The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 27, 1946
Page 3
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SATURDAY, Al'KIL 27, 1'MG IH/raiEVILU<; (ARK.) COUUIKR NEWS PAGE THMfc Highway Routes To Lake Needed Work At Norfork Lake Is Being Rushed For Tourist Season Othman Spends His Shillings Seeing Sights At English Fair BY PAUL KOSKNTIKID Unitrd Tress Staff Correspondent NORFORK DAM. Alk., April 20. CUP)—Dnvlcl N. Ornvcs, assistant District Reservoir Manned 1 of Ihe U. S. Engineers, said here today tlint the major fnctor in the future popularity of Noi'fork Lnki* Is adequate highways. One of Ihe major problems would be solved, Graves said, with thc completion of n proposed hi^lr.s'ay route sending state Ilond 62 from Mountain Home over the dam through Jordan and around the Jake lo n point near Snlem In Fulton County. The enRhieers are doinf; everything possible to speed development of recreational facilities at the dnm so tourLsts will be eared for by May 1, Graves said. "I hope the attractions we plan for tourists will offset the inaccessibility of the lake," Graves told a group of Little Rock newspaper and association re|X>i'- Jers on tonv of the Or.iirk region of the state. The engineers will open a public contact office in Mountain Home on May 1. to disseminate information, rules and regulations pertaining to the dam. Free public cnmpine grounds already have been set up at 11 points on the 43-ndle long lake. They are at Tecutnseh, Udall. Red Gamaliel. Biriwcll Point. Point CranficM Landing, Pigeon Creek Bridge. Henderson Landing, Salem Landim?. Tracys Ferry Landing and Jordan Landing. Cleanup crews already are working in thc areas to get them'ready hy Ihe opening of the bass season •May 15. M Among major developments planted is the so-called Panther Day Development. This area has a bluff which Graves said lias been tentatively selected by the Nation;) Park Service as thc location for lodge. Approximately 1,200 acres arc in thc plot, GOO of ^.vhich owned by the government and GOtJ by private interests. Another project announced by engineers was a loop road of Mallard Point. Completion of the road will make some 80 camp sites available which are to be offered for lease within 60 days. Norfolk Dam wus completed in 1944 after tli c moving of 1,500,000 cubic yards of concrete, and is now open to the public. Guide service through thc dam will be inaugurated, and a landscaping program already has been sturlcd, Graves said. Fishing and bunting in thc area has been plnced under state Game and Fish Commission regulations applying elsewhere in the stale. By njKDKKK'K C. OTIIMAN United i'ress Stuff Correspondent HAMPSTEAD, Eng,. April 27. <UP>—'Ere we nre on 'ampslciid 'cath where h's spem to be against the law, the poet Keats once tossed n lady in the pond, and a 'usbaiul still is 'arasscd. The trouble is thc Easter Fair, .spreading up from the pond where <™ts, in a better mood, also wrote j lis Ode to a Nightingale. All over! be place, mates, are these darts i>:imcs, penny pitching*, gypsy queens, a merry-go-round, lemon squash stands and side shows, including one displaying the world's t rat and .smallest race horse in the same tent, thruppence. So it's thrupi>encc here and sixpence there and thc little woman always asking for more, and it makes you think of giving her the Kcnts treatment. The pond's 'andy. Or so a weary Londoner told me over a bitter at Jack Straw's Castle Tavern while his wife bounced (sixpence morel on a gilded tiger in the mor.t magnificent, carrou.sci I've ever seen. Rut