Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 16, 1939 · Page 8
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 8

Oakland, California
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Monday, October 16, 1939
Page 8
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B OAKLAND TRIBUNE, MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1939 CURTAIN WILL SERVE COFFEE-AND On How Soon We Can J :.' By WOOD SOANES - Tonight the Franklin Theater will shut up shop for a three-lay period to r'e-open on. Friday as a combination news reel and feature picture theater with a free doughnut dunking parlor in the lobby, functioning from noon to 1 p.m. 7T ' a a a - - - . . ror years restaurants ana way mio ine emerxamment - been nudging its way into inevuaoie inai mere would oe i .i-i-i - .I . i iii retaliation of one sort or an other. , So Clarence Laws, who operates the Blumenfeld chain on 1hit tide of ihe bay, hai Xired the first barrage, modestly 1o ure, "with coffee and linkers, but pointing the way nevertheless. Now If he will begin to serve chichen salads at his Roxie and dinner steaks- at his Esquire, we'll have something. ,..,' , ; If everything works out well we " ? 'JjisuallM-jSUdaywhan the Messrs. Laws, Richard Spier, Ralph Ford et al will be luring the trade not with pictures of the glamour S iris and pretty boys of the screen but with attractive posters dis-ptaylng stuffed -tishr mountains- potato salad, tankards of ale, and double scoops of frozen dessert. Before I formally turn in my typing machine on a knife and fork, however, you may nomethine artniit IVi is well hear Newsreel Theaters! me program wii iiiiKrii new 'feature cloture, a srouiv of short subjects and from 30 to 40 , minutes or edited news reels shuttled across the country by air express. Some 33 subjects will be shown in eacn news reel program, roughly aiviaea into , lour sections international news; United States news; Interesting, 'events; and sports events.' These will be intersperse;! with local news shots of particular interest, parades, conventions and sucinuce, The nroiram In In b flevlhl,. enough to permit inserting of spot news, and Bob McHale, who will manage the theater, alms to have fesnes oi important Coast football tijmes on the news reel screen the evening the games are played, '.ha entire show will run In tho neighborhood of two hours and the price is ocing Kept down to a pop "ular minimum. - This 11 iniinrli rtwilv evclilnK but obviously the first thing , for inn oepsriment lo-ao is- rivet a - napldn ring to a favorite seat. ' " After -that it should be no trick at til to curry sufficient favor with Master McHale, who has just Joined the Blumenfeld outfit after 14 years with the Fox-West Coast, so that I can have rhy coffee and served with becomine dlenltv In mv favorite, pew., There Is only orte serious drawback to this food-wlth-eotertairiT ment idea it is going to raise all-get-out with the waist line. I hesitate to think of what soma of the hoys who already run to girth will do on Thursdays and Fridays when the heat is really orf the reviewers. And, by the same token,' it is going to be difficult for the managers, who have to cater to not only the entertainment tastes but the appetites of their customers,; A manager, to be worth his salt, "will ha ve to 4iav asheepskin, if-not ..the sheep Itself, from a recognized cooking school. Courses In domestic science will be more desirable, for tyro managers than bookkeeping. - :.. v . Somehow, I get the black feeling that Chef Laws has started something. - ;,.' Passa coffee pliz! '' " 4 A V ' : Former Commander ; In U-Bpat Film ' It tookj Yoary. Blagay, a member e. the cast, supporting Wallace Beery in "Thunder Afloat." currently at the Fox Oakland, 22 years to get back aboard a submarine. In the first World War, Blagay was a' commander of a Russian sub, with 52 men under his command. When the Revolution broke out Blagay made his way Into this country by way of Shanghai to try his fortune here,' finally landing in Hollywood. In "Thunder Afloat" he is crqw member of the German U-boat which figures prominently In the story. Chester Morris, Virginia Grey, Regis Toomey and Clem Bevans head the supporting cast of the picture. The companion film is "Torchy PISys With Dynamite," a domestic comedy with ; Allen Jenkins and Jane Wyman in the principal roles. 