The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1936
Page 4
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JPAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)'-"COURIER'"NEWS' THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. B. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. UA1NES. Advcrtlslu. Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Odea no, Detroit, SI. Louis, Dallas. Kansas City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered us second class matter 'at the post office at Blythevlllc, Arkansas, under act oJ Congress, October 9. 1917. Served ay trie united Press SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier in Uie city 01 BlvthevlUe, 16o per week, or.{6.60 per year, in advance. By mail, wiuiln u radius ol po niiNa, $3.00 pei rear,'f 1.50 lor six months, 75c for twee raoiiiha; by mali Ui postal zones two lo six, Inclusive, te.SO per year; In epues seven and eight, J10.00 per year, payable In advance. Attracting Industries Gov. Hugh White of 'Mississippi has announced liis determination to undertake on a statewide stale an industrial development program of the wort, \vliich lias already been attempted, with varying degrees of FUCCCSS, by numerous local cliitmbcr.s of commerce and business groups in cities.through- out, the country. He proposes, in brief, to empower municipalities of his state to bond themselves to provide plant sites, factory buildings and other inducements for industrial establishment*. Well, factory payrolls are a good thing for any stale or city. A reasonable investment in subsidies lo attract industries may well prove a uood investment for a community which lacks them. Where competitive bidding to attract factories \vill lead to is a question that need not be answered here. A discussion of the whole problem of- achieving a healthy balance between agriculture and industry, particularly as respects Arkansas, in last Sunday's Arkansas Cuv.eltc,' made some valuable points. Plant sites and buildings and cash subsidies may be powerful inducements, said the Gazette, ijtil how about th« reasonableness of present taxes and L the degree, of protection provided -.u'guiiisl future arbitrary tax increases? And how about suits for the collection of buck taxes on the grounds of insufficiuiil. assessment? How 'about "soak-lhc-irisurancc-compan.v" j u d g - inents in damage suits and resulting h'igh liabiliCy insurance rates? How about -high lire insurance rates? We believe that Blythevillo and other Arkansas towns might advantageously invest a substantial amount of cush in securing substantial industrial payrolls. But we believe that it. is even more important that we do everything' possible to enable industrial establishments to operate profitably and without undue harassment in this state. Arkansas has great natural iicl- vantages. Her need is for the removal of obstacles lo industrial progress. After llieBmld-Up William Allen \Vhite, Hie sage of Emporia, aptly summed lip lite 'La 11- don siftialion when he remarked after Ihc Cleveland nun vent ion Ihal "it took Lincoln six years to grow to the tliat Alf Landon has as- i'lmicd iii six months." Of course, Mr. White referred lo the meteoric builtl-up that hrouglil. abgut the Kansan's iiomiiiuUon. The combined forces of the modern newspaper, radio, and telephone made a familiar character out of a man who, nationally, wns comparatively unknown half a year ago. JJtil now comes (he lest. The buildup days are over for Governor Landon. Henceforth, he must emerge as the individual, presenting his own case, standing on his own feel. It's going lo Ije inleresliiif; to see how closely "AH" of the posters stacks up with "AIT" as he really is. For Better Citizens •Leading educators of New York hnvc been looking into the standards of civics tcnchintf in the state's public .schools and have reached Hie conclusion thai they might be a great deal belter. The New Yorkers found Ihal, while "ample time is devoted lo Latin, mathematics, lO.nglifh, mid other subjects, • civics remain the neglected orphan of Ihc .stale's educational system." Accordingly, it Is proposed that more time should be given to the teaching of civics, that students should be given'direct contacts with government and ijblHics,' that adequately prepared civics teachers be sought, and, liually, Dint