Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 3, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1896
Page 4
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Gray's CORNEE. On all kinds of light weight underwear. JJ1 styles and prices for men, women and children. The extreme warm •weather lias so far made this a good underwear season, and John Gray IB the to be suited. Greatest Discovery or tlie 19th Century. Dr. Tcnguo'h Medicated Air For the Cure of Cntiirrh, Axtlimn and nil ' Polmonnry Disensen, ]t has no equal for Sick and Nervous Heiid- «cliw, 1,000,000 people ol« annually from the above named diseases. Wiiy suffer and die, when Medicated Air U guaronteed to care sou. Air anil Dnifr Co., Richmond, Ind., tJ. S. A. it If tne best remedy on earth' fof L'ft It will give Immediate relief will feffeot a cure -where all other fall, by a F. Keeping. F E never put up any Flour under auy other Brand than our own. W Oar lagnolia Patent Floor Is Guaranteed to be Tweuty per cent better than any other JPlour in the State. Peru Mlng Co. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. JERSEY ICE CREAM, Beit In tie City. Little Candy Kitchen, 814 Pearl Street. AH of onr fine bon bons 25o a ponnd The "Twin Comet" and "Little Giant" Lawn Sprinklers. BEST HADE Unique, Efficient, Labor Saving. Will ^rtnkle four times greater area than any •Own. Hlghett award at the Chicago . E, STEBBINS MFG. CC> Manufaourera, Sprtngfl»W. Mass. Sale by all Hardware and Rubber In tne United State*. Spring Suits. Good Goods and Low Trices, the Combination that Wins. ® Mode In the Latest Styles. ® W. D. CRAIG .4*6 Broadway. Second Floor. The D. H. Baiflwm & co:s Music House. piano, Ellington piano, Decier piano, • Fl»hef piano, Valley Gem , Eatey orgaha, Hamilton prsann. of thl> mak« sold for c*»h or easy nU to suit purchaser. Pianos for organs . for renV Beconfl-hand tot sale: WO, W9, 178, m nZS. Soc- n<l organi: WkOO to JGO.OO. A fine Bl»« Ellington piano, -worth $373, • «riH b* given away abnotately free. Piano •aw on exhibition and can b« iee» at •war tlra« at our room, corner of Third «tMet and Broadway. Come learn our i and tak* a number for this piano. .» OTKBMAH, 4 SON , Manager* Cor. 3rd and Jfrnadway . WANTED. J HNT8 WANtM): New took; Illustrated and tinmitlo History ol the at Louis Cjolon* graphic.account of remh »nd Devastation. Me* 250. T«in> ftee. Barol»7 * Co., Cincln- ««U.Oblo. . • TK to take elders In everr town and oltr; no igcodwages;pai ««ek)ljno capi- •DAILY-JOURNAL •-: Published every day.In tho week (except Monday) by the Logansport Journal Company. . W, S, WRIGHT ;.. President A.-HARDY i..:..'!';..l.Vice President G. W. GRAVES Secretary S. B. BOrER...:... •;....:...Treasurer Price per Annum.. Price per Month... .40 Official Paper of City and County. (Entered as second-class mail-matter at tho Louansport Post Olllce, February S. 1.SS8. WEDNESDAY, .TUNE 3, 1800. EXHIBIT FOR MAY. During tlio .month of Muy it cost S'-iS,- •I2(j,50l2 to mil tne government DTU-IIIR flie month tlie tot;il receipts wro S24,- 043,717. The ilL-floit for Muy wiiii .fS,7t«2,S75, :md the tlelldt for clcveia months of the flsc-ii year of 1SOO Jjns readied $2G,9S1.S74, A.S coniplU'e.Cl >vlth May 1S03, tlio total : receipts slip wed a t'iill'iiif,' off of $02S,a(Jl. The receipts from customs for hist nioiilh reached $10,!MO,7(>3, In 1S05, the Siiuie uiouth, tliey were nbout .fl.SOO.OOO