The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE POUR THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THB COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS O. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAIKES, Advertising SS Sole National Adverluing Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Det-Ut, St. Louis, Dallas, Ka-.-cas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the post office flt Ji:ytliCvUlc, Arkansas, under act of Consress, Oc- tobei- 9, 1917. Served oy Ihe United Press BATES By carrier In dm t;ily or Bivlhcvllle. 15c per week or $6.50 |»r year in ndvanro. By mall within n radius of 50 miles, 13.00 per year, $1.5i) for six months, 85c for ll.ree moiHhs; by mail In jxistn) zouc.s Isvo to six, inclusive, J6.50 per year, in zones seven imri elglit, $1000 per year, payable In advance. No Longer Can Wt Isolate Ourselves If it did nothing else, (hi- Inlmi- dispute Ht Detroit guvc nil of us an object lesson in the solithirily of our modern industrial civilization. This solidarity is it thinjf which lisis come upon us in spite of ourselves. We didn't will il; must of (In- lime we have hardly so much us thought about it. It took the discovery llmt a .slriki! of auto makers' in Michigan could tie up the entire national recovery program to make us realize that it exists. And the fact thai it docs i.s bound, sooner or Inter, to make a profound change in our method of running our society. * * * \Vc have, lidkcd ii f,n'<?ul dual, in thcie 1900 years, about the brotherhood of man; l)iit so far we have treated the idea as the l.evile treated tlie man who foil among thieves—we have looked at it respectfully and then passed by on the other side.'. Now we are being forced to discover that this is an idea which, in the Ehcyi'esl scj'.J-dcl'eu-e, we must turn into n working reality. We may not feel like brothers, but we must act like them. Are we uur brother's keepers? Wo might us well be, for he is ours. * * .' When an argument between the workers and bosses in n few Detroit . factories can threaten lo disrupt the recovery program of the entire United States—can imperil the happiness, I he security, the very livelihood, that i.s to say, of rubber workers in Ohio and textile operatives in North Carolina and machine chop employes in Rhode Island and lead miners in Colorado— then the complete and inescapable interdependence of the people of the nation is too plainly deinnnKtrated to admit of. any more argument. We no longer have any "local" troubles. You may live in California or New Hampshire; industrial relations in .Michigan arc a painfully direct concern of yours. Something has happened to us, while we have been urguing and disputing. It h high lime that we, realized it. \\'i ; are all in the .same boat nowadays; no one can rock it without disturbing all of us. —I!nice Callon. BLYTHEVILLB. (AWL)' COURIER NEWS The Pettiness oj Politics Jt begins to look as if American iwlitics contains no chapter uglier than the one written by Tammany Hall in New York during (he years prior lo Mr. l.aCluanlia's election as mayor. 