'Honeymoon in Bali' -On Paramount Bill - Madeleine Carroll and Fred MacMurray are again ; united, with Allen ; Jones co-starring, in the romantic comedy, "Honeymoon in Bali," the ; current attraction t the Paramount A comedy-mystery, "Death ,of a Championjf-Tompletes"the .current Paramount bill . Heading the cast are Lynne Overman, as the popular sleuth, "Oliver Quade"; Virginia Dale, Donald O'Connor and Susan Palcy. v.- m. Xr'rXrfi A KKHAHDDIXI P"V CALLS: THEATER ure Stirs Speculation saloons nave been elbowing their business, while the theater has the gambling industry. It was - SALLY BROKE; OTT-...r I D U T SHOW I bejUTTTT ' CTl fWl ' Tl iUUl WIN There wai a nlanter nn tho limnu sine of Sally Rand today and her pocKetoooK was nearly as bare 'as her nude rancnerettes. but her fan will continue to wave and her bubble will remain the target for cut-uos armed with paper wads. " Sally has a "bankruptcy' petition on file in Federal Court iff San Francisco, listing liabilities of $54.-631, against assets of $8067. and it was her own business genius that brought creditors trooping to her aonrsiop, ji was revealed today, .-She could look at clippings which showed that In 11)37 h income tax on $127,183; that a National matrnzinp a -few rnnntha Han rjplflllprf a Starr uritor in nh. and-rCat her business acumen. yJHJjSfaFAIR VENTURE 'But the facts are that Sallv waa doing quite well, thank you, until she began to sink her own money in a new venture at the Golden Gate International Exposition. For 40 weeks she had been the headline attraction at a night club, earning nearly $1000 a week. She operated but did not appear in the .Nude Ranch at th Exposition, and directed the activities of that other snappy girl show, Miss America. , . ' Then Sallv nnnrw J n to... a - .new -concession- known as oay paree," in which she appeared with , her bubble, fan and peacock feathers, f The"nut" was too great. She had run S24.nnn inn tho rH within a few weeks, and the creditors came wolfing with attachment papers. She ducked them for a few dpys by failing to open, but eventually capitulated with a pout, She had hoped to stall them off Until til. Wvnn.ltU.. 1 11 J.... ( -nyvaiMUII WUDCD IT Ufl 3 nence, ana earn a few more dollors, FILES PETITION , 'T7 "So they won't wait. eh?M h U renortea tn hv tnw - rnw;nr "Okay, I'll how 'em." And,. under the name nf Helen nonTt nv meet ncr bankruptcy petition. Sally's Plans were n inrlnflnitA as her whereabouts, She was reported to have taken refuge in the home 6f friends while she content Plated takitiff her Guv Pnroa tmnnfl on the road. Among her most nreaslnfi' rfoht were a 55025 promissory noiewith the Central Bank of nairionri .nj Smeller amounts to broadcastlne Companies, lawvers. and business associates. She said she didn't owe any of her bare-skinned girls a nickle, although she aoes owe a costumer $4, which would Just about cover the bare essentials of her ni.He ettes. . X Menuhin to Play At U.C. Next Monday - BEP.KELEYr Oct, 18.