The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1936
Page 3
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TUESDAY', JUNK Dormer Windows Important ID Modern I Ionic, Construction • L. Wavcl Rcmoclclinu People's Bank Building for RoscntJuil 10' ,,i v ; s " . 10 ••- . , il ° 'will th'.l? l ;' u "' y " ro ' Uf lm " ly ml lloor ' «*>"> "="">" <"' ', -' ' >• r lins become a real IIP- would, in f,,d, look live house, a dormer l p....pi.. !ic second; " CIU Uouset (or Store Mr. sir Till! New York a no.v home. !!' Itaellllml, Die proprietor:!, . lensi'd tin; lunuer I'wile.s link bilildin;; frcni I. I,. Ward, ho Is com'?!-!!));: it inio a stniv illiliiii:. We.rk has already started on 10 llfw !.lll>|>, Which i:. lo hiivc modern from and : m ini'Tlar cesdty u> |<li'e adequate air lo i'ne rooms under such breaks hi the roof }Jti£ the customarv | .some builders lo bulkl a , , Uo ,,,, e , j , , ' ' sl°l'«'nMd light mid sluml 1 01 be : I- «»«ol,toTCd ,o n^x-ar overp^orl „< o, Dormers with iiuitlio»e<l of I windows seldom look well; thw ari Housing Question Box Q. Oil! house |s only six inonllis «I<t mul i IK- doors ,,n (un- kitchen cabinet luve shmnl: so lliui the Milch <U-.j no! -nojil. Wluit can » ( . Governs Tone, • Color in Painting Rooms lor Illl till 1 lalC.M CCmiplJlCIH (Iks' ready-to-wear .shtj);, 1 . The lower part of Die fro'u ill bo of black ,.|as:i. wliil;. omi( . ; . ,, •ntfil windows, <n fancyl <'• •run Ktrliiea and aluminum cip- <.<,mer ,uh-r*Es vs *z ; £ "-TO"75 »''' i»'- «~'"c ;MS U ^ - * Wftr ,« ;=; i-aeh side and aeros I be fromlike u'h wmlovvs I, , S KaWc ° VC1 ' ' llhl """' <"'<l>'»vinvallv. most " K ' n ' '< :l »«>'*«l ilMcm,,,. In ssrs;:,^:^ "'""" *•' ' ~v!,ss,,; ! vs v '' '" • ^•-""^InSMi.'^JsSClf?; 11 ^-'" taue. or'an lial| ;m vllh Is iisinllv , ' " '" '' 1K ' il r:K "" "'"' rmiil lo fs th,.,i, L!".j ,„.! """i llow |L l' 1 "^- Tin.!, nmk house calls for whlfli iho dooi'.i »-iTii miulo wtm evMwlly not. illy and llw winter lieal IIHK enusi-d Hie .s-ni'lnkngo. All vvoixl will shrink iv IU(I<< under winter lu'iiiliiif, bnl. It slimiW iiolslninli ilo now l! lo liavo n sM\t s\diloO lo llii> stiles of on,- or boih rto.ivs. Q. At (lines our clilnuiey .mnokv.5 badly mul ut oiliers It, jlr'iiivs |)ej-- fi'ctly. The mason blnmcs H on I sain,' ncnrliy frees. I s It ,,.. M ,| W( , liny liiivi! »ii.vijiinjt lo do wl(h It? sl '0«'' i the imilbllltlm of in« lour A. Ye.s. When ilie wind i< f|. 1V ii' r ? om llo " ' l11 twi >-story conslriic- ' ""•" lion. In tho mutter of cost it. Is Stuirs Add lo Cohslruclion Cost Btil Confer Compensating Benefits WASHINGTON, n..C.-l>liui "C" of (tt« Irntlon 'I'ec^inlcal iiislnn Admlnls lliilleiln No. -I tain aiuv.stoj 1 :;, li>V will (Icvoi-iite tin: nppei- l):i r: Ihn ilisiihiy M-hwlows will bo mo:l them, 'nils helps bin, fact, it usually make.,- Uicm look worse. If Uie ilesijn of COSTS Reduced 50f Aluniiiiiiin used i Only ;!'/,(• |)i-r Ki|. Fl. l.el us m.nko ;iu !.'.