The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1949
Page 13
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TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 1949 BTATHEVILLE (AKK. PAGE THIRTJEBtf FHBCKLB6 A HM FRIENDi "This club is going to seocf—wo havon't dono anything the town thought worth talking about since our Halloween I'RISCH.l.A'S 1'OP SpiH'inl Afluvhrnunt By AL VEKMEEK OH, -W THEY LOOK BUT HIS X LIKE JUST FRECKLES I PLAIN ARE 1 FRECKLES DIFFERENT n THEY'VE GOT SOME! MING ON I WHATS 'EM THAI MAKES VON 'EM? 'EM SPECIAL' Heady to Invade |j y MICHAEL O'MAU.KY and HA! burside the Pond establishment... <DeanATfu5Pond/'s« cAUEDMt and tve Follv /MOTHER PONO."UIKE SCWE- uietf ttne\u\ns \ ONE MORE CRACK(»OOV«S MOTHER were renewing y L1KE r(MT AND ..^ ra their feud at Fog Channel's THE PONDS ARt HERE, BUT FOG'S CAR 16 OUT. I WONDER WHAT THAT MEANS. E HERE COMES R05SUMWIII! THE SERVANTS. HE'tL DRIVE 'EM OUr TO HIE FARM AND WE'U HAVE 1ME HOUSE TO OURSE\VES, BUGS. LADIES/CANT Wt P1AY SOME KIND OF PfAtlFUl GAMt WHILE WE WAIF FOR HINT AND CHANNEL...WHAT? WASH TUIJBS B MER.KJ TOWW... HILIYGETS EEftOS FOR HtS VISIT WITH CATHY. SEEMS I HELL GET STILL WORSE TO BE GET I FOR AWHILE, EASY... AN ALCOHOLIC ll> IIIG STAGE / AT LEAST HES STICKIMO BV HIS \ WE'LL SET HIM TO" AORECMEMT MOT TO TOUCH |\ PROP f. HOSPlTALi EASY. ^ DKIWKIWO ENOUGH TO eTEM>Y WS M6RUES. ITS WEMLIUG OFF WOWiAND HE'S BEGIUMINO TOGO THRU 1OEM6HTL I SOMETHING TO HELP VQUIET HIS NERVES. HUGS BUNNY I'M 6OIN6 IN THEi »AC< ROOW... NO UOA.FIN& .' ; SUCH \rise and Shine* V. T. 1IAA11JN ^o^ssri BOOTS AND HER RUDDIUS Ky EDGAR MARTIN 00 U UTTtRVY! OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople I M TRVIN' TO HELP TH' SAP- HE'S GOT SUMPW \WROOe WITH , Hie FOOT AW' HE WOWT COME. OVER TDTTM' WINDOW SO I CAM LOOK AT rr/ THE WORRV WART By MERRILL BLOStiEB FAl4CYtHAT,ACe.'"ll4eOVJL&)VOOOU6HT*-WRW)I/ J.N6 USED V J{ CHtWERS, LIP J; 'OOWPAST6 <5LO6W1S-—•/ Xxl ' - - FA.MGS, TUSKS, BITERS, WORDS THAki J#l~- VWATS A ^ HBA,HeH.'-~DlD VOL) I WOM SOCK A VtoRD FOR TUB CXt> MUTTOi A80LST "CRACKER CRUNCHERS?" Jim. All it forgiven Return hom« at one*. You will never t(«in be Ute fix »n Appointment and love your job. We promise to buy an accurate new Bulova at DREIFUS Jewelers 316 West Main St. Blythevill* "Meet Dreifus—Wear Diamonds" OGERTHE LODGER Elizabeth R. Robert* b«rl*. »»• $ 25 or mort trade in allowance on your old washer, regardless of make or condilion. on * new BENDIX Automatic Washer This Is Your Chance for Real Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. tt •iHNtfac- nmnmt MSTUWTM ft NU UtVKL <NC and > ran up to tell the DrumixioDds oui good news and Co suggest that the;. wait and ride home with us. "Good news!" Malor shouted. "You Idiot! No speedometer. Blasted mulller. Hub cap gone. Visor broken Two tire* itolen. Busted window. And now a lire hazard (or a key and you think I'd ride home with youl I'd rather fly a mission ID a fog. You're • hoodoo. A car-wrecker. What I'd like would b« to give you a brand new automobile and a twenty- pound sledge and watch you knock it to pieces, fun!" Wouldn't you have ! You Are Cordially ! Invited to Visit | The ! Accessory Shop ; Feminine Apparel • Mabel Hngun Jessie Srile J " Ho!el Noble Bldg. . M Blylheville. Ark. We put the Drummonds on their bua, which, of course, left a few minutes before the next scheduled geyser eruption; H was over by the time we returned to the hotel. For all their Interest, man and boy, ID Yellowstone, Major Drummonc and Roger didn't once clap an eye on Old Faithful T think Drummond hates me, 1 Roger said anxiously. "He's u apt to queer my O.C.S. appointment And to think I brought him along to cinch it." We were at the garage having the car serviced and waiting to take a lesson from young Jimmy Valentine on how to work the gadget he'd concocted With utter