St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on October 30, 1927 · Page 21
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 21

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 30, 1927
Page 21
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.SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 30, 1927. ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, PAGE 3S 1ST MINSTER TIES WASHINGTON, 6-6, WITH SCORE MADE AFTER FUMBLE ST. LOUIS PEST-DISPATCH W Line Gives Way ? Bef ore Lighter Eleven; Souchdown by Harding Unoff, Former Maplewood High Plajycr, Crosses L for Visitors Ball Called Back After Keefer jans Through Washington Team Late in Game. Chart of St. Louis U. Game ' By Charles Eichenbaum. je Westminster College eleven fought the Washington U. foot-jaaito a 6-6 tie at Francis Field yesterday afternoon in a con-ihici left puzzled frowns on the faces of the majority of the L spectators. Ik visitors irom t uiion, msieaa 01 suDmiuing to an expected LveimtoS defeat, turned the tables on the heavier Washington i irnmi ii' 1 i r K . . 1 . 1 , 1 tin . a . . - jn a iuui-i-i uinua t iiji.ii mifeui wen ue euiuieu, ..sever It tout score before it's hatched." jt tackle Bagrandoff. who Lj hU football at Maplewood Louis County iiign League, scooped up a Wash- U fumble in the third Quarter meeting to score. asu- L Hi possession of the ball aJ'-ytrd line wnen iriarcneu. let the pigsKin drop to The lineups Lacs, pound. The W estrninster L-was on trie oau ac uuce aim i the goal line before either . ...11.- ,,r, rrc Vi CTHl C t Harding Rons 60 Yards. h third-quarter score lor Buinster followed a touchdown 1 first period by Harding. iniBrton U. halfback, who id jo yards in a clear sweep je viators' team after an otl- L smash which set him in open. Hardings dash was tfte Ui running play of the game ie Washington DacKrieia. ine ts man had made a small gain kite ball on the first attempt. i Whittler, Bear fullback, be toe had performed well in fioas games failed on "his place-Littempt The ball was neat- cocked by the charging Blue linemen. His failure to net extra point was duplicated lat er Green, Westminster kicker, j likewise missed on his at- Dt Green, a former Kirkwood at, wag sect in by Coach Pix-a kick. here was no denying that the -Washington camp "was great- appointed. The team which L played Kansas to a 21-21 tie previous week had been con-i an edge of several touch-a over any eleven which West- tser should be able to muster. Bears went Into action a .er, more experienced and ?osefi!y much stronger eleven, J the light visiting team. Blue Jays Show Power Early. Tie firgt minute cf play cast Inauspicious shadow on the fctitgtoa hopes. The Westmin- ikkoff bounced out of the u of Millard, Bear quarter, and it time he had recovered the I the visitors forwards were F5 to tackle him behind the goal The scorer chalked up two i tor a safety and the crowd pven notice that this was in- pet until the end of the quar- hen it was explained that the as a non-scoring touchback. pnch as the ball had not been ped In fair territory. as ball was given to Washing- m the :0-yard line and Bickel, Sack, punted to Westminster. Bluejays fumbled the ball cn second line drive and the Kstook it at their 40-yard line. Mint received the ball twice, ppering downfield for the goal an second try. Whittler missed Placement aiiiBs kicked off for Washing-and Westminster began to 'it the line. N exchange of punts caught the r" disadvantage and they themselves in a dangerous F-ion. The Wflshinirton back- 1 of Millard. Riokol Hardine- : Whittler found the sledding rough and the tmnt signal f "sed frequently by the Wash-pa quarterhark. Th hall was into Washington territory for k remainder nf ti fcnlf Pnach te showed his distaste for the P tction fin (h nart nf the r regulars by shooting an en- ew eleven Into play early in ' econd quarter, but the drive Ughter WMtminrtor harks aetresKiVA rlffTiivo work bne would not be denied. fer and Meyers Star. . , reefer, 150-pound ouarter- lhared hnnnm