The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 27, 1946
Page 5
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SATURDAY, APRIL 27, 1040 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.). COURIER NEWS PAGE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION FORSALI Uu* for _______________ RUo Minimum (,'h t!m« j*, .._. I tiue* per Hie per tUj HI"! t) HUM j.«r line per <J*y •1 tlm«* y*r LJa« per day L JMOflth ^er 1JU6 ______________ _>0o Count flT* iTtr»** wordi t* th« |jn*. A.I ordered /or three or -Ii linw And tOi>f*d before expiration veil! be c._r_-e- for tfcc Duat«r of limei Iho ad • miearvd m- fcjju&liaent of Mtl umdo. All Classified A ilvcr I la in tf copy iu_- tniued by jiertona residing oulbidu uf tbe City must l« _cc<jui[.hiii';ij Ly cask. llatei *jr bo etfeilr co J/]] in ted from i)i« _bt/ve AiUerlUIiJK onlar for Irroiculir I tlou* Uket ttiu on« time rit«. No reirjuriBitilKl y Liu tufcuii Jor Hoys blue tweed suit, size 14, like new. I.nrfies three piece soldier blue suit, size 16. 310 YV. Walnut St. 4-25-ilh-t f 2 ulre JO acre farm*, well lmi>roY.'«J. LiglilM, ruimimr water, bulli. OHO. I •_ mi. * until of Hlvtlipvillti on tfrnvvl. On*, on concrete tiiyliwhy, 3 jui. from JJlyUievillo, 'i't'ii nuri't _ >/j ml. BDUlb of 1H>(lu-vjlle im IlixliivAy 01. Nkt> iilsce to LtiiU. ti <;cr,'s of fclffllfft. alt feno.,1. 1...1L, r Oray. Ktal KM ale lirol.i-r J'huru' 613. «-c For Rent For Salt ail X. uiii. I'lm -nri;c rj(>,uo,.l mo \\\^.i All:,- fan. 8 iik-r,,it Services -l"!.a' ; lr " l " | -"" u ';"| I ;"Y'- 1 ;'. 1 "••' i '"'-. <-'-' r ' ' Mi JilMli.-vilu." "" '"'" '7- ],k':. V | USED L. c. SMITH'TYIMC-! " WK1TKK. For (|tiick sale.! Courier.. News Office. | S:ir>... 'i-27-<lh-tfi -1 choice home sites, J>T;K|«|, I sodded mid landsciipL'd, | ready for the btiildin^.j Water and sewer connec-1 _ tions, best available loca- j.i lion in town. Sho\vi\ hy ; appointment only. See or. call— ' ' T Kddie U. David, phone 3(i3M ' or Max Lojran, phone 502. itx l,o»'an, Kvaltor. ! Office l,ynch \\\<\g. rnone 20:)-1. Residence l!;il \V. As!i, I'hone 502. Licensed hrokor, Arkansas K .Missouri. Prompt attention to all in- (Juirie.s. List your property for (Hiick cash sale. -1-27-ek-o-ll . Kill... Skj-rnrkfl. (liil-luinlini; ^..n u( fit us Clj:itiil.i<>ri Sloi adie.s—Have your rugs and upholstery cleaned, steril- ised and made beautiful in your own home. Kor appointment call 2028. Be prepared for n plensant summer. Mnke sure your car is in A-l condition. Our fast, courteous service department is well equipped to handle nil your service needs. Bring your car in for a thorough checkup by flic people who know your car best. Do it today. Bring your car "back home" PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—ttlylhevilie, Ark. Tel. 453 'IIM Announcements Tb« Courier Ntwt b_i tx*n mthorlxeil to «.nnouiic« th« follow- 'ng candidates, subject to the iX'iiicKratio primary: Kiir.Kirr AND UOI.I.MITO* JACK F1NL-KT FiOUlNHON \VII,1.IAM HKllKYMAN COUNTY JlinOB OKNE K. URADIAT HOLAND QHKKN FOH TAX ASSCSHOa DOYLE HFiNUILliaON W. W, "WINK" WATSON OIKCU1T Cl.KMH IIAIU'KY MO»IUB COUNTY C'OllKT Cl.KKK ULYTHK COUNTY -TllHASlJUKm DEl.LA PUHTr.K STATE KKrltKSUNT.Vl'lVE 1LENE WO11D E. C. FI.HUMAN I.KS1.1E "DDK1K" Sl'ECK U U. AUTKY STATr SKNATOK J. LJSE UKAHUKN JKPPKHSON W. KI'KC'K HITS Wg Officer KCM-IVO