Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 17, 1939 · Page 41
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 41

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1939
Page 41
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n - CURTAIN CALLS: THEATER FACES BUSY WINTER SEAS -.li .H -? Lunt and Fontanne to Tame Shrew; Eva Le Galliene in Repertoire of Bay Treats .By WOOD fora Earnfred, who speaks to all who will lend him an ear, day to report himself in a particularly happy frame of mind. Show business, so far as the Curran is concerned, is distinctly on-the up-beat . Ordinarily the Curran schedule is fortunate if it has two road shows in prospect, and it is rare if both of these emanate from New York. Not so to- day. " ; On Friday night, for a 16 day season, "A. Night at the . MmiHh :'Roum " will " be in stalled. On November 13 Lunt and - fontanne arrive with "The Taming of the Shrew" lor two week. ' ' Come December, ' ai the song ,'imlthi put it, and Eva Le Gallienne will be in evidence with a dash of classical repertoire. January will ' discover Katharine Cornell on the ground with "No Time for Comedy" in which Frances Lederer heads her support And Miss Cornell will give way ' to last season's musical hit, "1 Mar-Tied an Angel" In which Vlvienne t Segal, Dennis King and Bobbc : Antai BmAntf 4h 4Af11t1irl. Meantime, sarnirea is occupied 7t!n the counting room with Curran w tabulating with broad grins of sat- Uf action the returns of the sue-' "nrl Sons" enaaaement. The show has moved down south , i I or a mree wccks run nin men '' heads to-the Northwest with more than a half a mind to pause In Oak- Innd en route.- sasssaMSBiMsiMsssssssssssssssssM .,TWENTT SEASONS AGO TODAi " : Mary Marble is at the Orpheum " In sketch "My Home Town" writ-ten and presented by Maude Fulton. Once again there has been a bit of show stealing in New York This time by a veteran of the stare Glenn Anders. ...... It happens, if we may trust the . Broadway critics implicitly, in Gertrude Lawrence's new vehicle "Sky. lark" which is reported as a smart and snappy comedy in which the English player equals If she doesn't top her personal triumph in "Susan and God." "Skylark" is a report of marriage on the tenth anniversary of a sue sessful pair who seem to have lost romantic contact with each other ss result of a series of complications that do not really concern them. The wife is making a valiant stfort to recapture the past on her tin anniversary and finally succeeds.' : ' 1 - But while the chief actors labor I 4he-lnterettf-hT plotr"Anderi ramples off with the show playing, If Mark Barron put it, "Bill Blaka, who is prlcelessly drunk and funny nd caustic, the man ' who ati itralghten out everyone's life but jls own," Anders is a veteran of Theater Guild dramas. rOKTT SEASONS AGO TODAY Mme. Modjeska-is at the Mac donough this week in "Marie An toinette." ' It must have been an enormous latisfaction to Anders because it wag only last week that Leonard pillman took the count with a ro-rival of "They Knew What" They Wanted" largely because, in the opinion of the critics, the actors were not able to cope' with the Sidney Howard roles.' ' "That original cast presented by the Theater Guild back in Janu ary of 1925" included in its - top bracketGlenn Anders as "Joe: Leo Carrillo, who had replaced Richard Bennett at the eleventh hour of rehearsals, as Tony; and Pauline Lord, who had already won lasting fame in "Anna Christie" a Amy. Anders is pushing fifty now, and has spent 26 of ihose years in the theater. California