The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX 1.ULEOE- mi- Adopts Schedule At Paragould Meeting; To I lave j All-Star Game BLTOTHEVIMJ3 (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Now For Schmeling JJy J. )'. PARAGOUU}, April 4.—A tic 111 Soil ct u. 110-gumc M'liMhilc .submitted by E. A. KiitHlie, rejweKi.'fttnlive of Ite Spauldlng Sporting Goods Co., constituted the main order of business for Die Northeast Arkansas ]<eagi)e directors, here yesterday, in their final biftiiif-ss meeting \n:~ Ion the season opens. Tile .schedule OIK-US April 38 and closes August 28. v.ltli no split M-asoii, bnl the four highest ranking tennis participate in the Shaughnessy plsyoif to decide the championship. The Blythevilie Oiunls OJIMI IIIB season at lioliic Kiih cuntther.sulli: and also wind ut> the campaign against the 1'ilots at Walker I'ark. They have cloven Sunday dates, two having been Iransferral from j Batesville since the White Sox are j not permitted to play Sabbath contests. Tlie July •! double header will be split with Ciinilhcr.svlllc, the afternoon giuue being played here nnrt the night game at the legion Park in Carulhcrsvillc. Tile Giants play twenty two panics with each team, equally divided at home and on Die road. Other opening dates are: PIMM- gould at Joncslioi-o, and Newport l at Batesville. Tlic same pairings • prevail for the Independence hoi I- J day twin bill, with each team liuv- j ing a single game at home. ' During the month ol May the., Oiants play five games with Caruthersville, four with Paragoulil, nine with Jrmesboro, five K'itli Batesville. and sk with Newport. July calls for seven with Cavuth- crsvlllc, six with I'aragould, six with Joncsboro, four will) Balesville, and four with Newport, In August the Bobomen have three with Curiither-sville, f our \vith Paragould, seven witli Jonesboro. six with BatesvlIIe, nnd six with Newport. The only two games in April arc with Cnrulhersville. President Joe R. Bertig 1111- nounced the receipt of all deposit cheeks from the six clubs. At the same time he said negotiations were under way with Larry McPhail of Hie Brooklyn Dodgers to replace the Cardinals as sponsors for Newport, made necessary by Ihe recent Judge Landis ilecislon. He reported (hat, so far. efforts had been friilt- . less for a hookup witli some major • league club for Jonesboro. The directors gave President Rer- tlg n vote of confidence in his sc, lection of Tony McDonald as um- plre-in-ehief. McDonald announced the signing of five young umpires from the George Barr sell col a( Jlot Springs. He scouted Ihejn personally and said lip was impressed will) their wort:. A change was voted In connection with the annual All-star game. lo be played after July 5 at Jonesboro. Instead of the several managers selecting two teams as In 1937. It will be'worked this year on an East versus West idea, l^ns will nominate by newspaper' ballot a leuin from Carnthersvllle. Blythe- vllle. and Purogoultl. representing the East, to play a team from Jonesboro, Newport and Batesvllle, representing (lie West. A commit-lee, composed of "Crackle" Parker, • Newport, chairman, Fred S. Saliba. Bl.vthe.vHle, and Mode Gregory, Jonesboro, will' work out details. Mr. Gregory acted as secretary in the absence of Kenneth Riddle. Jonesboro, who was detained due to the illness of his daughter. An exhibition game between Blytheville and Jonesboro \vas arranged by Sallta. liiytheville secretary, 'and President Houston Johnson. Jonesboro, to be played at Jonesboro. April 2(1. Those present included A. B. neither. Batesville; Marion Dickens. R, p. McQuislion. and Parker, Newport; Ray Hayes, Fred Ifogan. Gregory. Johnson, Jonesboro; president Pierce, P. L. Horner, Caruth- er.srille; Saliba. J. p. Friend, league statistician. Blylhcvllle; Donald Cox. Donald SuUmgcr. Ike Wiloxin, Gilbert Daullon. and Bertig. I'ara- BOllUI. Harry Thomas is on ttie lloor fur the fifth round of his world heavyweight Joe f.ouls ul Chicauo filmlliim. fifth and last time hi the championship, with BEFORE TIM LomVriiomas Flop M'ay Cost Chicago Schmeling Scrap lly .II.'KIIV nitONDPIKl.n \J;A Scri'id' Siloi'ls IVrllfr CIlICArio, April 4.—Having de- fcndcd tin. world chnmploashlp (Kkc in !