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Eugene, Oregon
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Workmen Forge $2 Million Link in Pacific Freeway Project LANE COUNTY'S HOME NEWSPAPER Eugene Register- Guard SECTION EUGENE, OREGON, FRIDAY, DECEMBER, 25, 1959 Comes CIRC BIG BRIDGE PROJECT UNDER -Equipment was Co. were getting heavy items in place and forms were being readied for concrete on ing operation. The center the $2 million Pacific Freeway bridge over the Willam- height required of the span, ette River. at. Judkins Point when these pictures were proach looming high above taken earlier this week.

At left, men of the Peter Kiewit north side of the river. At Car Dealer Tests Law SALEM (UPI) A Marion County Circuit Court suit brought by Portland used car dealer Henry A. Bryant against the state will test constitutionality of the Oregon automobile dealer's bondling law passed by the 1959 Legislature. Named as defendants in the suit are Vern L. Hill, director of the Oregon Motor Vehicles Department and Attorney General Robert Y.

Thornton. The Legislature passed the surety bond requirement so that customers who felt they had been cheated by a used car dealer could sue the dealer. Bryant contends that his application for a business license and dealer's vehicle registration was denied by Hill because a $15,000 surety bond did not accompany the application. The car dealers maintains the bond requirement violates both the Oregon and U. S.

Constitutions. Radio Hams Help Kids to Go 'Home' TUCSON, Ariz. (A) Amateur radio operators in Tucson teamed up with ham operators throughout the United States and Canada Friday to make Christmas a bit happier for 59 children. The kids are undergoing treatment at the National Foundation for Asthmatic Children in Tucson. They are hundreds of miles from their homes and won't be able to spend Christmas with their families.

For. the third year, Tucson amateurs worked throughout Christmas Day to line up radio contacts with families of the children through amateur operators in their home towns. Requiem Mass Set HOLLYWOOD' -Requiem mass will be celebrated Saturday at St. Ambrose Catholic Church for Gilda Gray, shimmy queen of the 1920s. Miss Gray, 60, died Tuesday.

'No Mommies or Daddies Allowed' Kids Buy Gifts in Store Cut Down to Their Size By HARRY F. ROSENTHAL Of the Associated Press KANSAS CITY (P -The little boy, all of four years old, raced from counter to counter, picking up in order: a billfold, a tiepin, a handkerchief set, a ball, a potholder and a bottle of perfume. "I'll take these," he said to the salesgirl, handing her a small bank. She opened it, counted out enough coins to cover the $3.35 purchase and gift-wrapped the items. The youngster bounded out, proclaiming: did all my Christmas shopping myself this year." He was one of many children patronizing a store for little people only.

The children's shop is tucked away in a corner of a big downtown Kansas City department store. Outside the doorway that just fits a four footer, is a sign: "Sorry, No Mommies or Daddies Allowed." Inside is a well-stocked BU BURCH'S 29th Annual MID -WINTER 1041 Olive PARKING FREE SALE STARTS TOMORROW DOORS OPEN A.M. Charge it to P.M. pay nothing till February THE SALES EVENTrific Known WOMEN'S Values for Its and in Ter- MEN'S, BURCHS fine footwear CHILDREN'S Footwearl 1060 WILLAMETTE (Register-Guard photos) in place for the pillar pour- project is illustrated by the adjacent Franklin Bouleview shows the length and vard traffic and the with the freeway bridge aproaring trains along the Southern surrounding land on the Pacific Railroad track. The freeway bridge will cross over right, the complexity of the both of the routes.

The bridge is to be finished in 1961. VITAL STATISTICS MARRIAGE LICENSES Thomas Lee Zuvich, 23, of 423 N. Eighth Cottage Grove, and Carol Jean Thiel, 21, of 115 W. Tandy Turn, Eugene. Richard Oliver Stockton, 21, of Portland, and Carolyn Jean Godsey, 15, of Westfir.

William Fredrick Dockter, 19, Rt. Box 259, and Rita Lee Wehr, 17, same address, of Junction City. Walter Isaac Ogle 11, 18, of 639 N.W. Yamhill, Sheridan, and Eleanor Elizabeth Bivens, 17, Gen. Spring.

fleld. Robert Roy Sanford, 29, of Box 561, 84 N. Jefferson a both Eugene. and Dolores Yvonne Simmons, 17, of James Vernon Christney, 40, Box 1043, and Ruth Genevieve Petrie, 44, of 850 Water both of Springfield. Lee Erwin Chapman, 26, of 458 E.