w-itV, "Swede" in the Westminster attack. " whose ronbacks of the of the open field play. acedWf th. -a Pith litUe evidence of fatigue Washington. P. Westminster. McCarroll (c)..LE White Collins LT Parks Hoffman .LG Moore (c) Schieh C Grow Kaplln RG Weaver Comstock RT...., BagTandoff Libruan JtE Lidstone MUlard Q Keefer Bickel LH Harrison Harding RH Carter Whittler F. Meyers Score -j periods: 1 2 3 4 To. Washington 6 0 0 0 6 Westminster O 0 6 O Scoring: Washington touchdown Harding. Westminster touchdown Bagranoff. oST.L. vvMitnimiiiti 40 SO 0 LJ 1 l7r I .6dPO Jnt incTT i -r-r-r-t-T-t-r-r lE 9TO0 Pi. XT I I 1 d I K Tmtt Sv, "wT; ra SCpRE i ST.UOyiS - POULA h P D Billikens Beat Rolla, 17-0, For Their Fifth Victory Continued from Pasre IS. Col. 8. devastating attack that advanced Ledford I the ball from their own 25-yC.rd line to the BUllkens n-yara uuc RUSHES KICK lO PENALTY FUMBJLE uiiiiiimiui FORWARD PASS 20 30 40 50 lO 30 20 lO ! 1 SUMMARY. Wash- West- , ington.minster liine drive yardage 86 126 End run yardage 57 18 Total line gain 143 144 Xo. of punts 13 10 Punt yardage 460' 315 Punt ranbacks 25 55 First downs 4 9 Passes completed .... 2 4 Yardage on passes..!. 61 22 Passes uncompleted 7 9 Passes Intercepted .2 1 Penalties, yardage.... 50 40 Substitutions: Washington Drake for Comstock, Axe for Whittler, Lohrding for Harding: Hannibal for Hoffman. Duncan for Millard, Doerner for Scheib, Gla-ser for McCarroIL Harnett for Bickel, Kurz for Libman, Jablon-sky for Kaplin, Paris for Collins, liundy for Doerner, Duncan for MUlard, Whittler for Axe, Hannibal for Jablonsky, Hoffman for Kaplin, Libman for Kurz, Lobrding for Duncan, Harding for liohrding, Paris for Drake. Westminster White for Meyers, Duncan for White, E. Moore for Keefer, Green for Parks, Bidstone for Green. Kreuger for E. Moore, Smith for Weaver. Officials: Referee James Gonld, Army; umpire John Mills. Missouri; head linesman A. O. Kelly, Dartmouth. T1 JIIIIH iiiiiiiiiiiiill .COMORO -knii tL'iS IN I I II 1 ft rubies feTlLt)Uia r?6LU liant broken field runs. and Thomas carried the ball to the Billikens' 18-yard line. The gun went off as the next play got in motion and the half ended when Thomas was downed on the 10- yard line. IJutxenicli's Ixmg Punt. Lintzenich's punting paved the way for the second St Louis touchdown, which came in the third quarter. Rola lost the ball on downs after having advanced to the Billikens' 25-yard line, largely by the grace of a long forward pass. Joe got his toe under a beauty and sent it over the safety man's head. 82 yards from where he stood, the ball stopping on the two-yard line. The Miners had their back to the wall and knew it. They tried a buck and a pass, both failing, and when Ledford tried to punt. his kick was blocked, a Billiken recovering on the 5-yard line. In three plays, the Billikens had scored their second touchdown, an end run by Lintzenich putting the ball over. Joe crossed the Miners by shooting a pass to Jordan for the extra point and the score was 14 to 0. A Perfect Drop Kick. It was Jordan's spectacular run-back of Ledford's punt that started the locals on the way to their third score, a field goal. Eddie caught the kick on his 22-yard line and following his interference nicely, reeled off 30 yards to midfield. Flynn, on an end run. got away for 33 more and after three more plays had failed to produce first down. Lintzenich dropped back to the 27-yard line and placed his drop kick across the bar and between the uprights. The field goal made the score. 