The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1948
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MARCH 18, IMS U.S. MUSt SHOW Blast Victim Intention Abroad Secretary of State Urges Backing of Action by Diplomats WASHINGTON, M,,r. 18 (UP) — Secretary of State Georee c Mar- ihall Iplrt Senators yesterday that, the United State s must demonstrate Its intention "lo keep ll, e European world both at peace and free," TAstKylng before trip senate Arni- •rt Sen'iems Commitier- only a few viurx after President Truman mjr- • temporary revival of the din ft :" d Universal Military Trainlntr. Marshall ur^ed adoption of both measures. He reviewed the "communist sweep throuRh thr nalkan and Central European .Mali*. He said the italinn eli-ctinns npxt nionlli aill foretell whether the disintegrating trend" will reach lo tho shores of the Atlantic. And. he added, the European Recovery Program now before Con- ""ess "is nou p n complete answer." "We must show conolusivelv hv decisive legislative action to afl tile nations of the world that the United Slate s Intends to be stroiiu nnri to hold Dint .strength ready to keep the European world lioth at peace and free." Marshall said. Nei'd Military Baekitl!; "Diplomatic action, without tho hackhiK.or military strength in the present world, can lead only to Marshall said the government's present military policy was "one baser! largely oil meetillR the problems of attrition, with the oon- trastinif necc.«lty ol larger anil lar- Per appropriations to give us security." Marshall sought to show how universal training would put this country In a position contrasting ivjth that of Naa Germany. The Nazis, he saM, had mobilized for war at n Riven dat.p Sept. 1. 1939. "We would he striving lo avoid such dates," Marshall said "We ^anl peace, we want to avoid war. Therefore, amons other things, we want a system which will be bcar- j> financially, which will not •r.krupt. the country, a system which, adjusted to world conditions, can be conlinnerl at a minimum of cost and personal contributions, a system In accordance with out traditions and .strong desires." Plane Crashes In Colombia; 4 Americans Die BOGOTA. March 17. tin')—Four Americans were among 14 persons killed Tuesday when an Alda Airlines plane crashed into an Andes Mountain peak near Villapinzou. Columbia, ofticmls said yesterday The Americans were identified tentatively as the Roy. and Mrs. Fritz Adams and their two children, of Minnesota. The plane, flying at low attitude, hit a peak while, en route from Llanos Onentaies lo Bogota. 'Ihe sole survivor was a H-\cilr-old Birl. Ines Barreia. who was hospilalizi'r) at ChocolUa. Her condition was reported -serious. Two of her sist^s. Julia, 18, and Beiitrlt, 16, died .n A tiny victim ol a bias! in T.sliie'iao. China, is can led from Ihe blasted building by im unidentified U. S. Navy corpsman. Many (ire riglulnj; teams and resettle MIUII Is were rusli- ed ashore from ships in (he harbor to assist Chinese authorities In nautili])),- Hie emergency, which re- 1'ortedly^killed 150. INEA Telepholo) Truman's Speech Aired In Four Languages WASHINGTON, March 18. tUP) President Truman's address wis broadcast lo Europe by the Stale Depart mem in four languages almost as it was delivered. The broadcasts were in English, Italian, Czech and French. "Voice of America" microphones m the House chamber relayed the address to New York where 'translations were made by stale department lanstiase experts. Two Charged With Slaying Union Official TAZEWE1,L, Tenn., March 18. (UP)—Two men were held in jail here under $10,000 bond on murder \varrant-s charging they burned to death Dave Hose, former United Mine Workers official of Marion. Harry <ltoxs) Davis and Herbert (Spencerl Craig are charged with murder. Rose died in a Jellico hospital last Thursday. His daughter. Fayc, \Jf. Davis and Craig hid oroughfc him borne badly Imrncd • arty in the morning. March 5. The daughter' said her father's hands had been baked together and there were white marks on his wrists as if he had been bound by ropes. Caliborne County deputies quoted Davis and Craig as saying Rose had fallen into ?. creek and thcv pulled him out and made a fire. The two claimed they left him for a short while and returned to find he had fallen in the fire. The murder warrants were sworn out by Hobart Rose, son of t dead man. President to Attend Bolivar, Mo., Ceremonies WASHINGON. March 18. <UP) — President Truman will go to Bolivar, Mo,, July 5 for the dedication of a monument lo Simon Holivur the national hero of Venezuela Th-' stalun will l )c presented to the city by the Venezuelan government. The White House said yc.sterd.ay Jti'f!' 1 """"" prcb:ibly vvi)I s l )Cali ™The While House would not say so. but the President probably will combine, his trip lo Bolivar with a visit to his home at Independence Mo. ' IF STOMACH BALKS DUE TO GAS AND BLOAT Help Get Food Digested to Relieve Yourself of This Nervous Distress IJo roil fcrl nil jnidi-d-iiy. .ml ml.trrible • ricr every mcnl. tnstc sour, bitter food? ,fj lcre ls ' low >' ou '""' «'<• lilCMrrt rcnet In licliiinir your slomarb do lh« Ob—it should bo doing — In (]io (llges- , Iton of Its food. ...P;' 1 "*' 1 !" 