The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER N THK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOimTKA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOI,. XXXIII—NO. 78 Blythertll* Courier Blyt he villa Dally Newt Blj-thertlle Hersld MlulMtppI V»ll«y Ltidtr AHKA,\s.\S. TUKSDAY, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Poll Tax Sctles at Osceola Exceed Those at Bly- ihevillc By Nearly 800 n [ n -j Nearly 801) more residents of Hi? II Ll i L Osceola district of Mississippi! county hold |>oll (ax receipts quail-i V : " -al Storm Now Toward Bermuda' MIAMI, Ha., June :i. The year's lirsi tropic i! whie-h moved :;etm-: M<v: leriiay. advaii: c.l no:'in Allan !•• c.v' '. the ^eiifTrtl dh'.iiHi r.i" appini'iitly 'jfilrtii's In i Cm -tun W ii-, uilvl'ii i! ri'i.liui cl llc.-:iiii<lu u I'll .• fhlps in Hi!- siorm ,:iith warned of ilv.- ili-.Lnrl:.i'i'.:i \£ (/un Hurls Project ita 26 fylng (hem (o vote than do rcsi-] dents of UK chlcknsauba district which lias the larger population, it was revealed following tln> closing liisl midnight of the period ini which prospective voters must pnvi their poll taxes. ' l A total of 7,251 receipts was Ls-| sued tin-oil!;!) botii the Osceoiu niul i Hlytheville offices ol Clarence " EYES! nmiora have been usual in year, j amini ,; io]1 afL , r past, loo, hut tins year .sees the! lu,, r^minde-. Osceola district with the larwi' number of receipts for the lirsi lime In many years. The total for Ihe county is far belov/ (lie number for 1934 and 1932. the lasi two "primary years." in 1334 over 10,000 poll tax receipt; were issued and in 1932 the number was around the 12,500 mark. Kleellcin Law Is Factor Undoubtedly i'/ie biggest factor in l!:e decrease is the "pure elec- Klucles Attendants for Hos- nlal Corridor Interview With Reporters a sr (;i a ti't:ai- Kunnin£ up to re\v:'^iiK>iTiion Zinnclieek gave an "ixpl.iiv.iiion" of the sudden switch in clar.s yesterday when hospital cflieials were ready to tal r e Jiii.i Jrrmi the building, thai si-dtfer.iy tlumri- ed their mlndj. He explainer' ihat rr.nj.-'/rsi-mal 'eadei's had asKtd him to :i sanilnrivm in Uriltimore ior mem. "I agreed to so yr*!?rdni " In said, "but chanted tny ir.n;.l when t fem:d tliey inlendei' IP send four burly guards ulih inf. .' don'i intend to he trinuben r.b^'ii the country by ei'vuo.s' Zloncheck then lisiefl IOMI- "do- mands" or "iiltiinnltuus" o." '-.hich he smd hospital oilicifi':. '.-o'lld lake .their clusu-e. 1 '1!>t; — w^iv: <' : - - i\ • <• 1.—That he be iclerued otn- tlons" law passed by the 1935 stale legislature. Under its provisions the (ax collector is required lo de- lermme that a person has been assessed for poll lax before issuing n poll lax receipt, while in the past actual assessment, had always been necessary to, t'nc castins of a lean! ballot, the' matter ordinarily did -•"vVt. bceejae, fj.p;rtiii<i ufikCv: Ti court contest developed, nnd tax receipts were issued on pavment ol! ri cht. the poll tax fee of one dollar re-1 2.—That he he tc Si. t'anltess of assessment. I Elizabeth's ho.-riial hfie- in- lur- Because they failed to assess fori" ler M!llnil tnllo:i and treatment, poll (axes In "lD35 a large number! 3 ~ Th(a lle uc " lr: " ft ' I'y •' of residents were forced to pay an : " llr>c - v J |:| '- v il! i-iisuicl jf Colum additional dollar in order to make a delinquent assessment (his year before their names were placed on the 1933 assessment rolls (en which taxes are now payable). A section of the '/piire eleclions" law requiring written aul.'nnrlia>tioii for tlr issuance of receipts for poll taxes not paid In person also tended tr redu-e ttie tolal number of rer'iuls iwued. though if hardly had thr restrictive elfect intended b?cause of authorization "forms" which were developed and used. Book Pictures Politics In Horse-Buggy oia supreme coin. 4.