The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 6, 1930
Page 5
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SATUODAY, SRPT13MBBK 3, 1930 CLASSIFIED ADS 'ifo cenvs a word ror first In- Mrtion WKJ one cent * word for each lubtequtat Insertion. NO ndverUsetaen; taken lor less tlnri 60c. Count toe word* »nd send the ewfc. Phone 306 FOR SALE FOR SALE—(For few cla>s only). Br. McCalL has moved lo St. Louis and has placed his home in my hands tor sale. Choice location and rare bargain. Let me show It to you, it interested. O. G. CaudUl, ofllce plume 197, residence phone 766. 2BC-H LOOK! Bargains In Used Cars 1929 I,..\TK 1'OXTIAC COACH A-l condition, IOCT.S and runs line. This is an exccUcut bargain. Only 5355 1!)2« MODEL AA FOKO TRUCK. Has 4 new Tires, closed cab and plalforiu body, Just the truck for jour heavy hauling $235 li»30 FOKU FOK1JOK SEUA\. Driven only 9,000 miles. Fully Uuaranlcrd. Only $155 Used Car Dept. I'HILLll'S iWi'OK CO. Auihoriied Ford Ijtjltij PHONE 811 TODAY HALE—OHIcc desk and swivel chair . Cheap. £'. 0. Box 115, Blytheville. 4pk8 SPECIAL Oiio 1930 New Chevrolet Coach LEE MOTOR CO. I'OU KENT FOE RENT—Light Housekeeping ruoms, furnished, 700 West, Walnut. 26c-tf NEW8 MTGIN IIKHK TODAY I) ru I n n I HK us n n e \ I rn . A \.V K « J XTIUI hiii itrugrcxMril r;ij>Jdl> 0 n J It now i] nil i- r t-on i rm- ( t D <;rand Hnllt-il, uiie^of the Inrf-rst «>( I ho MolLyiviiod xluillii*, An DC Jinn tirrn Hi [ii[c ultli ti^n other RliJi. AIMXA MUUK1S<>\ jtti.l IIVA IIAm.HY. Mnn:i :ini] Kvn nrt* «v- trns. dui Muim wurk* unly orcn- hli'iuillj HIM! i;m THCI r;ir»l>. I Ii n (f Idllcr uirr ttilt;, ttiitl over n Cr.iufc lave t\[irrfrncc, Sfic leave* lldlljrnonil Unnhy. l«u Inj; n Itc-nri-Ttrokcii note fur Anne unil Minjji. ' • DAN ItOUI.m;it. runner \CM 1 nrk iir\^sin|u-r i.inn nnj hrm:irJ» ttrffr. f.« fit lo Aiini>, hut he lin» come t hl» feeling for hrr n* n HUP. I-:* cry fclc-ji npurtrtl tlinf Anne trik-pj, xrcin?* tn remove her nil Hie friTilitr frnin him. ci|'<-''I;,|| j ,,| tu -e 1 M.-M ulfli rrprnnl i^i»iiVu\!> l %™ ll !i'iir" I ''' u ' lt ' c " r " 1 l " ;rici " :e for lllc "'' explainer! what iniir inovlc column tor » ncrim; ol "nil what she had trlcil lo prepare. , mrni \ilili hint. In JK-tti'^ nlillliy. IIT'II Jlun's hr.« Krcnl fnliTi itit- Inl- nn,.,,!. \Vlille in tnU wrllirn .1 pinr Furnished apaiment tor rent. See Jhnnne Uidbcttcr at Saunder's Store. 29c-tl FOR RENT—One room with cr without, beard. Mrs. Q, i'. Fender, 512 North 1st St. IpkB FOR RENT- - 2 teams furnished for light housekeeping, 625 Walnut Phone 521, Mrs. S. P. Cavcnder. FOR RENT— Nic in. 100 Dougnn. bcdrodin, close 3pkB !VfW Vnrk l>n Ji»r tliL- «ctf.'r. . ic In iilnrr II, ftnully nrml^ II l, n ,-k to nlrn. mill Annr Wlntpr nnj r,,IUrr, Mlipn they rr.-ij l|, nrc fnltjiiil- n*lfc oirr II. Tftt-r nr^c U; lt i Jo rcvlsr li rur ilu- i l)0 i ii-^ " : '» f ..... >»•« Hirlr uJiJco, iiiii flip iiltijr ^ .u-L-nHvil liy liriili.1 '•"lieu. KnunliiK lhal Aaiic \vuulj likr Hi piny n drnmnllo rule, nnj Ii.lihiK licnrrt IHT rxiirvnx tier irllb I" piny Iho imrl c,( Ji:x.w In lil< I'lni, lliirlnirr >IIK K ^M> to miidln "tcnllvri. llinl »lir lie conM j.-n-il f"r ifcr nli-tiin-. llrrrlufnrr she I'.-n tsla>rJ rulf« In uhlvli bur *l'lc/n^ nnd dfuu'fn^ fcndlrril <;.\I!1U SI.OAN |, u, illri-rr Ihc Plcnit.