the public must be aroused to require the schools to turn out public-minded .students. In these days of Ihe ever-increasing importance of government, the New York program is one that might be emulated in a]i oilier parts of Ihe United Slates. Democracy- Scores Again -' O In-those days of U.inniH and shouting here at home, announcement, of KiiHsia's new form of "democratic'-', government comes with special .significance. At Jeasl, • 'Dieiatcr Joseph .btalin calls it "(leniucratic" and tli ( > new Soviet constitution jnsl released for adoption certainly bears a great-many earmarks of democratic government. There are, for instance, provisions for two parliamentary bodies to be elected by secret vole of the people; guarantees of equal suffrage, freedom of speech and of the press, and promises of protect ion to small private properly. ^ In aggregate, of .course, the Soviet constitution offers a pretty \heayijy;-watered sorl of democracy. But it is significant that Russia has gone even this Car toward a semblance of the American constitutional slrue- lurc. TUESDAY, JUNE 16,• Chucs in (lie .laud tcduy is the restul of uu- tciiallsni. I'url of lire blame can lie Inld at Die rtcm- of our cducalloniil «ystcni. Ecliic-a- ttou is interpreted In as many .diircrsui \VII\B as vorloub religious necls interpret lliu Bible. —Autlin J. Gibbons, wpcvlnte.iulcnt of Man- N. u,. schools. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Ho< HAS ' OTf TBAT DRATTED P1CIW6 (SAME .OUT-DISTANCED ME-2 (SREETIMSS, rAV FAIRY N; HAW—- SO VOLJ ' "READ OF THE CTOWFLA6RAT|(. : •IW MY -HOSTELRY/ E6AUS;' , I VVAS TO ESCAPE Wit' MY LIFE WELL,WELb-r~THE OLD UMBRELLA UP'AGAIN—I WAS'A LITTLE WORRIED YOU'D'BEEN CAL)QHT : 'IW' A'NET ; AT THE POLITICAL £W~ i-.SEE You WERE JOCKEYED'INTO SOMEONE EljSEEfe BREECHES IN.'THE' LAST HEAT •OF YO.DU ' BEWDIN6 "DERBY / doesn't smind hear it;" "The doctor .SH.VH'.. over here where' he $. Sleeping Bag' 1 and 'Waterjwooi Covering i'imU Accessories- for Baby AH DQASJ KNOW WWAE. OE COOK KEEPS THINGS, 5O YO'LL JE5> KINDER. HA3 HEP V05ELPS lly J)It. M OK It IS KI.SIIiir.IN .more hriLation Milan IMo.v \viliioul lidllor, .luurn'ni 'of the Anirriran Ihu covei'ings.. It wn.s Ihr-iiumipn Medical Assochilioii.-.inil of !!>'- of 'those; who made the test thai geto, the licallU.j\lftga7.iiu* the irritation' caiiiC'-froin Illc ex- Ainong file most IniBoitiinl Mil- -crcUoiis. ami noi uoin t'iio fact thai ulcs of oloLhiiig, for • bivljics is-the they were held rather longer in Courier .sleeping hu^s: AH sort.s of-sleeping ' ^-. — - —r———^ bass have been nevcluficci nml many . ~~**~* < •• have bteu given extensive trials aider various conditions. A few instance arc oil record in vlilch baliies have suite-red harm 'rt»ni sliT,piny but; necks th:U- ar«' loi> lljs'ht, mi<l loose tipcs which wind around Uic -baby's limbs. \lptlicre, therefore, should bo c'x- .ruinelj' careful In using Ulesc articles. •''"-.A good slcc|ihig . bag; should -un wide cnouah lo cover the- crib uncl coine\vhat longer thnu-'thc baby. Materials may'be sheeting,.canton lluimel, Frnncli llanuel. •' or li^bl blanketing, depending on the sca- iOllr Tliero usually arc lapcs wliiclv tat I en -to- UK: sides or -llic '-orlb. serve to hold (.he hog .in luid also to keep .tlie'biiB from winding" itself nrouad :the 'bu- by. Supli'»- sleeping baj slioiilil pcrnut frecdoai oi' moveinont lor hands ami legs. Some of Lhc&o bags; arc Jiiade with special materials around tile neck, lo keep the tog from'becom- ing too light and restricting -the breathing in any «ay. . : * • * Rubber pants .sometimes are convenient yvhcn a child is*- fakcn on a trip, or-under other special circumstances. They should.'-''.iipl-.bc used continuonsjy, Jiowcvcrr tlicy result-' In.less' frequent, ing of the diaiwi's arid aubscquenl chafing of the ikin. SoineUrocs.thcy rralric-t Ihc'legs so.liBlitly t'nal cir- culnllon of the blood is disturbed. Tests have been made oil bubics who were with'.u. "n'Dter- proof covering-as contrasted with liabics who wore diapers without protection. Six bubics of each l.vp? were' compared. At the end of a wee's, (he babies vithoiil the covering had..used ap- iroxhnately 100 iiiorc'pieces of ImiiHlry than did those-, with the i coverings. Moreover, extra' time j required hf ntirai'S-in cliiinj-.l Ihr cnlh;c bed. 