The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana on November 25, 1899 · Page 7
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The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 7

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 25, 1899
Page 7
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Omts-gimctrat: Saturbarj, llflbtmbtr 2o, THE WINTER MEETING EAHLV ALL. TUB STABLES THE TRACK OCCIPIED. AT V Jatalde Stable Raaaa Is Already fa Vr Aetlve Da(i4-IaMrtt fefalansents Espeeted front Wash Inaton an Birmlachaat More Stake Kb tries. A boat all the stabling at the. Fair rounds Is taken, a well as most of tbe numerous liable that hare teen built by local people In the riclnltjr of tbe track. Several carloads are expected dally from Washington, anion which will be tbe wablea of V. C. Daly. W. Lv OMrer. IL Kiddie. John C Ferris, Jr.. Tom Um. nd several others; and after tbe Birmingham delegation gets in there will be La tbe neighborhood of 1jM horses here to take Dart in the winter meeting. Secretary Clark is still actively engaged ta preparing the stake entry list. Last . i t I... I .a .... . 1 ... i . i. - it.... s Palmetto Handicap and the rich Preliminary Ierby Handicap for two-year-olds. These lists are as follows: Palmetto Handicap To be run Saturday, Iec ii, Istfj; for three-year-old and upward: f-" to accompany the nomination, t" additional to Hurt. The Crescent titf j-jekey Club to add an amount sulti-cient to make tbe value of the slake $1A. of wuii'h 70"J to the Brat, fjnj to the aeeoud. 1"(U to the third. Weights to be announced three day prior 10 the race. Winners of a race, after publication of weights, to carry i pouud extra (selling pures not included). Acceptances to be unun-d through tbe enlry l.x the lay preceding the raoe before 12 in. Tbone eo LJLiaed tu Ik- liable tor starting fee. fi hirtr-ivio nominations. Arthur A iiuckier's lJuke t.f Middle, i swrgn. J. Arthur's Moroni. Jas. Arthur's Eiidad. lieu. '. i'-euuetl iorbush. Oeo. C liennelt'a Laureate. 1ias. K. tiurdean's Eva Uice. It. Congdon A Son's I'rospero. W. ciaicy's 'J"ii;ie W. X. Iyiu -ut's Flying Hess. J. C. Ferris. Jr.'a Cherry Head. W. C. Fessenden's Iiaritaria. II. IS. troodrich's Hugh l'euuy. Hart Gibson. Jr.'a The Mar of Bethle- licui. uusby A Miller's McClearv. M. S. I In -Inf.; Lady Callahan. I. M. logau s Kgliart. I. L IlogaiTs Loanerges. P. H. Hume s The liur.iugton Route. fc. T. Jacobs Allie Hens. i. Mulay A Co.'s Prince Blaxes A. IL A I. H. Morns' Hardly. T. A. Magee's Wolhurst. T. J. Mcliale'e t'ur Nellie. J. J. McCafferty's Hand Press. J. J. Mrt :anerty's Alpen. J. J. Mr afferty's Cathedral. William J. Hoche'a Mizpah. J. II. Smith' Itenneville. Ii. Tucker's Miss Patron. II. Tmker'e Manlius. J- A. Vetter's Jolly Roger. Woodward A Anderson's Hurricane. lteliuiiuary Derby To be run Saturday, Dee. IS. for two-year-olds: $1 to accompany the nomination. 'V additional to start. The Crescent City Jockey Club to add an emount triut to make the value of the stake of which 1.7 to the first. ?.' to the te-euud. to the third, tbe fourth horse to save their Hake. Weights to le announced three days prior to the race. Winners of a race, alter publication of weights, to carry five pounds extra (selling purses not Included. Acceptances to be named through the entry box the day preceding the race before 12 iu. Those so named to be liable for starting fee. Sixty-three Dominations. James Arthur's Crane. ieo. H. Urowne's J. Luclle. o. C. Lnuett s Chtckauiauea. Thos. E. Barrett's I'.rowiiie Anderson. Si. r. tarrano A Co. a Am a. W. c. Caryc-nter's Haaerdou. Thoti. Carey's Ed Biwker. John Cleri'-o's Tame Moune. W. C. Ialr's Maific Einbt. V. C I.iIt"s Matt Simpson. Iuffy ie Behan's Ihniny Duffy. ufTy A Beban s Arthur Itcuan. Fiaer A Co.'a Sue Johnson. W. f. FetiKeliden'fi Wic R. T. Gibson's Prince Wllneltn. Mr. A. ;il)i-.u. Jr.'a Mis Iele. K. 8. Gariloer. Jr.'s Water Botrle. T. H. Griffin's Knbzht Banneret. T. H. Orlthn's Wax. Jame B. Gray's Made Maree. J. A F. Grefer's E. L. Kussell. I. R. Hyner'a Harry Tochum. HufTman'a Sam Fullen. P. H. Home s Commander Miller. P. H. Home's The liobbv. H. H. Him' Sir Fltihuph. T. P. Hays' Bed Cro II. J. P. Hirtb A- Co's The Iaunchman. B. M. Henneser's Hardie L. I. W. Keller A- Co. s Nan Kee. I-anlnr A Clayton'a I'lswoiute. J. B. liPwman'!" Fiatint. Eyies A ('.' Il.ray. Eyles A Co.' Trayler. I. 3" lea & Co. I'ialiuse. A. H. A r. H. Morri' Prince of Veronla A. II. A l. II. Morris' Misarlcordla. J. J. McCaffertv's I'leora. J. J. McCaflTertv's Belle of Orleans. E. Vt tlalion's EHfuno. A. ; Tiijiflr'rtv"s-Fleuron. "A. Maee"fs Fr.-llnjrh':y-n. Newman A rw-kivM MinyoC N'tt-r A Cnhn'a Fl Deriiu. A lift) Nell'n !TIrenie. A. 1. I'srne s Grnvlcss. T: 1. Pavton'K Alice Hale. 1" Be-jan'B A 'ex. H Kiddle's Vendic. A'. Ii KalDcv ' Pair Amerfcan. T. H Steven' Amelis Strathntore. T. H. Stevens' b. f. br Wadcnorth WVitid. H. 3. Kf-occan's Florisar. ' ie ".'n Cuvair. V.