The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SH BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH 27, 1S34 Detroit Youngsters Make Mickey Smile Bengals Flash New Punch And .Fine Leader In Mickey Cochrane EDITOR'S NOTE: This Is an cfher of * serifs or training <-am.i Korics sizlnr up major lr:i(ue learns In their southern (mining quarters. • • • BY B1U, URAL'CHER NEA Service Sports Editor LAKELAND, Fla.~Mickey Coch- raiw is as tickled with his new a.sslgnment n.s manager of the Dc- trolt Tigers as a smnll boy will n new toy. Dul II you arc no careful, lie will hide it from you "A pennant this year?" he re plied tu my question. "I'm no nuile that well sold on the tcnir Say, I notice thai Bucky Hani nlready has declared the ncd So. will win the iiaj;. That's Meppln on it, isn't it?" That was stepping on H incJeer Besides. Harris had advised son; of the baseball writers not to pic i)ie Detroit team, which Buck managed last year. "Cochrane will rind outiillaboi lliat club as lie goes along." wa Bucky's word. "They fell down o me when I thought Uiey couidn miss second or third place. An it's the same team." « m » It is Ihe same team, with two or three important changes, us Ihc new manager pointed out. "We've got Goslin to add punch," said Mickey, referring to the trade which sent Johnny Stone to Washington. "We're going 10 have bel- ter pitching than lincky had, I'm going to do most of the catching —caught 130 games last year. "Feilows like Grcenbers; ai. first, Hogell at. bhorl, and Fox and Vi'al- kor in the outfield I figure to be much better than last year, by reason of experience. Greeiibcrg played about- ;i third ot the ID.a season ami liii .300. Anil say, he geltins better ns he went atony! This year he has been hitting them out of the park." Cochrane .gave me a tentative batting order as follows: Rogell. ss. or Clifton, 3b; Gclir- m?er, 2b; Cochraw, c; Goslln, H: Greenberg, ]b; Walker, rf; Fox, cf; Rogell, ss, or Clifton, 3b, and the pitcher. Cochrane believes he Has seven starting pitchers in Bridges, Sorrell, .FtFoher, rvnzier, Hamlin, Hogsett, and Msrberry. Fischer and Hogsett are left-htuid- Cochrane is especially enthusiastic .about yoiuig Hemmii "Flea" Clifton at third base. The Cincinnati boy is so fast, aggressive, and original that Cochrane may (live him the .lead-off assignment. Last year, playing with Beaumont, WELCH IS STILL Back to Business Bragallown's chances in the foilhtomlne Ami-rlcan League pcnnnm rate can't he so Blum, or that Mnlle wouldn't he nclorniii" Manager Mickey Cochrane'.s tncc. lie visions sli-llar work irorn the three younjjStcr.s shown In iit'tlon—I'eti: Fox tof( autiU-lder wl'o showed well last year; Ilcrimm "Fieri' 1 Cllfloji. lower center, a rookie., who Is a good bet to clinch the third base Job ant! Lynwood Howe, right, whose injured arm, which InlnnipU'd ;i treat jihehing career last year. Is ready to hii: n them in again In (he Campi Tiger farm 49 bases and tram, Clifton stole .300 liiucr. Hooks ona Slides Bil Braucher him !asl summer In Uic lie:a of Urniicli lilckcy for n trynut, iind j ling H, but very liylcl. • » • Football Gate Receipt Profits Not as Large as Some Imagine li'i-b Pcnnock. rceil-llke pllchcr ; ]>ITTSIiUKGH (UP) — Pronts ol tbfj ll«l Snu, iiiinomicliig lie is (ruin the gale receipts in intercol- onc iiomur-- ovenveliilu when the jpglale football are not as great, n.s writers kid him about hov; great he looks . . . lied Knifing, pounds utui pounds .under the great. they are iii-nemlly supposed to lie. W. D. Harrison, director of athlel- \ ics nV Ihr University oi Plllsbui-gli. > wdislit lie \vnru last year when!.said In a M:ilnnr>nt tsued here. Tltu little groups of gray jicojilc I'tsiiimliic (raining nl ilie Yankee! Hurvkson is n member ol a com. play chess anil checkers in .he parks of SL. Petersburg aren't .lie only old ones around . . . .here's the Babe... white-haired Enrl Combs, his teammate RnbblL Mm-nnvllle still a boy at lur, 40-yeai-old utility mint of the of llic Bitivcs, BiiiB Mil- Athletics . nnd CJinnvu Hill, bespectacled ancient 0( other days. trying to come buck Braves. the "Don't Send My l(oy" One of the gronti'.st rookie prospects in the south is young Elbert caiiip. . . . The little tnblft In nu-iiiovy of Malinger Miller Htiji- n! tlir- Viuiks. nt tile leld in St. rete. which lu'ars the u;uue of tlic Mighty Mltr. * * * Tills Is Ihe Year! Each iimunKcr wondering how the other muniiuer get.s that \vay when IIQ ventures ui decLii-c tliut his team is Ihc best In the Na- tlonnl [.fugue . . . you lenm tlie flaws ol one team's tuirs by mik- ing to oilier teams' ma.juigeu> . . . . Juilging by Ihc criticism, cv- _ - cry slugger In the majors Is eitti- Fletcher, n-ycar-old hiijh school cr n sucker for n curve ball or mlttee that has been investigating University of Minnesota, and Waller Okr.son of the Eiistcrn Intcr- ralleglale Association. Dntc receipts may IK large. Hie committee reported, but often expenses nre Inrger, and most .