above that noteli, and even nt that time Democrats wore a'skliip: the people to be patient }vlth the unsuccessful Gorman-Wilson law. All they desired wns a chance to aenionstrnte tbat/they knew something about raising reveniie. The steady failure of the IttvTto satisfy even its admirers tliat it will raise expense-money. Is convluclm; proof to the voter that the Democratic pnrty Is Incompetent as a law originator, and uot to be trusted with the fate of the nation. The silver "wing now-liovei^ «vcr the meekly piping boom of GOT; Matthews. Hon SI. Sheerin and Hon, Storllu? Holt .have been dumped; ./One month ago. Gov. Matthews was wavering in tlie middle of the pathway. Capt. David Allen, the man who can't manage nu electric light monopoly, 'and Mr. Allen AV. Olavk, kept running down to Indianapolis with tales of the silver deluge up in -the country districts. Gov. Matthews tod a creepy sensation. He changed trainers, and .has been breath- Ing more regularly since. It Js believed he has lost Ills chances of secnr'ng tlie nomination. There will be a big fight for harmony at the Chicago convention. Most of the delegates will be for party unity. Tthe extremists of 'both sides wJllbe suppressed. The result will be the selection of a man wlio Is on the fence. Geographically Gov. Matthews is all right, but the top of the fence Is a position of advantage when one wishes to clamber higher. .;••.- ;. , A ce'ntennlal that would reflect credit on the grand State of Indiana would cost more tlian a mere million of money. It would dejnand n hearty co-operation, and earnest, enthusiastic effort all over the commonwealth. It would mean energy and lots of it. The newspapers must be united on the question. 'At present there Is a diversity of opinion. The Indianapolis .press, Is, of course, supporting itue centennial project. The papers opposing It are not doing so because of their jealousy of the capital city, but their suggestions for substitutes for the centennial jUan are manifestly Impracticable. The county officers whose terms close this year, are each and all.of them candidates before the Republican convention for renomination. It Is customary to renomlimte "two-year" officers, unless 'there are very good reasons for maK Ing changes. In the present instance there Is no reason for altering/the old ticket In, any part. The present Incumbents will go before the"conv£ntlon.for veuomlnntlou, without formal announcement, and will, it .is generally/jconceded, be reeliosen without serious opposition. The announcement-of Geo. W. Walters for prosecutor is made in this Issue. Mr. Walters Is well known In Cass county. He served as deputy prosecutor for a time and has since been attending to a growing practice. .His ability is of a high order, and is recognized by all. He is in the hands of his friends. President Cleveland Monday signed a bill granting tlie widow of Walter Q. Gresham a pension of $100 a month, and refused the widow of Private B. O. West of Rochester, Ind., an allowance of $12 a month., ' .'. • Tlie Journal congratulates 'the esteemed Richmond Item on Its dtebntas a -progressive newspaper. The atem is now printed'on the Linotype .inflchinos, and has been enlarged to a, six Column, eight page paper.'