'I be most rm-nt revelations, dealing with the way political employes swindled the agv;l, the blind, the feeble, and the poverty-stricken wards of the city at I ho. Welfare Island Home for the Destitute, are alxmt as shocking a.s anylhing one could read. Kveu I he- microscopic savings of these most nnl'cirltinaie folk were not loo Miiall for ihe Tammany heiich- men. They swindled these people they were .supposed lo protect, took the small .sums that they had saved to prevent burial in the Puller's Kit-Ill, and in general displayed a meanness and u petty spirit of tliii'very that are almost beyond beliei'. Here we have the evils of sellish political control of a city government carried to their logical conclusion. It ought to be a potent nliject lesson for all of us. Promising Overtures The notes recently exchanged between the governments of Japan and the United Stales li.-m: an encouraging ring In thc'in. The Japanese gov- enmient assorts lhal "no ((iiestiini exists between our I wo countries lhal is fundamentally incapable of amicable .-(ilulion," and the American government endorses ibis statement wholeheartedly.. All in all, the diplomats involved seem lo have displayed a genuine desire to end the troubled situation that lias existed. lietween honeyed words at the conn- ' eil table and actual performance there is often, of coin-so, a wide gulf. Hut the spirit of thi'sr new exchanges is a good one, and, if persisted in, it is bound to have ;i good eliect. If we conlinut> in the tenor of these notes, we can avert a disastrous conflict. OUT OUR WAY Providence I ins di-cn-cd that our country tAuMriii) .should li-j the polni of stiibiliiallon for ihe peaci- of Europe, and so for the pence oi the world. —Edgar L. G. Prodmtk. Austrian minister lo the United Slati-f. * * * Within n Bmer.ilfnn it will 1:0 loiigci- be n liloumy lot to br- oid, for life will ht-Kin not at •ID, but al 5(1 nr Co. —I'roJ. p.iul II. Doii|>!a.s, Univcrsiiy of Chicago. Tl-.ere IK mi-utal hnrmony if there is Iu tt happy mai-i-lajcs, and thas:- awkward IhiiiBs. tempeiamcnts. niuM agree. - n r . Ida Six-lleman. London physician. Our normal flying in (he army ii. in many instance.s. more lui/ than any airmail or other commercial operations. —Maj. C'tcn. HciiJ.imin Foiildis. * r r fd rathrr kelch a nolf (linn mak,.- a talk. I'm more at <-asc- with n woll. ,l;icl: AlK-r- "!>ll!y. I: ins ''ttoif timii-r" ol iiojilier day.s. SIDE GLANCES By George Chirk "' rnl)t 's my husband; he works nights." Facial WeuraJgia Is Among Most Painful Afflictions By Williams IIV lilt. iMOItUIS IISIIKKIN KUitnr, Jiiurnal of the American Alrcllral AMcKjialinn. and of H.vBfiii. the Health MajaiiiK; Amoiii; the most painful of thr condition* which alflicl human brings is nciirulelti of the face. There Is a cliaracttristlc |»lii, abbiua and knife-like, wliich (cilovvs the conrsu of one of tin- chief nerves. ki:oivn as the fifth, or trlKcininiil. nerve. Tills nerve spreads over the face, comin-; fiom a .SMI near the car. Any cold tnrrcnl of air blow- ins on the face, or even the lijht touch ol the ringer or a feather (o the face, or ordinary move- nicnls of the Jlp.s or jaws, may cause this sudden stalibins to pass throui!h the ncr\e. There n;e. of course. ' otBcr lirilnfii! conditions ol the face "a'ncl li"\-Ml w;nrti arc relafd to sensations carried by nerves. One'-is the typical migraine, or sick headache, which it has been established, may ly.- Kiartwl by faliune, by sensitivity to some food siib- stanre, hy dllllculiies of vision or by other stimuli. * * * The ciulilli nerve, whicli con- tiois the sense nl hearing, may be affccled in some manner, so as lo give Midden sensations of diz/.i- uvay in n siioit time a i:<l «1::cli "tctiiicntly arc accompanied with lansca and vomiting- There • is Ikcly also lo lie ringing in the 'ars and. in some cases, coiaplatc oss of hearing 0:1 Hie .same tide-. A neuralgia, ab-o imiy allect ihe icrvc.s which supply i]-c s.