St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on November 21, 1923 · Page 24
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 24

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 21, 1923
Page 24
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The City Circulation of the Daily POST-DISPATCH alone Approximately Equals that of the Daily Globe-Democrat and the Times Combined CI SI LOUS rOST-DISRATCHJ ADVXKTISE3ELNT All OLD RECIPE 70 DARKEN HAIR J -Sag Tea and Sulphur Turns Gray, Faded Hair Bark and Gloss v AUDI DENSE IS L- III AUTO KILLING ACQUITTA Jury Finds for Edward L. Stanton, , County" Constable, in Case of Death ; of Man, 79. iAl5jiot everyone knows that Sags Tfa atd Sulphar, properly eompeand-d. briag-s back the aataral color and Jastre to the hair whea faded, streaked or era. Years a.go the only way to Ret this "mixture was to make it at kerne which is massy aad troablesome-. 'Nowadays we simply ask at any fyxiZ store for "Wyeth's Sage and fElphur Compouai " Yea will get a large bottle of thig old time recipe improved bv the aduitioa of other ia- Ctedients, at very little cost. Every-j , ... 1 bedy uses tkia preparation now, be- Maje S Charge of Homicide j eause a eue eaa possioiy ten tnat you DENTS IN FENDER j AN ISSUE IN TRIAL! darkened your hair, as it does It so aaturaUy aad evenly. Ton dampen sfwage or soft brash, with, it and draw this through your hair, taking- one small strand at a lime; by moraiag the pray hair disappears, and after another application or two, yoar hair be-eomes beautiful !y darkj thick aai g?ovv and yon look yean? vouaaer." Based on Testimony of One Witness; 13 Defense Witnesses Heard. RENT YOUR Full Dress or Tuxedo Suit from KOTHGIESSEE BROS. ADVEST1SEME3TT. A THREE DAYS' COUGH IS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL . -. CHranta ettx1t and persistant , laaJ to various lor. tr.ibia. Toa eaa . atoo t&m now Uk Creoianlstaa. aa . araaia!9al tmm( "tat ta )iuut ta taka. Crrora Biases is a nrw medical a:aoarr wHb twofo:d a Woa: tt aoatawa . t ImW tS taflanaaj mamaraaaa aad , kia t?i terra. . . Of akw droaa. treesota to racoa-. ftisml oy fa mrica frateraitv a ta , eraatast ba araa-T for ta treai-, asatt ef caraaia coo"ta aod cells "ana ta (Miu at tannt aad hia traaJaie i Craemalaloa ceotalaa la adStttoa ta erae.te. athar aaSiEg tSanwat which . aaalfca and haai tha teflaiaad ma. . hraaaa ad ata thV irritatlsa and fa tlaraaaatifca. all th craaaota aeas aa . ta tha stomach, la abaoraad ta-a t&a ? tlaad, attacks tha aaat of t&a tmk:t aal . daatrsy tea cai-aa that lad ta eaa aumotion. , Oaoaalatea ta imrntMj aatlatae- . iar w taa traatraeat fc chrootc ftuti , aad cold. fereacHia! ahnia eatarrbal VreechUia atkar term at tkraat aad . cur dtaaa, and ta excHot tar oalid- tha ayatam after Ma ar tk Ka. k)otT rfandi w mta or eoia, a m:ir oi bow tccx ataatftu. i at r.ir4 after taking actardin ta At aata. Gi Edward. L, Stanton of Pine Lawn, Constable of Central Township, St. ; Louis CountV, was acqtiltted by a ! jury in Judge Grimm's Court today or a charffa o comicids in an automobile killing. The chif issue in the case was one of identity, and Stanton's defense, in which 13 witnesses swore to an alibi and to circumstances casting 'doubt en the State's evidence, prevailed with the jury, after 45 Eriniites' consideration of the case. " ; ..'