The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1930
Page 3
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'RIDAY, DKCRMRER 20, 1030 fAniO COUllIKU NKWS PAOR THREt Hi? <lny until evening; and veryi irophe. The newspapers here niv oli.;n lie would rush through his I full ofluirrowlng lal-?s. Olio tyyl-' dinner, i;:, uiioh to his otllce mull ml cnse is thnt ol a man who-hud'• fie enters evening there. He; put hli .savings !mo the company'; Crack Rum Ship Captured did no', mingle much, and when his office \vork (lid not claim his ,:ve- ii!ni;s he spent bis time at home ...'•i hi', family, yet few men have ever been uc- u few 1 c.iys before Hie ctaih. lie had , Just $3.18 in cash uflei 1 Ihc msli.' Jlecsi'meyer was hlphly i?jiaidvil. : both ns a business Kcnluij uiul as • a man. iillic/1. Be.esemeyer Stole !5fl,CGO,000 bm Spent U'leO.i Himself. BY .JACK CAMPUKU, '. NKA Service WriU-r \.Oa' -ANGELES, DC;. 26. <Ui'! — _ ilw2rl'Bessemyer, whcs? dcrnl::- |ions Decked tlie GinraiUy Br.ild- nnc! l-osiii nssaclatitn. ',v;i; 1.1)a~y ordered to sirve frc:n 10 i. IV I'JZ.fMm.Ofrj lears ip San Quentii, r*iuv.-nli-.ry. ^T$"Fftj >heB WOE pnswa on in? fr-. W MONEY V" ner geiiera) manager of t!ie Gmr-' / QAY PAR-T 1 " by Superior Juds? Wai!:. rVcoJ.' ' HOLLYWOOD, Cilii. -- A nw y ;but did not use a cent for Ills cm personal pleasures or for. Ills Ijmily's—that is Ib? \musnal V, .. Ilc^riiilion that is tj;i:is applied 10- , H. | J Pjfiy tij .Gilbert Bctscmeycr. lieud cl. V\V~| |lie defunct Guaranty Building « I \\-v\l i ;A^sociation, who is in tlie \ itj'. Jail lieifl awaiting trial oil i ; Beesemeyer, dufcbed "a modern; >cnzii'iby the 20.CCO invcstcrs \vlio lost lliiir nicney when his company, l'iasli?d, was a reserved and t:\ys-, ierioiLS.figure before tbc crash. Now U n r»-« iin lhat his immense defalcations have f,cr~nnO lic.;n i discovered his path is more KE-COUl;^ IrtysteVjous and involved than ever. ~*^~ Mcjfc large-scale embezzlers live <™_ viille: It lasts. Not so Beeremeyer.' __ |With;hls wife and his 17-year-old' Ian Slmer ho lived Ihe modest We ! story bungalow, precisely like |)f a'man on a salary of S500 n j countless others In Hollywood, was ([).-• He drove a medium-priced' his home. It was quiet and com- lnitoinbbitc Pnri provided his son! fcrtably furnished, and never was |*ilh 'O'small coupe. A small cue- | the scene of wild parties or lavish ;:i.s arrest. ! Mh'.mrs Sj)CLUl-,itlon i Apparently unwise investmenls 1 und speculations acruntcd mot', cf tl'.ir missing millions. fcr Tlic nl yvralpy emtraleim'nt tlia!ji He ntlended Hie Pieibyteriuu i t!i ona which he confessed follow-!-h-rcl> n-eularlv, and conlribuifd I In large amounts for Ihe upkeep cl I the clvjrcli. 'Mnny ol the Investors j who Ion in i lie Guaranty crash | were' his fellow chinch members. | . Mfinbwof Many Clubs j tlielis s.arled four venvs ago, when Although he took no nellve pan j Bcesemc.ver lost $25,000 In R dc- in i,oriMj life, Decsemeyer belonged. lent f.cre Investment. Ite took i ( 0 many of the leading clubs anil I ni-ney in an effort to recoup. I (talcrinl orfriintatlons In Holly-' .oil It" badly, lost it and took I W ood and Los Angles, He was a., Tlie stock market crash, it i member of tlie Hollywood Country . Club, Lakeside Golf Club, Holly- | wood Athletic Club, the Writers, j Ihc Masquers. Lions, lireakfusi ! Club, 233 Club, Upllftcrs and Santa Moiiicn Swimming Club. He was also a Slirliicr. His favorite rec incie. 