The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1939
Page 5
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TUESDAY, 'JULY 25, 1939 _BI'YT1IKVILLB J (AUK.) COUKIKU NEWS m THE WANT-ADS CLASSIFIED ' ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally refc per line for coiisecu- five insertions: Pne time per line... lOc Two limes per line per day 08o Three limes per line per duy...dOc Hx ti'-ics per line per day 050 Mouth rate per line COc Cards of Thanks GOo & 15c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six dines and stopped before expiration will bo charged for Hie number of times Hie add appeared and adjustment of bill made. All classified Advertising copy mbmiltecl by persons residing out- licle of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates maybe easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Fdi- Rent 3 room furnished house. Close in. Utilities furnished. 120 Du«an St., Mrs. Belle Wood. 22-ck-tf Cool, south bedroom. Garage. Reasonable. Mrs. Simnions, 818 Wal- m| t- 2-I-ck-tf 2 or- 3 room apt. 505 Chickasawua. Phone 178 during day. 24pk-31 Nice furnished apartment. '108 W. Main. 22-ck-lf or Milk fed fryers, Battery raised. Mrs. Russell, N. W. Corner Holly, and Division. 2t-pk-8-21 Cans for Jug Fishing complete with straps. Guaranteed won't leak, 7Vi cents each, Raymond Brooks, Steele, Mo. 0-i>M-9 Notice 8»tU(Rctory quality and service in Dairy, products. Cattle free of| Bang's Disease, la best of physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace Ixjwr-rv. >(«-J, for llalscll's Grade A HaW Milk. Cream. Country Diitter, Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders, inspection encouraged anytime. Halselt's Dairy f'roinlsed land, Route 'i iccnse FOIt YOUK CONVIiNlKNCIJ, WK AUK rRKI'AUKI) TO ISSIJK YOUK PISHING LICENSE AT 6'liK STOKE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Phone 35 For Sale or Rent LA N i ARKANSAS Farm No. I 320 acres. 180 acres in cultivation 100 of which is black sandy land. MO acres pasture land. Four good Houses, and two Barns. 'Fenced and cross-tcnccd. Close to schon' and church, on mail route, and about threo miles from Town. 3 furnished rooms. Mrs. Ted Green. Phone 8H-J. S2-ck-tf 6 room house. Mociern 'conveniences. 808 Lake Si! Phone 545-J. 22-pk-27 Nice large bcdrooni opening on sleeping porch. Mrs. Emma N6- lei), 310 W. Walnut. 22-ck-tt Well appointed and furnished 4- rooin apartment. Phones 197 and 571. 19-ck-U 4 rooin unfurnislieG aparttnsnl. Miss Elise Moore. Call 227-J. J013 W. Walnut. 11-ck-lf 3 room modern, furnished, apartment. Mrs. Henley, 1315 W. Main. 13-ck-lt Comfortable 'bcdrcbin. 1017 Walnut. Phone 102. 15-ck-tf Farm iV6. Z 240 acres, 130 acres in cultivation. Black 'snmiy land Tivo small hmiEcs. good barn, One mile from Coining. Ark., and 1/4 'mile from State Road. Dairy For Sale or Trade' Suburban grocery and~markoTTor sale or trade. Well iuculcd. c-stiit)* llslii'd business, Write Box "J 1 ", t/o Courier Weu.s. a«-(ik-(l ... , , -- --- r Male Help Wanted liookv on ,i m east The hooks \\oio llnif Itcl iijwil lli- uol (i nltible am slwk too hard. Tlio cast fi"ke iiud die fkh-madc'cff with <.'l|!ht (eel of )t. Srvrraf honi-.y liiicr he -was flsh- • l ' 13 ' " 10 • s " mo »l>ol-. As lie reeled It) conductor of hoi I. these B | r -mic(l spaces liclp Ihi! bird | u retain Us body I mi I, the first 1C months of Wilt, (ho world consumed 1(58000000 ixiimds of nickel In alt Notice Upholslerina and M. Toinlln, an nellnlshlni:, S. First G-ck-3-8 The spce<loihclcr Is more Ihiin 100 years old. It was devised by Isaiah Hikens, of i'hiladelphia. Will "rent, or sell on easy terms. Govt. rent will pay 60 per cent of deferred iiayincnts." Both farms excellent for tractor fanning. For informal-Ion ivrile owner. J. L. Til.vlor Corning, Arkiimas Ice 2 or 3 room furnished apartment. Newly decorated. 