-A record of 447 professional concerts In 138 cities In all parts of the world can be claimed by Yehudi Menuhin, 23, genius of the violin. who.ui pear next Monday eveningjif" the men s gymnasium, University of California. Menuhin. inaueurati n 0 a new rnn.' cert season, has given 42 programs in New York alone, IB in Paris, 18 each In San Francisco' and London, 12 in Boston, Philadelphia and Los Aneeles and 10 in Amstprrinm Mel bourne, Adelaide and Sydney. New Star Coming In Bill at Roxie "Under Pup," starring the new comer, Gloria Jean, Robert Cum-mlnss and Nan r, rev win he shown with "Winter Carnival," with Ann Sheridan. Wednesday nt tho Roxie. The cast Includes Margaret Lindsay, Beulah ondl, C. Aubrey Smith, - Ernest - Truexi ' Raymond Walburn and Frank Jenks. The current show, "Four Feathers" and "Hawaiian Nights," completes its engagement tomorrow night. Berkeley Players In Exposition Play On Saturday and Sunday, October 28 and -29. as a tribute to the Closing of the Exposition, the TWlro. ley Community Players will be presented in the Federal Recreation Center at the Federal Building on Treasure Island twice daily at 3 and b p.m., in "The Duke of Sacra mento." LAST TIMES TODAY RITTER . i l.i f .1 mmf DWYNTHE VYQfMUC JOHN HlUUDfT TRAIL 1 sususo KEITH Csmedr CarUcn News " - A-l- keu cmci.F. rhater RUrts Ttnuirraw A MKW Edition BROADWAY NEWS FARADS LITTLE KITTEN v. j I'' Altai -V , 4 Paulette Goddard, the most lriendly of the feline family in "The Women." now in ill third week at the Orpheum. 'Women' Near End Of Orpheum Run Dramatically turning the spotlight on women, their lives and what they do with them, "The Women," starring Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell, tedav beffin the lait thrpo Havs of its run, at the Orpheum. Among the more important actresses in the cast are Mary Boland, Paulette OnrfHarrt Phvllio Pnvsh Joan Fontaine, Lucille Watson and little Virginia Weidlcr. "The Bill of Rlehts." BIVPH a .touch nt narlv American history in technicolor. Paul Carroll- Play at U.C. Schoolteachers as well as students have to work 'their way through school, according to Paul Vincent Carroll, author . of "Shadow and Substance," .which wilf be given its western premiere this wek-end by the University of California tit uie i neater, In 1621 Carroll went in f.U to take up teaching, in which profession he remained until the success of "Shadow and Substance" in New York enabled him tn retire tn "devote his full time to playwritihc, wngn ne jtsegan his teaching duties, Carroll admits he had but two shillings and two pence in his pockets. Seventeen -years later, "Shadow and Substance," written in 1934, ran for 28 consecutive weSks tn New Vni-t and netted Carroll nearly a thous and dollars weekly. Last year he acquired another small fortune' with his play "The White Steed." Another new play, "Kindred" will take the stage on Broadway later this season. Philippine Day Changed to Saturday Philippine Day. which was nriir- Inally scheduled for a. November date, has ticen advanced to this Saturday and promises to provide- one of the most colorful features of a varied and extensive week-end program. The program will begin at 1 p.m., with an exhibition of native sports in the grounds of the Philippine Pavilion. A literary and musical oroaram is scheduled for presentation in the auflllorium 'of the Hall of Western States from 3 to 5 p.m. Native songs and dances are to be featured. A Filipino costume ball will be given in the Hall of Western States auditorium from 8 p.m., to 1 a.m. C. T. Alfafara, generar secretary of the participation committee, said that all participants must be in costume Mesliza, Balintawak, Moro, Igorot or any regional costume. uit iiau thw BARBARA STANWYCK UNION PACIFIC 1 ALSO , HUGH HERBERT FAMILY NEXT DOOR I tm IIMtlH IWNtl Claudette Colbert It's a Wonderful World ALSO RISKY BUSINESS GEORGE MURPHY WHKIiTI ' IMl ,1 U,i.tl, I tia. a.t.f i.l f(. k . 