-nse O f la.sle niitl lau-i- the palate. People who have tills ni-rvc atleectcdsud- denly get pah-.s In tin- lonsillar -cglon, oi- at the baa- of the tongue, when cnliiiK. cbcwin- swnllowini;. or talking No chanws can br ioimd wiicn looking at the mouth or ,i; ;:ie :O:ISHC. but the seiisatior. i; jn- tiiely a nervous one. * * * Iu most of these condition- n>n- tuird to ilu- nt-i-ve.s. ti- -,it :v .-.iciai: .MID (irouric rehof m ...,(.,-- nl ways. He may admnusii; ,,. ( j- ntivi- dnu^. whicli lower the threshold of the perception n' n, c pain and permit gradual i lT: ,v or y !t is possible, piirtlciil.iri.i- iii the ca^e of (he tiigcuiinal. or filth, nerve neuralgia, for the physician to inject the r.orve with various .substances which have :itie ability to block sensation. .Sometimes alcohol is injected in- .to (he coursu of a nerve; in olh- |ir caj;s it ii iicce.wiry. !;y JIUTUI.- of a surgical operation, to remove •ihe cells ;rom which the nerve ; n rises. I Since neuralgias of this charac- , tcr make living almost an unbcar- ble burden. yon KhonW M-ck ,com])cleu( medical advice at the :i>nrliest pawibic moment. The Editor'i LcUer Box ULYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO ima the fllM jf the Rl rinritr Thursday, Man-li 'it, 1'jii. ii. F. Kir-diner was elected president of tin niytlickllle Notary club for the coming year at the i-L-iiiihiv iiu-cllny ill UK' Hotel Glcncoe luday. A. O. Little nom- iiawd MI-. Kir:ihner In a talk In which 112 revealed many of the more- iniimatc tils from Hit life "! the nominee which was ur- kuown to many of the members. O. I'. Mivi.i and N. p. Knight, tiw! I'll 1 via? r.ri'sick-nt and the.' funm-i- won on a toss. J. N. Thomas via; m.anmioiiily re-elected sccrc- lary-ireasmcr. ami p. ,\ Lasley and Dr. H. a D.ii-i.,- were named directors. Uyion Moi.w was clw-t- cd terseant at arms. II. Iliylilill. manager of the Mo- Ark cumin-ess, rclnrncd horn? Wi-i|n(-.sit:iy fiom Dexter, Mo., whi-n- lie h.-.d been ill ior n week '.vlth ptomaine poisoning, the result 01 culnig Eonu- lish in St. Lour. CHURCH EXCUSES' By Gco. W. Bar/iam TUKSDAY, MARCH 27, 1934 THIS CURIO> -: WORLD V.% WillUm .lim—Uiafs my liu.-;band--h:.-, been reading ihe It-Ucr.-i to the cdllo;' column trying to find .something lhal pill helj) us hi deciding just what to do about church letters whic-|i t;ot. iiir- plucrrl when we moved hero a Jt-v. 1 ii's ut;o. He lias aho bw-n dins The Uusy Mini's Conur. liking maybe he could uet KIIIIU liint of what we could do but KI far hu ha. 1 - not found neny.lihu, n the letters to the editor tint' M> much as inenimiu clitnvh kites. I have sueecsUid \a .lim-. ; that's my hubband—thai he --i/it-.- ' some of these Editor;, bi-gimiin-: with rame of the small paper* mr! Gradually working up lo the lai-,:- onts if he doesn't learn anv- iy he can at leas: start an ar- nerit and \vi]! prn:\'.ih'v find ;i ol of folks in the r.uuc !lv we CUT- FIRST TYPIST WAS UUIAJ-) SHOLES, DAUGHTER OF CHSISTOPHER. LATHAM SHCXES, THE MAN WHO INVENTED THE FIRST SUCCESSFUL TYPEWRITER./ THE MACHINE WROTE ONLY CAPITAL LETTERS HAWTHORN GROWS {fA</£S ON ITS Sf>//V£S/ PORCUPINES ^ r- IM-! sr hfA srsvicc i»,c. TRAVEL , WHEN ATTACKING/ -I'liL- iiorciipiir tries to avoid trouble, but when pressed hard ODOIIJJII. h shuu-> fi£l!l. iinri plenty of it. As he rushes backwards «l iin . i:i.:!i--. IK- svvinss His tail trom side to side and drives his tail (jiiili.s uii'i i hi- ilcj.h. eaiiiiiiL! uainful wounds, ivhicli often result in dentil. \I.'