-ttle A Co.'s Silver Coin. 3Vm. I.. Simmon' IJtrie Jackson. J. H. Smith" Tom Gilmore. John W". Schorr A Son's The Rush, l: Tucker' Caloocan. T hotnfon Bro ' Sidtier I.ucaa. E. C. Tavrr Back Talk. C. Vollni's Tremt'le. AVoodm-ard A- Anderson's First Tast. I BWI MATTERS District Attorney Montgomery at the Capital. Republican Delegates Will Selected Early. Be Brothers of Rodney, domiciled at Rodnev. In Jefferson county. Both organixatlons are for purposes of mutual assistance and general benevolence. Capt. E. H. Martin, of the Walthall Guards of Meridian, was in the city t any. Hi cojnpauy will be on hand to pa.ticipare in the military parade ac the tuauguiaiioa oi uov. i.ongin-j oa Jas. IU. Got. McLaurin has offered a reward of f.Tt each for tbe arrest and conviction of the murderers of Geo. and Victor Euliivan. in Smith county, several muscbx ago: also a reward of $lm for the arrest and delivery of Alex Bigby. who escaped from the Attaila county jail while under a charge of murder. Gov. McLaurin Appoints a New Mayor for Indianola. MARTIN (Coach). 4MITH. WEUJIOBX XlcMILLAX DONOHO I Asst. Uffr.) ( U. Uj CBANADE. PLOWMAN STICKNET JOHNSTOX (K. T.) M(tr. tCj y.) niRT WHITE WERT Capt. K. E. (Full). tlt. u., Greenwood to Entertain the Method- 1st Conference. GAMBLE BROW'S! (L. C.) KEADEU. MeCSEART. COI.EMAX Uuilt. McCuHyt KDALB (U T. LAXCA2TEK lug his wh.-el, tbe management decided upon his withdrawal. Eaw son's Injury was sustained at 211 o'clock yesterday. For seven hours aud wenty minute he rode, his face showing little of the anzuisu he felt. Durinc the closing hours he asked to have a doctor celled to examine his shoulder, but his handlers secured some medicine and ap plied it after half-carrying the exhauKted rider from the track. Lawson finished the regular race at O:30 o'clock, third from the front, aud a few minutes later, although suffering severe pain, mounted a 1K pound motor tandem with a mate and steered it for an additional half-hour at a speed of 1:5a It was not until midnight that a physician examined tbe rider's injury and declared that tbe collar bone was broken. The score at 8) to-night, at the end of the twenty-fourth hour, follows: Miller, 4 ST. miles 1 lap; julius. 4S5 miles 1 Inp; IIIN UOI MIU, 1 lUJJf- A 111. tkil'IIIC, ItTtl miles: 33 a Her. 4S4 miles 11 laps: I.iugr-n f elder. 483 miles 7 laps; Niederhofer, 375 mile i laps. HIS LEFT HA3D BROKEN. FitaalntaaeBis. the Paaillst. Meets with Serioaa Aeeident. JanesrIIle. Wis., Nov. 24. Robert Fiti Immons, the ex-champion heavyweight, to-day accidentally caught his left baud between the tienrv HnAn nf hnt1 li rf Ihysiclaus attended the injured hand, wnicn, t ltzsinitnons says, was broken. Maker Aaree to Wmlt oi McCoy Three Weeks. New York. Nov. 24. reter Maher and 4-Kld" McCoy may fight after all. The statement was made to-day that Maher would agree to a postponement of three weeks on account of McCoy's Illness and would not ciaitD McCoy's forfeit If tbe imnt takes place then. This would make the date of the bout tbe week of Jan. 1. l. i Bowling. J. C. Baldwin. W. J. Hardin. K. S. Sonic. L. M. Matthews. I. Heck-inser, J. W. Emmet t, Jr., F. H. Mortimer. f. S. Cample!l, J. S. Zacharle. II. ii. Hall, C. B. Lunlap, W. S. Parkersou. I". McX. tJordon, TKiver Harper. A. F. S-hwartst, Charles Mauion. T. J. Woodward. Jr., G. W. Vauglin, J. ii. Harrison. M. W. Patton, Arthur W. Jacob, Walter S. lewi. Ir. Fdmond Moss. (Jeorse J. Lyons, Samuel W. Wels, U 11. BeBuys. Leon and Ilart Matched. Memphis, Tenn.. Nov. 24. Casper Leon has signed article of agreement to meet Sir Hart of Chicago before the Southern Athletic Club in this city Dec. 4. In a . ... . . . 1 1 . . ieuij-ruuuu uguu Toataay West Geta the Deeiaioa Over Frank Craig;. New York. Xor. 24. Tommy West was flven the decision over Frank Craig, the "Harlem Coffee Cooler," at the end of the fourteenth round of what was to have been a twenty-five round bout at catch welghta, before tbe Broadway Athletic Club to-night. West had the letter of the bout from start to finish, and In the fourteenth round he knocked Craig down and punished him so severely that the referee stopped the bout and declared West the winner. BASEBALL. Claelaaattia, with Some Star Players, Aanoaaeed for a Came This Afternooa. The first of a aeries of games between the famous Cincinnati Reds of the National League and Abner Powell's picked nine of professionals will take place at Athletic Park this afternoon at 3:. o'clock. In addition to the members or the Cln-Mmatl team. Manager Frank C. Bancroft has brought to New Orleans several star plajcrs of tbe National League. The Cincinnati team Is as follows: Lever, p.; Gondlng, c; Beckley, 1st b.; McP'iee. 2d b.; McCormlek, a. .; Kehoe, 3d b.; Lattimar, 1. f.; Hahn, r. f.; Tannlhlll. c. f. In Hahn and Tennlhlll the Reds have two of the cleverest lert-hand pitchers of the National League, and In Lever one of the strjngest right-hand ritcbera In the country. Keboe. Lattimar and Gond-iug, who will alternate behind the bat and In the outfield, are all star catchers. while McPhee, the king of second basemen, and Jake