The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1930
Page 2
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i'RII PAGE TWO »I,YTHEVIU-K. (AUK.) COUU1KK NEWS FRIDAY, .DECEMBER 26,_193, Ruth Maiian Weds Mr. W. B. Tanner • Mr, sni Mrs. Thomas James Mn- han anounce the marrir.f 3 of their daughter, Kiiiii. '•• ; ' »":y.,-.ii BurnfU Tannu, • •'- nlng at seven I- • •• ;ns Rev..Marsh-M. ~ ...,-.- . ;....-^r of llic First Presby..'U3!i church, performed the cercmcny at Hit home o( the bride's parents. After a two weeks bridal trip they will make tlitlr home here. Mre. Ot(o Kochlllrky, SIrf. W.iH. Baker Entertain. Mrs. Walker H. Baker and Mrs Olio Kochtitzky were hostesses to a hundred of their friends Thursday afternoon for an informal "ai home" .--from four until sever o'clock •• The Kochtltzky home w»s iwct Illy adorned will) decorations of tin Yuletide season with the refresh ment lable gay In red, green imd silver. Silver holders held gtowhvj Woman's Clubs Enrich Life 01:' Nation Lecturer Declares of News'- Mostly Persona! UV Jl.'l.IA IH.AN.'iHAUl) Xr..\ Servlcr- Writer NEW .YOKK.--TI : much un:i;i" sung tmall town club wumiin 11 lareely responsible for America's cultural cwnliiB-of-nec. lii ihe opinion of nr. UK-hard Hiirlcn. a'. Columbia University, luliwr.ully Known lecturer. •Two million women, scn'tiwd •uvcr tho Un!Kd Stales, mccnnii In iiuall groups that are dcllnllcly interested' In cultural Mibjctls, li'-i 1 "! Influenced their ehlldieii, tli^r husbands, their relatives, their neighbors more limn they evtr li»v« 1.,-en crcditea with doing," Of. 13«r- tcn asserted. "When anyone mentions ihr- hi- creaii; in reeding In AinciU'ii, ihe geuuhic Iterest that is being de- velopcil In eood books, in n:il lis= ciaturc, don't, fri-gcl t'.was women." This winter, Dr. Bitrlnn. wliu has probably uddicj:.:J more clubs, large and small, in more parts tap«rs, a blooming bCBonla wasthi ^ t ^ _ centerpfice and the delicious can- j 'Jic^Unitcd'stutes than any other .dk's, c»k'e^ .candled fruits and cof- i S j n g] 9 lecturer in Ameilca, Is v.rlt- fee served "showed a toucli ol red and ytefli. Mrs. J. W. Morse of St. Ins a course of lectures for smull trwn clubs bar.?d on the Book League of America's books, both modern and classic. More than any Lo'iiis, mother of Mrs. Otto Koch- tltziy, 'and Mrs. A. Conway presided atj UK relreEhnient table. i person, he understands and anprc- Included In the . guests were: ! elates the honest and earnest al- Frank,,y, Smith of Omaha, Neb., I t:mpl of literary eluus to rid guest'ofjMr. and Mrs. n. F. Kirsh- I "learning." netj. Hi,.: and Mrs. Spurgeon S. Patterson oi Birmingham. A13-. guijsts of; Mrs. W. T. Obersl; Mrs. T. Ni piemnions of Falrmonv, K. C., guest-of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Affllck; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Kelley of De\r<olt,.Mich., guests of Mr. and Mrs':'; R/ N. Ware jr. Selfcy-Fotts. : A marriage license was Issued yesterdayfto'Mlss'MalUe Lee Pctts and Mr,'.."barl Se|by, bolh of here. Wllder-Cffecr. ; .Miss ••itontcin Greer and Mr. C, E. ^Wilder, both', of here, oblalnei.1 a marriage..license yesterday. Kasli-McCnt). 