The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1930
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Served by the L')iited Press THE DOMINANT NUWSl'APER OF NO11THEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI NEWS HOME EDITION 1 VOL. XXVH—NO. ail tilyilnivllle Courier, Ulythertlle Dally Ne'vs, niythevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley leader. KVlLU::, ARKANSAS. KIMDAV. DKCKMKKR •>(>, 19:!0 SINGLE.COPIES FIVE'CENTS M n Bank Get 15.000 Formal Request Will Go to! ; Wasliingtoii: Early Ac-! tion Hoped For. i ' - Formal application for authority! to reopen the First National bank i of Blytheville, closed since December 1, will be .dispatched to the comptroller., of the currency at Washington tomorrow, it was announced this morning by A. G.! Kccutivc vice-president of! Meanest Thie{ Takes Santa Glaus' Pack This is another story of the meuniMt thief. While Marcus Evrard went into his house Christinas Eve to see if everything was quila for Santa Clans' visit, some one stole all of "Santa's" pack from his car parked in the yard. New Curtiss "Safety" Plane Cotton Production. Will, Pass Century Ma'k This! Year, Report Indicates. Cash collections in excess of i SIOO.OCO, \vith another $25.000 in! prospect, plus thc signing of time deposit agreements by nearly all of | the larger depositors, have placed | Mississippi county' ginned 98,574 the bank in excellent position to running bales of cotton, exclusive resume business, and this will be I of Iillter5> prior io DecE mber 13, ac- done as soon as authorization is j cordin ,, to the bureau of the con- I received and the necessary organ- j sus izaticn is completed. I The application will be accompanied by reports of the W. J. Peck Auditing company, which has just completed an audit ol the bank, and of William R. Young, examiner, wh-. has been in charge of the institution since it closed. Shipman Returns Here ! The actual date 6'. reopening r«-. mains uncertain, as there is no way j of forecasting the time that will be While ginning activity has practically ended for the season, it is probable that the total will reach 100,000 running bales. At all events It is regarded as certain that the average weight of bales will be sufficiently above 500 pounds to bring the county's total in bales of that weight well above the 100.000 mark. Following are thc totals to December 13, this year and last, for , iulre'J to otsin a decision from ' Arkansas counties which have gin- lh-3 comptroller's office. Directors ned 10,000 bales or more this year: •'f the bank, however, are satisfied; that there is no question but that \. the application will receive approv- ] ill. . i - J.. E.-'.Shinman, former tyooySEeep-J, er, one of the three former employ- es facing federal charges in con- neclicn with a $50,000 shortage discovered following the closing of the bank, was released from pail at Jonesboro in time to spend Christmas 'here with his family. Bond for Shipman, the last of the trio to obtain freedom, was ar- rr.nvd by Mr. Little and T. J. Mahan, bank director, who went to Jonesboro Wednesday to interview: 1'im concerning the shortage. A. R j Scott, former cashier, made bond: last Monday night and is now with his family in Memphis. E. B. | Thomas was released from jail! Tuesday and returned to Blythe-: ville. The three will probably bej brought io trial at the May term of j federal court in Jonesboro. FuCause of his apparent willing-' lies; to holu. ind because the oth- Ashley •. 