The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1949
Page 2
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BLVTHBVTLLE (ABK.) COUttlEH NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 1948 Army Engineers To Revise Plans 1945 Program for Whit* River and Tributaries Studied LITTLE ROCK, April 13. OT — Proposal* Jor » comprehensive White River development plan were •tudied by army engineers here yesterday. Engineers, representing Little Rock, Dallas and Washington official*, gave special emphasis to flood control and power potentialities. They hopf to have a re-worked plan, ' differing considerably from one prepared in 1945, ready for sub- m'«ion to Congress at Its next session. The new plan calls for evenlua construction of ten additional dams on the White River and its tributaries to supplement the Bui Shoals, Norfork and Clearwate dams Dams which engineers hope to tl Into the comprehensive plan in elude Table Rock, near BransOl' Mo., and Bell Poley ,a relative! smell project In sharp County, Ark Both have been approved by Con greso as individual projects. Three dams previously approve Individually for flood control onl are under consideration for powr development as well. They are Lov Bock on the Buffalo River i Searcy and Marion counties; Greci Ferry, near Heber Springs in Cle.- burne County, and Water Valley on Eleven Point river near Pocahontas in Randolph County. Other pioposed dams, not yet approved, by Congress, are: Gilbert on the Buffalo; Blair Creek In Shanm-n County, Mo.: Donlphan In Rlpley County. Mo.; Wolf Baynu on the White near Balesville. and Beaver, on the White near Eureka Springs Church Explosion The St. Mary's Catholic, church is shown after it blew up at Marion, S. D., wnlle it was filled with Pali Sunday worshippers. Six elderly people were known dead and dozens injured when the roof and brick wal came tumbling down upon them as they knelt In their pews. (AP Wtrephoto.) Slayer Says Victim's Flesh Served As Meat to Members of His Family State College Board Re-elects Chas. Stuck Dodge May Hear Suit To Halt Fund Spending LITTLE ROCK, April 13. «>(— A •uit to prevent state Institution.': and agencies from spending "cash funds" without legislative approval probably will be heard by Chancellor Frank Dodge. Chancellor Guy E. Williams, In who** court the suit was filed last Baturdpy, indkated yesterday lie would transfer the case to Dodge's division of Pulaski Chancery Court Williams, while serving as Avkan- •u attorney general, ruled that in- •Ututkxu were not entitled to use of w-ealled "cash funds"—or monej otn«r than that obtained by legls fetive appropriation. Rep. Jamee A. Gipson of Balin County brought the suit to stop us a( th« unappropriated funds. Frog* (a term which also In eludv toads) vary in size from Cuban type which measures three quarters of an Inch long to a We. African »lant which ha» a two-foe fee H»r««d. Bead Courier News Want Ada. Shake Down BREMEN. Germany. April 13—f/Pj A German ship'.s stewnrd calmly nted In court yesterday that he ai.tonly killed two young boys nml e served some of the flesh of one them to his unsuspecting family. "I jiwt had the urge to kill nicone." Bodo Fries, 39, testified, 5 face Impassive. Fries is dim-Red with murdering IB two boys in 1945 and 1947. He 1 not charged with cannibalism as here Is no such offense In German w. The parenlA of both sin In boys, rust Sprengcr, 12, and Wolf(-nUK Vinrirat, nine, were In court to ear Fries tell of the crimes- Spectators gnspert when Fries cstifled that one time hp wn.i a ook (or an American Army unit .1 Bremen. After killing the Spcngcr boy •Sth R hatchet, Fries said, he was lartled bysome people in the nckgh- orhood. So he hid the body In ome bushes instead of burying it s planned. Fries anld he picked «up the liver nd a pieces of the thigh from the hacked body »nd hid them In his rucksack. When he arrived home, he said, I ;otd my wife I had bought some >orV and liver. We had It lor supper the same day. I had to eat it so as not to make my wife and others suspicious," he said. Asked by the court whether he thought ot hla own seven-year old son when he ate the flesh, Frles replied "no." Safe Taken at Chaffee Is found But $75,000 It Held Is Still Missing FORT SMITH. Ark.. April' 13. —A snfc which disappeared HI nearby Camp Chnffee Sunday was found