-.. •••• V J Since tihe result In Kentucky, it appears,that Mr. GleTe];ind,,wMl learn the art of compromise", or gratify his party by disappearing.. ,,'•'" , Indianapolis people "drink water that kills fish. Her qltizens are how studying the effect'; of beer on too. human stomach. .,';:•?"" • ' • ' ! '' ' " -i' ' - ' Vice Presldenti.Stevenson rises to remark that no Democrat has a monopoly of silver views, or presidential'aspira- tions. • '. Hon. Thbinas Brackeltt ; 'ReeaJ;wlll;npt. Primaries all Over the County Well Attended. : .-•...] ;.i:_. . •.-•.«..-. REPUBLICANS ALIVE. Ready for Business-List of Reported Delegates. Following are partial returns from the but townships of the county, where tihe Republican'primaries, for tlau'selec- tion of delegates to llie comity co.nvcii- tioii aiid tlw Joint representative noiniu-' a Hug convuntion, were held Monday night. Everywhere there w,«s a J)|s turnout of-the.Republican voters'ana in Clinton township more tlinn two- fliinls of tiic Republican voters of the township turned one nnd voted, at the primaries. .'Aii'.rxflinordlnnrs.. Interest w»s taken jfiil ovi>r the county'In, the result of this' preliminary ejection; The convention, .Tune Otli, nt the rink, open-Ing nt 12;39 ? p. m,,-^-fil'sce n most en- thuslastfc ga'tlierliiK' of Republicans, and tliejolftt,,re.prusentatlve meeting at the new court 'room In this city June llth at 1 o'clock iu rue afternoon will bo none the., less, enthusiastic. Cass nnd Miami are both safe within the Republican ranks thlsVearVaud the man chosen will be the winner, Adam*, Booiie and Miami townships, were slow In reporting lists; CLINTON TOWNSHIP. * County Convention—Sol Rice, Frank Dickinson, D. D. JCeflf, M. V. Martin, M. Tyner, John.Saylfcrs, John Burkbart, A. C. Shidfer, A? J^'Sherrnan, John Best, Frank Justied} $111, Tyner, A. B. FItz-.- ' er, James .Little,-Win.-'Justice.-' ; Joint Representative—R. R. Reed 1 , Charles Meyers. - DEER OREEK TOWNSHIP.; County Convention—Benjamin : 0ar- ncll Ollie Newport, Emerson Kltcbell. Perry Ward, H. N. Miller, J. M. Camp" bell, Allie Seagraves, Warren .Walker, • Lora Wilson, Harry Wilson, John Cost, 0. C. Gard, Ossle Kale, Lou Simeons", George Barnett. " ' !> ' ' Joint Representative—D. D. Le'non, F, 51 .Todhunter. j. ' HARRISON TOWNSHIP. I -'"'''' County. Convention—WlUiam Herd, Jacob Yantis .Samuel Mellnger, E.; Dei- zell, William' Baker, Meliie Tucker, Geo/Herd, S, A. Powlen, ,T. T. Walker, J. W. Cast, Wm. Davlson, Frank 7311k- ert, John.Xeedham. ii Joint Representative—John Herd. NOBLE TOWNSHIP, j . County Convention—Daniel Morrison, A. 0. Brandt, C. M. Fides, W. C. Thornton, Wy C. Goldsberry, J. Hi Gibson, C. A. Brandt, P.. Bnsard, wl Livingston, W/Rldenhour, S. J. Carney, J. Drift, S. A, Stephen, Milton McMIllen, W. W. Moss. ' . i . Joint Representative—S. A. Moss and H. P. Gofshnll.-,.. Alternates, Mllp Saxton and C: C. Brandt; '"—-'• •'.. CLAY TOWNSHIP. ( . . County Convention—Win. Ball, Wm. Scott, Jas. Simpson, Enpene Barnett; F-rank Barnard, WHlard Mctiowell, Cott Barnett, Isaac Wills, Chas.: Spry, Jos. Stongbton, Wm. Deleplane; Clay Carr, M. .T.