born, in Los Angeles, he was educated at Columbia university and made his first appearance in a Los Angeles stock company production of "Macbeth" as Lennox. He reached New York via vaude- ' villa, appeared in a .New York stock company, and was hired for . minor roles by Sothern and Mar- . Iowa in the tour they made in 1912. Seven years later he was a Broad way juvenile leading man, and since then scarcely a season has passed without Anders chalking up something of moment on his report card. ; . . - Exits end r:--;-Entrcmcos The preliminary success of "Babes in Arms" with Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland has .moved M-1-M to rush production on a new musical for. the pair entitled "Good News." Arthur Freed and Busby Berkeley who were producer and director on the first will junction v likewise on the second. Eddie "Rochester" Anderson has t three year exclusive radio pact with Jack Benny , . . Merle Oberon la inheriting "We Shall Meet Again" which was originally de signed for Bette Davis . .' . Ruth - Gordon, finished with her first film 'Abe Lincoln in Illinois" has signed rA L"-'Jsa 2M -'VX3P LU t uimntmmim 111 SOANES the word for Homer Curran used the telephone the other for a role in "The Life of Ihrlich." . Melvyn Douglas has a newcon tract at M-G-M following hi work opposite Greta Gar bo in "Ninofch-ka" . . . Incidentally. I wonder if Miss G. still "vanta go home- Clare Boothe Is talking tfith Brock Pemberton about still another play. When she writes it, heil produce it. There will be a couple of plays about John Wilkes Booth on Broad way this season. George Ford, son of the manager of the Washington theater where Lincoln was assassinated, has written one based on unpublished material called "The Audacious Mr. Booth"; Elmer Har ris has finished bis dramatization of the Philip Van Doren Sternft book, "The Man Who Killed Lincoln." Olsen and Johnson have a hew gag in "Helliapoppin". When things are quiet on the stage, a ntleman who has previously in stalled himself in one of the aisles with a large blueprint and some lumber, begins to hammer briskly He subsides when things pick up on the O and J side of the footlights. Orpheum Film Ends Tomorrow The last two days of "The Women" are announced by the Orpheum, tfie three-week run of this all feminine cast picture, ending tomorrow night. The "Bill of Rights," a patriotic featurette in technicolor, latest News Events, and comedy cartoon, round out the Orpheum bill. Juveniles Cas In Regular Film; Hollywood's mammoth crew of juvenile players today is lindmg a new ouUet for its varied talents. Studios, instead of searching more or less vainly for stories in which the precocious infants can be starred, art finding spots ior th youngsters in pictures already on schedule. Billy cook, the Menlo Park 12- year-old. offers a shining example. Under contract to Paramount, Billy had spots in several pictures. Then along came "Invitation to Happi ness." It costarred Irene Dunne and Fred MacMurray, but there was a part, running through the last half of the picture, for a young player. Billy got the Job, and turned in art amaxing performance. In the 33 "lor?women-only" . previews, given the .film throughout the country, those who saw it gave almost as much attention to Billy as they did to the stars. The studio now isn't looking for starring roles for young Master Cook. Instead, they're searching for stories into which he will fit natu rally, and will have a chance to dis play his talents. Similarly, 13-year-old Linda Ware has a supporting spot in the new