18,163 Chicot 20,137 Clay 16,121 Columbia 13,787 Contray ......... .-1J.7SO Cratghead 31,800 Crittenden 53,017 Cross 18,302 Dcsha 17,005 Faulkner 13,553 Greene 10,457 Hempstead 13,33.7 Jackson -.. 23,240 Jefferson 40,494' Lafayette 11,139 Lawrence 11.345 Lee 21,543 Lincoln 13,903 Lonoke 34.908 Miller 10,843 Mississippi Monroe Phillips 29,331 Poinsett 27.079 Pope 10,191 Pulaski 18,928 St. Francis 33,526 White 16,038 31,517 32,113 26,209 . 32.834 49.542 04.188 22,305 26,270 25,443 16.375 22,438 10,111 61.421 17,781 18.904 23>9 39.623 49,532 18.207 9B.574 111.658 12,017 21.648 31,300 41,324 13,933 Seek May or of Mena In Death Case Dodd's Fairest. ,' MENA, Ark.. Dec. 20. (UI>> — ; Mystery continued to surround the ; llnding of a four months old luby, i ~. . . , . .apparently dead several days, in | 1 WO Unmasked Men the home of K. S. Ford, mayor of , Men a. | The body was discovered Siittir- , i '' a >'- i Mayor Ford has been absent i from Menu several iluys nnd his .whereabouts is not known hero.' Money at Point of Pistols j and Flee'. DE QUKEN, Ark., Dec. 20. (UPl — Two immusked bandits, one oi The has not been identified ; them badly crippled, robbed (he Jed futile. - I ; Officers said today they would • center Iheir efforts on reaching the ! jbLs home most of the time during i thc past few weeks, gnakliiy only occasional visits of short duration. The men entered thc bank while two persons were In it, thc cashier and :•. customer. One bandit cov- [Fusc Fails to Sc.t Off,-Ex-. 1.1 rlosivc and Safe Through Floor. Falls j: When ihe 1931 minimi ji]i]?.?nrs at the :vvo men while the other' Dodd College for Girls, Shreveport, Ui., this picture of charming Mis? scooped lhe cash and currency from the tills. They fled In a small automobile ! after warning tl'.elr victims not to j spread im alarm until they had left I town. No trace of Ihi'in had been j found an hour following Hie liold- In lill Police Question Two in Memphis Bombing This unless, V-shaped plane of the pusher type, pictured in flight 1 near Miami. Fla., represents the dreams of the late Glenn CurlUs,. aviation pioneer, of a mactically fcol-proof craft which can he pro-j But Nebraska Senator' Iii- MEMPHIS, Dec. 20. (UP)—The tlinates He Is Not Inter- 'bombing ol a business building in . j • r\ ,} .; Gcrmnntown, Memphis suburb, CSled in LJeWey Proposal • which rocked, send' ! ing residents hurrying from their Dec. 26 (OP)—'Christinas dinners Into the street j j , . r- i j - v. i JL , ,.,,, WASHINGTON, duced cheap.y. Embodying the plans made by Curttss shortly before Scnator GeorBe Nm . r|s _ !nvltc( , I was belng | nves u gfttcd todny . D ,, n . his desth, the "Arrowhead Safety Plane," as it is called, is powerec| by Professor John Dewcy of Col-' age Io the store was estimated at with a three-cylinder motor and has a landing sptcd.of o:ily 19 miles j umbia'untverslty 1.1 withdraw from.$5,000 with another st.OCO to mer- per horir. It is declared that It crane: loop, spin or dive and may be th3 Rc P ubllc ? n party for the pur-, cantlle stocks. T\vo men were be- manufacturcd to' jell lor about S10CO. Seven. Perish as Fire pose of leading n liberal party, ing questioned today In coimec- mcvement, intimated today he lion with the bombing, would not accept the Invitation. Norris said he had seen Dewcy's i htter only In the. papers. Pressed | Safe blowrrs, wha from all cvl-. ! dcnce of their work plight be.j-j : classed as amateur*, lust night '• ; miidc their third unsuccessful nt-;. ', tempi this winter to open a'safe ln\ ! this city, selecting the I'iggly-WlE- '; 1 gly chain grocery store, 302 West; iMnln street, as the scene, of Iheir • I efforts. ' • ' ; i The unsuccessful effort to blow : the safe \vas uncovered .when em-, ploycs opened thc stoic for busi-. ness (Ills morning and discovered the safe wedged In a break In-tho flour in the rear room of the building. . ..'