The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1948
Page 3
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' THURSDAY, MARCH 18, Catholics Attack Red Propaganda Cardinal m Italy Urges Support for Anti-Communists By Xnrmai, MimlHIier Ullllrd I'ress Staff Corresiwllilelll ROME. Marc-li IK. , UP)— En-cue Cardinal Tisseiant warned Ii'al'i'ins today In the Caihcilic Chiirch'f slrminrsl Ktatcmcm so far vaiust Cninmitii!.sin Hint its doc-limes" "are a very crave danger to i-plrinn " Tixsenuii ajuiuipd his xvuuiii" m B" '«»«• 'n Hi' faithful of' his dio- ^cese as (tip Italian Election ca:n- •paiBll. now dearly shaped upon the •Issue of Communist,, against, tuml Gomimims:),. wrnl iulr> j|s ,. vl BI,YT1IEV1M,E (AUK.) COUHIEH NKWS Answers Meyers mould. Si.piHH! nf i tu , CnmmmiiMs. (Me l«sh prrlaip M i(j. K-otiW menu re- ii^ion.s fanctirms. It w n.s aiit>;lirr hi a srrios nf promiliccmriHs r>v cniarli rfisnitanM on the iwlitioal .Mt,j;iii:m. Tup in-.,,, clnirrh statement cum.; f day stflcr Prpsidonl Truman'.-. mr.~s.i2p lo Conflicts. Premier A]~ cirlp ifp Ga.-.)ipri yrt out on a five- st>rr:h rninpaign lour into ilic in- cii-strinl rcsinils ol Norlhrrn lla!j, where tlic Communist po.sithm i.s tlic s;r<m;;esl in tin- country. Tis..i-1-Biit is secretary ol Hi-. Cliui-ch's Sni'fPil Oriental, Coi>i>rc-;:a- tion. (Icalins iviui Soviet -orciipji-J eomitrips. One of four bisliop-cardi- nals of l he church. lie also j s ,-, •ncinbcr of tlic congregation Im- th? Propagation o[ Hip Pailli and Discipline of ilic Sacraments, A native of Nancy. France., he icxules here :,<: cardinal of the curia and head.- one of seven suburban dioceses around the. city. Hus Jeuer was tile -tatempii*. by a cardinal to the term "Marxist Social Communism." Hi> told Italians to bear in mind that if thp church has Bivcn precise instructions and decreed grave punishment against Social-Marxist doctrines this Dignities Ihcv are a very grave danger to religion. I)e Oasperi \vas .scheduled 'o speak in Bolosna tonicht and Milan tomorrow in an earnest bid to break kPninmtmi.-i control of the region's J.SCO.CflO voters, one seventh of the toU.l electorr.te. Mr. Truman's. declaration thav America should resume militarv training and s|)eed the Marshall plan to coiilain Russian exn,iJ:sio:l wns expected to be a vital part of the Premier's anti-Communist attack. De Oasperi collfcrtcri for an hour today with Italian Foreign Minister Count Carlo Sforza dut'lii; StorM's return trip from the European recovery program conference in Paris, De Cmsjjcri'- speech making lour in the N'orth followed yesterday':; government announcement that regular Italian army troops will be moved into displaced persons camps near the Communist strongholds 3( Milan. Turin. Bologna and Cremona before the April 18 elections. The. ramps no«' house 8,000 refticccs. wh.i will be moved. Caruthersyille Kiwanians Attend Training Meeting CARUTHER.SVILLE. Mo.. Mnrcn 18. — Seven members of the Kiwani* Ciub were expected to attend a district trainir.p conference today at Stkeston. The conference program' win be climaxed with a dinner tonight, at which ladies will bn guest.-. The governor of the Mo-Kan-Ark District will be principal sneaker. Participating on the program will be Lieut.-Gov. Owen J. Taul of Lilbourn. At the regular luncheon Tucsdav nipht. ihe speaker was Dclbcit Johnson. executive vice-pi-csidcnt of Ihc First State Bank here, whos;; subject was "Human Behavior." Mrs. Mildred Lamarre suns hcrseir on ihe steps tuit.side the Federal Court building in Washington. Tne woman MaJ.-Gen. Bennett E. Meyers says was iiis -glr\ friend" told he;story lo a federal jury dining Meyers' trial. Meyers testified he established a Var.dalia. O. subcontract- hie form as a favor-lo her. ,NEA Teleplioto.) Baptist Young People Will Meet in Little Rock FORT SMITH, Ark., Mar. 13 (UP)—More than 1.200 persons are expected In attend Ihe Baptis-, Training trriton Convention here tomorrow and Saturday. Dr. w. R While, president, of Bavlor University at Waco, Tex., will be the principal speaker. Garland County Sheriff Announces for Re-election HOT SPRINGS. Ark., March IS. ?' (tIP.i—Garland County Sheriff I. o. Browr. lias announced that he will Iw a candidate for re-election. "Contrary to rumors. I will be a candidate in the Democratic County primary for thp office that I now hold," Brown said. War Veterans Not to Be Called Defense Secretary Says Only Limited Draft Contemplated WASHINGTON. March 18. (U.PJ —Secretary of Defense .lames W. Porrc.stal advised Congress today no will recommend increases in the present authorized strength o[ the armed forces. Porrcsta! also said the administration is not at present planning 10 include World War n veterans in the limited draft asked by President Truman. Forrestal told the Senate Armed Porce.s Committee that the present authorized strength was based on assumptions, .made two years ago. that had failed to materialize. .'