The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1939
Page 6
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.COURIER ffEWS Yankee Sophomore Second Baseman Seen As Big Leagues Best BY GKOItCE KIRKSUY United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, July 25. (UP)—The inost lauded plnyer on tlie Yankees thase days'is'Joe (Flash) Gordon, the sophomore who apparently has taken over Charley Ochrlngcr's throne as klng.ot second basemen. Back from their siiccc,ssrul junket ttougli the West, the Yanks settled' down for a long home stay : today,.-'and they Mirmkei) tlielr lucky stars thai young Gordon was on their side. Pans nil through the West, marveled nl Ills nimulniess and cat-like grumd covering. More than one plajer paraphrased Joe Medwlck's "Konis, "They should lynch Gordon for making a. catch like that," which the Cimllnnl til- lered 'after the- Yankee second Backer made a gloved hand robbery of a line drive. With Oehilnger slowing up and becoming more and more susceptible to leg Injuries, Ocrdon is gradually taktiijf over the Tigers' terrl- toiy as the successor to Nap la- Joie, Eddie Collins, Tony litzzcrl, nnd other gieat keystone gtmnlinns, Gordon has no peer nt breaking up the hlt-and-mn play, cr at knocking down basehits through the right side of the infield and keeping base runners from advancing an extra base. He cut off, n run in the All-Stnr game by knocking down Mel oil's single and holding n runner at third. In the recent While S3x series, Gordon made a spectacular slop on n roller by Gerald Walker with the hit-and- run on, breaking up n mlly. He easily coveis more ground than any second baseman |n the majors. Performing with Frnnklc Crcs- seti, Gordon loumLs out the greatest mid-diamond defense in cither league. And if you don't think they haven't, saved many n bull gnmc and squelched many n rally, just ask those Ynukee pilchcrs. Things can.happen to Gehrlg, DiMagglJ nnd Dickey and the Yanks roll right along, but there's not ix Yankee pitcher Mho wouldn't shudder if either Gordon or Cfoscttt had to leave the lineup. They nre Uie hoarl of the Yankee defense. Interest in the American League centered tcday on Ihc double-header between ; the White Sox and nod Sox at Boston. Jimmy Dykes has his misfits making n real bid fov 'second place nnd If they can continue their"mnslfiy over Ihe Bonos they may defy all the "experts' by getting into the rUnner-up sjxjt. In 12 games with Ihe Ucd Sox, Ihe White Six have won eight. In the National League the two strongest Eastern clubs, the Giants nnd Dodgers, go Into the Western stronghold crippled. Hank Daiining. Giant catchm who was left behind, may leave the hospital tcday and head West. Billy Jurges' 10-day suspension will end Wednesday nnd his return Is expected to give a lift to the bedraggled 'ferrymen. Tno Dodgei pitchers, Vnn Mini?} and Whit Wyatt, were Iclt home, giving Manager Durocher only se\en mcimdsmen. Mimgo has a broken ankle and Wyatl a damaged knee. Wyatt's ailment .may be water on the knee and he may be of little use U> the Dodgers the rest of the season. Deinpscy.Reunited Willi Daughters Joan IVmpsey's "Welcome Home Daddy" Inscription on, blackboard conveys former champion's Illlle daughters' joy tit having father home following winning battle with peritonitis and emergency appendec- Barbara Is on Dempsey's knee. This Is first photograph ot old Man Mauler since he left New York hospital. tomy. Today's Sport Parade By Henry Mcl/emore NEW YORK, July 25. <Uf>)— By cue of these linppy coincidences Ihe American Federation of Labor will be In national session in Cincinnati when the Reds and Yankees open the world series there in early October. ende; n cue-decade century, a one- ccnlury mlllcnnliiiii. That Is, of cbui-se, If Mr. Green and his associates have time for meetings after attending the world series games. ' Nazerian Accused Of Assault On Referee NASHVILLE, Tenn.