1 is M'cvetl hit Mm very hni'J. f known ID have sunk $2,000.000 in an oil company that failed after iximm; live dry wells. When Ih si arrested he seemed ami s-.vW te worried only ! about the prospect of returning tlie i incncy to iKOplc who had entrusted j it lo him. 1 "if I ntn sentenced to a long I icrm in prison." Yw said, "I believe I my kiv.vlcdfic of finance will en• abb me to curry on from behind the bars. 1 Intend to do every- lhiii° possible to repay the people ai'd get a Itesh stall. I luipc tlie tonfldem 1 ,-: of the people in oilier i building and loan companies will J not be ImpalMd." Later, however, His altitude chanced. He Is now fighting for Iris liberty, ant! lias retained Le- compto Davis, noled criminal lawyer, to handle his case. He asserts his speculations were so In- iiU.Ue tin: only he will be ab!e to untangle tilings and recover part of the losses for tlie Investors; and lie has pleaded not quilty to Ihc' in- rcatlon was in watching a football giime o: a jwlo match. Among his business associates Bcesem?yer was looked \ij>on as a financial seniu-i nnd one of tlic pillars rf .iliength ui»ii which Hollywood is built. He was always ready- to come forth wilh a substiintliil [nnoutu of casli for nny business venture that iccmcd to spell pro American Spelling Stumps. , .English Puzzle Workers SHANGHAI. HJPl—When American newjipapar renders In Shanghai run across an English crossword nuzzle which calls lor a word meaning "to work/' it U apt to "litlck" them because the slx- Iclter word "labour" would b2 spelled "labor" by American st<' Similarly the American puzzle.? both English, readers here because ot variations between American nntl English spellings of many word; as well as the fact that the two vocabularies are dlderent in numerous respecls. The North-China Daily Ntvjs, leading British morning paper with many American readers, has triumphantly surmounted tjicss difficulties by starting a series of "Now York" and "London" cross-word pii/.zlc.s on alternate days. II WHS a triumph for Ilif coast Fire Island, N. Y., nctuil (he gress for Hollywcod. His own per- | $200,000 caruo of :iiind when a thrilling chase oil iiiper-riiiiu.lilp Shnnnllnm and n liquor from St. Pierre. Mlquelon. Intended for dk'tmcnts against From the j:nol;,?;l nor drank. He ir,. Bceseineycr tieitlier beginning lie Iins maintained that ' | if lie had been given another week j aroje ciery inoriilng at C, and : al'-vny; he was in his office he would have'pulled out of tlic mess successfully. 20.C03 Investors Lose Tlie 20.CCO investors whose, money Bonal fortune was lied up In various theaters, hotels, mines, aircraft companies and oil companies. Following Uls confession of defalcation, lie immediately signed over all Ills personal prperty to tlic Guaranty. Grew Up Wltn Hollywood Btesemeyer was born m 1885 on a small ranch in what Is now Ihe center of Hollywood. As the city grew ami prospered so did he..His elementary education was completed In Hollywood and he entered tlie Scmehern Calilornia Business College. It was at this institution that he gained his financial tralnlna. His first Job He wn-kctl through the en-.he took are stunned by the cutas- the holiday trade. The Shniuiliimi. u liiillsii converted schooner. Is .shown abme. ul Ihc left, alongside one at tlie coast yuard boats which lowed :ier into port. Tlie nun niinuT, one ot ll-.c crncX ships of the llnuor fled, had smoko screen futilities and a radio direction finder which guided her from land. Bank for 13 years. In 1021, he be- Uiuk of llollywcoil, North Aineil- canic interested In building nucl! ran liimrt & Mortgnyo Co.. nnrt sov- loan work und since that time has; .'nil smaller orgiinl/utltms. Mongrel Pup Leads Youth Through Fog ALBION, N. Y., (UP)—Sandy, a' mongrel hunting dog, saved Ihe lives cl his two young masters during foecy weather here when th? hoys became lost while visiting their trails and wandered for hours. : Leon Covey, 12, and his brother I John, 11, thought they knew how to find their way home when they were lost on their (ether's farm, and dragged Sandy about nt the end of a rope for several hours. Finally Sandy refused to walk In the direction, the boys wanted lo go. They decided to let him lead them. Sandy turned abouV and trotted n mile to the Covney home. specialized In this field. At the lime of ills arrest lie was in complete charge, of Hie Guaranty IJUFFALO. N. Y. tUP)—Con- nenul. O.. kii Inke jrevls In iron urc Building & Loan Assorlnlion and was a dlreclor in the United States SHnK"" ive><«>- Cleveland ^.cond. Ash- •receipts wllli 5.G5I.381 tons i cd this year, shipping figures re- . I.VOIA CAI1H, Ilir ninilll l-'l.UUA . liul - innnlft n-::'lini; -t nt'lv think;. Is Irtn'.l li.T In:"- \\htrh l» trnm IIKX'I'KU . Bl'HUit K. |,t.,!ilibly Ml»'« luv a n't nnrlriVr In liliifkninll. ">nd <t U.I'll .tl.Ul.11ll.MI. ^nKnC'il ' '' - Hl.n.Mrm. -.IU...TII. <M-t>i III.