^MoEgan. . • :; . Joint Representative—Arthur Cook, with Chas. Spry as alternate, i , BETHLEHEM ^TOWNSHIP.. County'Cobyenfon—Israel Hill, J. J. Williamson, E. H. McDougall,; S. M. Grable, Henry Leman, Ira Mjnndlln, Joseph -Hall. 7-B^?r Yantls, ., Nathan Kinneman, W. T. Leffel, Byron Powell, Da.vld Early v Han^-KIrtland, Samuel Banta, W. V. .Freshoure, Lumaq .Buck, W.. .T. Bookwalteiv Wash Thompson, Orlando Powell,;L.B.l'H6rn. . . .Joint Representative—A. A. .'Cover, John Hnvwood.' j; .. ... County Cpnyention^Wm. ;', Ford, Frank Llstos^Wm. Kitchens, JGeorge Webster, 'Henry Young, Abraham Miller, r:rank,.Jx)ser; Emnnuel; Relsh, James Carney, Asa Fisher, Bank Watts,. Jay Hlldeforaijf^C.ule! B. Bant?,' Joint Represen'tatlveVHttliecfc' Fisher. JACKSON TOWNSHIP.. '; County Conv«ntipn-;F-. H. Benl, J. F. Peak, John cVowder, A. P. Catkin*, Schuyler Oden, John,.M. .Wilson; New> ton Hyatt,'.'w'm.'Wldner, .Jesse Ault, George Trltt, W. H. SJi.Irley, Perry Bell, A. C. Davis, Cus'tic'e Laird J. Q.-Symons Wm. Countr}'man,.BvC. Griffltfi, James Sprinkle, S. P. Bevington, Wm^ Warnp- lerj Peter. B. Frasb. ..'.-:''V . Joint Ropreserithtl.ve-Geo.; W. Davis, David -Payisson. Alternates..;—'Fre:l Aiilt, James Graff. Tlie delegates from Jackson will moet at the Recorder's office at 12 o'clock the day of .the.convention and fllhany. ya- cancles wftfRepiibllca'ns present .from Jackson .township.' ,-':.. .-' . TIPTON TOWNSHIP: ,'•'•'•'•' . County Convention—W. B/' Cook, Robert Samson B W i ..F..Cpstenl)oi'der, M. T. Wiljsojn, .T. M. Bowyer, J. B. Delaivter 'W. • S H. Lnciis, J. A. Vansktver, James Davis, i.'Bnmwirner,-Dudley Bell, R. F. Huffman, D. C. Drake, Frank Fair, E. E. Phillips,'Sniii Thomas, .Teroroe Beber Harry Bn'ufes, Frank Mays, Fred Cob- leiitz, Itarisojn Bell. Joint Representative—. , WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, County Convention.—Ollle Marshall, W. H. H. Tncker, John Wallace, H. K. White, George Gwiiiam, Silas Stooer, N. K. H:ill,.L."W. Flawncgln, Ed.-'Martin, Jesse,Martiui M.'H. Person, R, T, Mnr- tin, P. 0. M.cChiIn. Wlllard. Sta'uteaii. John .Miller..Alarviii Grcmmclspacher, T. W. Puterbiiugb. AV. O. Sharts. J. E. Grain.. '.. ... Joint . Henrcsenta.tlvi:—John 7?. Martin, Ira Dcitkls. . PERSONAL Nate,Pollock of G:is City is visiting In .LoK.aiisnort. ..:Mrs,.-Marion S-watlner i? The guest oC friends .nt.-Kewanna. - ; MissM-flry Renu returned fi'oni a visit 'at-'H-i'mUngtou last evening. ' Mr. Willl. Flancgan returned from :l visit at Hiinvilton, Ohio yesterday. Houston Sweets'er has returned from he visited relative*. George.Shanalwn has returned to AVa- bash,after a visit of several days here, i Richmond Item: Miss Kate Mention of -Logajisport, is the guest of Mrs. J. S. .-May..;,.-,,;-. ' '.' - Clmrl.es Bruff, of Kokomo was in the clty.:y.QSterday, ou his way home from Lafayette. • Miss.Thompsou of Little Rock, Ark., Is-visiting her cousins, the Misses Elkcl- burner of No, 1317 North street. :Mayille Observer: Mrs. Rnhama Gibson'.s-sister of near Lognnsport, Is visiting her.and Mrs. Dickey this week. • .-Richmond Telegram: Oliver E. Worley,. ,o'f;Logansport, is here visiting his •parents/-.Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Worley. ..Pr. .Oan'ey of Rochester Is In the city tand'.'has pitched his tent on the South- sld,e.where he will entertain each even- ...Mr.::aud Mrs. Sam Graham have re- tuinefl. from Burnettsville, after a visit of .