—That five, of psychiatrists in the summoned to War atuine him. Zloncheck wrm token his rcom on an upper the hospital and oIlicluLs other ccntercr.ce tn ii> fate. UN-DEFICIENCY Confo.refs Reach Uiulcr- sliincliii{r 0;i Bill (lorry- ing Relief Funds WAfilllNOTCN. June III illl'l- . ti 1 mid home CUII(,TITS vlr- '1'nllv i-reed today un i|u« 52.- 'W9.072.UH deficiency iipitropi'liillaii bill, citrvylni,' $l.-t:!!i.ii:;l.u;o for re- 1'jf. and iinnoimci'd they expected li> campli'lv work urtvi 1 n Url.'l eellns! tcmorrow. Cluilnnan Alva Adams iDi'in,, 'Ji'l.J 01 Hie ri'iiule ijroup. i.:il<l inly c;»; or two minor inittlrrn I ifiiniilned lo be iiotilrd. *di""s B'lid r,.i|i>f urnvlslnns of the menMire were left virtually .. Ilie njitn In whlili they pus.M'il 'lie .senale. coufi'ires ayreed lo mreiU Ihe srnaic iu'- llon In tiinilnu Hie hu;;e fund ?v;r In -Piv.sldfiil llon-evelt In- ••:len:l of WPA Adinlnl.sliuliir Miiri'y Comedian Fields Seriously 111 With eurlh-roekiJU! repercussion, thii c-ainin^ through space toward Mr., war-time conditioi:>. the scene of Ihe !:rhi;4 wes near nun, CullL about nieao. So lenilic is Ilu.- shock (if firing ill-? jjuns. whlcli propel a HED-poiim! nci been used since 10;!«. Window!; :>i houses for miles around then dl.'ichaiRe and iniuiy Cahf.irniaii.-. believed nn earthquake wr.s in •Hf miles mirth ot Sun shell, Unit Ui'jy havf were btoliin Chiang Kai-shek Sends Stiedlc Leads Arkansas ; Goliers in Southern Meetj MEMPHIS. June 1G iUP> —Frank \ Stli'dle. Helenu, Arkansas stale \ champion, led Arkansas golfei"S entered in the Ijoulhern Amateur goif lotirney tcday with u U7, two over par. on the first, nine) Osceolan Wins Juclgnieut Troops. South to Crush jr- ^ CS^'lie"^,^!'''Again* Local. Building Canlonese Forces i is-hoie total 01 11. ; Sup|)ly Company CANTON. Chinn,. June If, (UP) — Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek. iverloul of th • N'anliii'.-j or-ntral government, pusncci ln.< troops southward lod/.y lo >:y.isi; the auioncjnous Cai,'X--i ^cverr.nient and its mcvcMcnt fcr .vat with 18-hole J. W. -13 for Dl for total of VI. llnslck sr.. Joiu'.sboro, hud i the first, nine holes and | 18 holes. bach floor rcatls. obs'-' HTt; tousid e r e d m, t '. at a e/^ss- fnced uiiii tin- iu--':efsitv CVitn ' Clii- '.so It uon> or Ci:i:M. 10LE110 (UP) - An accotint book of (lie Whig committee ve- eently brousht to light., reveals to vlmt efforts Toledo's "Rotieh ami I'corlv Club" went in Us determination to elect Ztieliary Tuylor • 'resident in 1848. So freoucntly did members rent I'M-ses and bucgies for campaign I'il's, lliat their victory cost the r'ulj S65. The account book reveals IliaC IhLs sum was quickly sub- .•'crlbetl. however, in the first two ^years of the Tnylor : Plllmorc ad\ministration. The nccount, book belongs to| Frank Segur. of Toledo, wliose • Rrandfnther. Dan Segur. was secretary of the Whit; committee here. New York Cotton Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, June lii lUl>> — The stock market advanced ftnc- Mons t-,> more than two points today with the list in .new high greuml .since April 18. fitcei.s !ed the upturn as reports of increased oncratlons continued. '.iing uiul his C.'.nloi .xbantloninv m Chiang has sloc;i a ill Cliinu for lii jtiii-. "rL'shin^ interr.Lii ;-^i Dlterin^ frien.i;iiii t Invailers. knowir.^; il'.a war \vculd brin,; fall. His prepar»i.:t>;:.