-^N ..... Ill on Ilic W:'H 'n M-i>'i U.IIIMI^II ll.t- Jnli. lirMUCi: I Kinl Ih^rt- K ll ^r'TPI in-llil- Inn:*.-, v.l.rrr r.f T.K.I ^.. 0:r ull" H','' 1 \vhlrlv Ntt-.v \xil« ATl't-T f,I<-:t!ri:^ sir*- ilr'^ In i\hir!i ^ih1 l!r^!t-(l lolllll vrn.^ :r.n* Ml:i t,-Ji l S|irr:unr .-f -a ulili-ii rln il "! «hlrli knnv. I.M!!^ snj- SFifb^ur roliirnnl i nflrr lt>» niiirili-r I. tlifnr'. A I Ihr y.-lll ,,,...• niTl-t :t !,i,:i: ( l n fitr CIH-.IS- ,-r,|. , I, '! "I;"- r,:>li:i hliliiin [,!iM-r . Ill- Illlnl:.. "ml -ili-n".r i ll. :IT;I! Ti'll* !ri vc-1 nrnr ' " rer-.iiy nckaowledypd hon- I raid attention (o him, te- I was- hating lilm so. I bo- lleveil then that lie w:v; Ilie mur- cr, and 1 was furious with you l Contain Strawn for not arrest- lug him. He was the lirsl to tlilnl, and said. Unflalo fourth, SUICIDE RECORD SET NEW ORLEANS. UJP>— A seven- year record for suicides was mane liero In the eleven months ehdins Dec. I, the coroner's offlcc has'an- nounced. The total of ffl for this 1 l«rlcd surpassed every full' year since 1923, - : ANNE AUSTIN a,ut/ior or "THE BLACK PIGEON* "THE AVENGING PARROT* i§U! Interrupted wilt n E rln. as a vision | UTT'S In the Brcntwood section, ot Lois Dunlap'i comfortably dow- * Von know-tiat cluster ot U11U — ^re, Ij^t^ "T 01 S doesn't give a hane now ' siio looks or what anyone tliinks of her-wliicli Is probably .one reason slit! is .tlic best-loved Irate— jusi walked straight out;L vomaI) tn our crowd." Penny re- wouldn't even slop ID talk with . toned loyally. "The Miles' money Janet 'llay'muiii. wlip was tryins ii> I is really FioraK and she bus Hie ci a""wo'rd~itiriiiiu. 1 saw liiiuTrcn'ulatlon of ''lieing one of tlie slirewtlest Inislncss 'men' In town. ^Yllcn she ruarri*! Tiacey nearly cijln years ago. lio wns just tlie salesmanaEer in her fallier's busi- start tov.-anl Sherldaii Rond--w;ilk- ! in;;. He has no car. you knuw." ID you observe Ihc others?" dem Ml: |"D "i)o you knew wiu wcut alone to rciinj 1 aiiook her head. "Every- hoily was milling around in the Ml. and I puiil ao atleutiou. Lois said slie would drive Die home, and i ihuu I went in to ask you lo let me I slay liEhlnd wilh you—" -amlcd car-erly. ness—the biggesl Jairy in the stale. . . . Well, when Flora married Tracey, her falher retired and let Tracey run the business for flora, and be's still ninnagiug It, but Flora is Ibe real head. . '. . Now, let's see. ... Oh, yes. the Drakes! . . . Johnny is vice president ot tbe Hamilton National Bank, as big block of I "I rciotnihcr. . . . Listen. Penny! 1]|e Bt(x ,(i. Carol)u has no money ' to tell yor, sointthVng j cscep , wll(U f ;;i n\ IM III Tin: Cli.M'TKU'XXXII T \V1X<; lii-kHfd tlie ::i:i[i, whii'li lie III" Srlilll ! i-[>:« lhat nobody knows ye; but i Ksiul'.rsnn. Lydla anil me. I dun't i 113vi! In a=k you not to tell any of ' your fricmls. Von know well : r-nougii that anylliing you learn li'" t,r'-n-/" : rrn '" °'"' er Sanderson or mo is "I i"i ' ,'...i i !sti icily conlidcnlial." ija'1 n, iji.-jiii , -••--• her . gives her, and I nn,.' lu.-V.ftl ii r.v.-.