Bing Crosby picture, "The Star Maker." Paramount also thinks that 4-year-old Carolyn' Lee, who makes her screen debut with. Fred Mac-Murray and Madeleine Carroll in "Are Husbands Necessary?" will be an outstanding discovery, And the studio is searching lor stories into which she will fit, rather than for material to star her. "Sandy," still a baby, had a sup porting role in "East Side of Heaven" and was a knockout Mora pictures are being sought for him or her, as the case seems to be. In past years from the days of Jackie Coogan, Wesley Barry and the rest, it was customary to make a youngster a star as soon as the public showed interest Today the trend apparently is to make run use of a child s talent but to surround the youngster with cspable casts and more mature stories. s aTrMi'TMieT rTTlnilllli o LMtf WMAD OF 01" Da? I -eoof gwtMrtg? f6koaaoT "FRONTIER MARSHAL" "Good Girls 6i to Pirli" "fettle ..fleet ! laslaaS" BROADWAY NEWS PARADE &mm minutes of 27 NEWS EVENTS WAX POLITICS FOOTBALL ! t ACI BITS- Mlkl Wfcslea J Betert INSIDE STORY Alio Donne Darkle Thru Smart Girls Grow Op BEFORE AND AFTER U , i " J A. ' r r t f " Tt Sam Burton as he Is in life and as he appears In. "White Cargo" at the Alca- zar. PictureUnfolds Sagct of Movies Nostalgic reminiscence has moti vated various efforts to tell the story of the screen on the screen. It has its latest expression in Darryl F. Zanuck's feature length production of "Hollywood Cavalcade" filmed in technicolor, arriving at the Fox Oakland Thursday. It is the story of the motion picture's rise from an amusement enterprise conceived "across the tracks" to a giant art industry. "Hollywood Cavalcade," costarring Alice Fay and Don AmVche, traces the industry through its lusty, brawling youth. The trials and successes, hopes and disappointments of the director and actress who- are its protagonists are a generalized picture of a hundred careers, many of which are now legend, many of which are still in the making. J. Edward Bromberg, Alan Curtis, Lynn Barl, Buster Keaton, Donald Meek, Jed Prouty, George Glvot and Eddie Collins have important sup porting roles. Due to its importance and length, Hollywood Cavalcade" will be shown on a single feature program. Traveling Light Maureen O'Sulllvan is still congratulating herself on the fact that she "traveled light" when she left Hollywood for England. When she returned via Atlantic Clipper she had to sacrifice temporarily the contents of Just two small suitcases, left in Ireland. K SAYS IU,i;Cta, ft Cm. i SAT.aSSet W I., i.ti7.,j. ei,i sw jm, mm ei,i. ror. hku tu m n. s """""osTThu"! ' I ISLAND of LOST MEN I Anne Mer Wens J. Cerrel Nelth 'AH Quiet' Opens Today At Esquire World Cruises Bring Flood of Requests For Noted War Film "All Quiet on the Western Front," opening today in Its new ' uncen sored version at the Esquire Thea Tre, has been a barometer of war and 'peace in the world, according to Universal executives'. Whenever there has been a new crisis in the last five years, hundreds of letters have poured into the company's Hollywood and New York offices, asking for another chance to see All Quiet on the Western Front.' Last year, during the Munich crisis, more than 2000 such letters were received, according to reports. In recent weeks, with war an actuality. American Legion posts, dis abled veteran groups, churches, in-' ternational fraternities, women's groups, and others have demanded to see "All Quiet" in greater numbers. Erich Maria Remaraue's book of unglorified war, already read by millions in almost every country in' the