frankness be went on to tell me about Mary. Mary wa: a little older than Roger; she wa, a Vassar graduate, he said, with a wonderful Job teaching in the English department of a girls school when h« married her. K hadnt occurred to him she'd eve give it up. But the Brat year of heir marriage she presented nlm ilh twins There went any hone it buying an automobile. They xmght an outsize baby carnage nstcaa "And now. lusl when 1 et my nands on an automobile, this liasco. I'm like • man with is toot in a bucket." he concluded ind as the attendant set the oat) lown after tilling the radiator, Roger put one fool Into it, "See what I mean?" he said. [N order to free his foot he had to kick and knock the bucket on he cement floor Two stout kicks nd the bottom came loose along with Roger's foot 'What's the big Weal" the out- led attendant shouted. "Buckets, is hard to get." He looked rue- 'ully at the open seam. "Here. Buddy," Roger said patronizingly, reaching Into his pockel T or a coin, "get yourself a new »e," "Where at?" demanded the man. "There ain't any. By righu I oughts make you get this'n welded ''or me." A few seconds of optical censure and the man accepted the money Roger offered. Out at the side of my eye t looked at Roger's troubled face, sell-conscious under criticism. He was pompous and a chiseler. but childlike. One minute his arrogance chilled all my interest In him: the next bis candid admission of failures and frustrations set up a store of sympathetic understanding. At the moment, he was » child who had broken his little red wagon. Having banked a tittle sympathy, he began checking on it almost immediately. We reache< Gardiner in time {or lunch anc Roger turned off the wooden key which was merely a piece of woot hitched to the ignition wires. "Howll you gel started againT' I asked. "Turn it on," Roger replied. The motor coughed and started. Roge turned Jt oR. Two youngsters at tracted by the broken window anc mlulng hub cap stuck their heads in to see what Roget was doing lie showed oil for them. Hiey wmsilea to a couple at pals end :oger showed them several Utnei /hat an ingenious gadget kic'd /hipped up. S/"E had lunch and climbed back into the car. Roger step^eo on •it starter Nothing happened A ittle nervously be tried again. In lh« act ol parking next to ui as a burly truck driver Roger tepped on the starter 'ong and oud. The truck driver glanced ver. hating to bear a car abused. Then be suggested that Roger xln't turned on (he Ignition. With more charm than • druggist has 115. he lured the truck driver to dvise nun on the situation. Ths man got down from the cab oi his truck look • turn or two on the wooden key. and said one of the wires must be broken He raised he hood, tinkered around for a ew minutes, closed iu wiped his lands oo his trousers and turned the 1ulce. Waving happily, Roger backed out and headed down the street We drove home without Inci dent Then, u Roger turned on ;he switch, there was » Bash ol light, a crackle ol fire and the wiring hurst Into flumes. "Don't tell Robbie,' Koi;cr pleaded after extinguishing the I'll have the motor pool send a repair man down In Ihe morning. He'll fix everything—except the tires. That wasn't my fault, was it?" Whatever veto Major Drummond may have had in mind to invoke concerning Roger's appointment to O.C.S., Colonel Morris had worked faster: a notice to report immediately for orders to proceed to school was waiting for Roger. "Don't worry. Colonel Morris has put in a request for me. Three monlhs'll pass quickly. Before you know it, I'll be right here again. And commissioned!" He had so completely possessed us during the months he was in residence that 1 found myself wondering how it would seem for Rob and me to live alone once more. I needn't have wondered. . • . We weren't alone. 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