'I'he [•hildrcn with ihc Mutcr- proo; TOvcriii'js-Kcrmeo-tO'lmvB 1 no contact with the skin. . •'• ' • "As r have .said previously, i-'i;c most'common.mistake js wo miidi etolhliig. pvercloriisxl children are fretful, anil-perspire. li\ -.the .very hottest, weather, 'it. advisable to remove-all clothing •'except' the. dia|}er.• " - • Modern- manufacturers of m- fnnls 1 Ka'nntnls now prepare suu- siiits which consist, simply" of a covering for: Ihc lower .portion : of Pile "body, .with .two straps 'to- so over the shoulders. On same suits there is mesh material- which 'per- rails- ready passage of the sun's rays. '-. Prompt, acceptance ..of : this type of .clolliing'iiiaferifi! is', an .indication-'Of its worl'n. : - -. CHURCH EXCUSES :By C. Vi. Nows - Classlflert ,\ds Pay. •Jim, that's-my-husband. says lie plank, when 1 asked hinJ'l has almost' conclude^ not lo-vole, his platform was, he sa ;' this year, and. liiaybc not use 'his course, hu didn't actually; ihnueiicc for, anyLone of those who planks; lie was only talkini:- i! 'I are asking liini and others to ,se- abstract; that the planks \vc' .'• 1 IccL llitm '-to fill -the: various ofliccs. imaginary ones." After lici'll He says everyone-that'comes to for a few hours, I discovcrc'-l him-Jsi just siu : n .fiial'-lo. elect, UIB. wore. He talked about ai Bluer man means-ruination .to the -lion plank and a dcflation'i Country...and .he-most- certainly When I as.kc:l him to fully Ml .. .- .. dpesn:t'\ bc-a parly lo holp- iiig'•ruUi-ihc coini!ry:. One fellow just what he meant, am' 1 o( talking, he sai ; | it'; I came .'and spent niqsl,. of ;thc «ftcr-;| a long story sl'.ovl. his oppamVf n'Don -• lalkiiig io '.Jim.-, 'Uxafs-nriv j'uo'en In o » ' • ...... - -..-,..,— .Ilicc so bua Ihat If' husband,-and iin said he-wanted tD .not taken oi:t and "the plac:- cxplainOiis platform to plank by [ lo him it would b; just, lonjil AT.R1BE AILTHRE o Get the MOSTFORYOURMONEY! THE ONLY ONE OF "All THKE" WITH All Byauty_Economy_Safciy_.jRdiabilily_PjyinQiith lisis the 4 ' Announcements Tiic Courier WeW5 tuis uecirau- thorized to., make lormal' announcement or Ihc loilowlng'.oah- flldalei for public office,: subject j the Democratic prlmarj- next 11; , ; . : ' 'ur Keiirricnlatur in Congress- <4Ali B, IIARKISON". lor I'rosccatlng AtlorncT O. T. WARD : BRUCE IVY . ..'.'. Far Couiilr .liidgc VIRGIL GREENE S. L. OLADtSH NEIi-L- iiKED lor aiicriK and'collector HALE JACKSON For '('otinly 'Ircasnrer HOLANU OREEN I'or.Clrcull Court CterX HUGH CRAIO '.. .; i'l-'f Hc-Elcctlon tor -2nd 1 .'i'elui lor Ciluiily L'oinl Clcik . '•1I«3 CAREV -WOODBVrRH ''.-' it .election lor .lecoiiil : tcrup Vor State Senator, i LUCIBN 'E. COIJEMAl) : 1 » r t'omitj Kcprescntatlvc IVY W, CRAWFORU I'm Cctuil !t b. (SlUiVj .li '(.i Re-election to a"aid'-'l>in) Tor toiiitabU, 1IARRV TAYLOR things People 11 TTSEASV.TO OKT tttcfilc'y Ol) i "All Thrra" iciiding, lov.'- [jriced cars. Just look at them ...coinpurcsiiic,]triccs,fcature.i •mdi-tyk'. 'I'M,; friuiuMy cliallungu "^ y,'pn I'lymputli-a seiiantibnal fiutisfaclion, value and rcoti- omy for more tiian a million -flw/ Today it's Priced w'i'titihe' Lowest! happy .rij-n«)Ulli.07.-iir.-r.'. f^dolt iit.tii2.luil, ct fialurcj , ««uoBJy, comfort ai No tc .cooli i\s , iind igni t it>» f;: atuj-s-i v y ']) cy' give the fan az- iiig {;a3'!ujcl oil^ccor••"•-••"--' 1'lyrnouili ojvijers '.aj ty-Btecl Ijod;.' aiid dvi'.'jk-uc- (lcaiiir,lod;iy;! isios prcn_B isiiR Cuiir. "JtepemJabftry WK! It •'Oli CTEr« i'pB ray I'lyreoatli iravob tonl-up tttccfe." sayj \V'. ^'. DormlilBpn, Jiouil Cua- tractor^'WJialijtigton, D. C. "Tbia (Sw 'liftli .I'ljir.uiilfi -since tli'ey-'jvcra introdmtci ia Jp-.'S IjftJiUsc they're romfort- it'o Ibf cabiwt i-ur ongii.i BJ, oil I c^f r 8W, . . ;i Lig HMU." EAsyifOBUV IN 11) 'ItitCommtrelatCrcjlllCp.oHcn tcrcnsmaljll^ri>rab1ilb'r^)7 tuljuj. ;, :.7i30'C. ' Mouatluga Ciilbbied Ijnltloa FxU-Lcnf ili Water -l CrcntMIToCilLcnsthofSpttngs la! icjl SI cwlni! ( IS.2- ! rj 1 Io) 0-CylUvJcr " cssTyn . . -Yet I'JcsllciJnljrCai: Llehl-Wclsht jMumliiuin Alloy Hstorls . 1'our f 'lilon Hints (lostjaJ fl . llircr) - - - ' ; AI^CoolcJ Clulcli - 5yo cro-SJlE-u t Tra p- - RusL-Ficofed Eotlf. J'cbd:-r^ All Shed Mctil. All ctpoic niJ V'ashcrsI ____ CHRYSLER, DpDGE AND DESOTO DEALERS PLYMOUTH ORE AT CAR

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