world, has been in new demand in recent waeks, according to pub lishing companies. The reading pub lic recognizes it as one of the greaui est modern books about war, just as the motion picture public recognizes the. picturization of the book as one of the greatest war films. In itf first release, "All Quiet" won five international awards, Including the American Academy of Arts and Sciences gold award, the photoplayMedal of Merit and the British Faculty of Arts medal. - "Her6 for a Day," football thriller, with-Dick Foran, Anita Louise and Charles Grapewin, shares the bill With "All Quiet." Double Feature On T & T Screen It's a Wonderful World" an9 "Risky ' Business" are featured on the T Si D screen today, Wednesday and Thursday. In "R's a Wonderful World." James Stewart is cast as a private detective hired to keep an irresponsi- Die. millionaire Broadway playboy out of trouble. When the millionaire is accused of murder, Stewart becomes involved. He escapes to seek solution of the murder and is caught in the act by Claudette Col bert, a dizzy poetess. He enlists her aid and together they track down the real murderer after a series uf daring exploits. "Risky Business" which tells how Hollywood radio commentators receive their tips on news about film stars, features George Murphy and uoroinea Kent. Cooling Stan The temperature Is lower on the set of "Broadway Melody of 1940" than on any other M-G-M sound stage. Fred Astaire and George Murphy, "burning up" the boards in their first dance teaming, requested that the thermometer read-Lng be about three or four degrees cooler than previously. Madeleine Carroll Fred MacMurray "Honeymoon IN BALI" Also- "Death ef a Champion" jb Accompanying Feature K"ST0P, LOOK & LOVE" J run Hoercre-w iiuem Frawler-Mlnna Clomnell cccaazaxxttcuaxm fWL fwrurny z wingiwi CONCERT UNITED STATES ofWASHINGTON,D.C OCTOBER 24 at 8 p.m. OAKLAND MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM ARENA General Admission SOc Chlldree IS reere eel eeltr SB Reserved Seats . .... 7f e-$ 1.00 Tickets Now on Sale at Sherman Cloy Ticket Office H. C. Capwell Co., 4th Floor Phont HI gat 1220 for Information end Rurvuion B EtcANT SET AWAY I WITH MURDER' IN A A SENNETT 44 , y -fry r - .- 4i,t3- N , I.. i lw m iMaiarteweMMWMMeeieieMeeieeeeMeWiiiejl Allco Fay all toqgtd out in a daring swim suit of yesterday for a icon In "Hollywood Cavalcade" a history of the movies which starts at the Fox Oakland on Thursday. Gloria Jean Star Opranklin to Of 'Under-Pu A new personality aimed for a debut similar to that of her predecessor, Deanna D-irbin, in "Three Smart Girls," will -reach the screen when Gloria Jean appears in the title role of "The Under-Pup," tomorrow, at the Roxie. Gloria plays the title role, that of "Pip Emma," a poor girl from the East Side of New York who wins a trip to an exclusive girls' camp. There her troubles begin. Faced with the animosity of the wealthy girls, "Pip-Emma" nevertheless wins not only their friendship but their envy through her loveable personality. The companion picture, "Winter Carnival,'' starring Ann Sheridan, has a winter setting built around the yearly Dartmouth frolic. -Tonight "Four Feathers," the Alexander Korda technicolor adventure drama, and "Hawaiian Nights," the romantic musical will be shown for the last times. Walter Wlnchell "A picture you iheuMn'tmii.!" 4 fvr, i ft I tV BATHING GIRL Show News Oakland theatergoers will have a new type, ultra-modern entertainment to attend when the Franklin converts its present policy to that of a Newsreel Theater next