let us skip matrimonial difficulties and get Eilong with my attempt to describe an English fair. It's straight out. of thc lust century, even to the steam calliope, the pearl buttons on the suits of thc costcrmongers and thc cockney women in black overcoats peddling fresh boiled whelks, cockles and mussels. Fresh boiled whelks etc. are undersized oysters, I hope. They taste ike brass door knobs. Priscilla Lee. the gypsy queen and confidante (her sign saysi of King Edward, sits in a mirrored wagon drinking milk between jousts with the love lines of a hundred sweaty hands. The knock the Iwttlc olT thc ledge game turns out to be a phony. Thc bottles arc made of iron. Thc baseballs of cork. Harvey's sporting games oilers darts at odds of 20 to 1 against you for such sorry looking pri/.cs as tin cake pans, water glasses and pottery i dogs that obviously survived four: years of thc bill/.. Grooms modernized amusements is more of the I same. A girl who couldn't have been more than seven presided at one table on which were three boxes of matches, a scarce commodity indeed in England. Toss your penny and if it lands on a box, you get it- Most of her customers were no older than thc manageress. One youngster with a penny to toss looked no more than five. ice the girl in the den of death with the lions," the next sign said. while a ted-facet! gent (you tluuk he could hnvc been Knglii?) helped with an occasional push, One of the drawbacks of an austerity fair is the lack of food except those door ktuibs, Genuine lemons littered the lemon squash stands. but thc drink Itself came straight from a chemical lalxtratory. Everybody had a good time, even so, except for my friend at Jack Straw's Castle. If the auditor bar* in New York is worrying about my expense account, I have good news. It only cost me two shillings before I finally landed a button smack dab in the middle of an old phonogruph record on my table and thereby won a pot of genuine (doubtful) piij carnations. These I presented to a rosy-cheeked youngster. Her smile I think, was worth 40 cents. Even lo the auditing department. Harrison School Receives Awards Certificates Given For Participation In Negro Health Week r Odor Engineer' Visits Memphis Wife's Kitchen Set Hilary Herchelroth On Unusual Career Harrison High School received th following awards for its participation in National Negro Health Week, and for its year round program:—two certificates of Merit for the school /or 1944-1045. (wo certificates of Commendation for Poster Contest. n nd two Certificates of Merit for the Community. For i!)46 a letter was received stating that the Ccrtificale of Merit lor Harrison school Health Club, and the Certificate of Merit for the Community groups will be sent as soon as the Committee on Health Week Awards make Its recommendations. The school also Informed by (he National Chairman of Negro Health Week that the school will receive a Progress Trophy as soon as man- iufacture of trophy is resume! I Health week will culminate, said ! A. z. Sawyer, chairman of the (Health Club of Harrison school with Child Health Day. There will be a program at (hi. school Wednesday May 1. 