1 ,-•'•-., • • . Tiie Marriage of Mrs. Clellri McCall, ot Ecarcy. Ark., and Mr. W A. Nash, of here, took place yes- Isrday with Justice W. H. Mooiy performing -the ceremony. DavisrCralte. Miss Gertrude Cralle and Mr Eli?e Davis, both .of Manila, w«r married Vi'ednesday by Justlcy \V H. Moody. . •. . i. , • •: r . ',-I MliU* V'- - ... To Have Story, flour. All children bstween. the ages of sis and ten years arc Invitsd to Ihe free story hour at thc Bly- thevllle library Saturday moniing at 10:30 .o'clock. This feature, started two weeks ago, has created, much interest among boys and girls with Miss Delia Purtle telling . stories .and leading them in learning poems.. Culture 1'his Recreation •Wemen may IWe considered It smarl'. In the first place, to be veil read and may have mad,? n onscious effort, for that reason. _ But they have discovered how much ] ujjlc «n II Is to know literature, what | an escape a really yo:il book, can j cultural tasle. ,-, Irom (he hum-drum of liow much lichness rending .row to spend the week-end v/lth Mr. and Mrs. K. N. Ware Jr. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Chamblin , and two sons, Jack and Don, are ] spending the holidays in Memphis '. nnd Sardlf, Miss, j. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gi-cenwcll •— • went lo St. Louis today to visit Mr. and Mrs. J. L. llulfh.lusoii of •• M !G . Grcenvvell's parents for the \ Ihe GLff Hotel, !elt Christinas Ev». rcnU | m i c , of t iie wtek. ' , OlllCCl'S Of Osceola Lodge for M:ni]ihis where tiny aro viMt-j. j.jj-. am i Mrs. Arch Oray and son in;: rL-'.Hllvv--. before going to li"t; of j nc i(sonvilln. 111., aie guests of Gprinm for nn extruded visit. ; Mr and Mrs. C. M. Gray and fam- Gowns for Youth Dr. and Mrs. IMul L. TipWn liacl Mrs. (ly (m . a fcw n ve ,j i, ere iis their Mill-as Wednesday .Mrs. uml[ a vear ago Arthur McDani,?! and duusliter,, Iio i;bie'Luttrell, of Memphis, who Mrs. MUvs Madee Mrt-1 singer, Hue LanU-r and Mary Bnird p. N. Luttrcll, for several days, i rsmllh and,; M|- K «^^; ^^^ MH«- ; a 'visit .... Hev. a: of I''nrt Smitli, lire vlsitlna relatives lor 11- 7 holidays. Mrs. C. Miss Catherine Hrowre, of jihi-i. arrived yesterday for a with relatives. Mrs. Smith is r;- Unniiv-t tcrtny and Miss Browne v,[]| remain lor a longer visit with l-,:i- mini, Mrs. Welch Foster, r.nd family. '. : Miss Mary Uiis Salisbury 1 . Kalis, Tenn., is the guest of and Mrs. Jake Hulfman and Ju'ji- ily for several days. Miss Luna U. \yilhchn linS^fls r.ei' Biiest for several days Mis? Bessie Hay, wtm is a student'nl thc University of Tennessee, Knwxville: Me. and Mrs.' A. L. Ray, , . , to SI. Louis for a brief""-' I""' and Eastern Star Chapter Will Be Installed. CSCEOLA, ARK. — Hon. Fred ;tuckey, of Leyianto. deputy grand of the Masonic Lodge for Btory. o, Scnnth.^o, ^^ ^. ^ ^ ™ ~——— — | lnslall „„.,>. 'Boston and daughter, " lc OEceola J d!<tiict. will cdsd ofliceri of nic Lodje No. 27, a nubile installa- hcre Saturday o! Mr. F. 03 A.f M., at lion ceremony rc ' night, when officers of tbe Osceola | Order of Ea:;torn Star will also I te officially installed- Mrs. Guine- ^ ^^r^struct^fl-X^ola attorney, cf home economics at the Unlvcr-j^ has been prominent in work of the fraternity htre fo; a num- bEi- of years, will be tcastmaster at a sumptuous turkey banquet to be sen ed In the club rocras at the courthouse following installation union. £lty of Texas. Austin, will arrive today for several d»ys visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. Louis Cherry en- route to school from her home In Cape Girardcau where SRC spent . . . Knoxvllle Tenn.. are visiting, Mr. ; atives, and Mrs! Joke Huffman! 