•ehools are operating (liejr athletic departments at n loss. A survey of ten of the lending football Disqualified for Roughing Referee But Still Maul i-ans Want Thrown ' Jioy \Veltlj, tlic bad Mclor. lost via the clkquullikaiiim route to David Uixjby, the <'X-whiski,-:iu>. ;n ihv iit'n'.ury nighc but ie- iiliiiris the man that local fans \vanl lo MM' loosed out ot an niniury ivin<l«« find to will con- ijnue .lo l;e liie Ixjy '.vht> di - a\vs ihi- ci'owd~. Wi-.'ch's ac'Jon liibt night fus.t drew announce-1110111 of a 30-day ; ii.!:p?:is!on ioi" loit^hiny the ref- j cree b'.lt tins wns lulei- eouiuer- j | iiiiiiideil ttilh tin- stati'im-nt thui | 1 WeiL'h will iirobalily tji' back heic iie;iin next Monday night with >.omcljn<ly i-lsc trying to toss him cut LI window. D.-ind OooJcy tried It last night and (ailed although he wns given the decision when Welch was dis- (Itialinerl for "roughing" the rei- i-ree. Gns i'.ippas. At the time jPappas, :ifier disengaging liimscll Irom the roiics where he had been wrapped up by Welch, raised Doo- ley'K hand the ex-whkkcrite and (Welch had each won a fall, I In n pn.-liinin.iry inaicli, which for fast action probably excelled the main go, frequently turned into a comedy. Ralph Smith, the Jackson, Tenn.. school teacher, won over Johnny Stole. Smith whirled Stotc dizzy to win two straight falls alter Stole had grabbed the first fall. Smith appeared IS pounds heavier tliaii Stole. Welch and Dooley cavorted sill over (he ring in Ihelr allalr with Relerce I'.ippas affording a i«r- iccl foil for Welch's Imd manners. Time, and again the three were mixed in a scramble ol arms and legs, once they went oui of the the gate receipts of big time toot- schools in the cumnry conducted ball colleges. Oilier members of , by th the committee mick, diiecUir of committee, showed a delicil Night Baseball Gains Favor In International : Frank McCnr- j for 1B33 In Die athletic cleparl- athletlcs ut the n:enl ot encli. Harrison .Max l!a"i's !ong vnc.ilion in ;!i»Jn .spots en mi- lo :in end wiih tin: s PrJmo Camera, to lak- phuo -.p. a life of <ii,se .-in;:- hh n»h! wil nf !i:s liy llle riix lH. 1 |:a[iulai' uintoi' i v-Uii U!ii:i:ipion Adn-.ns. suft a!f::- ring ill a huddle and later Welch f' twisted Uoolcy's head between tlic| imo *"W :u S:it/:iiiir-ntn, Cali:. n.>:-. : u , is c«iiisi:<_' In In:- :; v.-orkout. and Ihen 'ji-pw-edcd to Hip i outside the ring after | , 'Ihe Port of London. Efi the i-opc.s. docs j,,, ;um ual ovr,-s-as ami rt'ieree valued at mon; llirin 52.1X1' ;1 .:i:l. • Tin- Hny::l Yin-;: H'jK-l. Tni-onlo. '.i-.u\" is tin; lai'.'.'A taili'.v.v ir. tiiv llm- l ,<fV).- ;0i Empire. , boy from MHUm, Alms. , . . n'can be fooled easily by change'of j Iccome ;wcertainly first baseman, who may never play I pace . . , making the tnsk of » national League. lly NEA Kcr\-icc BUFFALO. N. Y.—Night baseball, haviug been resorted lo in the last couple ol years by minor leagues in an effort U> attract customers with ihe novelty. h:fs in the Ituer- In a major league game despite, baseball wrlt<"- very confusing. iis promise the folks want Branch Hfckcy admitting that Elbert to go to Harvard ... if She. never tails lo ylve up all liope ' - ... . hu docs, another Hal Chase's ca- of His play at third is so stendj that Marvin Owen, who suffered Irom several ailmi'm.s and injuries last year, may fma he hns keen set back to n job as utility man. ( "The story of the Detroit learn last year," said Cochrane, "was those one-run tall games. The] club lost .17 games by one rim. \ With a little more punch to help i ihe pitching, th« team wovild have ion those. j "It's die fastest team in the Jeague, as it stands now, and. ." And with Cochrane catching, there vould be that much more panch, too (Mickey being a .320 hitter and one of the most dan- Eirous men in the league \viih runs on base)! The Mick grinned. "Sure, I still will be able to hit an lev now and then," he said. •They haven't got the ,o!d man looted entirejy yet. I might even get a few hits ofl that Boston southpaw pitching staff. You know —accidents like that will happen." A feud between the Red Sox and Tigers Is pretty sure to result from the two managers' exchanges of spring pleasantries -Mickey can't see where the Red Sox are going, and Bucky is dead sure his old team will not win lot Cochrane. , Detroit undoubtedly