1SHG <u 1 p.m. jimmle Sanders, president I of the Junior Chamber of com- jincrcc will be guest speaker. He will •talk on the subject "Child Health." music will be furnished by thc High School Choral Frances Shouse, ' Vannye Whitley Lead Honor Roll Pnmccs Shousv nml Vunnye 1 Whitk'y Iwl lllytlirvllk- IIlull School honor roll jar the sfcoml six weeks of the second .semester. OOiers »n (he honor roll, llslrd in the Older of number points they received, wore tin- folh>',viii|>; Mnviel KHudson. Jimmy Lowe. Harry Farr, Belly Bluck. nelty Wuoclsoii, Dorothy Him, I'OBKV Vnn Wlukli-, Frances Field, mill? Jane Hodyeis, I.loyil Koontv.. Cluirle.s Upton. Clmrle.i Henderson, Cnrlonc Chiltlers. Miirllyn Ucen, Ann Weedninn, Jo Ann Slmnks, Evelyn Ilranl. Mary Evelyn Smith, Jere Held. Miuy Siw lienymiin. IMck Wlllliiiiis. C. O. .Roctninii, Chester Cnldwell, Nuncy Hollnnd. Pfltsy TruvLs. lillly Wtl- limns. Dan Cnldwell. Liuini Swnln. Mose Simon, rierlnide Hoover, nob- ble Fayo Michael. Cloncvn Shlblcy. Jnck Homer, Ann McLrod, Kcluu Kod>;crs. Vernell O'Neill, Jullii Wotxtson. Lticion CoK-mnn, Sainmye Fei'K ll ~ son. Nnnnle Hopper. Hen lancn- slilve. Don Ohaiublln, Rosnnn Cleve- liincl, Melba Wnlker, jneklo Phillips, Jonn Lilly.. Anlti\ Sykes mid Jo Ann Tr lose 11 in nn. Ilonornble mention wcnl to Mnr- ion Miiyc.s, Guy Ciarrliniu, Ixiurn Svvnin, Piank Nicholson, Juno Slircs. Jack Cook. Penny Hipp. Virginia SwenreiiKcti. chnrle.s Mc- Dnnicl, LiiJnnc Aiilry. Iielty Woo- en. Jnck Duclos. Jim Oalos. Vnncc Owens. Miuy Uiill, Joyce Damon. Juiinita Evnns, June Sllres, Martha I.lntMMilcU, Arden Fci'Kuson, Mury Morgan, Hilly M»y Cinni). Rosemary Johnston, Bill L*e Wixson. Nancy Pnrtlow. Mildred MeiKlor. hrmiii.H Hell, Iliith Sony. Cleorge Pollock. Wanda Durham, Mnry Dowdy. Mary Lou Joyncr iind Jim Lnucti.shlrc. WAKNIN'O OKDKK In tlif Clwimry I'uun, C'likkji. sawla IHtlrkl, MU>.Ksli)|.l c'uun- iy, Arkaims. Clliulys Koonlz Mini/, Pliiinllfl, vs. No. 9510 l.ulhur Uc Mini/ IWendmit. The dcfeiuliuit Lullnir u-e Mini/. is hereby warned to n|ipeur within thirty days in the court iumir<t In UK- caption hereof antl answer the complaint of Ihe i>lalntilt Ciladys Koontv. Mlntv.. Dated this 111 day of March, 1910. HAHVKY MORH1H. Clerk, liy Mary U'c Jarralt. D. C. I'ercy Wllijhl. Ally, for 1'ltf. C. 1 : '. COUJIPV, Ally, ad Uloin. WAKMNG In Hie Chunrrry Court, Chlckn- suwlw District, Mississippi C'oun- ly, Arkiinx'.t.s. Dorothy CUronda vs. No. 9553 Jo.seph E. Clrondn Defencianl. 'I'lii' dflemliiul Josejili K. Olronda Is hereby winned In ap|iear wltliln thirty days In Ihe court mimed In the cnptlon hereof mid answer the compliant of Ihe plnlnlltl Dorothy Cilrondii. Dated this 13 dny of April. 1SUO. IIAHVKY MOHKIR. OleiK lly Mnry I AM; Jarratl. D. C. C I'. Cooper. Ally. Percy A, Wriuhl. Atty. nd l.ltein. WARMNO ORDKK In (ho C'liunerry Court, ChlckH- luwba IHntrkl, Mis*lt*lppl County, ArkuiiK**. Lucille I'nlton H«im Plulnllft, vs. No. 0510 Dnltcy Henii Defcmlnnl, The defendant Halley Menu Is hereby warned to uppeur wLtliln thirty days In the court named In the cnptlon hereof anil an.swer the comi>lntnt. of the plalnllll Uirllle. Patton Ik'nn. Dated this n day of April, 104li. 11AUVKY MOimiB. Clerk. lly Kreldii O'Neill, D. C. Percy A. Wrlithl. Ally, for Pllf. C. F. Cooper, Ally, ad Llleni. 4I13-2U-21-.V-I FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H Webb Hwy. (it at State Line rhonv: lilvlhcville 711 President Jiuncs Madlw>n% f«- inuus wife, Dolly, WRS a Qimkrr, amt H dKUKlHcr of the noled North Ciuollnn 1'nyne ftinilly. BABY CHICKS :' s u * ten «u-«4 «• Aiipi'oxlinnlely 475.000,000 Ions of *-vko optfn chmclcnls me washed into Ihe w» » i*™ "AIwK VKKV nimunlly by North American rlvert. tn****j •(•*. B. JOE B. EVANS Certified Public Accountant Mi'mlitr of (he American Institute of ANNOUNCES Ihe opening of his office In ' Room 202 Lynch Building, BlyrhivilU, Ark. Phone 3641 Is It Out of Order? T ,. . i i '•-"-nv/ut v>i iui cti Club, At '2, "45 1) ni I wasted -s.xpcncc of my employers' ; Prof G D H()I1Js ^ * ic * v £" ' 'short address over stnliou KLCN money. The lions turned out to be singular, and lie was sleepy. A plump lady m pink hosiery was in there with him, though, reading a book. For the thrill seeker, there were swings which you worked yourself by pulling a rope. There was a small merry-go-round powered by thc hands of a 19-year-old boy, over and th c Choral Club the music. People ,11'c living longer, accord -' hig lo Ccii-sus records, iind hi spite Of thc wartime in number of ]K'r;:ons under five, thr average Ji^e of the population continues io rise. prc.scni The Poultry Market as furnished by W. T. DAVIS Poultry Co. Hens — Today — Cox 23c 16c 1111 W. Vine - Illylhevillc FOR SALE 35 TONS of D & P L Planting Seed from 1944 Certified Seed LESLIE E. SPECK, Sr. Frenchman's Bayou, Ark. Office Phone 2348 Residence 2309 MEMPHIS. Tcniv. April 26. lUPi —.1. Hilary Hcrchelroth is n man with (he nose that kno\vK. Perfumes ar c iin open book lo his sensitive Miiffcr—cine whiff nnil he can nume ony perfume, and it,s ingredients. Herchclrotli is a new Now York perfume cliemist in Memphis on business. He's also what he describes a.s an "odor engineer." which mean* • he can change a bad smell into a breath-taking essence. If yon have an idea thc Hilary is a sissy, stop and think before you say anything about it. He's big --•a virtual Riant. Big enough, in fact, to have been n physical in- J '-uclor for New York police and •e department civil service cnnd- atc for 16 years before he started sniffing around his wife's kitchen one day and was off on a new career. That visit lo the kitchen led to Hcrcholrolh's discovery of elimination of unpleasant ordors: Just combine two or more bad ordors and veil pet a pleasant odor. IVfrs. Herchelrolh's kitchen always smells like a parden these days, even when ! cabbage is cooking. Cabbage Is a sucker for a mixture of pine, rose and ncwniown hay. Hcrchelroth sneers at chcmisl.s' laboratories and test tubes. They are. all right in their own way. but the best test of a peifumr is Hilary's talented proboscis Thai's because his olfactory nerve is in 3 class by itself. Hcrchclroth's specialty is lakins Ihe had smell out of places and things and leaving n night in May fragancc. Give him a stench and hell give you back a bounuct. The odors of niold, moth balls. smoking jackets and wet paint are doomed when Herchelroth moves in. One job really stumped him. how- ecer — a brake-lining factory in CiTidrtletown. N. Y., which had" a toxic order that was terrific. Her- chclroth went to work, sniffing and spraying, but perfume couldn't do (he job. "He ( finriily recommended air conditioning. : Hcrchclroth cnn'l, stand beautiful women who don't wear perfitme. TO him. they are Ukc a violin V'ith- put strings. Odor engineering has its bad points, he says. For instance. Hcr- chelroth invariably recks exotic aromas. Which causes raised eyebrows and masculine sneers when he walks down th c street. But worse than that. Hcrchelroth must work with civel cat essence That's the stuff that cives women's perfumes their feminity. One drop of it on bis clothes and Herchelroth attracts all the cats and riogF in (he neighborhood when he lcave c his laboratory. Hc-rchelroth's own favorite odoi .is sauerkraut. He loves lo smell it •after a hard day among perfumes. The contrast is a relief. Insurance of every kind Phone 3545 ! W. J. Pollard Agency Glencoe Hotel Bldg, * Just Received . . 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