17 to 0. The fourth quarter was all Rolla. Apparently the Billikens But penalties were assessed and they lost on downs. Again they came back with a lone pass and were held for downs on the 12-yard line. MARQUETTE HERE NEXT SATURDAY The Rolla victory was the fifth of the season for the Billikens. Xext Saturday Marquette I. will furnish the opposition. Yesterday the Milwaukee team ran over GrinnelL 31 to 0. Next Saturday's game will be played at Sportsman s Park and will be the only collegiate attraction of the day, as Washington will be playing Oklahoma V. at Norman. NOTRE DAME DEFEATS GEORGIA TECH j6 TO 7 Collins and Flanagan Again Star for Rockne's Team in Winning Over Strong Southern Eleven. merely trying to hold their advantage, as they tried no more than three or four plays during the pe rioa. The Miners opened with a Tom Flynn. Billiken quarter back, picked up a fumble and ran 95 yards for what appeared to be a touchdown, but it didn't get in the box score. It happened at the fag end of the second quarter. Rolla had smashed its way down the field and was inside the 20- yard line. Thomas gain wriggiea through at guard and was in sight of a touchdown when several men tcckled him near the 10-yard line. The spectators saw the ball fly out of his hands and Flynn picked it up and dashed the length of the field with several interferers cut ting down the pursuers. But the ball was called back and given to Rolla where the tackle was made, the officials ruling that the fumble had been made after the whistle had blown and that the ball was out of play when Flynn grabbed it It was Flynn who .ade the prettiest catch of a pass seen here this season when, earlier, in the were same quarter, he nabbed one from 85,000 See Trojans Beat California Drury of Southern California Gains 206 Yards Successor Scores Touchdown. Nebraska Downs Syracuse 21-0, Before 25,000 Eastern Eleven Tries Pass After Pass, but Is Unable to Score. THIPD ?uAfTFC 40 SO 40 the fourth quarter. Reefer's " of Whtttier's punt brought 8ur Prnu-A ir. u Tab. ball in midfield. the ag- fll'JI r!ftrhn r-- A ah, the goal line only to learn disappointing tidings that hia penalized on the play for ,T "esiminster eleven gained 'Jf of 14 yards by running l.C thrftnrh tli. lira enH i . r... , C3 the Washington total by wg, the Bears netting 88 ' on straight driving and 57 j . ioe tsears compiex- "" passes for 61 yards and . Jfaitors four for 22 yarda. tester scored nine f!rt Washington's tour. By the Associated PreM. LOS ANGELES, Oct. 2 9. Line smashing beat long punting here todav, 13 to 0. when the Southern California Trojans took all the wonder out of 1927's football won der team from California. The crowd was estimated at more than 85,000. Lom, Kaufman and J. Dougery were the stars for California but especially Lom. who carried the battle on his shoulders, his passing hands and his punting shoes. Over the entire field, however, loomed Morely Drury, skipper or the Southern California ere", who packed the ball I0G yards ont of a total of 371 yards gained tor his team. The two scores for the Trojans came in the second and fourth periods. Don Williams, who substituted for Drury. scored the Jir-t touchdown, and McCaslin the second. Drury kicked goal after the second touchdown. Lineup and summary: CALIFORNIA (0). U. S. C. (13). Position. J. Dougerv L. K McCaslin Green .L.T Hibbs Kaufman L. G Heiser Rlegels C. Barrager H. Gill K G Anthony Coltrin (C.) . . .R. T Scheving Phillips.. R.-E Tappan Eisan Q-B... Drury (C) Lom L. H Saunders Marcus R. H. . .L. Thomas pthiirn F. B Edelson Rcnre bv periods: 12 3 4 ollfnrniu 0 0 0 0 0 IT S. C. 0 0 713 Scoring: Touchdowns Williams fuh for Drury) and McCaslin Toint after touchdown Drury. Officials: Referee VarnelL Chiea-T'mniro McCord. Illinois. viM ludirs Badenock. Chicago Head linesman Fitzpatrlck. By the Associated Press. LINCOLN, Nebr., Oct. 29. Mixing passes with a slashing running attack, the Cornhuskers of Nebraska trounced the Orangemen of Syracuse 21 to 0 before a crowd of 25.000 here today. Syracuse unleashed its vaunted aerial attack in the early minutes of the game, but Nebraska was ready for this type of game and converted the tosses to their own advantage. Finding the Nebraska line impenetrable, the Orangemen wrre forced to continue their aerial game. Until removed in the last minute of the game, Baysinger, Syracuse's lanky quarterback, hurled pass after pass, and his flips were tossed with unerring accuracy, when he could find a receiver uncovered. Nebraska Scores Early. Nebraska's first counter came after