<- Iw :: si.ow- dcwn with Ciiiiton -.u-re ece^ler- Jl?d when Chen " Ctn-la^;. ,i;ld W. D. awarded Lynch of Osceola was verdict for $4:19 auatnst l'.ai, :, foreign ut- IUF: down- Eighteen hole scores included: «, c Els t Arkansas Builders Supply vT 8r C Tk'''cv Sreet'' H 8 oU C ° mIlanj - "' clrelllt «•»"• " cre l1 " 5 "iO-'U; ou, wiek uversueei, *' ^'morninv Springs, «-4l—U3. ^ [ j Lynch sued the huildlng company ^T...-^™. ! lor peisonul injures and damage --'-" !-to his car as a result of an accl- ,dent in which ids car collided with a company truck. He was represented by J. T. Coston. Osceola attorney. Held and Evrard, local attorneys, represented (he defendant company. A jury received the ol the administrator of the estate of Una itegress. against tl:c luter- .1 - Jfe and Accident Insurance CldeiU 1 hcoi'lCS Arc Ad- l company about 11 o'clock this morning and no verdict had been re- . The, muler UK rule.*:, mu.-it vole .'leparulelv »n sennic amend- •uriii'jv. (.jieniim up a £ll)0,(iJO.O'lll revi.lvliij fund lor Ihe I'WA and authoit.dn 1 : a new study dl the l-'lorkln .ship ranal. Kinnl ui'llon the ecnfi'ree.s lomorroiv vir- Uailly will assure euurtiimu of Iho bill by Halm-day.,, Cilllley Itlll WASHINGTON, June Ifi. (W> — The house opened eiin.slderallon of !he substitute Oiilley eoal ro^l eon- liol bill lo<lay wlt'n a promise ol short debute In hope of ennelhiK Ihe measure at (his session. Without a record vole, u rule 'lnilliiii< cenenil deb:ite to two hours and placing a limit un ainendmeiils was adoptwl. Consrcsslotial.leaders still 'Hoped adjournment by Saturday us they speeded up the machinery od congress.. ;;,;:. ....... -, ! Conferees on ihe ti« Jjlll wi'rc delayed In their work" while thr Oulfey bill was under consideration on the 'house floor, 'nils was « mn- jor consideration in the ayivcmi'iil to shorten debate. A warning of the United Mine ""orki-rs that failure . lo enact Ihe law might provoke Industrial warfare came as dtbnle slnrlcd. for screen comedian who has made millions chuckle, W. ('.. Fields, shown nhovo in a remit plclurc, is reported lo lie seriously ill with pneumonia In n Riverside, Calif., community hospllnl. According lo Ills physicians. Fields rci:ntillv timl been suffering from n "rundown" condition. Pair Had COUP lo. Invosli- i;»lc Dealh of Nogro Striker MKMIMIIS, Turn.. June Ii! CUP) -A Memphis wouir.n fwclallsl wcrker anil a Ultlr- Hock, Ark. iiilnLiter and liilwv upre.'enlaUVi' 1 thnrijed today thai. ",s|y v.'oll dressed while men" bei.l tiieui siiv- oi'k'ly \\ilh a Inrge lout.iei slfap near t'nile, Ark., la r l nifiii; slid forced thum lo leave -llii- rom- iminlly. | Wlss Willie Sue niagden, M^m- nhls, ihe Social::,! wo;kei, uml-lhe nev. oiiuide Willain:-, l.lltie Keek, the minister, icvonlcd the details Icduy of the i>l.i-/{rd ilo-iuii;^ and I'Mhlblted lurye liluc nir.i'ks , In prove llielr eln;i;e.s The two, who siiir' they welil lo t'larle in liH;:ite th'.'. hodv . of u lies™ member of the RiwilvM-n Tenanl, Vnrnu'i'.'i Union who -J legally 'van frtially Deaieil In'st, Tuesday nielli, yveie e.s'.o/U'd out uf Ihe (own, Miss lilngden said reports tluil, 'he nee ro, KnuiiL Wee(i::> iC, ivos dead coiiltl not be verltlru. The Sloulhern Tenarl [''urmcr.i Union, through' Rxccilivf .Secis- tnry n. I... MtKiiell, liad cnnrRud Weeuis had \>;u:\ killnn and !lu: union made uians to hold a puL-llc luneial ior him ihl; nfter- nocn. 'I'lie Itev, Mr. Wllilauu, s\ho It viee-iire.sldeiH or the American T'ederiulon of Teacherr, and a represenlallve of Hie Nation;:! Ke- M^ious and Iirdior Fede.'".lion was to i-onduel Ihe services, lie said he ami Miss tllngden went over yesterday In nn elfort :» ^aralo tin; ''boily," Iht bod> still v.- in sslng'in, Murder, Suicide and Ac-1 "fl . . . I s' 1110 V ancccl A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper Beth. Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Gen. Am .Tank .. Gen. Electric ..... Gen. Motors Int. Harvester McKesson - Robbing Montgomery Ward fj. Y. Central Packard Phillips Pet Radio St. L.-S. P Simmons Beds Standard of N Texas Co. ... U. S. Smelling .. U. S. Steel Warner Bros Zonite . J. .. 169 1--1 34 3-4 55 . 9fi 1-3 4 1-2 101 40 3-i 39 1-8 65 1-2 3 3-4 45 1-4 . 36 1-2 ' 10 3-8 . 40 1-4 . 12 1-2 'i . 30 . 58 5-8 . 31 5-8 . 88 3-4 . 64 1-2 . 9 7-8 . (I 1-2 JONESUORO, Ark.—Win-tiler Ihe death of Mrs. Mabel Osborne, 30, Li T.sung-jen stunca two urnvernil ; Moiicttc. was the result of dritik- I mules northward, ostensibly to ing poison, b'.ows on the head, ai turned at •> o'clock tCiis afternoon Holland and Barlinm represent the p'aintlff and Hnrrison, Smith and Tavlor the defendant. Trial Is underway this afternoon if ^ v" ^ , -- . °^ ^ le sv ^ brought by Daniel the Jai>i<ni"ft- ",,n-- now fall or alcoho'ic poiionln? remained i Crump, negro, against the Silver • ' • Fled, Inc. Crump .seeks dama^cr for Injuries lie received while doliv repair work al a truck in virtual iniillr.r;.' cccupr.llcn of a mvslcry today. After an inqiiesl. Ncrlh China. a coroner's jury rct"in»d a >•.»••«••> , . of "death from unknown causes." l-'lowcr I'ickinj Costly j Tile inquest was ordered after a TOLEDO. (UI 1 ) — A 50-ycar-oict i '"'' L 'c bruise and open wound v.-?ve man who was caught picking found on Mrs. OstornVs ii'.;lii <-v? | llowers in Forrest Cemetery, was J. B. Osborne. husband of UIL-] fined S2CO and sentence:! to 30 days woman, told Conner W. C. Cni'i in the workhouse. I atul Sheriff Houston Jotinvj:i lliu'J Grandmother Injured Taking Babe lo Hospital Ickes' Son Is PWA i urdav ai-tl that drinkintj Saturday | lie took her home down, cau ils wife started nighl. He salcl at 11 p.m. from the brulsi come singly," is true according the Suiotherman family. Whi rushing 1112 lu-months-old son Trial of Liquor Raid Defendants Postponed Trial of the dozen nllc'ml lli|iiiir 'aw violators arrested in Ihe wetik- •nd mills made by deputies uul if the oirici; of the state uveiiuc iciiimiMloner here was continued by Municipal Judge Uoyle Hend- "i.son this morniiit' until Monlay nit/mint!. June L'2. The cases were originally slnl- •d for trial jvsteixluy tiiluinooi- 'nit were continued until (his nornlni; tlie deputy pros •tullng titlorney was engaged ii: i circuit court trial. Ill.s pics- •nce wns :;tll| retiulied liter- Ills morning anS Judje ITender- erminal! °"' Pointing out that lawyers fo' urlous defemlanls would profc- ilily be liusy In clrcuii com I dur- (r.jj ihe remainder of the week •icatuoned irlal of all the case; until Monday. Two licensed liquor dealers, four illcued boolleijiier.s, and live nc- jro bi-ll beys ut locil hotels me 'lici!|:ed with infiiic'.lcns of the •itntc's liquor laws. NEW YORK, Juno Cotton closed steady, open hi"h •July 1170 117:1 Oel H21 1129 Dec ins inn Jan ma 1125 Mar 1)19 1157 May 1121 1128 1C. <UI'>—I low mo 1120 inn 1116 n n 11 in 1128 1125 ' closed steady at 1185, un G- New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. June 10 (UP) — Under pressure of trade demand and scarcity c f oiTcrings. cotton closed up a E mud, as 65 csnts a bale here today. July was uu fix points and most new months closed higher. crop 10 points or more Chicago Wheat July Sep. July Sep. open 87 1-4 88 1-2 high 88 1-2 88 7-8 tow 86 3-4 88 Chicago Corn open 01 7-8 59 1-2 high 62 3-8 59 3-4 low close 61 3-4 62 1-4 59 Livestock opan hl»h low close J% 1170 1175 1170 1176 O« 1113 1155 in. 1 ! DM. 1112 1123 1112 1122 •Jan. 1112 1122 1112 1122 ifar lilt 1123 iiu 1151 May 1121 H21 1121 1122b Spots closed steady at 1195, up 8, FVST ST. IOU1S, 111.. June 15 (UP)—Hogs 7.000 Top 10.25 170-230 Ibs. 10.10-10.20 140-160 Ibs. 9-10-9.15 Bulk sows 8,40-8.15 Cattle 4.000 Steers 7.60-7.85 Slaughter steers 5.75-8.:>ft Mixed yearlir.js and heifers 7.00-8.00 Slaughter heifers 5.50-8.50 Beef cows -1.50-5.50 Cutters and low cutters 3.25-4.25. 