-.lx wi-cta—unprecedented inionij modern heavyweight, tilllsl.s | --Jet Louis i.s taking a real rest. After a week of Idling in <jhl- «'U(;«. Louis will .spend another week or M) at the nummei- honm ol one ol his managers, Julian Hlack, ul Stevensville, Mich..'men DID AlnbiiiiKi-burn 'Negro and -his retinue- will pack oil to Lufayellc- ville, N. Y., where he'll soak'up a lot of mountain air Ijefore beginning serious training, Mny I, for hi.s second edition with 'Max I Sehmeling. MMimvlilk- Nn : York, Chicago, nnd Detroit clamor for—nnd claim they'll ucl-llie big batlle of June 22. Joe Trlnor, cliali'tnnn of the Illi- noLs boxing hoard, was pretty certain the Windy City would gel the match up until the time of Ihe Louis-Harry Thomas alfnir. Bnl if Mike Jacobs was pleased about the attendance of io,486 which sat. in on a heavyweight title bout n few nights back, he deserves the academy award for line acting, 'flic bout drew only S'tS.fiOO, nlso a neiv lou- for modern heavyweight championships. .Must 1!« Contest Chicago-mis were frank in their Lookout Growlers! They're Ruff, Tuff What's In a name? if names mean anything, players In the Northeast Arkansas I-eague this year better not try any funny stuff with at least twr> members of Die staff of umpires.. Hull' nnd Tuff have been signed by Umpire-in-chief Tony McDonald from Die George Barr school at Hot Springs. One is George K. Huff, jr., Kasl St. I-oiils. 111.; the other William H. 'Ailf of Hughy, N, u. MONDAY, APRIL 4, 1938 pos- lethal, .short right and left hooks and counters which Joe throws, hut also one ol Ihe most amazing left jabs any fighter evor sesscd. Louis didn't have the Jab two years ago that he has now. Against. Thomas it was like it well-oiled piston, shooting out with the speed of a striking snake, with the force of a trip-hammer. 'Jt was Unit which prepared. deadly Thomas for his four trips lo the floor In Ihe lourlh •ouncl. and his fifth and final trip in the fifth. The Dope Bucket , By J, 1'. Frlcml HOPES DASlTED-Our hopes of getting the flashy Hal Gruber, Woody Wills, and other outstanding members of last year's liiythe- ville Giant team, wore dashed to Ihe ground with a lellcr from Malinger Herschell Hobo, at Fort Smith assisting: Frank Brazil and Henry "Hank" DeBerry In Ihe Giant training camp. . , The self- txpianntory, letter In part Is as follows: "We started training lo- duy i Saturday! with (il bny.s for (he tuo clubs, Frfrl Smith and Ulythcvlllff. and w« are expecting ten more tomorrow . , , From the llrst appearance Ihey are a mighty fine looking bunch of prospects. There lire only M of the boys we had In Clreemvood anil Bly'.hcvlllc lust year . . . Frank Maiiciiwi Is here, bnt is leaving tor Jencrclte, Ln., (Evangcline League, Class C) tomorrow . . . He has been optioned to them. . . Hal Gruber and Worfdrow Wills have keen sent to Millford. Mil.. lEasleru Short' League, Class D) . . . Llngle is sick wllh mumrw nnd probably won't report, until we gt-t to Blytheville . . , Reed and Kelly are still absent . ''. "fallhiR out" . lew presents . . When a prob- itself they simply !«> into u huddle and in n few minutes they emerge with the knot untangled . . . The spirit in which the}' offered assistance, if necessary, to President Marion Dickens of (he Newport club, hard hit by the Commissioner do (he extent of some $2000, to be exact) was typical, lierllg' said he give $300 . . openly commit President Joe R. ]»rsoually . Others themselves would didn't ns to certain.amounts, hut it was quite evident they would come to bal In case of mi emergency . . . The schedule, lo my way of thinking, is a fine one, and k A. Kno- Ihe Is (o he commended . . . Of course. It didn't completely satisfy r-veryone, but as a whole II dlil. . . . There are a few things lo he worked the various cubs anil such inlfsion was granted without con troversy . nil East year's Ail-Star game sounds like n "natural." It creates n few among per- The plan versus West to have in this some valry and should be a belter contest than when the first selection played the second team Then, nlving (he came back to the fans met with my hearty approval . . , They nay (in- freight foi should) iiiul the more they feel It U Iheir team and game the more Interested they will become . . . UmplriMii-Chlef Tony Mc- Doiiftlil sounded u good note wllh Pete I'uvlcli will probably be kepi I his announcement lhat with bu! . Thomas I'tilJij and Ju- j «'«• racepllmi the five young urn- P'fes signed by him are largei •than he ... Tony watched them work In several Inlra-squad games had the argument