The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MAKCH 27, 1034 BLYTHEVILI.K, (ARK.). COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Trouble Zone of Eastern Asia (ConlinU3d From Page One) They are, In tact, complementary ruilicr tliun conflicting or com- "Our principal export Is silk, whieli you must have, oul do not produce. We must have cotton automobiles, und so forth, which you produce, but which we do not.' "is il iruc llial Jap n » aims at u Monroe Doctrine of her own foi Asia 1 )" 1 asked. : "Wo," the foreign minister re-- ulicd. "The Monroe Doctrine Implies certain exclusive rights over some particular area and Japan makes no claims to exclusive privileges hi Asia, "I recently staled in the Diet lhat. "We should not for a moment forget llmt Japan, serving as the only cornerstone for Hie edifice of ihe peace ot Eastern Asia, bears ihe entire burden of responsibilities.' No "Monroe Ooctrfnc" "By nils 1 do not mean to Imply a Japanese Monroe Doctrine for that quarter of the y Japan has no Monroe. "I meant merely that Japan must have peace and order in East Asia and, therefore, is taking the lead in a job for the good: of the en- tlic world. "What about your Manehurian policy " 1 queried. "In Manchuria we hope to help set up a model slate. If by our help Manchukuo becomes peaceful and prosperous, It may lead to a peaceful and prosperous China And such a China would be a boon lo all civilization." "Would Japan accept foreign cooperation in the job of reconstruction in Jhe Far Enst?" I juit. in. "Far from wishing to take t Ili3 pacification of East Asia iilone," lie answered, "Japan no only would welcome, but invite. Ihe co-operation of the United States, Britain, and other potters." Farm Ciiiung Kji-shtk "What, for example. could America and Europe do, in a p.ictical way, to advance the cause uf peac?. say in China?" 1 asked. "Support Chiang Ksi-sltck." tlic foreign minister ciuickly replied. "The prcsen! Nanking government far from controls all ot Cliiua. It is sorely beset on all sides by rebels, Communists, and bandits. If Chiang Kai-shek fails, , there is no tcllint; what will hap- j'cn." "You mention Communists. Are i hey ied 1,-y Russians?" "I do not believe, the Chin:se of loday would repeat the mis- lake of Sun Yat-sen and put Russians in charge. But that, doe-i nut matter. The result is the :;ame whether Chinese coiiiiu i.-. inspired irora atroad or by conditions of 11 ant, and miscrv at home "In cither case live answer chaos, -and chaos in China L menace to world peace." Discounts War Kumars "What arc the chances of n- :r breaking aion-j ihe Amur tctive-n Japan and Russia?" "Japan has r.o indention to attack Russia, and I clo not b-ifcvc Russia Intends lo attack us. so Jhrre should be no war. "Russia has sen! n considerable creates a certain uneasimva. Bi:'.; I don't thint; ii will lead to any-1 «3 CH»HCE TOK ALONG flit AMUR BE1WIEN W5S* ANOJMAH ANCHUKUO .UILD />> PEACEFUL STATE IH NCHUKUO GREAT F:W FOE Of PEACH I EAST AS'A MUST EXPORT SILK MUST IMPORT 'COTTON&AUrOS SUPPORT OF CHtANG KAI-5HEKAT NANXIHG TO INSURE PEACE OP EAST A5IA NANKING VIEILILOW SEA (lie "cockpit" of Asia, shown on Manila Society — Personal Ki'V. anil Mrs. J. W. Moore ul- tlie meeting of the U'ncU- ville diiiuter. Order of the East- cm BUi. Pi-May nl»lil. Thf JimhiiA mill WHIMS of Mu- lilBh whcoA l\iivu begun iiruc- •'i- on u play. Mrs. I,, v. Stevens \vus tftkeu to the Hlyihevllle 3im- d-.iy (or lu\ilinenl, Ui-v. F. Gulhrlijlil ivius In Rock Hill. Ark., filiuduy. Tlic Hoiilor l.e.iytie uf the Meth- church has dio.scu the Wlolfleers: president, Frsrirtlo vico-prosideiu. lloy A(,lm- briinner; MTR'liuy. Aliuela uVT- ircusuivr, AHu Seoll. silver ivft, s|tonsorcd by the Mi'lhodlst, Women's MtssloiuirysQ- ti'lll be Klven Krlriiiy afternoon ul the new lumie of l}i. and :. Fox. Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Kerry mid Miiall son. Alun, and Mrs. Myrtle mid daughter visited til lllylhcvllle Bunrtay. •Sliorlhimd is u compulsory studj lor tlic GOO men of the Sheffield, police force. »llial> .was Plaintiff, No. &53B, u id Mis. Mlnnlo McUuhun (I il, were iWriidnnls. will sell nl pubic i)iu;tlon to ['<•" Illfltebt «lul bfM ikT. .on :i credit of Itufe noiuhs. al llit> from door of Die Court bctwwn tlie hours in-.srrllKd by law, In tin; Clly of lilyllU'VlIU', Arkansas, on Ihf lull lny of April, IM4, 1 1 if following rcul estate. to-wil: All of Lots Five i5> nnd Six (0), ill lilock "G." of HIP J. 1'. 1'rldi' Subdivision to Hie Clly of IJlylhovllle, Arkansas,; id- KI CVrtlllciilr No. U«5, ClM« WAA. 40 shares of the Tnwl- ors linllillnt; «nd U)»n Aijo- Cilltlcm U'eilK'Ulilll. Said sale will be hnd to Mllify said lionet In the sum of «1.08«»3. wllli 10 ptr cent Interest from Frbiuury ae, 19M. The piirelmifr Bt said ml* wilt • icqulrcd to excculo bonit n-lih npprovfd wcurlly, ,lo wcurc the jwyiucnt of llic i>iircliaso money, nnd « lieu will be retntiH'd uuon saw properly u> iiddlllotml tccur- of sueli pur- Ity for.the mojiry. Witness my li»ml and Ihe keal of said Court, on tills, the day of March, 1834. R. I,. QAINES Commissioner hi Cluilwry. •il-3-10 Japan, Key figures in the diplomatic game that is being Hirota of Japan,' upper right, and Chiang Kai-siiek, '•.strong man" of China, immense strategic value, are indicated by Hie "crossline" routes, (he Trans-Siberian, running north Manchukuo, with its terminus in Vladivostok, and the Chinese Eastern, traversing Maiicliukuo. COMMISSIONKK'.S SAI.K Notice Is hereby given tlml ,ned commissioner, i' with the terms of n dc- rcnclered by the Clmncery Court lor tlw Chlckasupba District Mississippi County. Arkansas, Hie 20lh day of February, 10M, Roberts, Hccelvtr ^ L. Assn. U'er- < OMMISSIONKR'S Notice Is licreby given that Hie |iindcnslgned commissioner. In eom- n'ltli the terms of n de- rendered by llu- Cluuicer} for (he Chlckusawbn District of MlssLulppI County, Arkiin- sas, on Ihe aili day of September, I33:i, wherein The Coiiimoii- wcnllli Building & Uinn Assn., of Little nock, Arkim.ius, n ooiporn- llon, n-iis.l'liiliUfir. No. 5524, and Ruth Smith ct ul were Defend 00$ E8J IP ^C© y t ID V GEORGE SCARBO DAN THOMAS ONCE «*T TOA G-VMH^S-.UM AND HIMSELF SKETCHED JifiT TD WIN A BET FROM CHCO A9 TO VWO \NASTALLEP-. Indians Set Traps for Eagles thing." "What do you lliink position would be in a Japanes: conflict?" China's FORT APACHE, Ari7. [UI>> — Eaylo fealiiers. at one time the most sacred possessions of the "The pre.scnl belief at Kai-kln- ' 1 l' aclle 'ndian no longer are 1-, limt China stands lo profit by'; sousllt by tribc£II " !l ' '" ">i.s sec- Bill Maupin. chief of Uhc Indian peace more tlian she would by general Far Eablcra war ' iiliich she might tak? a hand. I/olicc on the reservation, reccnl- ".\anking no-.v K convinced lhat I 1 *' rev . cnlcd lhal tllc Hcdmeii have undcisliiiKiing win, at] turned to trappin; the eagles to n; to her advantage than' c-n^"' pro ' ecl " lcir Ulrke l' locks. The flicl." eagles liarc Ijcen t:(!Iing turKcys )li"l3 .