'for thc holidays. Mrs. J. Louis Cherry will go to ti .Helena Monday for a visit with rcl- ccrtmojiy at the Masons; auditor. , um Thc aAAtfss o! welcome will bc mad(! by a B . craves of Osand Mrs. | cco ] a and sncrt taiics w ill be made Spencer^ Driver, j by E _ w _ Burton ant i B . N. Wilson week "They >il-«i » relur'p Sunday. .Mva.C. E. Siillcnzcr.C. Driver andt ret1rlng nnil incoming masters of Floyd While went to. jParagould I W. W. Prcwitt jr., of Osceola, W2re lne Masonic lodge, respeitively, and vestcrd-iy for Christmas! ' joiniuu I visitors in the city today. by Jlrs . j 0 ,\ e cook and Mrs. Cora ' , l)r. ,„• W Dmcn's ,,,,, ami build up h"mcs life, j that will Interest, them. They have gives j enriched the lives of their busy. iM-s Wliite and two sons'who hail! Mr. and Mrs. Sam Thomas and j^c Chiles, respective retiring and '• liceii tlierc blnce Sunday. ' Iwo daughters are in Memphis at- incoming worthy matrcns of the - ""•' Madge Moore ol Memphis,> tending a house party given by Mr. I Eastern Star. Speeches of prcsEii- Biiesf of her mother, Mrj. and Mrs. E. W. E.xum and Mrs.*UAtlon wll! be made by & R. Began I - " ' and Mrs. Frances Bogtn of Lux- ccn-; clubs, j is the guest i Damon. Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Baldwin. to one's life. •Same o! ilicse clubwomen, iso- husbands who often have had no J Christmas with their son.'K. B, time to read but profited vicarious- 1 -^ , & j amU .. • " Alexander return-: Mrs. A. J. Moore, of Dyersburg, td to iheir home In Cape Clrar-1 Tenn., is spending ihe holidays idem Mo today alter with Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Scruggs. Al- f. ^-P Virginia McCall formerly ; tf here sr.;i now-qf St. Louis, ar- last 1 ly by their wives' literary lastcs. ora. j Masonic,.officers to Is Installed I arc B. N. Wilson, \iorsiipful master; M. L. Crawford, senior wai- cUn; H. H. Brooks, junior warden; Frocks for young loveliness to wear to holiday parlies ana- .lake bad- to .school run the gamut of Imagination in their fabric: and '[',' j styling. A stunning little gown (left) with cap to match is made of night, for several days i s R. Began, senior 'dfacon; C. .-...- a -' - - • i Jenkins, junior, deacon; C. M. Den- red lame, shot with gold., This Louiseboulanger sewn for the slander q •si ms-on, treasurer; E. S. Chiles, sec-| in-the-teens figure, Is- Tilted as to "bodice, with squarish neckline 4nil;;J Malcolm Eurke to Play j for New Year's Dance Here • The second of a series of dancss planned by tho committee in charge of "the new national guard armory liuildlng'to raise funds fur the ,c(iase of equipment, will be held " '^Wednesday night. New gear's eve;" if 1 ' ' • Malcolm Bin-he's orchestra oi Memphis, which has proved a favorite ut previous engagements here, will play. New Books Addtd to Library Rent Collection \ ,J Holiday ^ 7 i.SLlot• Mrs. H. A. Smith, librarian cf til? aiytlKvtllc library, announcer, that-1 r, new book "The D:or," a mystery j Elory by Mary Roberts Illimehnrl. Prof. Prophesies Lip : Sticks For AtHctraj ^'"C^i™,-. 1110 ™^™!."!• •" • — - - i q\iiicd books are -Mother India' und the answer to this story ir DES MOINES. IUP)— LiiisticV; sported . openly In clasE-roam. and eyebrow pencil applied lumvely In the gymnasium; is the tiilloDk which Prof. Herbert V,'. Bnhlmoix "Futhcr India." i';o • of Drake Univ!"-' 1 next generation "A year ago," of his classes. '" > derweir \yould i'.iiv on ".hlSj, campus, athletes-wear 'cm. I "in another- college generation or i so the iu$n will all carry complete paraphcTnaUa necessary to.avti- serted. ; .n. He. pointed to the popularity cf wrist-watches, hair oils, permanent -ivaves, small, poiuted shoes, polish ed -.. fingernails and after-shaving talcum powders as proof. jarc in amithorsvllle today ; for. t!:i: . i funeral ol Mrs. Arthur Oliver's*"- . " - — • — ithcr. Frank Roberts.. Mrs,;Rchcrt.. |-j a «py' {JjnsllliaS I will return home with Mrs. Clan: | I'I .'., •; ..:- > for neighborhood Louis Horton, of. JouesgSro,,\s:.