-, nnd ll.nn l> lolj ihnl II, r • "EKDillon Mill lio mnilc M Stonn tlim he- C lvc .Innr n ir«l. Ilan trll» >irr In nee Slnnn licnrlf nnj o»k mm fur n rh;mrc, »'OW no O.V WITH THE STOIIV CHAPTER XXXV ASH turned out, Anne did not have to ask Garry Sloan. Sbe saw him the next morning, sitting on a uencli In tl'.o sun In Hie big court. Ho was In his usual cos- 1.1111)0 ot white flannels and wliito s.Mrt open at llm throat, and .be was reading a manuscript. Anne • was Btcultng herself to make the request that slio fiome- liow ilrcntled to make wlicn Stoan jlauced up from his reading and snw her coining down llio palm- Kbf.rled walk, lie smiled and Immediately said, "Come here, chilli," aiirj beckoned to her. Ho moved hta hulk to make room for her on fna bench. Aune did j look rather like a child beside the huge Sloan. "I want to look at 5-011." he eaid, crossing one lej; over the oilier and resting an arm ou the back ot tiio hcnch; and ho gazed at her ag ttiongh he expected to fiuu somc- thinp; new in her. "You look nice," he said finally, "hut vou look an-ftilly innocent for Jenny." Anne was bare-headed, and she always looked younger aud less sophisticated without u hat. Am herself for. Sloan studied her In tently .is she talked. Klie was very earnest. at the opening with mo. Don't you remember? I'aul Collier introduced him to you." "Ob, yes. Well. FOR RENT—One of Shane Apartments on West Main street. Tel- ciihonc 197 and 571. 3ckl5 wore a thin rnll-on sweater called her—a child. of palo yellow, and a white skirt FOR RENT—Front bedroom nd-j joining bath. Private home. Phone 419-W. 4ck3 j FOR RENT—Three room apart-1 men!. 701 Cbidcasawba Ave Phcm 274. 5 pic8 ! FOR RENT- Sleeping room adjoin- ! ing bath. Steam heated home.! Oarage if desired. Phone 114. Spk'j FOR RENT -Two front bedrooms. Board if desired. 119 West Ash, Mrs. Lydia McGhce. 5pk9 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment close in. 505 West Main, Phcne 353. Cpkll FOR RENT—Nice front bedroom in modern home Call 715-W. GckH FOR RENT—Front bedrcom, con- venicnt to bath, phone 552-J, Mrs U. Vf. Mullins. 6pklO FOR RENT-Three rooms nicely fnrnislied for light housekeeping. SCO -ti. Fifth street. Gpkll may lie your clothes." ho admitted following her glance, "hut I rathe think you'd manage to look i no matter what you wore." . He fished a cigar out of his alilrt critics. pocket. "-Mr. Johnson tells me that you have ambitions tor * dramatic role, 1 didn't know our little prlnia donna felt that way." Anno had recovered from her :em|>orary awe. "Put I do feel llial way," slio told him boldly, The director struck a match. "I'm ifruhl I don't huoiv nearly enough about you," ho said. "Tell me iomcthliiK nuont yourself. Tel) me camo lo ERNEST LYNN what you did before you .„.,.„ >„ Hollywood. You were on tho stage, I know, but what did you do 1 !" Anne drew his attention lo the biirnlnt; match between his lingers, "Please, light your cigar first," sho said with a lllllo laugh. "You inako ino nervous." And sl:e tersely narnuctl her experience for hi in. uiako tho arrangements nml let her nocent, accused Jenny, his )-,.