.\ 1 : linn- Icini; an: (liu bloixl ls n f an adult? m. In l.u-i f huuw ol sL-..-rali-:s!r. ; <; n i,i ciian-c.t (<i SiU-rr iiii "'I.' r-amiiuni!;- v:;:n m.r.L'cl. ST. I.OUIS. Mo. (UPt-Mr« ({.,, u ^d-Tu^«\te,r < 'ch U «hS lciOW '"^ ] ^ ** »»««'or o:- eol tliem misniaccd and like • Hllvcr - " l!l1 of her fallicr's,. Whoti our.-ilvcs .'.i-c puzzled as lo jus', . fil11 w "s (jrantpcl a {iivorcc from wliat to iiu. jlier husband she hud her maiden name restored. She said Silver was *" "° W UllUI R-.-ad courier Nc« Want A*. ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier NCAS lias txr- ;! authorized to announce the lii:;:..vini» a* candidnlrs for public olfiri> subject to the. Democratic prm-ar? titxl August: For Member nr Conjrj-st CLINTON U CALmvtu, for Sheriff and Cnllrrlnr CLARENCE H. WILSON For Re-oleclion for Sc-concl 'Icrm For County Trrasurrr JOE S. UIIjLAHUN'lV ROLA.VD GREEN For Circuit Cnurf Clrrk HUGH CRAIG ADDIKON SMITH For Counlj Court Clerk FRED FLEEMAN For Re-Election for 2nd Term For Assts-tor R. L. (niTjl,V: GAIXFF u. c. fiKE) HUDSON' Fnr ('nn-.tahli- of Chirkasauha Township JACK ROBERTSON I'cir Voiin; l.iiuycrs iTo the Kditor:i Rnbi-rl E. He.-ily. chief comi.v-1 for the Federal Tram- Commission, on March 23 (old Ihe Hon.-i? Interstate Commerce Commute* something that I would like to get river lo our yonnj; lawyers—! and also the others. ' j There is a ijood deal o.' fiiji;i:iut talk about the to-cal.Vd "Brnti! 1'rusl". and .some men :-?nd letters into ihe re-cord riraribm« imaginary plots and [lians to capture Hit- goveinmem. An U p di.sp.-ndi says that Rep. BiiJuinkltl < Dem.. N. C.i plans 10 introduce a I'KOlution for investigation ot the "Brain Trust". Hi-re is what Mr. Healy said; "Heretofore the only 'brai-i ti"sl° has been .the. monopoly 'ol ill" tiisniess. They v.cre abb to writ" corporation laws which are such a terrific mrcs-a mess that out- ilinks Ihe .-.tables ol mythoiosy. Big biism,-.-.- finds iuelf hampered hy that l-.jslalion pu.shcd thio;i"h years ago." He says also. -[ willlt , lo co]1 . Iran the big business lawyers who created li-i^h-don lo iwy dividends oil! of paid in capital with I hi- many yomic lawyers iu the govfiiinirnt .service. All ihe vomm lawyers nr.-i | 1; ,), e go-.-enimciit service could receive uiore money cutsidc. bu; ihey ar- uol lackeys to iucluMml n-,o s uls. l| u -v do I not kiss ihr eartli .11 tlie feet ot the rich. They have the fame i ideals of Jrlli.-r.son, Madison and 2?lih O-Uricn. Si\ l.lvrrt in One Knnm SPRINGFIELD. Ma.vs ,ij[>, Six persons Jnin B in a .sinqlc room, nnd 21 p. Mfolls hn ., SO( , in ., six-ioom nat were amonq tnc conditions found here by ruirn-r- nlors lor the federal imcmpioy- ment census. Hcatl Courier Nc«,s Want Ad.-. ^•irt.'iA m:i>; ron.iv l-.U-.l.l-ru. . tund.Liur Ji.llll, !ri'i:«i:i". n tll^lHi. ^Iji-n. ,iu.- Ll , •.•lri'i,l)i.*r,-n>t-(-> fH-),,n<l Jrl* r.,r.(i,.l. *r Htm, ilm-HI „:, hi, x.r.j I., «•»'.:, «llh lli:il: niiU LIJTI'ir m.i ir.l.-vrv l.'rrii, l,:i- Mlli-il n milt, ar\d ?."'.'?," " """ -I"--'- -H livilrl.. l-:ilill:.. il..r> 101 l.n.«> thi. .,, Hull lir nil.,.,.n 'I,:,. !„.,.„ „„„„.,, «>l ilii* i-,1,iir i%ti(,-l, IE pl :il .,. n , il,' l-'lnri,:,, „,.,,,, „, „,.,,,,,,, ,,„ l--|i:i.l). I': t >», I'-irhl-i ihm-ljirr. i;s-u:i.j.i.:. „„{, ,. lr !