is well balanced with power, speed, and pitching. Also the boys are strong for MicX«y Cochrane, who .know, no superior behind the plate Mickey's baseball wisdom and dynamic personality are pretty sun to be .reflected in the efforts o (he Tiger pitchers, who have needed a smart catcher for several years. "Say for .me," Mickey said conclusion, "that I am not pickin Detroit to win the pennant, bu that whoever docs win it is go ing to remember several ninc-ln ning games in Detroit. It look liwe a wide-open race this yea and they can all look out for m rcev hns been .nipped, Spen Htrc ami There Ilnnk Goivtly. long, lantern-inw- e<l coach, wearing his catcher's shin guards while pitching for the Bravrs headache the one his . practice . . Bill McKechnie of the announcing he hits n - but, a:ot as bad as men's injuries gave n. IJCnnant fo:- his Cardinals every ssmuR before the clubs stavL north . .' . his jK-ssiinlsm prompted liy the glmviiiR stories oC oilier manngcrs. An American. Mrs. Anue Royal!, was not only the first woman Journalist, but the first ot her sex to own and edit a newspaper, and : the first professional "interview-! Holland er" of either sex, ilhan 100 lludaln, thrmiph i'.s president, l-'rnnk J. Otiermann, has aimouiK;- cd it will schedule more night games Hum ever, and li«hls me to be installed at the parks (it Ihc Rochester and Montreal clubs. It is jiosslbte that Syracuse, the new member of tlhe league which took over Ihe Franchise o( Jersey City, will install lights. Thai will make the entire league all "owl 1 circuit. had its last yar more years ago. blnmcd Hie lasses on llic Federal Admission Tux. which Imcfs a drastic reduction in base liMccs of tickets. Harrison stated that he beliVvrrt :!ut college athletics could be :»nde to pay If the la.v were removed. Most colleges niul universities support their entire athlctk pro- pram will] feottai; receipt nnd dicsc fall oil. deficits appear •riran snicl. piMdi'.cd with HI any of them. locking hi.s arms in leaving both opponent stranded while he raced around ceo. the ring. Pappns. apparently de- ; ciding that Welch liart gone far I There are at le:i--i I VL . libtv-i' enough, lifted Dooley's hand when :| n the M'orid which i-'jnt.-ir. n-- tho latter crawled back into the ';, million voluini-.s ring after being ihiown on;. Doo-j l'!_L ley had been restiny by the ring- : side, watching Welch and Pappns I indulge in an exchange of blows j with Welch seemingly yetlinj t!ie:l Ni'iv nnd Complotc Line of House Paints. better of the mixi:p. II Knv aiv.l Complete Lint uf rishiny Tackl':. .,., B Otniilns A!sc!den L;nr.]i Part-, 30c Ihc first cotton nnll in America ™ was built at Pawtticket, R. I.. Samuel Slater. eixiMs inventions, for n patent ou GliMAYfEIvl. Birds can inflate some of the bones with air. Don't Forget Agency General Insurance NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS Due li> a Inw piissvil 1)\ the I ho last ilny fur paying; Slit I e ami projwvty. leijisljitiiro April IGth is t:ixi's on real c.stiifc and 10% PENALTY will attach after that date POSITIVRLY NO EXTENSION OF T1MK I'enjtlty may lit- avoided by (ho ji.iynimf the Stutc ami C!«unty U\«s l>y this ilnto. (if otic-fniirlh of The Collector is required In have the rcrripls iirlually written li.v the Ifith, thciefore, I o;innot he responsihle for lists mailed nr handed in laler than the 1.3th. For the convenience of (he taxpayers, Hie I the HANK Ot 1 I.KACHVIM.K nn Thin-sdsiy. Ihe HANK W MANILA on Triiluy. Mnirli :iOth. hooks will he at March 2iMh.. ami at .re Y as expert as ^ THINK for a minute-—what if you had the house to run, meals to plan and children to care Tor'.' Do yon think you could do the job as well as youv wii'e duos? On the same amount of money? Be honest. The housewives of the nation study and know their jobs. They read the advertisements .regularly. They keep themselves informed of the best offerings of the stores. They are expert purchasing agents. These purchasing agents, from necessity or individual desire, aim to make every dollar spent velvirn a full one hundred cents' worth in value. They know their needs. They know through the advertisements just where these needs can be best supplied at the least cost. Such intelligent buying saves time ami effort and money, it results in a management of the home that is truly efficient. Here's some good advice for all of us. Read the advertisements. Read them everyday. Through them we can know exactly what we .want before we go to buy. This is the surest way of securing full value for every dollar you spend. Clarence H. Wilson Sheriff and Collector

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