^several-days with Mrs. Graham's .parents. •;-'• J.,,F.i.Burrows and I. HimmelbPrger :haserjeturue.d from a trip down the W;i:bash"in their naptha boat. They went To.Cairo, 111. '; , ;/ ..; . . Cha'si 1 Hlbbard at one time an employe of The Journal-but now a prosperous Job printer; of South Bend, was In the city over Sunday. : Miss Ellen Comlngore and Mrs. Chas. •Bornielster went-to Indianapolis yes- teW'ay r -to attend -the grand lodge of Rathbbne Sisters In thnt city. : Wabasn" Plalndealer: Charles Lowcrj- and Charles Klinger went to Logansport tlil8"mornlng In the interest of the- Liberty Bilking Powder manufactory. Tlpton Tribune: Miss Cook, teacher in tli'e" f^ganspbrt schools, stopped off to visit''• her sister, Mrs. Myla Binkley, wilille on her -way to her home at Greencastle. '• -O. : O. GrlflSn, of Greentown, has ac- cepte'd the position of operator at'the Chicago Gas company's office just east of tlie driving park, and 'will remove his family to this city for residence. r Th'e Misses Myrtle and Pearl Brower of Ottawa, street have gone • to North Manchester on their wheels. They ex- peVfo be gone about n week-and whUe there will attend the Y. P. ! C; Ui convention."' : ' v Kokomo Tribune: Miss- Mae Pente- COF^ Miss Daisy Quick and. Alex. McIntosh ^vheeIed to Logansport Saturday \o be"the guest over Sunday of Miss is'e'liie Murdock. Burt Biirrcl Joiner] them Saturday night. '' •'• ' Wnbash Tribune: Charley Lowry went to Logansport on train: 43 last fflgtit, where he Is soliciting for the Lib- erty'Baking Powder company... .Reece Deal Is eonnned to his bed.today, the re- 'sulf'.o'f a fall in the twenty-five mile roa'd face -at Logausport Saturday. He rode niti«teen : "!mnes after Ms^ 1 fall and took ^evenfli place. GoldwW Small ac- N ATTENTION! All 'Chevaliers of Canton Loganspbrt 'NoV-l. r >i I.'-O. O. P., are ordered to ap- pea'r at ffielr hall In full dress this even- Ing nt 8:30 for Installation;,of.officers. Inspection and other Important busi- •ness'.''"' J| "" . .'••••' •-.''. : J. D. ALLISON, Capt. •';•••'• "-".TONES SALE. •Onr annua'l'J'une sale of muslin underwear commences today: corset covers Oc, drawers 19c, sklrts'33c, chemise lOc, $l!50 7 c'am-brIc'-Empire night dresses OSc, clilidren's'pantalettcs JQc and upwards, ^lilldren's jean wn'lsta '15c, children's drawers' 25C;-Trade Palace. , . •••Hhiidsbmo Empire night dresses S9c. Highest of'-fflti Lcayening Power.—latert U. S. Gov't Report • ' ..- ','.'!. • \ . ' •' .•'• ' ; !*.-.'." .• •. - . - • v"~ ' • . .'_..- >%B^OLUT£LY If Your Hearing is fmpaired He Will Restore it By a MM That Makes Deaf Mates Hear. More facts to prove that noises iu the ears and deafness can be cured in almost every case by Dr. Walter's new method. He will remain at the MurdocU Hotel, In Logansport, until Sund;iy June 3J. He wishes to examine every case of deafness and head noises in cars this week. There is scarcely a day passes that lie does not cure from one to three cases of deafness at one treatment. Catarrh cured, Cross Eyes straightened, Granul.-ited lids and watery Eyes cured so" thnt ycra can throw nwny your glasses. Consultation FREE, I3R. LYMAN P. WALTER. / Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Scientist. be at Murdock Hotel Till Sunday June T Catarrh and Deafness, Positively Cured by a Now Treatment and Sew Methods Discovered by Myself Three Tears ago. It is the Most Wonderful Discovery of This Age on Nose and Ear Diseases. 