—George Re- gllko, former Southern Golden Gloves champion, was of Ihc opinion today lhat rcfcrcelng a wrestling match sometimes is dnnger- I say "linppy" coincidence because OILS business, (lie series will afford the Wbirltes He came to that conclusion the an opportunity to' share the coin- oilier night when Ihc lower Inch puny of the happiest group of | nnd n half of his left enr ivns workmen Ihls side cf Hint band bitten oil ns he attempted lo sep- whcso duly 11 is lo hang out Ihe J arale Iwo wrestlers In n mulch Mike' Nnm-lan, one of. the combatants, WHS arrested, police headquarters reported, on n stars, dust off the moon, anil keep i heiv. the celestial harps In tune. As n result. Even William Green, president of the A. P. L,., won't be able to find much of a Haw In the working conditions, hours, or wages of Ihe major league baseball players. Their workshop Is Ihe great out of doors, with sunshine, pure air, green grass and Irccs In They simiiiier "technical charge of mayhem." b'ouuleaus plenty, in" the Enst and Mead And Hughes Finish Ahead In Softball Games Mead Clolhing Company defeated Ark-Mo, 10 to 8, and R. D. Hughes Company won over Langston-Wroten Motor Company, ID to G, last night in Business Men's Softball League games. Burton, Terry nnd Microw formed the Ark-Mo battery with Graber hurling and Stickler catching lor Meads. "Huey . and Allen worked for Hughes with Wroten and Rhodes for Langston-Wrotcn. Standings Team Meads Hughes Ark-Mo Langston-Wroten W. L. Pet. 0 1.000 2 2 2 2 0 4 .500 .500 .000 Today's Games Northeast Arkansas U^iit: CaruthersvHlc at Newport. Paragould at Jonesboro. Southern League ChattanKga at Mcmpliis, night game. Atlanta at Little Rock. Birmingham at Nashville. Nnoxville at New Orleans, two. National league New York at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh. Brooklyn at Chicago, two. Eislcn at Cincinnati, night game. American I-cague Detroit at Washington.' Cleveland at Philadelphia. St. Louis at New York. Chicago at Boston, two. North and winter In the South, nicy travel first class everywhere and as for focd—well, they travel the delightful road that leads from soup lo mils thrice daily. The working hours of the major -leaguers are better than any imag- 1 hied by.the A. p. I,., which is siU- Isried mith i» 40-hour week. Your average major leaguer would swoon at the thought of such Siberian salt mines terms. He thinks and operates on a 20 cr 25-hour week, with days'off when It is rainy or cold,-and a vacation of five months. Jfnny of them would prefer <i little l:ngcr. rest period, .saying that five months scarcely gives a man time lo break in his bird dcgs, and fish all the (rout streams in the neighborhood. A first Imntl observation of the nmj:r leaguers may very likely result in a demand by the A. P. U -shorter hours. There is no telling whul President, Grci'n ivill propose ns the perfect working day when he gets through studying the schedule of sny, n major league umpire cr league president. jobs nre the rock bettorn In soft tenches. Umpires nnd league presidents not only ride n gravy train— they ride an lined, rubber-cushioned one. An umpire's working dny wi) average about two or three hours during the six months or so o the season. During the rest cf the year he has time lo rest and husband his strength for (lie hcrcu lean Insk of standing behind o; beside a stuffed sack with hi: hands en his hips. Just what constitutes the work lug day of n baseball league presi dent no ene knows. Guesses rang anywhere from 10 