. Forresial proposed $6 specific figures but said exact ' recommendations must, await, further .studies. The army's present authorized strength is COS.003. It, is 110.COO men wilder strength. The Navy is 150.000 men short of it.s authorized strength of 5M.COO and the Air Force is authorized to have 401 .CQO men, but has only 359,000. The Marine Corp; present authorized strength is 110.- CO:). but the Marines have onlv 00- COO. Forrcstal appeared before the Floor Gives Way; 1 Killed, 85 Hurt Firemen Investigate Chicago Tragedy at St. Patrick's Dance CHICAGO. Mai-ell IB IUIM— Pirp Of pi i-1 in cm authorities today soualit. causes for Hip. of a floor \vhcrp nearly 50(1 person-, were iTlebratins St. Patrick's Day. One woman was killed in Ihe accident and F-5 persons, mnnv of them children, were injured, lliYec critically. I'oliir .^ud tlic victim, idcnlfificd Mrs. John liuill. 35, Chli'ilgo. win pinned undei' a SUJIJKMI, Rirder vvliicli collnpsed «il!i the door. Earle Dnwnes. tire deparlmenl a'- torney, .s;\id the invesliyation would seek to (li>trnnlii(. whether the third floor dance hp.ll where liie C'cm- iiiiiiRi'lnicirK .Social Club sponsored the dance had more than the legal number of persons. .lohn Jenkins, manuurr of tin 1 d.ln.-e hull and the billiard parli:- and binding alleys lociitnl In (he same bmltlnin said that Inrgi'r dances had been held on previous occasions without mishap. J'.'nkn.s. who was in the cloak room near the floor at Ihe time of llir :u-c:deni. sind he ;u':ud a li'emcnd- cms crackling noise and saw thi 1 ceiiiiij .slart 10 safi. " nl the same time, the floor slowly pave way and |>roj)lr be^an sliding toward Ihe low.-: t spot. Tile floor broke loose completely OH tine side and the pcopie I were thrown tnto the billiard 100,11 | directly below." I The liyiii'i plaster liom the ceil- I ins and tin drop into the second j floor iniliai'd room were rosponsi- i ble for most of the injuries, police said, although many of those not trapped on ihe broken floor sutfei- I cd minor injuries in trying lo e^1 e,i(:o from the room. I At least ijO persons were in thi- i billiard room when the dance flour bcjjan lo cave in. but there was enough time for all lo escape without injury. PAGE i The aerial photograph ever [made was hy Nadnr. famous Frpnr.i j phoinyrapher. almost 00 year.s n«n, from a ballon:, over the cllv of Paris. committee to back up President Tru- f man'.*, request for universal Irain: Ing and a lemporary revival of the. draft. Republican congressional leaders indicated continued coolness lo; wnvtl iiniver.ini traininp. hut were no(. elo-sing chn door on a re-enactment of [lie clralt. i Forrestai said the army's aulhor- ; rzed strength is fffifl.OOO men, o! which it has only 560.000. The combined .N'.ivy and Marine authorized strength Is BiM.OOO, he said, with a total of 474.000 in the ranks. The Ail 5'V.i L ., has 362,000 of its allthor- i7.5d 471,OCO men. he said. fiRiirc.'i indicated a total present, shortage, of "403.^00. But For- restat earlier estimated it at about 350.000. 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He,p. pixels march miiside Ihe nates at in, t.mni, .storkyards in Ch!ca Rl . This s,r,,e L, .,' mrec, ronliHst to picket situallon In T ex,, s plants aliedr,, ,,•„. „„. ,,, nk<> , M||ss 1 ,,, kl . (( „ .„„„„„,„ ,' ' ! lexas^and m,iy a few picked men were I,,,,, u.ed at. e,,,ances ,„ plan,, which we, e rl !( ,c,ed. ,N,lv Toll" Caruthersviltc Party Leader to Speak at Republican Convention CAnUTHEHSVII.LK. Mo.. Maiv'.i j 18.—Leoillird U IjlillbAlliill today an- j minium that the keynote .speaker ! /or the reynlar Republican Conven- ; lion for Pcinl.-ct.l County will he Ralph Hulchi.son. jjaity leader ol ttii.s rily. The meeting will lie held heix 1 at the CireuiL Conrtrocmi ri the Courlhouse, March 30, Mr. I,im- bauBh said. At this meet Inc. eiaht. ilclecati-s will be named to the Tenth Con- iiressiotial District Convenlion at Poplar Uluff. April 10, and ei-ht i cielcijale.s will also be eleeletl to Ihe Repiiljliemi Stale Convention May ' i I :K .SI. 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