'IMr.M.11,1 u, I uH 4k 1 t.i b MM MT.CHM W C.I effu. ! roe men . it. m. n Si H Lectures on Science Seem Like Miracles Even Peacock Never Made Himself Pants. Declares Speaker - , By JACK BURROUGHS My "tiiowledge of p e a eo c k s Is necessarily limited, as the only pea cock of my acquaintance is Horace, the peacock at the Hall of Flowers on Treasure Island. Consequently I cannot take issue with Irwin Moon when he insists that nobody ever heard of a peacock's stitching a pair of pants for himself. All I can say is, Horace has never shown any talent along that line, although he is sadly in need of a pair of pants at this moment, having lost the pro-tectivci covering afforded by his OeaulUUI tail leatners. Irwin Moon, in case you have not had the good fortune to hear him yet, is the lecturer whose Sermons in Science under the auspices of the Christian Business Men's Committee, are among the' most entertaining and instructive programs to be found anywhere in Treasure Island's four hundred acres. LIGHT EXPERIMENT The peacock's alleged lack of interest in the tailor's goose, scissors, needle and thread and all else pertaining to the sartorial vocation, arc cited by Moon in illustration of his point that of all living creatures, Man is the only one that makes his own clothes. . Moan believes that Maa- in -his original, sinless state was literally "clothed with light." He shows the possibility of such a sartorial stale by one of the most beautiful demonstrations I have ever seen. Pouring certain jiquuis. into a jar glass , .1 . container, ne 'produces co-light. The. experiment of pourinj? these liquids together is conducted in the dark, the lecturer having turned out the electric lights. Invisible when separate, these liquids give forth a rich, mellow glow like that of moonlight when they are blended together. LECTURER VERSATILE Moon accompanies his lecture with an endless series of demonstra tions. showing that so-called mir acles operate according to natural law. ""Without "Theaccdmpariy!hg?. ex -planation w h i c h the amazingly versatile Moon gives, now in pro foundly serious vein and now with a humorous touch that rocks the house with laughter the uninitiated might well imagine that he was performing miracles, dealing, In black magic, or executing some particularly deft tricks of legerde main Most beautiful gf all his demonstrations is the one he saves for the last th forming "of a crystal on a glass slide. ' The process is shown HWBreenrTireatly magnii fied. Through the use f "black light" the crystal is seen in all the beauty of its mingled hues as it forms upon the screen p-ii.mi Nil IN TECHNICOLOR mum mm -tm rn m , "6000 ENEMIES" Walter PlDGEON-RiU JOHNSON CONCERT ofWASHINGTON,D.C. OCTOBER 24 at 8 p.m. OAKLAND MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM ARENA General Admissions 50c rhildren I? yetr. and under 2Sc Reserved Seats . 75-$1.00 Tickets Note on Salt at Sherman Clay Ticket Office H. C. Capwell Co., 4th Floor Phone HI gate 1220 for Information and Reservation! EXPOSITION PROGRAM TOIMV 10 a.m. to t p.m. Leaves and flow- Tri rollectlon contest. Recreation j Building. ! 1 lo (, t to p.m. Guatemala marimba band, Guatemala Pavilion. J to 6. 7 to 9 p.m. Kl Salvador Marimba Bam. free concert, Kl Salvador Building. I i to S:;0 p. .National Tax A- ociation recentio" California B iild- . . v .i:.,0 p.m. Leo Carrlllo and the "alt Itoesner variety show in Tem- Vo p,m. Xatienwt-- Tj AflMeitHittn hamiuet and dance, California ball room. it p m.-r-Free motion pictures, 'Safe Fly inn" Federal Building. (i and K p.m. Free movie. "J.and of Liberty," Jtccreatlon Center, Federal litiildiim'. , ( and 8 p in. Free lectures, "Her-mon.'rTrom Sc ienie," Christian Business Men's IluifdlllK i to :i p.m. Free science program and movies, Hall of .Science. 7 p.m. Free movie, "Kindergarten To College." educational exhibit. San Francis,.., Birilding. 7 to 9 p.m. Free concert. Kalph Murray and ''e exposition band, rotunda, California Building. 