5 , • ~.....^.. U.I,\ymcl HI1IU o. He <ii'- lo Memphis last nteht for an op- es at the inquest testin^'they 1 -^ <W ^ m>Ma ^ Mrs. John Osborne said that after taking his wife home ha left for a tlm<i and r"lurn»d to find his wife critically ill with a glass and an empty poison bottle beside her. testified that the Mow on the «-o- i"°"'s he?'l mloht have causal l;er death or that s'ne miqht have died _ -. Join Smot'ncrmnn slammed the car door on her finger. Several stitches were taken and she i s being given tetanus shots. The baby, I'at, hart been ill Old Neighbor and Political Associate Prepares Address uuihoiillei i rst^tent- Uuii klltal t i **,« ,' 11 h «as lil(i|'i» 10' % IOC Fine for Possession FOUGHKEEI'SIE. N. Y.. June 10. (UP)—I'resldenl, Hoosevelt will be nomlnutcil for a -second term at ths Dcniofrullc n.ilionnl convention in Philadelphia by Judge Joiin B. Muck, of Poiixhkeepslc. Mack, a lifelong friend of Mr. Itoosevelt. who started the president on his political career when he nominated him for t'nc Stale .senate, will discuss the nominating speech with the chief executive al Washington Wednesday. Judge Muck nominated President Roosevelt at the Chicago convention In 1932. Mack lives only a few miles froir Mr. Koosevelt's ancestral 'noine a Hyde Park. The president selected Mack t- nominate him at Chicago four years ago after .some of the "big names In Democratic politics had he;r proposal to place his name befori the cinvenlion. The former supreme court Just ice, it wis untlmload, already ha- completed the draft of his tiotni tinting speech, of Unstamped Whisky Frisco Will Abandon Jdm stromire was given the minimum hue of $100 for j:os- of unstamped liquor in oral days when ho became miicli' miiniclpiil court this morning. Hr worse yesterday. He I,, resting very well today, as is "nis grandmother from alcoholic poisoning \ Leipzig Fair's 1976lli T,,.-. noiice of nppeal to circuit court. i.rvli] lleece wy.s lined $25 fur dUunbini,' the peace in a light ulletod to have occurred back MasonicJ)e g ree Work^ «»S ^\^a T^e fllL'.ir. lorteiled his bond. of chapter; nurle.s Welts. nc;ro, was bound local Candidates Take inpz.'G (UP) - The Trade F.iir W l|[ hold session licm Aug. 30 The fair hns attracted 1; men from widely separale'j tries for more than sevo; . ,,,, His dad is secretary of the interior, but Hobert H. Ickes apparently is content temporarily as n $l5-a-vcc.k clerk oh a PWA project in Winchester, Mass. Shown above busy at Work is the son of Harold L. Ickos.PrcsidcntRooscvcH's aide. are seen iu the Incieascti snr< artf activities of the fair in icscul years. Some. 20 or the leadhur -reducing countries, including the C:.!i«l Stales, will exhibit thoti :-.u-,\ost prcducts. Bt'siness' men from 74 countries are expected to .v.ic<:d the fall session. Its Station at Buriletk LITTLE HOCK. Ark.—The Ar- Coipoiation commlsslo: ycstcrilay issued an order av.- ^icri/h?^ Ihe Krisco railroad tr discontinue n caretaker at U;ir 'lette. in Mi.islssini:l county, an:' to abandon its station theie. Th company was authorized two year: a - 'o to discontinue agency scr vice and substitute a earetakei 'Ihe ccmmissiuii took under ad visLincnt ihe |:.':litlon ot the Frls co (o discontinue Us station a Portia, in Lawrence county. Apih. l chapter j other fines: E. If. Stokes, 410.1 pioxhnaldy 300 residents of i'or- IIH. local ifasons and | i-eblic suspended; | Ha and vicinity signed a pell- Angleton. publti drunken- lion the proposed dls- nfii. Sit; Usrey Williams, pub- ccntiuuancc- of the station. lie drunkenness, bond forfeited; j Juii-.i'i Henry, negro, public drunk- eiine>s. $10; Oils Wilson, public dninkcmic.