The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 13, 1951
Page 7
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, ATJOtTiT 18, 19W Crime Hearings 'Biggest Show/ New Yorker Says Unproven Charget Foul City Personnel, GOP Official States M"h" y, RK ' Aiie - "• <*> - * high-ranking city official says the "• S. Senate Crime coinmltte. hearing, here were like "the ereat- «et minstrel show on earth " The Republican official, city construction coordinator Robert Moses «iso says the committee's performance tended to lessen the incentive for high-grade men to become city executives and department heads Commenting on the televiset hearings here last March. Moses said: "It Is senseless to foul our municipal personnel with unproven charges of general corruption and then demand that better people hurry Into government service." Moses, who doubles as parks commissioner, has a- wide reputation for developing modern park and highway systems. Joseph Releases Comment The commissioner, whose comment in an exchange of Jttters with City Comptroller Lazarus Joseph were made public by Joseph yesterday, directed his fire particular)} at Senator Kefauver (D-Tenn) former chairman of the Senate committee, and Senator Tobey (R- NH). another member. Moses said the witness stand appearance of Virginia Hill one^ lime girl friend of the slain mob- f «ter Bugsy Siegel "was no more relevant in the Kefauver investigation than Morgan's midget at the stocket market investigation " Ho referred to the incident of the depression days when a pub- icity agent had a midget pop Into (he lap of the late financier J p fore*"" * hen he W8S . lestt '> r| "8 be - Paraprhase Included Mose's attack o n , t h e atnate Crime Committee, made during a discussion with the city comptroller ibout the need for able executives to effect budget savings, also Included this blast: •To paraphrase the sapient words of the immortal bard, there will be cakes and ale, wagering and other sports, after Senators Kefau- yer and Tobey have returned to th« hills of Tennessee and New Hampshire from whence, as the Bible says, cometh our help." A "few more doses of Senator Tobey and the town will be thirsty for another Jimmy Walker." Th« late James J. Walker—the dapper and fun-loving mayor of the 1920'*—resigned under fire. Preliminary Boyle Report |,Due in Week, Hoey Says WASHINGTON. Aug. 13 ijp, _ Senator Hoey (D-NC) said today t Senate investigating subcommittee may get a preliminary report this week on ail Inquiry Into charges •gainst William M. Boyle, Jr the Democratic national chairman. Army Is Firm On West Point 'No Honorable Discharges/ It Soys • WEST POINT, N.Y.. Aug. IS. W) -The Army was holding firm today to IU stand that there will be no honorable discharges for cadets found guilty of violating the Military Academy's honor code. There has been a strong mov«- ment, launched last week by Head Football Coach Earl (Red) Btolk' to allow the accused cadet* to leave the academy without the stigma contained or implied in other forms of dismissal. A restatement of the Army's position came yesterday with an of/i- cial announcement that final hearings should be completed earij tills week on the 90 cadets facing dismissal for cribbing on examinations. "The action we are to take has been approved by the department of the Army and the President himself," said col. jarne.s B. Leer, the academy's public information officer He added: "There can be no deviation from the statement made last week by MaJ, Gen. /.eaves MGM To Help Her Marriage the superintendent. Frederick Irving." Eisenhower Sees American Units Perform on Rhine MAINZ, Germany. Aug. 13 up, — General Dwight D. Eisenhower, inspecting American troops In Germany, watched tank and mortar crews perform on the banks of the Rhine River today. The Atlantic Pact By BOB THOMAS . HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 13. (ffi) — When Arlene Dahl announced she wanted to ? M ller MGM c o ntrac t some time ago, most film observers She escaped the _. • -- •••- pact, all right She passed up Wl250 „ weclc and the security of a studio »t a time when quite