minutes to 15 sec ends, with the first figure mon likely correct, ns It takes a man about that long to open Ihc d;or of nil office, cross lo his desk, say a quiet prayer cf thanks for having fallen into such n sweet j:b, and be off again. A few days of association with men who hold such jobs, nnd It would net be surprising to have Mr. Green call his associates iu and propose a 20-miimte day, n one-day week; a one-week month; a one-month year; a cue-year de- BASEBALL STANDINGS Jnrutliersvlllc Newport .. P.nrngoulil Arkansas League W. L. Pet. 17 7 1510 9 13 onesboro ............ C 17 .708 .000 .409 .2G1 itcmphts >';.- . \tlantn .. . -Iluitlaiioaga (noxvlllc .. Vtislivtllc, .. Birmingham ' Jtlle Rock . Neiv Orleans Southern League W. I,. ..53 41 ..53 44 .. 52 45 48 .40 H5 .45 44 53 42 52 44 55 Pel. .504 .530 .511 .500 .454 .447 .444 Tennessee bid Only Southern Player On Team To Mc'd Pros CHICAGO, July 2!i. (UP)—The traditional line power of ihc MHI- v csl nnd the backfield trickery of (lie Sbirlli nnd East were coupled today In an All-America football tcnm selected by 10,000,000 fans 10 battle Ihe world professional champion New York Cilnnls in Soldlcr.s Field AUK. 30. Final returns In Ihe. voting for Chicago's slxlli nnnunl charity Game, lo be played under the floodlights, revealed thnt seven mid-westerners—six of them line- men—liad made the starting eleven along with two from the-East one from tiie South nnd, of course little Davey O'Brien, the peerless (pigskin thrower from Texas Christian. O'Brien, with n tolnl of 1,204,516 voles, polled more ilinn rmy Individual plnycr ever lias received The lolal vole was 10,91ti,3G(i, nearly 2.500.000 more Ihnn Ihe vote last year. The star ting eleven, which .stands ns the voters picked It unless some candidate sufTer.s a practice Injury Ends-Earl Brown, Notre Dame and Bowden Wyatl, Tenn.; tackles —Bob llaak, Indiana, and Joe Ml- iml, Purdue; guards—Ralph Heik- kliicn, Michigan, nnd Francis Twe- dcl),; center—'dim-ley Brock, Nebraska; quarterback O'Brien; halfbacks—Bob MacLeod, Dartmouth, and Marshall Goldberg, Pittsburgh; fullback—Howie Weiss Wisconsin. Included on the squad of 09 were 23 from the Big Ten, n from other midwest, schools, II from the East, nine each from (he South nnd Par West. Thirty-nine schools will be represented when the 'squad finally assembles at Northwestern for two weeks of rigid training. Several players of national repute finished behind' the popular heroes of the Midwest's most nct- Ivc polling centers, but they will be available for instant service against the Giants. In Ihls lot, are Sid Lnckman of Columbia, the East's most renowned passer, "Vic Dottnrl of California and Parker Hall 'of Mississippi, (wo of the best halfbacks of last year, and a corps of linemen Including Kl Aldrich of Texas Christian, Joe Beinor of Notre Dniue and Roland Young of Oklahoma. The roster, in (he order of (heir finish in totnl voles: Ends:—Brown, Notre Dniue; Wyatt, Tennessee; Daddio, Pittsburgh; Holland, Cornell; Petrick', Indiana; Young, Oklahoma; Larson, River Falls, Wis.; Lenc. An- Purzel, above, became a tour- footed diplomatic problem when his owner, Mrs. tleiuz Thorner, wife ot an attache of (lie German Consulate in New York, claimed diplomatic immunity after being summoned lo court for letting Purzel run without a muzzle or leasli. Stanford; Van Ransl, Cornell; Dowel, St. Mary's. Quarterbacks: — O'Brien, Texas Christian; Fanst, Minnesota; Oliver, Indiana; Patlcrson, Baylor; Holer. Notre Dame; Kabealo, Ohio State; Kischer, Iowa State. Halfbacks: — MacLeod, Dartmouth; Goldberg, Pittsburgh; Mati- dcrs, Drake; Sinflmiich, Arizona; Liickman, Columbia; Pingcl, Michigan