19, 11th of 1515 and River Loop Dwylla 1, Joan both Robison, Richard Allan Stallings, 19, of Box 174, Oakridge, and Doris Elizabeth Siegel, 18, Box 475, Westfir. Jack Lewis Yager, 21, of 2530 Hilyard and Virginia Sue Rice, 18, of 1501 Irving both of Eugene. Alonzo Parker Stiner, 25, of 1010 E. 18th and Elaine Dolores Porritt, 20, of 1695 Jefferson both of Eugene. Calvin Gale DeGraw, 18, of 1546 Willamette and Gloria Faye Brownfleld, 17, of 1272 Willamette both of Eugene.

Thomas Marshall Doggett, 22, of 170 Hawthorne and Barbara Faye Knox, 21, of 2679 Harris both of Eugene. Albert Theodore Schaefers, 30, of 660 W. 38th and Carole Ruth James, 22, of 2428 Charnelton both of Eugene. Ernest Lando Kirk, 22, of 2712 Morse and Sherryll Ann James, 19, of 240 E. 30th both of Eugene.

1263 Norval Main Elwood and June Shurtliff, Ardelle 47,, of Jen8011, 36, of 528 Mill both of Springfield. Paul Eugene Nelson, 19, of 1040 Echo Hollow and Sharon Lee Kruse, 19, of 1160 Jackson both of Eugene. Jackie Gilbert Raymond, 21, of 688 Sisters View Eugene, and Barbara Jean Rackley, 17, of 5777 McKenzie Springfield. Donald Peabody Duncan, 23, Webster, S. and Phyllis Hope Wellenreiter, 23, of 2042 Onyx Eugene.

Thomas Archer Hendrick, 21, Triangle, and Janice Noel Thompson, 20, Box 474, Mapleton. Larry Faunus Forrester, 21, of Kilgore, and Joyce Mae McCampbell, 16, of 772 E. 12th Eugene. Morris Alexander Havelock, 18, Rt. Box 376, and Lillian Elaine Lott, 17, of 160 N.

19th both of Springfleid. Howard Kenneth Zenger, 26, of 3612 N.E. 66th and Christa Bertha Schoellenbach, 22, of 805 S.W. Vista, both of Portland. Albert Louis Henault, 25, Reedsport, and Peggy Lunell Cole, 23, of 1020 Jefferson Eugene.

Neal Page Campbell, 21, of 951 Patterson and Carol Anne Hollister, 21, of 1316 Alder both of Eugene. William Avery Lillard 20, Oakland, and Patricia Louise Hartle, Umpqua. Richard Alvin Hayes, 20, Rt. 4 Box 354A, and Sandra Raye Ankney, 17, of 306 Bailey Lane, both of Eugene. David Larry Hickman, 22, of 2635 Van Ness and Sally Sue Burrell, 20, of 2320 Charnelton both of Eugene.

Theodore Richard Schneider, 24, of Kelly and Verna Celeste Gibbens, 22, of 2520 both of Springfield. Cleatis Lee Parks, 35, of 209 E. 34th Springfield, and Mary Charlotte McEnerny, 28, of 2350 Madison Eugene. Clarence N. Seventh Edward Buzalsky, and 19, Marcella of Marie Nelson, 17, of 376 S.

52nd both Springfield. Bruce Clayton Bailey, 21, of 2221 Vining Jackson, and Eva Gale Wilken, 19, of 1058 N. Third Springfield. nah Virgil Ann Elvis Wingo, Warden, 18, both 19, of and Veneta. SereFloyd Vike, 24, of 730 I Springfield, and Valerie Deanna Gardner, 22, of 1750 E.

26th Eugene. James Wallace Barnes, 24, of 2009 Van Buren Corvallis, and Phyllis Joy Wormington, 22, of 278 Lariat Eugene. John Anthony Oney, 25, of Anchor- Idleyld Park, and Karen Dawn Morris, 17, of 415 Springfield. Alfred Betterton 27, of 751 N. 99, and Carol Lee Roberts, 19, of 657 Jefferson both of Eugene.