•'»•> 1,1,,,. .ll.uiriA TltKAIIU t\ I.M..,I. ivil.llt.. I, In, rtll „,., lv:,r. .r.T,,,l;.l I.- .lir irIK II.I. .| IF c«f« i.. n:,>ann. t.ijilni u. II,..! r:il.!llM ihi-rr. Ill ll:,i:in:. I':,!,!!,,, ,rlr- [,. tliMl .M>:i1ll> Mill'.ii uhn l.rfrlrn-lril liini .n. :i ,-liil,] I,,11 111. c-[l<,ri. , :l n llrnn. ii_ii|, I... !•:,! •. M«-:i:i.Oi:l^ sITl A ridUIV. ;i l::rlirr. L. ;,ii,fc n »catcli li.r I,i. .\iu\ no n\ \\rrn mi- vioni L'llAPTlili .\.XIII •y^lTMIN a moiilli MaiL-i:. uay noarded a t.oai /or .%'C-A Vor!;. naiiiij; foun<l Kio "iat!i:r sio:io !ioa:-.e [iiat lind licrn l-?fi tier li} ad .Hint—Ijie a.irnc 0111:1 wfio ijoil Sell Marcia a It^acy fo lar^c thai u was ncraldcti in IK,V ; . L-.Lilly -:,r rcturnii! li-inif .t.':.rc:a (lor;d..,| fitfully (| in t ,ii~ :nii = l nave ihe iilace "reilor.i;" r.-m inunlly some loiin:; decorausr u'lincf r(i:npnny siie found, tor a cia Larl nn -m-n uitrrtsls. Her trii'ru'? n::; r:nnrcc thll si:-- v\,l' nol lm,!;;:iji wpll find rln< s;::i'--i nj: 'I' 1 .' ^lt) slory nrjoij; Toil JL-.'- fr'.:^. Tliai affair. c ai.1 ?n;:;> oilier Hiiinvusort [iivads. .ind "sor.L- [•r, liy far." .Mafia knew w::a: v.-a3 Ii.'i:i7 sahl ac:l WHO sva.i s.jyn;^ II t,;:: : not loll hflrr o, n-ny you know ll?"- "I'd forsei ahoul It," ije au- : svvrrni! casually. | Marcia ya%'c a sanrt, ailrtliless' lanj;li. H somnleil so easy but " : sin know U was lar from easy. It wrts iiarostiblo. •- r "Tony." she ?anl tbeVj-.-witir a ; change ol inne. "ilnt remiiuH tn-' !or .«omeiliin B else 1 wamed lo" ask j you aimiit. t want (o locale a tioj- I ol IS-or perhaps a year or iwo onk-r—and 1 dou'l l:nnw how lo fu aboiii Ii. I wani lo keep the: rnrt;:r-r secret." ! Tony ilioii:;!)! nf M;irci;t'£ I^nll-.^r whn iind diet! in a:i asv-' :i::n to uliieli. liy Hie rr.osi v.cioiis' KATHARtN! UAVILAND.TAYLOU his eye to dn^sl.i M nil waistcoat. With him Wa6 a n, nn wbo appeared | 0 tx an American. Tbe? s.-it. tbrouphoiit the tntlro 'lay. talk ins e aj,-arly or sunk Into a Bllence ibai was nrcoccuriieri. As Noyes studied" the two men Sir Aubrey'was saying'to nis com. panloii. "First ot ill. 61 course, no ni"«t lind tbis Angela." The man whom he called mil. ings agreed. "Thai will bo easy enoiifiji." he promised. Sir Aubrey drew a sish of rs?- liet. lie besan to tbiak of Introducing Pahliio al Lower GirtniKs. The boy's reseinlilancc to the family raighi be m.irkcrt. Sir Aubrey atioui iliiF. because lie fact mlghi cause some difficulty. Ab. It '- : "' n -'•'<'•'" 'li "^Vcil. ^r .vmih Aincrkx uk Santli America." tio saiil. "i! you look; lo danclc on 1 ' b!o-brcaf led waiitco'il, Inn. • mailer 10 tlie police —" | J r Ivns tbe nc.u day tliat the? 'ilat I tinn'i wain 10 do ibat.". found Angela sunnias Herself tir.-rriijm -1 "You sc-e my • on llic cliurcii slcps. Slic hear-1 .:,r-i•_cii.-iij.-11-is. isn'i n•;—jibcir errand tbrougli nn Inter- c;n;^in i!ui vin- a:ul sem lc' l' r) -' ! t'r and fora few moment waa vlonr.aiory. He c.-ranra". Now f'!c:u. Then she agreed, »-Hb A •Jut to liiii! ::n:i ami give liim S»--n. that slie had Hie boy arm '•'-•.'•T rlinr.rf " . that lie was as a son lo her. 'Ah —i M^. We:. 1 . i)ct'cllvp.-i—"' At "' e r.ioincm. liuwevcr. lie 1 SI:II;:DS-- .- i." s-ho asr'.-cr. nu; " n -" allbl ' tlt - "« VVil -° worklug ch«- "here: slic di'l aoi know exactly "••j:prp. .Stic rose (lainfully nn<l ^tiflly from the sietis, repealing licr Etury with mnoy uancccs^.ir/ »ords and unnecessary gestures. "«iic's Iyiii5." said liillines .13 tie wnlchcd her narrowly, --liillier ^l:e w[,ni= lo hide the boy fruai 'is or she doesn't KHO-A- wher? lie Kl " *"• """ •'• I'm Eniiis to dad 01;; nUint'J .