money. There also were sev- eral customers present but were not harmed.

The Bernard Super Market, I through Brentwood before reaching St. Louis. About 450 policemen were on duty and 269 vehicles were on the street in St. Louis. TB POSTERS AVAILABLE Monthly health posters and leaflets are being offered 1600 St.

Louis area industries as an education service of the Tuberculosis and Health Society, it was announced today. The two-color posters are designed for display on bulletin boards, and the folders can be included in pay envelopes. reportea. 2:26 a.m. Engine Co.

42 and Hook and Ladder Co. 18 dispatched to Memorial Congregational Church, 6228 Victoria avenue. Wind damage. 2:29 a.m. Collapse of two buildings at Sarah street and Hodiamont streetcar tracks reported.

People trapped in rubble. 2:30 a.m. An urgent request was made for all available policemen to go to Prairie and Easton avenues where high tension wires were hindering rescue efforts. By now the Police Department could trace the tornado's path: From Oakland, near the Arena, to 4900 West Pine, 4500 McPherson, Boyle and Olive, Delmar and Whittier, Sarah and Hodiamont tracks, Grand and St. Louis, 2700 Bacon, and Twentieth and Salisbury.

Twelve cruising patrols and nine patrol wagons already were in service as ambulances. Most of the 163 policemen on of breath, indicating the exertion of crawling through rubble to investigate storm damage. "Send an ambulance to 4155 Potomac," came one call. People were injured there. Another policeman said cars were on fire and live wires were down at Boyle and Olive streets.

Cars were sent to the 3800 block of Evans avenue where several homes had collapsed. David 11, an Eleventh District patrolman, reported: "A tornado at Boyle and Olive. Several homes blown down." "People trapped in houses in the 3800 block -of Easton avenue," came another call. 2:18 a.m. Union Electric Co.

dispatcher notified Russell E. Stoecker, general foreman, of trouble at Enright substation. 410 i Ol IN JUC'IU 2:45 a m. Laclede Gas to traffic division, Bureau of In- robbed of about S200 Jasi notified by Eleventh District i vestigation and Bureau of In nieht by two men, likewise in spection were ordered to the disaster area at 7 a.m. Loot the presence of customers.

wife of the owner, Mrs. Bernard Marden, was at the i cash register and was giving of the amount of money taken. He said the robber walked up from the rear of the store, showed a pistol and told him to open the cash register, then took the contents and walked out. I A A I police that a tornado had hit in vicinity of Boyle and Olive. Company was requested to shut off all appliances.

Trouble shooters were dispatched. The police radio channels continued to crackle with orders and requests for assistance during the early morning hours. Fire alarms were sounded every few minutes. Capt. William Pleitner was in charge as night chief and 18 persons were on duty in the communications center.

By 8 a.m., more than 1000 policemen were on the streets and this force was augmented shortly by 80 National Guardsmen. Nearly 400 radio-equipped police vehicles were in the field. In the first 15 hours after the tornado, 36 Fire Department companies and 350 men responded to 25 alarms. They rescued about 125 persons from damaged and crushed buildings and removed 20 of the 21 persons killed by the twisting wind. Eight policemen and six fire ing was reported under control.

President Priest of the Police Board made a report to Gov. James T. Blair at 5:50 a.m. He told the Governor the situation was under control. The dealh toll at that time change when one of the noia-up men told her to keep quiet and hand over the money.

In another grocery holdup I iouis I Semi-Annual Cli 4 STORES IN ST. r. last nieht. at Sehenberg Mar ket, 3722 South Grand boule 2:19 a.m. Acting Night Chief was 18.

Fifty-five persons were i Vard the cashier. Ray Schmitt in hospitals, and 220 were treat- djd not give police an estimate Police and firemen rescued a eo ana released, ine nomeiess Pleitner issued emergency or-; duty in tne six worst.nit poiice ders to his skeleton staff to districts were "out of service-notify the police department at disaster officers and top command of the situation, cars were being sent to the to notify all district command- storm ccnter from other dis. ers to report to their districts tricts and for all men on duty to re- A caIled main on duty until further Southwestern Bell Telephone oZV i asking it to alert crews of men were in hospitals with in juries. Details of Events. Here is a diary of some of the activity that took place in r.iiKine v.o.

anu trouble shooters. For A Sensible Discussion of Your HEARING PROBLEM without Chargt SEE Erkeris: 01 OLIVI CH. 1-410 SO Tears la St. laali still had to be counted. All hands were commended by Chief O'Connell for the "magnificent job" done in the tornado emergency and cleanup that followed, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

"The work of the personnel of this department was a moving demonstration of the devotion to duty and to the public service that characterizes the year-round performance of the men and women of this command." he said. Chief O'Connell expressed his thanks also to the military personnel who helped. St. Louis and Brentwood De woman and boy from a wrecked building at 3738 Cote Bril-hante. Eight dead and four injured persons were pulled out of rubble that once was a three-story flat at 4202 Delmar.

The dead included six members of the Campbell family. Oif-duty policemen were called back to duty. Identification Bureau policemen answered assignments at the city morgue. Scattered reports of looting and gas leaks began reaching police headquarters at 3:15 a.m. Dispatchers kept a record of street obstructions and charted open routes to cruisers and ambulances.

The department's mobile transmitter reached ginning immediately after Pa trolman Lasterly reportea me tree crashing through his wind shield: 2:14 a.m. Adam 7, one-man Hook and Ladder Co. 9 dispatched to 4009 West Belle avenue. Tornado damage. 2:22 a.m.

Engine Co. 18 and Hook and Ladder Co. 19 dispatched to 4273 Olive (near Boyle). Twenty persons were rescued from second and third floors of several flats in area. The police radio was flooded with voices.

"Cars burning at Boyle and Olive, a huge building down on Page. The Brentwood police nolified utilities of the disaster. Nine St. Louis county policemen began assisting in the disaster zone. Fire ALrm headquarters at City Hall reported 20 alarm circuits out of order.

A test indicated all damage was above ground. Trouble crews were dispatched. 2:31 a.m. Engine Co. 35 and Hook and Ladder Co.

10 dispatched to 1014 Oakview. A man, his wife and child were rescued from a building crushed by Station KTVI's tower. 2:26 a.m. Engine Co. 21 and and Hook and Ladder Co.

5 answered a false alarm at dispatcher had difficulty separating the calls. headquarters at 3:15 a.m., ready to take over In event the main transmitter broke down. It did not. Volunteers began reaching 2:23 a.m. Engine Co.

20 and Hook and Ladder Co. 12 dis car in Seventh District, called for radio assistance at Kings-highway and Shaw boulevard. Wind had blown sign through plate glass window. 2:15 a.m. Cniiser 29 of Second District called: "There's a car blown over on the Express Highway and there's a lot of damage.

We're on the Highway 500 feet east of Hfmpton. The highway should be closed." Two additional cars were assigned to area to investigate a report Station KTVI's television tower was down. Engine Co. 8 was dispatched to 2006 Salisbury street. Wind damage at Kroemcke Furniture Co.

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