<-:tiiii;itc on in-iiluliiH'; your nflu-. , C. Robinson . In inmuimclns the velocatinn •'•'• <%OJ| tl, and llius rodiie-- tbe nires- t of '.'ieir store. ML anil Mrs. | slt v for excessive head room "im- Ho.xfiiiluil slaicrt (hat they pl.m 1 slairs. lo have one 01 iho mosl. modern j If y°» wish to make a tlianee JinliL'V ,-,)IO;K i:j a,i s .sr-ttjon. MrV in lj| o dormer windows' of viin Hcsenlhal lias lieon ' ' ' ''" ' ' • | here lor ^ti years. { l-lif re-uly-to-wf-ar Ijiishipiis cx- j ehisivoly n number i afli'i- hiivini; lind : i folk w. AKOC. of 'Memphis 1 " 1 | mehheei wiih n. n. nynii. of Si. Louis, interim' nrtliltcr-l. .. voir in business llo 'iu-'. funds inny lie obtained from into ;' prlrale nnmiclal institution which coniraet of Insurance with »>c l-'edmil Adiuinislrn- '' of years n B o j ([ejit'rul si ore.! lion under ijij. [,>,•„,; of ,I IC 'M' oiLsliii; Ac! Shelves at Room j End Found Useful j The enil of n room, particularly I n dining room, can be mnde nitrae- tlve by building out Use \™ll nbonl. 0 Indies wlhi slmjile v.-ooil )ianc-l- Ing. Ditis prot'klhij recessed shelves lov .clilim or oniaments In (hi-- cicpth. Such Improvements tan be financed under ilie Modernization 3-Room Apartment to Dongan Street House A inmiljor of ini|>rov<>incul.s itrt busi'f- - n "" IC l ° 1 ' OS|(I '' I1<: < 1S »»il Belle Wood l!ns rampl"ed \'he ccnslviiellon of a new three room JUiui Ink-nt on (lie east side of IILT house ,-.'. 120 Donsuli wliieh she win occupy. She hns converted Ihe rcsl. of Die liouw hit" nimilnients. The rnlire -•..... ...v i»ii_iuin in/.iit.iun •••••• »<t'"i liurms. 1110 ( C redit Plnti of i.lic Fttlrrnl lions-! "eusc has been redecorated m, ArtmlnhlrntloB. T ,» c. A. cunning clence, nl DOS W. Ilearu ting n nciv dining north side. Tho being repoperod uch .lireMs Una blocks! huve .shovumd Wocks I,, tiic seoni modem tleslgn ii|X)ii the old still prefer i|n> rMablUhrd forms sho'nld are ranrc wmitlr,. (o diem ami. tin- saai.- len.son te wlllln,; to (;,[-,. thnt r,sy path. However, ihrrii are ways In which j "" ;l ii|> will) bricks or wooden I" keep lint flow- from n> i. 'Ilie |io.illlon of I'iiew blocki oceasloiiiilly for n oii i Use your O N U S for a Home FIRST! No liolli-r n?o rnnld Iw. m;ulc of the fttntl.s vou i-p- t'<'ir(!-.!is..c(:!f^icii.-;il:<iii for vnur Wiirliiiic 'sorvicr I.OO.K.AT '1'IIK.SK HAHO.AIN.S- MOlj \V. Ash .St.—5 I'onms :uid Ijuth, Hxcellonf rosidenliai loc;ition ' SI 000 212 R. Kranklin—K vixim.i .->.iitl liulh, Noil!- Imsim-.s dislricl. A veal bai-train ,-,i Si,000 In i 1 ai-K Avo.—f) rooms nnd bnlli, No paviiu; tax (>23 I'avl; Ave.—:•! rooms, No paving lax. Good repair 10. 1 ) \\'. HM.-C- SI.—f vnoni linuso, Newly (IccnnUed. in K. Keiilik-ky—(i rooin.s and (;on 12 iintli. 31,000 s r,on ................ 51:1 S. Kraiikh'n St.— -I rooms, City \vator. Close in Terms C;m lie Arranged G. G. GAUDILL 1)hnllc . 7!)7 Iflli N. [{roadway loom, on (lit entire hoiisr . and the out••<jiii: Is being ntxilnjfed white v.ilh a flreen d-|in. siuuteis are Scattered UiroughniiL the city are eottii(;es being redecoratwl by cut of ihwn owners, MI. S j n Iliu-ksilnle is havliii; her''house ai 1047 Clilekasawba. re'iiafnted grt-y, Hie J. j. joi lnsnll ,., sl . deuce, ai 919 \V. Ash, i s being arranged for a healing plant ami the Hotel Noble is rcdecoiat- »IK a number O r its roiims. VPIII Km- A venl fun in the kitchen Is almost a 'necessity. If none has been built in (he wtitl. one