«,.. benrh wl' hlm bend where s had^fouml him, iiK'i.t i(l i, is crl , c i accns.'iiloii; then' lest! and llnnlly, when Michael I KOIIO, complete, despair. quick noil from Anno stopped tnlo tho urll- Sloan leaned fur- a humorous twlnklo In his eyes. AT lunch the Ilionelit ot what lay Slu«n. Anno si just ahead undo her so appro- " ar " 'Mil, aim oioau leancii fur- hensivo that her appoiltu dlsap- wartl a "il watched her through eyes pearcil with tlio first Ijlle. Krai Hurley, tho director, scelnp, her alone, camo over lo her tablo anil told her ho had learned what Bho was going to do. "I was Just talking with Garry. wlien Hurley had played the phmo (or her in her first Iryout, and re- inemlicrlng his fiiendllncso and llio reid thin niav of coura B° ll ll: "t inspire.! In her, •• H, ,'u ,',±, 1 «"•"••? "* wa, somewhat comforted. blie knew that sho would feel better if Hurley wan there; it would to so much bettor tli.-iii having ™>' Sloan's skeptical eyea alouo upon Ho laid .1 hand on the manuscript in his lap. man who wroto it. good friend of mine." "'Who is this Ulc he's written Bouicthlng pretty good, hasn't he? Seems funny ho couldn't sell It before this." Anno wished tlist Dan Rorlmer wero there to hear Sloan say that. She replied that sbo tliought'lt was "Do you really a very fine thing. like It?" "1 think, , Sloan said thoughtfully, "it may make a wonderful liictiire," and Anno said that Blio was euro It would, with hla direction. Nor did eho luteinl any flat- Thpro was, after all, only ono Garry Sloan The director prodigally tossed his cigar away and folded his anus. Ills Eblrt sleeves came down not Quite to his elbows and tho sun glinted ou tho thick blond hair o! his arms, and Anno remarked the girth of tlio wrist around which he had strapped his watch. He Bald presently, with a Blight frown: "It you want a test I'll be glad to give you one. I've been trying to make up iny miml who I wauled to play opposite Moore. You're Euro you'd llko to do it?" She was, she assured him eagerly, and sho thought tho smile with which he greeted her fervency was a bit skeptical. She was resentful ot that, and sho said a little proud- Jy, "It won't take you Ions to find out whether I'll do." Slosj), she felt, persisted in thiuk- ing of her as jnst what he had Harry Sloan grinned. When, he Sloan continued to smile. "R asked, would she like to have'the lest? "What about Ibis afternoon?" - -- « ^. Anne was thankful then for the think you'd manage to look demure study slic bad put in last night with " Mona aud D.-.n as her audience and '•Any time will do for me," she WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown Cotton 704 s. Lake St. I7ck-tf , .„„„, ,;,,„,„ ulu ,; UarsC( , llow W1U1 told him. and Sloan said ho would ono of which ho was entirely in- iinrrawcd. Anne crlcil, "Michael!" Rlie luovcil loivjinl tlio cunieia and tl:i>ii E ho nuildcnly checked her. self, and a look of Incomprehension anil uf hurt camo lulo her eyes. I wish you a lot ot lunk, Anne. Do Tllsm - sll ° shook her head quickly] you mind if fm around?" yon." He, And Anne, n day meal Fred Hurley chatted pleasaut- ly and told her amusing stories, nuil lie succeeded In inking her mind off tlio forthcoming trial while she ale. "Just remember," do fold her when they parted—Anno to put on her makeup—"that Garry Sloan's human llko tho rest of 113. You needn't he afraid of him, Anno." Mldafternoon found her nnd Sloan on one of tho stages. The director Eat quietly by white. Bbo read tho manuscript, ho had placed ia her hauls aud a crew made • cady tho sound-recording apparatus. Jlo had let her ehooso ono ol tho