Beckley, who led the National League first basemen, and Barry McCormlek. Chicago's clever Infielder, will put np an Infleld game seldom seen In New Oneans. The same teams play again to-morrow. After oia vi ac several games in mis ciiy the Reds will sail for Cuba and try conclusions with the Cuban baseball team. Talaae Leaves for Texas. The Tuhine football eleven left yesterday morning over the Southern Pacific for Austin, Tex., where they will play the University of Texas this afternoon. There are sixteen men In the party. Including Coa?h Hairls T. Collier, and Man ager A. M. Tost. The team will remain at Austin Sundxr. and leave early Mou day for Hoiixtou to play tbe A. and M. College of Texas In the afternoon. The I Commissioned Officers to Meet Monday to Select Eegimental Officers. DE ARMOND CONFIDENT I TIIIXKS HE WILL BE MINORITY LEADER IX THE HOI SB. The Miaaoarl (si llevea Democrats Shoald Parsae aa AssreasiTe Coarse Majority Ouch! To Be riaeed oa the be. feaslve. Special ta The Times-Democrat. Washington, Nov. 24. Congressman De Armoud of Missouri, who la a candidate for the minority leadership of the House, reached Washington to-day. Mr. De Ar- uioud expresses confidence of the outcome Slieclal to The Time Democrat. Jackson. Nov. 24.-Hon. M. A. Mont gomery, Federal District Attorney for the northern District, and one of tbe Republican leaders In this State, was In the city to-day. Mr. Montgomery holds tb position of census referee by appointment of Director Merriam, and has the geueral supervision of arrangements for the cen- sua. He stated that he understood the plans for the division of the supervisor districts Into enumeration districts were already on file at Washington, and as soon aa they could be approved the supervisor would then proceed to appoint the enumerators. The work of takli.g the census itself d's uot coinuieace until June. SlMML-tlor nf Prm 1.1 i, ii ..n 1 1 i . . I.. fj. I- ..!. I f hi. . i. ... .... , . .....I . " r "' 1-""".. .u KopVful capturinc one o Tbe' MtUoxMrl Mate'" n tfoatma ,M'd, Tulane .w.ll return In time to play the don lta " ' ? M de ,tM to. tniverslty of MlaMsslppl Thanksgiving I riM h- ...TT; epumican convenuon wouia . J. ' , 11 - t""v jiruuauiy oe ueia next year earlier than It Is announced that the force at work on the Gulf and riblp Island Railroad between Sfeen's Creek and Jackson, will le Increased within the next ten days to men. About 3UO are at present employed in preparing the right of wav and i .in me iracs reman. Krnm present: indications this end of the road will reach ! Jackson about Jan. 1. and then all that ' wt!l remain to complete connection wirh tbe coast will be to span the Interval te tween teen s Creek and the northern lindt of tbe extension of the main line. The only thing hat can dely the com pletion of the track to Jackson from Steen's Creek by tbe date named will 1 tbe Inability to set rails thero hn been such an Increase In the demnnd for f iron and steel material that the mills ra n. i not fill all the orders they have on hand punctually. BILO.TI. Bohemians Arrive to Work la the Joolliaa Factory. Special to Tb- Times Democrat. Riloxi. Nov. 24. La4 evening- about S:.Tii o'cliM k a sp.cial over the Louisville ami ahille Railroad rolled ud to the depjt loaded with Bohemians from Balti more, Md. There were about sixty in the party, and they are to work in the ovster canning factory of the E. a Joullian 1 a king Company. They were an orderly well-behaved people, and far above the usual class brought here for tbe character or wors to oe done. From a beautiful and bright, sunshiny day yesterday, a change occurred this morning at an earlv hour, and we are naming to-uay a uorther, accompanied by a cii, drizzling rain. As showing tbe wide circulation of The iinies-iieruocrat. inquiries are being received here from North. East and West aoout me special appearing in these columns of the appearance of "Mack tongue" among tne cattle of this section. Along "inuiries come augsesrion or treat uieut aud "cure all" remedies. mil Mil Day. Groaada Will Be Maddy. Austin, Not. 24. The Tuiane foot ball team Is expected to-morrow morning to play the 'Varsity, and prospect are gloomy for a good day. It has rained steadily since last night, with no indications to-nigbt or a bold up. Alabama T. Mississippi 5. Special to The Times-Democrat. Jackson. Miss., Nov. 24. The football game this evening at Driving Park be tween Alabama and Mississippi was wit nessed by 6IK) people in a drizzling rain The Alabamlans were winners by a score of T to 5. In the first half Alabama made one tonch-dowc and a safety. In the second half Mississippi made a touch down. Neither side developed a goal. The team work of both sides was only average, a fumbles were frequent. The only noticeable feature was a forty-live yard run by Gamble of Alsbama. who to the course to be pursued by the Demo crats next winter, Mr. De Armoud was gulte emphatic. 