The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1938
Page 4
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(AUK.)' (JoUMtiit JiONDAY, APRIL \, loss THE BLYTHEVILU5 COURIER THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher J. GRAHAM 80DBURY, Editor SAMUEL F. NORBIS, Adverting sole National Advertising Representative?: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, pc- t?oit, St. Louis. Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis^ : published-Every Afternoon Except Sunday """leered as second class innllcr at the post ornce'al BlylhcvUle, • Arkansas, under net o! Congress, October 9, 1917. _^_____ Served by the United Press __ SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the City of Blylheville, I5e per year 0 f0 i^N months. 75e for three months; •bv mail in postal zones two to six tacluMve. $6.50 per year; in zones seven and eight, per year, payable in advance. Nazi Wonders About Smith, Middkiown Superior in tone, sarcastic, touched with mock pity is Hitler's public comment on Secretary of State Hull's proposal for an international committee to aid German and Austrian refugees. Per Fuehrer describes as "criminals" those whom he refers to elsewhere as "incorrigible opponents" of Nanism, and expresses more than a willingness to turn them over, "for all 1 care, oven on luxury ships." America faces "grave domestic disturbances" in harboring such refugees, states Der AngrilV, editorial Niv/i mouthpiece, and asks rhetorically: "la that the wish of Mr. Smith from Middletown'.'" t Mr. Smith from Middletowii has become well known as thu typical .foe Citizen in "MiiUlletown," and "Middletown in Transition," published studies of the "typical mid-western city." It is the wish of Mr. Smith from Jlidclletown that America continue to be aware of her good fortune in having proved attractive more than 200 years ago to men who were "incorrigible opponents" of every kind of official oppression. It is the wish of Mr. Smith from JHdletown that America continue to enjoy /the social benefits of such distinguished refugees as Germany has already lost to us. It is the wish of Mr. Smith from Middletcrwn that his right never be taken from him to he as incorrigible an opponent of what he believes to be ' unjust as he wishes to be. On the day that Hitler's speech was made public, H stowaways from China were extracted from the hold of a liner in New York harbor. They had'not made the 7G-day journey aboard a "luxury ship." The stowaways will be deported. America's intention is not to admit thu citizens of other nations in indiscriminate numbers. But 'it does, induce a certain feeling of satisfaction to find the place so exceedingly' attractive to other people. It also suggests that it might be worth keeping it that way. Incidentally, one wonders: is Germany having much trouble these days with slowawavs'.' OUT OUR WAY Swing Tiff The nioVe tulkfilive public iigtiven have got HO they can discover wilh almost no effort at all, startling symptoms of national trends in the most trifling of novcllie.s in human behavior. What they'll l)e coming up with after ii little meditation on the current pitched battle between "swinisophilcK" and "swingopliobes" is .something it would be host for the easily diHlruught brain not to ponder, The trouble is, human lotfic in thi.-i instance finds- it hard lo believe thai such an excess of passion could bo a symptom of notltiii},'- at all. H starlwl with a wave of public indignation ovev swing-distortions of such pieces as "Annie Laurie," but the wave went rijtht on rolling into swing's own province, swing music, written to be .swung. Swing sessions on Sunday sent a Buffalo pastor into such n transport til' indignation that he took up dropping into the sessions unannounced and letting go with a hunting sermon, lie introduced the sermon, though, with a rendition of the &id Psalm to tlie tune of "The Hells of St, Mary's." Now, as if to clear the air as it has never been cleared, a Itoslon dance baud leader offers what lie's certain is a substitute that's no less than terrific, lie calls il "Spiral Music." Immediate opposition from one quarter is foreseen. How can the lovers of tlie square dance do it to music that's spiral? Maybe it's all just, a symptom of Ihe approach of the silly season. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark o/ Publication • In this colamu of editorials from other newspapers docs not necessarily mean endorsement but is an acknowledgment of interest In the subjects discussed. If we arc faced by the necessity . . . Czechoslovakia will defend, defend, defend herself. —Premiar Milan Hodza of Czechoslovakia. COWAN / STONE •NBA S« CAS'J ur c'< i \ K T A x o B .« A i u w i;j, r— •mint-; ilir hlnuil-ln, m:iu:K jiA.vmox—nn arlM \klio lovt-il money Ili-Hl. jiu,m.<;.uum TIIOUVAI.II— Ilcri-k t/uliih-J In')' llurlriill. 1)11. HdliKKS—lie met 111* musI OIHK:ult ,-nic. py aflcr wceU* lilc vf her |i:i- Tlmrviilil. Cimnlt In 10 lie.'tr liliu MIJ-, "I can't (crilltyi Our Unit. Ko uu IblH nay nuy CHAPTER XXU 1 trouble," George Tliorvald went oti with a faintly embarrassed air, "is that this is too much like taking candy from a It's been a lot of fun for a while; hut I haven't the heart to let you go on with it. ... You arcn'l Camilla Wynne, you know." "You mean you've known it all along?" Constance nsked between mirth and chagrin. George Tliorvald sobered ut once. "Sony," lie said. "No, just lalely—a tier I got to remembering CO Construe ° as slic lie ome secret thought, and said, "1 [ liould say that Mark is one ot he most intensely alive people i'l ;now. Of course, since you've I JECII here, lie's been rushing, iroutid picking up the pieces Unit lev.' while he was away—you I inovv—people who gol side but who wouldn't call n doctor till he | jol back. . . . And you have lo snow Mark pretty well, anyhow, j to understand him. He's—well, ! he's absurdly shy about thing:; j that mean a lot to him." * » * T.TE did turn up about lunch tiinc.l the day Constance had hejci&4 lo wonder whether she was to him again before she lefl. He accepted Hilda ThorvaloVsl invitnlioif lo cat with them with] a matter-of-fact, "Fine! I've got] nice did Camilla Wynne my slate fairly well cleaned up to- | had seen li.'r in some day for Ihe lirst lime. I may not "I do, indeed," Constance told >im. "The rest of my public seemed to think I was doing a U'und gooct job." "Well," George Tliorvald told icr. "11 was your sense ol humor that wrecked you. You saw that Camilla Wynne is really—well just funny—and the harder she tries, lh» funnier she gets. And Having a sense of humor, you couldn't help making hci just as funny as she really is. ... If you want to know, finding out how funny Camilla is was the best thing that ever happened to me. . . . Do her for me again now, that's a good girl, and make her funnier Ilian you ever did before Make her as funny as hell. 1 need u good laugh." of her most heart-breaking—and funniest—roles, while George Tliorvald cackled willi weak mirth. Then Di. Rogers came quietly into the room. "Di. Rogers." she said suddenly. "I'm not really needed here any .,,,.,, 1 ill UUL t»-i.