014 Ifcarn. 3-pk-7-3 Modern 3 room unfurnished apartment. Main and Second. P. Siinon, phone 164. •-.•,; •;.' • 3-ck-tf bfiicD ro'oins. .'.Sulibiiry'jJiilldlKg. 1 'See: Graham Su'dbufy. " 27tf Minnows For Sale GOLDFISH MINNOWS *-<•' •minim Li,,r. Railroad A Ky. Washing, ironing Expert washing and ironing. Cheap. Rough dry and finish. 6 quilts $1.00. One day service. Willie Bell Green, behind City Ice Plant. ICE-ICE Phone 167 JOHN BUCHANAH ICE COM) WATERMELONS Welding : EX! J K'RT~KLECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING Drag line anrt heavy welding specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. rimlic 19 <ir Res. 1010 Tire's, baiterics, radios, healers mntl other products for your cac can he bought on the Firestone Budget Him for siirririsin^iy litile cash outlay nn<! terms so imall you'll hardly noiice them. CAPABLE SrtMte'MAN Local snlr.sniiin ( o .show and take orders lor new fall line frulurins inc fabrics for turn's Custom Tai- ored Clothes. Wonderful poinilir irlcc line $'2i,50; higher piiee reuses also. Outstanding and highly saleable. Very ]iro(U:itilo commission, und bonus mrniiftcim'nt in •fehl man. '1'Jie A. Company, OUii Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, Lost 11 « ils tin' cast lie had lost, mid Him 1 \v;is n Ikh un each hook, Miii-Fariuin, landed ilu-m boll), Ilirds ruffle their coals In winter In (ivdcr to culaiiKli! air between lllc luitlini;, Bim-e K | r | s lv pom . Male i)U|)|>y. Black curs, 'i black snots on back. Hewarii. Call 163. Angler Reaches Fish Thut Broke His Line SAINT JOHN, N. 11. IUI>) — A fish stole Robert MacFavliinc's HUB \s he fished on Sear's laky on the Kingston I'entnsnla but he eauelit llic (hlcvint! fish and an:ilier oiic besides a few h:urs Inter, ' MucFailanc was using two bait —PRESCRiPTIONS^—j Safe - - Amirate Your Prescription Druggist' 1 Fowler Drug Co. Main & I'irst Phono 141 J. L GUARD Optometrist Only (Iradlialc Oiitinne- liisl in Uly'tlicvlllc. (ilnsscs Fitted Cnrrratly PRESCRIPTIONS ahusl Stock ced Heat I'rice* Drug Stores Prcahusl Stock Ciiiirnrilced Heat I'rice* MU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 I'or I'rompt. Laundry and Cleaning Service Tree Becomes Memorial For Pioneer Surveyor COKUl! DV\U?NK, Ms. (UjP>—A large white pine tree which stands cast ot Coi'ur d'Alcns! has.mi historical aura to IcurUls who visit Miillun stale |mrk In northern Idaho. , 'Hie (r™ minks Iho spot where Capt. John Mnllan mid his hand of (soldiers celebrated tlic Fourth of July,' I8M, while building the Mullan jiillitary read from Fort Bcnlon Alont, {o Walla \yalla, Wash Capt Mtillan was, a tiring the first while men toMirtey the aiea. Original Kploratlons Ihere «cic made 1" 185'J by Ls.iac Stevens, the flrat tcnitoilal sjovcriun of \Uiat is now the slate ot, Washington. 'ihc piajlng in mill Is the only Insect In the world that can turn IU head about like a man HOLD EVERYTHING - % Clyde Lewis Internal Hemorrhoids & Symptoms Drs. Nies & Nies Ulyllicvlllo, Ark. clinic DM Main N'uiv '.Denied at Ul North Si'ccmil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON HOWARDS, Pnijirlclor All Makes .if Helmut Typewriters, Aililln B Mucliliirti mid Calculators—Uc|iulrlnj;—l'arl.'i—llllil)ims i'l (jo (Jctlinj; any silly idens from Ilinl (liiiigl" HAKMAN Personal 4rnuse Sluggish Ui'e'r, work off the bile, to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains and lhat sour, nimk feeling. Take one box o. KI REV'S ACTIVE LIVER PILLS zst; at all Ktrby Stores. Lirtt* to Ib* I'oict o/ Firetfone. 