- The State's case was based on the testimony of n-e witness to the effect that Stanton drove the car which struck and killed Louis Hine. 19 years old, of-i24 Bayard avenue, at Easton and Bayai avenue, at 8:39 p. trw Feb. 5, last. ; Maik CtMiatfew's Testimony. Robert Kynek. a mail chaaffenh who saw the accident, testified that he shouted to the -driver, and saw the drivers face, but that the - car was driven away. He thought It J was a Cadillac. He said that five I days later he saw. In Fine Laws; a car which looked to Mm Eke the. ne which had struck Hire. He examined the car. and found dents on the feniier, and that one of the headlights appeared to have been newly placed. He said slass in th.e street, at th scene of the accident,, indicated thjtf the headiisht of H he-car fiffturing io th accident had been froken. The car in Pine Lawn was Constable SAinton's StudJbaker. la- his testimony. Hyraek Identified Stanton as the man he had seen i driving the car from the scene of the accident. . , Constable Stanton, in his- defense, testified that Bp to the time f the airactieaa. Advestisemixt. GRANDMOTHER KNEW There Waa Jf othing So Good for Congestion aad Golds as Mustard Bat the ojd-fasiioaed mostard platter burned and blustered w&ile it acted. Get the relief aad belp that mustard plasters grave, withoat the plaster aad without tke blister. Vustervle uoea it. Jt is a cleaa. white oiatmeW, made with oil of mas tard. It is seieaiif ieally prepared, so that it works oaders. Geutly utassage VarJerl in with the ttagertipe. See how quickly it, iiriagj reuer new speedily the paia disappears.. ; . Try Hasterol foe sore throat, broach it is, toasillitia, croup, stiff aeek, asthma, BeuraJgria, headache, eoages-ta, pleurisy, rheumatism, lumbago, jias and aches f the back r joiats, praias, iore muscles, braises, chilblains, frosted feet, colds of the chest (it ma prevent paeamoniaV To Mothers: Musterola is aow . mads ia milder form for babies : acd small children. Ask for Children's Masteroie. and 65c, jars and tubes'; hos- i pitai size, $3.00 Better tha a musttrd pUstet ' ADVESTTSE3CSarr KEEP LOOKING YOUNG It's Easy If Yoa Know Dr. Edwsrds Olire Tablets accident be had never beL. with hi car in the neisfcborhsJod where the accident occurred; that at, the tire or the accident he was at his board -'bs place in Pine Lawn; that he had not don anything to his headiiarht. nt that last December, nearly two months before the accident, he dented his fendef by drtvir.c into a fence. Statement Corroborated. C. O. Yaoties. a Ptne Lawa ear- Twnter. and H. T. Stanton, the Cn-stable's son. both testified that the der.t-r1 of the fndr occurred ta December, as related bv Stanton, Other witnesses for te defense wer- Mr. and Mrs. WiEiam Boer.ine. it whose home Stantoa boarded, and a former neighbor. , Jaliu Kellen-berffer. who came trom Chicago to testifj-. The Boeningrs said Stanton was at the hottse from about 6:03, to 7:43. when EowJmr.- Stanton and Stanton's wife and daughter, drove to a picture show.- t Mrs. Alice X. Kager of Pise Lawn I and fter two daughters. Miss 'ora , Haeer nd Mrs. Mary WJsh. testified for the State that they saw Stanton ridkis: ia an automobile in the 8199 block on EiAon tvenue about S:5 p. tn. Stanton smid. ! renty to their testimony, that he a the-n on that evenine nni at the r.ic named but they wer mistaken. Sy more than, an hoar, a tn t- Ps!nt on t - . .( . . .. . , . . ii was scr,!bed as belay in a sHclry cor-di-tlon at t tiTR when the po'ice "rT examined it. w.V tho ":"lo c; testimony. Stan-tan said pa-'r:ed the ear -owe tirre be'o-re, brotscht a dealer tn testify " f purchase of the raint i-. Demboa Stanton had strmTtoned- ;s def-ns wirrssses f vm n-hajf testified. A pini er which his n;mi j atxacKea tne State's einn waa jthat Hy-rek. in h .first derinUoa of the driver to th pon-e. snid -h Smaa was about 3d vars nld. and .fan-faa. Stanto i, SS. an) of rather spare visa je. SS3nn TH Rl&ftl 9c fob mask wm ?m $m The aeeret of keeping youaj is ta ; Salsscrilarrsi tt Bp Linaited Vbot feel yoaa ttt d thi yoa must 4O0 General Campaign tm-Hm-watck your liver aad bowels there prorement Fttnd Later fco seed of haviaa a sallow com-; The campaign raisM St V.,,.,-,. p.exio dark rins aader year eyes isonn quota f th $15,0S fund for -pPjea-- biliHM look xa yoar i tha Mark Tfe Memory Pari? 5" Vr. Edwards, a wcJ know-a phv-- the MMrtai P.rfc eiaa ia Ohio, perfected a vegetate U rhJ7L -Later compound euaed with olive 1 te ? f act oa the liver jd bowels, whkh he ' aW twapd th Cave to his patieat for rears. necessary to improv the r. SMwar.