7;:!tl and ! p.m. "Cavalcade of the ('olden West." 7:' p. in. -Free dancing to the niuslj of Count Hasle and his swing hand. Music Hall. 8 ii.m. Krpc n.lnr film. "Color In 1 tho itockiiK." I'mific House. 2 a.m: Gayw y closes. Tl'KSbAY Count llasU and Swing Band. National Association of Master Brewers' Day. .Jefferson Klementary School Tour. Apartment House Industry of California Day (visitation). CanyonKlementary School Tour. 10 a.m. Treasure Island open. 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Registration, Master Brew'ers' Association. Ilo-tunda, California Building. i a.m., throughout the day Canyon Klementary Hchool Tour, fan -yon, Calif. 10 a.m. and all day Jefferson Klementary School Tour S.F ). 10 a.m. to 10 it. m. Special motion pictures for .Master Brewers Asso cinfion. Keith Theater. 10 a.m. to h p.m. Leaves an Flowers Collection Contest. Uecrea tlon Pultdlng.- II a.m. to 8:30 pin. Free agricultural rllms, Agricultural Hall. II :.'!() a.m. Free lecture. "Trends in American Painting," Palace of Fine Arts. 13 noon, afternoon and evening l.ccelltlon. Mlislep Krmi'.rr A-s,icin- I u,,,,. (-aiifol.iH BuihJjk 7 -7K "JbJ 0 m. Frke f Jteliglon. ree motion 1, p 1 e t ii re JJnildlnir. Flying', Federal I, .1, i! and R. p.m. Free mnvie, "I.anil of . I. Inert v," I'.erreation Center, Federal Jtiillfllng. ! to fi ml .7 tn 9 p.m. Free Sci ence program and movies. Hall of Srience. 1 to !t. p.m. Continuous lecture., 'in mother-of-pearl carvlnc of "Lord's Ijant Sujiper," Temple of Religion. 2 and 5 p.m. Count Baxle and liia SwIiir Band: one hour nf.free entertainment; Temple Compound. 2 p.m. Free lecture, "Arts of the raolflr." I'alare of Fine Aits. 2 p. m Boat drill' and resiisrtTa-tlnn demount ration, Const Guard Flont, east side of Island. 2 to 4 and 7:30 to 8:!!0 p.m. Free films, Homes and Gardens Auditorium No. 1. 2, 4 Biid 7 p.m Free movie, "Jvln-der(rarten to ColleRe," Educational Kxlilh'lt, Kan Francl.sco Buildlnir. 2 and 7 p.m. Fre movies. "Land of Liberty" and "Construction of Bay Krldsre," Keith Theater, California Building. 2:10 and 4:10 p.m. Free film, "Trail Snnsr," Recreation BulldlnK. 2 : ;m p.m. Free, conducted tour, Pacific Hous. Also at i:i0 and 7 p.m. .- . . .. i ... -.r .. '-v . 2:n, i, R:nn and 7:0 p.m-. Free travel movies, Argentine Pavilion. 3,; 30-- ?. ),). J're J? r n c U 7 TUESDAY TE31 PQliiD2 TTC3H won mmm i a mi r4 movies. Frenrh Pavilion 2:3" p.m. Breeches Buov demo1 titration. North Coast Guard Pavilion. 2. 3. 4:30 and :"0 p.m. Free marionette xhowii. " Marionette Capers," Federal Recreation Center. , 3, 7:30 and 9 p.m. "Cavalcade of the Golden West." J. 7 and 9 p.m. New Folies Ber- , rerv.. California A ,,H ,1 ,,rl ., 3 p.m. Kree-, I e c t u r e , ' "Modern American ltoums," I'alac of Fine Aria 3 p.m. Talk-tour nf Indian Ex hibit. Federal Building. J-p."1ree lecture; Italian ra Villon. 3. 6 and p.m. I ree lectures. : Brewers Day and Apartment House Sermons from Science." Christian!, . , . ' . .... Business Men s Building i Industry of California Day will be 3 to t, i to 9 p.m. Guatemala Marimba Band. Guatemala Pavilion. .1 p.m. Free lei ture on 171. 01)0 Bible dispJay, Temple of ReliBion. :i to f,, 7 to !i p.m. Kl Salvador Marimba Band, free concert. El Salvador Building. 4 p.m. Free lecture. "Masters of Portrait Painting;," Palace of Fine Arts. 4 p.m. -Free lecture. "Does Sanity Make One Too Conspicuous?" Neil Hltt. Paciflr Jlouse. 4 , p. hi. Free lecture, "The Adventures of a Librarian," by Herbert Priestly. Pacific House. 4 trKj p.m. Brazilian Orchestra, ura7.ll " p.m. Count BiV-ie and bis SwinK Band: one hour of free entertainment: Temple CoTjopound. 7:45 p.m. Kfe dancing to tb music of Count Ifasie and his Swln Band. Music Hall! 8 p.m. Master Brewers' Association Ball, California Kuildlng. 