HENVKll lUI 1 ) —Col. T, A. I'ccl- Icy. Jr., oiriclul uf the fourth nilll- liiiy IIUMI. jireillclpd hero rucpntly Hint the Army's olflc'er rcscrvo corps sunn will bi 1 (our times us liir^t: us bi'lorc the \vjir. Mi- :uild llu'io wrrn HOO.OOO re- M'rvc olllftu's In tlir Anns' \vlu'ii tin- war nulixl. Tfu 1 iii'iu'dtnip olllt'cr rrM-rvc, iindri' piOMMit Army phuis. will comprise nil "ncllvu" rciic uf ciinipli'li'ly iiKiniiiMl nulls ami hki^i^ttui unUs, uiul nn "Iniictlvr" ri'Nervi^ of nUU'tT!; nut cllulblt 1 t"i tin 1 active piileuory bul whosr OIUT- r.les iiixl e\|)i'iiciit'c nn 1 desired IUL- IF IT'S INSURANCE Dial 2311 Anlili:ll •| > niUM-tl»ii' I'.iihlic Ol'ltAV, Cnl. (IM'l Nallvc nill- nxils of tlii' Horky Miii!iil:ilti region, iiiiiln- "iiniii'i'lliin" of u. S. ' Jii'j-vit-c v,'(n-kor.s, uvc bt'tU-i- tl \vlicn li'K alfnu', it \\-us tound bii'UKli I'spi'diiu'iu.s ui'iir lu'i'r. 1!:L^' uiul ollu'r ftmils noiu'i'iilly !i\<'n cUjiiu'sllc n n I mil I .s often HUM'S the (li'iilli <>t (li'cr iiiul wild lili Hum slii'i'p. I'livust iniiKi'is 1U1P lllicidl'd I" ll't till- illlillUllli liunsi! ihulr own lnnr. Ono-lcnlli nl all llii' cti:il nilnril i i In- United Status is ::;inird l>y liipi nn tli,, rural l,;iki':i. ('i.,-t,r !,. , Tamil,- K ,- -1«. ••i,)-, Ark. I'l c 74F:,. S-l-pk-:, 1 Kilo (win. 5 h.|>. $5U. 1' All (>•,„.« u.i,l kinilt. We b]^. in |Knv,-i ui,nv.-r tlliirju'rihii; utui motor oivrliniilinir. Yn.i. wu |.K-K ml -"1,1 o7,^m-*~n,,r M,r.viT»n.-.Mis iT.,^,oi7,M 'NOW is the time to stove that sii-iiis.' riu.,1,. JMI,J. -j:,-.-!,- i;=-i stove. Home Service & Persona/ Farmers Furniture Store N'nu- !,nr:ilnl at 405 East Main St. New and Ifsed (-'urintiirf 1'iclure frames made to order O'Steen Studio, -t-24-ck-tf fitrin. (i mil, s SK Cily I ..|ill-ili<-i>lii>u ».u,-i ..y-l.-i,. c |iM- 1 — Storage Co., phone 2801. 4-4-r>k-5-4 »i"u' "i'/i'i",'. 1 .-. "N,'-',,'M^?Va.'.'t..'""llr^L-,-| Tractor repairs and service. u^-,iii s,u ,-K,.;,|,. f-.M^ :..•;.;[ K| ct .( r i c ., n ,] acetylene " ' welding. Hlacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 8(>4. 3-15-ck-tf (I,III lidrv,. ,,|- mill IM.iN-. «ir I.Mtli o[ Jiinl. •<- I'ri 1 I.I st-H. Al III,' mill, I' .\'l- .Lilii.ii. O. S. K.jlli.,,,!!. 4 '.r_' rk-'Jtt ll!"Hor>e-di->'wn wnlkii.f cnlliva Ijrr! l.y.ii'li. Vieluriii, Ark. mower. £20. IO9 W. Cla-rr>-. Kviiirndi: O.i 111'; 5 111' J,.I,i>- Biul llu«l. S.-i, Kil Kluiili-s al Kioli Chevrolet Our.ii;,.. G-l.k-r,|13 WAHNSNti OllDKK In the Chancery Court, ('hicka- sa\vlm nistrirt, Mississipjii County, Arkiilisiis. Nellie Mm' Oden Biuljer. .Plauiliir. vs. No. i)f,03 I L. .1. Bailier Uefeiulnnl. "I'he tlefendanl I,. J. Barber is hereby warned (o appear within Uiirly day.'; in Use court, named in Uie cnption hereof and answer the complaint of the plnintiir Nellie Mae Oclen Barber. Dated this IJ clnv of Mnreh, IfllO. MAHVKY" MOHKIS. clerk. By Freida O'Neal. D. C. Percy A. Wright, Atty. for PHf. C, F. Cooper, Atty. ad Litein. Wanted To Buy 1,-l,,.lll llI-IIK ,rl:s. 1'riilc A.l.lil i.l kuilnka (or pn Used radios, electric and battery. Guaranteed 30 days. Perry's Radio Service it Appliance Co., phone 3-114. 4-19-ek-U tOXCKKTK IHJII.DINd lil.OCKS, - any si»e or iiny .-hain-. Jolin T. .\Vu-niaii. TO'J Kuulli Li]])'. :l-ltk-:i;:S Or,).,;ry sluri; %vi1li living 1,11 H.'llu-r wi(h -I Ti-n1r,l li.iiKt •> a,-,,, i,l 1,,,.