- CN.v. Taa. ab-Lff: "fnemI PSn will fc ailtwta tor caontak ana raat.a 5a tttmtr 1 'incnea. aruoB t :aa ffat-. Tt ana I Former ITsiiterf c- : taraj k aa- S:.-k a.j . . " -V- .it5l aa. ar . I chairman of the St Leaf. '' imwniiML committee, announce t,. tr Cr. Kawara O.iva T.'ata a- kaawa , tSat Kansas . k toatna a tka Mvar aat I ' ikar an-a ca ar. lie r Tot-a 8tA.aL.TS "' -ufT-t aad alreadv ; raised their qtiota to the site fund sand expressed ' acp ,,at Louis; share wouM be obtained UKkiy. Several tlS-J- eontribuuon hav a:r-iy been made. 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See also our display of andirons, firs sets, chandeliers, etc. St. Louis Brass Mfg. Co. and Brascolite Co. ' V . :. Now 7Edwi F.Guth Company I Sighting Equipment WASHINGTON AT JEFFERSON AV. TELEPHONE BOMVST SiOw The I-OST-DiSPATCii is the only St. Louis evening Mwssijwr giving Associated Press t.vs service. 'ir v 3L 1 BARGAINS flnuv il: This Ad Is Good for MM IX jg "Qin -ia I Army 0. D. wool cr Shirts5 Rec. . .. . . .1 The 1 STOQES t Svtattr jir $0.75 ( This Ad ls$ j Good fsr tii 812 H.BROADWAY- 10 N . DR O AD WAY 6301 EASTON AVENUE ' Credit Specif Tkvndry r LADIES' COATS, CAPES, JACQUETTES THTSSDAT SPKrXiL! Bie. riwnj anlf nSm ana aaflk aaa atiier avpula for tf'mBmaga. Btaay in'ii laani rai m i -Caata that aaM to $X5. $35 $55 $85 ?t Baasa. ?. Ttoaa ar Aajakeie W ill Citb Io IVttrr Valaaa A Doar or Tico a Wee WtZ Do. LADIES' SUITS rssn coo Tfc sale that aristBailv aoid SS5. Beaatifirf waniVI. : IT taiioml aixl Tmei MMtnn ewiaswtetv far aar. bm1!, arirce "A Doilar or Two a Week Will Dor. Smart DRESSES Every eaacelvaMa arrte aad everr a anted eaiar ta ait tka ai at m eriaa A kc iftrr&mm rr etar taa "A Oollju- tr Twa a Week WtB Da rWi FURS i Beautiful . Ciioltcrs, Fur Costs. Cpes ail Get her then beantlfHl F-nr Coavt for Christmas.' AQ V'll0 yiej many tiiwls of ftnrs. W w OFF "A Dollar or Two a Weei Will Dor Sai's Solh and $ OfcrCwats ... Jazz Suits! aiT Oh. Thry mm. a To fie Los Angeles Examiner congratulations are extended for being second- only to the Post-Dispatch, which ivas the first newsfuper in the United Stat es in. Advertising Gains in September. ' . i.ard w . ;r M-XrZ aV . i-i - ' . I L WI We aim earn a ranmli ii Ba. . Msvative Saata ia aiaaj aaltcraa. "A Dollar or Two a Week Will Dor ens SArTBOAT TXXX r. ML HrJilDi30-ID)AWDEILg 507 NORTH DROADWAY aad St. raartea. Oisaatla -anala A 1 UST ST. LOUIS STORE 3U COLLTCSVllLE 17. T,A V. . TV-,.L. . ... ? i u-wiaiui was m nrs a Paper tn the world to issue a rrg-alar daily edition of 64 paea. -OISPATGH POST Ftrsf in Sews! First in Features! Fint i A J..z- f trsf tn St. Louis Circulation! first tn Everything! rwaaaaa - Health Erom Your Lamp Sec! I The same awitch-rMitton that tarns on your lights will ture ea flow of heaJth and vigor for raa if von have a Renulife Electric Violet Ray it transforms tha lighting- current into high-frequency cxirraC recoBunendctl by oieda.-al aut2toritie to thoee suffering witH Asemia Eczeiaa Falling' Hair - Nerve Troubles Neuritis . Sciatica . Lumbago . Neuralgia Rbetnaatisia aad rcauy other commo-a aliments. This high-frequenry current is a form of electricity that runs thru tie whole body without your feeling it, and carries vigor to the nerves, life to the blood, and heal ing to sore tissue. The 'Eenulife"l violet Ray is a eompact machine, scarcely larger than a woman's vanity ease, made specially for home use. 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