'It should be one of aggression. We should at all times show tbe faith that Is In us. Our opposition should be strong usual, as it is probable that the Republi can national executive committee, which meet on Dec. 15, will call the national convention at a date prior to the customary one. He said that as far as tbe Mississippi delegation was concerned, he and determined. We should place the I waa confident it would be solid for the majority party in the House on the de-1 renomination of McKinley and a t rat form tensive and thus develop the weak points I embracing tbe planks, sound money, ex- in their position. "How do you regard the administra tion' policy toward our newly-acquired possessions in the Atlantic and the Pa cific?" 'I never believed that we ought to have acquired those Islands, and I am in favor now of getting rid of them." replied Mr. De Armoud, without hesitation. "The pansion and possibly an anti-trust declar ation. Gov. McLaurin to-day appointed O. P. Adair mayor of Indianola. vice W. 1). Pecry, deceased. The deceased mayor waa also aupeilirtendent of education of Mjnoower county and his successor will have to be appointed aoou. It is probable that Mr. I. u Uuln of imlianoln will inhabitants of tbe Philippines I ceive the appointment. HATTIESBl RG. Proajreaa To Be Pablished Daily. Special to The Times-Democrat. Hattiesburg. Nov. 24. The Progress announces to-day that Monday It will begin tbe publication of a dailr, the city having reached a population of :. The nusinesK n-n have solicited the establishment of a daily paper. SCRASTOX. Heavy aad Maeh reded Rains. Special to The Times-Democrat. Scrantou. Nov. 24. Heavy and much-needed rains fell in Jackson county today. It is believed that the rain will be sufficient to raise the water In the streams so aa to bring down logs to the mills. are entitled to a free aud independent :overnment. There is no excuse for us to displace Spanish misrule in that archl pelago and set up our own authority Greenwood will entertain next week the North Mississippi Conference of the .nemodist tpiscopal Church South. VAIDEX. Bara Boraed with no laaaraace. Special to The Times-Democrat. Vaidcn. Nov. '4. The barn of Rev. T. L. Hainan was burned this evening at 3:.tO o'clock: Losa about S700; no iusur- Acts gently on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels c l5an5es the 5y5tem I OVERCOMES L.rr& h4E,TUAL COMST.PAT.ON m PERMANENTLY but rue GtNuiNi - M.N'f o ey i(AOIvRNIA pG SYRVP(S ' . aa rwa a - " k Br a ou4t5Ti rax M ria 5cniL (kirk LEO SAUCE THE ORIGINAL WORCESTERSHIRE was finally brought down by Poster. The JhaT M,t ithere a the rrotecto of .nop canJ er 'nd otQer distinguished "1 uuflown- Mlsslssippians were sutH-rior in punting, Il'f JTn that is 1 leT wll, dlTtaea will be present. The hospitable Tb rematnsof Mrs. M. F. Armisread but the visitors were stronger ii line Ivrsnts make' P citlxens of Greenwood have all were ahlpped here from Kosciusko this formation and end rushes, and they used --lw too iot.k uin the Fllloinos as nece8ry Vr'paraV0Ds ,tnT taln 08re f,t evening and will be interred in Valden their advantage .-ctuany The Ala p.V7 JSlUVn-teMVWX." Ihevlfi cemetery to-morrow at U a. ' m Mrs" bamian left to-night for New rlean Mr. De Armond was asked. .1 "ldhe. i"' Armistead was formerly a resident of titter att.Miaing a hall at the towards Capability for self government la rela- eipafed The conference includes iJ?.,t" vameD' wuere soe had f friends. House given in honor of both elevens. tlve"1 he replied. "One might question I, fiT - th. s..- . ISIS- l?.?1 'He that is warm thinks all so. ' Thou sands are "cold" in that they do not un- whether the people of Central America where there is a revolution every six neeks, are capable of governing them derstand the glow of health. H.xxl s Sar- I selves, or whether those who live under I The conference will d: v 'a saparllla gives Ihe warmth of health. I the gov ument of some of our 8onth I attention to the twentieth CITV 1 BRIEF. Il.iriVG AT HEIGS. FOOTBALL. Two Favorite. Two Oatsider and a Second Choice Win. Washington, Nov. 24. Two favorites, two outsiders and one well-played second choice captured first money at Ilennings to day. O'Connor won -uree out of four races. I'ir-t Race Selline: six furlongs. Lin- tfnlu. lrt to 1, on; r-parrow Wiug secind. Tli.KIiT third. 1 line 1:17 1 -S. Second Kace live furlong. Bermuda. 2 to won; Vlturia secoud, Elsie Skip liiirn um l i. Third Kh- Selling: one mile and a six teertfli Anh.n. Ii to 5. won: Stranger se-oUil. Piaiilain third. 1 line 1:2 1-0. Fourth Race-Selling; two-year-olds; six r srloiik'. Kou-rt Metcalfe, ii tu 1. wou; Psi-k Talk mrimj. Cupidity third. Time M4 5. Fifth Rai-e one mile and l'l yards. tioldiii Link. 2 t Ii, won; ISrabmiu sec- oLd, Jaincs M. third. Time 1:02. Fasla llnrwe Ssile. New York. ...r. 21. There was liveiv biddii.g and! prices iid at the F.iig hor' sale iu Madison Square Car-den to-diiy. The b-t sales were: Rose Warren, toid to William Simpson, CilV. tl'K). Red llee. 2:13 1-4. Horace White, Syracuse. J.'kl Kliig. trinl 2:30. and Fanchon, triil .Jn. s nJ t Mnn pwjiT, city, tor Mr Hii?giij. $1'C" eah. F.'ci, In o 1. W. Jackson. New York. $11'' Little Edsar. 