with Clevdiind I and said hi> felt Ihe Northenst fir- Lcague wns lortunate In them . . . Representatives from all over (he country here llan Harrington are here and am .sure they will come home with me Novak, this boy Bill (TerryI ic argument with Cleveland over, is here and 'Ihey expect, him kansas to .slay here but I may get him Setting; He looks good, especially at lax Interest, in the iiiralr. Harry Thomas, they admitted, Imd adopted Chicago for his headquarters, but. who, they ask was Harry Thomas? The show proved that even Joe, Louis tins to be shown in something that can be passed off as a contest. Bui Mike Jacobs now could give the Loiiis-Schmellng fight to either Detroit or New York nnd maintain stoutly that he wasn't giving the Windy city the 'run-around. He could claim the Louis- Thomas fight was a lest of Chicago's good faith. And if he maintains Chicago failed in Its test, who is there to say him nay?,',' The class In fistic mathematics has the Louis-Schmeling probleir all figured out. Whercas_Joo Louis put the busl- in five rounds "tig- needed an to accomplish He it resolved that Louts probably will emerge a winner when Ihe bomber and the Teuton meet Malone And Ching Lee To Grapple Ching Lee, the yellow peril of the Orient, returns to the local ring tonight to try his mat tricks on Eddie Malone, the Irishman, in one of two matches on the American Legion's regular weekly card. Lee was vanquished by Raul Lopez of Mexico liere last week, but displayed miite a bit of mat technique before losing the deciding fall to the boy from belosv the Rio Grande. Malone has been bowling them over with singular success in the local arena since lie started performing on this circuit, nnd it should be a "jam up" match. Two Amazons of the padded can- VB.S are also slated to appear on tonight's card. One of them. Miss Mildred Burke, is claimant to the world's clinm.plon.shlp among women wrestlers, nnd her opponent is Miss Betty Lee. who has tried several times to wrest the title Irom her opponent.. The one hour time to Thomas nnd: Whereas Sclimeli extra three heals same cud: for the second lime. There Is small doubt but that Ihe ehninpion will enter the ring a favorite when he puts his crown on (he block against Schmeling Despite Ihe fact that in theli first atralr he crumbled like claj before the thundering rights of thi Oernmn. Louis Has .Jnli If null was a purposeful nml calculating young man who went to work on Thomas, in Chicago 3ta- Jack Blackburn didn't let Lout lake any chances. He fought. Just the DKIU he planned. When Schmeling looks across his gloves at Louis this .lime he'l be on guard not only against the were on hand to got their arbiters. . . OSCEOLA SOFTBALL — Our bat but nothing like Gruber in the held . . . We arc having a fame here tomorrow iSundayt among ourselves ns a majority ofk'ood frlond. Joe Ainiicbaitin droii- Ihe boys have been working else-] p«l in for a chiufest yesterday where lor u month ... We ure nlienioon uml disclosed that plans lUiig oml eating hero in this hotel (The Cloldinnm <B!g League style) . . , We will be home between Ihe I2lh and 15lh . . Will krep von posted Herschcll" '. . . Yours, "Short flidr" Too IXHI^ ELYRIA, Oo. (UP) — Two 14- year-old Akron boys decided that they wanted lo take a "short ride." so they hopped into an open gondola car of a long freight, train. The train started, but did not slow do«n. and the adventurous pair wound up in Elyria's jail—55 miles away from home, where they were sheltered and ted by police | until their return home. MEETING C1LKAN1NUS— Every lime I attend one of (he NEA tensiie meetings the more convinced I become thai 1938 is to l;e a tanner year . . . While every director is out to get as mnch (or his respective club, there lias in the making to organize 1 -softbalt league at Osceoln. . . . The loop will likely be patterned after the one that operated .so successfully here for (hree been no sign whatever of any WASH it GHEASK §1.00 W a s h. Grease, I' o 1 i ', h anil waxed ?S.UO H. U. SCHiMUCK "Ksso" 81.11 ion Slain anil Division WRESTLING MONDAY NIGHT, 8 O'CLOCK SPECIAL RETURN MATCH Miss Mildred Burke vs. Miss Betty Lee EDDIE MALONE vs. CHING LEE American Legion Arena, North Second St. plans to tisseniole o the local s'.ars air! i week with r,n Osceola Vfe just can't team froir lay once a live those colorful scrniw between Joe's and Glover's Pns- Fnmons team time outfit I huve n sncnk- inif suspicion Unit the okl .spark ran readily he rekindled with little or no effort nl nil . Joe snys there Is a great deal of Interest in Osceoln over the Oinn prospects and the fans fire putlliit, for the Bobomen to repeat limit govern the women's match, which will be for the best two out of three falls. Lepanto Is Winner Of Poinsett's Sweepstakes LEPANTO. Ark.. April 4.