-.y in Hie ruoiu de- ' wni| e and Her voinl-10 • 1 n-;:,(l,ii 3 for c hurrietl priir.c'l wiili very brown eyes big with believe or "1 have every reason 10 «"«"•: | as nlllcb tor tin'j that N'ita Selim was a blackmailer. | for a|]y 1 rnther think he isn't any too gen eious—" "They ilon'i get along very well together, do Liey?" "N-no!" Pjnny agreed reluctantly. "You seo, Joiinny Drake was simply not cut out for love and marriage. He's a liurn ascetic, woulil have licin a monk two or ! three centuries :II;D, Ijiit ho cares tbe Mlleses, tbe Bealas. the Marshalls. Tlio Dunlap honso stands on Hie blgbcsl hill of ill. Ifi gray nlone. a liltla like a French chateau. Vi'e used to live out th*r«, loo, in a Colonial houso uiy mother'* alher built, bul my father pcr- snadeil Mother to :«11 when ha weni uto thai IMImroso .MeadoTvs ten- .lire. The Ilayinouds bought Iu . i,. 3ut why do you want to sc« Lolir" 'Thanks much. Penny. -I 'doa:i know what I should do without you," Dundee salil, without answer- ng her question, and reacbed.for Ilia hat. . • • ,'.. AHer 10 niluutcs ot ilrlTliig. tk« last rnllc of nhich had tlrclxi '» smooth silver coin of a laks, I)u'»- dee slopped bis car'and lit ht»'«yt« rovo appreciatively. He hail inid* this trip the uight bctori to" «U6»- tion Lydla. already . IniLallnJ •• nurse, for tho Mile* .cblldrtii, .liut it had been too dark for hijn >».««• much of this section Citaa«r»!eU lo HamiHou'a aociallj *Iecl. . . . 8F.1.IM U MUrdcTrd • I t>rl*u». liDBnlelnn r«J>lH un 1. 1111 A (Mill!. Ibr Rinlil! fl.DllA »ll.!:!l. IB Mm' >c)nici »l I be lime of 1b^ Biurdrr rrlldln^ n mile • hr iblnlla !• from lirr bnMlmnil, but Kljlrb !• Irnnl IIK.VTKIl KVUA^rK. DtwlilMy Mitt'* Imt-r • Dd purlnrr In blnrtfMBll. anil "b RAI.I-H I1AMMONI1, i-.jncrd 1|> Mill. All bal r*lora bare bern bull iu Vlln Ifnrrd, nnd Irlli Slirosur vonlrlved nrBt itllik rlnu- In l.jdln'. ur -Mbk-b ulb«-r» oom. Aullu, »u ' bliil 'rum l.ldln. flnda at I»M SclltH hnu*r, >• Iba'iVrat rlo^if. H Brcr't aliclf. l«...tle»Iln« tb> Mm . . Honor. M.k« Pi;XNY fur«iet .-orlru ulrl. TKAIN. thr Jl«.. TT, *t any ii» Ifce «lrl. In bir «tl \itrc In n •c.odil " nl rbc Srhonl. ivbcr*. .Tim dlrrned (ae HnBlrr tluf. ill» Bi.nrc. blm am* vrai, b«f..fea ta .Bur reavlBted. OaB4rc 'drIVrii uul 10 And Ant tr«m t.UlB DUNl.AP ivhr Mln onme 'u ^oralUoD, a»« karni 1hnl Ikt came enlr Bfirr irrlncr pboln- ItODk. ol t»« «tow* B« thtr "£-T*» Georgian "collage." B[ianl»h hacienda. Italian villa. Tudor mnu- H»W,«0. U.I WITH TUB BTOBT ; . CHAPTBR SXX1U ttl 'HAD. la hunt quite a hit for *• them. 1 ' Uls Dunlap npolo as lb« resumed her teAt at sion— that the m:.l of thr- sc.Tt'i jthat siie camo lo Hamilton for 'h c ! us lie could Tlio flam- in ..... m(ltl j '(,,,j. s hlT ,, f0 me inlicrlted m(ltl ,, !ny m«.«xvr«ss purpose ot hicedius some- mo . md c;u . e has mal i e a i ng - li.fnie Ihe disliiut ar lone sl;e had known before, or some' j lir-i ••TH Toiniy in'.or F iii "•: tc in("i '" ' une on whom Pile !;ai! 'Ihe goods' f,,.:,, snmo .inrterMrld FOi.rcc ™\ fM ^ ol-ji-t. At anv rate. Nlia lauKcil Itf,- fi:mn( . inl bucrc .., s of archllcctnre. Janet and Polly's an ('.ol'-ars— Sati' on 2S. m.d f.i'J'jC on May S. I I lo Urii'ne iast i orphan anti has barrels of money. ;and ivl'l have barrels more when J I; [J| N J, (ca w | t |, | lcr t ], rt . Colonial mansion vrliere 1'eunj had onco lived; gray ston« chateau. Not one of them blatantly new or r.raikci'i with thu dollnr sign. TJunilce slglied a Illtlc cn- viouuly as h« turned hla oar into (be winding driveway that led IIP HID hlghesl hill to tho Imnl»i> home, Lois Duul.'ip betrayed no Jiirprlsi viUcii tins butler led Diimlu to Iho flag-.^loiiptl upper tcnucd overlooking Mlrrur Ijike, ivlieu <!i> «ns th» tu Ubl« >nd spread the glossy prlati of bait a doicn largo pbolo Braptii 'Tor Dundee's Inspection "Da jo» kr-ovr Th» Beggar's Op«r»'t" "John Qay—«iEbt«enlb century Isn't It? . . . AJ I remember It. i ll quit*—" »nd Dundeo hesitated "B*wdjT' 1-ols laughed. "Oh Ttry! We couldn't h«vo got away with It If It tmdn't been a classic Ai' It waa. we had to lone down »onio of the naughtiest passage nnd souga. Dut It wna lots ot tun and tho boj.i cnjayeil it liugely he- A Opera'—sho almost Biiatclied tlio photograph out ot my hands. As lie studied It. her