-s, SIO; Clyde !Io»'ell. bend foi felted, public drunkenness, ficbc-rt Jones and Finley Car- ,stu were found not guiUy of ihaii.-s of disturbing the pe:ic.\l TI '<! its i'J-''"' , vk , > . asons an pL .!,iic. tr. fi-.|>;. 3, ! >1Mlur ' s i™iiL«panto with supiirr, • odell Missouri Pa>-s Age Pension JttrtRSON CITY, M 0 . <U' Old BKU pensions tn Missouri, auguratcrt last August, are ' i. f M'I» U 1^1 \ Helm bcllfu IIGU k id but (lint lie \ safety Mls.s iilatdcn showed nowspa- permen lingo bruises on her -left leg, made, she charged by Join ashes frail! a large leather strap. She suld Wlllliitns was move sev- .rely beaten than she. "I counted 10 lashes (hey BHVC ilm," .she' added. With' William:; driving, Miss Ilitgdun s:il<l, they went lo Earle, .'.'here the two were told to look 'or the people they were supposed .o meet. Miss lilngden was separated Vom Williams, taken to the rall- .•oud stiitlun, (jlvcii a ticket ' to vlemphls. and was told lo leave uul never return. Williams was iiven transportation to Mttle lock and told to "slay out of .own." WEATHER Truck Traffic Slumps -'M. Ore. (UP)-M 0ro ;! S.ttW trucks licensed by the ou uttlltlss cotmnlssloil during last three years -have caised AUICAN'SAS—rail- lo-iihl,, Wednesday partly I'.cittiv quite so v.iiini iu extauu Kctliiv,est portion. i T~~T, ' Memphis and Vlciriij—Fair lo- ta,, I Slum Tenants Kcglslcrcd „,,, t , 1(j Wf: >, :C3(lly ,. ot much Uli,! Tor.EDO roP)-Rc;IHra«oii of ch - al ,, c m , L ,, t . , eran , I0 . thc. t l 1 r» lKctlvc '>'i ! "> ls tor Toledo s; til slum elimination Housing project: The maximum teir.;;cr.itu:e operate. Ot 13,818 licensed tl5 ilni ! has begun. Tlie apartments are yesterday wr.s DO, thai period. 8.731 are lion. In 0).crr,' ' rxpectcit to | Christmas. No Action by Fulrell HTl'LE DOCK, June 10 C0P) —c;ov. J. M. Fulrcll announced .oday he would not conduct : an nvcsllsatlon Into the flogging, of i man nnd woman In Crlttenden ouuty last night for their ncttvl- ies In connccllon wllli the Sou'th- !m Tenant Farmers Union strike here, "The constitution prevents .me rom making an investigation'.of ueli alleged floggings," Ihe gov- .'rnor said. "Miss Blagden and Vliliains should report the mater to Critlenden county officers, '.vho will make any arrests in .'onnection with (he floggings." The executive said he was liav- ng a form letter printed to bo iscd in answering inquiries from. New York ond other eastern :itie.s as to action by him In con- .cclion with the floggings "I ordered the form letters to •avc time In answering the cor- •espondcncc wanting me (o make he planters meet the unreason- blu demands that the strikers ind their organizations are set- ini! up," Futrell said. Al Ills home here today Williams said he would do nothing bout the flogging. Friends ol the organizer cxpre.^ed the opinion he \\utild remain oul of Crllten- Jen county in Ihe future, fearing' thai the fioggers might mako jcott tlielr lineal, ot killing him. be complcte<l by, clear, according tr Fights Extradition CHICAGO. June 16 (UP)—Sam Bennett, negro, who said he was i member of the Southern Tenant Farmers Union, fotijjhl extradition to Arkansas today, nssert- liiE it would b: "equivalent, to i death sentence." A. M. Brddford, prosecutor or SI, Fnincts county, soujlit return of Bennett to face,a cliarge cf assault, with Intcat to kill at' Fon-esl City. Attorney Franklin Lovelace notified thfl slate attorneys ofllce he would file 'petition fcr a wtl( F. j of habeas corpils to save Ben- 1 Norrls. oUlcial wculiici obterver. I nett from removal to Arkansas

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