-.- Snfr ISri-aks Through Floor :. : Investigation showed that. the , yegginen entered the -grocery store '-: MKry"D""6"imicr, above"\"iu'nppear lllrm ' Bh a skylight In tha front.part-; in the publication's "Htill of Fume-" | ol lllc uullll hig, apparently turned • The reason Is Mary has tccn elect- i olr an elcctvlu light, and rolled.the'-; (-d prctllMt girl nl tin; college. She W B ™ rc (rom lts 'ocntlon near the lives In Delhi, La. W R front display windows, through to the back room of the slorc. af- . j tcr removing thc turnstiles from the customers' aisle. ' ..'.(The heavy safe broke through the i floor of the building .jiist, inside the rear room and a number- of . burn 3d 'matches and a fuse; cap found .^tuck In a hole, made by" .knocking oil the door handle ot tho I safe, indicated that nn effort had ... p. |been made to blew the safe with- : llltary Ue- \ explosives: Tho fuse cord was par- ] 'i Employes of thp store did not".' i disturb thc safe this mornlnj, fearV j ful that it any nltro-glycerine had',; 1 . :been placed in the safe it might K'-'f. > set off In some manner. The caml^ : inatlon of. the safe had been Jan.. IT j r p Meads Ol OtatC partment Will pnte III Ceremony <\',,nn-.,- D „„„:__ U«,... : for an answer whether he would uweeps Rooming House WHITING, Ind., D.2C. 26 (UP)Seven men perished in a fire which svvept throt'gh -\ frame rooming house here yesterday. 'Ihe ni.j burned the stairs lead- :eaa a thlrd parly movcmcnt Nor . ris said he would prefer to discuss Uiq matter later but finally remarked, "I ddn't think anyone scr- | Cus iy thinks I will do it." inc- Nebraskan said he might j make his position known in more The formal derticaiinn of Blythc- vil'Vs new national guard armory building, and the official transfer of cijsiody of..£Jie.structure to Cnn- ! (ajil Ivy W. Crawford, command?!' of Company M, will take place I/H, • , . w ,. n „ j *»<: >"t ouinea me flairs ieau- . mn ke his position known in more p 1 D I J T i. j' s <™ Lompeling Lines Will Ke-!i"SMo the second floor, cutting off ' deta ii Ioter this sftemoon. reoples Dank and I rUSt 01 1 and duce Passener Rates to ! ^r P= f ° r lhemcn Slccpin3 -^- Tupelo and Affiliated 5 ' duce Passenger Rales to Two Cents a Mile 38.618 27.111 j CHICAGO. Dec. 26. (UP)—The 1 Frisco railroad's reduced passcns:: : rates to two cents a mile will 1-? i I met by all rail lines competing di- i irectly with It, G. J. McGulre. di- j 1 rector of the Western Passenger j J association, announced today. | lOtOFKED v ! Young Extortionist j Gets Prison Sentence | .Tcllw. Have Suspicions. . Unsuccessful attempts were made previously this winter to open sates at the Coca- Cola Bottling plant and the East Arkansas Lum- of the stale ' her com P al1 J'- Tn the nrst Instance will partlcl- : a nllro-alycerinc charge was used . j without success. The East Ark^n- company's safe with- tack of ycggmcn who used Iron pipes to batter the door hinges. Police admitted today that they adjutant peneral of Arkansas, nnd other high officers military department pr.te. Governor Harvey Parnell has i Fns Lumb ;scnt word that he will be nrennt' SUK " i tllc take part In the program if be public. I TUPELO, Miss., Dec. 2G. (UP)25 i Heavy withdrawals were blamed to. KANSAS O1TY, Mo., Dec. „. , , , (UP)-Clmrles Leonard Duncan, 23. j d . ay . r ° r . the dc ? ln ? of elghl ; 115 was sentenced today to two years I f ss W 1 bnnks ' ^he largest of which and six months In the penitentiary ' is lllc prc °?'