—The Leiianto High School won the sweepstakes eu|i for the literary division of the poinselt county Grade and Junior High meet held here Friday. The Marked Tree school won Ihe sweepstakes cup for Iho athletic division. Every school In Ihe county was enlered in the meet. Fully one thousand persons crowded Ihe high school nudltorlurr here Friday night to hear the fliml decisions of the judges. Prof. D. w. MXifllns, superintendent of the school, made the presentation of the cups nnd medals. MY IIAltltV fiHAYSON Sports Editor, NBA Service KILOXI, Miss., April 4-EmmoU Joseph Mueller i.s a striking example of the type of baseball slavery practiced l>y the St. Lours Cardinals and other major league clubs, and frowned upon by Commissioner landis. This particular brand of boivl- at'C sees Mueller, a grizzled veteran ut 24, obtaining his first big league opportunity uH KI - nmc yenvs Jn the Cardinal chain gang. "I'm fjlud I escaped," .smiles Ihe Miwpd-ofl Mueller, purchased from the Red Birds' Houston subsidiary by the Phillies, who take ?/hal Is left, lifter ihc outfits wllh fnr- flmiB farm systems have their pick. "I knew Jimmy Wilson when I tended lints for the Cardinals, and he promises me every chance at .second base. That's mote than the Cardinals ever gave inc." Mueller's ease well Illustrates how llreadon, Hlckey & Co. grabs 'em younu, before they know any belter, sends them out for seasoning, and lakes its good lime about giving up on tlu'iu. Mueller was snatched from his aliicbrn nnd physics at McBrkle Mini! School of SI. Louis by Dill DeWIU when he wns 15. That was in 1928, when DeWltl ,now vice president nnd general manager of Ihe Browns, was treasurer of the Cardinals. * * • Sent Out Williout a Guardian Although Mueller had two years of high school left. Branch Rickey ' municipal leagues when llic Cardinals lassoed him, He stood only 5 feet 5 when lie worked out with the Red Birds, and often was mistaken for Butch, the clubhouse IKI.V. He Is an inch lalJer now, innl scales 107 |X)um).s, Doesn't Tlihik l.ikit OIJ Deinie Mueller, now variously known as Heinle, Duloh, Dutchman, and Krniilhead, is no relation lo the inimitabio. ilr-inie Mueller of some years back. The old Heinle, now Is the partner of Joe Tobln in a St. Louis floral shop. TJie'oliI Heinle hailed from the Dutch settlement. in South St. Louis. Emmett comes from year's convention of the National Association of Retail Druggists Nor docs (his Heinle think the old Heinle, whose Idea of winniA', the late John McOraw's approbJJ tion was to slick his forehead smack dab In front, of a shortstop or second baseman's throw to break up a double play. This Heinle Mueller knows easier way.s of breaking up double plays, and has shown Jimmy Wilson that he covers plenty of ground. Perhaps liis shaking Hie Cardinal ball and chain has something to do with the latter. No, Lh Side. ,10 is or German-lr,: lo Danville of the 1929, when he was sent the kid Three-Eye in 1C, for tile start of nine years of farm service. The boy moved from Danville to Scottdalc, Pa; lo St. Joseph; to Springfield, Mo., of the Western Association; to Greensboro, M. C., of the Piedmont; back, to Scoltdale; where he bock served to Springfield, two complete campaigns nnd part of another, and then to Houston, where he has been for three seasons. Mueller, the rabbit-type of Infielder, scarcely can be another Prank Frisch, judging by some of the more recent, second base candidates of the Cardinals, but the Phillies purchased him after he had led the Texas League second basemen in fielding, participated in more double plays than any other athlete in that loop, accepted more chances, and topped the circuit in bases on halls. He batted .280 and drove in T2. nins in what long has ben a pitchers wheel. Mueller had been a pitching and Infleldlng phenomenon in St. Louis parochial school, high school, and WHILE THESE SPECIALS LAST. THE CAR YOU MAZING PRICES AND TERMS. 