1 tiiafiistonr NatfawMt N. B. C RfrfNi i Tuceirnhc Fir«jione Voice of th« Farm R ProBtira twice each week Jurinc DOOI PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Sth & Walnut Plione 810 -^ Wanted •1 or 5 room modern furnished apartment or house. Phone Mr. Smith at 67B. 2'l-ck-27 CAN YOU STOP? You would not start an ocean voyage without life preservers. Good brakes are your ''life preservers" when you drive, Safety Service No. 1 FREE Brake Inspection It costs nothing to KNOW the true condition ol your brakes. Drive in for a FREE Inspection. Safety Service No. 2 MAP PUZZLE ADJUSTMENT A complete and , thorough Ford ABC Brake Adjustment, Including adjustment of Brake Rods $-1 35 Or Cables & Han,1 Brake 1 (Replacement parts not included) Safety Service No. 3 Complete Brake OVERHAUL and RELINING JOB Form 'i'ASSENOKU OAKS Disassemble entire brake system rice up all brake cams— INSTALL 8 NEW BRAKE SHOES-AHJnst clearance— Adjust hnnd brake— Adjust brake rods-Lubricate cross shaft— Adjust pedal clearance — Road test-One additional adjustment after delivery COMPLETE INCLUDING LABOR AND $ n .05 8 NEW BRAKE SHOES " P H 1 L L IPS MOTOR CO. HORIZONTAL 1 Republic whose 'map is pictured here. 6 What body of water borde'rs it on the north? 13 Ochus ot swans. M Dress cover. 16.Giantess of fate. 17 Chard. 18 To publish. 19 To prepare for publication 20 Compass point. 22 Gales in molding metal 24 Automobile. 27 Bails. 29 To have an obligation. 31 Burns. 33 Scanty. 34 Kind of rocks. 35 Blue grass. Answer <o Previous 36 Silk. 37 to scratchl 38 Ruler of Tunis. 39 Collective plural of pea. 40 Entangles. 42 Money • changing. 45 Course traveled. 47 To dull. 48 Desert beasl. 49 Comfort. 53 this republic's capital. 54 Arguments. VERTICAL 1 One "of its • famous agricultural products. 2 Rubber tree. 3 To putrefy. 4 Persian coin. 5 To bark. 6 Saline solutions. 7 Yearns. 8 Kind of pier. DLeg joint. 10 Turf. 11 Silk sac. 12 Deer's horn. 15 Indulges in self-csleem. 21 Exaltation. 23 Playhouse. 25 Proceeded. 26 To rc- broattcast. 28 The solar disk. 23 Giant king. 30 You and I. 32 Hand. 33 Lichen. 35 Its unit at currency. 37 To rekindle. 38 A play. ?0 Double-ended canoe. •10 East Indian plant. 41 Altar chest. •13 Firearm. 44 Species. 4G Biblical priest. 49 And. 50 Sloth. 51 South Carolina. 52 Electrical unit. 5th & Walnut Phone 810 Wi-tY You GO THAT SALOON, "~ ' BUILP A HEAR. ABOUT LITTLE' IS THe -ToUGH£6,T •DIME IM MEXICO —- EWV TOPlCKAflGllT- TiilU of I lie 'I'own ./WHATWTKEV)..' I A/Mir- '*~-f PREPOSTEROUS! . ' OU 'VE GOT/' HERE THAT \ ' l HIM/ VET-HE'S.) " VJsnnu M \ 1C / '!. I.IBPBTV / DOCTOR V^OHrAUG FEDS' APRm\STOK\Cj ^•'-^ AA^^tr ^1. MUST HAVE LOST HIS MlMPJ flOCH 10 1.MORMOM Much Kxciltnifjiif C/\VUKX3AV\- WOu CA'S.'b i Tut VOOKOOX v-ore a? AV\_ AVOMG i • PUG HAS WASH TUJJBS KY ROY CKAINK VJHM A FOOL I WAS.'7 HEM [ ALMOST GOT AWW lfrT v T?'*i?'C^"S> LWmilT, EH,SQUEEGE/( V- ;S; ^/ " SEE HERE,VQUNG MAKI-THEUE MUST HAVE HAD IO.OOO SILVER £>Ol-LAR5 IN THIS TRUNK AHD MOW > TRUNK AHD MOW /^-^~ GONE.'; fY=c^., C ANO IP VOU TRY TO STCM OUR WOHEV AGAIM.fT'U BE VOUR LAST MISTAKE/ ANO HIS VKIKi\T)S >Stich l'oi>«larily Musi BY MBRKIM. .Rl,OSSKt( A RME THINS NOT A SOUL HAS COME TO DANCE IN Two HOURS' IF You DON?T FIND OUT WHY PEOPLE DOMT COME HERE TO DANCE-, THB?6'LL SB A LARGE VACANCY WHERE YOUR Joa USED TO BE ' 1 Webs' 1 RESPONSIBLE FOR. HIM AND HES RUINING THW'GUY WHO CREATED THE MONSTER. THAT DESTROYED HIM I

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