| ]'i,,:il- ..u II wy 01. lioril.-rs nn C,,111111 llrll H.K.. i.linl lurnliuii (.ir Sinliislry. H,-i- Kucliitriairs tinrci-ry, X. llwy. 01. drnivn (^rni it 33. \V. A. .)..- AlfuUa linj- nn<l nniU? kins, SlWle. Mo. For fine portraits its O'STEEM'S STUDIO 4-2-ck-5-2 Nnv Xvahinil wliil « 4 rmniiiirl n j-nril. Will .1,1 " l.:i,-k IK ,-r,l l,rc,l ,!',,--. v-i-.:, •Islrn-il ),ri-il .l.i.-s w- ml, Si.l,. U-iljl.ilry. :\ . lllvllievillf. Ark.. :l 1-1,1 ?'' U -_- ; -•<!!'ll'*-y ,- :t:;'.u' 2-A-sia one Wanted to Trade We have several clean late model '/t-lon panel and sedan delivery trucks that we would like to trade, t'htllips Motor Co. 4/23-ck-U "Ft Pays to Adrerilse" SCOTT ALLEY QlfZKJQ of AII ^> i \3 n J Kinds- J*. Fr»nklln l"hone S2BS CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT YOUK BKKViOK" Phon. 2241 For Ciimpk'lo I'i'uleclion . ACCII)!>:NT ,v HUM/HI • HOSI'ITAI.I/.ATION . PIKK > AU'I'OMOIIILK • 1.I/Mill,ITY • UUHCil.AHY • I'l.A'I'K <ILABB I'l'OKNAUO • SUKKTY I1ONIXS • AVIATION FIRST MATERNAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N. 2nd Cii'M, Illtliicr—lri>m> Crnw GET * . - ' CASH FOR YOUR WE NEED In WARNING <)UI)l-:it the Chancery <'ourl, (;iilcka- :iwb:i llisdirt. Mississipiii <'(iiln- Jnmcs Foixl .............. PlaintifV, vs. No. D^fiO Lotlliii Ford ............ Defendant. The defentianl Ix'thin Ford is hereby warned to appear within Unrly duy.s in Uie court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintill Jiiinc.s Ford. Oatcd this 12 day of April. ID-IC. HAUVEY MORHIS. Clerk By Freida O'Nenl. D. C. Vii^jl Green. Ally, for I'llf. Frank C. Pouglas. Altv. ad Litcni, "-1 I3--JO-27-5 •! Will trade .11-42 model cars for MS or :i<) models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co., Help Wanted ill I for irk Kx Don't worry ahoiit hard wat er in your farm home. Lcl Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf Fhotostats — Let O'Steen make a photostatic copy of your discharge, marriage license and other important papers. Quick service. O'STEEN'S STUDIO Phone 3208. 115 W. Main 3-27-ck-tf CHAMBLIN Appliance Co, "The Appliance Center of Blythcville" Phonographs — Ilccords and Accessories. Balfery and Electric Hadios 21 n W Main I'honc 3 Mi' Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2G42 Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick Up and Delivej Just Received! Several NEW Six Tube Electric Radios We liny and Sell IFsed Hadios. CITY RADIO REPAIR 321 East Slain I'lione 2-107 River Washed Sand -- Gravel also (Iniul Sandy Dirt for Fills C. R. HESTER Phone Nnrlli Highway (it Radio Service "I'llt" An»el Refrigerator Service t'ri'U I.uwler Washer, Ironcr and Gas Engine Service I'MHji Krcl Viiciiuni Cli-niicrs. Vims, II-OIIH uml Knuill ApplliincoH Uu- IKlllVll. ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY, Inc. .1. \V. Adnnui, Mj;r. I'liiinc 'MIJI ^OII-OK W. Good Used Cars L O Y E I C H CHEVROLET CO. Texaco Gas & Oils * * 301 W. Walnut Phone 57t Frwihent Stotk l Gnnr*ntt«rt Reel l'rlc*» I'OIt 8A1.K CONCUKTK S'I'OHM SUWKR Clicujicr Than llrl<l|(o I.amber OSCEOLA TILE & i CULVERT CO. I Osvculu, Ark. Dr. J. L Guard t -i Optometrist : i~ GUARD'S JEWELRY Ijicnl A- Long Distance Conittclctit Helj) anil I'linLpiiicnU Ado- «jUAtuly ]nsurc<l. Contrac ami Mlsr. .Scivlcca. Home KiTvicc A- Stnrn^« C Phone liHOl K :UI on .Mils i:: vv , .,',1,,r .iuul.l,. ml I,-It p.ill.) < I'M II, I, ill,- V. II', I!..,, K. It,HI. ,,l:i. Ark , I'll,.I Lost RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Typts Except Cancer DRS. NEES&NIES . Clinic 514 Main, niytnevllle. Ark., Phone Z»Zl Wanted to Rent I,, ftl'nrh nt r,r I w CHAMBUN SALES CO. " STUDEBAKER ,My suburban home, ten acres. seven baths, r(x>m house, two hardwood floors, living room 20xli.S, heatil- alor fire place. Outhtiild- injts, double jtaraKe, concrete floor. 