State; Jefferson, Northwestern; Seidel, Columbia; Sherman, Chicago; Bpltari, ; California; Brlu- ner, Tulanc; Pnn'lsh, Bradley; Hall, Mississippi; Fay, Stanford. Fullbacks: — Weiss, Wisconsin; Buhler, Minnesota; Osmanski. Holy Cross; Ipolilo, Purdue; Tonclll, No- Ire Dame; Balasz, Iowa; Anderson, California; Pauhnan, Stanford Welch And Roberts In Mat Wins Okltiliorrm Joe Welch won over George Uennetl iu two strjifelit, UiUs find lied Roberts defeated BUI Canny two out, O f three falls in wicsth'iiK male-lies at the American Legion arena last niplit.' Welch disposed of Bennett In ••lion order, taking the first full in eight minutes wltli a tumbling head scissors and annexing llio second rail hr six minutes with an Irish whip and a body pin. Roberta, the "Arkansas Wildcat" In the role' of the villlan, kicked tils wtiy to triumph despite the loss of one full duo to disqualification, lie booted Canny, who hails frotn Kansas, Into submission In 12 minutes for, the first fall and pulled the same trick In eight minutes for the third rail. Canny was awarded the second fall because of Hotels' tactics which were held Illegal by Tlcferee Mike Moi'oney. Fords To Play Ark-Mo; Goodyear Tackles Bottlers The leading Phillip;-. Motor Company team meets the ArkansK- Alissourl Power corporation in the first game of tonight's City Softball League iloiiblcheadcr at Haley Field. In the second game the Goodyear club plays (he Coca-Cola Bottlers. Goodyear will be trying to score n run after two games on the shutout end. Griffin and Bcvill will be. the Phillips battery with .:Burns and Hires .working for .Ark-Mo War- rlngton and Tuft form the Bottler combination with Cox nnd Harwell for Goodyear. Tlie steel industry consumes 8000 grams of platinum in an average year; the platinum is put to 10 dillcient uses In the industry's chemical laboratories. By UnilcM Press Southpaws Alf "Cotton" Hrazlc the Mttlc Rock Travelers and :d Cohen of the Nov. 1 Orleans Pelicans today qualified as the of Hie year In the Southern Association. Both chucked Die ball up there "or 13 innings in New Orleans yesterday and when the gathering shades forced colling of the game neither had surrendered a run. Urazle allowed only six hits, Cohen Jiivo up 10. Ench struck out, three •ujel each plunked a batter In the ribs. Thirteen base runners were eft stranded. In the only oilier game of the lay, the Birmingham Barons sheared the Memphis Chicks' load o ft game and a lialf by trimming .he pace-setters 3 to 2. Umilc Bud C'liincy's limner with a man aboard with two out in the last of the Yesterday's Results Northeast Arkansas League NcH'prrt !), Paragoulcl 2. JoncsboVo nt Cnrnthcrsvillc, night game. National W. ilncinnatl . . ........ 53 St. Louis ............. 44 Chicago ............ ; 4d Pittsburgh ..... ; ____ 42 30 Brooklyn ....... . .. 40 4! •lew York ............ 41 43 Boston .............. 40 -|4 Philadelphia L. Pet. 30 .039 39 .530 .|| .599 .519 .494 Hale,; Texas, Christian;-': Volets', Northwestern; Jankc! 'Michigan; Wolff, Santa Clnrn; Schoetitaum, Ohio Slate; Siege], Michigan. Guards-.—Helkkinen, Michigan; Twedell, Minnesota; Hovland, Wisconsin; Bock. Iowa State; Me; Goldrick. Notre Dame; Means, Washington: Bell, Minnesota; Ko- clicl, Fordham; Gross. Bradley; .488 i Tyrrell, St. Ambrose. .470 Centers:—Brock, Nebraska; Al- 54 .31U American League W. L. Pet. I New York C2 25 .7131 Boston 52 30 .034 j Chicago 48 37 .570 Cleveland -15 40 .529 Detroit 43 44 jig^' Washington 30 5-1 .400 , Philadelphia 33 52 .388 St. Louts 24 fi2 .273 ilrich, Texas Christian; Humphrey, Purdue; Hill, Duke; Longhi, Notre Dame; McDonald, Illinois; Calvelli, Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 Read Courier News «-ant ads7 Southern League New Orleans 0, Little Rock 0. tie game, called end : of thirteenth darkness. : Birmingham .1, Memphis 2. Only gomes scheduled. National League Open date. American League Open date. The life, : span of, : ; bees ranges from three weeks to eight months Traveler and Pelican lliirl- crs Pitch Scoreless Ball; Barons Beat Chicks y JULY 25, I93S? ninth did the trick., r>i „«.