-i.-iaioiy rcc o'lhln't :::4 w:ih iln: | ;' ;i^:jy hoai liiC- ;witK( 'ii : :ini: rn.-iiicy. .MarcKj. vt!i:ilL; i . ;'<).;Mljlc " "1 b:,ie alway i f j!y- -" Si:,- f- illj In.; re safe: -s be \\dik-. FOR CITY OFFICES Election l\icsday, April 3 For City Clerk S. 0. CRAIG R, L. MCKNIGHT ROSS BEAVERS For City Atlornty BAH MANATT VALUED GtM 5^^^ ? on Rack vns L:I creasn,^ uisirad o' Uim;ni.^::!r_-, aii'l i:o^ tor I'rinli-.o'i: sifrti. SUp li^.^r.a in ihnv,- lo-.var.l r\ yi>u;i;- .ill';; r»'?y Him, ivllli <;:::•'.;-, oiiirr n:f n. n.i'l Tor a lnr;i; i-t..,. aMcl 10 nyr airc--^a:;*.'e br ^ rt-ilc:: co-iit.-U.p of rier fiiii:::'- A ml i<lii!c 5ho wa« wuh h:-:, .•„. >ounileil nun out a^oul t!i^ ;r,.::. m.--nt o! criaiinal^ ar.fl i!-,-:: wncilicr they always had t. : . : tr.'.-lf. they sat ne-orp ^ llro :n the ,]r,i'.v. nii room o! Marcla's uo::n!. s-.-. ialrt. leaaics forward.. "Tell :;.•. Tony—even If everyone llici:;:it 0 man guilty the; wouldn't o.\-. cine him immciltately, w;>-.i,| they?" "Thai depcr.rls/' he answcr.-.l. "I-.iw 15. to ponjc cji'leni. a n-i;- lor ol gcn^raphy. There aro pinrc^ wliere men take the law into HICK own hands. Sometime* we bavc lyncblnga. r»" know—" Slie grew pale find siirnnk back • In her cbalr. her bauds tightly grlpjilng the arms. • • • "PHEN she managed to hide ber *- |wrturtu(lo«. "Wbat would i*jt do." am »E»ea, "it joo see* , 1 Oiaa to !)! maoceat but cculd _, ;il|r - -i rcvrry liira and A few hour? later HillinKS did ' -ii::.'n df I'.iiMiio. tl:o tiny find oui nl«iit ii. lie Irarucit from ^:;t.-o c->i'.-. h-jil '-encbatitcil" unr. a womna who had ticcn Aiisela's I! M-.e could only Hurt ln;n lie neij;libor. UIK not tier [rlcnil. «'"i!ii lio interiy dcpciKitni oa AnRela had abused the coy frlftii- bi-r. Sjc w.if oli>v«sc(l by i!i 1? : hilly anil Hint year; bclore IIP l«"l ' .':•": :!u and o.' n.nk'-c nun mid runaway. Cod In bis rncrcy aline •> :-•::. o! (lie «i-i!il. S!ie wo'ili! klic.v wliere! 'iecn seen upon one of 'be Keys lw;rc." m rnniiiany with n mna whoilrauf al Haninm's. "naniuin's?" Angela's foraier wun n ht; o; line a relied nrnv.-j iiciRhrjor repeated. AW3. U.intuia u;.':,.".,": 1 """ l ° "" °'"- *W*--lw gone w Mf r^<. or-as some . t t 'said — tiis punishnicr.t. He bad noi '1'IT nr-n • i been too good but tben. tbe old | — rr.?.-. »-.,o i:jii s.ven Ihf : crone adjed liasilly. who »-as! It s.iiMir^ cl M; v.n-.a'.i'.e noiae 'c nas not Clirlsuan to speak 111 o! .Ne.-i:.= .\nyes saha^od enousti tbe dead no: wa= U luckj. I'iO'is- rer.:ii53 Irc:n his poor boi ID senn ; ly she crossed nersell. Noy t ; to Key \Vc:-t. "Yon arc | "ll will lade toaie worS to r-::inin!; into the ).iw= ol dcain.l track this down." Billing! n'l- •~iy tricnrt," n? warne-l. -mined 10 sir Aubrej as iber Eat •Voyc-s noddi-,:. absir.-iclertly. "I In n hotel lounge that "'na al.-le-3 ibn-.n." h^ -am. "I'ahlito n-.ay | anrl hoi. "It ran't nil M done la lla ;'" rr!1!rt1 "" 10 our IslRnrt." la Hajp." lie aildeil as he flicked the UL-,C | 5 pnsEibio." the prlcsl i ashes from his clear. He frowned a ~!'. cc "- : as np jpoke. „ nul!l f;1 "l blm." ; "DoubilcES not." SU Aubrey Lot me knew now things ro i ngreod. -", ?. c "' ltl0 fri f 'si petulontrt. i "I'll have u> and tbe name o! 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