2:lo 3 4. C. II Demurest. N w ork .. Helena Duplex. 2:fsi 12. H. A. GUmore. St. An.!riile. 1'ai.ada, $s.'V. More-bet. 2:13 14, J. M. Stultl. Boston, $r.:-. MiraV.lo. 2:16 14. C. M. Lott, New York. :.M Guv Rsroii. 2:2t 14, john McGnlre. New York. S"."i Mat tie olo. scott Hudson. Lexiaatou. : . 71. V.Utro Hoy. 2.10 1-4, 3. M. McGnlre, cit. f.r.hi. St-UK BIClC'I.R RACE. Lvfcc-t the "TrrriWf Swede" Broke foliar Bone Thartdaj nrfl l '!ot , f ihe l ontrd. i : . v 2. -J-hn Lawson. . '''Vr-' .,;. ." i, not ride iu s: . '': c'i. r r:i- e .1! '!:-v. i.:i !! .:. t ii.i.x I; d. i. ! that hi Co :..i, o ::e l.r.l ..ii l.r.A.-u iu bis fall yci-terday. II.- was at tin- traek au1 of fer'-d to go ahead and do his best, but as Lc could use ii. ) thv left biitid In siecr- Soathera Athletie to Play Toaka- loota Thla Afternoon. This afternoon at Tuiane campus the brawny athletes of tbe I'niversity of Alabama will meet In battle array the famous blue and white football team of tbe Southern Athletic Club. The contest will lie called promptly at 3: o'clock and the unnecessary delays which have characterized Tulane's two contests will be avoided. The Alabama team will reach New Or leans this morning from Jackson, Miss., where they played the I'niversity of Mississippi yesterday afternoon. The Alabamlans have played three games and tl'ey have made an excellent showing in all their contests. The Alabama eleven is composed of good, hefty players. They hare excellent team work aud they wU'l no doubt give tbe Southerns a hard fight. Tbe local players have leen practicing very bard, but have been handicapped by the fact that they can only practice at night, and owing to the busy season sev eral of the best player cannot practice regularly. However, the team has practiced every night this week and are confident of defeating the visitors. Tbe In dication are that a large crowd will witness tbe game. Tbe officials will be selected to-day. Following Is the probable line-up of the team: Alabama Stlokney, centre; Capt. West, right guard; Brown, left guard: Plowman. riitht tackle; McCorquedale. left taekle; Hart. ncM end. Gitntle. left end: Jobcsfoti. quarter-back: IHiOcIjo. rikUl bitfback. Lancaster. left halfback: 33 bite or Cuiemaa. ful!t.. k A C. Flnlay or I'pton. centre; Hurlhart. left raanl: Wood or Meyera. right ruani Iionuei!. left tackle. Hatt. iikle; I'riD'lull. left en.l, Eahlemau or Pen- derurast. ricbt end: Lodlon or L-stripteti. j'.iarter-ttack; reoderfTast or SoUri. left talt- back; Lareoce ur Vb-Keon. rUbt balfhuek- Hooker, fullhaek. The following gentlemen will serve on the field committee to-day: F.d Riahtor. cLairinan: W. H Pries. 3 L. Forno. Jr.. Chester F. 3"ritht. B. M Henry. James Huckner. John Higler. Jr . i 33. 4'ateshy Jones. Dauiel B. Sbetard J:,llles II SillL'olt. Jr.. J. 3'. Stone. F. 3 ' Alie.Mi. ii. s. Smith. Wm. F. Tuft. John i ii i ci'inni. i'. F. Stott. I'arl WiM-s'e. I 'banes I. Kiiiitht. T. ii. Stehle. Arthur' I alloii. Louis r.usb. J. G Skipwith. J. p. lord, 11, Wilfred Milteuberger, P. A. Cooucy. Following is tbe re--ptloi! committee: Ii. Crabites, cbsiruian; W. F. Hardie, A. W. Snguin, A. U. Dumas. E. E. Molae, At 2:" o chw-k yesterdsv morning a thief attempted to enter William Miller's residence. No. 227 Perdido street, neat Galver. Miller discovered him and fired- two ineffectual shots at him as be was escaping. At 11:55 o'clock yesterday morning Wm. Stander, aged five years, while playing with a revolver, the property of his father, at his home. No. 1117 Montegnt street, accidentally shot his sister, Hen rietta, aged three years. In the left arm. Inflicting a slight wound. The wound was examined by the ambulance corps. who pronounced tne injury slight. At b:lti o clock yesterday evening: at he corner of Calliooe and Ruionart streets, a tight took place between Tim Itrown and James H. O'Donnell. durlue which P.rown struck O Dounell on the head with a billet of wood, severely in uring him. Brown escaped. At i o clock yesterday eveninsr two mules artnened to a Boat and driven oy has. I lick collided with car No. Jinn of the Magazine line on Magazine street. near M. aiary. J lie noat sustained a damage of $45. The driver was slightlv Injured about one of his legs and one of the mules was also slicbtly Injured. CABE OF F.SGLISII SI BJF.CTS. American Republics, where revolutions occur every six months, shculd lie en treated with the management of their own political offices. If we are going to educate the fillplnoa ra self-government i ll to our standard here it the I nited Siateg, I prophesy that it will require a million years for the undertaking. Mr. Ie Armond spoke with equal plain ness of bis wish that Cuba should be turned over at once to the Cubans. LABOR MATTERS. trol two important institutions of les r . ing. Miilsaps College, at Jackson, and 'Tieiiaua r emaie i oiiece. at lirenail.