-it shrcud -Slrnkc in e:tat numbers. This »tiitciii:iii is extremely si"- 1 ncvcrti "S "> tribal customs IliD ' a Indians tie a lamb in plain view Throughoal Uic Far F.asl. well-defined and set a largo number of traps nifieant. I have discovered „ .,,.„-„,;„„..„ belief that China's f «ron" man abc ' n ' As thc f;ir(ts " lient ^ make Marshal Chianj Kai-shek has! a k '"' tfiey oflcn nrc slv ' cn «>">-readied an undcr.standlnr' -viih 1 "'" lg " lort: • wrio ' ls lo Ull " k aboui. Nippon .inrt tliere is cvcn^talk ol' Cllicf Maun' 11 to| d of recently seethe possibility * - "'" " """ l ~ "' '" "^ goveinni?n<t':ci _ Sho'.ild this "happen. orcouTse it would put. an entirely new face on the r)i;e.sUoii of recognition by! countries. Refusal to ex-' of the Nanking ig Manchukuo ing a nock of nearly 500 eagles £oarin« over n lamb bait. Th_s is almost unbelievable but never- ilicles-s true. other tend recognition after China ha-J cone, so would place them in the pcsuion of being "more Catholic itir.n the Pope." I Whether Japan withdraw! Sorority Girls Turn MX, will .sell at public uucllon 0 Hie lilohebl and bpsl bidder, ur .cusli, on n credit of Three tonllui, nl thu front door of the Joiiri lloiist-, Ijetween the liours iri'scrlbcd by law, In (he Cily of|io-\vlu C II. Bean, I liaw, w thta Ind day of February, A. a. UM,-levied iipon the fqltowlng d«crlbrt real slate, -situated In the 'County of Ml/stsslj>))l uixl StaU) of ArkUJKM, niythcvllle, .Arkansas, on the Hth lay of April. 1934. lliu following I cnl I'Mnte. to-wlt: Ixil No, lo )n llloclt One of the Clilrnga Mill A UniilK'r coiiiiiuny's Third Adilllion to ' UK City of IJlydievlllc, Aikun- Siiid miIc Kill be Imtl to .satisfy ii Id deerei 1 In Ihe .sum oi WJU.b'2. \ with 10 per ITIU Interest fi-om June Ml, IMa, nnd ilu> .sum of I JO.OO with 10 ivr cent Interest • rom August 1st. IM3, lotU'llivrj «i(h nil costs. i The purchiiser fit Mild sale wlllj be required to execute t'ond ivlth j pprovtd sccurlly, to iccurc the I pnymcnt of tlu: purchiisc money,! mrt u llea will be relfllned UIKJII aid properly as additional seemly for tlie payment of such purchase money. Witness my hand nnd llu; snil of said Court, on (Ills, the Mill day of March, 1834. R. L, OAINES Conimluioner' hi Chancery. 27-a-IO NOTlCt: OK MAKSIIAI.'S SAI.K United HUt« uf Amrrli't) tss: Katitiu DUlrlit u( Alkurmsl I'ubltcc not led Ss hereby ylven, '.IM| by virtue ot » wilt of .Merl Facias lor execution), ilalcd 3, 11)31, bailed oijl of Ihe District C'ciirl of Ihe Unl'.ed Stules for tli; ^sterr. District ot Arkunsas on ;i ,iii<lgmi'iu rendered in said Court on thc (Jlh duy of iXcember, A. D. 1932, In liecr-lver fuvor of U. L. nrartley, of First National Soiilli Unlf tSKl at Southeast (UKukT (SE'.i) section Twenty- levn Ul) Township sixteen 116) North, linnBe Twelve (12) Kail. (Kitjliiy neres) Norlh Half '(N'.i) nf Southeast" tiuor- tor (SKi' t ) ol Secllon Twenty- seven (27) Township' Sixteen MC) Noilh. H.tiijjc Twelve (12) Kiuit. (Highly acres) East, Half tK'-i) of llie Enst Half (EV4) -•"ml Noillui-ost Northeast Quuiler (NW NEC,) Section twnnly-two (22) Township Klxlom (ICi Rnngc twelve (12) Knit Ono humlred .eighty Noillienst Quarter (NEW) ot Her lion (wenty-scvcn (11), Township sixteen <10) llnngo Twelve (12) East, NorllmJ-sl Quurter <NW,), o( Section Twenty-seven (27) Township sixteen (16) North, itangc Twelve (12) East. One l'uiulr«l tliirty-four acres. ?.,-.d Hint I will nccordlnjjly offer .