-.a . • • o . _ _ the euest of Miss Ruth Whl'.wor.n , yesterday. ' . . ....,,. .. | Osciu- Havdaway went to..Memphis today for the reivmlndcr-of -y.c j week. .. . '., "it •' ,.'V' I 1 Miss n'tilh. .Whltworlh. lias , s'jne | to Memphis to sp:>"d the r=si b£cn marie. j begins at the waistline and is held in place all around by rows oi Mrs. Cora Lee Chilei will be in- 1 s j,irring. Quite unlike the majority of new gowns, this one is • dar- a -sweetj- stalled worthy matnu of the Eastern Star Chapter, J. H. Bunn, v.orthy patron, Mrs. Claude Thom- wafeuta8| whlch give s young look. Pi'O.Vided .by ColeS treasurer; Mrs. A. S. Sosers, conductress; Mrs. W. E. Burton, as- for. the sociate conductress; Mrs Harry K. Har- the week with her/sisUir, Mts..'i\ Wood and family. • •• j Bowen Hauey of Oscc-ola. who M- | tends Mississippi Heights Aciutemy ; at, Blue Mountain, Miss., was ;t vis- | Hoi In the city yesterday,. '.'. Mr. and Mrs. M'..A. Isancs have :io iheir mie.sts for ths holidays jjlr. Isaacs' brotln " ' ' A Christmas party neighborhood children, many' pfiBrocks, chaplain; Mrs. U K. Har-j whom 1 hnil .little 'hope oi a visit) wars, marshal!; _Mrs. Harry Mil'erH by SEUiia Claus, gave Mr. and Mis. W. A. Cole. 023 Clark sireet, DRIDGtGE i; liappv ^ Cole, I'islnms of their own. caretaker al the city his wife prepared a organist; Mrs. Tom Ballew, Ada; By WM. E. Mf.KENKEY I carding the eight of hearts., dscla^ Ml Mrs. Rose Cioldberg, Ruth; Mrs., Secretary, American Bridge I.cajue I er winnins the trick with the queen -.|j Mona Moore, Esther; Mrs. S. V.] ' . If. A.. Isaacs, an Mrs. Isaacs, oi Memphis. Mr. and' Mrs.- Louis I'nHSrpi returned yesterday from a twu days visit. !TI Memphis. -~ • • •' '•• • J. E: McKcll lias-rctimied-rlo j Litllc Hoik ', after -spondins twu days in Mississippi county.. He is| district agent ol the st.iteV extension department. • ,. .. • Mr. and Mrs. C. C. .Tucker have as their guesl Mr. Tucker's mother. Mrs. G. M. Cox. of .Memphis. Charles Frii;:li:s of Uille Rod: of the iiuni'.'dintc ccmmunity and loaded it with several individual gii.ts'fcr each child. Santa Claus, r.uayui in his traditional bright' red atiir'L 1 end. snow white beard, visteil Ihe' 'icmc after his trip lo the take Street Methodist church ' and ' hanrled each little sues; his 'present. Seventeen children and parents of sai«ra) In t'i:> rjroup attended rhe Christmas p::rlv. Mi 1 , and Mrs. Cole's rtfioptcri 'taby boy, J. C. The following Interesting hand j of spades. , Martha; Mrs. E. H. Ste-! was selected fronv Hie auction j Declarer now swung three round., vens, Elcctra; and Mrs. Emma | championship round in the recent i of -diamonds, discarding three small Brooks, warden. Appointment has! national tournament, and it pro-', clubs from the dummy. It is.-.iih' not yet been made for ihe office | duces a very ' interesting squeeze of sentinel for the chapter. |p!ay. • Christinas Cheer Brings Only Two lo Police Couil One Chrislmai revelet, v.-ho; ap-1 parcntly imbibed too frtely in eel- ] ebration of the day, would probab- j WEST S-l-10- B-3-2 H—7-6-54-2 D-8-2 C—K NORTH J-K-9-I H-K D—K-Q C—Q-10-9-7-G-5-4 the ., lent months will clTer Mr. a::d Mrs.' siie is a student at ller.diisllcmicr-' j Oscar Eaton something of :i problem when thciv first birthday ri'.inl- vcrrary cccui's a year from no\v. ,uest of his aunt, Mrs. John.U. j and finiiily this week. Mr. ami' Mrs. R. mwjjm r>- •!_ 1 D 1 1 I "*"»*&*'+*'- ^ar-<»ar/lg;fe. i ???i3 Birthday Problem: Winifred Goodrich, daughter. .! ''"\ NEWBURYPORT, Mass. (UP)— i ot Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Gc^d'rlch., • .