lovely black eyes grew perfectly enormous. I've never scon licr so cxcileil since—" "Wliat did she Eay2" Dundee interrupted tensely. • • * "W IY| st '° sM llolllI "E J" 5t At " first, then sho began to laugh In tlio queerest way—almost hysterically. I nskcd her wliy she was ] laughing—[ was a liUlo huffy, I'm ifrald—and she said tho men coked BO adorably conceited and iinny. Then sho began lo nsk tbo lames of iho players. I told her lint '.Maclicath'—he's Iho hlgltway- mn tiaro, you know—was playod iv Cllvo Hnmninnd; that my Teler ras 'ttobin of Dagshot,' tha lolmny Drrke was another high vayninn, 'Mat of tlio Mint/ Ilia Tracey Miles played lliu Jailor Lockif—" "Did she show more Interest iu one man than niiolher'.'" "Yes. When 1 painted out Jadgi Marshall as 'Pcachum,' Ilio fence she cried out suddenly: 'Why. know him! £ mcl him onco on o party. ... In ho rcully n Judge? © 1930 fa/ WEA service, INC . anil E!ID laiiglicrl as If sho kno\ something very funny ahout Hug —as no doubt siio dlii. I la was a tnveterata 'lady killer' before til marriage, as you may liavo hoard. "Do you think her lirst ciciti ment wag over EctliiR Judge Ma filiall among tho players' pictures? Dundee asked. "No." Lois answered, after coi sldcrtug a moment, '-'I'm sure si Jidn't notice him until I potato him out. The face in this groi Dial seemed to interest her 1:10 viti Flora Miles'. Flora playni ll part of 'Lucy txrckit,' tho Jailor 00 nVInri: lr;ilik j v:lre Favi'.iji His ', H,, i hii\ u IMS word for U that wan In liii!s of varying 'ienomlna- I-., i tii.n—noin: l-ATgc—v.-bi-.c Nita pre. !;i-niL'<3 !l for ik'p'jsit. Therefore it •Sir:,is cksr to if.e tiiat Xita got x. j hcr a - Jn i. w m, vhorn she lives, dies ,, »"<» '«=«« bcr lllc f ° rlUDe S " C |UIS „,-I |i.;|i-rlril In live. , - : , !, vi-il :•! Hie KUrrn \ ..-•,, of ('aii::;ili Si , lie mone always promised her." "And Janet" "Janet's father is pretty rich— owns n big wire fence factory, but ,et has only a re.ijonnble nllmv- •: 6tl .p!-.:i ,,, r:y <u;y in u, «•• |' ." mii ;-'' ,;, tM |D HamUt ^ !; Janet has only a rentable aunv.- n hlle m .-:,:- n,,.,,;,:- ^..-aiu^l j ' . ^ ,, \ M ,, ave como ,„ ar.ce," Penny answered As for i w ,f,i,ic.',v -, ,. •lu.hca ,,-:t ivUl,- $? ';; -„„'„, c ,. Mta m tnfu U-l'm «or» r,c ,: I set 3 3 «1^e ,,::t any in •..•::. y,,n kiu.w." ! _ >r r|;i) ,.... On]er3 Anr , , t sccms i dollars a week, lo support noself V'ii: 1ir:i! Ihc (.-':" i"i' ..;nily '-lc:ir to n;c that she did tint and Mother on." n'.^.ayou iM-^iif.! cut i' '•••: 11 ill: It. hi ]• ;;.n i-i-.-.v i;[ tl:,' anil slUl l.-.i-. it. ... v-:. ., K .i,.at inrse r.;noiml of cash Dundeo remained thoughtfully iin:.-r.- : ;.,.-, NCTV York w:;h her, or she silent for a long minute. Then: h'-.--c >vr.Jlrl have deposited H in a lump "All you girls are alumnae of For...:•-. -.HIM in the hank Immrdlalcly after |6yle-on-llic-HuJfOii. anil Nila Sclmi r ivi::- : ".c. r arrival." |came here Immediately iifier slit rnleni. i-:-,. iii i:i-ic- :;:!'.' •-•< r-jur I.VT EC-JIllS amusing." "Don't ',• hi: I'enuy agreed. "But whylj directed a forsylo |>!ny. . interested—" | Uccanse I want you lo tell me! mean?" Briefly rr.inri.-i, l,,lil while in the Forsyte sc I'cnny's faco fla "I'm sorry I linjw liow Iiard It is tor you—" "1 see." re-niiy ai;rn;il. licr husky -you could lind cul from others, voice slow ::,i,l wiftin,-,! willi Imr- i so | m i;ht aa well tell ynu." I'cuny ( " r ' inicrriiptcd. with a weary shrug, i know there was never anything of Ihe :nrt. Of course wo all graduated different years, except Karen •, and 5 might lint have heard ror. _S.:-.u Kit la rl:,/, :i ] ii, ,,,i:l:l f..r , ;,„crruptcd. witli a »•«••"•>' sllrll e-j _ Ullt no t-siio denied vcnBiv.enlly. a inumlc -I'li.-.i (i ,i|,,.r Urines 11 ...Hiilge .Marshall Is «ell-to-<lo. nnd j ,. T]lerc wasl ,, t any ti:am i.\l on R ami iliolr governess, "lltiw do you di>, Mr. llumleii? . 'I'hls Is Miss Din-iU'ii ... My .