-i good deal of Cent ii rv more. nient. or the rhm to raise monev foe me iietter equipment of the Methodist institutions or iearuinz. It Is expected that the various agents who have had cbaree of the collection of Mississippi's i-ioiortiou or tnis mna within the jurisdiction of this conference will report a" vs voa 3I0BILE MATTERS. DHULlil BROKEN BY A COPIOIS SHOWER. Strike oa the Northwestern Road la Settled. Chicago. Nov. 24. The strike on the Northwestern elevated road. Involving about 2nO structural iron workers and a number of workmen of other trades, was settled to-day by the contractors agreeing to the demand of the onion to dis charge the fifteen nonunion men employed at the power bouse. All of tbe striking A call has been Issued for a meeting of the congressional Democratic executive committee for the Third District at vicksbura on Thui-sday, Nor. 3o. The call is signed by Harry Yoste. chairman, and J. L. Gillespie, secretarv, and is for the purpose of filling vacancies in the committee and also to trausact other im-portaut business that will come before it Death of Mrs. Mary .McDonald Gol aea-reit Honse Keeper Throws lp Hia Job Peraoaal Mention. Special to Th Times-Democrat. Mobile, Nov. 24. The drouth was broken by a good shower to-day, and It did great deal toward lowering the tempera ture. The train from New Orleans due here 33 hether or not tbe special insurance I at 12:40 was forty minutes late to-day. agents who recently toured the State were here for the purpose of bringing about a separatiou In the aa-em ies of the tariff and Don tariff, or 2 per cent com- pauies, in toe larger towns or tbe state, union men returned to work during the I s'd representative of an nontariff corn- day. There Will Be ao Geaeral Strike of Miner In Illinois. St. Louis. Nov. 24. There will be no general strike of coal miners In the j Illinois fields. The result was reached at a conference held here to-day between the national and State organizations of tbe United Mine Workers of North Amer- Commissloner of Iuiinisratlon S. A. Montgomery left for Mobile yesterday In pursuance to a telegram from Washington ordering him to that city to Investi gate the complaints of the four alleired English subjects of Jamaica held by tbe auinuniies. - , - - v. w u .'-'..:. i : V ' ' i 1 J - pany to-day. "such a sepiration is bound ii oe orougnr about sooner or later, according- to the loiic of the situation. As matters stand In Mississippi, the interests of tbe two classes are to a certain extent diverse, and it wou'd not le surprising to see events shape themselves as tbev have done recently in certain Western States, where such a separation was Uual-ly insisted on. As the situation now is many ag-endes represent both tariff association companies and nontariff com- rujr'- u- lancr. oeing Dound bv no In, rwl tk, mlnA nr,ikrtor of flliriola who have been selling coal In the Mis-1 f recent as Xn rafes h;n? tbe prjfu I to the police statlou this morning Mrs. Mary McDonald Golden died this morning, after a lingering illness. De ceased was sixty-five years of age. The funeral of Harvey J. Huston, who was drowned Id Tensas river on Tuesday evening last, while on a Bshlng trip with his brother. Dr. P. J. Huston, took place tuts morning from the family residence on 1'uiuietto street. Rev. II. II. Scheei officiating. The services were very ini press! ve. There were many floral re membrances laid on the grave In Magnolia cemetery. The keeper of the pest bouse must have given up the Job, as tbe keys were sent The Two Xesroea Hnnsted la Sooth Carolina. Darlington. 8. C, Nov. 24. The first legal execution for criminal assault in this State, occurred here to-day. EJ Lucky and Tom Mitchell were hanged for assault on Miss Josephine Lafferty, a young white woman. Lucky while on the scaffold reeated his confession of guilt, which be made to the court durlue his trial. Mitchell protested his Innocence. Five neproes were Implicated In tbe same crime for which Mitchell aud Lueiry were banged, but no evidence against them was developed. vi tuning us mucn as tbey please, and I icatlou of the Institution Is not In EloaE-rrTb neighborhood and uo new such cuts In acencles re..rf.,!n, i uouse nav "P bout it and no classes of companies. The separation of I company Is near, so that It was a lonely tbe two classes would insure tbe tariff I J"b. ml least aa-amst rate cutting I Mr. Chase Spottswood tendered a trip In favor of nnntar ....... tun;. ! ..! I . , . , ,. . . e '"f-ir-i ?-wid"Vro,Vt Fort M t.'rrnillg'orf'h'ls'-tne It?: '"S-i.'PV ;r,,,fht .ut -i"rl- Ihe party Included a number sourl. Kansas and Texas districts, where union miners are on strike. John J. Mitchell of Indianapolis, national presi dent of the United Mine Workers of North America, conducted the negotia tions for the miners, while nearly all of Bred in Old Kentucky. Old Charter fKloMI&lAYI0;i Pure Rye. 10 YEARS OLD Flavor Quality Purity Unexcelled. DIRECT rHOH DISTXLERS. rr sals at a firs class firseors aad Csfas, a aa Liaasr Dsatars. WRIGHT & TAYLOR, LOUISVILLE. SOLE OWMERS. OLD CHARTER DISTILLERY LOUISIANA FPKF'-KXtlTIVE: F. B. GREVEM BERG, 822 CRAVILK bTREET. Orlcafls, La. were on band to look after their aide of the controversy. 