scenes that Korlmcr Jmd recommended llio afternoon before, hid even approved her choice of It by telling her it was what ho would havo had her do. And lie had looked at her with something liko respect in his eyes, for (ho scene was a difficult one, am! ono lacking In ccuragc, or In confidence, or both, would hesitated to choose it. havo . Fred Hurley sauntered on tho Fceuo n short while later, and as ho sat down Sloan and ono ot tho crew exchanged looks and tlio director nodded. Presently tlio silence call sounded. Garry Sloan Jookcd at Anne. "Heady?" lie asked, nud Khc roao , and handed the manuscript back to him and faintly smiled. Anne nodded. know." Sho looked then at Hurley, who smiled his head encouraging- right." Sloan held up a nnd 1J-. hand. "Jieniember, Anne; you come on just as they're Michael away." Sloan, consciously or not, had called her by lnV first name. Anne wondered if he was aware ot it. The scone was the one In which the unfortunate Jlicliael, guilty of many crimes but charged now with "Blrl," vehemcnlly. "Xo. Mtclincl, and for nnd nnd How OJH you Biy Uiair A LITTLE distance In hack o( Si ,t Hurley. Chin In hainl, ho listened as tlio girl voiced her ilaieil protest. . . . Michael had gone now. Toward the door IhrmiKh which ho presumably had passed Anno gazed • ll1 "eyes buiTlMcrcd and pained frlslitc-ncil. Sho stood lima soino momcnln. then turned moved dazedly n few steps dropped into a clinlr. Her Jlps «ero tremblliiK; E|IO plucked at them with her llngur:i. And then her hand moved uncertainly In front of her nnd the pressed Its lingers Into a cine! clasp on her nrm just below the shoulder. "What good is life, anyway?" she saw. Kloan sllrrci). He harked an order and Anno roso from her cliair nnd came fonvard, wcarltif; a timid llttlo Euillc. In front of him she paused, her eyes holding n question. Sloan roso and said, "Sit down here," nnd he pulled a chair closed to Ills own. . that was creal," ho told her softly. Ho glanced around inward Hurley. "Wasn't she?" ho demanded. Hurley jrlnned. "I guess (lie llt- tlo girl surprised you. eh? Well, she surprised me loo. Vim sure did, Anne, took mo right off my feet." "She's got tho nerve ol n hur- Elar." Sloan said proudly, laklns 'Anus's baud In his own and hold- Ins It. "Said she didn't want to rehearse. J'ist stepped up lo tho c and J I it go. Anne, you'ro all rlgln. We'll have a playback now nud Bee what it sounds Mite." Hurley scratched his nose. "This guy .Michael," bo said. "Isn't ll>;it a prclty tony name for a lough Hut Sloan laughed and shook Ills head. "Vou haven't read tho play." he 'said. ".Mike wouldn't suit this suy at all. It's gal lo be Michael; lie's that kind of a person." lie continued to hold Anuc'3 , ..-.. "9 she waited for Hie play- lading tac '* lliat would brinK to her llio sound of her own volrc. OUlt BOARDING HOUSE IT TTSEL uirrH AIL CLICKS GOT? LOCK VotiYc. <&. A A GUMS "Tries' SET TRAPS/ TACE LOOK ALL UkE A PARKER R<M-LJ TALK MOW VoU MAKE A WQlse LIKE A PERCOLATOR ; OFER EQAF? i-f-rbok-rH 1 SLACK UP IM VQUR _ I BOOTS AIND HER BUDDIES MOONING AROUND By Martin Presently they heard a scratching in the loutlspeakrr overhead, and Mien c.