-:ui reul eslnte for sate at public vc'iulue to (he highest und best, h'dder on cretllt of three nioulhs p'lrchaser to furnish -approved i.ond lor purchiisc price und Interest; all llie right Utlc, Interest, mid equity of Mrs. C. H. Dean, at ll>i: South fronl door of the MIs- ilsslppl County court house at Dly- llicvillr, Arkuusns on the 10th day of April lit 1:30 P. M. O. I,. MALLORY, U. s. Marshal. F-irAcin Ublrict of Arkuns;iti. lly L. F. WILLIAMS, Deriuty. A. Cmmbiithain, Dlylhcvllic, Ark., nnd ngnlnst, Mrs. I Plaintiff's Ally. FRONT PAGE HEWS! The World's Largest Sdlj Motor Oil, NOW Availabis ton. Uora Sheldon and !ikmd:i Bushman, alieaiiy have rjualtnc:! j as olTiccis. The three girls recently cbasetl '•purse snalchcr" who Invaded Hie sanctum of their dormitory, into a church then outside where they carried on a conversuio:] with tlw well-dressed bandit until police arrived. Upon arrest It was learned the man was Lester Alder. 24. iiiirolec! convict from Colorado. And it was a man that phoned police while the girls gave chase. REFINERY SEALED CAN GermaiYs claim to have p'jrlc?; i a method for walcrproifin;- concrete surlaces by sprayhr- them with molten meluJ. The famous library of lav and oilier books in the Middle Temple. London, contaiiis foumled in 1011, about 70,000 volumes. Sleulhs in Arizona CofTec first came into human notice during the l&th century br.ei.nse the shrub caused intoxication among sheep. thc Wasliinglon nnval treaty un- Jc« givrji parity witli tl te United States anri Uritain, [lie forclan minister said, lu'j, yet to tc officially decided. Exclusion SUM Sore ypot , cxcluijon from (lie! i-micd siatcs. he admits. sti,l "uses mud, uit^,,,^ in j if,, , frt "" il to -gol^» tesuc. after nil P n"'f |! ' jsm °" is lt ^- n.^.f ' ^ (1]1 American do- m-sdc problem ivliieh. soollcr 0 , will stuic o! her remove ll,e sling to JaV,^ hpr We foreign Minister Hirota K Kidcly regarded as one of iic : mcst discerning of Nippon's present-day illpiomals and statesmen Beloic assuming his present office he was ambassador to Moscow. NEXT: 1935, (he critical je» r for Japan, when n»v>] r.irlly, tlie League of Nations, and ownership of the Sculh Sea Islanils MIIJ i J5 rom: TEMPE. Ariz. 'UPj.-Sliould th:y ever form a' Sherlock Holmes sor- thc Sta'te -tiacteifs 1 . col- l°!f- h "°' ^i" cinln ? h 'h. ( '. Hamll- . Read Coudcr N^ews \Vant. Adi. All breeds,of geese in thtsco'.in- try are defended from 'the v.ild gray .goose; they have- hccn domesticated for centuries. COURIER T HE stamina, tlie quality and thc economy of Mobiloil is not a new story. For years Mobil- oil lias been the world's largest selling motor oil. Millions of car owners all over tlic world know that Mobiloil lasts-longer . . . t lubricates better . . . preserves power and keeps motors purring smoothly under all conditions. Now we have added a newscrvicc for your protection. World- famous Mobiloil is available in' RtlMNERY SEALED CANS ! You may have Mobiloil in bulk from th'e familiar driveway dispensing unit, or in CA.NS . , , whichever, you prefer. No matter where or when you buy Mobiloii you can always be sure of getting a full measure of the genuine product, as fresh', clean and reliable as the day it left the refinery. 'Thc v ll',000' Magnolia Stations and Dealers throughout the Southwest .value your patronage and confidence.^HeIp them to protect your interests by asking for Mobiloil by narnc. r later, America o«n accord in On sale MAGNOLIA STATIONS AND DEALERS r..c-n 'Stoy with MognolJo ond you stay ahead 1 .' Stand by . ... It's Almost Time so SUMMER-IZE Only Magnolia Stations and Dealers CAN

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