« B » nlt ^ Trust com-: 1 * Y\f\v\v fit ITilc f-H\- li-iiiltiiT ilnrinclrc i Ttmpln nnrl Affiliated stalc business permits. lupelo and Affiliated; Tnc ccremon ' y , s Io ^ , t Banks Affected nnd n " friends of IK- local nation-' hud their own private opinions of nl guard unit arc invited to attend. | ''•'' identity o'f the yegg-men but The formal program will be fol- i had no evidence of material value. lowed by a basketball game be- • - - tween teams representing Company i • Memphis Safes Robbed M. and thc national guard organ-! MEMPHIS, Dec. 25. (UP)—Abau- ization at Stecle. ! dlt who took advantage of the General Compere will deliver th5. Christmas holiday robbed safes ot when he pleaded guilty to attempt-, ^" y . "'. "''t™'^ hilv , lng ^'T"! ! princiual oddre-s. Tliere will oho: three business firms here and es-' ed third degree robbery In trying |° jjout!Sl.800.000 and capltaltad | be (oiks by Col. Charles S. Gar ret t, • caped with S4.5CO from the New pany of this !of about $• at $200,000. 1072 to the same date last year. Christmas Festivities been unable to arrange bond, to remain in jail while thc others ini- nlicated in the case were enjoying liberty. Mr. Little said. Sccli to Trace Shortage Shipman. acc r rdinij to Mr. Little, has evinced ev-ery desire to assist bank officials-In tracing the short- n;re. but apparently has little actu- ^_ nl Sncwlt'dsc of what became of : Blytheville and vicinity a check-iip 1'ir- r.mnay. He has admitted fal- of the BIythevilte hospital, police sincation of records to conceal de- hcadouarters and sheriff's office fa'c:U:fiis, which he claims he did j revealed. r,t the direction of Scott, and re-' . said no general plan has been for-1 . mulated to reduce passenger rales 'to t\vo cents on all lines. He '.vsr; : unwilling to say whether such „ . . , .. , ... ., , assistant adjutant general, who hod . Bry's department store, and , S* m f S , e Institution I immediate charge of arrangements j sums from two automobile one at Nettleton, and the second i f 0r the structure, and Col. Hcber • C les at Rcinzl, also closed their doars. I L. McAllcslcr of Conway, com- Five other banks associated with ; mander of lesser agen- V/OODBURY, Tcnn.. Wcdncs- fm- I'i YpTi-Olr) Cii-1 ^doy when Col. Charles Edwards. ,,. ,, , „ , , _ tOl 13-Ieai-Uld o.Ill. |he ^ Qf ;he ch , lc crl|ne commutec .the Peoples Bank and Trust com I and city detectives placed a decoy 2e -: package In the place filled with Ma^d by *, Accidents -^S^^Sr JiS ~^^™£^2^*^r&^~i&^^™-~'*°tZ^^& aemanos \.ere noi. D i rectors of tnc institution were 1 Company M. will participate in cr . walked into his home yesterday _______ to meet here this afternocn to con- i lhe program, probably with a drill. : with three guests of his vdf: ani Eider reorganization plans. Captain Crawford gave emphasis himself, he saw the body of his j (UP>-Uill Mnrkum. 1C. D3C. was hcH ; was threatened with death if the charged with the murder Christ- ; pvlrwlirvikt^ „ , , . adopt a two cent rate between .„.. D , v nr =,. n v,,, v p r ,i,,_ 1R V,K i*.»