8 p.m. Free color film. "Cqlor In the Rockies,'' Pacific House. , 2 a.m. Gayway closes. F.R. Pledges Aid to 1940 '.iN.Y. Fair NEW YORK. Oct. 16. Pi President Roosevelt has promised his aid in continuing Federal Government narticiDation in the New York World's Fair through 1940. Board Chairman Harvey D. Gibson announced. Gibson said the President had assured officials he would ask Congress next January tb appropriate funds to maintain Government exhibits. The Government spent S3.000.900 at the Fair this year. President Grover Whalcn sought, but failed to obtain, an additional appropriation .of $1,558,000. A paid attendance of 361.512 was recorded yesterday, third best Sunday crowd since the Fair onencd. With 16 day-4?- ..un before officiaHjr closing for the yeanire Fair attendance to date has been 23,301.343 paid and 29.581.887 gross, the latter figure including employees and passes. Church to Present Concert Tuesday ALAMEDA, Oct. 16. At 8 p.m., tomorrow, La Fidelis circle of the Santa Clara Avenue Methodist churph will give"" its .sixth, annual concert in the church hall, Santa Clara Avenue at. 8th Street,,' BUT YOU CAITT AT LAST WE aa rasaj m aaaai a m wm at 1:25-4:25-7:25-10:25 ii i ii 1 Companion Feature: u:05 s:os t os s:m "HERO FOR A DAF with . ;. Dick Foran Louise; I Brewers' Day To Be Held At Exposition Apartment House Folk Also to Celebrate , Oii Treasure Island National Association of Master I crlrhral-rl at tho Fvrncitir,n in I CC1CBraUa at ,fle exposition to- In addition to the special groups to be brought to Treasure Island for those celehr.itinns wifi be the crowds of Visitors, unaffil- iated with either of those organiza- ! remaining opportunities to visit tions. who will take one of the few the Fair. Then, too, there will be several groups of school children taking advantage of the school tours offer. The Brewers' association will inaintain registration headauarlrrs from 1 a. m. to 10 p. m.. in the Rotunda of the California Building tomorrow. 'Highlights of their festivities will include a reception which will begin at noon in the California Building, and a ball to be held in the California Building beginning at 8 p. m. Apartment House Industry of California Day will be celebrated by members of that organization who plan group tours of Treasure Island throughout the day. Jefferson Elementary School. San Francisco, Canyon Elementary School of Canyon. Calif., and Tarn- alpais Union High School, Mill Valley, will take advantage tomorrow of the special script tickets for school tours. In connection with the' Tamaipais Union High visit, E. E. Wood, principal ALSO 2nd Feature havvaiiaii NIGHTS A II lot r La Hi a nd '"iiinnee l'l KnliiKtlme! - WAR IN THE RAW 'Actual and Authentic Pictures of the Bombing of Poland. J DARE aaav at ajaaa aasa a - - x II I Mickey Rooney I n6' "'" I 1 Lewis Stone II as" Ra'hbone I mtrmrrum' i-- 1 , m,m JVno GATES' of that school, said today that tt school would, be closed for the day to enable the entire student body to have at least one more chance tq visit Treasure Island, I VOGUE Teleohone AL ameda 39UC Wsr! Intrlioe! Berasncr1 See the rreste.t dt el-lure o the ye:' j "EVERYTHING IS THt'NDl:K" Constance BenneU&Douslass Montgomerr "Chn tl Trrnnre Inland." Sidney Tolct NEPTUNE Central at Webyltr MICKEY ROONET ANDY HARDY GETS SPRINT! FEVER" St-onter Than lf nlre"-Virginia Bniea ALAMEDA AL ameda 4742-4743 GARY COOPES In "BEAU OISTF." with RAY MILLAND and BRIAN DONLEVY CTTJ E 1in Parlt st nnn Aleda Ave. OlntXVtU PATRICIA ELLM Wallace Ford in "Back Door lo Heaven" "Bo:V He tormatory" with Frankie Darro BEPKELEY Shattuck at Channlnl BETTE DAVIS In "THE OLD MAID" with Miriam HOPKINS and George BRENT CALIFORNIA TW inosks 230O Continuous from I "WIZARD OF 2" Frank Morgan & with Judy Garland. Ilnemeftril Father" fHIXTDTTC Bancroft ai Telegraoa li.lrUO STARTS THURSDAY "THE