-iuie a woid. low In pitch, vibrant, full or bewilderment and un- do Ho Continued) I WANTED BOARDERS —Four I teachers or young men in furnace i heated home, 1100 W. Main Call '2 226. . i RELIABLE; AMBITIOUS MAN— to establish household products business. We rmancc you. Experience itimwcessary. clear S8.00-S12.00 •diiy. McNESS CO.. Div. 51, Free|port. 111. ,Big Ohio Corporation seeks man- j ager fc r open territory. Opportii- I nity to earn S3.MO, 55,000 and more i yearly. We furnibh everything. Ex. I r.erience ininecessary. Fry-Fyter I Co.. 1089 Fyr-Fytcr Bldg., Dayton, WANTED \VANTED--Bcarders in steam heated home. 201 Lake St. Call O. We offer (he best auto repair service in town A. H. JENKINS Phone 279—SIS In I'ickwick Bus linilrling KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL - Mrs. Luci!c Tliomas Sniitli will open her KlndcrEar;en at HOD W. JUain ion sept. 15 with a limited lumi- jbcr of chiidren. You wilt be de- 1 iighted with the training jour child will r eccive. Call 22C. 2ck9. Blytheville Upholstery and Repair j Shop now located 117 S First • St., next door to Will Carnev's. J. H. Jenkins, JUanager, Phone 469. V. tt. WASRAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 WERT akes 'Em See Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tai, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 53 Bldg. Blythcville, Art 4ckll Closing Stock P ices A. T. and T 216 3-1 Aviation 57-8 Chrysler 2S 3-3 Cities Service- 29 3-8 Coca Cola '' Gcner,)! Electric 71 3-8 General Motors Grigstjy Giunow HI:. I. T. and T -13 1-8 Montgomery Ward .17 Packard 131-, Radio 41 1-8 Simmons 27 3-4 United. Gas 371:. V. S. S:ccl 173 1-3 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Sc»!. 6. (UP) — Coltuti closed steady. Open High Low C105o Oct. Dec. Jsn. Mar. May July 113! 1157 1157 1180 1193 1210 1140 1138 1162 1182 11M 1210 1121 1144 1153 116R 11SS 1180 1145 1153 1168 llnl llf)S o'-s closed steady at 1103, on 0. New York Cotton closes barelv steadv. Oct. old Oct. new Dec. olci Dec. new Jan. old Jan. new Mar. ... May .... July Open High 11S8 1143 U81 1157 1185 1169 1173 1198 1211 1168 1144 1181 1159 11C9 1182 1109 1213 T.ow 1151 1125 11G3 1143 1153 lies 1185 1200 Close lir,3 1130 1107 1141 1177 1155 1160 1186 1203 WAX!)EKING FATAL STEVENS POINT, Wis., (UP) — Tiie wanderlust spirit cost t!-.c MT; cf a porcupine here recently when a policeman killed the animal as it roamed about the business section. ins a cross-conijiiaiiu to his wife's suit, Giberson said that his \vife berated him when he wrvcU ost- menl he ha:l cocked—she said the oatmeal wasn't done enough and complained of lt:e dish it was served iu. Spots closed qn'et at 1155. oil 10. FRECKLES AND HIS~FKFENiJS $%$%•/£•*':•.'<' ^^^-m-T-!; -v\i £,'/••/'A. ; ^ CAUSE FOU DIVORCE triTE, Mont., (UP)— Enorli H. Giberson, after 17 years of married life, believes lie has sufficiently Bood grounds for divorce. In fil- | . LONDON. (UP)—A (ablcclo'.h | whereon is written an agreement signed by five business men nt a luncheon has been sent to 1'nris as "evidence." SAIL ON! By Blossoi V.'i'AT'S P£ 7BYW To DO AWYN'AN? WPE D06SMT TAL;G A K TOf !_COP ~\>Z. LOOP.... T. <JOE 53 WE?3t I BETTER TEH. U!W 1'fA IN y'ARBAB. IB GETTIWS IMTO THE RAPIDS, NCT A SflEAT D1STAMCG Q10 .rtl j HSCS--SO", ffl V iSOP SVf<\ ,, SS3O9 J03 'ii3M?i ) a f ri:^ooao;)V3 ,, MI /-noasvios fws i /.-:'• WON'T GET \ VOUR V\c ^HY S001 B< MUWtJYING.SO CHCW rooo wrn_ /'•,-'. i^M f m ' f ^m jWfc^'A i ( • ... .-- is>.iir jl •-

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