Bruce Alexander Koppe, 28, of 2209 Fairmount Eugene, and Helen Anne Firchau, 27, of Spokane. Robert Graham Nopp, 25, of 1875 N. 4th, Salem, and Patricia Ann Kimberling, 23, of 411 Lincoln Eugene. Larry Lee Leach, 21, of 1820 Chambers and Georgia Diane Jack, 26, of 30 W. 35th both of Eugene.

age, Alaska, and Rita Hazen, 22, of Clatskanie, Ore. Daniel Eugene Lantis 19, of 274 W. 11th Lynn Sandercock, 18, of 768 E. 13th both of Eugene. Lee Edward Delorme, 22, of 1400 Rainbow and Phyllis Alene Ow.

ens, 18, of 920 W. both of Springfield. Benjamin Charles Fisher, 18, 1 Box 1132, and Janice Kay Evenson, 19, of 2011 Lawrence both of Eugene. Clinton Merle Reimer, legal age, of 361 E. 14th Eugene, and Colleen Rae Meacham, legal age, of 500 S.W.

Greenburg Tigard. Jack Wayne Lindsay, 23, Rt. 2 Box 238D, and Roberta Annette Strong, 19, of 659 Pearl both of Eugene. Douglas Theodore Wyant, 19, of 1132 and Evangeline Rose Brown, 19, of 985 N. 54th both of Springfield.

Laban B. Shepherd, 61, of 835 Springfield, and Hazel Beulah Wicker, 59, of 4740 Harcourt Salem. Clyde LeRoy Case, 21, of 545 N. 22nd Springfield, and Marilyn Ann Howland, 19, of 165 Monterey Lane, Eugene. Robert Lee Livingston, 22, of Ex-TV Star Wed at 18 To 15-Year-Old Girl SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.

(A) Tommy Rettig, 18, former child star of the Lassie television series, and 15-year-old Darlene Portwood were married last Saturday, it was disclosed Thursday. The ceremony was performed at Big Bear Lake in the nearby San Bernardino Mountains MuniciJudge Oren B. Matthews. BLONDIE By Chick Young OH, YOU'LL HAVE (I'LL CARRY TO CARRY ME DOWN AGAIN, YOU UP FORGOT TO PUT OUT I'M SO TIRED THE MILK BOTTLES DONT THINK I CAN CLIMB THE STAIRS TO BED TONIGHT IT'S FUN TO BE MARRIED, ISN'T IT, DEAR? chL 12-25 sales room scaled to kid-size with prices to match. It's called, appropriately, "the penny bank." There is no item over $3.00 and there's a wide selection in the under-a-dollor range down to 29 cent perfume pillow.

The merchandise on low counters marked "For Mommy," "For Daddy," "For Brother," and "For Sister." "We started the penny bank with the idea of making it easier for children to shop with the added incentive of doing it without grownups," said Karen Underhill, an attractive blonde who runs the department. "In the main store the children can't really see the merchandise because the counters are too high, because the clerks often can't see the kids and because there isn't enough variety in their range. The children go home happy from this department in the thought they presents just like the grownups and in secret." The girls are generally fairly choosy, particularly those over six. The boys, on the other hand, usually settle for the first thing that hits the eye and the salesgirls gently have to suggest other items. Finding something suitable sometimes is difficult.

For instance, Gary Wilhoit, a husky 5-year-old wearing a T-shirt and blue jeans, burst into the shop and announced: "I want a billfold for my daddy." "We have some nice ones," said the salesgirl, "but wouldn't you like to look around a little?" JEWELRY "What, else you "How about these cufflinks?" "He don't wear those." "Ties?" "I don't know if he wears ties." "Handkerchiefs?" "He doesn't use them." Gary bought the billfold. One little girl bought a ring, explaining shyly: "It's for my boyfriend." She was five. Many walk up to the salesgirls with "I have this much money to spend," displaying their wealth. Most say they saved the money from allowances. Some admit that Mommy or Daddy handed them a little outside the door.

There is a toy section in brother-sister gift area, but the small customers buy little there for themselves. And the most purchased gift? Scented soap. 1027 WILLAMETTE American Registered Gem Jeweler, A FROM THESE OLD SETTINGS CAME THESE DIAMONDS. A. B.

C. D. E. WHICH WE PUT INTO THESE MOUNTINGS AND NOW THEY LOOK LIKE THIS! What. a to Use Your Get Money! There is no better investment for it than a new mounting for your old diamonds.

You will receive dividends in pleasure every day of your lifetime- -and have all the enjoyment of a new ringl PRICES OF THE MOUNTINGS ILLUSTRATED IN THIRD PANEL: A. Ten diamonds 18k gold $250 C. Seven diamonds in 18k $185 B. Four diamonds in 14k $50 D. Two tapered baguettes $85 E.

Three-stone ring with sixteen full-cuts $420 Prices include Federal tax Charge or budget Illustrations slightly enlarged for GREEN STAMPS.

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