>riionisia Onlv \\\'fi in in nr Irnffip if/>iHrnilp • t. *i IJIBS i-MJ Ol OCODCy rrillCi . Io, IJlS uiuy two minor traffic accidents nomts where the so-called "natur- marrca the Christmas holidays in nl - Compe titi 0 n of the Prism the 153rd infantry, of A J f c* J T> J which company M. is a part, ce- Aged farmer rinds body ;pany were closed tcday, Including ell Shane will speak in behalf of: „$ WJfp ^Ini-i Wifh Avn ! thc Bank of Guntown, Bank of' the peop'c;. of Blytheville and UK : 'Mic, ^IUL.I f(ii-( n.\c Saltillo, Bank of Verona, Bank ot i Iccal contributors to the fund \ 25. (UP)—As Rassa Jett, 70, farm- SV.i Icm is. are the Santn Pe. I!Ilnr!i : Central. Mirsouri Pacific and Rock Island, according to McCiuire. The reductions. \vhe:i they t?- of Mra JE-H, ™-^ e=: w r,,"; P p,y O.V b;: Pete Scott and Calvin Martin were ! administered first aid treatment at twccn points where the Frisco. lines parallel others. wUh th? iir?^ Christmas Eve """ '""«""-• ^". 1<: " > - """ " 1; " "" uries sustainwl cnt nltc rcm! > ! '' 111! : unchanged flsf- Me KteI Ah'ce whe " « n thc Com '» tin 5 """. >' ^ ce!vir!> a small amount of money for h::nself. Shipman and Thomas, who d?-. lhc loca] hospital Christmas nies any participation in the em-. n ,;gm f or minor inji bczzlement, were at the bank today.! m a car accident wl. ^ .„.„. reviewing with auditors nnd bank- Eastburn, sister of Dr. W. S. East- u " d «stood. employes thc manipulations of thi; burn, was slightly shaken up, in books by which abstractions of : an accident the same night. Both. j> . , r , bank funds were ci-ncealed, but so; a^identj occurred on Highway Ol,' IieUTnonia IS ratal far have been able to give no in- • acc ^ r jm» ( 0 reports formation pointing to what became | Fcw ca ' rs were £Mn on (he 6| ri ti o money. ..,..' of the city Christmas Dav and traf- I , The audit has revealed that ' hleh wil j umlsua]ly Knute Nelson. 51, died of pnou- thefts on a smal scale ap- , ]u A a A mn of rRln ;monla at his home en W-sl Chi.-k- rarciiiy began two OTtirce years , f ;!K1 .,vba strrct at 12 o'clock yes- aeo M-3 greater part of he SsO.WU; orjng and ^ ^ majority 0[ , rrdnv . anorage dates back only a ieu BIythcv m e citizens spent Christ-1 Funeial services were held at i ten o'clock (his morniiu at Hie alleged rival for the affections P-i:-! Mayn. 15. Thc two boys, both sons of farmers, had been paying their attentions to Miss Mayo for .levcril weeks. The girl, daughter of o tenant farmer on thc Markum place, was sitting next to Prater at th» met "Ki,i" Hubbard Victim ; of Sudden Heart Attack: Mayo home Christmas afternom j when ycnng Markum entered, car- j ryln? a shotgun. ! innKVp^'r Kh '™™ ? i Pal " '" hls ChSSt ' Hc arose ond inquired of P ater if he «ai r^rl fel , d , h ., u ?mptcd to sit on o die. As the boy replied "no.". a davenporL r^ath was attribut- t v . M , -. the Bun discharged. Hc di«d in-j crt to hcart dlsrass . Hubbard ap- lO h.illlte nelson, bi s{an ^'- |r,r,rently was tu good health when ' "v» left the office of thc Indian- Small Missouri Hank Closes JEFFERSON CITY. Mo., Dec. 20. (OP)—The Bank of Ciark. Ran- Tx-r^T.^.n^rTrT", j « .dolpli county, closed Its d»rs tc- INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Dec. 26, • ,1,,,^ r, hart ripnn-its nf S7rjsi (UP)-Frank McXlnley "Kin" Hub- 5 ' U hsA deports of S.t.