yesterday, hut most of the $15.000 It coulnincd .still Li missing. Military authorities are holrilnp two soldiers for questioning and ar scekln? a third, LI. Morris Dow of the proves tnnrsb^rjs of [ice SB id Pfc Claud Tnte, Jr.. Tampa. Fla., who wa a nested lust night, led them t tlir .safe Tt was found In a grave pile a few hundred yixrd.s from Us orderly room from which It wa taken. DOM sn id Tfl le a nd Recru Johnny Markos Flint. Mich., ha admitted carrying the sate to lh gravel pile, prying It open and taking of the money, About $150 was In ihc Anfe when It was found. DORS -said Tute had $l,02o in his possession when he was arrested Do«s Identified the soldier nought as Robert William Elwny said he had enlisted In the Army as Robert. Williams of New Orleans. Military authorities and FBI agents were scouring Northwest AvkftiuwiA for the third soldier and nlso wore investigating at St. Louis, Mo., where they Ijflieve he might. have pone'. No charges have been filed. Alcoholism New Basis for Giving Disability Pension NEW YORK. April 13. (fl'l—A gl- l New York utility company Is retirement, of sonic lone-time iployes on disability pension. The Consolidated Edison Com- uiy said It had pursued this policy ice Jan. 1, 1047 and has retired om ten to 15 employes each year r alcoholism. Dr. John J. Wittmcr, an assistant cc-prcsldcnl In charge ot Indus- nI relations and the medical pro•am supervisor, explained the coin- any policy this way: We consider tlmt chronic, Ina- levahle alcoholism Is a dlsabUni ondilion because we feel that th« asis for alcoholism is due to a defl- ILe pathological condition." Pensions, however, are not grant- d to the "parly drinker"—Iht playboy Lyjie who gets slewed to he Bills," Dr Willmer said. Company rules provide that em iloyes of two years or less egiulnu ous employment may be discharge or the first (1vunkcnnc5.s offense Scyond that to 15 years' employ inent, the worker riiuy be warne and put on probation. Cases of longer-term cmptoyi are studied, and if chronic: or psychopathic alcoholism Is proved, "the employe .should be recommended for the disability roll." the medical director explained. London's Merchant Prince, Entertainer of Kings, Dies a Poor Man LONDON, April 13—</!>)—Harry Gordon Selfririge, American-born icrcbant prince of London who nee entertained kings, died with nly L1.544 ($6.176) to his name. The size of his estate was disclos- d when his will was filed for probate today. Sel/iidgc died In lay, 1947. Selfrldge made and lost two for- unes. At the lilghl of his career, he was confidant of European royalty and nobility and entertained lavishly on his Enslish estates. He founded the London store that still bears his name after working in Chicago with 'Marshall Field, who taught him department store operation. Selfrldge retired In 1939 with a continuing salary of L2,000 ($8,000) a year. He was born In Rlpon, Wis., and spent his boyhood In Jackson, Mich. Read courier News Want AdB. JONESBORO. Ark,, April 13 —William R. Stuck of Joiiesbn was re-elected chairman of the Arkansas State College Board of Trustee* at a mccthiK here Monday. Orvllle Cheney of Calico Rock \vcis named vice chairman and Fred Pickens, Jr.. of Newport, secretary. Other members of the board present were William Wyntt of Blyltic- vllle and Gordon I.amli of Coi'n- ng. Pickens and Wyatt are new members. Kennett Man Killed In Automobile Crash NEW MADRID. Mo., April 13— (/PI—E. H. E,ale, 40. Kcnnelt. Mo.. d>'ag line operator, was killed when his truck nlld another vehicle collided on highway 61 near here yesterday. His son, Jimmy, who was with him, escaped with minor hurts. Occupants of the other vehicle suffered minor injuries. Read Courier News Want Ads Tractor Driver Killed CABOT. Ark., April 13— {If}— James Vernon Champlln, 22, was killed yesterday in a tractor accident on his nearby farm. ChampHn's tractor stuck while he was plowing. He tied the renr wheel to n fence post. When Ihc tractor started, the post struck, him, fracturing his skull. Read courier News Want Ads. Crash Victim Dies In Memphis Hospital MEMPHIS. Tenn.. April 13—I/Pi— Hoi J. Rogers, 55, Searcy. Ark., dice In a bo.spilfll here of Injuries suffered In an mitomoblle acclden' Sunday. Rogers body was discoverec beneath his automobile In a dltcl near Marlanna by a passerby. Read Courier News Want Ads. GOODHtAlTH Read What They Say! Freda Stevenson, of Montreal, Canada, tries out a new body reducing chair at New York's International Beauty Show. A vibrating mechanism, built inlo th« chair, Is controllable by armrest dials and gives the same effect as a hand massage. UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball Get Our Prices TAX! and TRUCK DRIVERS UNIFORMS AU Colors - Gabardine $12.95 HUDSON ClMMr-Clothitr-Toilo STOMACH AILMENTS, WEAK KIDNEYS, RHEUMATIC PAINS, ARTHRITIS, NEURITIS and mich complaints ».