[»j nv^m-u in.,,- « a few things. . . . Anc 1 dul licai | Iollgcr . L lhink j ollgllt to K0 .» (he nurses talking one day when they thought I was asleep." "I wonder," Constance said, "if ! one of the things you remembered "C,'o iihuaii ami clean up if yon wish. Itut icmemlior I want every Kcrap of paper left exactly where it is." THIS CURIOUS WORLD £ William Ferguson A Federal Drivers' License Bill A Fcdcrn.1 drivers' license bill, sponsored by Senator Truman, has just been passed by the Senate and sent lo (lie House. Objectors from states that lack drivers' license laws, or from stales whose taws lire 'inadequate (ami that includes Missouri!, will be on insecure ground In criticising the bill. The measure forbids unlicensed drivers to op- ci'Blc motor vehicles in interstate commerce, and sets standards for slate license law.s, Including visual tests, driving tests nml examinations in knowledge of highway rules. Since the purpose of the bill is lo Induce slates lo imss sound license laws, the effective date is f.el four years In.the future. The Missouri law falls far short of the. Truman bill's standards. It requires no test or examination whatsoever, merely Information as to age. weight, height, color of eyes, address, etc. Missourians need not even apply lor their licenses in person, but may order them by mall. Such a law obviously can do nothing to keep mint drivers olf the highways, except insofar as suspension of Iccnscs after accidents exerts some control. It is not .surprising; IlicU the contiiiUiincr of traffic tragedies In unwilling numbers lias resulted in a bill providing that the Vcilcral Government take n hund. H the states wish lo avert this Interference, they can paw drivers' license laws that will really protect their citizens. The Truman bill/fa a warning for Ilir. Missouri Legislature's ne.xl session. —St. Louis post-Dispatch. BIROS OF PREV ATTEMPT TO MAINTAIN EXCLUSIVE HUNTING- INSIDE. OF FA1RJLV WELL, BOUNDARV LIMES. A LIZARP'S DOES NC»T BREAK. AT A JO/NT. BUT' NEAR THE By Williains OP A MASSACHUSETTS IN \&>77, BOUGHT THE .CLAIMS OF^ HEIRS TO THE STATE OP MAINE FOR ABOUT 1,250 ENGLISH POUNDS. WHEN a lizard dashes away from nn enemy, lie is quite lifcel.i 3 leave his tail lo distract the pursuer's attention while lie makes is escape. By menus of specially, formed muscles and ligaments lie ntnimtiUlon is bloodless. • And, almost immediately, u new tai rarls lo form. NliXT: Wliilt is America's favorite sandwich? was telling me that lirst night, in unmistakable terms, that you did not love me any more, and that if I'd been really bright I'd have guessed it long ago?" "Did I now?" There was a Hicker of sardonic iimuscmcnl in his sunken eyes. "Dc you know, I'd probablj think bettci of that another lime. . . . Oh. don't worry. I'm not :-;oing lo make love to you at present. I'd hate to cut in on Doc Rogers. Yes, I've found He leaning over, busy the fastenings of his bag, and he] did nol look up or speak at once. Then he echoed "Go?" vaguely, as if tlie words did nol mean anything to him. "Why—if staying is —inconvenient for you, I suppose we ought not to ask you tc slay .any longer. . . . But Mr. and Miss JTIiorvuld are your hosts, not I." * * * [T was not going at all as C'on- *• stance had planned it. There were a number of things she had been plannir;; to say to him—if she ever had an opportunity, and if he would only say the obvious nave lo run out in the middle oCj the soup." As Hildcgardc, Constance, Derek, I and Mark Roger? lingered overf llieii- dessert — Ernest Tliorvald I was off on one of his day-lonffl lours of inspection about Ihe ranch I —Hilda said, "Since you seem lol living a life of pampered lux-1 ury loday, Mark, why not stick! around and get acquainted with.I your mother for a change? Shc:| telephoned that she was out this afternoon. Vincenlo'sl gone lo town; he's bringing her| back." "Well, wen"—he smiled with! the special smile he seemed lol keep for Hilda—"so Mother's! caught up with me a I last! I've! hardly seen her since :hc got back" from the east last night, f did]'" dare, 1 knew she'd be burs' that out, too," he went on with a Puckish twinkle as Constance's eyes widened. "A fellow picks up n lot of interesting information when he's lying here Ibis way. People (orgel you're not dead yet, mid gel cureless." "Are you sure," Constance said, "that yon aren't running a temperature?" "No' a chance. Right now, I'm the sanest person in this house. All Hie nonsense is burned out ot me. . . . But t sort of like your brand of insanity. You're going to be around here Jor a while, aren't you? "Not much longer. 