•o off spring-Peter ihu- ililid. iiior, and iiolihy. . . . Will you ise lake tho children Iu th« pl.-iynmrn now. Mias Diivilcn? . . . Thanlf yon! . . . Ten, Mr. Dundee? Or alinli I order you a lilglilmll?" "fV'illiliig. tlinnks." Diciilco an- awerctl. grateful ftir licr friendll- ncr;. 1 , lint nonplnssi:il liy ll. Nnt for tlu> ilrst time he felt n .'.irk dlslnale for Ilio profession Im liail rlioscu. "It's nil over." I.nH Dunlap said In a low voice, as Ilio imtlcr re- tri-.ilcil. "Lyilla mado her Inok very beautiful. . . . f Ilioiiglil It would hi! rather liorrlblc, hating to le* her, as the poor clilld rniueiteil In her note lo l.yrlla. 1ml I'm Bind cow 1 did. Sho looked M tweet and young and iuuocenl us ihe roust have been wtic-n she Ornl wor« tha royal blue velvet." "I'm glad." Dundee jald sincerely. Then ho liianed loward ncr acro?s the tea lahto. "Mn. Dunlap. cauee it «ave Ihem an opporlunlty daughter, and Karen Marshall I! to wear light satin breeches and other feminine kail, 'Pol lace ruffles. . . . This Is my husband. Pelcr. He adored being tho lilgliwaynian. 'Itobln of and sho pointed out a stocky, hel- llgcreiit-Iooklng man near the end of the long row ot costumed plaj-- era, In the phologrnph which showed tha entire cast. "You say lhat Mrs. ?cllm nc- ceutcd your proposal tlmt slip come to Hamilton lo organise u Lhlle Theater, aflcr she smr tlicse graphs?" Dunilec askeil. "Had she refused before?" "Yes. I'd gone to New York for Ihc annual Easier play whlcli tho Forsyte School puts on. because I'm intensely fcssionnl Interested In semi-pro Pcachum.'. you know. Hut It w Flora's picture uho lingered ove so t showed bcr Itiis' picture." nn Lois Dunlap readied for the :ralt of Flora Miles, unexpected beautiful in the ISIh century c, tunic—tight Lodlco ami blllowi skirls. "She you at.oul »!"• i^Vl T)wn-iinani' , . Oh, yea, sho also asked, quite ively, 1C all my friends wore cli, too, and could liolp support t ttlo Theater. 1 reassured her on at point." A N : ND," Dundeo reflected silently, i a point much, moro Im- Ttnut to N'lta Sollm." Aloud he Id: "I don't see you among Iho ast." "Ob, I haven't a grain ol talent," ola Dunlap laughc-d. "i cnu't- act ir two cents—can 1, Peter unll! to n-i on th« road Inio linm- iltoo. Tuc-n common scu^o Etiicr- voned. Dunlap waa undoubted!)' do- toted to hl3 wife. Penny hart said that he "Dover looked at another wosan." U vrai rather iriorc inau natural that he ttiould b« [u a futile, blinterlm ragi at tht ouiiuuii of ber friendship for th« lltll* Broadway dancer. ... ng? Here's HID retioubUble •PREE of ar^'«r. bia "mttii •*• to tha story ''Lol» ilu told him. For •I. waa hidden the kej to Iti ilunlap ',l Miles?" Dundee asked. "Yea. All sorls of nucstlcms— her name, and whether she was n:av- ricrl anil then who lic-r Un^liand was, and if she had h.i'l F:oge ex- pcrlerce," Lois ans'-vtrti! con- lobln of Bagshot' In person, Mr. )umlce—my husband!" Tho detective roso to shako ands with tlio man ho nafl been absorbed to see or bear »p- roaching. You'io the man from teg dl»- rlct atlorncy'a offlco?" Peter Dun. up scowled, hl3 band barely touch' ng Dundee's. "I suppose you're rylng to got at tho bottom ot (hi nystcry of why my wlf» brought 1mt Scllm woman—" "Don't call her 'lliat Scllm roman.' Peter!" Lola Dunlap in- •vruplcil with moro sharpness than Jnndec had ever seen her display. 'You ncv • liked the. po- girl, voro nov^r Jurl to her—" 'Well. It looks as If my ! "neb was correct, doesn't It?" tbc stocky, rugged-faced man retorted. 'I told you r' Ilio beginning lo pay icr off anil semi her back to Now York—" "You knew I couldn't do that, even to plcnso you, dear." !*ols said. "lint plcnso don't let's quarr:! about p< • Nila again, '"'ic's (load now, and I want to do anything I can to help ' -Ing her murderer to Justice." "There's nothing you can -*o, Lois, nnil ' liope "- —ah—Dundee will not find it necessary to p/ilz you a&.itn." l)u:. :nched for his hat. "I ho; c so. too, Mr. Diintap, . . . lly t"io wny, you are president of Ihc Ciinmhpr of Comme. ?. aren't you?" "Yes, 1 nr.i! And we're living a meeting tonlgM. r.t v.