„,„„,,. a former ClilcV, pHcLoO six-hit ball for Ihe winners. Today's games are; Atlanta at Llltlc Rock, Birmingham nt Nashville, Chattanooga at Memphis, Kiioxvlllc at New Orleans. Police Must Carry Nickels ST. LOUIS IUI>>—A new Hem has been added to equipment of policemen who ride In scout en raft supply of nickels. They are for use In public telephones to report descriptions of criminals or other emergency Information to the radio dispatcher. There arc approximately six times as many automobile deaths at night as there nre during the day. PHONI3 205 FOR YOUR POULTRY Nice, fat liens nnd fryers & other poultry nt nil times. tVE DRESS AND HEUVKK FREE! STICKLER-GOODWIN C'O. 400 E. Main Keep Cool! with a . Calvert WHISKEY COLLINS Culvert "Itesen'e" fiAfciW/AW — <}!> Proof— 65% Cmtn Neutral Spirits. Culvert '.'Special". ni.KNDKU n'IIISKKY—90 i'mof— 72^A% Cmi:i Netilral Spirits. Co/tr. 1039 Calcerl Distillers Corp., Nan York City. Calvett is the largest selling whiskey in the world/ Only 4 More Days Wed., Thur., Fri. and Sal. MID-SUM TIRE S TUC FAMOUS «^^** Diminutive Pilot Licensed r SYRACUSE, N. Y. (UP)—Omar .Murray of East Syracuse claims be Is the country's smallest man .,lo be granted a pilot's license' by the Federal Civil Aeronautics Au, thority, Murray is \ rcet, 8 inches Jail And-weighs 98 pounds. CARTER WORLD'S FAIR TOURS KOR INFORMATION HfC- OARD1NG TO I.! US 0 it REGISTRATION Miss Verna Scott at 19-F-22 RF.rilF.SEN'TATIVK Just A Small Item In The Paper HUT IT MEANS A LOT TO OUU CUSTOMKKS! Reprinted from the Courier News, Issue of July 20th. City Water Supply Is •^ Found Safe By Test *~^ Blythevllle's city water has been found free of B. Colt organism and Is safe for drinking purposes, it lias been announced by George Sniunlln, sanitary engineer of the Mississippi County Health Unit, who submitted n sample of the water to the slate department of public health. v ~^J These tests, made at regular in- Jt (crvals, have always shown tins y city's water to be of unusually high raliug, it Is said. IT SI BANS A CITY WELL C.UAHDEI) AGAINST DD.Vl II AND niSKASK FROM CONTAMlNATl-ll WATKlt Blytheville Water Co. Bernnril Allen, Manager GOOD/YEAR G 3 ALL-WEATHER TIRES SALE PRICE SALE PRICE 5.25-5.50x18 SAIE PRICE i.OOtU SAIE PRICE 4.75-5.00x19 $775 SALE PRICE 5.25-5.50x17 sgso SAIE PRICE 6.25-6.50x16 Here's grand news for vacation budgets! For len days — and TEN DAYS ONLY — you can buy the world's most papular tire:— Ihe Goodyear "G-3" . All-Weather — AT 25% OFF the regular list price. < This is the same famous Goodyear All-Weather that has gone out as original equipment on millions upon millions o! new cars. This is the same lire that more people have purchased for renewal purposes than any other kind. Only this year il's a new, iougher, longer wearing lire delivering MORE MILES — by actual test — lhan even last year's great model is giving its millions of users. Buy a pair Buy cr sel — al these remarkable bargain prices. Buy them on our Easy Pay Plan. COME IN TOD AY—WHILE YOUR SIZE IS STILL IN STOCK BUY ON Yo " d<m ' need fo pay cash ' You ctm open a convenient Budget Account and pay as you rid&. IJss your •• •• credit. You can buy thes» m ^%C 1 l/iclwding your Old Tir* TERMS »»" lor o. little a> PER WEEK GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES 410 Wi Main Phone 898

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