1 " roml "'I'" H>« (.tomncll n Jllml itmltle Juice must (low iiorinnlly to break-up ccrniln food imrtlcli..,; ,.| sc tho loojl i.iay ler,, u .,>t. Sm.'r !oml. acl,l l,,,l|- Ki'«tlo.i mil 8BS l rc( |ueraly enlist! n mor- I - u5? Cl ', y ' ' rc " 111 . I'l'cvlsli. ncrvouj , cor lliion. loss or nmictlte, untlttwelcht i restless sleep, weakness. ' ' .. T0 . K" fe«l 'diet you imist Inrrenw i i S. 0 ' """ vlul K»*« lc l" lf e Medl- . cai ntnnotlUrs. | n Itidenenilent Inl.orn- tors tests oil Imiiuii stomnclis. hnvp liv positive proo! sl,owa tlmt SSS Tonic is • maKliigly etlecllve In lnwnsliu; this | How wlu-n It Is too mile or jicaiiiy duo i 1° » I'O'i-oreimlc stni.mcli dl-iiurl'«ncc I rhls Is t luo lo the SSS Tonic formula I which nmtainj special ami patent ictl- j vatlnsr liiercdlrnd. ; - Als0 ,' sss ' ro "tc helps hULlcl-im tion- orEniilc. M-eol;. wa t cr y bloort In „ tr . 1 tlonnl »,)einln- so „ Kti a cootl (lo • uf -this KO.slric illBcstlvo Juke, plus rich red blood you should ™lipllc'rUleeI, I, .«"r feel better, work better, piny hi-lter ' j Avoid punishing yourself will, o vrr. ; doses of Bonn, niid other »lknll/w« lo coniilernct JMS and uloatlnt- when whut you «, dcnrli- ,,cc<l I. SSS Tonli o ,e" you dieost food for body strcnittli .in repair. Dan'L v.nt! 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A staiulout value in fooil, if }-oii ever saw one.' flump aitj Crimson At your grocers, you'll recognize TOshin^ion ,. \VmcMps by their "plump" look—and % ih c j r glossy sliin that shines with deepest crimson, In coloring as in flavor, Nature seems to f.tvor the Wincs»i> variety. Real ncainics, you'll s .n I ll'-'ouJcrful To Hal Wmcsjps arc prized for tficir "lively" flavor lor their crarklinj; crisp rne;it . . . their i.uigy' wmc-hkc juice. "Ics, cvcryhody likes Vv'incwm! So stock up your icebox — let all the family *njoy fresh Washington Winesjps every day. IK CSIOI. i* runi lh> cinsli. i The Adnins [amlly wns identliicd foii'ul in-nr Ilielr bodies in the wi'tvkngc. (ARK.) COUniKR NKWf - • •/<• Man Ordered Held Kcucl Courier News Want Ads For Civil Ki MOB1LK, Ala., Marelt 18. IUI') — Horace M. Miller, ao an «lrplauo mechanic, ye.doiday w« 3 oiderml IhR of Riiyflclcl l?avl«, i ei-vriir- >«.r n old Nfgro. uv,r an art'micnt on " """'"' lx>rt >' »'" '«>"'»< --.„.„, <xr i i nil J( I (slid IV III Oil President, Truman's civil rluhls mo- "I'Kin. | lloiid wus M .t m (2.500 „„(, M . .oo mid (i,.. feme iilloineys suid it would tie ..- - - .--,,.j r. IMJ JVUMU "i " tli'tili)«i!c ditch. He HUmlUed known" n'" 1 '"" " tl «™ "til rttnltd , m' * ' e ».? B | O :« J ""en killed een e he read It In the newspapers. PACK, ny» aerm«n« who illegally wtatttot thev •:*»•• D....I._ -1 • they >"<:j weie nuuiAn u*cU c»ii|(lit lrj I nr to kidnap u Communist ortutlxer la txer a ••mi Col. Fr,nic L, Howlcy, AmttfcM pr^M 80 ™™* « »w,« EINBERG'S COAT LEADERS Cor S v».,s nu.s .,t,n,Hf,,llv f«|.«lcts. ih, ,,.-„„ JO In 20—US (o .11, „,, hllllllsi)mHv SJvU , ( , ( , ( K|VI . vm( (||i( rt . (|iu , ks ' ' """• $ 25 'o CHARMING DRESSES FOR EASTER , ( ,,, 1SSCH „, . (;, lln , rnl p ,, n , s ,, ml mMK t( , , u ,,, on( if.v m (he ml ,s. d,arn,l,, K n,H,,n,r. (:,,rv,,n« iw K.V. .vnt, Ih. fashion n x ,,,, lrf (hv (Jme . offm , (( lUv(;i)l,AK ami HALF SIXKS. ,, s ,i m , s ,„ JUN $ 8" to OUR EASTER SPECIAL! I I SHORTIE COATS ( truly oulslamlinK val,,,, W o ,,,-c .,,,,,,,lcd. K.v,,,,iKi( c |y styloil s mu,,m nve,, ,„„-, „,,„, ;„ . S( , |( , H „„,, its ,,re mnmiimralilc ;tl this tsperial ,,ri c e \Vhiif a wonderful witlp selcc- fimi of hats fur Ihis year's Kiislcr juiratle. lip-floivered, hc-ril))«>nc(| ;t nd so hccominjf. $299 fo $799 PURSES Tnc very arcont you nrntl for your "NViv I fl ,,k'' Knsior oulfil ClinrminK plnstic piilenl or rair nanriliaRs. Bo rii;h: In style. Se- If'i-t your color! '299 Plus Tax BE WELL-SUITED FOR EASTER Suits i,r defence wilh simple classic lines, In ..... rs . hind of suit . . . every col,,r . . . evcr ,. si/e (o • ml stiif cvtrvone. SMART BLOUSES Truly softly feminine Jitousvs to wear with your new suit. White. |>:islel iiiul dark shades hi raytme crepe antl frilly batiste. to $8"

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