-.52. bsrd. originntor of "Abe-Martin" f^ll dead at his Irme today. | Hubbard awakened early today i<nd comnlnlned to his wife of a Bantis* Society Fos-ms Relief Committee •apolts News yesterday. Drouth. Hils Banks TOPEKA, Kans, Dec. 2G. (UP) — Three banks in Allen county, the county which suffered more than any other In tr.e state from the drouth last summer, closed their doors today. Drouth conditions were directly responsible for the closing of all He was 02. ' nr ee banks. H. S. Kcr:i;kc. bank i today to his hope that a large mini- wife lying i" the living room, the 1 her of Blythevil'o people will at- head sliced and skull crashed. Near tend the ceremony. The arm-ry, the bsdy lay a bloody axe. he pointed out, was made possible : Two men today, were held' in by the contribution of more than Roane county jail charged with the S7.COO by Blylheville people. The murder. building, while tllc property of thc ].Litlon;i! guard. Is designed ti servo all community purposes to which it ' Is adapted, and every resident has the right to feel a proprietary in', lei c',t in it. | The ceremony Monday night will ; b? preceded by an informal dinner • r p I fr J • G * *"" " nos ln D { JFaveUeV(!iO Farmer J to be given by officers of C'rociny <yP»-1h ° w tell(1 Ark.. Dec. 20. details of a ton-year- lvnlch led to the kmln S M. for the visiting military officials ot Di " Hrnndidge. 32, were exn-ct- Hubbard had been a caricaturist commissioner, said. and members commltlec. of the local armory months. B , ytncvllle citizcns spinl i mas Day by their firesides. ! Martin saying,' were wideiy sy.d,' ™«* Authorities Seize j Chrilhnai Brings COOTEK. Mo.—Church and So-' cated and published annually In Hand Grenades and Bombs Clvrlstmac RaViioc Rnrn : r 1 i c • T J • company with the P*ev. E. K. Lstl- ^iirisimas dabtes com . Funeral Services Today \ , r . cr ' o-Ticuting. mtrrment was rf: three Memphis Homes j | oy Q era lr] Calvert 4 Ir ' ?tl: at Ma;;: ° Grovc ccmctcr >-. ' ' . The deceased Is survived by his MEMPHIS. Dec. 25. (UP)-Thre S ! Fiin=rol ^ c;; . ^ ^ hcld : wldoiv. Mrs. Phenia Nelson, and cables, one a boy, nnd two llitl; tl)is a [t crnoon { or Gerald Wesley t '"- rc: scns - A1I -->- Palph nnd Clyde. girls, brig'nlencd the horn-; of c , ',., four-year-old son of Mr. ! three Memphis families here yes- : nn(i Mrs sh e rnnn calvcrt who tcrday. and today their parents ;, lccumbcd 3t thc Blvthcville hos- j Bl'llish Sfind TfOODS «x-reccns!dering appropriate names 1(al a , 3 O . c]o . h , hl; . morn1n? .l ^ -, ,, 1 Death wns aitrlbutrd to compH- ; W VjUCIi DUfma IfOUDie cations resulting from tons!lit:5! ;p ,c! the c'.iild died H few minutes: RANGOON. Burma. Dec. 26 (UP) 'afler bring admitted to the hos- -British machine, gun trcops were M*rb Pita' ! ^Patchcd today ti the Tharra- MarK ! The deceased Is survived by hh. ™*>^ 'SjT "*"" '"" ,,_ Th ,. parents and two sisters, Gladys : ^« ||ihMrowrn ^ nsfnn-3, and Ruby Jcan ' H. V. W. Fitldsclnr:. : Th" Rev. P. Q. Rorle is official-, aiticV Includtd tour iuuYv" pcC'cc In? nt the Fprvl:r". in thc chap;l | dead and several wounded, and cf the Cobb Undertaking company. 