1 imagine. things thai would give her the proper cues, . . . But he did not say any of them. He only muttered something about being in a hurry, picked up his bag, und .vent on with a brief nod. Constance noticed, howcvei, that DC had time tc stop in tlie sala where Hildcgardc sat at the piano; and that it was live minutes bc- foro he came out, laughing and looking years younger, as he so often did after a few minutes spent in Hilda's serene unhurried presence 1 . After that evening Mark Rogers came to the house less and less; and when he did come lit- never made any occasion to speak to Constance alone. She said to Hilda one day, len- with news she just had to get oitl her chest—and you know Ihcre'sl 10 slopping Mother if you oncc| ct her buttonhole you." Constance thought enviously,! iVhy can't he treat me that way?f Instead of acting as if I woral something thai had lit on his nose.l ;md might bite him at any minutcT They had hardly got up fron>] the fable and gone out into the palio when the car drove up oul-l side, and Mrs. Rogers sailed inl upon them, plump and beaming] —and voluble as ever. "My <Ie;ir Hildcgardc/ 1 she bc-l gan, "how terrible about Georgell I came the lirst minute—" Then! she Constance, and her You certainly don't need me any longer; and ! was brought here °"Sure— to stand in for Camilla! tatively, "Does Dr. Rogers ever Wynne ____ Do you want lo know | lakc llme lo I'vc—lo have any real why you couldn't make it stick— [life of his own— like other people, niter my licad slopped feeling like 1 ' ft cheese?" ' menn?' Hilda laughed quietly as if at dropped. "Why," she cried, "tliisl can't be—but it is, isn't it? Myl dear Miss—only I suppose it's Mrj.l Manlhon now, of course, isn't il'?T . . . So the. girls at Dartlett's were! right! And you two are really! married after your interrupted) honeymoon?" (To Be Conlinued)' involved. 4 * • In soin? cases tin: con-lilion ccnics on slowly and insidiously icrcus in other cases it comes on iddcnly and severely. In fact, it ay be so serious as to hicapiici- te the patient completely or even o destroy life early in the disease nless something very difinitc is one to take care of it. Moreover, a condition of this ind makes the body susceptible to The Family Doctor • , •* t K. ««(. O. I. Fit CMC.. Colilis is a Product 01! Modern Way oi' Livini f G05V4-- t LOVE TO COME HERE TO TH' \ AIRPORTT AM' WATCH I TH' FLAMES COME / IM AM' TAKEOFF/ 1 SMOULDrO' OF COME HERE TODAV--- I GOT MY UMIOM SUIT ONJ TWISTED AOIIO AM' IT'£ TH' WROVOCr WAV FEE. THIS.' ARE MADE - MOT'BOPirO l!\'i>. Itlll . 1 11V UK. MOUHIS VISHBKIN Udllur, .Imirn;il nf the American 'iUcilical Association, and n * llygrin, llic Health Mngazmi! The ,s|>cc<! of ratiiij; In the machine age. the development ot all sorl.s of soft, fancy (co<ls. the determination to cvcrromc constipation as a national habit arc among many other causes ot .serious. t>° r - .-istcnt inflammations and infections of the bowel that arc grouped miller the title colitis. There arc some ulio feel that I vation. I He dislikes "vviimuin," and ... rnicnlly infcrms nurses and hosjii- Ported inissin; lal ntliiches to that cUcct, He recently mnrie god in an attempt to leave tlie hcspllal secretly, but was later apprehended and returned to | calmi when the search was sttirti f ro . I for him last year when he was rcj the institution. Carver will be permitted to return lo his mountain home for the summer as soon as he regains sufficient strength to make the trip. Living in his primitive abode, econelary complications wlucli in c =;. c:ircd „,„£ or ]1Q11C for in ome instances