Friday. The latest events from the world over will be shown. Several innovations will greet Franklin patrons, one of them being the Coffee Bar which is being constructed in the lobby. Coffee and doughnuts will be served to all patrons between 12 noon and 3:30 p.m. Every facility will be used to speed European, American, local and sporting news events to the screen. Each Friday the Franklin management will preview the best of current events to eliminate duplication and dead news. When this completely edited newsreel reaches the screen, theatergoers will see for the first time in any theater, iO to 40 scenes so arranged that they will present a complete picture of world events. JBlLill THE NATION'S LEADING CRITICS Jimmy Fldler "Theyeer'isettaei... aDHellyweed'i raving" eiarls ROBT. CUMMINGS NAN GREY GLORIA JEAN THIII'IOMI IN IYIIT A M I L Y BEULAH BONDI VIRGINIA WEIDLER C. AUBREY SMITH BILLY GILBERT A Ntw Universal Picture THE SEASON'S GAYEST PICTURE With the ytaKs outstanding 5tar... Lovely ii!PiTtfis7n im aw Bk. A. mi RICHARD CARLSON Hlen Parish Root Armatrong A fruied Artuto fictarc Laughton Film Coming ToParamount Role of Wreckers' Chief Said to B Hli Greatest Yet ' As with most Charles Laughton film, the immediate appeal of his new production hangs upon the characterization of its star. In "Jamaica Inn," which arrives Thurs- Siy at the Paramount Laughton is id to have a role greater than his Captain Blign, or Javert, as Sir Humphrey Fengallan, . a glorious rogue in a top hat, who directs activities of a crew of cutthroats who wreck ships on the English Coast and turn over their spoils to Sir Humphrey. On its own merit the picture, as directed by Alfred Hltchcook from the novel by Daphne du Mauriec, with its air of ruthless piracy against a picturesque coastal background, has more than one element of dramatic entertainment, it is said. Maureen O'Hara, La ugh ton's X WE DARE SHOW THE UIICEIISORED VERSION! AGREE j " CompanloH Ftatur HERO FOR A DAY 1 ANITA LOUISI . ftlCKSOIAM CHASLIT OS.AMWIH Louelli Partoni "A henev tA eleiure. Jean hei 111" ,j V r nun "HAWaii. . protege, makes her American scree, debut in this film. . In lighter vein will be the companion picture, "Stop.- Look and Love," with Jean Rogers, William Frawley and Minna Gombell. -ir X HTT T Kin? TWlnnek 2300 VXlllllU lVO.b NOW r.mr.iii bocers and DAVID NIV "BACHU.OH MUinr. elso "HOTEL FOR. WOMEN" with Ana Setntrn-Jemes ElUson-Linde PerntU I IJ.UI'ltUM't.lsUiiilA'jl p-kPTJTT T Phonr FR nltval 4HHI rVjUllllLl BRIAN AHERN'E Victor McLAGLEN In "CAPTAIN FURY" "TBI GORILLA" with The Bitz Bros. EASTMONT ertVat Greer Garson In GOODBYE MR. CHIPS' Charlie Chan In Rene' with Sidney ToIct Fox SENATOR 7. Frank Morfan In "WIZARD OF OZ" "Uneipecttd Felher" with Baby Sandy' H T T TMT S T P 38th Av- nr- Hookine lL LaLaV'.IlJ tULA Ffitiitvale 4640 1st RUN ALLENDALE-LAUREL District Johnny Welmuller-'Tarian Flndi a Son Sc "SAN FRANCISCO" with Clark Gable, Spencer TRACY fe Jeanette MacDONALD Walt Dlincy Carteon! Latut War Newil T HTTOt'T Hopkina near 38th Avenue liiUilXiL, Phone AN dover 8B00 Oeklend'8 New de'Luxe Family Theater LEO CARRILLO end STEFFI DUNA "THE GIRL AND THE GAMBLER" also 'CHARLIE CHAN IN RENO' with SIDNEY TOLER & PHYLLIS BROOKS Cartoon . 