- '* ll "j I Triplets who were born in ditf:r-1 i s EII nndliie the holiibys at htine. j i,«c.a a ll ?|'-| Cnt lnon tiis ivil) clTer Mr. a::d Mrs.' siie is a student at ller.aiisllcndci 1 -' . -Now even Ihcs^ ,,„,„,. ,.^,,,,,. ,,;„., nf ., ,„.,,•„. i „ cullcce Conwav Ark Iwe as their quests-Mi. -ar.d Mr... _ A a ,. oll| ". ±: :1_..': 'j. c. Kelley of Detroit. Mich., nnil Umi men SOUTH—DEALER S—Q.8-6 ~ H-A-9-3 ' D-A.J-7-4-3 C-A-S EAST. S-JU H—Q-J- 10-8 D—10-9 6-5 C-J-B-3 Cole, shared in tho party with the , ly bs $15 better off todaj ii he had \ other ciiiidren. ; appeared in police court tills niovn-1 l Moonshiner ! A5 il W3Si a forfeUllrc wa5 or -1 Tllc Bidains ,",,.,, ,,! dercd on the defendant's $13 cash Southi thc uc aler, at beernS to D6 Nowhere deposit when he failed to appear I opcncc i tl) C bidding material what Weft discards. E'^SV follows on the first two diamond?; but on tile third diamond'., 'ij snueezed. If he drops the t?n • .of hearts, the declarer'.", ace-ninf;;,w!!l be good, and he can win t'.-.e^last trick with the queen of c!ub:"'.ln dummy. If the club is dUscafdiA', declarer can lead a small chib -t3 the dummy and win the Iasc':.tfiie2 tricks in dummy. He will not no=:l [his ace of hearts. • '" i . The squeeze in liiis hand is lin- j usually interesting as East lias,, ru: oppoitunity to discnr;! after t™ declarer, but still cannot prevent, the squteze. '' ' ; auction, wiih one no I ABINODON. Vs.. (UP) —' C. H.. MAY HAN KEUG10US QU1/, '1 —QUCS- i while Judge W. D. Oravette In a j trump. North, his partner, went, t nayter's 8CO-p:und cow went»for< I MARCHAND. Ya.. R?r. 2I>. ITJPI'lenient meed, let the only other de- to ^ vo c i v ,t s and 1 South went to I a Utoll. She fell into a cistern. | iiiintsinen to'in'd sev- feudani to appear before cha court lwo no (rump which bought the [ -j-iie cistern w?s 16 feet, <!c?p-.and; s tijl 'j,, n an . |on a similar charge o!f with a warn-'| con t. rac t. ' j contained fix fee-, ol water." Vo'r. 1 ' unleers placi-d a chain halter about. • the cow, then w.Uer was ]r.tmf?.y into the cibtcrri and ll 1 .^ victim- lp , and a boy. will celebrate in D«em- : jbcr. The first was barn shortly bi- • fore midnight on the last cijy o!. | Miss Ayncs Hood of Olavksdalr. | ovcr conn'./on Chrisimns day. i'"B- . ' Thc Play I Miss. Mr. Kc-lloy Is leftviiy today I Kccc , ni; ; :r , cnc , , 1lC} . ca n C( j hll11 "Was he rowdy or troublesome?' ; Wcs . 01Jcncrt the fourth bwt r,»riri--M v r ,IM»> m,n« ^ alrp'^ric for Los Ansclci. Cnl..^,. , Imr . P . ' ! JL'.iie Or.ivctti- asked the offlcir . de Ule n , rcc spoli dummy n.ALElGH, N. C.. lUli-Que- al!d nlhcr We3tml po inti. Hn;l Mrs. j •-where are you 3 oing?" tho | who tcslified against ti-.e defcndan;.'^ ycc , |hc scven and Eas; w on th= Honing of witncssc-.- ivuarHii!.' i!-:ir Ki .|; r y xv ill remain here while hs ls!h u!l iers a.sked. ! "' Vo - sir ' onl - v drunk." trick with the ace. East refused to religious belief; would I)-: lorbiddr-n away for liifi two weeks trip. | -Aiirt sDir.i; nowhere," replied! All<1 lllc Christmas celcbrator. c retun , h | s partner's suit and sliift- tincier n statute rcioninii-ndrd for ji!-. ;1 nd ^!ls. F, W. Sclnti;. cf • the moonshiner. "''" '"'' "' ' """" '-Hoated" to i!ic surface. As : d: IfCi n fev,- briKses. she was unhiirt. " " Novemcr and the other two short-1 passage by tl-; North Carolina, i^-iena, spent bst night with Mr.! But he kept on going and hasn't 1 : who had sobered after an overnight | cc j lo tne (|UC! , n O f hearts, wr.ich sltl >' in Comvay. I There -is. an clnbaster mine in! Italy that has bren workrn cou- i tlnuously since It was opened by ly oiler niidnisht on December 1. ! Ocncral Assembly. 