may be even more erious than the disease itself. from St. John's [ood sincn (he disease is louml nil people of all races calm;: al kinds of fnod and among ]>co) who arc light caters as \vcll among people who are large caters. This. too. ivoiild incline to lhi> view that in any case of this disease several different factors may be lerrnit Chafes Under Regime of Civilization BANFF, Alia, (UP)—liilly Carver, 1-year-old hermit of Johnson's jiikc, wants to go home to his tiny, amshacklc cabin hi the wilderness. Carver 1ms been hospitalized icre 'since early December, when in was found wandering on the akc shore in a state of scmi-s'ar- OUB^BOARDING HOUSE Hi fol , nati - n [rom Ulc outs<lc wolW . Qnce m . lwjcc hc lnad( , short visits to Band for Ills meager supplies. Carver came 10 »nada in 1003 Wood, Louden. Wooden Bathtub of 17961 Gets Niche in Museun BURLINGTON, Vt. (UP)— ancestor of American modcrl plumbing, an fi-Iool long woojel bathtub hand-hewn from a slitl gle pine lo;. has teen given tl ihn Fleming XtusciKti ot the| vcrslty of Vc;n:ont. Weighing sever pounds, tin; tub was mace by Iv.ial Lyma.n 3d of Hartford, Vt., in lio England, lie spent his early life prospecting in the mountains near his shack, and worked in the mines at Anthracite. lie was seriously ill three years ago. He told friends he had a larje bank account in a Calgary bank, complete several hundrel 1 Generations of Publishers M1NTO. N. D. (UP)— Four gc crations following the same pro fession in the same place, with fli" same equipment, is the tni" record in the Mitchell family For nearly 60 years they havc'pti b ' lisbcd and edited the Minlo. Jourl r Announcemenls The Courier News nns tccu authorized lo make formal announce- dironic (iterative colitis is always I ment of the following candidate.' due to infection wilh germs of va-1 for public office, subject to thf r'oi's Ht'ds There is a!.so the vteiv I Democratic primary August that it Is associated wilh dcflcien-1 "'-- ' v ™'- - r '—— cy ot vitamins, minerals or other] .substances. Again it has been j suggested that it is a part ol the j structure ol the |icrso:i concerned, xactly as arc such conditions »•> I liahetes and ROilcr. There has also :cen the suggestion lh;u this con- lilicn is due not to senus but to j parasites of the type of the j uncbae. It is, ol course, coiicrivablc that In any case of this rendition several of these different causes may be Involved. In any rvrnl. if seems to be established that n.-> particular type ot person Is more likely lo have llic disease than any oilier, lint one race of people i;, iiiii as likely lo have it as is another race cf people, and that the condition is more likely lo affect people of middle age Uian cither the very young or the very ol<t. Certainly the tliteaic may occur In' any climate, It is hard to Incriminate any one For Countv Treasurer R. L. (BILLY) GAINES Kor Sheriff and Collector HALE .7ACKSON County Court Clerk T. W. POTTER Vor County Tax Asscssir W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON BRYAiYf STEWART I'or County and Probate Judge DOYLE HENDERSON For Circuit Court Clerk HARVEY MORRIS I'or County licprcsmiUlivcs W. W. FOWLER T!;c Courier News has been a thoriaxl lo mafce tornml announce ment ot Ihe following candidates for city ofiices at the Blytlicville municipal election April 5. Vor City Clerk MISS RUTH BLYTHB I'or City Attorney ROY E. NELSON Ii>r first Ward Aldmiuii JESS WHITE «. C. (SAiU OWENS OUST SHOWS TH' TH' COUMTR.V IS FACED WITH T-OR, YOUP- PEEK1WQ, BUT IF YOU ARE OUT OUM- FOR PERCY WHY POM'T YOU LOOK BEH1MD ECHO OUT ISJ TH 1 HALL?.YOU'LL WEVER WMC? HIM IM A KEYHOLE/ THEY LAUWCH A BOSTLOA.D OF . OPHCIAL BOUMCER5 YOU TWO RUB8ER- CMECK APTISTS WILL BE CAPTAIK! AMD PIRST MATE ' vi OK) TME SCEMT ,"-.;". E MISSIUd PERCY 3 "^

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