HEART OF PARIS" ! ,hA&A IanWER'iCVKG..Mn3AM Ronald COVIAN and Basil RATHHUNa United Artists TW inuaks 2:t0.i Myrlia Lot In "THE RAINS CAME" with. TYRONE POWER and GEORGE PHENT "Should Husband Vt'orkr'-HwKins Family prT TT f TW InoaKs 2300 TL'A U Tyrone Power-Alice Fay Don Ameche in "IN OLD CHICAGO" "CHINA CLIPPER" with Pat O'Brien Sol.mo. ai The Alameda GOODBYE MR. CHIPS" I ROBERT DONAT and GREER GARSOM Lady of the Tropirs with Hcdy Lamarr r'BDlTntl Ftjothill Blvd Ai Srmtnary Vnri lJU , -SRCOND FIDDLE Tyrone PowertSonia Henie-Rudy Vallf 'Undercover Dortor' with J. Carrol Naish DIMOND Fruitvale Ave. & Hopkini 'BACHELOR MOTHER GINQER ROGSRS and DAVID NIVEH "Sun Never. Ket '-Douglas Fairbanks Jr. March nt Tim.RAI.flllTRK WITH WINfiA FAIRFAX Foothill Blvd. & Fairfax IN TECHNICOLOR "WIZARD OF OZ" with Judy Garland John Howard in "GRAND U'RY SECRETS' "Grand Jury Secrets" starts 7:00-10:15. "WIZARD OF OZ" atarta at M FRUITVALE R 14th St ft 37th Av. RANDOLPH SCOD Cesar Romero In 'FRONTIER MARSHA "tne?tprcled rather' with Mlscha Auet-MATINEE TOMORROW AT 1:00 p. m. UPTOWN Collefe at Shatter' C.INOER ROC.F.Rfl DavJH Nlven in "BACHRLOR MOTHER" "Quick Millions" with Tho Jones Family f" S TFW 11 V s"n p,bl Stanford UrtlJilUli JohrniT Welaamnllei f "TARZAN-'riNDfl -Ar SOIJ" . "II Could Happen To Vou"-Stuart Erwla PARKWA I'mK Blva oi t. 1WM Johnny Welssmuller "TARZAN FINDS A SON" "It Could Happen to You"-Stuart Erwrn LADIES! CHIN A WARE FREE TONIGHT PALACE irir.I Ave. & E. 15th "CAPTAIN FURY Brian AHERNE and Victor McLAGLEN "The (iirl A the Gamhler"-Leo Carrilln DTpTiOlVT Piedmont and Linda riCtlJmJlL ROBERT TAYLOR Hcdy Lamarr In "LADY of the TROPICS' "Rrw lalrvn" taup urTuiptiaai DJTTT T San Pablo near UniversiCfr nUUW MICKEY ROONEY' "ANDY HARDY GETS SPRING FEVER'! "BOY FRIEND" with JANE WITHERS March of Time-SOLOIERS WITH WINGS' and WALT DISNEY'S "BEACH PICNIC"' LORIN Adeline ai Alcatras' "SECOND FIDDLE"' SonJa Henie-Tyrone Power-Rudy Valle 'I ndcrcover Doctor' with J. Carrol Naish. PALACE . SAN LEANDRO ROBERT TAYI.niE Hedv Lamarr In "LADY of the TROPICS"' "BOY FRIEND" with JANE WITHERS March of Tlme-SOI.DIERS WITH WINC.H.L HfiYWARf) 877 Castro; IRENE DUNNE Charles Boyer In 'When Tomorrow Camea' 'Ansels Wash Their Facea'-Ronald Reasaii GRAND LAKE GINGER ROGERS and DAVID NIVEH "BACHELOR MOTHER" also "HOTEL FOR WOMEN" with Ann Sothern-James EUison-Linda Darnell FOOTHILL R uttvaie410 BRIAN AHERNE Victor McLAGLl cLAGLl CAPTAIN FURY" "THE G h The Riti Bro. EASTMONT Foothill Blvd. at 74th RORFRT nnNAT Greer Garson hn 'GOODBYE MR. CHIPS Charlie Chan In Reno' with Sidney Toler FoXkSENATOR Frank Morcan in "WIZARD OF OZ" "Unexpected Father", with Baby 'Sandr1 ALLENDALE MthRsrtT,l 1st RUN ALLENr.ATf.r .a',tvUS.?52 Johnny Weissmuller-'Taraan Finda a Son" f ANJfANCIgCO" with Clark Gable. gMrtcer TRACY St Jeanette MacDONALD iarioon! Latest War Newsl juiiounai TABLEWARE NIGHT T ATTPPT Hopkins near 38th Ave Oakland's New de Luxe Family Theater riVE JAMt BACK" Chester Morris wendy barrie" also "HELL DIVERS with Clark Gable . Wallace Beerv March ot Tfme-SOLDIERS WITH WINGS iewreels showini latest War Scenes HOPKINS Hopkins at 35th Avenu Telephone AN dover 3600 THEATRE OF LUXURIOUS COMFORT WITH SWANKY PUSH-BACK SEATS Alexandre Dumas' Famous Love Mysterx "THE MAN. IN THE IRON MASK" with Joan Bennett and Louis Hayward. also FIRST OFFENDERS" With WALTER ABEL and JOHNNY DOWNS RITZ Fai I2ih si ai nn Ave. "FAST AND LOOSE" Robert Montgomery-Rosalind Russell Pirates of rKe Skies" with Kent Taylor ELREY San Pablo Ave: nr. 35th -FREDRieHIAmCfl- THE HUCCANEER" - STRIKE ME PINK" with" EddictCantor STAGE PRESENTATION TONIGHT AT R ANY Solano at San Pablo ftZf-2 1 'GOODBYE MB. CHIPr ?S,l?RTJD?NAT n, GREER QARSOM "Million Dollar Legs' with Betty Crabl (MbarvF r

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