'Cross eyes straightened' in one minute without pain or chloroform, and patients go home with impunity. Granulated-eyes, weak, watery eyes,, drooping eyelids, wild hairs, astigmatism, nears) g-hteduess, and all eye strains cured. Glasses fitted when all others fail. . .. Polypus Tumors of the Nose, .Enlarged Tonsils, Granulated Sore Throat, Loss of Voice, all diseases of Nose and throat cured quickly and permanently. Noises in the Ears stopped In every case. Discharging Ears cured in every case. Daafness-we cure 90 per cent, of the' cases, no matter how . long you have been deaf It is not the length of time, but. the changes In the ear that makes it incurable. Come and see me. I can tell you In five minutes whether. curable or not. . • • Catarrh-I can cure every case. Treatment gives Immediate relief. Remember, if yon have any disease of the . EYE. EAR, NOSE and THROAT. Read what these people have to say. If that does not satisfy you, come. and see me and I will refer you to over 5,000 cured by me. Among them are doctors lawyers, bankers, business men and working men, and If yon can find any one of these that say they ever had, or saw used the treatment I used, I will treat you free. If you are coming, come early and have the advantage of this long stay. CROSS EYES STRAIGHTENED. ;• MRS. E. B. SHIDELER, LUCERNE, IND. Mrs B. B. Shideler who lives in Lucerne, Ind., says: "I have been' cross- eyed all of my life until I called upon Dr: Walter at Murdock Hotel, Monday, . June 1st, and he straightened my eye in one minute and without pain or chloroform and I left his parlors without any bandage whatever over my eyes and am glad to say they are as straight as any ones and can not thank Dr. Waiter enough as I regard him as a scientific man. Adam Uhley, 30, South Noble street Anderson, Ind.: Had been cross eyed all his life until Saturday; he called on Dr. Walter, at the Doxey House, and he straightened his eyes In one minute without pain, and he went home without • any bandage or appliance to his eyes, with perfect Impunity. Mr. Uhley IB not only happy, but his friends are delighted to know that his eyes have .been XDOB neraoK, Anderson, Ind.: I took my boy to Dr. Walter today (May 25) be had been suffering from n severe condition of cross eyes since birth. Without the nse of anesthetics and without pain he straightened the eyes in a few; minutes. Now the eyes are .perfectly straight and the boy went home from the doctor's office without feeling sick or being Inconvenienced. The boy Is only «bc STOPPED THE NOISES IN FIVE MINUTESAND RESTORED HE AUINO T C Lovell near Royal Center, says: I have been gradually growing deaf. from catarrh; for eight years had constant noises in my ears nnd stopped np to.': my nostrils, and so on. I took'coM every time I went out I called on to, Walter, Monday; he stopped the noisos in five minutes, and now my hcarine Is. almost perfect. ' "' -' - n< jir Mrs. 'BOM, Elwood, Ind., says: I hadsuffered for sis years with an obstrac-; tion of breathing through.the nostrils, and about two years ago it began to pal*,-, me, and my nose began to spread out and grow Targe, my voice clumBod anl, my palate was pushing down so I. could scarcely swiUlow.or «^" The docors treated me and I got so bad-that I.got frightened a <rolnr to die Some of my friends persisted upon my going to see Dr rSef 2 'hl'S^d- in flve minutes he diagnosed my case, as Fibrols Polype, of ttTnosi He operated and removed he tumors almost without pain or Wee^ 'ng and ^' five mLtes I could talk and breathe freely, and today I feel quite ;; well, although It has-only been two days stace the operation, HAD CATARRH AND -.WAS DEAF. • • ftteen mtes treatment I could hear^an, ordinary; conversation ' V.HI..I J &*ss Frankfort,;-tod,

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