'BUGS WITH DIRTY MUGS' BALBOA PASTEL POTTERY TONIGHT Uf"DtrtMC Uopkuii at 35lh Avenue nUr JIUIO Teleohone AN dover 3MW THEATRE OF LUXURIOUS COMFORT WITH SWANKY PUSH-BACK -SEATS Alexandre Dumai' Famous I.uve MyMtery "THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK" with Joan Bennett and Louis Hayward also "WRST OFFENDERS" with WALTER ABEL and JOHNNY DOWNS DTT"7 East 12th 9. et 7th Ave. Hill "DARK VICTORY" BETTE DAVIS end GEORGE BRENT 'Blondle Meets the Bo'-Penny Singleton iMi.rivrirtiai SOtV Ben Pahlft Ave. nr. S5th fUCiI HENRY FONDA PAT O'BRIEN In " R L I M " "MOUNTAIN MUSIC" with Bob BURNS LOUIS vs. PASTOR FIGHT FILM STAGE PRESENTATION TONTGH ALBANY Solano i San Pahln GOODBYE MR. CHIPS' ROBERT DONAT and GREF.R GARSON "Million Dollar Less" viih Btiy Grable LADIES! DRESSER WARE FREE Am VOGUE Telephone ALemede 39i0 War! Intrifue! Romance! See the treatest spy picture ot the year "EVERYTHING IS THUNDER" Constance BennettoVDotiila.ss Montgomery "Chan at Treasure Island." Sidney Tolcr , NEPTUNE Central at WeOtrr Lee Carrlllo-TIm Holt "THE GIRL AND THE GAMBLER" Code ot the Streets, with Frankie Thomas ALAMEDA ALameda 4742-4743 OARY COOPER in i) E n u ucc.n win, RAY MILLAND and BRIAN DOMLE, P CTt B MTi Perk St ono. Alameda A UlllfUlL' PATRICIA ELLIS Wallace Ford In "Back Door to Heaven" "Boys Reformatory" With Frankio Derro i wm BERKELEY Shattuck at Chsnnln Ja.rha llcifet In "THEY SHALL HAVE MUSIC" with ANDFEA LEEDS and JOEL McCREA CALIFORNIA ConJInuons from I "WIZARD OF OZ" with Judy Oarlnnrl, Frank Morran A "lneierti!d Father" f 8 MDTTC Bancroft et TeloBraon KftXlfir U3 STARTS THURSDAY "THE HEART OF PARIS" with RAIMU and MICHELE MORGAN Also "IF I WERE KING" with Ronald COIJMAN and Basil RATHBONB United Artists TW7y", in "THE SAINS CAME" with TYRONI POWER and GEORGE BHENT "ShealS Hasbands Werk?"-HU(lna Family FOXUC TW Inoakt 2300 Tyrone Power-Alice Fftve Don Ameche In "IN OLD CHICAGO" "CHINA CLIPPER" with Pet O'Brien OAKS Holono et The Alarffeda GOODBYE MR. CHIPS" ROBERT DONAT and GREER GARSON "Lady ef the Tropics" with Hedy Lamarr PaDTTtiT foothill Blvd i Seminary WATllWli 'SECOND FIDDLE' Tyrene Power-Sonja Henle-Rady Vellee 'Cndereeeer Deetflf with J. Carrol Naish STAGE PRESENTATION AT :35 riTMOMri Frultvale Ave. He Hopkine UlllJL1V -BACHELOR MOTHER' GINGER ROGERS and DAVID NIVEN "Son Never Sets"-DouKlas Fnlrbenki Jr. March of Time-S0I.D1F.RR WITH WINGS FATPPSY Foothill Blvd. & Fairfax I fUiUAA ,N TECHNICOLOR "WIZAB1D OF OZ" with Judy Garland John Howard In 'GRAND JURY SECRETS' "Grand Jury Secrets" starts : - (1:15 "WIZARD OF OZ" at 7:10 A- 10:25 LADIES' CRYSTAL STEMWARE FREE FRUITY ALE 5, 14th St Ik 37th Av. ANnm.PH scott Cesar Romero In 'FRONTIER MARSHAL neneeetea rather" with Mischa Aiipt UPTOWN College at Shafter Jr , . OINCER ROGERS Djvld Nrven In "BACHELOR MOTIIF "Oelck Millions" with The Jones Fa O CATPWAY 8,n FaOIOel Blanfn VUilfalini Johnny Welssraeller "TARZAN FINDS A SON" "Is Col Haeuen Te Yoo"-Stuart Erwln ounpunai U1HHEHWARE NIGHT PARKWAY p,rk Blvd' e. lath. ifuuslini "SECOND FIDDLE'' SenJe Henle-Tyront Pwer-Rndy Valle 'UiidereeTer Doctor' with J. Carrol Maishi PALACE Wr.i Ana Jt. v. 1i;iv. Ljw Ayres In "CALLING DR. KILDARE" ".f J. Winner" wtth TvTnrie Wilson CRY9TALITE FREE 'TQf ' THC LADIES PIFDMOKfT '''eyVnont and Linda 5TT 1 TAYLOR Lamarr In "LADtf of the TROPICS" l0r, Jr"WD" with: JANE WITHER3 RIVrtT I San P(blo-nar University .TIT! VIRGINIA BRUCE "STRONGER THAN DBSIRE" , "Memanee ef the Reweds"-Jean Parkeff oW .Adeline mt Air: Tyrene Pewer-Sonia Hrniimii ViJ DlnnecuwetvCrys uontrCTTw ueeter witu J. Carrol Naishj T5 H T R rT SAN I.F.Amnnn ROBERT TAYLOR Hedy Lamarr In "LADY ef the TROPICS" "BOY FRIEND" with JANF! WITHERS March of Tlme-SOLDIERS WITH WINGS HAYWARD nKS? Charles Boyer In 'When Tomorrow Comes1 'Auek Was Their Faces'.RonaK Beaa, t i ' -1

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