a few actors are living o» breakfast food and cherished hopes, so 1 consulted her lor an explanation of the seemingly foolhardy move. It was partly due to her recent marriage to Lex Barker, the breast- beating ape man of the Tarzan series, she declared. "It's risky enough for an actress to marry an actor," she explained I think many such marriages are wrecked because of conflicting schedules, with one party away on location while ihe other ts at home and vice versa. I believe that is what caused the rift between Barbara Stanwyck and Hobcrt Taylor. Those long absences are murder; a ' in co/nmamier pent 30 minutes visiting a combat command of the Second Armored Division which recently arrived to lulwark Western defense forces. Eisenhower watched attentively s crews of M-2« medium tanks pilled out of their machines in an evacuation drill and set up ma- hineguns. Then infantrymen practiced set- ing up mortars but did no firing. Eisenhower was escorted around he unit's parade ground by Major 5en. WillLston B. Palmer, the Sec- nd Armored's commander. General Thomas T. Handy, com- landcr of U.S. troops In Germany nd Lieut. Gen. Manton S. Eddy, he Seventh Army commander ac- ompanjed Eisenhower. . Hoey told a reporter that agents Communists Jail Catholic Clergy in Peiping Sector HONG KONG, Aug. 13. W, _ 3htirch sources report that Com- nmlst police have Jailed 19 Catho- c priests and closed 12 of pei- ing's 17 parish centers in the most frontal, attack" yet on Cliris- anity in China. The rest of Peiping's 80 fcreign missionaries were reported under house arrest. A similar drive against, other Christians throughout Red China was predicted. BEAUTIFUL 'l)Anl.'_A picture of Arlene Dahl is siipjiosed to be printed with this story, but one wasn't available so iiere is "Kiki" Hakansson. "Miss World." instead —any good lookin' doll is better than no good lookin' Dahl (AP Photo). Ington and Florida. "Of course. I couldn't have appeared on television wtifie I was at MOM." she said. "They would • allow me to do 'other activitie.5 if I was a good girl. But if I gel on looking Into accusations that Boyle person can change completely six months. "It's Up to ih* Wife" "I feel it is up to the wife to manage her life so she can be with her husband as much of the time a.s possible. That'* one of the reasons I wanted out of MGM. As a free-lancer, I could arrange my schedule so I'm making a picture when Lex Is." -Arlene's other reasons for leaving the studio stemmed from its refusal to loan her to play Roxanne in "Cyrano de Bergerac." "They told me mey would compensate lor it with a big role at MGM." she recalled. "But it never came. Instead, they put me in three stinkers t'No Questions Asked' •Watch the Birdie,' 'Inside Straight.') so I got mad," No Plans of Arlene The fiery redhead had it out with a studio bigwig. He admitted that the big musicals were designed for Jane Powell. Esther Williams and Kathryu Grayson, and there were no plans for Arlene. "Very well," she replied. "Then I want out." Nearly every player who leaves n studio remarks, "the party was friendly." But the old cliche appears true in Arlene's case. "They gave me my wedding gown," she explained, "and kept me on salary until after the honeymoon." One other reason for her departure was the variety of her outside activities. She has almost as many, enterprises as Bing Crosby's rela-! lives. She Writes Column ' She produces a thrice-weekly beauty column, which runs In about 30 papers. (She cioes (he interviewing' and an assistant does the writ»>!,', a nice set-up if J.QU nsk me.) She is bringing out a line of negligees and matching sets, which she 1 designed herself, she is also going I mycInT "a ' W ond7r"dnig 'inVoInt to market cosmetics under her : ment ba«e name. ~ ' Besides this, she Just returned from playing In "I Married an Angel" at-the outdoor theater In Dal- Early Funeral To Be Tomorrow In Arlington WASHINGTON, Aug. 13 (AP) — Stephen T. Early, press secretary to two presidents, will be burled In Arlington .National Cemetery tomorrow morning. Karly died Saturday of a heart at- lack. As a World War I veteran he ivas eligible for burial In the national cemetery where He many of this country's great military and naval heroes. Karly was R close friend and press secretary to President Franklin 0 Roosevelt, He stayed on for a time alter Roosevelt's death to help Pres- early ident Truman through' his Willie House days. Funeral services will be held at Hie Washington National Cathedral at 9 a.m. <EST> and burial will follow at 10:30 a.m. PAOB SEVEN Soap-Box Derby Winner Is Susquehanna Hero AKRON ft llln 1* / *nv m_i. ._ AKRON, O., Aug. 1J. (AP)—Tall slender Darwin-cooper. 