1934 Ford V-8 Coupe . . $156 Color Tiluck. (Jond (ires aiul mnlor. Passed Stale Safety Tcsl. This car will give you lots of economical tlriviii{i. 1935 Chevrolet Coach ............................................. $219 - 1 Tires and Motor iirrfrcl. Color Green. Clean inside ami out. A .steal al this jjrite. 1932 Hudson Sedan $49 Really a wonderful Imy. Molor smooth as velvet. Color Black; Hurry for (his one. PH II LI PS MOTOR CO. ^ 5th & 'Walnut Phone 810 Local Negroes Second In State Cage Meet Harrison high school of this city' won second place in the state ne- gro basketball tournament held at, Arkansas stnle college Saturday. Harrison defeated Dunbar high of Little Rock, 11 to 10. beat Corbin high of Pine Bluff. 11 (o 8. after (wo extra periods of play and won over Brinkley Academy.' IS to 7. Harrison dropped (he final game to Jones high of Little Rock. 14 to 10. yun-s . , . There are likely to be Then. too. the Blythevillc Chick four learns, sponsored by Osceola are tops with them In the foot, mfichanl.s. and two B «mes wee.;- bull world . . . Not n day passes ly will be played by each without someone droppii\g into A small admission v'll be chair,- his .store and ask-in* about the cd and Ihe »->r«ds nrc lo go Chicks and Giants ... It sounds into the scho:;! Hhletic fund . . . klnda peculiar for Osceoln to be ,',iic iilso intimated that the old on Ihe band wagon for Blythe- rtvalry between Tiny Glover .inc. ville. but. frankly. \ve like it . . . him would be renewed . . . T.ayi More power to 'em. purchase of 7 or more new Gasoline 'an of Hi-Grade WHEN YOU WANT: Quick Service .be sure that you come to Phillips. Our stall or attendants Is trained to wait on you quickly nnd always efficiently. Real Mechanics ore ready to put your cor In running shape agnln after the hardest trips . . . you can be sure of real work wltli these efficient nen. Low Prices always interest tho man who lias to be sure of always getting there! Our prices are as low as possible without sacrificing high quality. COME TO— PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut Phone 810 The Tail Is Trying to Wag the Dog It seems (hat in serving your interest as a Member of the City Council I have incurred the ill will and displeasure of the Chief of Police, who has recently devoted most of his lime in- trying (o get someone to run against me, and after soliciting many good citizens to run, he finally induced my present opponent lo enter the race. (And I believe lhat if my opponent realized the true conditions he would immediately with;draw and not permit himself to be used in any such manner or for any such purpose). Is the Chief of Police now using the power of the Police Department to ntrsuade, coerce nnd intimidate voters, both black and white, in his desperate effort to defeat me? Watch him on election day and see whether he uses City cars and City gas and City police to haul voters, both black and white, whose votes he thinks he can control, lo the polls, hoping- to gel thorn to vote against me. If he is doing such things do you approve any 9iich conduct or any such use of (he taxpayers' money? If he had used half the lime nnd crforl in the proper discharge of his duties as Chief of Police, as he has used and will use in trying to defeat me, it would not have been necessary for the Sheriff's Office and Constable's Office to have had tit arrest and bring to trial persons committing; crimes in the City of Kiythcvilic to protect its citizens. When such arrests have to be made by the Sheriff's or Constables' Office the fine.s and forfeitures go lo Ihe Courtly instead of to the Cilr where they should go and would go if the Police Department properly, performed their duties, and would help pay the salaries and expense of the Police Department, which is a heavy burden on Ihe taxpayers. And now you, Ihe Citizens of the First Ward, arc confronted with the astounding speclacle of the Chief of Police, WHO DOES NOT EVEN LIVE IN THE FIRST WARD, using your Police Department, at the taxpayers' expense, trying lo defeat your Alderman because he,'in your behalf, dared (o demand thai the Chief either properly perform (he duties of his office or gel off Ihe job and lei someone lie placed there who would. The issues involved in this race are vital to (he welfare of the Citi/ens of RiytheviUe. If you re-clecl me I will continue to serve you (o the best of my ability. JESSE M. WHITE

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