nm v Ix- in- .scrled In the window without interfering with the 0|>cralion of I'ilher tile fan or the -window! KI.WTfUC * ACETYLKNi; WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 BE SAFE SURE BE S#i-ji%FIED Search for beamy. You'll find it in the Norge. Search for time-saving convenience and money-saving economy. You'll find them in the Norge. Search for the biggest dollar-for- dollar refrigerator values you ever saw. And you'll find ihem right here in our store. Come in and prove it lo yourself. Choose Ilie Kcjrrgeratar tt'ilb the Press Aflion Lazilalch « Combination Bottle auti Dairy Kack - Slitting Utility Baiket • Ai/jttslable Shelf • 1i»l>roreii Airlomalic Flood Light • Closely Spaced Shelf Ran . Many other improvements aiirJ repntuieuli. DOWK P4THENT AS LOW »S without, resonln^ vu prnctlee of »ttacliln B n bird V(1BV L on .stills lo the side of (he house nnd without <lis!>iil.shi<r |( ; (nic function. '' A receded ]ioreh \v:t:i : , wide OjJeiilDa does not spoil the contours of the house ami. If .skillfully treated, cmr he tilted Into the elevation quit,, ncceptably nnd without any effort to deceive OI conr.-e, 1-fee.wlni; ihe j'oroh <loe.s i'ob It of some of its 'nreews but there nro few places where the niehl air oulsirtc liic house. Is not ci.ol eiioiiph to niiil:c'sleeping pas- ilble. even In the holk'sl woitli- er. Another solution Is that, of thei Modern school: disregard old con- ventlons and Iniiicl Pie various runctloiml imrls -if r,| w | lollse .vhere they will be roost \Keful, '.ml let Ihe elevation!) tnke, care >f themselves. Porches and other aniHtlons to lie home mny ho nn&nu/l under ;hc iModcrnlzntlon Oicctli, I'lnn of he Pedeml Housing 'Administration. Construction of new homes nny. be. fiuancetl under the Mn- ' anil... Mortgage Inrurhile<! Pinn. : those •on be Ineliitlodi HI'SINRSK ,v POI.ITICAI. • -••-•--- i.KTri:us A SPRciAi/rv Wiiil: nenl, ehrap ,v. (jiilek Vrlt'ians Service \\ f ni-|; - All Kinds Illnnk Ponn.s Turlis J. Litlle Male lliui. However, Ihei'c ait! lulvniUanos to build a j!ara",i' " Ult i0 me who ean allord It, wonl.l rlRht Into i'rte bouse.? '' bo willing to pay the. extra eosl lo A. Of couvsc, there Is ulwavi ul>t;l1 "' lilllsl "K "'" bedroonis to some dniiKor of nro wln-r I " le sl -'™ n '-' llow K K ' OS " t( *' lhl if ° r '""blcs aro k, ,1, I, |. ,, ,r u" f C '"'" y , "'"'^ T" y 11M1 "° (|I) " ol t»r ( , of aiitoiiol lies has £ M ! VC wllp " ^'"'l' 111 !.' 011 "10 Mround •re »mtda/,'i.,.K ."i,, 11 !" 0 ";;; " uLs(> l' u> « "^o '•""'"« tibovo tlio Mirroumlhiif shrubbery mid thus iniikex It ixwslblo for every brculli of air to [Piieli them. If n cellar Is IncWleil, tlin coitwIH probably Iw.n lllllo le.w than thai point, where llmt, b> .. H is better to fireproof Che Iiortlon or at. least mnkc i-e«M«nt by plastering on „„.,„, „. "ther approved ilre-restslniil lath H'rffkrr Service - Om OI'EN AI.1, NKiHT PHILLIPS RKIIVICB CBNTI511 lii . nin HOT COFFEE SHHVEI) WHKB1-: IT'S COOI, Have your mld-mornlug cup i" I tie AIR CONniTlONUO Coirce i-.nrip nt HOTEL NOBLE When (he famous Southern crass j pnssas ilu; meridian, It stands in an upright, position, lyiiij; due north ind" soiitti. [ RADIO REPAIRING A Complete