five minutes of play. On seven plays the Cornhusker backs carried the ball 3S yards to touchdown. PressneL, leading scorer of the Missouri Valley, carried the ball six of the seven times for a total of 36 yards, and scored the touchdown. McMullen place-kicked for the extra point. Pressnel also made the Corn huskers' second touchdown which was scored in the latter part of the first period, receiving Baysinger's punt on Syracuse's 33-yard line. Presnel returned it to the 20-yard line. A pass. Witte to Oehlrich, put the ball on the seven-yard line, and on three line plays he carried it over for the counter. MdMullen again place-kicked the goal. Nebraska's final touchdown came in the third period. Taking the ball on Syracuse's 31-yard line, the Cornhuskers marched to the eight-yard line- A pass. Witte to Far- leyal. was completed for the touch down. Captain Brown drop kicked the goal. Syracuse Pulj Up Hard Fight. Although outclassed by their heavier and more experienced op ponents, the Syracuse eleven fought gamely until the final fr"r a their passing attack was a con stant threat. The Orangemen com pleted eleven of their So r - f o " a gain of 107 yards. Nebraska tercepted seven of their tosses. Sy racuse's most effective passing ;o . bina-tion waa Baysinger to Goldman, although Sebo and Lewis grabbed a few of the flips.. Captain Barbuti of Syracuse was unable to enter the game because of injuries suffered in the George town game two weeks ago. Syracuse. Position. Nebraska Raymond L. E. Lee 30 20 lO i rzt mcjT; ZX tiwrzewv punt I 1 i 1 ltOU.ll 1 I oo tms lt: 'SMK eon i fe iape y hi b r - W t &TL- ti 1 t rr J Of ECEU !. K Ctrol F V 'nKTIEMiO S. , . Tf JOHNW I Sfo' . li yept "o 2 i ' ' "' 8 5C3f?E: " -v. -v-3 FVt mm r tw . 5 L A C ,.1'T '1 PIE LO Si .AC ,.,n7 .LO Jl S i J 6 ja' l.l ROL LA - O 5 lO 20 O SO 40 30 20 lO OREGON STATE BEATS WASHINGTON STATE COP.VALLIS. Or,' Oct 29. Oregon State trounced Washington State College here today. It to . in a game that belonged to either side until the final whistle and was finally decided on the breaks. A wt field made fumbles freq.unt. Winick Newman L. G Wittman C. . Brophy R. G Van Ness R. T. Lewis R. Baysinge.- Q. Jones L. Goldman R. Sebo F. Score by periods: 1 Nebraska 14 L. T Richards Holm . .. James McMullen . .Randels , . . Lawson . . Bronson H Presnell II Witte B Oehlrich 2 3 4 0 0 721 E.. B.. liOUl RPlLLA ....ilttttliv T J 1 J . - 1 Ul m i i 11 I MfTlFllCf PT oil id?- Missouri Eleven Triumphs Over Northwestern U. Continued from Page IS, Col. Syracuse 0 0 0 Nebraska Touchdowns: Tres-nell (2). Farley. Points after touchdown McMullen (2). place kicks; Brown (substitute for Brownsoa, drop kick. ran 15 yards for a touchdown. Brown place-kicked goal. Then Northwestern, with Holmer throwing the ball, uncorked a series of passes which brought the ball to within striking distance. Then Holmer went over but failed to kick goaL Shortly afterward. Holmer crashed through for anoth er touchdown and again failed to kick goaL Outside of a touchdown by Johnson in the third period, the purple were pushed out of the picture by the Tigers' line which opened giant holes for Diemund. Tuttle. a substitute, and Mehrle. Northwestern Takes Load. After grabbing a long pass near the end of the second period and crashing over, for a touchdown. Brown again kicked a goal. As Northwestern grabbed the lead in the third period with a long touch down pass from Holmer to Jones. the Tigers came back with two more scores in the third and fourth periods. Mehrle caught Holmer's kickoff and raced 90 yards for another touchdown and Brown kicked toal. Then while the Tiger line held. Diemund clinched the game by skipping off tackle for 86 yards and the final touchdown, the goal of which, was made. The lineup: N. W. Pos. MISSOURI. Kent L. E Tarr R. Schuler (act ing captain). L. T. Lucas Hazen L. G Drumm Erickson C Morgan Dart. R- G Miller Sinkler R. T. .W. Smith Johnsos R. E. Brown Rojan -Q. B Byers Bergheim L. H. Diemund Calderwood. . .R. H Mehrle Holmer F. B Swafford Score by periods: 12 3 4 Missouri " 77 13 34 Northwestern 0 12 7 019 Missouri: Touchdown Tarr (1). Tuttle (sub for Diemund) (1). Mehrle (2). Diemund (1). Goals after touchdown Brown. 