1 'resident Mitchell made a St rone speech, in which he said that the relations between the miners ana operators in Illinois were very pleasant Just now. The miners were living up to their agreement and all they asked waa that the operators should also live up to their side of the agreement. He warned the operators that unless they stopped shipplna coal to the Southwest, where union miners are on a strike, it would be necessary to eall out every union miner in Illinois and tie up the mines. our object." ne saia, is to tie up u.e Slissouri. Kansas and Texas. Missouri. Kansas and Fastern, St. I-ouls aad Iron Mountain. Santa Fe. Missouri Paclhc and St. Iouis and San Francisco railroads, which own or control the coal compa nies Involved !n the present strike. If we can stop them from buying Illinois coal they will lie forced to accede to our demands and adopt the onion scale of wages." Several efforts were trade to effct a compromise by allowing the operators to fill th.-ir present contracts In the affected tertitory. but the miners refused to spree to anything less than their original demand. The operators finahv agreed t sell no move coal for shipment to the affected terri'ory. side opposition With such a separation of young ladies aud gentlemen, chaper f, J " """rally eusi.e in the oued by lr. aud Mrs. ii. C. Lvons. larger towns from the efforts made by Judge Harry T. Tonlmln, of'the United the classes lo retain the business." statei District Court, has returned fr .n On next Monday the commissioned officers of the three regiments will meet at Winona, Jackson and Meridian to se.ect rezimenta'l otti'-ers for the First, Inird and Second Kejiiuient rejectively! At present there are onlv two candidates Col. Levy of et Feint and Capt' Montgomery of tireersvllle. for the col-onehy of the Fl:s: Keaimenr. Cat.f. shannon of Fllisv'.ile is the chief and. In I aointt n the rail tact, tbe only riiiuouuced candidate for three finger: I lie position of lieutenant colonel of th Second lieglment. This regiment is not entitled to a colonel, l.ut Is coniniumle,! by a lieutetuut colonel. There has ieen little ilisciisston of niaies in c.mi'-tion with the colonelcy of the Third Uesiment. The elections, aei-ordlne to a supplemental circular s-nt out to-duy Iy the Adjutant General, will be held at the several voting places, previously Da:iiei. at 1 o'clock sharp, aud the voting must le by ballot, each coicpaiiy Iieimr entifieil to th-e votes. The -oiuinlssir.ned officers of the Mississippi National liiunl attendlua these elecfiors are expected to attend same iu uniforms without side arms. ted in Montgomery, where he has been holding a term or the Circnit Court for Judge Bruce. tieorge Nelson, a little boy, lost several fingers on his right hand by rensou of the swii'-h engine passing over thro. The boy attempted to steal a ride on thw switch engine of the Mobile and hio. at t'onimer-e and Adams streets, when his foot slipped ami he fell, his hand nd tbe wheels severing WIKKLF.SS TELEGRAPHY. Experiments with a View of Adopting It la the Signal Service. Washington. Not. 2L The War Ie-partment Is quietly at work on the problem of wireless telegraphy for the signal service. T'je signal corps baa been handi capped recently both by lack of funds and offers to experiment on an extensive scale, but Capt. Rieler at Governor's Island. N. Y.. Is earrytnr on a series of experiments letw-en that point and limp-kinsville. with view to adopting the army apparatus for communication ie-tween fortified points and In any other locality where the wireless system mirht prove superior In practice to the older form of telegraphy. The army Is not dependent on Marconi for Instruments, having developed a system of its own. snd i the work will be pushed with vigor when Congress furnishes tbe necessary means. Texas Town Wiped Oat br a Claad-harmt. Kansas City. Mo.. Nor. 24 A Star spe cial from San Antonio. Tex., says a por tion of the town of Colulla. sixty miles J west, was washed away by a cloudburst early today. Four inches of rain fell In thirty minutes. A merchant named Wtlk-er and hi wife were drowned. Many buildings were wrecked. Live stock were drowned and rsncu property in Uit rlcin-Uy was considerably damaged. The following charters of Incorporation were fil.