f.liie til TiibM anil Furlt IWUBARD TIHK & RATT«nV CO. PHONB <lt f'-" ^'41* Jv^'dCVT:^/- ^t>- A "IBEMEVETIIATTHE liVITU'ITOiX Ob' THIS BROAD PROdiAM WILL .1)0 MUCH TO ALLEVIATE DISTRESS AND TO UAISE PERCEPTIBLY THE STANDARDS OF GOOD LIVING FOH MAJS Y OF OUK FAMILIES THROUGHOUT TIHi; LAND." — Finnlilin I). \ 0. O. HARDAWAY & CO. 2 Soulh Second Ark. The above prediction of President Koosevelt has proven to be true. Its not too late for you to take advantage of this Modernisation Program. We offer many bargains in materials during- June and July. • Beautiful Lavvn Green Composition hnmgles—per square §4.75. A wonderful selection of attractive wall paper patterns at lOc per roll Reardon's Washable Kalsomine for Low-Cost Interior Beauty. ] Our full line of paint, varnish and enamels, also Dutch Hoy White Lead ana Uil. Clean Up—p a i nt u p . Evei-vbndv's doing it now. E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. • -SPf LUMBER PHONE too Wo Do The Res of 11 onc-fllory 'hiilldiiiB tecnira of Hie smaller area of tlio cellar, wltli Ihc com«|uenl saving in fonntia- uoii wiills ami oxcnvnUon. Tlio bullclln Kiiou's iiltcrnalw wHIi nnd ^lihont n cellar, with t) w wllnc, Hie™ Is sj»c« lor a illnliic room or even niwlhor bedroom, for ims room is so located dial. It would l».-;slbl L > to rrach (lie bathroom liiirs wltiioiit liavlnj; to pivw (liroii|!li tlio living roo^n. Wltiioiit the collftr, tlm dlnhn: room dlsnp- ixws niiil a utility room mid dlnliiff alcove Inko us pince. Vor n fiinnll lot, In a congested urea, such n two-story house has distinct, nilvantnne.1 over the one- story type. Now Is the Time to Biiild Your Home - - Easy Monthly Payments This cninpiMiy will Kindly hoin yn[l , v m, ym(r , nnu nppllcnlinns 1 . amu.KOmoiits pei-fcrtod | )y : iho AnicrK-nn IJoor Corporntfon, we hnvc ennnot-doiiii wilh (he I'lniUcrs Unnk ami Trust, pompnny, For- I'tol City, Arhiuisns',. whereby. i(. will •'liniicl'lp oil MOW construction Fcdei-nl . I lousing Adminislrntion lillc I wo iipprnvcd loans In niytlievillo and vicinlly. East Arkansas Builders Supply Company Kii U.. Jones,. MRI-. I 1 hone 21 {'over Ma.soury ' iily chimney Iji-ensta tJmt stretch from door (o ccllhiK anil seem to ovei-|K>wer n room may l» made attractive by covering the exposed masonry with woo<l p;inolhiK or otiier covering, STAY COOLER IN A HOUSE THAT'S INSULATED with Red Top Insulating Wool Placed in the Attic . Free Estimates THEARRMO LUMBER CO. I'linne ,|0 24 HOURS A DAY WITH A POWEIfUL . WESTIHCHOUSE FAN • You'll find scores'of additional uses for your powerful, quiet Westinghousc Fan—in living room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms — cool, Comfort every hour of the day. . No need lo swelter in discomfort when Westmghouse liletinte (tat willgivc you everything from a gentle jephyr to a speeding gale — wliisper-ijuiefl Several hours of re»t dothfbrt for a penny — and less weight for tify porta- hility. Get your WeltinJhoUse Fans NOW for extra days' and nights of coolness. c .\ COJPOK AT YOUR Westipghouse Ot«LERS Will Operate Approximately 5 Hours For Arkansas-Missouri Power Go. Dependable Low-Cost Electric Service

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