6. Northwestern: Touchdown Holmer (2). Johnson (1). Goal after touchdown Gustafson (sub for Gergherra). Referee. Fred Young. Illinois Weslcyan; umpire. Don Henry-, Kenyon; field judge. Meyer, Horton Michigan: head linesman. H. Taylor. Emporia. Michigan State Harriers Win. By the AMue1t"i Ir. MILWAUKEE. WU. Oct. 29. Michigan State cross-conntry runners defeated Harquette Harriers, 25 to :!. today. Conzelman Stars As Providence Beats Frankford 29 to 7 Defeat Severe Blow to Yellow Jackets Hopes of Keeping "Pro" Tide. PHILADELPHIA, Oct 29. The Frankford Yellow Jackets saw their hopes of retaining the national professional league football championship smashed by the Providence steam rollei ; here today. 29 to 7. Mercer put Frankford ahead in the first period with a touchdown and subsequent pel' ". The lead ws not held long. Providence made two touchdowns in the second period and another in he third. Conzeluan, Wilson and Oden fc z6 then, re spectively, Conzelman and Eonnen-brg added extra points. OKLAHOMA AGGIES BEAT CREIGHTON, 18-6 STILLWATER. Ok.. Oct It. Creighton's undefeated football team was humbled today by the Oklahoma Aggies. Missouri Valley Conference champioDs of last year, by a score of 18 to 6. McCoy. Aggie quarterback, assisted in Creighton's only touchdown, made in the final quarter, by overlooking two pass backs made after he had punted. With the score knotted. 6 to . the Aggies came back strongly In the last seven minutes of play, ecortng two touchdowns, t the hand of Eddie Jordan while hit back was to the balL It was done much in the manner of Frankie Frisch going into right field for a high pop fly. Flynn did not turn around but threw his head straight back and caught the ball as it zipped by his face. Rolla made use of the lateral pass a number of times and some times with marked success, but in the second quarter drew a 15-yard penalty for making one illegally. With the ball on the Rolla 20-yard line, Monte Ledford started around the St. Louis right end and when even with the line of scrimmage tossed laterally, or almost so, to Thomas, who sprinted to mid- fitld before being downed. The ball was brought back and the 15-yard penalty assessed because Thomas, the receiver, was several yards in advance of Ledford when the pass waa made. ROLLA Position ST. LOUIS V. Medernicyer ...LE Murroy Bok-ii LT Tison Herbert Brown Young C DavkLsoo Martin RG Creceiius j Shearer RT. . Oelschlager Kay RK Daubucr Ledford QB Flyuu Hied LH .... LlntuenJcli Kjar RH Jordan Hasslcr FB Dlrnbergrr 1 2 3 4 Tot. St. Louts U 0 T 10 0 17 Holla 0 0 O 00 First downs St. Louis 10, Rolla 13. Yardage on rushes St. Louis 1S5, Holla 11. Yardage on passes St. Louis 5", Rolla 9". Yardage on rollbacks of kicks St. Louis 8, Rolla 82. Forward passes completed for gain st. Louis 5 out of 12, Rolla C o it of IS. Forward tasscs intercepted by Rolla 1. IVnalties againt-t St. Louis, 35 yards; against Rolla, 85 yard. Punts Lintzenich. 5 for average of 46 yards; Iedford, 7 for average of 41 yards (one of I od ford's punts partially blocked). Scoring: Touchdowns Llntaen-icli and Flynn. Points after touchdown Lintzenich (drop kick), Lliitzenfcli and Jordan (forward pass). Field Goa 1 Lintzenich. bubfelltutlons: M. Louis, Miller for Oelwchlaeger, (Schwartz for Brown, Kennedy for Dirnberg- er, Joyce for Jordan, Gu.sakic for Ti.Mn, Schwartz for Crccclluit, Downey for Datldnon; Rolla, Thomas for Held, Allebach for Ncldermeyer, McKae for Ray, Ncid emieyer for McRae, Tucker for Herbert, MeCormick for Kjar, Loup for Ledford. Officials Klein (Missouri); ref eree Lew U (Washington); urn pire Marquard ( Washington) ; Iieadlincnan. By the AuociaUd Free. SOUTH BEND. Ind., Oct 25. Notre Dame's high powered football team added Georgia Tech. to the list of Its gridiron victims her today, the final score being 2 to 7. Collins, Flanagan. Chevhjney and Riley