-!;lch that ^'pragwe man's bid on making a his- tork-nl iiiovlu ot Hamilton will ho Now Hint tlie Selim woman isn't tioro to ) InUrteted in th« 'tHposUfon .tci':df: gnnlie. t Little 'Toiiter In'.-M.^niJV ton, Nlu -bjid.'b«<njs^ii(id'.with/K strange .eicitemen^i'B^'tSooc} (ai.Shli was ib' 0% n.' pbo'tbgnplii ; of .» , I j t kji group ot Utmiitoa^j.'tlchiSVL^Efeii mo«t Dromlne'i.t latunb|ii.B'u, . ,.-''. But thers wf«-tli'a rub!, ; > ,(ojli» group! , Wouldnliptlfro.up of 1 '--" bla suspecU nsTftr'narrp'fr.. d on«T . 01 coufs* th'n'a _••« Marshall, but If Loll piinl>P ! » njb.n(- 017 was to b«:t'r'u»i*d.Nlii'. h»rt'biit noticed the elderly B«^ti Bruiiiniil'j plctur*' until after -tbat; itrau^a. hjBUTiol excitement.';, h'li.- Itbfd possession ot'her. : 'Anjil'-'If;)]'• oin been Judge Marshall «hohi('{tV hid come to Hamilton to b]pV*;i"iil would Nlta not hav* guarJ«d ner tongue before Lois?- Tlio sfin'ie -n : a> ECicntinusly. "Sho her interest by saying Flora looked more like a professional Ihealrlcals." I^ils ex-j (lian any of the ethers, nail tliai we varip my fellow-members Inlo doing anyllilng 8lic wants. 1 think 1 can ifcly promise yon that Dexter Snraguo will liavo no further busi ness in Hamilton—unless It Is no lice business!" "Thanks for the tip. Mr. Dim lap." Dnmleo said evenly, "t hope you enjo v cd your fislilug trip. plained. "Nlln had (lone a svlendld j sl-.mild give ber n real rlmnce wlic? 1 Where do you fish, sir?" J° b ' lll!3 - vcar . home in my triiwd -iW.iiu It-' - i K::ro:i's tatlicr-l;i:r mother Is dead j.. ,,. „,", . Vl . r i ']•„, aliro O f To think liiot Hail-: . . . I'm!'- -reltlcd $1(10.1100 on her wbcn she | J'j 1 ,, " IJQ E " ' ' nlity evc-ryuiic ai tin; paiiy -«"'! t .married. Kiie h«r. complete control me—liad l.vunl nil abmt tuH'sj,,) | ll;r 0 -,vu n.iiiiuy. . . . Tho Dun. arrangement for hiding iiie x si:'--url-• j;i|,5 rue liio rldicul people in Ham- ties ne senl on to New Yuri: belorc i jjion, and have hccn for two or he ran away. . . . And no out- j ihieo giMiciallons. Ixils waa 'first EiderS'-nohidy Im'. ns—iu>d a legiU-'; faintly' bill vucr whea she married mate excuse fur euiering lliai I [< c [ e r. lust hc':i been giving her on closel. . . . Nnt even Defter | a |]owiinc': of 520.i)0'.i a year for sev- i Spraguc. l:'s iiir ; of !:ls affcctatiopsieral yrrir»-nil for running Hie not to wear a act—" '. iinvue. l:nt I'"' her personal use. fe-n "Is 11?" Dunice ;,oi;nc(rt. "Ynn'rc!C'.oiiics. .-h-.itiiif.!'. hohbics, like the lure he wore no hat thai after-1 Little YM^ier she bro'Jgol Mto. rr!-rm[.ni-p con liut ner re y c-I.e nencc con. s noon? Did yr,« uatice him whi-n'iicre to organi/o— he left arttr 1 v.»J dlEinisseil yuu ! "1 wouitln't say she spends n ' ,1| j" | great ucii of 11 eu dr«s3," JJundss rlnctd Honnii! Dimdeo that she was not at alt sure, . . He looked at his walch. Four o'clock. . . . Hy this lime Nila Sellm was nothing more than a llttlo heap- of gray ashes. . . . "I'm gulns out now, Penny, ami I shr.n't he tack today." ho told the girl who bad returned w her typing. "I'll telephone In about an hour fee sea If anything has come up. . . . I)y tli! way. how do I get spoke to her nftcr It was over. She was not al all Interested then, bul we got our Little Tlualer going.j «,\ i(, c if u | wa y of asking for mj e " nskcd her then If that meant she | n ||bi, e h?" Dunlap was heavily polite about it, so I Invited her to site , was going lo accept my offer, and sarcastic. "I left Friday afternoon lo tbe U«.ia«3" you persuaded Mrs. Scllm lo coma lo Ilainillon—so far from Drond- way?" "Why. cerlaluly!" Lola Duplap answeied. puiilcd. "liul 11 really diil not take much persuasion after 1 showed her some group photographs we had made when wo