1 . auouL 20 icbel natives ead. The Calverts live east of this i clly. for the now arrivals. Memphis Rain Sets N<iw clai Tsa>ii7atlons have joined In a united effort to meet the demand rf thr rnnr and helpless for food and clothing. "At a recent mating of the Ladles Aid Society, held in the Banttst Church, a Community Relief C-:min|i!i>n wa^ orc'nlwd by Mrs. D. B. Hnllv President and Holly nrfsld"nt and Wagster and Rev. E. G. Stephen F?n p'T active In solocitlng funds and ' - form - HAVANA, Dec. 26. (UP)—A ed to be told today at tSe preliminary hearing for Lee Rhine, Brundidge's alleged attacker. The two men cngiijed in a knlfs and gun fight late Wednesday after FPW Mari-lao-ps Here " b!tler 1 uarrel - Tne teud hctw-en rew marriages ntre lhe Uvo famlli e 3 , whose f?.rms adjoin, began ten years ago. according to neighbors, when Brundidg3 married Rhine's sister. Ci T L V n ' Stolen by Negro BoyS Five stolen clocks were recover- It was announced that officials did net wish to endanger their plans to raid a !.ic!ory ivhcre tho Times a r ? t~o hard to get mav- r.'?d, it Is indicated by the number of licences Issued here this week. There have been only H n h r rii n-ho applied for licenses since Sat- DOy KCIUSes tttier £0 ir IIT \ t • -, i_ i i_ p'uiio l\» 1UAU tV 1.11. «vi jr «nv. t m, Mrs. W» «r.dd yesterday when two negro boys. exploslves Mi;1 to ; , avc be;n Mrs. Walter i age nine and 12 year*, attempted m ^ nu(sclaici cbl ... 1( , s: : nr .j y . The G. Stenhcil- tn e-ll th-i r.nrlninpri t. mn.n'.nrps __.. . .... ._.. to srll th; purloined time-pieces rald to H. A. Lcishtcn, used furniture . morn1 n"° dtalcr. | Artrauatc quantities of groceries Lcighton called police find kept! eonflstinc ft ftour. meat, sugar, the negro youths at his store un- lard arid co'fce as dcr pretense cf buying mas Eve and Thursday.. Last year there were 50 licenses issued In that period with 26 on Christmas Ev.; and five Christmas was expected early tomorrow ; Uay ,,' ''»v'.vnsiv« ° ' r Mrt ' Save Christmas Dinner WORCESTER, Mass.. Dec. 26. (UP)—Fearful that ;ther would spoil his appetite for Christmas dinner, Roy Dourgeaul', 10. had a broken ankle set without an anos- tl'.etic. Undergoes Operation sst R MEMPHI!?. Dec. ?G. i rain thnt t:!l frcm earlv fvo until late last night ss 1 rcccrd during Christmas, with 1.10 Inches, being .03 inches hsavier, than the previous high mark in | "' Tho prccccds of a double-header ' '^tball same to be played Frl- ; »vpnln?. will ba placed In the ' j BERLIN, Dec. 28 (UP) - Mrs.' of a !.:rl-us nature, ton?, lard arid co'fce as dcr pretense cf buying (Vie clocks! well'as an assortment nf clothing until officers arrived. On invest!- 1 _ "" are be!n? Issued Io destitute famil-1 vation po'.ice found that tho decks. Rntarians Make Gift had been stol:n from a storeroom j „ »J(all«,,,, n,,k ! Sinclair Lewis, wife of the Ameri- rf the Alt'rld7c Jcw.-lrj' Store, 307 *0 bOOOJellOWS tlUD can wlnner of th ^ Nobcl prlze - for West Main Street. ; literature, underwent, -a successful The bic problem with officers Iiwt-ad cf \K.\\\V. tlw weekly ; 0 |x:ratlon for appendicitis here to- now Is what steos to take In curb-, luncheon of thr Rotary club Tucs- (j ny ing the activities of thc ne»roiuiy, as ti:e custom, th co- h o'; M' r3 . Lewis beeamD ill sudcVmly. boys, on: of whom was Implicated the luncheon was donated to thx ; jjer condition was reported .to b3 In a recent petty lliievery case. IGoodfcllows fund. I satisfactory after the cperntion. dnv Relief fund. The C'ntcnding teams are. Cooler plrk alumnae team ind Authorities consider the outbreak the boys independents vi. H.iytl boys and girls Independents. WEATHER ARKANSAS. — Fair tonight nnd Saturday. Colder tcnlght with & hard frecz?. . It rained .96 Inches her? vaster- day according to Charles Phillips, official neither observer. 1ho minimum temperature was 40 degrees. ' and the maximum, 46.

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