20 lar^c paper shell pecan trees, hear abundantly. Excellent business location. Terms. IMMKD1ATK POSSESSION 2 miles south of lilythevillc, I!. S. Highway 61. Mrs. James B. Clark, phone 27!>S 4-24-pk-5-25 Ini 1 Allen Molor T,in«-nji l.,rv r..rfti\.li(ioi^T. I..'.- inncl,ine f*c- Mi.l'.r Snl."< WAKNINO ORDER In the Chanrfry Court, Cliiok^- ' .s:»wb;l District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. ICdgar S. Jaco PlaiiUilT, vs. No. 9552 Maxine Jrico Defeiulrmt. Tlic clclciulant Mnxitio Jaco is hereby wumtcl to appear within I hirty days in the rourl named In the caption hcreol and answ<.'r the complaint of the plaintiff Kdgur 3. Jaco. f Dated this 1.1 day of April. 1010. HAUVEY MORRIS. Cloik By Mniy l,cc JarraU, D. C. C. P. Cooper, Ally. Percy A. Wrijjlit, Ally, nd LUcm. '4;i3-20-27-54 A single pair of rats would produce 15.000.COO oflspritig within jjl: six years If they \voro iinchcrkntl. the child explained to tho master ol ceremonies tliat her Hale brother hnd nn use for dolls. Sell Us Your Car or Truck! WE PAY TOP PRICE No Waiting! Get the Cash! I .el Our Faclnry Trained Morhanics Keep Your Car In Top Shape! Drive in for FREE Checkup! Our Plant and Hotly Shop Is Kquippcd for All Your Needs We have 1 New 24 ft. CARTER Trailer for Immediate Delivery We carry a Full Line of STUDEBAKER PARTS and ACCESSORIES RAILROAD and ASH ST. PHONK 2 CIIAMRMN' nit.r, Kirby Drug Stores 209 W. Main 0 PLANTS— Tiimntnrs, It 1 ruch—I'hil Dlitrli —{•iirlldi-d rnlulo 1'lilllls, UUOVATOK KMK1) STOKM ltIli:L[ln:ly ill It. It. Trurh.s See us about your mechanical (rouble. Our expert mechan- , ; ic's working with modern : s and equipment ran put your car in top condition. \Vc Klso have u paint and -' l)ody sho|> repair service. W» •ill fix your car or buy your car L'OH CASH. crfccl rrpuh li>[, r for tmliiy's rx- fiuitivirur us^lin^l wlu^n ru- built 111 <inr Tnniloni .shop. Kills Rats Roaches BifJdlo Exterminnton Member Nal'l. I' Cniitrnl Am'n. 115 H. Third St. Phuno Z75I DON EDWARDS T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. BOTAI, <i!i!"J, iX>ROHA, AND RKM/(.~QTOtt «OHT*lJU! K. Ju«l «THEET rKOHB Complete Stocks of P»rl.i far Chrysler Product* Ul r. INIaln « Phoo* :1Z2 SANMIIKII BY EDGAR MARTIN 'rvara^ » VVlNtt^S 'WTO OVOVil OO'O \tt OCR NrXVO'' _ ^.^- (<-•_/ >\ ._,. — 1 - f,>. '• BY MERRILL BLOSSEH PR1'X:KLKS AND HIS KKIKNDS WE W8LL J •-•-.~-Z'-'.-t SPJTF;.'CC VOL I All. TO A DL^kllio |N "IME RlVf-R.' Tdt: ,JJ:;O ; OM ! i/ WHO'LL. DI'MAMD A / RE THE i. &Y JURY JURY! BY V. T. HAMILTON rTAS c~ TM.S TATTA so/ , | VO:' £N7 Y&J }~<z ••' ^K.'. |j IViTH TH S ;,T-AC< j S •B-'-S'JT W-THOJT }nHi C^i35! ji O.\ -f£ A"i-£v. A\5 A CROESS iiS CAN A fCT AT f VOJ'LL 3£ T>.;.S .-' VCO I'M APRAIO NOT,OOP-I THINK THAT ajT FOR Oil3 URGING THEY'D HW( ThROiVN IN WE TOWi

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