« He*dnchfj, NrrvoTunp**. Aclrts. Toxins, Bloating. L*tk ol VltulU;, Energy, Poor Appetite Underweight, Dlrzy Bpelli. Drugless Health! NO MATTER how long you have been suffering from stomach, kidney and rheumallo distress, and what drugs you have Mrd before, vou can, now. hopt tor relief If you lake r.FO-MINKRAU With jour tyca SKF the rrsuit* ncven days after you start laklnpc it. DRUGGISTS. Chemists cannot make GFO-MINERAL. It comes from the earth — Nature's laboratory. Contains NO dope, NO alcohol, NO oil. ONLY Nalure'm minerals— the tiltlcsl, moat reliable remedy for rheumatism, arthritis kidney and stomach ailments. Wonder Mineral] FOH THOUSANDS of year* sufferers, on advice of doctors, fo In mineral springs to jtl cure, or relief. The Ute President Roosevelt used to go to Mineral Springs tn Georgia. He was helped or would not have (one there twice a year. WE HAVE all heard of the miraculous sprints of Lourde*, France, and famoui Thronion tn ancient Greece, where, accordlnc to legend. Hercules, the rod of eternal strength nd youth, drank Its water* and athed to be forcrtr young. IF YOU ARK a sufferer, and can ot go lo the mineral apring*, try GEO-M1NERAL which contain! a >lend of the tame minerals that can « found at lh« world's best springs. The minerals In 11 may wwk iracles. Amazing Rcsulti WATCH your elimination from your bowels two or three dsys after om start uslnr GEO-M1NERA1.. The waste, black as coal, will break away and you will SEE it! Also examine your urine. You may MC mpuritles—poisonous waste—com- nv oat of your kidneys, and feel the relief. Be sure to watrh for all this lo realite Us priceless value. MEDICAL records show 65^ cf men and women over 3& suffer from nutritional mineral-Iron anemia. When you feel nervous, dull, tired, laiy. have dlxsy spells, no ambition to work or play, a poor appelUe when your eye* lack that bright spark and your mind brilliance, when headaches get the best of you, and yo« feel old before your time, "We not only wll G*o-MtnH»V'— «j» G. A. LUtledeld, Min«|fr of Smlth'i DrUf Store, Gutonlx, K. C.-— "hut i* phxrmiciitt, w» know goo4 mfdictar, and w« helit** lh«r« It none belter than Gea~Mtn<ral an a iuppt*- mrnt for mln«nl deficiency. Doctcri, hospital*. Hnitoiliirat know the Tilm of uMural nilntr*U. Vit ace nol .Mir* prlsrd »t lb« mini ws*m who r«me back to buy moif and told us ilorlfj of amazing bcnftll. We recommend it to otir rrlenrfi, reUtlvvt. and hfloTrrt cnri. and to Cftrj «n« wiihtnt for hrtlrr health." >n4 lif with your blood. GEO MINERAL l| then what yov need. 100% Guaranteed! WE DWiE everjonu lo trj GF.O- MINERAL. Do not h»lt»lt one moment. Go to four dru)t fttore now. Get one bottlt. UM It one Keek. II you Are not 104 per rent Mttofleil, ne will refund your money. REGARDLESS of how lon» Jon have been suffering, and how mnny medicine* vou have tried before, OEO-MINERAL may be the repitdj you need! TRY It today! II tr'»y do wonder* for you—and be the best Investment • tfvi wiw wenire jour \imc f lvl j w»t—«*nu uc mw «r»» in* eaimrni 'e teems not worth livlnft^loi 1 your health. Make you feel, eat, orry wearing yom down-^VMeep, work and enjoy life belter, i limply lack of mine.rail tnl GF.O-MINTRM.:! *ouii-|i.i».i for W.M KIRBY BROS. DRUG STORKS Blythrvllle l*c (or »n«M» Thi« delivered price Includes Oil Both Air Cl«aner, Oil Filter, Delivery and Handling Charges, Ga* (15 Gallons) and Oil; State Taxes, license and accessories extra. H you are Interested in low delivered price, a* wed as economy of operation, we can offer you the lowest priced coupe in its Meld! "•'Drive a Ford and FEEL the difference/" PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Walnut at Broadway Phone 4453 -FASHION ACADEMY OF NEW YORK SELECTS THE '49 FORD AS "FASHION CAR OF THE YEAR"

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