15, a shy boy who built hia sleek black racer In the dining room of his home In Danville, Pa., !> the hero of the Susquehanna Valley today. The black-browed lad rode to vie-' tory In the 14th All American Soapbox Derby here yesterday to sive Pennsylvania Us champion In the event. first Rational history of the The All -American champ, running under the colors of the \Vil- Iteinsport defeated -, eeae HO-wlnncrs from the U.S.. Canada Alaska and the U.S. zone of OcrJ many. Darwin's steelworkcr father, William. Ms mother Elasahelh. and a cousin, Donalter. who svas second In last year's AlUAmerican were there to watch. While the overflow crowd of 80,000 rhecred oS mond Marconi of Gary. Ind.. who placed second, and Paul p. (Freddie) Albright of Jefferson City. Mo. who was third. The winner still is to decide where lie will take the $5,000 scholarship he won. Said his mother, 'I wanted Darwin to become a doctor, but he has his heart set on becoming an auto mechanic. He loves cars. In school his best subject Is mathematics." AKRON. O., Aug. 13, (AP)-Wilbur Shaw, 49. Indianapolis Speedway president, was reported In "silently improved, but serious" condition at city hospital today. He collapsed of a heart attack at the so.ipbox derby yesterday afternoon Shaw ran up ths 875-foot sloping race course to pet H pre-iace parade car. He collapsed on the grass after Manhattan Ferry Run Crippled by Labor ; Thousands 'Afoot' Insurance Company Expands Several hundred Arkansas a r e to be employed -In a major move NEW YORK. Aug. 13. (APi—A la- of P"'rtcruim Insurance Company bor dispute today crippled Jerry! 0 ' Amr "ci>, special agent L E Old service between stalen island and| Jr of 13 21 West Hesrn street Manhattan, presenting, thousands i )lerp ' has announced of commuters the prospect ot loiie detours through Brooklyn and New Jersey. Crew members on the clty-oneint- ed ferry boats were, reporting "sick ' with only enough men on hand the vessel. Officials suspension, 'i couldn't money from them." So now she Is on her own. No night to operate one put a second boat 1,, •service »t & a.m. (ESTi In time to cntcn the morning rush hour. But even then, they pointed out, it nor- ioaci I ' nl<CS 5 ' X b ° alS '° halltile William McGuire, director ot fer- £' n »i! craU °" ; art>ti -«d Hie estimated W.OOO commuters and 10.090 others who line the ferry to find alternate means of travel this morning. Methodists Inaugurate Mve-ln Services for j Churchgoers in Theatr* BOSTON. Aug. 13. M>,_The feature st the Neponset Drive-In 3'es- . need to worry about her future. This gir) can handle herself in the business world as adeptly as Clifton Webb at a cocktail party. collect the | lcr(la - v was Sunday service. The regular drive-in theater drew congregation of 300 as the Rev. Firm Tells of New Burns Dressing For Atomic War NEW YORK. Aug. 13. </P> _ A new aureomycin dressing for bum? i* described as an "important step" m medical preparations for atomic warfare. The dressing, disclosed yesterday by Davb and Gee's, inc.. Is a gauze bandage impregnated with ailreo- Davis and Geek said it would be valuable In atomic warfare which would require treatment o'f large numbers of persons suffering seri- infected burns as well as the "HEAVENS! I'VE LOST MY PURSE!" Kver K «l that panicky feeling when you'v. mislaid a purse or billfold or ring or watch something rnighfy valuable (o yowi There's no need for «-„„, J™j insure i(. This^pe of p^liev s what we ,aU a "I>er S( ,n a l Property Floater" and •t Hill protect you again* the loss of nearly all INSURANCE DEPARTMENT your,personal possessions—your jewelry, silver, furs, china, etc.