-d to-dnv with the Secretary of State: tureka protective and Henevolent Association. dom'Miied at Hay St. Louis. Hancoek conntv: The Friendlv Sisters and A Poor Man's Vacation A healthful stimulant that imparts strength, and by aiding digestion and quickening the circulation, purifies the blood and builds up the system without "Rest "or "Change" Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey All ancX" 4 rracam. Arad tutstitBH, thy at daCreu. Vtty ui a pcuprmvy u oa i fe Don e 11 your MM .asset t-pc-f tK.r. wiU be Mat. prepkMl. oa rrtxiyl o$i ao- S boct io tim. ViaU boo of inCorautioe aad tettiftQSialt DCTTT KA1T WHISrZT COKsckester Jl.T. Henry Williams, a negro, is under ar rest on a charge of burglarizing a dwelling. He was arrested by Detectives Mc-ioveru and Morris, and they have reason to believe they have a notorious crook who has fur months oast liecu engaged in working various dwellings. The detectives have evidence to show his connection with the burglarv of the Hawks-head residence, and ar working up others, wbli h they hope to make clear. Mrs. M.try Robinson of Marion. Miss.. Is vlslflna: Mobile. Mrs. W. B. Fair and daughter. Beatrice, of Havana. Cuba, are visiting the former's parents. Mr. aud Mra. ti. W. Stockin. Another fire visited Mladon Springs last night. The store of W. H. Staples was set on fire, the building and stock burned, also the drugstore of fr. S. Freelln. The building occupied by Staples was wned ia Mobile by Mr. J. I'oiinck. Mr. L. F. Swift of the noted packing cooioanv of Chicago will spend the wlntet with bis family at Citronelle. Reports from Major K. o. Zadek. who Is 111 in New York, show that he Is Improving from an attack cf pneumonia. The steamship Mobile of the Horslev Line arrived to-day from Liverpool, to load cotton for Europe. Mrs. Jnles E. A!f rd and child left this afternoon for Camden, where they will visit friends. Some machinery for the guns at Fort Morgan was shipped to that place to-day. SECHOI OGICAL. 3 I fi i j i ii 5 MUTATIONS 2 BEWARE OP LWTATIONS This siaastars la oa avary bottla: J John Duncan's Sons, Agents, New York Reputation and Merit are sterling qualities. VICHY has both. A Natural .mtral Water antk rtrdt-ctmal qualities that merit the endorsement of the manr physicians w'to have testified te its sterling value. FOR DYSPEPSIA and STOMACH DERANGEMENT, Vichy is Indispensable. So-called VICHY IN SYPHONS IS NOT VICHY. taasral Aay, M0 traaSway, H. T. grocery. His place of business was at the corner of Kerlerec and ltoman streets. aud there he passed his daily life for more than fifty years. Five years ago, feelina the encumbrances of advanced sge and satisfied with the fortune be had accumulated during manv rears of thrift, he transferred his business and retired. He married Miss Monroe, anrl of this nnlon nine children were born, six of whom survive. He was a man of strict honor and business habits snd, during; bis long and honorable career. lie made a host of friends in the lower districts of the city, w ho mourn hia loss. John H. Mulligan. Vlekibarg. Speolal to The Times IVmocrat. Vii ksh irc. Miss.. Nov. 24. John H. Mul ligan, aged twenty-three years, eldest sou of j. j. Mulligan, a prominent busi- i ss man of Vii Wburg. died at 3 o'clock o-day of typhoid f'-ver. C harles Fradoa. Charles Prados, who died yesterday at his residence. No. 1W Elesian Fields street, at the ripe old age of seventy-one years and nine months, was one of the best known retail merchants in this city. He rounded out the Biblical life allotted to man almost without an Incident in a career that covered almost three-quartes r.f a cen'cry. and when he was yesterday gathered to his fttbers his entire life could be epitomized in the oue seuteni e. "His nelghlmrs loved htm well." He never went to war, he never held oHli e: he did nothing throughout his long life save to clerk In and later to own a family Peter Knoveles. Penaneola. rensacola, Nov. 24. I'eter Knowles, one of IVii-iHcohi's oldest and most prominent clfiis. died to-day. He was born u Richmond. Va.. April 2.1. 1821. In he fall of ltKt he came to Florida and settled at St. Augvstine. remaining there intil ly2, when he suited for New Or leans on the General Tavlor. The sel met with a mishap, snd had to put mi .-- .-uinrna tor reuairs. He ra ided for a while at New Orleans an, I t 'orpin 'brlsti. coming thence to Pen. sneol.i, where in Seotemher lUil k. iarried Miss Joseuhiue Hver H r. nroeil to New Orleans In "lH47 unit r- iiilr.e.1 there until ivi;, when he went Ith the rush of gold seeker tn. t llf,.. nl.-i. He returned to Fensacola D 1S5L and remained here the remainder of his life Four children. HeDrv II. Knowlea of New York, ( laree. Knowles of Atlanta, and Wm. II. Ttnowles and Mlsa Laura Koo vies of this city, survive him. Mrs. J. B. RMs. riaqaemlae. Sp rial to The Times-Democrat. I'laquemlne. La.. ..,v. 1'4. Mrs. J. B. Rlls. nee Harbay, died here to-day at the age of sixty four years. She was a hlghly-e-teemed and respected lady and leaves a number of relatives to mourn her loss. The remains will he Interred from St John's Church to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. Charles. Michael W noils. Lake Social to The Times-Demacraf. Lake Charles. Nov. 24. Michael Woods, one of the oldest and most respected residents of this ci y. died this afternoon at his home on the north side after a short illness. Mr. Woods was a faithful member of the Catholic Church and was esteemed by all who knew aim. z t L than one cet i osr. a THK SKMI-WEKK.LT X TIMES lKMOf RAT. X Kverv Tuesday and Friday. i It circulates In the country X

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