For- syle girls put on The Beggar's Opera' hero last October—a benefit performance for tho Forsyte Alumnae Scholarship fund." With difficulty Dundeo controlled his excitement. "May i see ihose photographs, plcaset" (To IU t ' lunch wilh me the next d:.y, and showed her ihcso pliotogiaphs. In the liopo that liiey would make her take ihe Idea more seriously. We had borrowed a Little Theater director tro"- Chicago, nnd I knew we hnil done a really good job of 'The Beggar's Opera.' Tbe local re- vlewa—" "These 'slills' look extremely professional. I don't wonder lliat they Interested N'lla." Dunilco cut In. "Will you tell rac wbat she said?" slit; cilsht. hut lhat .'lie f or m y own camp In the mountains, ivoiilil have lo talk it fiver wilh a friend first. Just before rr.ldnU-ht she telephoned me »t my l;o:el that up In italo. Ihe northeast part ot the 1 drove my own car. wenl ilone. spent ihe week-cud alone, she had dcchleil to nccrpt the Joh." nL . ( i B0t hack Hits noon. 1 read of ; It,. murder in a paper I picked up \iln that | n a village on my way home. I riinlrnlicd Idlnn't like Nila Scllm and 1 don'c his nest (give a damn about her being mur- jdcred, except hat my wife's name Is in all tlio papers. . . . Auy (jues- niiiulcc's heart very easy to BUCEJ "fricud" was! Hut l:e his excitement. aske"d question casually: "DU1 sho sho'-v parl!c:lar interest in any other player?' "Yes. She askert a r..;inbcr of nucslions aboui Polly UoMf. and F.eemcil incredulous when I told true, about her unusual Interest IB Flora Miles. ... Again % blank wslll For In ihoi group photograph bad oppou(i'd every man. woman and (irl r.\w bad been N'lla'a tucst on Hit day ot ber murder. . . . Dundee, paying more mtentluu |n Ms driving, now that h« *»3 u, tho business cectlon of Ilia cny. saw ahead of him the sccnriil-nnu liotel wliera I>eiler Sprngne na-l been living since N'ita HacJ vrin-il him to Join her 1n Hamilton, 'in u sudden Impulse. Ihe detective parked his car In front of Ihe hutgl anil nvo minutes tatcr was kuoi-'« Ing upon Sprague's door. "Well, what do you want nowV the unshareu, pallid man demanded. Dundeo, stoppert Into Ilie rui in and closed Ihe door. "1 waut >-i-n to lell me Ihe name of Ihe man Mt* Scllm came here to blackmail." "Hlcickmall?" Sprague echoed. liU pallid cheeks going more vclluw. "You're crazyl Nlta came liert iu lake a Joh—" "She came hero to blackmail someons, BIH] 1 am convinced lhat she scut for you lo act a> a partner In her scheme. . . . No, waitl I'm convinced, 1 lell you." Dundee assured htm giimly. "But I'll muke a trade with you. In brhalf of tilt district attorney. , Tell m« tbc nnme of the person she blackmailed nnd 1 will promise you Immunliy from prosecution fts her Bccc-ru- plice." "Get out of my room!" and Dester Sprague's right forefinger trembled violently as It pointed totvmd the door In a melodramatic gesture. Dunileo you a "She ralhcr startleii me." Lois',her that Polly and (NIve were en- Duulap confessed. "I first phowc.l her this picluro of Ihe whole cast, and as 1 was explaining lb« pla;- a bit—»b» didn't knew 'Til* J3«t'B«r'i •aseil. Polly played '.Vrs. rcachum.' and wns a riot in (lie part. . . • But Nila's Inlullion was correct. flora earritrt off tlio nctior honor*. tions?" "None, thanks!" Dundee an- curtly, tlien turned to Lois Uuiilup who was watching tho two men with troubled, gray eyes. "1 am very grstcful to you. Mrs, Dunlap, for your kindness." The detective's angry resentment e( Peter Dnalan's aUltutit lailtd "Very well. Sprague," said. "Hut let me give friendly warning. Don't try to carry on tbe good work. Nita got 110,000, but sha also got a bullet through her heart. And the,gun which fired that bullet U safely back In tha hands ot the killer. . . . You're not going to set that movie, Job, and i W»B ]mt afraid you might be tempted! . . . Good afternoon;" (To 0* C*ntlsM4) •

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