—protection against all perils! Anywhere in the world—for instance, on vour vacation (rip. Why don'l you call tomorrow'and find out how little (his protection costs? Some day it may be too late. — G. H. ROBSON, MANAGER THE FARMERS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Tht Oldest Bank In Mississippi County "Tim« Tried—Panic Tested" r.n.l.C-fil,«N Dentil Memht, federal R wr « ..-.,-•---.. u * OYU rut tue rtev Dr. Ernest Lyman Mills. pastor o( the Parkman Street Methodist Church. Inaugurated a Sunday worship series. . ™ e PMshioricrs heard the Rev. "ills sermon over the car speakers which normally carry the dialogue and music of movies The pastor said the attendance was gratifying and encouraging— the spirit was such as we desired." U.S. Ha* 15,000 Forgery Casei Awaiting Probe WASHINGTON, Aug. 13 •• (f,^ Government bond and check forgeries have been so numerous that on July 1 the Secret Service had a backloi! or 15.000 awaiting ln- vestigajion. Reporting this yesterday, the service said drug addicts have been itealing and forging government This marks the company's second big expansion move In less than give them money for checks to narcotics. U. E. Baughinan, Secret Service chief, said in a report to Secretary ol the Treasury Snyder thai at least four cnses of thai kind turned up In the year which ended June 30. a .year. Last September the company established a state nmrtgnge toaii and .real estate investment office in Little Rock to meet the financial needs of the area. Now the company is planning a greatly expanded Insurance force throughout the stale, Mr. Old said Only three-time 7/imier of tht 500-mile Memorial Day race at In. dianapolis, Shaw had been In charge of the finish-line Hag at the Soapbox derby for > number ot years, His wife. Cathleen. was it hlj bedside last night, but their son REMOVE DANDRUFF ! 7!} Kirby Drug Store Seattle, built on seven hills be- t«-cen Lake Washington and Pu- Rel Sound, wash., has 200 miles of waterfront. Read Courier News Classified Ads HARRISON SERVICE STATION GOOD GAS FOR LESS J Miles North of .Cornell. Slate Lin* B. R. rate, Operator. OLD in l/i« wood Straight Kentucky Bourbon in all its Glory A GREAT $ Jfi7 VALUE! *» Ys Qt. fcl'inl '1 *nw. Himn JIKKIIHIHII Himr. m suss «smti« «.. FIMKFHI. PROGRAM SCHBDULf KOSE 860 On Your l>ial Tuesday August 1 (, 1951 MORMNO 5:15— Sign On 5:15— Musical Round Uo 6:00— News 6:05 — Farm Fair 6: 15— Musical Round Up 6:30— Gospel Gems . ' 7:00— News 7:05_Yawntn' In Mawnln' 8:00— News v 8:15— Blng sing, ; * 8:30^KOSE Kapert '• 9:00— Woman's Viewpoint * • 9:30— Tin Pan Alley 8:46— Dearest Moth»r 10:00— News 10:05— Modem Concert Hall J0:30-Meet the Band 11:00— News 11:05— Farm Frolic* 11:30— Trumann Peritec«stal Church ' Jl:*5— Farm Frollo« ' AFTERNOON 12:00— New« 12:15 — Nojn Serenafa 12.-30— Cotton Area forecast !:oo- Behind the World Newt 1:05— Matlnes Melodiei 1:30— Guest star 1:45— Navy Band 2:05— Hillbilly Round O» 3:00— News 3 :05— Heptlnw 4:00— New> 4:05— Murrny'j M«dhoiu« '.. 5:00— News ' . . 5:05— Record Rack 8:00— Buchanan Scoreboard 6:15— stars on Parad« 8:30— News 8:35— Evening Serenade Off Top-campmilon pow»t: Mew Packard Thunderbolt Engin« give you ihe efficiency o( America 1 ! hightil-comprfuion tight:. Plus: service-lice jim- plicity — up ro 25% fewer working pirn than in cnginn of comparable power, N«w kind of viiion: Packafd'j .lew, loa-lcvcl honnci gives real "close-up" visibility. Urrromolic Drlvt—i Pjckird exclusivccombinirijdht smoothness of no xtaT-chan%ing dut- lilt ecctlcralirjn. with the tffi- (icniv ot no tlififiagt uhen cruising. w ll<»rlng moglc: NVw irfei.i in steering dcsi.en and »'Clght distribution Jet you maneuver i Packard wiih ,11 lutle effon « it uk« 10 mm • door knob! Ntw •varyfhlng: All tucked by motordoms .stcatcst dura, btltiy record. Fact: Of ail ths Pjtkanlj builr. in the fan )2 ><"/. over 50% jrt Hill i, ifnicel MOTOR SALES COMPANY 217 West Walnut, Blytheville, Ark.

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