'IIn-State Sup-' ., mi J!rs . ' rc ""\T'Fr^-l 1 & i wl-i C 'uiar l grrw l i!! C -' Jl:ll "" c Br '" 1Sl who is °™l>'.oycd Berlin Is. expe-.-lmcuUiij wiiii cleaning the. oil films caused by ::io!or vc"-iic!i:S frum ils strops the judge for the Emscans j-Kirs ago. more than 2000 ! ivilh Jets of live p' by .; iK.itr.blc boiier. whetiier a witness can fc in«i::ach- i t-l by reason ot his, religious be! lief. ' s 2 ! been seen since, state prohibition;' 1 ' 5 release. headquarters were advised today. . " Tllc quietest Christmas in ^_ ! years." police said. ,,,,,„,, i i< o . f i A cliaree of petit larceny against parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Burns. J aju , ar y L, S et { or | Earl Wil ^ nms ' fnrmer ..^ wns (cr iric wces-cui. | Tr-in<: flrpan Fliwrif ' dirmissed by Judge Oravette bs- Mr. am! Mrs. L. F. Ware, o! | ' raI1S " UCean r11 ^" 1 1 cause of lack of legal evidence. The Jiicksan, Tenn.. will arrive tomor- i " i boy drew a reprimand from I ROME. Dec. 2G. (UPi—The 1 the dummy won with the Xing. A , „ ,, , i court, however. | iu5i'.t cf twelve Italian seaplanes! !rcm nolama. Portugiio-o West At- Br«,r c "i? ptobawy 1 b^n^thei Chicago Girl Kidnapped night of January 5. Air Minister a { Threshold of Home Ital^ Balbo, flight leader, radioed ' Premier Mussolini today. small club was led from dummy and declarer went up with the KCL-. catching the singleton king in the West hand. Declarer led a small diamond which was won wilii trie dummy's kin?, 'and the queen of diamonds returned from dummy. 1 " c I declarer following with the four. | Declarer then led the kin:; of j spades from dummy and followed ' w-ith the nine o( spades, East dis- l - First Youth of Class Stands Good Chance ; Jo «ntc,-herhome wfee a Christ- CHICAGO, Dec. 26. (UP)-City ar.d county iwlice today searched for the kidnaper who ab:lu:ted Al- | Ice Ccranek. 17. as she was-about j "t went to the door to gieel Alice." her mother. Mrs. Michael Ceranck. said, "she had almost reached thc house when a man jumped from an automobile at the curb, van up the sidewalk and seized her." Alarmed by Alice's screams her to her aid. The- kidnaper threatened him v.ilh a j AUSTIN. Tex. iUP>— If a student '. finlslirs h:.s high school course with ; a ^raric airiono t>ie first rmartilc, il ; is a prcty safe guess that he will i got through his freshman year at . college without flunking. Statistics gathered oy thc Oni-1 :verfity ot Texas show that amoas j bvoti . cri Jollll . ,-„„ : fifsinuan ci^ss failures lr.>= than six per rent are students who , were In ih:> firs! fr.urt): of t'r:eir jci.i.-- Flrind:tu :il hljh school, i Those who culrrccl college from liic ffcond uroup of cr.r Icnrlh had . a rc-ccrci of twelve per cent inii- uiv.s; those from the tPilrd miar- ' ti)(\ 23 per cent, strangely enough, t'ao.^c \vh.-i ivcrt 1 in last tourtn ot their lilsh school class, bucked up when they oiucml coUctc. DON'T FAIL TO SEE "TOM SAWYER" SmuJayV' nnil Monday at thc Ritz Theater. THEN SEE OUK for Heal Hoys. 221 W- Main •TOM SAWYER" -\\Vh Kliecially priced ;it Sl.:i!) 9 "(let To Ki.iiw pls'io! and shoved the girl into the j automobile. Head Courier News Want Ads. Aci.oL(iiii." lo ll-.c last complete -'M v .s;--,)': rc:!',i:-. :h^:i; LTC now ;2127 dnily M\vr,)a]*is published in th: United Sutrs. is a doctor's rrcscripliou for 1 Colds and Headaches ,IC IS Tilt: MOST SPEED* iii:.\a:r)Y KXOWN. i (Hifi ALSO IN TAHLETS. Dr.PaulF.McCuteta Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85

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