performed in Stellar fashion for Notre Dame. Thomasoa, and Misell were outstanding for Georgia Tech.. the latter getting away for considerable yardage and the latter constantly out-kicking the Notre Dame punters. Notre Dame scored once In the second period, twice in the third period and once In .the final quar ter, Georgia Tech. counted in the final period on a blocked punt, a pass and a dash by Thomason, who also made the point. The lineups: Georgia Tech. P. Notre Dame. Crowley (c) . .. .LE Colerick Spear LT.... Ransavage Martin LG Cannon Pund C Monyhan Drennon RG Law Watkins RT Do ran Waddey RE....... Bender Durant QB Riley Thomason. ... ..LH. Dahroan Mizell RH Flanlgsn Randolph FB. ....... Collins Score by periods: 12 3 4 Notre Dame 0 IS 7 2( Georgia Tech 0 0 0 7 7 Notre Dame scoring Touch downs: Collins (2) (sub for Dew). Riley (sub for Morrissey, Dew. Point from try after touchdown Dahman (sub for Chevigney), place kick: Elder (sub fcr Dahman), place kick. Georgia Tech scoring Touchdowns: TSiomason. Point from try after touchdown Thomason, placet kick. Gophers Beat Wisconsin, 13-7 Before 58,000 Badgers' Only Touchdown Re- suits From Gopher Pass Which Is Intercepted by Crofoot. SUMNER HIGH ELEVEN BEATS LINCOLN, 7-0 The Sumntr High School team won its second victory of the season when it defeated the Lincoln High School eleven of East St Louis. 111., in yesterday's gridiron contest by a score of 7 to . at Star's Park. While the visiting team exhibited better team work and an Iron-clad defense. 8umner was able to com plete more forward passes to gain yardage consistently. Four successful forward passeg were Baker to Brantley. In the third quarter Baker made a throw to Culp. who caught the ball on his 23-yard Una and sprinted across the goal line for a touchdown. The extra point was scored by Baker, who kicked the goaL Vashon Beats Franklin. Vashon (Nfgro) High School Journeyed to St Charles yesterday and defeated the Franklin High School lren f that place, lt-12. Pearson. Fot and Blocker scored Wacfcdowns for Vashon, By th! AuocUted Pref. MINNEAPOLIS, Oct 2J. Min nesota's Big Ten conference record was kept unmarred today when the Gophers defeated Wisconsin IS to 7 before a "Dad's Day" crowd of 5S.O0O fans in the Memorial sla- dlum. A Minnesota touchdown la the first period and another in the third, with a point after touchdown on the first accounted for the Gophers' scores while the Badger touchdown came in the sec ond period when Crofoot Intercepted a Minnesota forward pass In midfield and raced for a touchdown. Hayes added the extra point on a place kick. The lineups: Minnesota. p. Wisconsin. Haycraft LE ...... Cameron Maeder LT Binlsh Hanson LG ....... Connor Macklnnon C... Shoemaker Gibson RG . Parks GaT RT Wagner Tanner ItK Zeisse Hovde QB... Crofoot (c) Barnhart LI I Rose Almqulst.......RH Hayes Joesting (c)....FB...... Rebhols Score by periods: Minnesota .... 7 0 0 13 Wisconsin .... 0 7 0 0 7 Minnesota scoring: Touchdown. Haycraft, Joesting. Point after touchdown. Fharmer (sub. for Almqulst). Wisconsin scoring: Touchdown. Crofoot Point after touchdown, Hayes. Referee Joe Maglsohn. Michigan. Field Judge 1L B. Hackett West Point Head linesman R. C. Huston, Parsons. KEMPER DEFEATS CULVER TEAM, 13-0 INDIANAPOLIS. Oct. 23 In their seventh annual tilt the Kemper Military Kchool foottsll team defeated the Culver Military Academy eleven here this afternoon. IS to 0. Win berg was the outstanding player for Kempr, scoring both touchdowns. Eylur plsytd atelier ball for Culver. Brown Loses Fourth in Row; Temple Wins, 7-0 U PROVIDENCE. R. I.. Oct J. NACLE to produce a cor ing punch when it had re- lasted opportunities to cross the Temple University goal line. ; Brown went down to Its fourth "straight defeat today. 7 to 0. With the play principally lu its territory. Temple held the home team for downs each time or broke Into a feeble pasatac attack. The Philadelphia aejtfit gota it score In the first : t I ! i H In r 1. ..3 I' 9 0?

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